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  1. Freelander 2? Mine has been excellent in the 3 years I've owned it.
  2. No, you need to use a UV resistant coating.
  3. That's why I flatly refuse to use them!
  4. There's two of those festering ln a garden round the corner from me, I think one of them is an executive. (Along with two Jags, two Sierras & a Metrot)!
  5. I hope the parents of those brainwashed kids get fined for keeping them off school!
  6. Jimmy Osmond singing long haired lover from Liverpool?
  7. I fitted one of those kits to a Vectra C , a bit fiddly to fit but it was spot on.
  8. Royal fucking mail! Waiting for a tracked parcel to arrive, it seems to be being shunted back & forth between sorting offices for 2 days now. It was only 4 miles from my house yesterday, now it's at North Tyneside!
  9. Ds is drive slope, provides engine braking when going down hill.
  10. The suspension on these was on the sloppy side from new.
  11. Throwing the bread on the roof of someone's caravan is more fun!
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-Heritage-Osprey-Classic-Marques-S-by-Burn-Peter-Paperback-Book-The-Cheap/303133943679?epid=90180807&hash=item469430e77f:g:v9QAAOSwqYxc-92V
  13. Find out how well it burns?
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