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  1. Fantastic thread. My Grandfather (he died in 1952) had a Trojan as his first company car. He worked for the Kent Messenger in Sittingbourne and would drive out into the Weald of Kent to report on village fetes and cricket matches. A dream job really. I don't know whether it was in the distinctive Kent Messenger yellow and black livery his later Austin 7 Box saloon was in, but my Grandmother (she died in 1997 at 103) remembered he hated the knobbly ride and that he destroyed the windscreen because he forgot to fold it down before driving into their converted shed garage. Still looking for photos but I don't think any exist sadly.
  2. Some of my fathers cars through the years. In the Morris Oxford photo I am asking him why he didn't buy a that DB4 I had gurgled about at bedtime
  3. Looking at the steering lock on that Escort I can see why Corgi didn't do the Gamma as the driving school car,
  4. Why I have the Daf in there I do not know!
  5. Dinky also had an early 1970s penchant for 'Hi Viz' pink. Even the old 1960s Mini Travellers got a reprieve and were painted this pink or an equally vivid green.
  6. Time for some 1:43 action in these disturbing times. So what other metallic red Dinkys am I missing (I can only think of the Mercedes 600 and the Hillman Imp)?
  7. £2.00 is an absolute bargain for that.
  8. A gold Mk1 Tincorner - I have been after one for 2 years now - great find!
  9. The early Corgi Whizzwheels Lamborghini Muira had a removable spare wheel (a legacy of intended Golden Jacks production).
  10. It's actually the Bertone designed 308 GT4 (predecessor of the Mondial)
  11. Just read this right through. Brilliant story of the pain and pleasure of Alfa ownership -with a happy ending.
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