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  1. They have an on/off switch unlike some Saabs.
  2. The new struts are in but I had to sacrifice the anti roll bar drop links. The new ones took ages to arrive. All good with the struts. Not good with the track rod ends. Hopefully two of ECP's finest* track rod ends will be fitted tomorrow..
  3. Is the 1.0 MPI a Skoda OHV engine? I have a feeling it is. I sometimes see a mildly "scened" one around here at I like it. Looks alright Chompy!
  4. It reminds me of the 940 diesel saloon I had. Does it also have a blue interior? Also, get it bought.
  5. I think the peak of functional, reliable car design is the late 80s-mid 90s era. The P10 Primera is a better car in engineering terms, eg the P11 has a torsion beam rear axle instead of the P10's multi link set up. I also think the P10 is better built. But good luck finding a nice P10 now, this thing looks great. Nice find and buy.
  6. It's good to hear the parts are okay, after I bought them I found mixed reviews. The big box of goodies contained two shock absorbers, bump stops (for an Opel, old ones reused), gaiters, spring mounts and top mounts.
  7. I may be arrested and thrown in jail for displaying it uncensored.
  8. The van engine belgian/swedish banger has misbehaved. Its nearside shock absorber lost all of its oil and became quite unsettling to drive, shuddering and shaking over every bump. @sdkrc kindly offered his Car of the Future as a loaner while I sorted it out. @juular helped to remove the bad strut and kindly lent tools. Once the strut was off it was clear to see it was fucked, big time. I wonder how long it's been ropey because driving around roundabouts it kind of felt like the front wheels were shifting about. It's almost back together now but I had to sacrifice t
  9. I think commercial vehicles are exempt from a lot of safety standards.
  10. I remember @catsinthewelder doing that with an old Rover 200 if I remember correctly and it's not a fever dream. It was in a really funky fabric.
  11. Does it need four wheel alignment? I think the rear wheel alignment is fixed.
  12. My S70 makes a horrible ping/boing sometimes pulling away at low speeds which I thought might be the strut bearing or mount. Did you get a good deal on the parts?
  13. If not primed just right they can be an arse to start after a fuel filter change indeed.
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