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  1. OK, apologies if this thread is even more half-arsed than my normal for sale threads, but my heart really isn't in it. This is very much a head over heart sale as I really do love driving the old crate. I even enjoy seeing it sitting outside the front of my house (now it's working again at least). However my head is saying it's not got long left on the MOT, it's going to need some work, and I currently have four cars ahead of it in the MOT queue, at least two of which (Innocenti and Rover of Doom) are almost certainly going to need money spending on them, so if I keep it it's probably going to end up sitting around for months until I get round to getting it sorted, which would be a bit of a waste. Having said that, if it doesn't sell I certainly won't be shedding any tears. Anyway, let's start off with the good bits. -Starts every time since I fixorated it, and goes pretty well now the gearbox is working properly - I took it up my private* test track last night and it recorded a 0-60 time of 9.6 seconds, which is only 0.1 sec behind the official quoted figure. -Not too bad on fuel on a steady run for a 3.8 V6, although obviously not quite so good round the houses. -Just about the ideal size of Yank IMHO - big enough and wallowy enough to feel like a proper American car, but small enough and wieldy enough to be usable in this country. It'll even just about fit into a Tesco parking space. -Lights, wipers, horn, indicators etc. all work. I've fitted new wiper blades as they were utterly shagged. I've also fitted LED reversing lights as the original reversing lights were repurposed to work as indicators when the car was brought into the UK. Climate control works from a heating point of view - no idea if the aircon works. Original stereo is in working order and doesn't sound too bad. Electric seats work (or at least the driver's one does, not tried the passenger one). Interior is a nice place to be, in a slightly tacky American sort of a way. -Seems generally pretty solid, drives straight and true with "no knocks or bangs" as they say in the eBay adverts. -Actually handles reasonably well - it wallows and bounces and there's bugger all feel through the steering, but it clings on through corners better than I'd expected. Not so good bits: -MOT runs out on 19th March. It'll definitely need a repair to the battery tray to pass, and something doing about the ABS light which stays on. You might get away with removing the bulb - the ABS pump is down below the air filter so not immediately obvious upon opening the bonnet, although might be spotted when checking the brake pipes. Also the fact that it has the words "Anti-lock braking system" embossed into the brake pedal rubber, and a further "anti-lock" badge on the dash, could be a bit of a giveaway. You could potentially wire it in to the oil pressure light, or do something clever with a timer chip (one of which I will include if you fancy it). Or, Heaven forbid, you could actually try and fix whatever the issue is, although I have no idea how you'd diagnose an ABS fault on a car this age other than by trial and error. -The MIL also stays on, although I don't think that's an MOT issue on a car this age, and it says "Service engine soon" rather than showing a picture of an engine, so a tester might not pick up on what it is anyway. I interrogated the on-board diagnostics but they didn't show up any fault codes, so not sure what's going on there. The "Change oil soon" light also comes on, but goes off after a bit. -Central locking doesn't work from outside, and only two of the four doors work on the inside button. Boot and fuel flap releases don't work either - boot has to be opened with the key, and fuel flap released manually (oh, the ignominy). -Electric aerial is temperamental - it comes up OK, but needs a hand going down and doesn't seem to know when to stop retracting sometimes. -Headlining has been removed by a previous owner (the one before Bramz) - apparently it was sagging so they just ripped it out. -Think it needs a wheel balancing as there's a bit of a vibration above about 65. -Radiator lower mount is quite rusty, although don't think this counts as structural for MOT purposes. -Paintwork is typical of a Florida car - quite faded. General bodywork condition is also typical of Floridian giffer ownership - couple of scuffs and scrapes and a couple of bits of chrome trim missing. Still looks respectable enough from a short distance away though. -Cruise control doesn't work. -It could do with a set of plugs (they're not expensive, only about a tenner for a full set) and one of the HT leads has seen better days, although that doesn't seem to be affecting the running at the moment. Think that about covers it. It owes me £600 [plus the odd little bits I've spent on it since and the two weekends of my life I lost fixing its running issues], and I'd like to see that back. It's in NE Norfolk, delivery may be possible. Pics:
  2. Temptation trim level so such toys as electric windows, power steering,central locking and electric roof. R registered. MOT till 20th December Good bits Comfy seats All electrics work Starts and drives absolutely spot on 57k on clock 2 keys 2 former keepers Solid underneath Bad bits Back bumper very scuffed on top Small ding on driver's rear quarter Rear seat has a seat cover on it as the fabric has torn Front right indicator lens missing. Works fine just no lense Front bumper has some scuffs. Now straight sale. Auxiliary belts both changed, droplinks need changing but they are in the boot. Due to impending collection tomorrow this will be parked on my driveway. Owes me 300 as it stands. Remote locking works with two fobs. Keypad immobiliser still working fine too.
