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  1. You’ll be telling us next Aston Martin would rebadge a terrible little Toyota 20 years later.
  2. The miracle of that accident is that Calmus’ publisher’s wife and daughter were uninjured , apparently.
  3. Yes, I suppose it makes sense if no rear bumper or using quarter bumpers on the back, then you’d need a numberplate light. I don’t think any factory Capris used quarter bumpers at the back though, I ran a MK1 Facelift 1600 GT fitted with a hot 2000 Pinto and GXL headlights, that I removed the bumpers from. I used to get stopped regularly by the Old Bill and one wanted to do me for dangerous bodywork , he even called up a Traffic Copper because I wouldn’t accept that it was illegal. Traffic bloke turned up in a Mk2 Granny , had a bit of a conflab with Plod , who came over and said he was letting me off this time 😊 The whole time I was waiting for one of them to notice the lack of numberplate light, lucky it was daylight, I suppose. And yes, my 3000GXL , that I seized on a max speed run with 185/60 tyres ( the follies of youth) had a steel sunroof.
  4. Every days a school day , I must admit I assumed they’d based it on a US Spec Mercury, but even that doesn’t explain the lumps between the lights and numberplate.
  5. You’re obviously far too young for my silly pun 48 Crash was her second hit Devilgate Drive probably her biggest.
  6. Mick the rep ? In a 2.0CDi ? no chance Mick would be lucky to get a 1.6 L, the area manager might get a 1.8GLwith the regional sales manager Lording it up in a 2.0 GLi or even an SRi if the fleet manager liked him and he was a bit of a Lad. A 2.0 CDi , when you could finally get them ( there was a wait of up to a year for high spec Cavaliers at launch) would more than likely be Head Office based managers “ perk “ car . The company I worked at in 1990 had the CDi on grade 8 alongside 2.0 GL Carltons, Granadas and 740s. The daring went for an XM or a 318i , we had one CDi , same colour as that one but a hatch driven by the PR and marketing manager, I think it had barely done 20,000 miles on disposal at 3 years old. Some merchandisers 1.6 L’s were sold at 60k and a year old.
  7. I had 2 Orion company cars a 1600 Ghia MK1 and a Mk2 1600i Ghia with optional ( and awful) ABS* I quite clearly remember that they both had exhaust pipes.
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