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  1. was in the Focus I will be doing that in the wifes C1 on Sunday !
  2. M6 north bound today , some twat in a black bmw/audi/clone type car nearly side swiped me as I indicated to move into the middle lane . I saw him coming on my last glance and aborted the change and held my line , he flew past on his way to a gap in the traffic for the Blackpool turn just off on my nearside.. and 40 tons of artic filled the gap just as he approached it , forcing him to dodge up the M6 looking for a gap as his options slowly ebbed away due to a chain of lorries blocking the lane off ... we fucking cried with laughter ......
  3. having owned a Micra , and having cleaned up offending item many times ... its not good news !!
  4. just been off work for 2 days , had to move a load of shite at work , move sleep in rooms , things not working as they should , no support , kick offs by kids .. guess wot ? my body shut down with the stress , operating on one kidney with a lack of sleep caused a fro the next frosty morning ... any calls about how I am ,, nope so I will have another few days off next week to recover fuck em ....
  5. https://www.ladbible.com/news/news-doctor-reveals-stinky-farts-can-make-you-go-blind-20220119.amp.html?fr=operanews So put a cork on it !
  6. My driver's window can now be lifted with a piece of cord and tied off ... A bump stop on the window rail stops all of the window dropping into the door !!! A fine bodge 😁
  7. look at technology , how did we ever go up the mountains in coats like that ,,,,,,
  8. I think that's the one , they do all sorts of pies ,even to order !
  9. My driver's door glass has dropped again ......
  10. Arnside . Railway , pier and a haggis roll.. And then the drivers window dropped on the way home ..
  11. have you tried the 3 note ones from Sainburies .....
  12. because of .... Does anyone else get nagged to death over running a banger. Had a bit of agg yesterday with our car, not the end of the world (I hope...) but it was incapacitated by a coolant leak, bit of a fucker but hopefully £120 of bits and it should be back on the road. Anyhow the comment of ‘simply get a new car on lease’ always comes round. It fucks me off for a variety of reasons that people assume I’ve got a spare £200 a month to rent a car with or like the idea the car I’ve got is within my budget and if I was out of work then I’d be owing to nobody. I get that as well , eg your fucking loaded , buy a new one you tight arse !! then I point out its cost me 400 notes to buy some 5 years back , and I can go anywhere , park anywhere and not give a shit .. and I will get some dosh back when it goes !!
  13. just noticed Manchester is getting a ULEZ soon .... the size of it !!!
  14. The yearly guess the Mrs C1 milage came up at the mot .... 1700 miles ... Thank fully the road tax is only 20 notes ...
  15. the phone gps is wank around Stoke on Trent , seems my car likes to block the signal with its heated screen , and this phone just struggles at times .....in Stoke on Trent !! nothing worse than seeing the sat nav losing its arse , in a area you dont know , in the dark ........ must try a new position for it or change the car .
  16. holiday prices , just looked at Centre Parcs for the Feb break just out of sheer interest .. and yes the prices go up for the school break . Whinfell , 3 adults and 1 child for 4 nights , 1449 notes , sold out !! , or go to 2 grand ....for a 4 bed .... 4 Fin nights , plus grub ,entertainment and booze on top of that ! thank F*** we have the tin van ..
  17. you lucky thing , just a lift , I had to sit next to someone like that for years !!! in the summer , we would all dive for cover when he took his sweater off !
  18. Wonderful dailywail On one hand the NHS is shyte . On the other how to put nails in a socket on the ad feed ...
  19. the leccy bill has landed , meter has played catch up and the price went up .. 250 notes due !! heating !! , lighting some candles tonight !!
  20. looking around the picture , not much chance of finding a branch and giving it a good beating ????
  21. saw a pink fire engine today ... pink wtf I am not going into why it was pink ... but something big and pink does not register the same as something big and red heading in your direction .... even if it has bells and whistles on it ...
  22. I now like to be on the road before light fails , it helps a lot when loading up and finding the worst part of the way home .. I see our driving life is being made easier by the latest AI devices so the legal coffers can be filled .. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10355673/New-spy-sky-camera-catch-eating-drinking-wheel-makers-say.html when it says it "addresses all forms of distraction " all forms ???? including the back seat driver ?
  23. in that case my Focus is well fucked .... arnt you Nancy ! ( derived from number plate letters ! )
  24. it ( the bot ) didna understand me accent .. and passed me on
  25. the EML is on again winging about the cat efficiency .. I have hid it behind the piece of paper reminding me about my blood tests and CAT scans ... sort of hides one problem with a bigger problem .....
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