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  1. Yes I was a bit surprised, I think she was at a BP on the A421 near Bedford, so was probably more expensive than a supermarket and it's a 90litre tank. I usually do pay at pump,at Tesco and it stops at £99 so I've never seen it full. In contrast my E-Class never takes more than £70 even when I 've done 30 miles with the range on zero.
  2. MrsN called earlier; " I've started putting petrol in my car" ( Merc ML 350 CDi) "Me-How much?" Her- "About £3.20s worth" Me -"Thank fuck for that, just brim it with diesel, it'll be fine" That would have been an end to it, phone rings again.... Her - " Bloke in garage said it'll wreck the engine and not to even unlock the door !" Me- " Tell him thanks, but just take the £3.20 and restart the pump for diesel" Her- " He says he won't!, as he's responsible and he's given me a card for miss-fuelling man" Me - " Tell him to fuck off and mind his own business" Her- " I'm not doing that because I'm not rude like you" Hangs up. 20 minutes later I get a text; Just put £123.00 of diesel in this thing. If you'd filled it up at the weekend this would never have happened, I want a Tesla. X Seems petrol station bloke is on a commission form mis-fuel bloke. ML has done 140 miles since and seems OK.
  3. A pair of randoms please, FathaN just asked me to look out for a car he can leave at his UK house , that's likely to start after being left for a couple of months now all his motley fleet of Land Rovers and Triumphs is in French France. Can't think of anything more suitable.
  4. Id forgotten these existed and I don't think I've ever seen one.
  5. Agreed on looking better for not having chrome arches etc, I think they're 14"s with slightly too big tyres, maybe 195/60, rather than TRXes. Just needs the facelift grille and spoiler chucking in a skip to be perfect. Oh, that and the steering wheel being in the right place, I could live with an R6, 305 van etc as left hookers, but not a Granny!
  6. You've just reminded me that I convinced someone that my 1600GT facelift Capri fitted with a 2.0 was the only factory 2.0 Pinto Mk1 made. I also fitted GXL headlights to it and he thought they were factory too. Wish I could remember the number and often wonder if he continued spouting my made up bollocks during his ownership, he was a Capri Club International member and a real expert* To be fair it was immaculate and went like fuck- faster than the 3000 GXL I'd previously seized, scrapped and stole the lights out of.
  7. The last MOT this had in 2017, had advises for all brake flexis plus "body modified and underside has been welded all over poorly and sealed using mastic and heavy paint" Seems legit...
  8. When you sort the ABS the cruise will probably start working again, I had a Chrysler 300C that used to get dirt on the wheel sensor thing for the ABS, first I usually knew about it was that the cruise would switch off. Probably just as well because it meant I sorted it straightaway, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Especially as the traction control went as well- " Biggest mk2 Escort in the World" as a mate put it after being a passenger in the rain.
  9. That doesn't seem too expensive for such a rarity , I'm desperately trying to think of some justification for buying this, I don't think " I have to move the seat forward a couple of inches when the kids get in the back of my E-Class" is going to wash these days when they've all got at least one car each! Seller not immune to a bit of bollocks though, or should we blame autocorrect for his epiphany ? Maybe he meant epitome.
  10. This was the weekend the guy with the white Transit invented the patio heater.
  11. A= none. B= fuck all. C= saline solution.
  12. That's a lovely picture, I particularly like the hubcaps, which incidentally mark it out as a Consul. There was never a Consul Ghia so this is either a 2000 V4 or 2500 V6 . That and the 3000 GT was the entire Consul range ( in the UK )
  13. Oh, it's worth persevering , just to see if there's any nuggets of truth in his bollocks, ( there aren't) The first line where this 2.5 manual with cloth is described as " top of the range" sets the tone . Although my favourite chapter would have to be either the number plate bullshit or perhaps where he lists lots of random information from the Volvo High Mileage club members around the World.
  14. Not surprised, there can't many ways of getting a 150mph car cheaper.
  15. I once made some Forest arches* for the front of a Mk1 Escort that I'd fitted Capri struts and 5 1/2j chrome ro-styles too, by snipping about 10 2"cuts around the wheelarch then shaping it with a lump hammer around a brick, all finished off with brown parcel tape. This lasted until the first time it got wet and was then fixed permanently with gaffer tape.
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