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  1. This has another year's test on it with minor fails fixed* and is now running on a fair % of veg oil. I don't really take pics of it, even though it is very handsome, it just gets driven. It is leaking a bit of oil from the cam seals which I need to address at some point but it is super reliable and comfy to drive. It feels much more secure with good part worns fitted. A quality Swedish-Belgian car with a German engine.
  2. my 1995 spare was put to good use recently. It is said that tyres age like a fine wine*.
  3. Land Rovers have separate chassis which make restoring a rotten one easier.
  4. Volvo 850 TDI, 47MPG with some urban/suburban commuting and a bit of open road. It's alright for what it is.
  5. Are they original or reproduction plates? I like the VAG dealer specific font of the 1980s a lot. What a lovely thing
  6. Great thread to be bumped. Any progress with the BMW? The climate and conditions in the Highlands are a real test of rustproofing but it doesn't look that bad, don't E39s rust a bit anyway?
  7. The seized engine is a good opportunity to put a proper VW LT engine in there, a rackety 6 cylinder diesel that rolled coal from the factory.
  8. From the mad era of Mazda when 5 door hatch, 3 door hatch, saloon and estate versions of the 323 shared no body panels with each other.
  9. Yes that's exactly it. I am fed up of paying high VED but the 850 is quite a fuel efficient car for what it is, plus I have done a fair bit of work to keep it reliable.
  10. 850 miles* to empty in an 850 diesel. I don't think it will do that but I should be able to squeeze 700 or more miles out of the tank. I have been worrying about it costing too much to run but it's not bad really.
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