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  1. You would hope so after spending 1.5k making it right.
  2. Maxuses seem to have a decent survival rate considering they are an orphan van from a dead brand.
  3. Where did you get the Serck style plates please? I think they would look great on the Express van when it gets a UK reg.
  4. Yes I am going to avoid driving it til the registration is sorted out. Could driving it to a garage be justified?
  5. Did the new glow plugs cure the cold starting problem? Maybe the high Km and low powered diesel is knackered and has low compression... 🥺
  6. The Express's silent partners and one of their fathers joined in for some servicing and cleaning. It is a little cracker and in amazing condition for a 1989 van with nearly 170 thousand miles in Kms. The plastic hubcaps were thrown away to reveal silver steelies and centre caps underneath. It looked 55% better already. We had a heavy shift servicing, washing, buffing and waxing it. The paint is still a bit flat in places but it is now protected and looks presentable. The oil filter looked reasonably new but was torqued to 400NM or something, a ridiculous amount of effort to remove it. Heroic effort from @sdkrc and @320touring. We were worried it was cross threaded but the new one went on fine. Same oil filter as a Clio 182! @320touring worried about the glow plugs shearing but they came out no bother. The valve cover gasket had been leaking all over them for some time, the engine was hot and penetrating spray was used with abandon. The two behind the fuel pump were awkward but it didn't take long. BEADS. Valve cover cleaned. Detailing world. So clean underneath.
  7. Velour or cloth is an upgrade to leather.
  8. Screenshot of CCTV, now that is lazy.
  9. I am not sure how old you are but let's say you were earning £18k per annum in 1999, that would be worth over £30k today. I bet you felt rich.
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