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  1. Delighted to help @320touring collect his new Nissan Juke.
  2. Would it be an awful job to get rid of the original fuel pipes and simplify the system?
  3. Double the Rexton, double the ? The one in good condition has a hole in the block and a seized engine because someone thought it would be good and also smart to keep messing with a manual boost controller without a gauge. The other is hanging but has a good 85k engine
  4. Lucas CAV pump on this but can veg with care. I'm glad it fell close to friends and support. Hopefully the trip home isn't too arduous.
  5. My second Rexton and the third car I've bought from @Jim Bell, confirmed GOOD. Attempts have been made with @juular to make it less slow with a manual boost controller, it is a bit more responsive now but still needs more boost and fuel.
  6. I like commercial rated tyres for bumping up kerbs with impunity
  7. This sounds like anti-motorist rhetoric.
  8. Is it ok to arrive at the campsite at around 10pm tomorrow?
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