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  1. I had a very 'pressing on' impressive poster on my bedroom wall.... BMW 3coop, Sytner red/silver.... Slicks, coming over/dropping a neat curve WITH 3 tyres showing air!! Never owned a beemer but DEFFO have felt 3 air gaps, when caning my 998 IMP 😎🔥 Ahhhh..... feel better for that 🚙💨
  2. @eddyramrod.. "those "decent roads" are surprisingly sparse! If you can find one, it's at least half an hour away, full of cyclists, tourists or tractors, and very likely littered with roadworks". As WVM I used to 'do' Barrow every so often 🙄. Newcastle/Penrith/M6/and across. If I was feeling chilled/time spare = Carlisle then Workington and down, could properly wind it up down the coast [*tractors allowing 😉] ...... It is a Long, LONG way.... 👍
  3. My 'Xmas cracker gift' boombox is tonkinn along (c/w disco lights 🤦) 👍
  4. This looks interesting... Or is it Tatt 🤔 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176037087262?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=WPPQ9flDTMu&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=0j0mh1UTRLi&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  5. I wanted Kumho on MrGetz... My ATS guy couldn't source them so Sumitomo are on.... I have discovered wet cornering is disconcertingly limpet like >> I rather hope not to find the limit 😵‍💫 .... Noisy, like chains dragging across tarmac 😕 🚙💨
  6. Rather care worn met bloo Micra... OO02 OON. Seafront, Whitley Bay. Magpie follower 🤔
  7. Saw this >> MG58 TED >> turning into Exec housing/flat combo, Morpeth front street, today...
  8. I bought GT-85 as it gets good reviews on cycle forums = lubes + frame rub down... *Well cheepz, on eBay, MY No.1 priority 😉 Lovely mottah M9 👍
  9. Saw some sort of 'JML-esque' $hite drier, on a direct sales Digi channel, the other day (fan heater blowing air up inside a skinny sleeping bag skin >> over a circular hanging rail) 😮🤦 £80.......
  10. Followed a red HYUNDAI something >>> GE02 RDE..... I did wonder 🤣
  11. ..... Speaking of Water Companies 😮. South Shields had piped water mains 'non fluoridated'.... North Shields had it 'fluoridated'. Health statisticians have taken such a closely/divided population, and extrapolated dental health/lack of... from this fact. *I'm from South Shields 😕
  12. 'not able to *operate clutch'... 'clutch *borked'... A sea of difference = but not if you cannot fix it 😕 BonChance 🚙💨
  13. My 'totally embarrassing ' fail vs. Oil filter 🤦 ... was resolved by my m9, the oily spanner, just around the corner. No charge = box of bikkies from me (.. and everlasting shame!) Good to have a line into a friendly garage (* price are negotiable 😉) 🚙💨
  14. RESULT 😯 I wouldn't use the lamp output for 'lamping' rabbits.... but I'd happily plough into off-road forest to go lamping, with these new candles 👍. 🚙💨
  15. MOT trail as unsullied as a maidens wossname 😮. 🎉🎈 Creamed It 😎 🚙💨
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