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  1. eSure is the only insurance company in my living memory who actually reduced the annual premium as one would expect come renewal time with the addition of the NCB, rather than unjustifiably increase the premium year on year. Can't fault them - they cover the 420, no issues at all. That's an insurance WIN right there.
  2. I bought one of those cheap Chinese Bluetooth FM transmitters off Amazon and stuck it in the Streetwise. Forgetting the lighter socket is permanent live and isn't switched to the ignition, naturally the car wouldn't start yesterday morning. Swapped out with spare battery. The car always does something unusual when I re-connect the negative terminal. Sometimes it will automagically wind down the drivers side window by 2mm. Today it just gave me a solitary toot of the horn. Elsewhere, the usually reliable 620 tried (but failed) to stuff me in Halfords car park in Ilkeston yesterday by not
  3. Well, another six weeks have passed, must be time for another Combo oil/filter change.....yup, another 10K done...... Getting very efficient at doing this now - the fifth change it's had since I acquired it in February. Oil of choice this time was some Tesco's own brand fully synth which they were knocking out at £6 for two litres a couple of months ago. Combo/Fiat/Alfa etc 1.3 diesel only needs 3.2L. Will be looking at getting one of those BFO vats of the stuff next, as suggested by @320touring
  4. Blimey, hope the Council don't take it away by mistake on bin collection day. Looks well cool, that.
  5. Just juggled the wheels on the Combo van ahead of a fitting of four Michelin Cross Climate+ tyres on Wednesday. I'd secured a spare set of Doblo steelies with half decent Michelins on for £50 on Friday, so have replaced the rear wheels with the excellent Toyo Nano Energy 3 on (7mm tread left, done 33K miles) with two of the Doblo steelies with Michelin Duragrip on (4mm of tread). This leaves me with a spare set of wheels for the van with those two Toyos and a couple of Michelin Efficient Grip with 6mm on. And what about this for a deal ? CC+ x 4 for the price of four mid-range tyres. F1
  6. This. You feel like turning around and saying 'look, would you mind awfully fucking off so I can get on with it' (usually when you're fighting a 25 yr old rusty bolt). Trouble is, you can't really say that to a neighbour's five year old kid, who invariably seems to be my key audience. And the oh-so-funny-never-ever-ever-heard-it-before-honest 'will you do mine next?' when you are washing or fixing your car ? Or 'what's wrong with the car ?' when you're doing weekly checks.
  7. Cheeky offer of £50 accepted and I drove over to Little Ouse, nr Ely, to pick them up this afternoon, in my capacity as a same day courier. The only down side is, as I took the van, I had to charge myself £50 for the privilege. Still made a profit, mind. £1... Net cost still works out to me as £50, as the wheels will be paid for by the business, the shipping I'll have to fork out. Very pleased with the wheels, and more specifically the tyres on them which are decent Goodyears all with a fair amount of tread on them, certainly more than advertised. I may have to revise my thinking on all s
  8. Gave the Combo some love today as it has been thrashed mercilessly in the last few weeks. Got a slow puncture (nail in the tyre) sorted out at my local indie tyre place for £20, did all the other weekly checks, gave it a good wash, Rain-X'ed the windows, and just waiting on my cheeky offer on eBay for a set of 4 Doblo steelies to be accepted so I can take advantage of a good offer on Cross Climates at my local F1 (£50 a corner - are they mad ?). The front tyres currently on the van are close to 4mm, the rears are still at 7mm, (set of 4 purchased new in March - that's 43K miles for you - no, I
  9. Meanwhile, do not get me started on inappropriate lighting for driving in patchy fog.... (ranging from no lights, blown headlights, sidelights/DRLs only, to retina-burning floodlit vehicles. I said, don't get me started...). I actually screeched the van to a halt and got out yesterday in a no overtaking bit to point out to the driver behind that neither of his headlights were working. And it was pitch black. He thanked me, but did not stop where I stopped next (petrol station) to attend to the fault. Prick.
  10. Landed a plum job down to Weston Super Mare this morning. Picked up the goods, about 2 minutes out of the yard, shipper rings, 'yeah, they've cancelled on us, you'll have to go back'. Bumhats. Good paying long distance jobs at the weekend are as rare as hen's teeth.
  11. I carry five pairs in the van. Two pairs of driving glasses, two pairs of driving sunglasses, one pair of reading glasses. It's like Vision Express, only without the eye test equipment.
  12. I think most shiters have an abandoned puppy lying around somewhere. My 214 is about 5 miles away in a garage. I went to visit it a few months back. Still there.
  13. HRW - use it all the time, as Rovers are notorious for misting up. Fast speed wipers - I use them when passing trucks on the motorway in heavy rain. For me, I rarely use the aircon in the Streetwise - more of a 'wind the window down' type fella. Mind you, I did in the van on a couple of days this summer. Spare wheel - never needed one : pretty much a dead weight being carried around. In-car entertainment - very rare I turn the radio on, much prefer the sound of the engine. The '5 second indicator' feature
  14. Beirut here. Trixie's reaction ? Bovvered ? Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  15. Headlight popped on the Combo on Sunday. Popped into my local Shell - no H7 bulbs. Popped into Morrisons petrol station - don't sell bulbs. Ended up driving to Hucknall and picking one up from Texaco for £4. I suppose people are now used to Halfords fitting them for a fiver, so don't need to keep spares. (Incidentally, I did have a spare but my ham-fistedness resulted in the bulb shattering - my excuse, it was dark...) BTW Wilko's sell bulb kits for a tenner.
  16. 300 miles in the Combo, on a delivery into that London (Sarf of the river, just) - what would normally take no more than 6 hours took 10 (there and back). Journey was doomed at every step - lorry fire on the M11 on the way down meant diversions ahoy via A1, A10, M25. Journey back from Tower Bridge took near enough six hours - Central London itself was not too bad given it was rush hour, but the M1 was a disaster zone - three separate crashes causing about a 50 minute delay at each stop. Knew I should have stayed on the A1.... Of course, the Combo will continue to be my steed of choic
  17. Someone left a note on the Accord coupe 'is the car for sale?' Fuck yeah - the MOT is out, needs welding, the brakes are fucked, it's got a leak in the boot and the gearbox is a bit fussy when cold. Oh, and the bonnet doesn't shut properly, and needs an unobtainium cable, someone has badly bodged in some LED lights in place of the sidelights, and the car is playing cambelt roulette. How does £500 sound, m9...? In all seriousness, I am giving some consideration as to whether I CBA with it, what with work being so busy and no real need for five cars. I'd probably let it go for 200 qui
  18. My money is on the latter
  19. 620 passed its MoT this morning at the first attempt- the GunGum patch on the exhaust worked a treat: CO Max 0.30% - reading 0.01% (at fast and normal idle) HC Max 200ppm -reading 15ppm Very chuffed indeed. Does need some rust treatment, which I said last year I'd do, but never did. The benefit of an Autumnal MOT test date is that I can do it over the summer, rather than the colder months. Cheers Boris.
  20. [man maths]Is the solution 'buy another car' ?[/man maths]
  21. A lot of temporary drivers at Parcelforce at the moment for the Christmas rush, so I suspect it won't have been your usual driver yesterday.
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