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  1. I wasted 10 minutes reading the description of this thing, only in the last paragraph does it mention its spears or reapers and needs towing - Perhaps I’ve put it it in the wrong thread. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-omega-estate-2-6-3-2-converted/164395879014?hash=item2646c20a66:g:uYgAAOSwxVlfagBo
  2. Sold. Somebody has got a bit of a bargain there, I suspect.
  3. Yes, I thought that . 1974 What Car. Interesting that even 5he basic 180 was more expensive than a basic DS, but by your ‘79 price list a Cx2000 was more than £1500 more expensive. That’s about 30%- I think - math is hard.
  4. I was just thinking that I have no idea where they were in the market, was the 2 Litre a Rover 2000 competitor? Was the 180 the same price as an Austin 1800 ? The answer it seems, explains why no bugger bought them, they were very expensive for what they were . I just managed to cut the 2200 SC off! It was £2532. If you’d got 180 or 2 Litre money for a 4 door saloon , what would you buy? i can’t choose but it would be out of a Dolly Sprint, Renault 16 TX or Consul 3000GT for me.
  5. I e always thought it was the lack of a big engine and calling it a Chrysler were what made it unappealing . Pre Oil Crisis Ford sold a lot more V6 Consuls/ Granada’s than V4 , Vauxhall had the Ventora/ 3.3 Victor estate and BL had the 3 Litre and 2200. People liked 6 cylinders or at least 2 litres, ok the 2 litre came along but only as an auto so it was no faster. Chrysler meant American to British people and more importantly to fleet managers, the only other cars marketed with a Chrysler badge were big Aussie things Chargers , etc. The 180 should have been the Super Minx. Priced be
  6. To everybody saying it’s worthless, have you seen what any RWD Volvo seems to be going for now? I missed an early 960 about 3 months ago for a £1000, since then I’ve been actively looking for a 900 saloon of any description, there’s not many left . Hundreds of estates and plenty of stupid priced examples of all types . Drifters and banger racers will pay more than £400 for this , the former already have their hi-power engines built and waiting to drop in , so don’t care about it being a 2.0 litre. I bid , what I thought was a generous £650 on a similar sounding , albeit 2.3 auto, a week
  7. I’ve often thought one of these would be a sensible alternative to a money pit 911. Not sure the Mrs will agree and she’s the only one that has to authorise our major expenditure - I have a £2000 limit on unapproved car purchases, I need to find a properly cheap ‘Vette.
  8. Just realised I did a screenshot not a photograph with my iPad - feckin numpty.
  9. These arrived from @Tenmil Sockettoday. At least I’ve bought one C Class this week. Well packaged and super quick delivery, thanks.
  10. The Focus was restored though, looked to be pretty well done too. The 4g wall of death test was a proper shakedown for any work done , as could be seen by the Cayman collapsing. The Maserati and to a lesser extent the Cayman were only suitable for breaking anyway. There’s plenty of fucked un-crashed Quattroportes about if you want throw good money after bad on a big beautiful Italian. Presumably that one will give its gearbox to another and end up as a static display in the studio.
  11. Turning that Quattroporte into a Mad Maxesque buggy probably cost as much as a new one. Interesting that there’s still accent snobbery out there, Top Gear is still made by the BBC which is the most Southern organisation it’s possible to find, regardless of if a programme is made in White City or Salford, the heart of the beast resides in Broadcasting House. Also they don’t come much more Southern than Monkey Harris, posh former Public SchoolBoy , racing driver . I personally find the current TG lineup very entertaining, especially as I’m allowed to watch it live on the big telly bec
  12. From memory of the news in the summer , the 3 write offs won’t be the only crashed sports car in tonight’s episode.
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