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  1. Quite glad I didn't go to this. Good chance I won't go next year, either. We'll have to see.
  2. Ah well, another year, another Unexceptional not attended. I'm really happy Trigger won, however. Till next time, eh?
  3. Not here much now. PM me on Twitter via @BlacktopMagazin if you need something off me - chances are I'll see it there. 

  4. They're not supposed to run on coolant with silicates in them. Fucks the heater and other things up.
  5. I see my old MGF is still being an arsehole. I should have called it 'wadders'. Had the coolant pipes done after they shat themselves on the A1.
  6. Someone (not anyone here) has run my Impreza on pink coolant which I suspect is OAT. Subarus don't run on on OAT, they run on blue glycol. I want rid of the pink vomit and the correct stuff in it. Is it a pain in the arse to do a coolant flush given there's a turbo involved?
  7. I couldn't be arsed going.
  8. Jesus, and I thought I was angry.
  9. Are you saying that the auto boxes in six pot Subes are a bit shit? Dunno, you might be on to something there.
  10. Have to say, that chibi/ChoroQ style Celica Supra is the tits. Take it that it's super rare and very expensive nowadays?
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