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  1. Last night, I decided to open a bottle of Baileys that someone gave me at Christmas. Took the top off, went to pour some into a glass but nothing came out. So I gave the bottle a shake and tried again. This time some came out, but it was thick and lumpy! So I checked the label on the bottle.........it said use by 2011! Can't remember who gave me it either!
  2. The village I live in, they're knocking the houses down to build slums!
  3. Some leafs have one fitted in the rear spoiler to power the radio.
  4. How did she manage to get the diesel pump nozzle into the petrol filler neck?
  5. Just shop her to your local cuntcil, they can issue fines for leaving the bin out on the wrong day.
  6. Try smearing dog shit on the Wheely bin handle!
  7. Freelander 2? Mine has been excellent in the 3 years I've owned it.
  8. No, you need to use a UV resistant coating.
  9. That's why I flatly refuse to use them!
  10. There's two of those festering ln a garden round the corner from me, I think one of them is an executive. (Along with two Jags, two Sierras & a Metrot)!
  11. I hope the parents of those brainwashed kids get fined for keeping them off school!
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