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  1. A poll would be political and therefore shut down Seriously though, I stand with John F on this (which I know counts for slightly less than fuck all) - levels of moderation are bonkers on this place, we're actually moderating in advance of any offence happening - The thought police are here...
  2. I stand with you John F! Only, a couple of paces behind and crouching down because I’m already on a warning
  3. Me yesterday referring to grumpious steaming in calling me all the names under the sun Me today Swear down I can actually see the future
  4. I've just bought a new car (details to follow on kollecshun) and one of the selling points was £30 tax. However the Gubbermint seems to have decided that people were being too green and all these environmentally friendly cars were not profitable enough, so they scrapped the incentives for people to buy green cars and just turned VED into a tax on the rich. If I were buying a post-2017 model I might as well have had a V8. (providing I could find a cheap enough V8 to escape the 'luxury' tax of course)
  5. Might as well indoctrinate teach them early on that the way to get what you want in this world is to stamp your feet and throw a hissy fit until you get it.
  6. Turns out the missus had a terrible nights sleep and woke up feeling ill, so naturally I went round before work to take her temperature, ifyaknowwhadimean As this was hungry work I stopped at a snack van on the way to work, only for some cunt to arrive 20 seconds before me with an order for the whole fucking county. So currently waiting here trying to resist the urge to throttle him by the neck until he stops breathing
  7. Sadly yes, it definitely wasn’t that sort of going to bed early lol It was all perfectly amicable though, and to be perfectly honest I’m looking forward to a night in my own bed being able to starfish, snore, fart and breathe in any direction I like Out valentines night is really Saturday, we’re going out to Miller and Carters for a steak which I am reliably informed is “to die for”
  8. I got my missus some ace flowers which she was over the moon with and some wine. Alas she decided she was very tired (to be fair she had a rough night last night with me snoring in her face) and needed to go to bed early Ho hum, valentines drinks for one, cheers
  9. For £500 i'd take a punt. Whats the MOT history looking like? Worst case scenario you end up having to frag it in December and get £150-200 back.
  10. This is the correct decision and its great that it will not be getting bridged. However not so great that I won't be able to try and get it off you broken for an insultingly low amount, then make the whole thing financially unviable trying to transport it to the midlands to get it fixed
  11. It wouldn’t help you out because the CSC is integral with the release bearing, so you can’t change it without separating the gearbox to release it off the first motion shaft.
  12. My ST220 failed in exactly the same way years ago, CSC failure as you say. Cost me £1100 for a new clutch, flywheel and CSC. That was at Ford but indy's were quoting around the same with non-genuine flywheels. I don't know about Volvo's but changing it on a Mk3 Mondeo is a complete colin hunt of a job and its worth every penny of the labour charge to have someone do it for you. Tricky one really, car is probably near worthless as it is, or spend a grand and know you have a good clutch for the next 100k+ - i'd probably spend the grand.
  13. Recently ditched BT for plusnet after they refused to negotiate anything resembling a decent deal, which actually ended in the BT salesman suggesting I go to plusnet because they can't touch them on price - so I did. I've also found that Sky are extremely willing to negotiate these days, even with existing customers. 1st year I was getting the full package with them for 75% discount as a returning customer, which worked out about £24 a month, when this expired I phoned up to cancel and they did me the same deal but minus the sports - which I never watch anyway, for £22 a month. This expired again last November so I phoned up to cancel, figuring there was no way they would repeat it for a 3rd year running, it took a bit more persistence this time but they did me another deal for £24 a month, again everything besides sports. I will go back to BT though once plusnet is up, because their new customer discounts and cashback\top cashback offers are pretty unbeatable, its just existing customers who get rogered
  14. It’s amazing the number of times I’ve been cut off when trying to cancel something, not just BT I’m sure they think if they cut you off enough times and make it sufficiently difficult you'll think, ah fuck it I’ll stay.
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