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  1. Is it the angle of the photo, or is that thing built to be on the piss?
  2. Out of interest why did they pigeon shit weld the sill corners of the Riva in vertical strips? Would it not have been easier to seam weld the edges or did they have a crap welder that wouldn't penetrate?
  3. That was the PPC ed's car (Will Holman). Has some nice stuff on it including a Hayward and Scott exhaust with a back box delete and a reprogrammed shift ECU to keep the box cooler - neither of which were cheap mods. H&S make some of the best Subaru exhausts in the country and the shift kits are really hard to get now (if you can find them at all).
  4. smol Bilk Float update: The 806 isn't in regular use at the moment; it lives in work's car park. It's becoming increasingly difficult start and last week refused to turn over at all. With a spare negative jump lead acting as a clean earth and the security key pad taken out and reset (remove at connector, wait for capacitors and circuitry to cool down), I got it going again. Also-on-fleet Teuchter-esque XJ Cherokee, complete with facelift 'snowflake' wheels on the front (pre facelift 'lattices' on the back) provided a direct to battery jump. Keeping a spare negative jump lead back as a clean stand in earth until I can clean or fit a new earth strap. An old Peugeot with electrical problems, who'd have [complete winsome platitude].
  5. Thanks for the offer but they're useful seats for someone. I'll wait till one's festering in a yard covered in battery acid and buy that for a rusty groat.
  6. Even the poncy 6 seat 'Pullman' 806s were more popular than the 5 benchers. The shelf itself is grey rather than labrador beige, but beggars can't be choosers: it fits the well worn aesthetic (a e s t h e t i c) of the van to a tee. I just need the side rails or the complete trim sides and I have a five seater should I want it (and I do). I'll sleep under it rather than relying on blinds all the way around. I bought an OEM bike rack from the same seller which straps the bike upright inside the cabin using the seat mounting points. Mine came with a triple bench, but I didn't want a minibus; I also think the safety aspect of turning anyone unlucky enough to sit there into a crumple zone cannot be ignored. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to be rear ended like that. Mainly because I'd have run them over first.
  7. Not gonna lie, I'd have had the wheels off that.
  8. The board format has changed; I can't get at the BBCode to quote properly and I can't get the FB style '@ tabs' up. How do I do that? Is there an FAQ somewhere?
  9. Can get a measuring tape on it. You can always strip a comfy MPV down but it's harder to add amenities to a van, even though they're basically the same thing. I wonder how many Scudo/Expert owners went and snagged seats from Eurovans? @strangeangel an ex BBC OB (Radio Warwickshire) 806 was on eBay fairly recently. Radio Lancashire had one when I was there. Keep forgetting you worked for Radio (b)leeds; I used to do their traffic and travel. Ain't no 'outbreak of horses' in the Dartford Tunnel (the most Day Today I ever got to sound), but never mind. Once the ISDN booth dialled me but didn't connect properly; I did the bulletin but it was out of sync and all the broadcast mix got was me saying 'Hello???' over the bed; Greg James' producer heard it, and I ended up on Radio 1 during his 'Radio Fail' segment. 'This guy, right, he just isn't there.' Otherwise, does anyone know of a 5 seater 806 being broken anywhere? I need the rails off the third row side trims (or the trims themselves). Managed to snag a 5 seat parcel shelf online.
  10. My mate Dean fitted an LS to his. One of the doors doesn't open any more.
  11. I have a Reliant specialist in Wisbech if you need parts collecting, Ray.
  12. Mine has the twin sunroofs; they leak and wobble a bit, but they're drowned out by the bloody hinged rear windows, which move electrically on a button, a weird extravagance on a trim level one off the bottom. The noisiest things are the roof bars, which go BBBBBBBBHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHBBBBBBBBBBBPPPPPPPRRRRBBBBBB when the right wind hits them.
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