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  1. I thought these were related to the Hyundai Matrix for some reason.
  2. Hmm. I'm pretty sure my J-plate 820i had neither climate nor aircon...
  3. That's a bonus. With gearing like that I'd imagine it flies along. 65mph in the Relay must be frustrating - at least with a 75mph limiter (just over 80 on the clock) you have a bit in reserve if someone suddenly speeds up while you're overtaking them.
  4. That was Hagstrom Saab at both premises - he started in Salhouse then moved to Aylsham Road, near the junction with Woodcock Road. He's down in Wymondham now.
  5. Is the Tranny limited as well? I was referring to the Maxus briefly owned by Kiltox, which was ex-Royal Mail and had a 75mph limiter fitted. To be fair, that was the least of its problems.
  6. At least the modern one was turbocharged though so had half a chance of getting out of its own way. The Fox body Mustang with a 2.3 NA Pinto and autobox was dire.
  7. Could be - you just did o instead of i.
  8. I had a Mustang that shape with a 3.8 V6, that went adequately well and sounded nice. Didn't go round corners though.
  9. I took my old Saab 99 to a local Saab specialist for some brake work, maybe 15 years ago. The only car he had available for me to go home in was a 1953 Austin Somerset.
  10. This is a bit of a rarity - an unfinished kit car project that's actually correctly registered. Shame it's a Dutton Melos though...
  11. I'm slightly jealous. Only slightly mind as if I'd bought this I couldn't have purchased my lovely* new Maxus.
  12. My 50-year-old Volvo has a seatbelt warning. Thankfully it's just a red light that glows away in the dash, it doesn't beep, ping or flash at you, so it can be ignored if need be.
  13. The bonnet. The seller opened it this morning for the first time in a while to fit a replacement battery as the old one was on its last legs, and the catch seized. Nobody had the time, inclination or tools to hand to try and unseize it so we just tied the bonnet down. It was on the safety catch anyway but I don't 100% trust those, especially at motorway speeds. It needs a fair bit of fettling to a number of niggly faults, but it drove back from Bognor with no problems, and it's the first usable van I've seen in a while that went for halfway sensible money - it still wasn't cheap by pre-pandemic standards, but it was a much better buy than the rotten MOT-less 90PS Transits for £1500 that seem to litter eBay these days. It's the 135bhp version too so it picks up its skirts rather well when required - although annoyingly it seems to be limited to 75 like Kiltox's old one was - not the end of the world mind as I tend to trundle along at 60-65 in big vans to keep the fuel consumption down.
  14. Just saw an Alvis Salamander in a field.
  15. Off on a collection mission - first one of 2022. Heading down to Sussex, where a disproportionate number of my recent purchases have come from.
  16. That's about 10 minutes from me. If it were a bit cheaper I'd be tempted.
  17. On the subject of eBay parts - the third wheel bearing kit I ordered for the Mazda has arrived, but it's STILL got the wrong fucking hub nut in it. The bearings are two different reference (they're handed due to the hub nut threads) - I've got two of one and one of t'other, all with LH thread hub nuts. I've found a kit on eBay which appears from the photos to contain two nuts - I've emailed the seller asking for confirmation that there's a RH thread one in there, but I have a feeling they won't know what I'm talking about and I won't get a response. I'm getting perilously close to getting the welder out and just tacking the existing (knackered) nut in place.
  18. I had a (standard) NA automatic grey import Z32 years ago, back when the prices were still sensible. As has been said above, they're about the least desirable spec. A decent one is still a fantastic car though mind - but I wouldn't touch that one with somebody else's bargepole.
  19. Furry Lupo anyone? No, me neither.
  20. In much the same way as it does everything else, I imagine - very slowly.
  21. Can't remember off the top of my head. Borniteidentity was our resident Mk1 Avensis expert, but he don't come by this way no more. If memory serves it's manageable as long as you don't let the oil level drop too low.
  22. Certain versions of the 1.8 can have a tendency to nom their oil though.
  23. What that needs is a 1.8 turbo from an Audi A3 dropping in and a load of fake wood glued up the sides.
  24. I never even knew you could get a 3-door Stanza!
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