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  1. I stalked it in the other thread and it does look like a nice example. Hope the long journey goes well.
  2. Where's the car? Let me know if you need a hand and if it's in the central area.
  3. If it seems too quiet the timing could be retarded. Lovely car, great work and the thread is a joy to follow.
  4. Only if you have the V5, there was a brief period where anyone could look up the MOT test station online.
  5. Air suspension, you can see it in its raised setting in some of the pictures.
  6. I do like the font on the number plate. Good work, I'm growing to like the Mk2 Clio, they're good cars.
  7. Lacquer Peel


    I don't want one personally but I like them. I wouldn't buy a car just to prove a point.
  8. I know someone who's had a vehicle pass two MOT tests with a cracked chassis. Helps if your girlfriend's father is an MOT tester.
  9. The MOT test is only as good as the tester's morals and their relationship with the person presenting the car for a test.
  10. Being a dafty transcends bullshit generational demographics.
  11. Yes, my 2000 DW8 Berlingo had a Bosch pump, I guess it's just the early DW8s.
  12. You can check if there's pressure in the system by releasing the Schrader valve at the high end.
  13. Good work, it's nice to see a scruffy old van getting some love. Does it have a Bosch pump?
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