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  1. I did the same @Grange Villa..... *in employment
  2. Nice looking MazVan.... IIRC these 'acres of flat panel' Jap boxes were assembled with a stretch/tension in the steel skinning [bit like doped canvas aero wings] to make them rigid?? Keep it up.....
  3. First 'leg stretch' @85 for the new year.... Carvery lunch @Inn at Brough. Yes.... Have mentioned this place before Yes.... It is DEFFO worth a visit mmmmm
  4. Hmm... Wonder if this is 'track lifting' as the Westoe Pit [1/2mile right of this bridge] has gone and the whole rail layout in Shields was uprooted.
  5. Hmm... Nice to hop into a neat AllAggro and be greeted by a dash like that, eh
  6. tooSavvy

    Wedding Car

    Many years ago, working in the shipyard... A tecchie on the Weapons Installations team had a side business - wedding dress & all that slavva! - and reckoned a Wedding Car offer would add "... that hows your father touch". A slightly gullible, younger techhie lad was approached with a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to make a packet 😕 .... she had found a 'chitty chitty lookalike' white crock on FleeBay - wanted him to buy it and she would supply the bookings [offering to sort out the chuvvers uniform]. Thankfully (for him) he spotted the large front end attached to this minter idea... He suggested SHE buy the car & he would do the driving.... Ha Ha Ha..... No car
  7. ...... mine looks like it's been abandoned in a stable for six months. But, then, you all know that.... Eh?
  8. You laugh!! I watched a bit 'raw video' of the Japan tsunami..... The ferry last seen cleaning out a row of lampposts 😕
  9. And today..... (Basically neutered to a Bus Lane route) 370 S Eldon St https://maps.app.goo.gl/d8pkpN4a51MKzNWXA
  10. King St. S/Shields..... Looking towards the coast [BR (pre Metro) rail bridge]. *Cortina mkIII & this bus CU = South Shields reg.
  11. "..We could always have a little drive up the coast through Tynemouth, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay to Blyth or somewhere.." Aye... The gatso was taken off the Spine Rd, so hooning would be fun
  12. Car park @RoyalQuays + kebab (optional garlic sauce)..... No 'Do-Nuts' / police aware.... lol
  13. Sidelight bulb off..... Simple bayonet glasser = oe spanner through bodywork/inner wing hole to make holder 1/4turn so I could swap Sorted
  14. Started getting the 'kdink kdonk' of exhaust touching rear crossmember AGAIN .... The whole 'ensemble' is tightly U-clamped but, when the centre pipe was replaced, everything got yankked about and this has resulted in some movement. Oh.... For a welder! I could have lashed up my backbox pipework and blazzed it solid - fit n forget!! Instead, I spent a chilly 1/2hr lying in the lane [up on the ramps] retightening bracketry whilst pushing the system up..... Silence restored
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