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  1. I was just idly wandering through the backwaters of Ebay, sort of "...hmm, I wonder if...." I might find an AUTOMATIC sticker for SuzziQ 😕 Jeezze.... Crappy badges screwwied off folorn crusher fodder are the new "Kashh in da Attik" >>> have you seen the *prices for them? *FROD premium applies ..... however, turning over a stone I spotted this https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50644842101_390e5e85ab_c.jpg £5 free p+p Rover P6
  2. Wonder if that trannie has spare 'weld n fix panels' jammed inside....
  3. I managed to get out a tight/rusty headded bolt (12MM) using a Torx internal socket... It just happened to be 12mil between the inner nodes so gripped the tatty rust excuse for a hex in the 'nominal centre land'.... Booff = Straight Out!
  4. tooSavvy

    new shite

    Kanna whack a SuzziQ m8 Ultra wizzo on service + flipperoo GLWS G.i.B.
  5. 14x5.5" on mine..... Hrrummph!! Sweet
  6. Ha Ha.... ...... Little car /Big car
  7. Yeah... Well then... You get my joke? NO 2yr of fuckkin welding a bastard rot box = FG Reliant Winnah m8
  8. My 2¢ ..... Working through issues, refurbing/scrappy salvaging equivalent, removing minginng items.... Always look for 'easy/little Wins' Many on here would open a thread "4kg of Mig wire....!" ..... and be welding (in the lockup for 2years) before imagining an MOT.
  9. Sorry.... Thread title threw me 😕 ... was going to say CV19 has reduced the number of 'Crap Jobs' on offer in the economy, so say BBC News! Royally F##ked, we are......
  10. The 'correct' rotor arm arrived earlier. Just spent 5mins swapping it out... CarPartsInMotion who supplied the original [wrong part No] >>> from their web listing >>> won't exchange FOC return. Return postage is basically £3.50 for £4.50 refund 😕 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50595336357_a1f92bb87a.jpg I ordered Left one, Car has Right one... They don't accept liability for MY error as I didn't ring them, to confirm it was the correct part for my car.... Like you WOULD when it says in listing 'fits 1.0i Swift! ' .......
  11. When I find the jumper socket (to disable auto advance by ECU) I will 'dial in' a few extra degrees initial advance... Suzuki are a bit conservative on factory setting 5° .... being mindful of pinging!! Looks very clean in there.....
  12. I did all the 'top engine' service.... Plugs look unused + filter is clean.... New diz cap, rotor & leads.... https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50594096732_5d7a1e2370_c.jpg Everything is mintty
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