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  1. Re: coolant outlet (part# 16304-74110) If the car is not a daily then how about taking the outlet off and looking at having it fabricated (water jet cut flange + tig ally pipe spout)? say it again..... Mmmmmmm lovely
  2. Hiyya M8 Seems the laddo with the CarinaE is the 'go to..' for Castrol decals! https://youtu.be/LUNWa8__13E Keep on Truckkin on.....
  3. Folklore opines Binns negotiated a 'Shop at Binns' deal which involved bus repainting WITH signwriting. You will note none of this is stick on advertising. ..... aneehoo.... Seems just when the 'agreement' ended was unclear and bus painters kept the 'tradition' going virtually forever. Even the PTE yellow (complete restructure of the bus network) atlanteans had it. De reg seems to be the end.... Or the 'mask n splash' paint contractors used by them just blew them over lol
  4. "..By the way, my Corolla has strut brace too, which seems to have negligible effect on the handling.." My Carina II doesn't have a 'strut brace', leaving me feeling inadequate 😕
  5. Lad over on ToyotaOwnersUK just bought a 2.0L CarinaE for some parts.... Might move on a whole car. It is Auto.
  6. *casual racist alert* ..... Like a '90s Jap, me
  7. ....... I really like my Carina II (my floorpan is the grandad of FWD Celiee floorpan!) Low with a bit go.....
  8. tooSavvy

    Daewoo Espero

    If the crackers on ColdWarMotors can create a Fury <by welding the top onto a good chassis> then the Gauntlet is thrown down for a Welsh revival. Plenty of beer + Classic Tyre Review Get It ON....
  9. I'm with Green Flag.... I'm their *best customer. Well, it figures.....
  10. Big improvement on Bowel Cancer 'mov-ement' sampling.... Used to be 3shite swipes & you're off... in the post 😕 new *improved $hitestick.... Poke it into one jobbie, slip brown nose into sealie bottle & post!! quick n easy
  11. Really, really, realllly *boring vid on why Renault made everything so French, on their sparkkie cars.... *unless you are into YouTube 'forklift motor into my chevvy pick up' 😕
  12. ^ ^ ^..... That is under the Metro bridge, heading out to White Mare Pool (behind camera). Petrol station is on right of pic - other side of bridge. Shirley.......
  13. I couldn't get the 10mm bolt out of my brake caliper. I bought a cheepie set of 'star' sockets and one is exactly 10mm size... The rounded flanks bit and out it came. The set cost less than one Metrinch <I dont think they will do other than a 10mm 😕 > ...... but good 4me!
  14. tooSavvy

    Shit Ideas

    Unless it has some origami-esque contortions.... How about an un formed wire coathanger [mark true dip length off original] and carry in the boot ??
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