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  1. They don't want to upset the apple cart And they don't want to cause any harm But if you don't like What they're going to do You better not stop them 'cause they're coming through (because the ally brake drums are ineffective and it can't stop, help, jesus, run for your lives).
  2. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my brain is melting smh
  3. Mate - mate. It's no bother, it's in Fife.
  4. Everyone tells me this about the SVX and I wish they'd just stop talking to me because I hate people, fuck the gearbox it has, my brain doesn't work
  5. y0 shiters Who went to the first National Classic Motor Show in May 84? Got any pics I can stare at or memories you can tell me about? It's for a work thing.
  6. Yeah, it needs a pair of sills, sundry welding, and a carb rebuild at the very least. I have no idea on the availability of Keihins. Sounds like a lenient garage let it through last year and a switched on place battered it last week. There's no way some of those faults have occurred in a year, either.
  7. 'Very little to MoT' = quite a bit of welding and a thorough service. It's still a cool little thing, mind you.
  8. It's got a PRV, it's still accelerating on its way to deliver crushing disappointment and a massive fuel bill. [edit: I would still buy it]
  9. 'Not my words, Lynne, but those of Autocar magazine.'
  10. Cool, I'll remind you of that when we're being forced into EVs ten years down the line.
  11. Yet these issues are batted away whenever the EV fanbois are on the rampage.
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