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  1. Love those, particularly the Passat in a real 70s colour
  2. Maserati Quattroporte (previous generation). Drop dead.
  3. Ideal for half inching those spare cases of plutonium nobody wanted when Sweden changed over to wind farms.
  4. I was in a charity shop in Rochester last year when the staff we discussing how much to price their boxed 'Days Gone' haul that had just been dropped in. £10 each was mooted, then rejected as too high, 'how about £7.50 each?' I had to interject and offer my wisdom on the subject. Politely, I advised them they were virtually worthless. I even bought one for £5 just to make the point I wasn't trying to get them cheap, merely giving them the benefit etc etc.. A week later they were all lined up on the shelves, pride of place, and awaiting new homes at....£5 each
  5. Sudsprint

    TV cars

    ...and Alan
  6. Sudsprint

    TV cars

    Taking of Stags ...Hazell had a Stag
  7. Sudsprint

    TV cars

    Wilde Alliance?
  8. You would be DAFt not to bid....
  9. More than a whiff of Lancia Appia about this little beauty
  10. Sudsprint

    TV cars

    Superb write up and homage to the FD Vauxhall. Randall and Hopkirk was a neat series with a great theme tune, intro and closing credits. I remember the disturbing opening scenes of the episode 'But what a sweet little room' gave me nightmares as a 7 yr old.
  11. The E Type FHC seems really hard to get right. And at 1:43 I don't think Corgi and Jaguar quite captured the 2+2 versions.
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