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  1. Have you found a car to buy with that money?
  2. They’re not just for snow, they work better when the temperature is below 8 degrees.
  3. Are they actual winter tyres (three peak snowflake symbol) or are you just buying off road tyres that won’t help you?
  4. Its such bullshit. Imagine how many hundreds of millions have been wiped off the value of the European classic car market because every idiot car dealer thinks they have to put the history through the shredder.
  5. Would you have kept it long enough to get it to a million?
  6. Anecdotally, I remember people complaining about the Diy types not being able to fix air suspension. I remember hearing people bitch about efi and laughing at them 25 years ago. I’ve read stuff from 1970 in which people bitch about that new fancy Land Rover and how it wouldn’t catch on. The Range Rover Classic lasted 26 years. I reckon there has been people bitching about newer cars for about 120 years or so.
  7. It’ll be all those nuts and bolts you kept dropping on the undertray.
  8. How have we got 10 pages in and nobody has mentioned the Maestro Clubman Diesel?
  9. Yet there’s at least three of them on here.
  10. I don’t have a huge amount to add to this. I have a similar driveway photo to the others, and can confirm it sounds glorious. Perhaps a video is in order? I’ve never seen it move and am quite glad it did as I was apparently captain sensible on this one
  11. Tarmac? On a frozen lake? Would it not have been easier to just use a road?
  12. How many left indicates that there are two diesel fluences registered in the UK. The other 49 cars are electric. Not sure there’s been anything else from a major manufacturer that’s flopped that badly in the UK.
  13. I’m not convinced it would have had the required amount of low down torque. That said, I reckon you could squeeze an m57 diesel in there with its flat torque curve giving about 50% more torque than an LR Tdi between 1300 and 3250rpm.
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