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  1. Needs Moar whitewalls.
  2. vw made a feature of the plastic bung they put in the repeater hole when they put the indicators in the mirrors on the Sharan.
  3. The i8 shitting out a 911, is a perennial favourite of once seen, type threads.
  4. Could have been worse they probably tried to use the 1800's doors, there wasn't a long one of those either.
  5. I quite like the big tyres/standard suspension look. Reminds me of a Matchbox car when they first put Superfast wheels on, probably not ideal for off road though, how high are you going?
  6. Doesn't matter how early you get out there anymore, this week I've been on the M1 and M25 before 5 everyday and not only the usual twats you mentioned but phantom lane and junction closures that put the matrix signs on and cause half the cars to slow down meaning the other half who know which gantries actually have cameras almost run into them( I might* be in this second cohort) This morning I left Milton Keynes at 02.00 taking two old ladies to Gatwick, hit the M1 cruise set at 90 and look forward to being back in bed by 5. All going well until j18 of the M25 there's a car in the outside lane of 4 sitting at a steady 80, no sign of moving over. This cunt sits there until j13 at Staines then does the 45 degree swerve to the slip road, I meanwhile have sat in the correct lanes behind him. I didn't hassle him, flash him or undertake, why? Because it was fully liveried Met Police BMW 530 touring!!! I've never seen such bad driving from a Police car in my life.
  7. Because they didn't need to. They could sell every ADO16 they managed to produce, which is why it was Britain's best selling car for most of its life. For the last 3 or 4 years of production they had a purpose built hatchback selling in the next market segment up against what was to become the new British bestseller- the Cortina, perhaps people didn't want hatchbacks...
  8. In 2010 my work car was an e39 BMW 525d SE, Mrs N's daily was a Jag S-Type 3.0 manual and I had a 300Tdi for OLLI wankering. In 2020 my work car will be a Merc e220d SE Mrs N's daily will be a Merc ML and she has a CLK cabriolet for summer. In 2021 I intend the fleet to be Merc e220d SE , Nissan Leaf, Merc SL or something else V8 and floppy topped- permission has been given.
  9. I'll have a pair of tickets if it happens. Although that tax will piss me off every month, I get angry whenever I look at my online banking and see my E Class is £ 2 odd and Mrs N's ML is £48, even more ironic when you consider the E does about 7 or 8,000 miles a month and the ML less than a 1000, which would be even less if she has a Saab as well....
  10. My oldest fully embraces the AS Life' she has an e30 316 Auto and commutes from Milton Keynes to Oxford each day in the ex-Sportyshite Roffle win 406 2.2d Coupe. Number 2 has a 2010 Volvo XC90, which when she bought , she traded in an AS supplied 307 ( ex- Solid61) and for years drove a Rover 600 ( ex-AngryDicky) Number 3 has an 03 Beetle Cabriolet. Number 4 has got the 59 Fiat 500 that we bought new and all of them have abused at some point, prior to this she had an As supplied Seat Ibizia ( ex-Crusty Sills). So it seems the Autoshite influence is strong in my offspring.
  11. NorfolkNWeigh

    TV cars

    In the early 70's Range Rovers often appeared in programmes if the hero had to go into the countryside , John Steed had one to match his Broadspeed XJ-C. But the most important use of a Rangie was to crash through a gate... Steed in his very early but visually updated car Lord Brett Sinclair trying to catch a plane. Callan terrorising an S-Type driver, don't worry many gates and fences were also destroyed. Of course some people got it wrong, Gambit not crashing through a fence , presumably as brand new car at the time of filming BL specified only Steed's car could be used for stunts.
  12. This arrived a few minutes ago The grump is that it's for 2 sheds and their contents that have become infested with rats, so far so bad. But one 6'x4' shed is packed floor to ceiling with bundles of magazines and brochures that I've been collecting since I was 9😕. Thats 46 years of my life, they're wrapped in polythene to keep any damp at bay so there's a slim chance some packs in the middle may be salvageable, we'll see... Just off to Wilcos for some storage boxes just in case things like my complete 75 to 90 run of Ford Cars is OK or all the matching 70's Vauxhall, Chrysler and BL ones- I'm starting to upset myself now!
  13. That white S1 exudes menace, lurking in the background. You just know that some modern day Alan Lake or Dudley Sutton is just finishing off a B&H and readying his balaclava.
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