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  1. Just stopped for a sarnie on the A421. Going OK so far,noisy wheel bearing on the front but other than that it drives nicely enough.
  2. Slightly gutted that isn't my train.
  3. First time on the Brenda Line. All very shiny and new.
  4. Off on a collection mission. First one of the year, in fact first one since the Visa.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this all back together. I'll actually be (all going well) passing through FOD country tomorrow on the way home from a collection mission, but it'll be dark by then and everyone will probably have buggered off.
  6. Mine has been suffering from a sticky brake light switch (among other ailments). It used to only happen if it'd been stood for a long while but it's getting worse. I might have to fork out for a shiny new one - I haven't looked yet to see how much of a twat they are to change.
  7. That is absolutely fantastic. Did they ever sell the V6 version here? I'd assume it'd be a bit overshadowed by the Turbo. Also - [barefoot] Twat. [/barefoot]
  8. Looks like it's the four-seater version too! That'll be the same Lombardini 2-cylinder petrol engine as was in my second Ligier Ambra. Should be good for about 60mph, eventually.
  9. Seems decent value that with 11 months' test, despite the silly colour scheme.
  10. Is it a Rover 75 that has a slipping clutch but you've had a few drinks and decided it can't be that bad after all?
  11. Cheap 99 Turbo in the spares section
  12. Anyone going this weekend? Looks like there are a few interesting lots going through, including a scruffy 1977 Civic and a nice looking earlyish Beta saloon.
  13. My Citybug is on Falkens which have been bloody good and are cheaper than Continentals.
  14. I had an "extra" mid-year payrise the year before (Sept 2021) so when April 2022 came around and I got my promotion, I didn't get the payrise because I'd already had one within the last year. My manager did make noises about me getting another mid-year rise this year, but that never happened. She did give me a rather chunkier-than-normal bonus last April to try and make up for it but, nice as a bonus is, it doesn't carry forward into the next year.
  15. My boss casually mentioned to me today that overtime is being stopped because apparently we don't need it anymore. I've been kind of relying on overtime pay for the last several years to make ends meet. With the cost of everything continuing to go up (my rent hasn't yet but I'm fully expecting it to at any time), unless I get a hefty pay rise this year I'm going to be in trouble. There's an outside chance that I'll get a decent rise as I had a promotion last year and I haven't had my pay adjusted for that yet, but all the noises senior management have been making about "difficult economic times" and all that bollocks don't bode well. I'm OK for a few months - I'll be getting December's overtime pay in this month's pay packet, then I have a few "easy" months as I don't pay council tax in Feb and March and I don't pay car insurance in April and May - but the upshot is that if I don't get a decent raise I'm going to have to find a new job. Which I really don't want to do as 1. I like my current job and the people I work with and 2. I fucking hate job interviews. Plus I've been in the industry I currently work in for 20 years and unless I find a job based in London but working remotely I'm never going to be rich, but then again I don't really want to start again from scratch at my time of life... I'm just getting rather tired of the fact that every time I start to get a little bit of financial security life comes along and pulls the rug out. It's surprisingly difficult to maintain a decent standard of living as a single person on an average wage these days. Maybe I need to become an IT consultant - they always seem to be on decent money. I know naff all about IT but I'm quite good at talking bollocks so I might be able to wing it...
  16. Well the Visa is back together. Apart from the bonnet catch as I can't find the little nubbin for the end of the cable, but the bonnet is held down by the secondary catch anyway. The ignition side of things is sorted, bar a more permanent solution for the ignition switch. The electrics are all working too, and the alternator is charging fine. Irritatingly though the overfuelling problem persists in rearing its ugly head. I started it up this morning and had it running on the drive for about five minutes and it was fine. I drove it up and down the road a few times and it behaved as it should and actually drove quite nicely, although I didn't get above third gear and 30mph. Pulled into the car park to re-tighten the alternator belt, it started straight back up again, took it down to the end of the road and it conked out. Lifted the bonnet and sure enough it'd pissed petrol out all over the engine. So it obviously wasn't a dodgy float or needle valve after all, as I've replaced both of those. The only thing I can think of is that the electric JCB fuel pump is supplying too much pressure and it's overwhelming the float's ability to close the valve. I could try reverting to the original mechanical pump but I don't really know what condition that's in after its long slumber in a hedge, or how long it'd last if pressed back into service - I could get a new one but they look an absolute twat to fit, all the heat shielding round the engine has to come off and I know for a fact that if I try that I'm going to be left with dozens of snapped 8mm bolts so that's a non-starter. I think I might try an in-line fuel pressure regulator to wind the pressure down a bit and see if that helps. Other than that I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to try next - any bright ideas gratefully received... Not much else done this weekend as it was too pissing cold in the mornings so I only had a few hours of usable daylight. I finished cavity waxing the Toyota as far as I could (I haven't done the sills yet as I'd need to take out the rubber bungs and I'm a bit reluctant to do that as they never go back in properly) and tried to investigate the reason for the reversing camera having packed up - I initially thought I'd found the issue when I pulled the gubbins out of the tailgate and found a wire had come out of one of the connectors, but re-connecting it made no difference. There's power getting to everything - the LEDs round the camera light up when I select reverse, and both the transmitter and the receiver for the camera signal are showing the correct lights. The stereo knows when I'm reversing as it cuts the sound so it's not that. Obviously it's one of the bits of hardware that has packed up, but I'm not sure which and I don't really want to start replacing bits so I might not bother - I've managed without a camera for over 10 years and only occasionally bumped things with the towbar. The problem with the Maxus's camera was more obvious - the wire that sends the signal to the stereo to switch over to camera feed has backed out of the ISO plug. I've got some spare little connectors somewhere so I'll have to try and dig them out and see if I can get it working again - it's more useful to have a working camera on the LDV than it is on the Toyota. The only other job I got done was to attempt to waterproof the GPS antenna on the Rover - I squirted some Captain Tolley's round the front and the sides, but at the back there was too much seal missing so I've smeared on some silicone sealant which will hopefully do the job, although it looks a bit crap close up.
  17. Exceptional. Welcome to the club. I'm slightly jealous of the wood* on your dashboard.
  18. Oh aye, I'm sure GSF will have them on the shelf.
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