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  1. There's an easy way around that - take REV's diff to bits and count the teeth on the pinions.
  2. That'll probably be the rust along the bottom edge of the passenger side door, which he wouldn't have spotted on the initial test as he couldn't get the door open...
  3. I was slightly annoyed by the failure on Wednesday - I was wondering why he didn't just adjust the headlights up while they were on the beam checker. Turned out that at some point between the first test and me taking it in for a retest, the headlight beam deflectors had fallen off...
  4. Isn't that the same shade of Dulux emulsion that @dollywobbler used on the Fox?
  5. That's been gradually coming down in price for a while now - started off at £1500. Needs to drop a bit more before I become interested mind.
  6. You could actually get these as a 4 seater believe it or not.
  7. @Six-cylinder @Mrs6C Fancy another FOD bike? This one runs and is currently v. v. cheap.
  8. Be like @JJ0063, only with four wheel drive.
  9. From my memories of the noise the central locking makes on these, I think they're probably motors rather than solenoids.
  10. That's nice, but it's a shame it's lost the pig nose front end.
  11. My Innocenti has an electronic one and that clicks. It's not quite the mechanical click of an old bimetal relay but it's better than a high-pitched beep.
  12. I don't think that's a stupid question. I mean I know it's been answered in the ad, but if something is as simple to test as finding a car battery and running two wires from it to the terminals, it does make one wonder why that hasn't been attempted.
  13. Was in Tesco earlier and their own brand oil is £17 for four litres, so it hasn't gone up that much - it's just the services charging stupid prices.
  14. Plenty of 2-stroke microlights around. The Rotax 582 is a 2-stroke and that seems to be the default engine for smoll aeroplanes.
  15. Interesting - I would have expected a V-plater to be a National 2
  16. "Carb sucking in air" - that brings back memories of the ex-half-of-Autoshite R11 automatic...
  17. Like the man in the orthopaedic shoes, I stand corrected.
  18. Given the number plate I'd be more worried about it ending up with an Audi A3 engine and dodgy fake wood down the sides.
  19. A Classic estate? WTAF??! Looks good mind.
  20. Or just give her the Scirocco and daily the Transit.
  21. I went out at lunchtime and there was a 2CV stopped on the roundabout outside the office with its bonnet up. Assume fuel vaporisation or similar as it's unlikely to have boiled up its radiator or blown its head gasket. He got it going again anyway.
  22. I'm tempted, but no. I already have one van in need of welding, I need to get that sorted rather than buy another!
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