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  1. Unbelievable photos. That colour photo of the convertible E Type in your Dad's drive ... just wow! And the Alfas and Lancias....
  2. This page is dripping with cars I need to own...especially that Mitsibushi Colt Celeste Corduroy thing.
  3. Radio 4 often sneaks in a 'birds in peril' story about some lesser spotted widget who's habitat is under threat - never a word about the way they crap on my car with unerring accuracy.
  4. Lovely little Honda I do believe every Polistel 1/25 car in the world is that colour....
  5. Lovely car -I hope you find a buyer for it.
  6. Lots of loveliness there ...a Spot On S Type, a (Politoys?) Alfa 2600 and a Corgi Muira that looks like it met a bulldozer in a tunnel..
  7. Lovely stuff there -particularly the Jags and transporter. Love the Honda too
  8. ... no and that would be just typical of the upper crust nobs who now own these cars. How wonderful if it had stayed the Swiftmobile - complete with smoke and steam and Janette Scott
  9. The Swiftmobile with, and I kid you not , Thora Hird's daughter...
  10. At a guess it might have been my great uncle John, in which case both he and the aluminium babe magnet are long gone up in that garage in the sky.
  11. No more information I am afraid- just an old family photo and a comment from my late Aunt that one of my great uncles built it in the 1950s
  12. A great uncle of mine thought he could improve on a TR2 for ugliness...
  13. Has anyone any advice on how to remove the transfers without damaging the paintwork as I want to turn this into a camper van?
  14. I thought the photo was of a French Dinky Renault 16 in Corgi R16 colour!
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