  3. Purchased by me in December because I needed a cheap car quick. Previous owner was given car by mother in law who had owned a number of years but it was just too small for them. It's the top spec allure model with the 2 litre engine so is basically the 206gti but convertible. MOT till December Spec includes, 91000 miles Full black leather Remote locking with 2 keys Auto wipers Auto lights Traction/stability control Climate control Fuel computer Aluminium pedals and gear knob Aux in stereo Fully electric roof Interior is lovely, seats in really good condition. I've cleaned and fed the leather. Exterior is good, basically what you would expect with a couple of stonechips and marks. It runs and drives perfectly, engine is smooth. Gearbox perfect with a light clutch. Clutch bite is in exactly the right place. No knocks or bangs whatsoever. Warms up really quick and settles to 88 degrees. Brakes pull up straight and clean, discs all round. Roof works perfectly and is bone dry inside, I've treated seals aswell. Service book and book pack included. Previous owner said cambelt was changed 2 years ago December just gone, no proof but I've no reason to doubt it. I've had cover off and cambelt looks basically new. When I got it I..... Changed engine oil and filter Air filter Had tracking adjusted (pet hate wheel not straight) Adjusted handbrake Wiper blades Repaired wiring to fans which is a common problem on these, work perfectly now, come in at 106 degrees Any questions fire away!
  4. X plate. MOT till October. Nice interior. Has an occasional starting issue could be ECU or immobiliser. Clutch on its last breath too. Been offered 150 in scrap but it's had two new tyres and front springs so rather it live on if anyone wants the hassle?! Need it gone quick has have to try funding another car. £150 takes it. Located in Derbyshire
  5. I've had a bunch of Rovers of various types, with mixed results. Well not that mixed really, the nearest thing to a happy ending is the ex-TaxiPaul 75 that I won, and couldn't use, which my mate Dave now has. And loves. So when I clicked the link on the ebay thread to a giffer-owned 820 auto there was only really ever going to be one result, wasn't there? Collection Mission arranged for Sunday. Watch this space, as they say.
  6. Heres the script from my facebook advert, Up for sale is my 1984 Carlton 2.0 manual Mk1 facelift. Showing 42000miles Mot till december The car drives well, no knocks or bangs, very comfortable cruiser. Bodywork is average and interior in good condition. Recent work includes a rebuilt weber carb with a manual choke, a new starter motor, ht leads, dizzy cap,rotor, exhaust looks to be quite new but dont know when it was fitted. Everything works as it should, original stereo, fuel gauge,temp gauge, voltmeter and oil pressure gauge. Even the factory fitted boot 'popper' works! Only bad points are a dent in the rear panel and a slight hesitation pulling away when the choke is in. The car is ready to drive away any distance, Big thanks to FOAD for his excellent photos
  7. BALLS. I make this ad with teeth firmly gritted and tears held back. Impending garage space loss coupled with overly strict cul-de-sac management means I literally have no place to store this. Many of you saw my epic (lol) collection on this beaut. I have loved every second. So far in my ownership I've given it a full service of oil/filter/air filter/plugs, and new Bosch front wipers. Runs smoother now too! Seriously It is a hoot to drive I have been driving it to and from work every day. FJ insurance is 150 fully comp as well, redonkulous. I even went the whole hog and started purchasing items for it as I intended on making this a rolling resto type thingy. So it comes with a new timing belt kit, QH branded water pump, QH rear shoes and 2 new rear cylinders as I wanted to make the brakes a little more efficient. I EVEN GOT A FLIPPIN HAYNES MANUAL. All this extra junk comes with the car. I have even ordered an original Rover 200 vehicle wallet as I wanted the authentic giffer feel. Oh, and a fuel filter is coming Monday, so I'll whack that on as it should only take me 10 minutes. Points to note: as per Taxi Paul's listing headlining to rear saggy but complete, and the 50p hole in the boot, which again I was going to get patched at a grand total of £50. However seeing as it's completely not structural and non urgent I didn't care. I haven't got the V5 yet but I will give you my blood and an IOU. Alternatively I will post it out when I receive it off Paul. I had a look underneath and it's had a recent exhaust system almost all the way to the manifold, and the sills are solid, and remarkably, chassis appears free from any other issues. There is surface rust to the arches but, they are strong. Again, I was planning on a rub down and stone chip when I had some time. I really really do not want to sell this car. I cannot express the sheer joy it makes me feel when I drive it. It's ace. If I may, I would like £240. I would still make a loss on this as I spent more on the parts, but WHO CARES. It comes resplendent with Autoshite sticker proudly placed in the rear window. I'm in Brum. I'll leave it taxed/insured to get you home because I am a wonderful man. Pics are from Paul, however it's the same considering I have not had it long. It's got 3/4 tank of fuel, so HURRII b4 it goNE
