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  1. When you get bored of the Corgi Land Rover I’ll give it home to go with the canopy-less one you previously supplied. Which brings me to todays big arrival, or as my wife pointed out;probably my favourite present I’ll get for my 60th ! Yes, a Cogbox. And as usual I’d forgotten what was in it, the Fiat was a total surprise. The Cortina the only one I’ll be getting for my birthday as MrsN can’t find one ,of any mark, worth buying in 1:1 so far. Well not this side of £8,000 anyway.
  2. If nobody else has requested this , could I have it please. Seeing this reminded me of having one as a kid, also if you’d be so kind as to remind me what you’re holding for me( I can only recall a Corgi Cortina estate) and what I owe you including p&p id better settle up as I’ll be unemployed at the end of the month and asking Mrs N for money for toy cars doesn’t seem a sensible course of action.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/116069748826?itmmeta=01HPRQFVV4SBJ2JQSTQNSJE020&hash=item1b064bd05a:g:ONcAAOSwCFdlzj-b&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4NaaXEBYpy26E30QsX1NzI9FF7iYEXuRRpKlwdNHTXBgTm6JymnS0OH4CLMU6X9mcc9dDHQ4O4U9PaV5a%2Bev2SXAVmc0mWH9sj8uNCumz6xias%2FjM0fYXz9crLx7a%2BYwG1LTrwe2jyPoC7IIiQHyRN60Qf8hm%2BC4BPacKnTKnJWoTlBxlDAryh%2F0dQgA8%2Fhbw9xyW2tRKuOxFkWtEuL5nXTdEAh4lxJFBJXlJKjr4lx%2Bzde1toNIDMKocOccY6pK1Ol93zM%2FZZK028qbMVvEVsCS4PAytPuF1d%2F90%2BZi7PeT|tkp%3ABk9SR9K9v5e2Yw
  4. Or maybe a year later when the D Series was launched.
  5. She was going to try and speak to an actual human this afternoon . Updates to follow.
  6. My youngest changed her SLK for an e92 325i a couple of weeks ago and was pleased that her insurance only went up £15 per month for the remainder of her policy , which expires in July. Yesterday she received this ; Contrary to what it says her new payment had gone up by £15 , now they want another £30 per month, taking it to £80, more than doubling what she was paying. If they’d given her this price originally she might not have bought the BMW. I know it’s been said before, but, bunch of cunts.
  7. That reminds me I once had a rental Crusader estate 1.6 in brown long after the Sierra launch and I was surprised how nice it was, I think I preferred it to Sierras I’d had previously . Probably because early Sierra L s were a bit Spartan and cold inside.
  8. Not anoraky enough , now tell us which colours had body colour grille and which had chrome bumpers 😊
  9. This was on eBay for weeks with a buy it now price of £3250, it actually sounds alright and even at £3750 is at the lower end of what some chancers are trying to get for Mk3s. As I’m a weirdo it would be more appealing to me with its original cloth and steels.
  10. This is particularly pertinent for me at the moment, I’m 60 in a weeks time and MrsN wants to buy me a “ Classic Car” I’d like an early Range Rover or a MK1 Granada, but the available budget is only £5,000 that would get me into a lopsided P38 or a scabby Scorpio, neither of which hold much appeal . Similarly I couldn’t justify to myself £4/5k for an average Sierra or dodgy Mk4 Cortina. She was trying to talk me into an MGB after seeing @SiC’s at the weekend, but I’ve seen how little use my Dad’s TR4 gets due to his Mrs struggling to get in and out of it and I moan about how low our E Class is, now! I’ve found myself looking at the aforesaid 50’s stuff that’s coming down in value but if I was to have a P4, Wolesley14/44 or MO Oxford , I’d want it to be perfect not usable or oily rag and they’re not getting cheap if really nice. Which brings me to late 80’s early 90’s executive stuff, when new if I had the choice of a Sierra for the weekend or a W124 or XJ40 , did I take the Sierra ? Did I bollocks, I’d have been cruising down the M50 at 130 wondering where I was going to allocate the fuel to on Monday morning. So why would I pay more money for less car now ? Also even when they were 10 a penny or even free , I was never a fan of the 80’s hot hatches my peers are willing to throw tens of thousands at to regain lost youth. Whisper it , but a BMW 535 is ten times the car a Cossie is, I know I was there.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266667137912?hash=item3e16999b78:g:kAwAAOSwwjVlx5gn&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwD4Av1nKFLP7dLX1FPjWR2pat6MeZ%2BW7tpDYkbwK1%2BL5nIn%2Bn%2FRvPSSqzI4%2FW2c%2FuZZLtRKKAm%2FgwScpE%2BmQwtYq6LnVcojn4IifSgOIiH1f6KnJ199CTL4Jv5Rsq0aFJSqt%2B10RSajeAP1tII3Bb7T69r5lZflp9RgN%2Bvt67HIgI3U%2BVeiQxM5Z7NpKcFTpePsQCuVG%2FS%2FEbgHnlxfeLoLL0NhvaDGGtGNHwH7aggIK4FX1Z82T80tAoRbIgaZZsQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4rI_-6zYw seems a bit of T-Cut and some pictures has already doubled the value of the ex-bollox Zephyr since that shit Geordie auction. Don’t tell @jmsguzzi how easy it is or that bargain W124 won’t be a bargain anymore.
  12. For years I didn’t know Zebrano was an actual tree, I just assumed it was Mercedes term for fake wood, like MB-Tex was for fake leather.
  13. Ringers, the numbers were still showing as VW Caravelles on the day of the funeral. Just checked and they still are ! It seems JLR jumped in with an opportunistic product placement for the funeral knowing millions would see them, the Palace just stuck the plates on for the day and the Rangies went back afterwards, any Range Rovers you see being used by Royals since are not that colour.
  14. Whilst the stability is promising, I think it has more to do with the value of Cossies rather than anything else.
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