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  1. I think you'll find One out will undoubtedly be followed by One in. Give it a day or two, am sure Alex will come good...
  2. Pleased to say the 420 made it onto the MoT testing bay today after disgracing itself last week, and then single-handedly brought down the DVLA online MoT testing service, thus causing a 90 minute delay on all ensuing MoTs at my local F1. Anyway, eventually it passed. Recurring trailing arm bushes advisory is standard but disappeared this year, replaced by TREs. Scott the tester recommended they get done this year. 337 miles in a year, must do better.
  3. We have two - Match of the Day theme tune (at max dB) or Whistle While You Work. Sadly, neither are operated by this dude...
  4. 420 disgraced itself at today's MOT. Running perfectly, ragged the arse off it to heat the cat up, dropped it off. Phone call 10 mins later - battery completely dead. OK, price me up a replacement. Rings back - suppliers wanted to check the battery type, tester opens bonnet, tries car, starts first time. MOT slot missed, now rebooked for Tuesday. PITA, as had taken day off today. Old cars - love 'em
  5. Nice motor. Looks like Solar Red (colour code CMU). My Streetwise has the same colour. And similar lacquer peel.
  6. If I ever get the flashing headlights, I take it as a compliment on a fine overtake and always give a double hazard flash to say thank you. But yes, no doubt I'll be on some YouTube DCW compilation - never watch them. I will always accommodate an overtake by lifting off, or in some cases even encouraging an overtake by pulling left and indicating left (and obviously doing the following driver's observations for them too to make sure no junction/hazards/oncoming traffic) - usually get a double hazard flash from those that take the opportunity. The perils of being limited to 50* on fast moving single carriageways (I'm looking at you in particular, A17). Mind you, I'm more often than not the overtaker rather than the overtakee on the A17 and, indeed, the A16.
  7. Michelin Cross Climates have turned me into a driving God. Went over the A623 this morning and it was snowing heavily but had been gritted. Cue a long queue of weekend bimblers doing 20mph. Clear sight lines, straight road way into the distance, fuck this, overtook about five or six in one go at about 40mph. Then another two. Then another one. My best ever series of overtakes and not even at nun/children/fluffy kitten killing speed.
  8. You may remember I scrapped this ungrateful bastard last November Anyway, the previous owner got in touch....to tell me he'd saved it from the bean tin machine - genuinely delighted for him. The classified ad on eBay is total bollox of course.....estate clearance my arse, unless somehow the car was sold immediately to someone who then died. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-214SLi-16v-practical-classic-car-Long-mot-drive-away-cheap-runner-vgc-/203833567500?hash=item2f756d690c%3Ag%3AKwgAAOSw1bBiDBbh&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&siteid=3&campid=5338788797&customid=&toolid=10001&fbclid=IwAR3aMJWhZ2QuADhriaASL_j92wgdWixXZpd6ee4fRrDvVOSp-8XndtjATiY&nma=true&si=erOGpsH%2FQeGtSd76y8Wcs6qTTWA%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. Early photo of the revamped Fiat Fiorino mini-van for 2022 : Is it just me who thinks, er....this, shurely ?
  10. Squeaked over Snake Pass before they shut it at 1pm this afternoon for safety reasons. Gawd bless Michelin Cross Climates. Enabled me to overtake 6 strugglers whose wheels were spinning like crazy up the last big hill before the downhill section to Glossop. TBF, I really was chancing my arm. Pissing with rain in Sheffield and I reckoned it could turn to snow over the Pass. It did....and then some. Other motorists felt the best thing to do was drive slowly at 10mph - up a hill. Fuck that, I wasn't gonna get stuck behind them when they inevitably failed to reach the summit. [clarkson mode]POWER[/clarkson]. Coasted up the hill at 30mph leaving a quickly disappearing trail of slow moving ve-hickles behind me. No skids, no loss of traction, no skid marks in the undercrackers. Win. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/local-news/live-updates-heavy-snow-closes-6308962
  11. Turns out it was actually this https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/more-disruption-expected-update-issued-6268786
  12. Long overdue purchase of a replacement battery for the van, as the original one is deffo on its last legs (keeps chucking up stop-start unavailable, even though I have it permanently switched off). Love how all the retailers say 'you must purchase a stop/start battery or kittens will die'. What complete bollox. Just turn the stop-start off, and a normal battery is golden. Ordered up an Exide Premium with OMG Maximum CCA (640 vs the 450 currently under the hood), but as I cannot fuck around waiting in during the week, I had to visit Euro Car Parts (sorry Tayna - deffo my goto battery supplier, but no good when you need one now). Anyway, could I get anywhere near the Lenton branch of ECP ? Could I fuck - doing some critical roadworks with every single access road to the site coned off. Had to park miles away then lug a heavy battery back to the Streetwise. BTW Lenton ECP are really good - never had a bad part from them, unlike the one literally five minutes drive from my house - I have an attic full of Hyundai oil filters from when I had the Honda. Got home and then it started snowing heavily. Not fucking about in that to change a battery, so my need for a battery now clearly wasn't as critical as I thought. Ah well, tis only money.
