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  1. Today has been mainly..... Measure twice, fret, measure again, reimagine configuration, measure again, smile Ran a tap through the six locating screwholes, created a feasible thread, rummaged in oddments box = turned up 6x M5 csk screws WITH GRADE markings (not the wibblepoo csk screws in kit) Threadlock ordered, blue. ....... just edging along, no panics ......
  2. Canna whack a canny Imp ..... sezz I
  3. Once, my WVM job had me running about in an old loaner Combo. The ventilation was miserable and had no good airflow..... Pulled over to side of road, popped top off cabin filter slot >> slipped the black doormat out = cut a beermat sized hole through it with my stanley knife >> slotted back in (not going to be chased about for dumping a piece of someone elses van)..... Ahhh ..... Feel Da Breeze
  4. Wohh Ho Ho Ho *braketest* .... ooof! Dingbat vapid she-person arrives at junction lines.... Looks LEFT, moving.... Pulls out!! "Yoo Hoo... I say, fuckwitt... It's MEEEE" I smoke emm to a halt and, with a look of mild surprise, she waves and tootles straight out turning right across me.... Brakes Work >>> more of interest to her, in the 'real world', and her drivers door.......
  5. Yeah..... Ffinn Lameo 'AirBag stylee'... I call it my 'pie in your face' wheel. I'm well buzzin about the new one, owning & driving a car is really the only total self indulgence I get
  6. Wheel arrived...... Mintty mint & round. The mount is simple.... Two pins stick out back - either side of the splined hole - I will cut a thick plate disc (like an aftermarket wheel centre @6 csk holes) the bolt this wheel onto it = Locked Solid on a through bolt The mounting adapter + height of Mini wheel boss will make rim stand out/away from stalks as factory now. ToMM© had a fab, comfy and neat wheel.... Pleasant to work with and look at. This set up is going to make SuziQ a much nicer place to be.....
  7. Weyy Heyy Heyy.... Bortedd @£20 .... I think it will look swell after THIS
  8. "Yes, I used a machine gun"
  9. I'm seriously considering getting the one on FleeBay @£20 https://www.mg-rover.com/inc/sdetail/genuine_austin_rover_classic_mini_four_spoke_steering_wheel_fam4443/2029/374 14" and a nice thinnish rim.... Unlike the mattesons sausage I wrestle with atm Engineering obstacles to be overcome.... like larger spline bore? Meh.... We Will See #update = 380mm dia!
  10. When I contacted Ford 'customer care' to tell them the MkIII was about to roll over 100,000.... We got a 'congrats pack' which included an enamel/leather fob. It was the world globe with 4 rings around it... Ford '100,000 mile Club' Then a letter arrived, inviting us to do a piece for BBC Arena.....
  11. @strangeangel "..CONTROL-ALT-T to open a terminal.." Ha.... Been there
  12. @ViceGripGarage... lol Gr9 catch *my Imp was that met green*
  13. @lisbon_road "..Ford seemed to just about manage to get them to work a bit better. That's my opinion. ." Henry perfected the Model T *he put a lot of money into ensuring no one forgot that!
  14. I have watched my fair share of 'Rallying in the 80's' youtube to get the 'sideways of sidewaysest' Scrote Vibe ..... watching more contemporary Swedish content I really must say the Vlovo 240 brigade frighten the trees probably as much + hear those engines !!! *points awarded to BMW coupe drivers but...mmm... Not Quite!
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