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  1. Not here much now. PM me on Twitter via @BlacktopMagazin if you need something off me - chances are I'll see it there. 

  2. They're not supposed to run on coolant with silicates in them. Fucks the heater and other things up.
  3. I see my old MGF is still being an arsehole. I should have called it 'wadders'. Had the coolant pipes done after they shat themselves on the A1.
  4. Someone (not anyone here) has run my Impreza on pink coolant which I suspect is OAT. Subarus don't run on on OAT, they run on blue glycol. I want rid of the pink vomit and the correct stuff in it. Is it a pain in the arse to do a coolant flush given there's a turbo involved?
  5. I couldn't be arsed going.
  6. Jesus, and I thought I was angry.
  7. Are you saying that the auto boxes in six pot Subes are a bit shit? Dunno, you might be on to something there.
  8. Have to say, that chibi/ChoroQ style Celica Supra is the tits. Take it that it's super rare and very expensive nowadays?
  9. Some people, like a certain former colleague, don't deserve forgiveness, and never will. That's what you get for giving me a nervous breakdown. They can burn for what they did. Still, reap what you sow and all that.
  10. Dear Universe, Can you just fuck off and let me be, please? Some shitbag reversed into my car and destroyed the grille, coincidentally just before I started it up and a low coolant light came on. Hope those two aren't related. Next came a baffling exchange with someone in a busy filling station who accused me of being illiterate, stupid and selfish because I was using the only diesel pump on the entire forecourt (to fill up a diesel car). Him: 'Do you speak English? Can you even read??????????' Me: "I beg your pardon?" No mate, I'm not filling a diesel car with petrol because you think me brimming it at the one diesel pump on the entire site is somehow an affront to fair and honest conduct on a forecourt; I didn't fucking design it and if you really wanted to, I left enough space for you to drive round and pull in front to the one remaining petrol pump. After five minutes of extended abuse (where I could not fucking get it through your thick skull that there was but ONE diesel pump on the forecourt so that was the only one by definition that I could use), I lost my shit with you and mouthed off. I could say I was sorry, but I wasn't. I wasn't then and I'm not now. You deserved it. In fact, if you carry on speaking to people in the way that you did to me, sooner or later someone's going to hammer you into the pavement. Perhaps that hasn't happened to you yet. Perhaps it needs to. Of course (of course!) you then fire back with the only thing your type can manage when confronted with arguments better than yours (things called 'facts'): a piss poor, feeble attempt at the moral high ground; 'Don't you dare swear in front of my grand kids.' Well, you stupid arsehole, I can read, yes, thanks for asking, and.....I don't know, maybe you should be teaching your grand kids to read situations better than steaming into them on a tidal wave of assumption, eh? That way they won't get sworn at for verbally abusing someone unprovoked. Perhaps, instead of flapping your gob, you could have got in the car and got to the other pump, no? Someone else managed that (in a larger car) while you were having a go at me. I pointed that out to you, too. You didn't like that, either. Now, ram that private plated Ford Kuga up your arse, and stop hassling me. Thank you so much, cheers.
  11. Could a diesel ZX smoke an Ariel Atom? What if a surgeon or pianist were driving?
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