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  1. To make room for the 2.5 TDI and VR6 I think. Beware the clutch and cambelt are huge jobs on TDIs.
  2. Yes, the boot on these must weigh a ton. I like the moody pics from a few weeks ago.
  3. Good diagnostic skills and I'm glad it's a cheap fix. It's a lovely car.
  4. Impressive car, impressively quick downfall.
  5. 11.9 seconds to 60MPH and 109MPH top speed seems quite perky for a 1.3. I have always been curious about these and kind of want a diesel bug eye Corolla.
  6. Have you looked at the tank pickup? Sometimes the gauze filter in them blocks.
  7. Solidarity @TheDoctor, I was diagnosed ASD a few years ago. I still don't understand a lot of jokes when first told and I feel like I'm playing at being a social person. I would like to go through the Fenlander's poor running with you as I have played with crap old diesels for a long time. Have you tried a different filter?
  8. I did a similar job on my Volvo recently and it was a right war, unbolting the bracket and taking it to a nearby garage to press the bush in ended up being the easiest/only option. Hopefully the Saab engine mount goes in easier.
  9. It could start fine all summer and autumn with a couple of bad glow plugs then when it gets colder it won't start at all. Would you be able to get it tow started or jump it? It will eventually start with the heat created from compression, if it's bad glow plugs.
  10. I had Kingpin winter tyres on one of my 405s, they were quite good but sad to see they've stopped retreading tyres now.
  11. There is or was a festering Vauxhall Viva close to Grantown on Spey with winter tyres on it, it must have been sitting there since the early 80s at least. They aren't a new thing. As above, wide, low profile summer tyres are hopeless in the snow.
  12. I did give it a good thrashing pre-MOT but it ended up sitting there for longer than expected, the tester couldn't suss out the immobiliser.
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