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  1. They may have improved the design since I bought mine then, Neilen/US Pro I think mine were, but they never had enough "pull" in them to full disengage the clips.
  2. The ratchet ones are shit, if you can find the older design which has a click and lock they are FAR better. I think of all my wanky hose clip tools, that particular set is the one that spent longest unused in my toolbox.
  3. I got one of those rechargeable soldering irons from Lidi, it is really rather good. Heats up quickly, nice fine point for fine work. Definitely recommended.
  4. A new motor arrived, sadly as I'm on nights at the moment I've only seen it in daylight once so far. Many electrical woes to attend to.
  5. I think it'll probably hit the market at £5,500 with the aim to get a round £5k. Hoping to have the injectors back today or tomorrow all being well.
  6. Had work back this afternoon that the recon injectors I was sent have been tested and re-reconed so hopefully that cunting fucking van should be on it's way out of the door soon too.
  7. A quick repair this evening... 2007 Volvo S40 with the boot light not working. Whe tested at the boot light, 12v was present so the switching of the earth side was the issue. These critters have a second microswitch in the boot latch that operates the light. In this case it doesn't work. The wiring was proved by applying an earth to the 4th pin on the catch and the light came on. I did dismantle the catch, but the microswitch is an integral part. So a new catch required just to get the boot light to come on? Yeah forget that, if like me, you've a garage full of parts from cars you had a hundred years ago, then you'll have a solution. Step in the 1992 Citroën Ax Gt rear wiper mechanism, complete with ball bearing boot light switch. Arrowed is the ball bearing switch, which when the boot opens, supplies an earth to it's spade terminal. A short run of wire tapped into the original loom and soldered in position means that we at last have light, and a saving of about £30 for a used catch.
  8. Any shiters near Yately? There's a set of Disco 2 roofbars I could do with but the bugger won't post them.
  9. Aye, it's a minor grump in reality but I feel better for having expressed it somewhere, and that's what this thread is for. As it stands, I've just been offered another 2 shifts next week, and I'll take then option on 1 of them to read up for my next round of training.
  10. Turned down an early shift today because the missus wanted to spend more time together before she goes back to work again next week (we've had all of the last week off together.) Today she has spent on her coursework, at the computer almost all day, which I don't resent, but I might as well have done the shift this morning for what little we saw of each other.
  11. Catch up time. As I hinted just before I went on holiday, the fuel woes weren't just limited to the broken fuel line clip. Whilst I was there, I pressurised the low side of the fuel system using a tyre valve and a bicycle pump. Thankfully there were no leaks to be seen here, and since I had the cover off anyway, why not just carry out a quick injector leak off test? Oh. Oh shit. This was after less than a minute idling. What this tells me is that 2 of the injectors are rather unhappy. I got some quotes from local factors (£260+ vat and £170+vat respectively) and then spent an hour scouring the Internet before I happened across PFJones' ebay store. A quick phone enquiry to ensure the correct product and 2 refurbished delphi injectors ordered for £100 each, with a £30/unit surcharge on the old ones. I though I'd best try and get those out sharpish! Luckily, they both came free with the minimum of stress, so now I've just to wait for the new parts. This morning after a final sweep of the load bay, I decided it'd look a little nicer if it were sealed and painted... Certainly looks less scruffy now.
  12. Ok so since the success of the MOT, I have been driving the van daily in the hope of drawing out the intermittent limp mode / running fault that the owner had described. These are prone to leakage around the fuel filter housing, and as at the time I had no idea as to when the filter had last been changed, I ordered a new one and fitted it. I noted on the way that one of the low pressure pipe clips was damaged on the filter cap, and this had the potential to draw air in around the pipe end. New from Peugeot would be around £95 + vat, but they are on back order. Ebay brought up only complete housings in used condition for around £70 + delivery which was still too dear for my taste. Luckily the Peugeot parts bod gave me the part number. 1904.42 is the PSA part number, which transcribes to 71779261 for the Alfa Romeo/ Fiat equivalent. This delivered me a brand new fiat branded part from ebay, for £30 delivered. Far better price wise I reckon! It was the white clip on the left that was missing half of the retaining ring that holds the fuel pipe into the filter head, but this was not the end of the fuel related woes.
  13. I put a deposit on a new car today, naturally it's pre-broken and I can't bring it home until something else leaves. A slack ebay dispatch means that the new fuel filter housing for the van is going to be lost in the post for fucking ages. I support the strike, but not ebay bumholes who say they've posted things on the 17th that don't actually make it into the Post Office for a further 2 days.
  14. Lovely bit of work that, if it were mine or I were keeping it, I'd definitely go down that route.
  15. So compare and contrast... When I first got the van: Most of the debris hoovered out: I managed to snag a Bissell spot cleaner, which is ace, one pass on the seats has them looking like this; Still another clean of the hard surfaces required, but definitely more presentable. Now taxed and tested, just need to track down the p0089 code which may be a leaky fuel filter seal.
  16. Do you have any recommendations @beko1987?
  17. Before we moved, I borrowed a nice Vax 121 from my wife's Grandad, our then neighbour. He was moving into the in-laws place and therefore downsizing, so I had hoped to keep it. The in-laws wanted it to clean the upholstery on their camper van, so itnwent to live with them, and now 18 months later has been lost completely. How do you lose a whole wet vac, in its box with all its accessories? This grump also served to remind me of when my wife and I spent some time with her grandad sorting his bungalow ready for the move, and we had left a pile of things to be moved into our house only to find the next day when we went back that FIL had been round being helpful* and skipped the lot... including a nice 1980s Technics amp and tape deck. The van seats are still manky, and I am Grumpy.
  18. So the plan for the floor... A lot of the foam padding from under the carpet had been eroded by big boots and heavy soiling from aggregates and farm dirt. In places this was over an inch thick, more than is usually available from carpet shops, but they do keep a rather dense foam underlay... a bit more excavation of the old underlay and a bit of cutting down gets the first layer in; The top coat of the old floor has cratered up where it has worn through, so next was to trim the edges back and start building the various profiles found here originally. I think there are about 4 layers in places stuck together with carpet glue and to their surroundings (and my hands, the pedals, the scissors and anywhere else that a wonky nozzle could conceivably squirt) Lastly, a layer of this incredibly sticky, thick black tape that I happen to have. A whole roll was used here, the plan was never to hide the repair (obviously) but to remove the horrible void feeling under the pedals that even the thickest mat wouldn't hide. Lastly, I rescued these from the scrappy yesterday amongst other small items, which once spruced up will finish the job nicely. So not far from @paulplomand @beko1987's suggestions, and still cheaper than replacing the whole floor. The Eagle eyed of you might spot the door mirror control switch has reappeared, one of those definitely didn't pop off of a full switch pack and fall into my bag of bits. Certainly not. Fitted nicely too. That's all of the MOT fails fixed and all of the advisories bar the slight play in the steering UJ. Re-test by the end of the week.
  19. Great little trucks those, still too small to be any use to me though! That one looks to be hiding something under that tide mark though!
  20. This morning, I gave the rear brakes a service and ground the lips off of the discs, finishing up with a quick pass with the flap wheel to remove any rust from where it has been stood. The glove box handle has been repaired with araldite as I wasn't about to pay over a hundred quid for a second hand one, or a monkey for a new one. The interior looks far better but will get another pass with the wetvac... Its also had a new aerial, new pedal rubber and a plan is in place for the floor.
  21. A bit of light cleaning today 🤮 That is just front the dashboard! stage 1 is an improvement, I've fixed the loose door card and have attempted a repair to the glovebox handle. A new one will rush you nearly £500!
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