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  1. Timing chains, stretch,,jump and fuck up the engines. i believe there was a law suit in Australia and the trade over here won’t take them as trade ins. i know someone who owned a petrol one, it sounded like a diesel most days.
  2. We had three at work, got them a few months after launch. There were issues with DPFs and seats with taller drivers, but they were ok for the first three years or so. One had some sort of expensive problem out of warranty and was punted cheap, one was traded in and the third was bought by a staff member. And that one caused its owner so many issues it was traded n for a new Citroen.
  3. You're insane. All Vauxhalls are shit!
  4. If you’ve just replaced both front airbags I’d be looking at the condition of the rear bags. If they’re original then an age/mileage based failure could be very close.
  5. Chop it up. Its how I managed to get a surfboard in a wheelie bin a few years ago.
  6. There were plenty of 404s in Chile when I was there 10 years ago, at the time the newest 404 would have been 35 years old, one or two were being taxied. In Cuba 5 years ago and a taxi was organised for us by our hosts, “it’s a Peugeot, they’re very good cars” he told me. It was a cut n shut 306!
  7. You can always tell a Fifer... You can never tell them fuck all, but you can always tell a Fifer!
  8. But Schrodinger wasn't the cat, he was the scientist. Just like Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster. Calling your cat Schrodinger is like calling your golden retriever Joe Mangel, your poodle Den Watts or your horse Roy Rogers.
  9. The Diva Valkyr looks like it was influenced by the Porsche 904 GTS.
  10. Yay for door rubbers. And accidental series purchases at the pub. Read this in a pistonheads article and thought of your views on “pataina restorations”. it’s noted by the guys how a change in buying demographic is influencing what they make. They talk of the older owners “happy to be under the bonnet when things go wrong” being replaced by a younger buyer raised on modern, reliable luxury, and expecting similar of their classic. “If it’s halfway as capable as their Range Rover or Bentley, they’re happy,” says Watts. The younger buyers want to drive their cars, hence the push to reversible enhancements
  11. Dodge Barrierors Dart. https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_37602-Dodge-Barreiros-Dart-3700-GT-1969.html
  12. Can you heat up the plastic coating on the wheel and melt the crack away?
  13. Understand the position, only mentioned new cars to give an idea of what buyers of fully restored cars expect. I haven't owned any Land Rover product for about 10 years and i'm nowhere near the river counter that you are but i did know that certain bits of early RR interior trim were NLA. I thought the tyres were new examples of the pattern used on EFI era classics, I wouldn't expect 20 year old tyres on a restored car but most people can't tell how old they are. I've dipped in and out of this thread ( I havent watched all the sweary videos) but have seen you take the time dismantle some tiny part and restore it to ensure some bigger part that the driver or passenger touched would operate correctly. I genuinely thought that the car would be factory fresh (even if not 100% correct owing to NLA parts) and you'd be using a shitty stick to beat back the buyers desperate to hand you £60k for it.
  14. Jeez, dont encourage me to be a dick! What exactly did you intend to restore the car to? Factory fresh? A nice three year old car? A 10 year old RR or a 15 year old heap for carrying labradors around in? Putting it into Silverstone Auctions (admittedly i've never been to one) says to me that you're aiming for something very close to factory fresh. If you were to take the £45k that you would have accepted for it and spend it on the newest RR you could buy, would it have perished window rubbers and a cracked steering wheel? There's also the inconsistencies, you couldn't get period correct window rubbers or the correct tyre pattern so you bought modern tyres and then stuck the perished, 50 year old window rubbers in. That cracked wheel -"they all do that sir". Rusty tailgate - better fix that. And the tool kit doesn't' "look great". It looks like an incomplete rusty collection of scrap thats been rescued from a structurally compromised garden shed (and what the fuck is going on with that boot floor?). The Kingsley car (which has misaligned body panels) doesn't have a complete tool kit either but let me give you two scenarios for these two photos. Scenario 1: Its 1972, you want a Range Rover but they're still in short supply. You hear of a little country garage that has a new one in Lincoln Green and you drive up there to try and buy it. The salesman's pestering as you check the car over, you lift the flap up in the boot you comment on the lack of a foot pump. Quick as a flash, he tells you that Keith (the other salesman) took it this morning to pump up a slow puncture on a Austin 1100 which was traded in at the weekend. He says he'll get the pump for you (but he doesn't). You pay the £2500 (lack of supply means you are in no position to haggle - about £33k in today's money) with a cheque and enjoy your new Range Rover. Scenario 2: Its 1988 and you're standing outside a run down cottage down a dirt track in remote part of the countryside trying to buy a 16 year old Davos White Range Rover from a strange man in ripped jumper who has three barking dogs. He tells you the tool kit is all there, you lift the flap and see rusty tools but no foot pump. When you mention this he says it broke and he threw it away, he then starts a long, rambling story about Margaret Thatcher and CND. The car drives well and appears structurally sound but the boot and interior have been dog trashed, steering wheel is cracked and the window rubbers are perished. After an ackward haggle you pay £2500 in used notes (about £6k in today's money) and drive away in your Range Rover whilst mentally making a note of things to fix.
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