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  1. My 180..with the only other Majorettes I own
  2. A cheap Ebay purchase this week. For some reason the 2+2 shape almost works better on the Dinky and Corgi toys than in real life. Nowhere near mint but a nice model. Does anyone know where you can get Dinky numberplates (I am missing the front ?)
  3. Completely with you on how pretty these were. Family opposite when I grew up had two white ones on the drive when they were new.
  4. Along with the green Rover 2000 TC golden jacks this is my favourite Corgi toy of all time (probably for nostalgic reasons). I don't think you can improve on that maroon paint.
  5. I love these cars. They look like the thuggish twin brother of the Bertone Alfa 2000.
  6. I thought that was the Adams Probe 15
  7. Three new purchases off Ebay.. The Adams Probe 16's only claim to fame is that it is featured in "A Clockwork Orange" - perfect subject for a kid's toy car.
  8. Just caught up with this - great thread and a great car
  9. In true Coronavirus lockdown mood I am liking the look of what I can see in the background more than what I can see in the foreground.
  10. A few Fords (no Sierras though)..
  11. We stayed at Burgh Island Hotel ten years ago. A Fawlty Towers experience - not to be repeated. We came down to dinner and I was told we couldn't go into the dining room as I wasn't wearing a tie. 'Fine' I said, 'lend me one and I will wear it' ....but no, they hadn't one to lend to me (like this situation had never happened before). So we ate our dinner in the breakfast room on our own.
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