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  1. Ha! Dem Romans must have jogged by that and thought "good flags for a patio.. Need a legion of Pikeys to lug 'em, mind". So... Mebbie not!
  2. Just ran 'rat tat daddle - deedle dum dumm dah darr...' Circus music thru my head... Watch out! An elephant has done a ton on the M6 [hence delays] Bu bumm, tish...
  3. Watching with interest, wearing 'virtual galoshes' and 'Savvyista' default TinHat (... foil pants in the wash!) Glastonbury mudwrestling, in the toilet queue, must be recorded for the benfit of non attendees
  4. ....... Yupp ^^ Looking out my back window now - at the bald patch of sky we used to have Swans *BIG Cranes poking into *sold to India + floater too!
  5. Dads first car... Hillman Minx red/ivory white(v s/h!) RBR 991 *kin to that Vx
  6. Just think.... Hmmm.... 'Benefeat Brittin'... Govt stops benefits payments to citizens who cannot pass spelling test. Spokesman quoted as saying "We are applying the Gumtree Test... 'Can't spell? Can't eat!'.... Catchy, plays well in the Shires"
  7. Supposed to be olive/ring on the stub, fits a machined ring in the manifold.... No wonder I have been choking in the car + the failed flexi aswell, has had it sounding like TractorPull !! All fixed (with olives!).... Brumm Brumm returned.... 🎱
  8. Just a thought [B4 bed] ..... cool avatar .... through thick and thin [reality and Beige 'handbags @40 paces' discord] that Smiling TWAT has pervaded your every post! Beyond Parody.... I know, I know... Politics is kept to the DarkWob. Just luvvinn his grinning pie-target!! Keep It Up m8
  9. ..... I had a poke about, under the car, as the back box was sounding a bit 'pfutta pfutta' on idle. The clamped joint was leaking a smidge so I splodged wrap over it >> gudd gudd... ..... still hearing a 'pfutta pfutta' but now more forward located! Having had the front pipe replaced last year, I fluffered down to ATS for them to take a look >> cracked flexi ! Part due in today but BHol flappage means a refit likely now Tuesday.... Warranty Winnahz 🎱
  10. SWMBOs ex >> brother has Meso... Man & Boy worked at Blyth Power Station [... like, what are all the turbine/pipes/boilerwork lagged with?]
  11. There is a 'hookey/hockey stick' that Toyo techs use... It pushes the follower down [gripping the extreme outer edge] and allowing the shim to be hooked out/swapped for spec. No wires on my carb M8........ 🤔
  12. Ohhh.... Amazon locker disgorged the goodies.... TS1672 45W 16cm (tweeter inc.) ..... screwdriver out again 🎱
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