  13. What a brilliant piece of lateral thinking. I've lost count of the number of times I've tripped over, crashed into or kicked various bits and bobs around the surroundings of whatever car is in the council garage. You should patent that - the Shelf of Shite has a certain ring to it.
  14. So armed with my new Cross Climate Pluses, the van and I did the run from Nottingham to Mcr today. Annoyingly, an extra pick-up manifested itself, meaning I had to divert to Sheffield, right next to the A57. Sheffield was OMGSNOKAOS in parts but the Michelins made short work of that. I knew Snake Pass would be fucked, so bobbed up the 61, then up to Stockbridge to meet up with the 616, with the aim of going over Woodhead. Nah, road closed. FFS. Had to continue up the 616, through Last of the Summer Wine-ville, then Huddersfield and onto the M62. Probably earned a speeding ticket too, as I battled to get past some dimwit who pulled out in front of me with zero notice, and then proceeded to dawdle at 20mph on perfectly clear and well sighted roads. Shot past him, only to be greeted by the 'bing bing bing - fixed camera' warning from TomTom. Ah fuck. Might just have lost enough speed, but with any luck the snow on the road may have wiped out the marker lines. 14 days of agony whilst I await the kiss of the brown envelope through the letterbox. M62 hilarious - no snow (in spite of the 120 trucks that got caught out in Rochdale last night), but fuck me it was windy up there. The weekender drivers were struggling big time. Got to Salford at 1.30pm, having added 30 miles to my outbound trip - normally I drop around 12.30. Mind you, not as bad as being stuck in a jam at the Mottram end of the M67 last night. Enough time to listen to all of the A-side singles on New Order's Substance (about 75 minutes). Bah.
  15. Combo is a go again, although I R disappoint that I no longer leave a trail of soot behind me every time I give it large on the loud pedal - used to be great showering tailgaters with black clouds of shite. Anyroad, £170-odd quid got me some proper old school diesel specialist knowledge, some shit hot diagnosing, and a back street garage I will happily recommend and use again (Nottingham Diesel Services, off St Ann's Well Road). The issue was the fuel pressure sensor on the common rail - a £35 part. They noticed that even with the engine off, the sensor was still giving a reading, when it should have been a big fat zero. Anyroad, they swapped the part out, kept the van overnight and checked it started first time in the cold, ensured the readings were bob on (they were) and said 'that'll do it - if the problem comes back, call us, and we'll start delving into your wallet a bit more and do thorough injector/pump tests and all that shit'. How refreshing - imagine if I'd taken that to a non diesel specialist : probably would have been parts darts and a hefty bill. No cold start/warm start/hot start/P0089 issues now. And, sadly, no black smoke out the exhaust. Still sounds like a bag of nails, mind.
  16. I'm a considerate road user, and given I'm restricted to 50 on single carriageway roads I will always facilitate someone overtaking me, pulling as far left as I can on wider roads, slowing slightly to allow a simple overtake, even indicating left to hammer home the point, always checking the road ahead to ensure no junctions (TomTom very good at showing these - Google Maps not so hot). It is incredible just how many tailgaters fail to take this overtaking opportunity which is presented to them by my good self with a gold-plated cherry on top - they seem somehow to bottle it, but usually get the hint and back off a bit - probably think I'm an unpredictable and possibly pissed driver.... Anyway, those that can overtake do, and usually reward me with a double hazard flash as a thank you, which leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy. It's nice to be nice.
  17. You won't be disappointed - they absolutely rock in the snow. Cue me steaming past 20mph dawdlers on the M1 on the one day we actually had heavy snow earlier this year, with no loss of traction whatsoever. Gr8 in the wet too.
  18. Yes, yes I have. And it's all true. Every day in every year that they report it. And it eventually becomes true. TBF, I will be up in the Derbyshire Dales/Peak District on Saturday on a regular delivery run, and the white stuff might make an appearance up there. Cos the Express says so. And Sky
  19. Today's been a write-off work wise as the Combo has been stuck at the diesel specialists all day to figure out my fuel pressure issues, and is now there for the night. Also had to empty the van last night, including removing the ply-lining (as a nice gesture to the guys, in case they needed access to the lift pump in the tank). My hallway is now the van - fuck me, that's a lot of shit I cart around with me every day. I am fed up of tripping over my own shit in my narrow passageway (missus) every time I go the front door, the back door or the kitchen. Started the 600 up to move it along one parking space, next to my friendly neighbour's car ('er at number 12 with the two boys who always appear by magic just as I'm about to start something complicated mechanically). Primarily this is so that access to the megavalue catalytic converter is restricted to any ne'er-do-wells. This means 'them at number 11' can now park an extra van outside their home, to go with the other 5 wreckers parked at the end of our cul-de-sac (1 of which successfully leaked god only knows what all over the road, up the road, and all along the next road). Think there's some dodgy van trading going on. Until they get a Euro6 van I'm staying away.
  20. On parking disputes, it can escalate quite quickly - be careful out there: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10233485/Pictured-teacher-34-garden-centre-worker-wife-33-killed-home.html
  21. (BTW, sorry if my holy post resurrection comments are pissing people off - I've been away a while)
  22. This. I like it when they ask you what torque setting you want too.
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