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  1. You’re wasting your time with that Lonsdale. You either want to get a Ford Sierra Jack Frost (first year had dangly mirrors) or, my choice, a Moskvitch Aleko Jessica Fletcher.
  2. Expedia have now agreed to refund but cannot hand back monies until BA have refunded them, apparently this can take 8-12 weeks. Not sure whether or not i believe they've already paid BA or that BA isn't being really cheeky with the 8-12 week crap.
  3. I can't defend anyone who didn't research a hotel they booked, however in your shoes I'd be seeing EV owners as potential guests rather than a source of amusement. A quick google throws up the good hotel guide (you can search by hotels with charging) and the Tesla destination charger map which list 13 hotels in the lakes with EV charging. That's 13 hotels in your area which are more attractive to a certain demographic (ie those with the financial wherewithal to buy or lease an EV). It needn't be costly as Tesla supply the kit for destination chargers for free and there are OLEV grants for workplace charging (up here ScotGov covered the cost of the charger at my place of work). Or you could just continue to laugh at EV owners as they go and stay at other hotels.
  4. Will beat this in mind, BA have cancelled my flights to Costa Rica in October. A friend booked for the four of us and she’s determined to get the monies back.
  5. TVR Cerbera. Or a Ford Ka. Definitely one of those two.
  6. Hydrogen is nothing but a distraction from a fossil fuel industry that's desperate to stay relevant. Hydrogen cars aren't clean, will never be cheap, are noisier than EVs, you can't refuel them as quickly as a petrol car and if you have unfounded* worries about battery life then you should perhaps look into the major components of a fuel cell car. HINT: Its a battery electric car with a fuel cell tacked on to generate electricity. And if you do wish to question government spending habits can you start with the tax avoidance being perpetrated by the likes of amazon/google/starbucks/facebook etc. Get that money back and we can all have new cars. *Seriously, find me an ICE car with an 8 year, unlimited mileage warranty.
  7. Step right this way Sir, the new Fiat 500 EV has a fabric roof.
  8. The bank looked at your credit history, every months you've paid of the card, every loan, cheque, store card, supermarket promo and account. They made a decision based on a comprehensive file of info. You should perhaps do the free trial and see exactly what info they based their decision on, i think you'd be surprised by the depth of it.
  9. Step right this way Sir, the new Fiat 500 is EV only.
  10. I've been here a while and remember when the collective autoshite massive hated such things as combie boilers, tablets, MINIs, the new Fiat 500 and VW Beetle... Give it 10 years or some hefty deprecation and most of this lot will own an EV.
  11. Tayne

    Sierra V8

    Oh I have no idea about the ratios in an RX8 box or whether they can be altered. I’d just not thought of an rx8 as anything other than a garden ornament.
  12. Tayne

    Sierra V8

    I didn’t know that use of RX8 gearboxes elsewhere was a thing. Its a genius idea I though, there must be plenty about, all low mileage and good for 260bhp at very high revs.
  13. Tayne

    Youtube moments

    Jesus, look at the size of the motor in that Mini!
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