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  1. TripAdvisor now has Karens place on the posting page.... Low Way Farm. Anyone like to say nice things about the food or her being such a good host for our 'do'...... She will obvz see it all
  2. My ToMM© lookinn gudd.... *next stop Ireland? 'prace yrr betzz'
  3. I have attended a few grass events over [many...years apart!] Remember heavy cut large tyres on front of minis - wheelbarrow wheels on the back lol Also watched grass 'homebrews' - think Baja @1/3scale - and they go like stink!! Grass is RACING = no smell of death! gets my vote 100% BOL to your venture, m8
  4. 'ArnieShark' yellow sticker winnah... right there .... run it into the ground! *joke = first owner tried & failed
  5. You could have bought a BL product "air con *always on!" *err, leccy windows 'descend' - full stop Ace catch.....
  6. Having slapped the yellow 'AS' sticker in the rear window.... stylishly balancing the AUTOMATIC badge.... I immediately feel less self conscious when I catch people (out of the corner of my eye..) Pointing & Laughing. I take no notice, just savour the memory of munching [yet another!!] @Jim BellcounterfeitTWIX. Thankyou kindly, my good man
  7. I can't use the two cupholders unless my Auto stick is all the way back [low] what an absolute corker, it is.....
  8. @Spurious... Today! USA insurance is a govt 'all fault' inclusive lottery ticket, isn't it? Buy a plate (pick yrr numbers B 0 LOKS) and yrr done..... AFAIK.....
  9. Nice stressfree soujurn to 'TWIXfest', today. Some 'hold down' stick action [giving extra wellie on the steep uns...] helped keep some element of forward motion ongoing Great meetup.... Interesting folks + cars! thanks to all TS
  10. For a bag thats a grand piece ... Pls don't break >>> kindda 'explore the foibles' and trickle neat fixes.... We want to hear all about it & OFTEN FWIW Poondies 'white spray grease' sure wizzes up creaky power roofs (..and latches, straps, hinges).
  11. Mr + Mrs Savv are on for an "All Day Breakfast".... Order is in .... mmmmm
  12. Excitement level : 10 *Poo count : nil *thus far
  13. I popped along to Morrisons to fill up & razz the auld nail throo the brush wash ..... when I drive round the twisty gokart track, to the wash >> machine half way up the track and brushes akimber [arthurrd] BUT I cannot drive past the mech so we had to reverse the twisty track back to the pumps ... ArrseBiskittz Gunna be a pretty sight tomozz, wee bairn.
  14. Thanks for that.... Balls oot 10/10ths ..... I'm an IMPnutter, remember
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