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  1. Transit mk1 steering box + Corsa leccie/load sensing PAS. Job Jobbed
  2. Ahhhhhhh...... 😕 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrosteer
  3. Did some bloke go to some effort making a 'kit' for PAS upgrade? .... or was it for A90/110.
  4. Annual 'wallet fillet' from DirectLine flopped onto the mat yesterday. £207 all in. 3 years now with virtually no drift..... I think they want my money
  5. ..... Aye, get a couple of organ pedals made up into cloggs
  6. Check leaking through the rubber boot, where hrw/wiper cabling + washer tube goes into hatch.... Lousy fitting/seaweed grade rubber means water trickles in = boot aquarium/rusty spare/bubbling arch edge [see: rover/honda]. Check it all and lob on gutter sealant Check 'tin pot' gearbox cover hasn't rusted through... Renault replacement (from scrappy) will last forever... Rear wheel bearings.... Tighten to nip, then off a smidge (factory has a wind on preload ft lb = noshhed bearings ) MOT fail bottom balljoint? Unobtanium... Buy a Tigra one! Slider pins for caliper/pads can get dry = stick & cause pads to bind...
  7. I have two spiders.... Chez 'doormirror'. No one resident in-house but
  8. ..... I may be biased - love a big boot, me
  9. Doesn't Fred Dibnahs son do 'steam things' on the island.....
  10. I would have no argument with anyone here, accusing me of Bodgitt n'Scarper detailing. ToMM© delivering as she did, a Clean Sheet MOT on Tuesday does her part but - titivating prerequisites to the fore... I needed paint! Nigh enough for galloping horses/cheap old stock£ will do I scored this Hycote @theRange £4.99 Vx Metroblue_metallic by tooSavvy, on Flickr ...... WBOD grade fix, aye
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