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  1. Because it's a basic necessity and shouldn't be a commodity
  2. Nationalise your "properties" without compensation.
  3. People shouldn't own multiple "properties"
  4. 850s etc. although stable and good handling cars normally get a bit flustered at high speeds on bumpy roads, spinning inside wheels and feeling jittery. They have quite a basic suspension set up and are big cars with much of the weight over the front driven wheels. I wonder how the AWD ones compare.
  5. At least they are honest about the MPG, not making out it once did 30MPG and leaving out the rest.
  6. What? I don't know who you are. I guessed you were an amateur mechanic/tinkerer like a lot of people here. How would this be policed?
  7. The Lancia's control arms were so fucked. How did this pass an MOT in late May? https://youtu.be/I3XMNJMgeNM
  8. It's just a handbrake cable, how hard could it be? 👀 I've offered to help.
  9. You're the general public, I'm the general public, most of us aren't trade customers I would guess.
  10. Life has been easy for you eh.
  11. In much of Europe at the time diesel fuel at the pump was very cheap. They aren't the most fuel efficient engines but likely more fuel efficient than a carb fed petrol 240.
  12. According to Wikipedia that could be a trailer number plate. It's a strange format for a Belgian number plate.
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