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  1. interesting drive up north on the M6 in the "downpour" and the person up front lost their bottle and kept slamming on instead of easing off !!
  2. Thats the Focus gone . the local garage took it off my hands . Cash in hand .. they put it up on the ramps for a "MOT" , nothing that could not be fixed , but with totting up all the jobs the resultant bill was not the way to go !!! certainly had my moneys worth out of it , 400 notes 5 years ago So it may live on helping other cars stay on the road rather then just being dumped in the fragging machine to make bean cans ..
  3. I used to go out to the car to go to work and found I had left the hatchback up all night !!!!
  4. That can be seen in/ near car parks ....
  5. M6 blocked , waiting to go north . Thankfully we can choose to go or abort the trip , looking at the red lines on Google maps there must be lot of hot and bothered people stuck in the resultant jam ..
  6. I think the tinternet is twigging me !!
  7. that could of been a DIY vasectomy !!
  8. Sometimes when I drove the C1 rather smartly round a left handed I got a knocking from the back , fearing a duff tyre or bent rim I had a shufti ....and VID_20220614_181958.mp4 A sideways movement modifier was attached and hopefully all is fine !!
  9. just brimmed the C1 after doing 167 miles of M6 , Liverpool traffic , back roads over the last few days took in 13.02 Litres which I reckon is 57mpg , then went back up north on another trip .. quite a funny trip back , 2 other well loaded up C1 s joined in to do a leap frogging "race" down the M6 !!!
  10. Looks like that could pull the tiles off the shower wall !!! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/aldi-bombarded-complaints-over-offensive-24182628.amp?fr=operanews
  11. Just spent the morning why YouTube did not work on any pc in the house ,but it worked on a hotspot ??? , It all worked yesterday FFS .... BT had helpfully switched on and updated the child protection gizmo on the BB account ..
  12. the joys of finding a phone , I found one years ago in the gutter , charged it , phoned home , and the owner agreed to pick it up . that she did , swiped it out of my hand , got in her car and drove off ...... I seen a few lost phones since then , I wonder if they are still lost ..
  13. I have thought that , but we only need one car , the C1 , which does zillions to the gallon in comparison ... it coud become a gate gaurdian ..
  14. man maths on my focus , bought it just under 5 years ago for 400 notes , its just had oil , filters , tyres ,brakes and a down pipe ... its been everywhere .. its come to the economic end of its life and the best scrap price I have just had is 300 notes ... getting the arse end tyre and brakes fixed could cost me circa 200 , plus windscreen , plus owt else , plus MOT !! so come the 20th I can drive it to the scrap yard and use my bus pass to get home ...
  15. same in Wales , Pressthatin and Bangher , the buggers just camped out on the top of cars , the caravans and anything else with a roof !!!!
  16. went to hospital in the car ( focus) bastard streets had limited parking everywhere , and the wardens were out checking ... FFS where is a visiting car supposed to park , yet when our neck of the woods gets submerged in summer visitors the idea of residents parking is put down due to cost ..... so parked in a 2 hr max slot and waited for my appt time and then went for the multi story parking and then got seen by the Drs paid my 3 quid in the multi story , thats after dropping my change all over the floor and being a "old" guy actually got offered help by security !! tried getting home , yep every red light at every junction ...and some dozy bone heads wondering what to do on green .. followed up by our local council closing lanes on the bypass again to cut the grass , long Q's so did a detour , rather sit there burning off petrol .. so by the time I got home my 15 notes of petrol was nearly used up by a trip to Liverpool and back !!!!
  17. the joys of camping , and the trek in the dark to the delightfull bogs to rid oneself of drinking excess ..... I will stick to stumbling around the staic to the on suite now .
  18. we have some woods, parking and wifi , deer and F all else , but it works , the more u wont , the more u miss , center parks it is not , but I dont miss the book in and parking
  19. I actually had a machine where the internal wires for the machine rubbed against the drum , the drum wore the wire insulation and " started a lot of electrical noise " on my sons sterio , the penny dropped , I fixed the problem and informed the supplier , who offerd a new machine !!
  20. Dr's do a blood test so despite cancer , high blood pressure , poor kidney function , shite hearing ....... and a lump on my ear what do they pick up on ?? cholesterol ... its just over the limit , Satins ? change your diet your quality /length of your life could be better .. ok , my blood pressure has dropped .. I dont want Satins at the moment oh so it has has , why ? I have stopped working , and my diet has changed ... thats good .. and your poor kidney result , that could be down to me having one kidney , ohh ok how about a retest in 3 months , and can I get my ears sorted .. yes thats good , and your cholesterol ??? see what the restest says .. bye the way I am in on Friday for a lump on my ear !!
  21. we have a caravan near the lakes 90 mins each way and a car parking place outside the door , no checking in etc , f in 10/10 for travel !! despite the insurance companies wanting to ream me out for daring to have cancer I have no desire to use an airport
  22. we bought a small Bush tumble dryer a few years back .... its shite , you would be better waving wet clothes around your head in a thunderstorm .. we had a white knight before hand and it lasted years ( with the odd repair ) , but that setup is shite , what brand is that ?
  23. I once heard of a chap redoing the floor of a car with floorboards many years ago up in Scotland !! as for oil cans , I did find takeaway trays very good for repairing /covering up /keeping water out of the holes in the rear arches of the Focus , passed a couple of mots as well ... I wont tell the scrap man about this bodge ...
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