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  1. ...... yeah & £30! ffs... Check out fleebay for JDM tail-spoilers £650 (needs paint!! ? )
  2. I was looking for a 'factory fit/option' bootlid spoiler for all the three years I have owned ToMM©.... It comes with Chinlip but (I suppose) balancing/matched otion bootlip was "extra cost" option = Dunno ? I have lashed my Primera GT spoiler on.... finally gives the car a proportioned side elevation/tip of balance. My car..My cash, I think it has been said.
  3. Sunny day..... Nothing pressing to do..... Why not Do Nowt? 01Sept20 @Newbiggin Point Free parking (not like St Marys lighthouse car park!) & cracking Ice Cream
  4. Quick trip round the Metro Centre..... MetroCentreVisit
  5. Well well... 1st moment of action for my Pump.... My tyres are really good at staying up! .... I have a battery torch/digi pressure gauge always in the drivers door pocket. The front n/s tyre looked a wee squishhy I whipped off the caps and found o/s 24 but n/s 15.... Pump dug out of boot (the boot lid stays up fine, with new Bootlid Spoiler fitted = Winnah! ) and off it buzzed.... Gauge quite accurate and I unplugged at 26 indicated.... AND it was 26!! ..... Sisssed out a bit to my digi reading 25, good enough. Good Test = Good Buy #tyre/nail interface chec
  6. Lovely, a DeeEsss.... Been watching Scott (C.W.M.) painstakingly reassembling one. What a mare! ? AbFab as a runner, needless to say. Go Go goooo FoD 2020
  7. Primera GT ..... In it's 'natural habitat' ftw
  8. No one hitting the Utoob linkkie? Lyke......
  9. Errr.. Well, yes m8. I was mebbies a bit unclear on that point.. The Primera 4door, with this boot spoiler, may have been everywhere in the past.... .... I haven't ever seen (flagged in search/noticed it/caught my eye) one available for me to buy when looking these past years. I'm pleased with how it has turned out and, for £30, the LED is a cool bonus
  10. Posty just dropped this in.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252800552624 I replaced the rubber gasket, with Hylomar splodged around, on my Cambox. I still find I'm having an oily splodge past the gasket and I don't want to screw the alloy down until it bends!! This should be just the job.... I was rather taken by the price (inc Del) and it seems lots of other brand labels >> on the same stuff >> have it more expensive ... just need a bit more sunny weather ...
  11. Weather is predictably $hite 2day..... ..... and my wipers are demonstrating the essential pointlessness of buying £2.99 B&M candles ? Bit the bullet and did a Halfrauds @£19 (yes... My hands were shaking as *I put them on!) *eschewed offer from till operative to 'have them fitted?' Factory view clarity restored Got to admit it = Wipers/Tyres/Friction material - Buy Cheap & Be Sorry
  12. Lets see how this goes..... Thanks for looking
  13. I have a U-Toob coming of a 'walk round' & brake testing.... Just need to edit down and get the engine sounds muted (in a covered carpark in Wallsend) >>> passing traffic sounds like dustbins down the stairs. Watch This Space
  14. What a Nightmare!! Properly a 'two man' job, and with the LED brake wiring going in through another hole then any jiggling - attempting to get one of either bolts started - was nigh on impossible.... My ffinn back! ? Of course, the bolt holes were behind the boot frame pressing SO I had to nick the skin with my cutting disk & fraybentos it back.... ..... luckily the full fabric board/trim covers the inner skin so there are no nicks to be seen now, after folding back Measure 42times [worry some more....] 48times and 'just ffiinn Do It!' = perfect alignment and the hole
  15. Finally........ No Rain!! + Sunny&Warm ...... now, about those securing bolt holes
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