  8. I've just got back from the test centre with a shiny new 12 month MOT, so I'm finally selling my Vitesse. It's been the longest I've ever kept a car (5 years nearly) and I genuinely am gutted to be letting it go. However, I know it's time to move it on, I've got my ZT to keep me going, and there's just no space left for the Rover. The car itself is here: http://www.rover800.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10156 And recent pictures: The write-up: In my last 4 and bit years it's had a new clutch kit and slave cylinder, cambelt, 4 new tyres (last year's MOT treat), rear back box, cat, both complete sills including some inner sill reconstruction, plus Christ knows how many other smaller things. Known faults - drivers switch pack is dodgy (but someone is currently soldering me a good one, so he could just send it to you!), no air con (leak from pipework). And bodywork. The worst is the rear n/s arch, which is a horrible mess of filler and rust. None of this is going to cost you an MOT, but it definitely detracts from the look of it. Dozens of paints chips, blebs on doors, roof paint is a mess and so on. Good points - both front wings are rust free, and it is mechanically absolutely, crazily spot on. It starts the first flick of the key, no cranking whatsoever, manual boost controller and boost gauge means it is particularly fast. K+N panel filter, Volvo expansion tank, genuine Rover headlight covers, replaced and rust proofed filler neck, braided Goodrich brake hoses all round. With all the spares I've got for it (eg 2 x scuttle panels, random assortments of mirrors, temp sensors (new), boot struts), with 12 months MOT and a fair amount of history, I think I'll be looking for around the £700 mark, but I'm listening if that's wildly off course. For reference, the welding and tyres alone cost more than £500 last year. I'm not silly enough to think that I'll get back everything I've spent on it, nor that this is the finest example out there, but I do think you'll struggle to find a better driving one than this. The 17'' Vitesse alloys are getting refurbished on Thursday. This probably seems silly now, but it's been booked in for a while and the wheels on the ZT were refurbed last year, so I can't even get them done. So this Vitesse will actually be sold with recent tyres and newly refurbed wheels. Happy to provide any pictures or more info - I'll also be advertising this around the place as I do need to get shift on with selling this thing.
  9. Hi Everbody A friend of mine wants to do a quick sale of his Dad.s Peugeot 205 XUD Here is what He has told me ... "205 Mardi Gras 1.8d 3dr with sunroof, Good shell, some very small bubbles on one sill. Needs rear bushes for next MoT and has an intermittent stalling issue, which we think is down to grubby fuel lines but not sure. Dad has a new car so is not interested, I'd rather it went to an enthusiast. He's in his 70s and doesn't want to be mucked about with tyre kickers etc, but all he wants for it is £100 to a good home. M reg, red. M863CPV if anyone wants to check its MoT history online. 215k or so on the clock. Owned and extremely dependable by me then him for the past eight years." PM me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch, but genuine enquiries only please as I don't want him mucked about. Thanks!
  10. Some of you have probably already seen this on FB, eBay etc but thought I had better stick an ad up here. Shamelessly copied blurb: We bought this late last year for my partner to use everyday, but she has since replaced it with a 1.6 Meridian. I bought it from her in January and used it everyday myself but I have now bought a D Turbo so this one is surplus to requirements. As much as I'd love to keep it with several other cars I know it would just sit around unused! Between us we have covered about 10k miles in it with no issues whatsoever. Before us I believe it was owned by one family and passed between them. It still has it's original dealer plates, sticker and key fob along with the original Mardi Gras floor mats, sunroof sticker etc. When we got it it was treated to a new (Gates) cambelt and waterpump, spark plugs, filters etc. It is now due another oil and filter change which will be done before it goes (Now done). The bodywork is in good condition, the only bits worth mentioning are a crease on the driver's door (happened in a supermarket car park!) and the passenger side sill is dented and has a small area which appears to have been poorly resprayed. There's a few other very small dents here and there. The rest of the Miami Blue paintwork is in very good condition. It sits on a set of Peugeot 405 alloys, one is missing in the pictures as I recently had a puncture so the spare is on. A new tyre will be fitted before it goes and the alloy put back on. It had new Toyos fitted up front last year. I have the original wheel trims which will be included but the original steel wheels have gone. The interior is in excellent condition. A CD player from a later 306 has been fitted but the original radio/cassette is included. It drives very well. The little TU engine is surprisingly revvy but economical too. The size of the engine bay means it is ridiculously easy to work on as well. These early 306s are quite hard to find now, especially in such original condition with low miles. Will be very sad to see this one go! It's up for £550 everywhere else but I'd take £450 from a fellow Shiter.
