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  1. As an interesting Triumph Spitfire aside... I was told that at launch and only 17 years after WW2, the Spitfire wasn't well received by some who thought it an insult to the plane.
  2. Latest aquisitions are a Harrier Jump Jet and continuing the aircraft theme a Spitfire (and MGB). As a boy my Spitfire was metallic mauve but you need a mortgage for one of those now. So a gold one and a new windscreen will have to do.
  3. Slowly rebuilding my childhood toy car collection. So a couple of Ebay Dinky purchases... The Cortina bidding was particularly stressful as in a drunken stupor I accidentally ceiling'd my automatic bidding at £6500 in the closing minutes - the sweat was pouring off me.
  4. Now this is classic case of a car looking better as a model than in real life.
  5. My home town. 911, Sud Ti, Simca 1301/1501 estate, 604, X1/9, TR7, Dolly Sprint and a 3500 with the spare on the boot. I seem to recall that old MG YA opposite the Gore Court Arms and there used to be a Valencia blue Vitesse 2 litre on the opposite side a little further down..
  6. My only feeling is that when a car has struggled on avoiding the crusher for forty or fifty years destroying its identity is a bit brutal. But then I used to weep at banger races (and in butcher's shops)
  7. It looks like woke diversity wasn't too much of an issue in those days
  8. Lost the other Scammell Handiman tractor unit... the Ferrari is struggling under the load..
  9. Another excellent and informative write up. Growing up in the 1960s I don't remember Spot On being available that much but that could be because I was born in 1962 so Spot On was declining by the time I was going to school. I do remember getting a boxed set from the CO-OP (Austin 1100/Zephyr/Austin 1800/dingy) in about 1970 and thinking it was great.
  10. Sadly that windscreen sticker was untouched.
  11. My 180..with the only other Majorettes I own
  12. A cheap Ebay purchase this week. For some reason the 2+2 shape almost works better on the Dinky and Corgi toys than in real life. Nowhere near mint but a nice model. Does anyone know where you can get Dinky numberplates (I am missing the front ?)
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