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Robinmaster's Rover Streetwise - Roffle Bonanza!

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So called* because the intended collectionee is massively overpriced having just recently been bought by the current owner for much cheaps. I suspect he will be suggesting I 'old aht yer 'and, and 'ave a deal wiv 'im. 





*Thread originally entitled 'Chicken Counting Thread'

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I wonder if anyone has ever painted the black plastic bits on a Streetwise bodycoloured?  Idle curiosity is that.  Nice blue, looks like MG's Trophy Blue.



I like the one with just the bumper painted. But it's the grey plastic that makes the Streetwise. Even Mercedes have copied it now.


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The seller wasn sure if it's 'trophy' or 'ignition' blue, but it's the darker of the two apparently. 


This far it's ok. I like it. It pulls well, no worrying knocks etc.


The tell-tale for the sidelights/headlights doesn't work, nor does the clock, so hopefully something obvious. There's no boot carpet, so it's a bit boomy-will revise my opinion on the knocks/bangs when I've quietened that down. Couple of squeaks/rattles from the dash, but the stereos been changed recently and I will change it again, so hopefully that'll fix that. 


The interior is half-leather, work what is apparently called matrix cloth-black with blue bits. Very nice. 


Clearly a project drive car (or project Rover as the MG enthusiast seller kept saying). There's nothing superfluous here. 




Do these have two outlets and two pumps for the back and front washers? EDIT: They don't; the pipes to the boot are prone to splitting at the hinge end.

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Can I just say - well done and welcome to the club :)


This'll be the real butt-end of Project Drive with the revised interior from 54 reg on (called, unofficially, Mk 1.5 in MG-R circles) and whatever bits and bobs they could muster.


Colour code will be on a plate on the passenger side B pillar - three letter code - JGY is ignition blue; JFV is trophy blue


Clock is a well known fault - swapped my Pektron one with a Lucas one off the Bay - current one will probably be a Trafficmaster clock which is obsolete now. Think it may be a pain to get out on the 1.5 facia though, rather than just prise off the surround as I was able to do.


Has the bolster on the driver's seat worn away - another common failing ?


The dash clocks and heater dials should light up when side/dipped lights on - pull the indicator lever towards you and the blue full beam symbol should light up - does that work at least ? Won't be a failed fuse as the same fuse powers the security control unit.


Yup, pipe to the rear washer splits (mine has) - real ball ache to fix as you have to pull off most of the interior facia to the boot and then go fishing - I'm reasonably lucky as my 'other end' is still wedged in the rubber sleeve so just a case of rejoining the two ends. No doubt you'll have a lovely pool of water near the nearside rear wheel when you try to use the rear washer.


Is this the S or SE (latter has fog lights) ?


Diesel power too - will wipe the floor with my asthmatic but nippy 1.4

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Thought this thread was gonna be perfect for me as title pretty much describes my job exactly! But it turned out even better as I love these little L series rockets. Great mpg and cooking oil possibilities! Not that I've tried the chip pan option.

Streetwise are real lookers now a days and ignition blue isn't that common? Only issue I have with these later models is the Pektron electrics seems to be worse than the Lucas option.  


Here's my little 25 complete with MG/Rover approved sunroof protection :shock:  :-)




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Mine certainly gets confused looks from other motorists - they're that rarely seen on the roads these days not sure what people think to make of them.


Also agree that the grey plastic tat under the bumper can be seen everywhere these days - here's another:




All Mokkas R shit.

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Important update: USB stereo fitted (with Rover surround expertly blu-tacked in), and centre console buttons put in a different order. Can't remember where they were originally, but their grouping wasn't logical-now it's lights right, heating/cooling left, locking in the middle. Obviously the most important job to do on the car.




Heater blower didn't work on the first two speeds; TADTS. The flimsy resistor sits inside the air trunking, on lower speeds there isn't sufficient airflow to keep it cool.




Needed to change a side light bulb; are you fucking kidding? That's the alternator pulley, mm away from the back of the light assembly. Same story the other side, but with the battery. Long nosed pliers required. To change a bulb.



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More important update; this handsome vehicle is now force hail.


Due to a sudden and unexpected change in personal circumstances I now require a more practical car.


MOT until 19/02/2019, mileage 103k (I think, I'll check). 2.0 L-series diesel, manual, leccy front windows, mirrors, half-leather interior. 2 keys, I have the stereo and key codes. Decent about of tread on the tyres, clutch biting point suggests plenty of life left. It's ignition blue according to the paint code. Serviced by the previous owner about a month ago (oil and filters). Rover stereo now re-fitted.


Bad points-slight squeak from something on the aux belt, I think. Rear washer doesn't work, seems to be a leak somewhere along the pipe down the driver's side sill. No boot carpet. You need to beat off the women who flock around you with a shitty stick (some people may consider that an advantage).


Located in Ashford, Kent, ten minutes walk from Ashford International railway station, £650 after the obligatory shiter's discount.



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Heater blower didn't work on the first two speeds; TADTS. The flimsy resistor sits inside the air trunking, on lower speeds there isn't sufficient airflow to keep it cool.



That quote sums up the British Motor Industry, and especially BL (and the remnants afterwards) perfectly. Shitty heater resistors were a problem on the bleedin' Triumph TR7, and almost 30 years later, we still couldn't build the sodding things properly.

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      99p anyone?
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