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  1. I do worry these things are the equivalent of those videos showing 20 minutes of some Rumanian woman's feet revving up an old Dacia
  2. I think that probably goes for most of us
  3. It's a Ghibli Still do (with an old school friend), but sadly it now needs restoration and is up for sale with Percival Motor Company
  4. These are the models of my Italian car ownership since 1980 (getting old). All the right colours except the blue 128 3P should be metallic blue and Zebra striped, the 130 Coupe and the Innocenti should be silver. The Fiat van should be a camper and the Alfa Spider a box of bits 😁
  5. Deceased Circa 2002 I am afraid.
  6. Mine was a Belgian car that had been (very well) converted to RHD and sadly, I know exactly what happened to it. I traded it in for an equally wonderful Mk 1 Scirocco GLi. Six months later I was rooting around in a car breakers in Sittingbourne and there was the de Tomaso, front end all smashed up (fortunately passenger cell/windscreen all good) - very sad. Would love another... Plus here are the real versions of the others I owned..
  7. Talking of Innocentis, I had an Innocenti de Tomaso in the early 1980s. I couldn't get a 1:43 silver model - so ended up with a red one.
  8. A bit later, say around 1971 I remember getting two brightly coloured plastic Aston Martin DB6s and a track. A sort of poor boys Scalextric. They were battery powered and crap IIRC - but no one else seems to have ever heard of them.
  9. Found a photo if me in 1967, some interweb detective work and Ebay came up trumps (with apologies for the poor turn of phrase).
  10. I clearly need to gen up to match the knowledge on here. Christmas present to the rescue...
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