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  1. I think they look nicer without the boot trim.
  2. I was tempted by the Kielder tools but I got a 400nm Ryobi impact gun for a decent price, it's been good so far and Ryobi do about 100 different tools with the same battery.
  3. The temperature gauge moves around a lot on these and 90┬░c is perfectly normal. Fingers crossed it just needed a flush and bleed.
  4. The strut was so buggered that there wasn't much resistance in the spring, we used the compressor to help remove it from the car as the whole assembly was stuck as it was longer than intended by Volvo due to the breakage.
  5. How does a driveshaft seize? I do worry about what's under the plastic sill covers of my Volvos.
  6. That's such a crap design on the Golf, the threads stripping is quite common. I limped my Volvo home, thinking the shock absorber had lost its fluid, but the strut had snapped in half. I didn't realise it was quite that bad til I took it apart.
  7. How do you get on with the Polo? I know @davehedgehog31wasn't keen on it.
  8. Where did the previous owner think the leak was coming from? Any residue or stains? It looks class by the way. I have an electric mirror for a 405 if needed, I think it's the driver's side.
  9. No they are usually compatible with any code reader. I also have a fuel filter for one of these if anyone wants it for £postage
  10. I have one of those cheapy orange VAG code readers if you want it.
  11. Were you not tempted to make a hydropneumatic 305 van? I like the look of those Cougars
  12. If there's no ABS reluctor ring you can use the CV joint as a kind of stretch tool, I have also used a 2l drinks bottle. The plastic cones you can buy for this job work reasonably well.
  13. I agree about the 2.0 HDI not being quite as efficient as a VE or PD TDI but the Berlingo is a big box of a thing and you seemed to get good fuel consumption from it. I wasn't too bothered as I had a supply of [redacted] when I had it.
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