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  1. The interior has a hint of Talbot about it too. These were another Eastern Bloc car that was sold (briefly) in France. I always thought they were a rather handsome thing.
  2. Thomas doesn't look too impressed. "Bloody scene taxed shite."
  3. Turned out to be a loose spade terminal on the actuator wire. Strange that it's never given any problems before... It started up fine once that was sorted and is now on its way south with its lucky* new owner. Funnily enough the AA bloke was the absolute spit of Trigger - glasses, hairstyle, accent, everything - except about a foot shorter.
  4. The Iveco has done an Iveco. Stopped for fuel and it won't restart. Waiting for the AA - got my money's worth out of them this past year.
  5. Handbrake turns can be awkward on HGVs as on some of them the parking brake operates on all the wheels. I forget whether the Roadrunner does or not - I never tried a handbrake turn in mine...
  6. Your collection of light-up dildos is still expanding I see.
  7. Is that the AS bike 205? The XUD is one of those engines (Ford DI is another) where there can be a massive difference in performance between different examples of ostensibly identical engines.
  8. Does that loophole work for HGVs? They have a somewhat different testing regime to cars / vans.
  9. Although a lot of hire places will refuse to let people have 7.5 tonners if they don't have any experience of driving them.
  10. David Hunter, CEO at Take Me Group, said: Cunt.
  11. That is fantastic! @Spottedlaurel Forget Yarises, this is what you need to buy for your kids to learn to drive in!
  12. They're an imposing looking vehicle. And they look absolutely nothing* like a Rolls Royce.
  13. I had a record-breaking run back from Somerset today - left Portishead Sainsburys at 15:08, pulled onto the car park at home at 19:31, including a piss stop at Cherwell Valley services. I wasn't even driving particularly fast - the roads were just completely clear. The Ypsilon appears to have done around 50mpg, so not bad but nowhere near the (absurd) official figures. It's not bad on a long run for such a tiddly car, but it's nowhere near as comfy as the Rover.
  14. Mine did 20 on a run, although admittedly that was a flatbed rather than a Luton.
  15. My uncle had a 1959 Mini which he'd fitted a towbar to. He once used it to pull a 30' static caravan - it would apparently do 37 on the flat (max revs in second gear) but failed to climb a hill and burned out the clutch.
  16. Is it just me or is that decent value for a V8 P6 these days?
  17. This was on the same road I picked up the red Visa from.
  18. Ibiza looks smart - colour suits it. I had a Cordoba of that generation once, same thing but with a comically massive boot - I didn't have it long but remember it being a solid old bus.
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