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  1. Is that 380 miles on a bit more than half a tank? Impressive. I just found this particular example depressing and couldn't wait to get out of it, I wouldn't say no to a nicer one.
  2. The fuel gauge is pretty reliable, I have taken it well into the reserve. Hope it's a good trip.
  3. Frankly I'm a bit of a car luddite but I don't suppose it can go on forever. I like the comfort of the Volvo and its mostly mechanical engine that I can fix myself. Aye it has dynamic pump timing, I am not sure mine is 100% right as I don't think most garages have the Volvo software but it goes well enough and the MPG readout is almost bob on unlike the VAG ones which tell you you're covering 15 more MPG than reality. The 0-60 time below is only .3s off the Parkers figure.
  4. I think the child seats are a standard item on UK cars, my old 1993 994 turbo diesel had a booster seat. Honestly Volvo specs of the early-mid 90s are baffling! Love to see yours and any 9xx car.
  5. I'd kind of like an S60 D5 or S40/V50 D5. Should I hang on to this instead?
  6. Aye! Mine was registered in late 1997 and the hubs have more in common with an 850 than later x70s that have bearings secured by a long bolt rather than a big nut.
  7. Top tips, thanks. I hope I don't have to take the hub off again,it should be easier now however. The ABS sensor bolt looks like it's rusted into the hub, I don't look forward to trying to remove it. I bought a newish looking sensor from U Pull It, from the same C70 convertible I got the cupholders from but it's a different type.
  8. 406? High interest. This Berlingo is a 2005! I was posting about 13 year old cars when I first started on AS.
  9. I didn't manage 500 miles from a tank but I was thrashing it to be honest. The big pin is probably for the ring hitch on the towbar. Wet vac has done a world of good.
  10. I also changed the nearside front wheel bearing which turned into a bit of a war with two rounded external torx bolts, I ended up walking to a nearby garage with the hub to have them grind the bolts off. Whose idea was it to use E14 bolts on a part that's very exposed to road salt? Wrestling with the hub also triggered the ABS and TRACS lights. Reluctor ring or ABS sensor? Place bets now.
  11. I made some improvements. The instrument panel was cloudy and it bugged me, I guess a previous owner had spilled something on it. It would not clean or polish off. A headless Volvo V70 2.5D provided an instrument cluster but being a late one it didn't like my early-ish ECU, the fascia clipped off easily enough though. In retrospect I should have just taken the fascia instead of paying for the whole cluster. A C70 convertible provided cupholders. I didn't like the leather armrest of that car but the internals of it are interchangeable with my velour armrest. I think the year old offside wheel bearing is growling again, poor show from an ECP part bought in a hurry, and the rear brakes need attention but I am glad to be driving this again instead of a van with windows.
  12. They feel like a big 306/Xsara to drive I think. You can fairly chuck them about.
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