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  1. I missed the 200k moment today so just kept driving until I got home.
  2. Top Gear: charging your electric car is inconvenient and will take hours and hours and hours. Also Top Gear: charging your electric car is something you can do in a pit stop in a 24 minute race.
  3. It didn’t like doing 17 each way on the dual carriageway for me.
  4. 50-60 mile commute? You should probably put some spare coolant in the back, just in case.
  5. Harris was banned from Ferrari press cars for a few years because he wrote this. https://jalopnik.com/how-ferrari-spins-5760248/amp
  6. Car people though, mcguiness is this century’s Bob Monkhouse
  7. I’m not sure we’re target market. Harris is the only one I respect as a car person but it seems the show is being led by McGuiness, it’s just another entertainment show.
  8. Stracathro also has the honour of selling the most expensive fuel in Scotland.
  9. I think that might slide forward in times of inclement weather. But it doesn’t look as though it’s higher than his head nor would it cover his elbows... Is the car still around?
  10. I got bitten by a tick in that field, I was tanked up on penicillin for a fortnight. Is there still a dead p38 in a lay-by down the road?
  11. I’m no dubber but I really like the thought of both the mid engined hatch and the big rear engined saloon. Shame they didn’t build them.
  12. I have a cheap mains angle grinder that I bought over 20 years ago, I don’t use it that often, but it has the option to switch between left and right handed operation. At some point I’ll buy an 18volt grinder (same batteries as the other tools I have) and hopefully it will have the same option.
  13. Tayne

    Youtube moments

    TooSavvy is the one on the right.
  14. Tayne

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    Our own TooSavvy is featured in that.
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