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  1. Do you still have VOL-FCR? I have it on a Google drive if needed.
  2. Meet at your place? I'm sure the collective might of Scotoshite could get it back together. Feel free to message if you're stuck with anything. I have been told there is a 205 breaking in Laurieston but haven't been able to check yet. I am in love with my blue nugget.
  3. Robert DIY is a lifesaver for these cars. It might be in the engine bay, and it's an OBD1 port. Also gives a run down as to how to check the real mileage. https://youtu.be/9K-1WChRr9k
  4. It is a bit quick because it has a tuning box fitted, but it probably has a boost leak as well. I think I would have traded half a tank of fuel for your working A/C. The compressor in mine has long since been bypassed. I got Monroe shocks for the front end for around £100 which made it feel a lot less boat-like and the rear has nearly new Sachs taken from a breaker. Yours drives nicely, be interested to know the real mileage if it's possible to find out without the OBD port.
  5. Could be one or the other!
  6. I'll be taking a diesel greeny/blue car.
  7. The hardest part of the job was removing one 10mm bolt holding a water pipe to the head, otherwise it was quite easy to work on.
  8. Did you buy the Daihatsu Grand Move 1.6 I recommended
  9. 13 cylinders in the turquoise zone
  10. Are those Escapade models jacked up a bit compared to normal Partners?
  11. That looks great, Japanese day vans look really comfy and practical without being massive.
  12. It's a great piece of kit and means you're not stuck with marque-only software. It is more powerful than the Volvo software even on Volvo specific stuff.
  13. The Volvo software will run on a Windows 10 laptop in XP compatibility mode. I have the Delphi software on a Win 7 laptop but I think it should run on 10 fine, it's a 2017 update.
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