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  1. Motor did a group test of big estates, someone decided to print some unusual pics...
  2. The highest mileage car I’ve been in was a W211 Mercedes e220d Taxi in Budapest. I noticed the clock was showing 900 odd thousand km, which must be 550k miles . It seems the driver had had it a couple of years and it had already done 600k km when he bought it in Berlin. This was a couple of years ago and I’d like to think it’s somewhere in Africa now , still earning a living as a cab and well on its way to 2 million kilometres.
  3. Three things, spring to mind. Its not electric. Its not particularly cheap. Theres a sub-forum full of shite like this...
  4. That with Ferguson four wheel drive and a blown 302 is my new Euromillions car.
  5. I want to see the fastback Zodiac estate that you must have created to make this.
  6. Checked the oil in my daughter’s Tdi Octavia, this morning . Oil cap off, found it next to the washer bottle. A bit of oil around and only about half way on the dipstick. When asked when she last topped it up , she replied “ Louises’ boyfriend checked it before Christmas” Loiuses’ boyfriend is a BMW main dealer mechanic!! FFS!
  7. First solo oil change on my Mk2 Cortina , I’d been helping my Dad since I was 10 doing jobs on the Land Rover . Land Rovers didn’t have spin off oil filters, I didn’t know there was a rubber seal in the box... Probably did it good having a good flush, the trail of oil from my Mum’s drive to the end of the street was there for years.
  8. When I started a new job in 1986, I was given a 309 GL that was on long term demo from Peugeot, to use . After2 days the Transport Manager took pity on me and let me use a battered A reg Cavalier SRi saloon with a burnt door pocket where somebody had used it for an ashtray! I was very happy , how Peugeot expected to sell any cars into companies based on that 309, I’ll never know. It had to jump started when the driver collected it 2 months later- nobody would drive it. Luckily the 405 came along and was the most popular mid level car on the firm.
  9. The company I worked at in 1991, had a list of cars for each management grade, but you could choose a lesser car and add options to the value of your grade. This led to some odd spec cars , usually chosen by someone intending to buy the car after 3 years/60k miles . As the options were worth bugger all at disposal time. I remember one guy having a BX GTi with alloys, leather and aircon instead of a 2.0 GL Carlton/ Granada, the only BX I’ve ever seen with aircon. Me ? I had a BXTZi estate, that was a hand me down from the Heinz baby food poisoner, Rod somebody or other, when he was
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