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  1. Trail went cold, I was second in the queue, Craig bought a car near to me on the mainland, he dropped it off and I took him and his mate James to his new car. ETG came over once but it wouldn't start. Then there was COVID, and Craig couldn't get back in touch. In the end the car was in the way and I was able to take it at short notice; I had been chatting to Craig via PM about the car since February 2018 and ETG went silent again a few weeks before lockdown hit (to the point that I was pricing up ferry crossings).
  2. Much lacquer has departed from this thing and I made the mistake of driving it 120 miles twixt Peebo and Bicester Heritage for work with no power steering. Then I took it out around BH's track for a demo run. Nearly ripped my arms out of their sockets. I have most of the parts needed to sort it out and have a set of 205 50 16 tyres arriving next week so I can put the original rims back on. I like it more than I expected.
  3. Will ask about values with my 850 guru m9. Does your family still own the green Panda Alessi?
  4. It's the same car. I see the seller, who got very angry about me asking about the corrosion on the body, still hasn't fixed the CV. It needs to be saved, but probably by a Scottish shiter.
  5. Glad to see that the KV6 is still around. I drove it around Birmingham once listening to gangsta rap.
  6. Is it the angle of the photo, or is that thing built to be on the piss?
  7. Out of interest why did they pigeon shit weld the sill corners of the Riva in vertical strips? Would it not have been easier to seam weld the edges or did they have a crap welder that wouldn't penetrate?
  8. That was the PPC ed's car (Will Holman). Has some nice stuff on it including a Hayward and Scott exhaust with a back box delete and a reprogrammed shift ECU to keep the box cooler - neither of which were cheap mods. H&S make some of the best Subaru exhausts in the country and the shift kits are really hard to get now (if you can find them at all).
  9. smol Bilk Float update: The 806 isn't in regular use at the moment; it lives in work's car park. It's becoming increasingly difficult start and last week refused to turn over at all. With a spare negative jump lead acting as a clean earth and the security key pad taken out and reset (remove at connector, wait for capacitors and circuitry to cool down), I got it going again. Also-on-fleet Teuchter-esque XJ Cherokee, complete with facelift 'snowflake' wheels on the front (pre facelift 'lattices' on the back) provided a direct to battery jump. Keeping a spare negative jump le
  10. Thanks for the offer but they're useful seats for someone. I'll wait till one's festering in a yard covered in battery acid and buy that for a rusty groat.
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