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  1. Lovely 3P - still miss both that I had
  2. Feels like Red Square circa 1975. All you need is Leonid Brezhnev (and his eyebrows).
  3. Love the random bloke on a bicycle at 6.30
  4. Actually a view of the Med from my study window.
  5. 'The episode you want is 'The Tale of the Big Why'
  6. I see even Rolls Royce quality can't compete with Norev plastic..
  7. What a fantastic car.
  8. Back to Silver Shadows (etc) these are my Corgi and Dinky ones..
  9. Lovely car, right colour, right bumpers.
  10. The 1:43 ish Bentley is derived from the late '60s Golden Jacks blue/white 2 door Silver Shadow (they certainly did the RR in whizzwheels in a one colour metallic mid blue). The larger RR is a few years later when Corgi were upsizing their models.
  11. Sudsprint

    Car chases

    Definative playboys....
  12. I feel your pain. I am sure you have thought about posting on the FD Register that you need one, even a crappy one on the car will make you feel better about it.
  13. I was pretty taken with this, in this colour, earlier in the year
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