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  1. Cant believe I missed this thread and that nobody has referenced Get Shorty , yet. This looks like Wales and I’m sure @Mrsbrownnova is a dead ringer for a young Rene Russo , but is @brownnova more Chilli Palmer or shorty?
  2. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure GR is above GL, at least it was on 405s. The base 405 around that time was the GE. In 88 I was fully invested in company car hierarchy and I know my 1.9 GRi was only bettered by a GTX. The 1.6 GL was on the same list as 1.6 L Cavalier, Sierra, Montegos and the GR was the GL equivalent.
  3. That would explain it not being MOT’d since May 2019.
  4. Not cheap, but an inspiration to buy a lottery ticket. The wheels are an acquired taste but the other, hidden, modification should find universal approval. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-W123-500te-V8-AUTOMATIC-ESTATE-RHD-UK-CAR-ROLLING-THUNDER/174207925445?hash=item288f99fcc5:g:74IAAOSwr05eGePd
  5. As I’m a genius , I’m currently looking for both a dayvan/camper and a convertible just as the weather changes and every other fecker is, even though I’ve known since last autumn that we’d be wanting both , doh! Anyway, I like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Odyssey-FieldDeck-WellHouse-Camper-Van-3-Berth-2-2-Petrol-Automatic-RARE/333908631205?hash=item4dbe815ea5:g:6sUAAOSwOFZeNiS8 Wouldn’t want to actually try and sleep in that little roof box, though.
  6. Never upset a woman that can use a spade and lay slabs , ask Mr Jordache
  7. Are you sure it’s a 2.0, don’t forget there was a 1.8 too.
  8. The raised ride height and big spot lamps are inspiring me to buy this and drive to the Arctic Circle in the winter. I won’t, obvs, but the idea is appealing . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saab-9-3-2-0-i-S-2dr-Convertible-Petrol-Manual/224378181385?hash=item343dfb5709:g:q-YAAOSw8U5gRhiJ
  9. No, nothing like that , you need to watch it for it to make sense.
  10. Just went on iPlayer to check I wasn’t mistaken in thinking I saw a Sapphire, seems it is. Wonder what’s under the cover? Capri? Mustang ? That’s the only glimpse, we get, I’m afraid. The homeowner was a smug looking git, with good reason, it seems.
  11. Just watched some game show on BBC 1 about guessing who owns a house. Quite entertaining, but the best bit was when they showed inside the garage, there was only a dusty Mk2 Granada Sapphire in there!
  12. Brent Cross Tesco has some pretty impressively battered Previas , Shuttles etc crashing into each other for fun. Its one of the first places out of the West End that I know I can park, grab a sandwich and a piss. I’m very careful where I park. Luckily the ladies like to park as near to the door as possible, so I park right over by the petrol station.
  13. I’m pretty sure most of those DB5s will be road registered , somewhere. I was talking to somebody at AM Works when they were building the last ‘Cynical exploitation of Billionaires’ project, the DB4GT. He said they fully expect them to have “ some pretty obscure and exotic” number plates on them when they come back in for a service.
  14. I think all Fiat estate cars were Panoramas, even now there’s a Doblo and Scudo Panorama.
  15. This is the exact reason that the money for Mrs N’s next car, which I’m searching for at the moment , is in her bank, not mine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-BMW-728i-Sport-93-000-miles-Rare-Imola-Red-E38-740i-750i-735i/274703271016?hash=item3ff5974468:g:4kcAAOSwy6NgPWsS
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