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  1. You think that's bad, @mat_the_cat drove down from Wales in a Series III Land Rover...
  2. Those Singers are an ugly bugger, but you've got to admire them for producing their own quite advanced engine for it - quite an undertaking I'd've thought for a relatively small company.
  3. Just been looking at 7.25" stuff on eBay. It's not exactly cheap is it?
  4. That's a shame, but it doesn't look to have cracked the plastic - which is really quite remarkable given that it's a Mk1 Mondeo bumper.
  5. Are those motorbike tyres?!
  6. The Haribo is a standard thing with orders from Brookhouse. I think it's an attempt to make you forget how brutally you've just been arse raped price-wise...
  7. Can we assume then that this fine beast will not be making an appearance at Shotley?
  8. Yep, jen-you-whine Bosch. I've used pattern MAFs on L-serieses before to good effect, but I think modern common rail shiz is a bit fussier. That's a good shout actually - there's a replacement EGR valve in the boot so maybe it's been on its way out for a while. Looks like a bit of a twat to fit though - access isn't brilliant and the pipe mounting bolts are spline drive which I don't have any bits for.
  9. Assume they must do somewhere. Would that be linked in to the MAF?
  10. The replacement MAF sensor I ordered for the Caliber turned up so this evening I fitted it and plugged the wiring back in. It's back to running how it was before, overfuelling and kangarooing. So that was a waste of time and money. It's obviously MAF-related as it runs fine with it unplugged, but the fault must lie elsewhere than the sensor itself. I'm not about to try and track it down though. So that's the car's fate sealed. Once the MOT runs out it'll be going, probably to the great Mopar dealer in the sky.
  11. Either that or they've just transferred a vanity plate off the car.
  12. Yep, 1.7 was transverse, 2.0 was inline. They had different wheelbases too.
  13. My taxi upon arrival in Marrakesh was a facelifted Fiat Uno. There seemed to be plenty of those doing the rounds, in assorted shades of beige.
  14. Not much to report on the fleet front. My attempt to replace the exhaust front section on the Swift was aborted when one of the manifold-to-downpipe bolts snapped whilst I was trying to undo it. It's an M8 bolt and I was just using a ratchet so it must have been pretty fucked. I didn't dare attempt the second bolt as if that let go I would then have nothing to hold the pipe onto the manifold. There's no nut, the bolt screws into a threaded hole in the manifold, so it's not going to be easy to get the stuck remains out. In theory it could be drilled out but there's a heat shield in the way, and the bolts holding that on have disintegrated into little blobs of rust. So I've trowelled vast quantities of Gun Gum onto the area where the exhaust was blowing, and I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to get back under the car every so often to redo it. Other than that I did a bit more pottering around on the Volvo, digging out bits of trim and generally trying to make it look a bit more presentable. It now has an LED bulb in the nearside rear indicator - the contacts in the light cluster are a bit dodgy and the LED bulb seems to be more tolerant of a slightly weak flow of current. The flasher unit is electronic and so unaffected by the reduced wattage. Annoyingly I have so far only been able to find three out of the four bolts that hold the hub caps on, but I'm sure the remaining bolt will turn up at some point. The Merc and the Ypsilon have now been collected and gone off to start their new lives, so the fleet is officially back into single figures for the first time in a very long while. I'm still debating what to do with the Caliber - I do quite enjoy driving it but it needs a fair bit spending on it to get through a test. It's guzzling diesel at the moment but that's probably due to the MAF being unplugged - I've ordered a secondhand-but-genuine MAF and will see if that helps. I'm also trying to pluck up the courage to book the Innocenti in for an MOT. The garage that MOT'd it last time, which tends to be, shall we say, very sympathetic towards older cars, has now been subject to a slap on the wrist from VOSA and is consequently now strict AF. My usual place I use in the village is fair and doesn't go looking for failures but doesn't overlook obvious issues either. With all the money I've spent on the car so far I would be most irritated if it fails on some small but NLA suspension bush or something. I'm going to have to do it at some point though - at the moment I can't use it anyway and it's taking up a space in the garage that will be needed this winter to stop the Renault 6 deteriorating any further.
  15. Fuck me, a '66 Mustang I can actually afford! Although this might be better suited to @DodgyBastard - he has a penchant for cars made of various layers of random materials.
  16. Indeed. When you have an army of bureaucrats rigidly sticking to the rules, the administration will continue to function pretty much on its own. It will be massively frustrating for anyone who has to deal with it, but it will keep the country turning over. I wonder what would happen in this country if Boris and his clusterfuck of ministers suddenly disappeared overnight and left the job of running the country to the civil service?
  17. FFS. I was supposed to be taking an exam this afternoon (a Belgian qualification which I need to work on EU business post-Brexit). Got everything set up, showed my passport to the webcam to prove my ID, and they wouldn't accept it as it's expired. I pointed out to them that I wasn't trying to travel abroad, just to prove who I am, and my identity doesn't change or cease to be just because my passport has expired, but they didn't want to hear it - rules are rules and the ID document has to be in date, which is not a hugely surprising response given that Belgians are not generally noted for their pragmatism, but it is immensely frustrating as I now have to wait until I can get a replacement photocard driving licence from DVLA before I can rebook the exam, which means that the revision I've done, and all the setup to be able to sit the exam at home, will all go to waste.
  18. That'd be nice, but I'd settle for 25% if I were moving locally. Would need to be 50-60% (or more) if I were going to That London mind.
  19. I would have expected a 12-tonner to have 8-stud wheels, or is it not that straightforward?
  20. Oh, I have zero loyalty to the company. However I'm rather fond of my team and my immediate managers, and if I bugger off they'll be even more in the shit than they already are.
  21. Somewhat rusty W123 wagon. I think I may have an inkling...
  22. I'm glad I didn't bid on this now - you've got it sorted so much quicker than I would have.
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