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  1. No, they weren't. Dunno who told you that, but they're utterly wrong. Mulhouse is near the French and Swiss borders, but it ain't in Switzerland. Besides, 605s were built at Sochaux. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/phase-de-polissage-sur-une-405-à-lusine-peugeot-le-26-avril-news-photo/967875924?adppopup=true
  2. Yes, and don't forget, if you buy one with a dented door it's 'finished' and only good for being an engine donor, according to random wankers who accost you on the street.
  3. I jumped up and down on that Xantia, siphoned all the fuel out of it and sent it across the scales after my previous employer illegally docked my last wage. I was accused of being a dodgy bastard for driving around in an untaxed car because the DVLA wrongly sent me a refund. The beginning of the end of my long-term posting on here. It wasn't a bad few days. +1 on the complete and utter gibberish spouted about hydropneumatic Citroens and their supposed speed. Why can't people just enjoy what they have without spouting Niagara Falls'-worth of nonsensical bollocks as to the dynamic abilities of their cars? The F forums were like that too; apparently a 'well driven'* VVC can see off a Boxster 3.2S**.
  4. That doesn't sound bad at all.
  5. Ha, that's very local to me. Spotted it on NYD and wondered when it would be for sale. Bonus pre-2001 Lutz Headline use as well.
  6. I can get them if the rear discs can't be refaced; I actually think there's a wobbly caliper making a racket on the rear offside so they're not beyond saving (you can get caliper rebuild kits). Hilariously all the parts manifests (and even Subaru's early workshop manuals) say they take 260mm solid rears. The 290mm vented rally discs are at the absolute top of what I was prepared to pay (£170) but at least the option is there. People take them off scrappers and have them refaced; normally I wouldn't do that but if a minger with a half decent rear end came up I'd take them in reserve. I'm guessing there was a pile of unused SVX rear discs and they were specified to get them out of stock. I've asked a few people in Japan at STi but no answer has been forthcoming.
  7. It's all about the torque, aye. Comes on about 4500 rpm (when IRIS works) and pulls hard to the redline - and the box will let it happen. Friend's housemate described it thusly: 'This car not fast, but it strong, like best boxer. It go until the end.' It will corner pretty hard if you lock top out and flick between 3rd and Drive. Never driven a six pot Legacy - and, believe it or not, they're different engines. SVX used an EG series, whereas the Legacys went EZ, a different engine again. I still have the Impreza, too. Some day I'll run them side by side to see where the wagon pulls away; it's a fair bit faster (and more than half a tonne lighter).
  8. We left this a year ago having just having scraped a test because of a very tired exhaust that had been heat cycled and removed several times. Since then it's had, in order: 1. A nearly-new ally Koyorad radiator with an uprated cooler (because the old one, complete with cooler, was dying and the gearbox place insisted it was fine). I may yet have another external cooler fitted. 2.The box repositioned (it was put back in crooked, banged against the body under load and strained the prop UJs) 3. A new bottom hose (old item was replaced finger tight, blew off and nearly cooked the engine which was filled with OAT rather than blue glycol) 4. A new lambda sensor (ECU was throwing up an error code when the CHECK ENGINE flashes were read, despite not being displayed) 5. Two new coil packs (running rough across both banks with one pot down each side). Power has been fully restored despite the best efforts of the gearbox. 6. A replacement speedo cluster known to be working (the original began reading half true, I suspected one of the two VSS units had died but tests by a specialist traced it to the dial pack. Another garage suggested I use a GPS speed app on my phone; the gearbox specialist has used a JDM 4EAT case for the box replacement and JDM Alcyones/Legacys/Imprezas use an external VSS screwed into the front diff housing - they'd left it in unconnected as UK cars read speed from the back axle) 7. New speakers all round (the original rear 6x9s had rotted and were full of insect dung). Wiring adaptors and front speaker mounts purchased from the US so the dead moulded items could be replaced with aftermarket units attached by adaptors to the original wiring). Unfortunately the infamous sleeve lock regulator which tensions the window cable, broke in half - so the drivers' window doesn't go down any more. 3D printed copies are available and I've ordered a pair from the US. 8. JDM transmission tunnel carpet (located randomly by an SVX NATION member who realised he had it lying around). 9. Rear discs treated chemically to stop them grinding (only part successful, one is still vocal). There's an occasional groan from the rear diff which indicates new fluid and an inspection is needed. I suspect I'll end up having to buy new discs and they're made of unobtanium; most parts list insist that SVXs use 260mm solid rotors when they actually use 290mm vented items. Subaru used the same PCD/offset rotor on the 2004-2005 Group N Impreza STi 'gravel' rally car so you can get new discs, albeit at a price. Front discs and pads all round are still readily available. I've still got to take the CD autochanger out; I listen to music via the CD IN on the headunit via a bluetooth adaptor and the 'changer doesn't work anyway. I'd rather have a flat boot floor in preference to a bricked autochanger further wrecked by the PO fitting a 6 disc magazine to a 10 disc unit after he took said mag for another car and shoved a similar but incompatible 6 disc cart in for some baffling and unknown reason. 10. It still needs an exhaust, the new aerial fitting and the buzz from the rear speaker shelf (fitted from a scrap car as the PO took it out and didn't replace it) sorted, along with the dead bonnet struts, a new plenum cover and a battery bracket. Oh, and a rear plastic seat back, as I still can't find one. The PO left a hideous alcantara thing in its place. Much of this couldn't have been done without the help of a very good specialist 30 miles away which actually bothered to diagnose faults and take time with it; it even has a set of workshop manuals which are rarer that rocking horse unicorn dung. It may still have problems but it's now a running, functioning vehicle - something you really couldn't have called it before.
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