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  1. That’s as close to a risk free purchase as you could find, I would have thought. The 2.1 is renowned for taking miles. If it’s been neglected the cam chain can need changing , this is obvious when you start it up and there’s a rattle for a few seconds, but as s one owner car that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve had one with 260k miles that was still on its original chain, injectors even clutch and seen loads with over 300,000 on them wstill running perfectly. My current 2014 W212 is a 220 and is quick enough and regularly shows over 50 mpg as long as you don’t cruise under 3 figures. As much as I love the 3.0 V6 diesel , the 220 is the sensible choice.
  2. This evening I fired it up for the first time since driving it home and it all seems OK, took a couple of pictures then went to car wash followed by £40 of Superplus and a bottle of Redex- ready for service.
  3. I still haven’t taken any pics of my latest acquisition, but to give some context to my Mercedes e Class ramblings and opinions , here’s a little gallery from the last 7 or 8 years. My experiences of driving them go back almost 40 years , the first time I drove one ( a 1981 280e ) I hadn’t even passed my test and categorically didn’t do 100 mph through the Euston Underpass in it. I’ve owned half a dozen W123s , including a 250 Limo, a similar number or W124s sadly never a cab. although one of my brothers had a lovely Carat Duchalet kitted from new 320e convertible I coveted but it increased in value so much in his ownership I missed out on it. A few W211’s and W212’s , one of which I still own even a brief spell of CLS leaseship, which to misquote the GBU verdict of the Capri is “ Just an e Class in a party frock” But this is only my second actual ownership of a W210, although I’ve driven many miles in other peoples over the years. last years e430 with my e220cdi. one of the pictures that helped sell it, when I was skint. Parked in a clients garage whilst I was in France with him. I paid £1200 for that, the crests on the Ferrari wing were twice that as an option!! The best car I’ve ever owned ( w211 e280cdi ) next to the one I replaced it with ( w212 e250cdi) one of the worse. This worked harder than any car I’ve had before or since, I only had it 8 months but did more than a few 1000+ mile days in it. Dodgy swap a lease deal that worked perfect for me at the time . The mega mile e220cdi manual I had as back up to my Chrysler 300, which has a lot of w210 in it so almost counts as one but with a w211 engine . Thatll do for now.
  4. I have long espoused the opinion that the 1995 -2003 Mercedes E Class is better than the 1986 - 1995 one. This is based on my experiences when new and is seen as heresy by fans of the three pointed star. Rampant rust from when they were 4 or 5 years old set the tone for later years. Mercedes spent thousands replacing panels and painting complete cars under warranty, I personally know of one 98 estate that had both front wings, a tailgate plus a full respray at 8 years old. But now the survivors represent amazing value for money, as cars they have all the safety and convenience features that we expect and still have a hint of the granite reputation. Last year I bought a lovely e430 with all the AMG kit on it and had to sell it because I had no job and I trebled what I paid for it. Last night I bought an e240 saloon with 1 owner and 110k miles and a full* service history ( Merc up to 2016 , Specialist since) last service Feb21. It’s got one little scab on the o/s frontwing , but apart from that seems rust free, jacking points rear panel etc seem good. tThe interior is like new a puts my 2014 E Class to shame for quality of materials , little things like real leather seats help. It’s also roomier, more legroom and a rear seat that’s 4” wider. The first owner paid 72,000 DM for it according to the receipt , he’s now dead and his house in Virginia Water sold for £1.6 million in January, so safe to say he could afford to maintain it well. I came by it from a dodgy Indian guy in acarpark that hadn’t changed the logbook or seemed to know anything about it, oh I also bought it in the dark and rain, all the things you shouldn’t do. I called the DVLA this afternoon and it’s been put in my name and showing as taxed ( I did it before driving home, but not showing online) so it seems kosher, we’ll see. Price ? £950 , which is either a shitload of money for a very undesirable car or a wise investment in a coming Youngtimer, again time will tell. But, I needed a family hack after selling the Cooper D last month and it’ll save ‘er indoors Boxster from the salt and shitty roads until I find her an Evoque I can afford, also means I can sell my modern Merc to pay for that Evoque I can’t afford. Details and maybe even some pics to follow.
  5. I remember a news story around this time (82/84) about scrotes getting on these Ford trains and helping themselves to radios etc whilst they were travelling up the country. I think someone fell off and was killed, also the Police would hide in the cars to catch them.
  6. Which, the Sterling or the 944 ? The boxes are not perfect on either but the models themselves look as if they are. Its in a warehouse next to the mechanic I use , so I’m bound to end up passing soon!
  7. Went into a weird “ Re-use Centre” which seems a cross between a junk shop and charity shop but in an old warehouse , anyway picked these up. There was a lot of Days Gone By etc, also lots of FX4 Taxi models in various scales- all boxed if anyone wants me to go back. There was also a Matchbox Rover Sterling in its box and a Superkings 944 , again boxed for a Fiver each . I can pop back in at the weekend if anyone’s interested.
  8. I am currently hunting for 1. Everyday car forMrs N. Doesn’t know what she wants but must not be black , not diesel, not manual , not cloth seats. The budget is either under£5000 or “ Let’s get strapped up for £15k finance on a Disco Sport” depending on mood. 2. Car for fussiest daughter . Any colour , must be auto with leather preferably petrol and reverse camera. Must also be perfect, no faults whatsoever - budget c£5k . We’ve looked at a 3.0 X3, a Cactus and a Tiguan so far. 3. commuter for me, only do 5/6 miles there and back , so V8 pref. S Class, CLS maybe a 545i, or possibly a skanky old estate/ 4x4 for practical use , tip runs,IKEA, etc. Thinking 7/940, Legacy, Frontera, XC90. These criteria of course change every day for all of us. We,ve been away this week on a mass family holiday , she had a go in Sister-in-laws Golf R estate and asked how much I could find one for, she also saw a Cayenne the same colour as her Boxster and thought that might be a wheeze.
  9. Funny enough my first thought was Colt Sapporo, but those giant door mirrors and slight bulge of the rear wing don’t really fit.
  10. I’d love it to be something rare and exotic like an ISO Fidia or a Rapport Ritz , with , as @barrett suggests the pop up panel missing . But I think @High Jettermay be onto something with his damaged SD1 with Federal lights theory.
  11. I must put on my anorak here and correct your timeline slightly . In 1966 Jaguar were forced into a merger with BMC as BMC had snaffled Pressed Steel , who of course made Jag’s bodies. This created British Motor Holdings which subsequently merged with Leyland, as you say, in 1968. By any metric, a Series 2 XJ or Daimler is the most BL Jag ever made !
  12. https://www.hho-plus.com/hho-en
  13. Could I claim both Zephyrs, the Diplomat and the T25 Ambo, please ?
  14. I think it’s even been in a spotted thread on here.
  15. Get some wood grain fablon for the sides and make it like a real Chevy Then find some wire basket wheel trims and a chrome grille.
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