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  1. Social distancing "park next, but 2spaces" lol
  2. *update... At our local poondies (OneBelow actually) I scored a highdensity foam gardeners 'kneeling pad' + a pack of vinyl stickkie floor tiles = top/middle/bottom of foot wedge. Scored some random bit of tat to repurpose into spoiler centre mount. £3.... investment return 100%
  3. Having mounted/loose posed the spoiler some factors have come to my attention.... The Primera boot has a greater 'up-bow' and the feet are showing some gap on the innermost edge = a tapered gasket will be made up to effectively make the pressure footprint flat! Also this bowing makes the centre foot too short to touch down onto the bootlid.... I'm going to make a stub to remedy this ...... Watch this space (or no gap,actually)
  4. Ha! I tried that, with 'Old Rootes Railway Bridge Advertising', and look at the trouble that got me into..... #savvselfie 😕
  5. I believe these Jap cars are 'switched earth'... ? The brake light wiring is 'permanently live', from Battery +V, and the other wire at the rear cluster [earthing] runs back through the loom to the brake switch/is earthed on switch. This being unlike other UK cars where the loom is essentially dead wire until the brake switch makes a live connection, from Battery +V, and the power earths through the loom at the bulb end... This means I need to 'tap' both wires, on the Carina loom and NOT go Black >> direct to an earth. ???
  6. It has locator pegs sticking out >>> looks like a milking stool! Dunno whether to drill 4holes (2bolt + 2peg) or just use the bolts. The footprint will be fully flat on the lid so a black silicone/jelly mat will suffice (cut to shape) as a gasket The ad said "led not working"... One wire had come adrift on the circuit board = I cut an access slot around the wire access gromit, to make room for my soldering iron, blobbed the board/wire end + flowed solder then araldited a square of placcie back over the two wires to keep the weather out.... LED_resoldered by tooSavvy, on Flickr Works fine now. 12V 4W is stencilled on the casing so no wiring issues likely
  7. Not too shabby (laid on look-see) Needs LED wiring & painting
  8. Just when I pull the trigger on a P11 Primera boot spoiler..... ..... this turns up 😕 https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/toyota-carina-mark-2-saloon-full-car./1376303407?utm_source=ToyotaOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks However, I reckon @£700 for 'hiabfodder' the parts will be a touch fantasy island *Corolla lickers would mortgage a kidney for the 'chin lip'.
  9. Alrighty........ *no, not ALL of it IMG_20200704_052324 by tooSavvy, on Flickr
  10. ..... and 5 mins dremmel cut-wheel action + soldering iron = 100% improvement over 'Ebay description' Boogie on...
  11. #Ebay.... Your item is consigned eta 9th July Yo Baby..... EDIT >>> it has arrived! SoopaKwikk
  12. Further to my *post, enquiring about Mitzie bootlids.... Forget that #SOMETHING IS COMING# ....... muahhahhahhaaa
  13. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/police-called-sinkhole-opens-up-18480935 Ahh! I drove over/through that (when it was the Mother of all Potholes) about 4hr before the feds arrived..... Near tore the ffin wheel off 😕 *made 'note to self' then >> mind out round the manhole!
  14. tooSavvy

    Car chases

    The Sweeney, 'May' its called... Hammer the F out of a jag, chasing the boy - on his toes
  15. ...... my diet is making 'some headway' A 'SavvySelfie' may be seen as a low-blow to the fotocomposition/f# & stop SLR nazis.....
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