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  1. Sideslip Treddbomb.... My SuziQ has encroaching lakka defekts, on the roof So..... Any views on Tetrasyl or Raptor 'faux' vinyl roof welcome lol.... 🀐
  2. Overpriced Tat..? My daughter is a FB 'SkipRat' Freecycle is her 'go to' source for lots of stuff. Her reasoning [not faulted by my observation of what turns up at her house...] being "Oooh - BrandNew/Unboxed - DunnLikeIt!" ... recycled as ... "Oooh - cheaps!" With patience + restraint.... EVERYTHING washes up on Freecycle *Oh, and... F##ked Dysons must be a goldmine for someone lol.
  3. If it's my Swift.... Yeah, Found It πŸ€ͺ
  4. Chap deed..... Left his Carina herd to Science? πŸ˜‚
  5. My 'tin fryingpan' AllAggro air cleaner box has just arrived..... OooooF πŸ˜‰
  6. @vulgalour .... Beige lobby phone
  7. TBH..... Possibly a toasted box/total crusty/cleated door/thirsty/high tax..... Err, N.A.I.L. Lots of broken ones '4 spairz' likely in S Ireland, tho.....
  8. Deftly combining 'copyright violation', freezeframing & in-menu navigation... I have this..... 🌈😎
  9. Dave you reckon.... Hmm, couldn't have been a Premier League footie player then... 🀐
  10. ^ ^ ^ ..... Oh, Yes Yes Yes! Changing with DirectLine, from ToMM© into SuziQ got my premium UP to £396 from £200... WTF? Churchill was a Shoe In @£200 🀠
  11. But... Who's Smiling Now? My Churchill renewal has just come through @Β£196 FC. Confused gives me cheaper but without Motor Legal Cover (Β£145 + Β£31 for MLC) I phoned Churchill and asked if they could do anything [even, mebbies delete my MLC if poss] ..... "Let's have a look..." ..... "We can adjust you to Β£156.80 & MLC is std in all our policies" Nice lady = that'll do 4 me πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  12. *Fork In Road* ..... FIAT box is simply too massive for space in engine bay ... PlanB I have popped for a much more conservative style enclosure [Allegro 1500 airbox] but with a twist.... As I'm keen to have as much 'open space' around the TB, I have done some Webbie mining and specced an A/F which is the correct thickness & outside dia BUT much thinner walled - making the insides much more roomy. £16, all in.... (No Jam 😜) *Still using the snorkel pipe from FIAT
  13. I'm awaiting delivery of a 36MM Bell-mouth trumpet.... To go onto my TB, inside the A/F box. This piece, I happened across, is along my thoughts... https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/72556-bellmouth-for-fitting-inside-air-filters/
  14. Crossing a local road, on foot, I was confronted by a geriatric giffer in his 'smart looking' Sreg Swift 3door, Met bloo.... Aghast.... I mean.... Whenever.... ?? Noted his Reg : S 440 OTY 1300.... MOT makes, err, interesting reading 😡
  15. @DoctorRetro..... I give you your EFI S.P. & raise you mine.... 🀠
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