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  1. So..... The dog is now dead, the MkIII too, BUT the keggs are on a hanger in the wardrobe
  2. My Suzzy 3pot doesn't sound like a 4pot 'with a plug loose'.... It runs quite happily tbh
  3. As an Ex IMPnutter..... Coming from a 4headlight direction, I'm quite taken with the 4 roundies
  4. "..I'd love to do the 5 stud conversion to really confuse the anoraks but that costs a grand these days 😬." There has GOT to be a 'widget ring/cobble-up' 4 >>to>>5stud on Fleebayy...... https://japwestmods.co.uk/shop/jdm-brands/gktech/gktech-4-to-5-lug-wheel-adapters/ ...... Kinda lyke?
  5. A veritable 'letterbox' ..... through which to post yrr wallet££ Magggikkk, m8
  6. @theshadow...... Missed it! Good save, m8
  7. Now...... If I was in the market for a Toyyo
  8. Don't be hard on yourself... A £in yrr pocket & tear in yer eye 'bye bye'... Wayy better than a ££ doon the drain & tears in both eyes. lol
  9. Do you catch ' I Do Cars ' Utoober ? He is in business to strip out 'core blocks' and resell salvaged parts. I watch.... and think of you. lol
  10. I'm really glad Scott responded, he is kindda kool... lyke Should the car resto ever get you 'totally fagged' *don't know if you smoke.... Scott will likely mail some extinct 60's darts over, sayinn "If you gottem - Smoke 'em!" lol CWM..... Go Go Gooooo.....
  11. I'm sure [somewhere in Websphere..] there is a guy, coaxes as much as poss out of it.... 'exploring the envelope'.... Blows up either engine/&or box - repeat! Not sure if it isn't a youtube..... MadAsAbox
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