  11. Hello, I had intended to keep this one going, but sensibly, I can't do 4 cars at the moment, and shouldn't have attempted to. This has been my daily for a month and despite not using it for any commuting, I have done nigh on 1300 miles in it. Probably because all my nearest and dearest have wanted me to drive places far away in it during the weekend. It's an ex Rover UK car, and belonged to an old chap for a decent wedge of its life. I have tons of paperwork for it from that part of its life, he spent a bloody fortune on it. It got bumped in to during his ownership, passed a VIC check and the only signs it had an accident is the slight rattle from the boot. It does have some good bits: -Engine is peppy and quick, sits at 70 all day and loves it. The temperature never strays above midway, ever, even in traffic. -Everything works. Literally everything. All four windows, sunroof, switch gear, original stereo, speakers sound oddly amazing for an older car. -Original everything too. -Blue leather is a rare option and the seats are pristine. Most of the interior is spotless, and the headlining is not sagging either. -Decent ish, if slightly old looking tyres. -Starts first time -Never FTP'd or even wanted to on me. - Really comfortable to sit in for extended periods. Bad bits -Very rusty in parts. I don't know when it was done but someone stuffed the nearside rear arch with filler. Said filler has now gone AWOL and there is some tape hiding the utter misery behind. Door bottoms are going the same way, as are all the arches, in varying degrees. Not beyond hope by any means though, just prepare yourself. -Hot starting is not the engines forte. -Paint is generally good but noticed some lacquer flaking off a rear door the other day -Cambelt due in about 5k. - Needs a service -Small leak into boot, but I have not found a puddle. -Wiper blades smearing a touch. -PAS pump ever so slightly whiney... Anyway, it is a good car, and will drive literally anywhere. I kind of don't want to sell it, but know it's presence will eventually hinder me and I will end up growing to resent it. £275. Located in Reading, Berks. Some basic photos for now but I shall add more when I can. I know there is millions of for sale adverts on here at the moment so don't expect this to sell too quickly. Will be entering short term storage this coming weekend. 1993 Rover 216 GSI Blue Leather Interior. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr My 1993 Rover 216 GSI. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr My 1993 Rover 216 GSI. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr
  12. Gone to the rainbow bridge... had trouble uploading pictures so tried the Shite Cars for Sale FB group; that got a barrage of enquiries, made me regret risking interacting with FB's gang of wannabe dealers, and then saw it disappear for the £100 asking price with a chap who will frag it for £160 for the hassle and £20's worth of fuel. Jen's old car - she has a sexy Volvo C70 Cabriolet now. This fine SAAB 9-3 has been astoundingly reliable, but smells of petrol, has had the dashboard mildly hacked about to fit a double-DIN radio (that Jen wanted to keep), and the MoT ran out. Nearside rear passenger window doesn't work, and hasn't for a couple of years. The paint is manky, but it had new front coils, new tyres (pair) and new exhaust for the last MoT. Cannot be arsed taking it for one, as my entire day from 7-7 is taken up by work one way or another. Here are some pictures. It starts and stuff. Hell, it might pass another MoT. It's near J20 M1/Lutterworth, and is offered pretty much "until I pay attention to it again and decide to just scrap it", in case anyone wants it; Jen would like some sort of money for it it but that's mostly about persuading herself to part with it at all. Despite the new car.
  13. Edit: Now reserved. Should the sale not work out for any reason this thread will be updated accordingly. ---- I've come to the conclusion that this poor old girl just isn't going to get sorted by me. She was parked up in this corner mid last year when the head gasket (which had been giving me the occasional warning by starting on three cylinders occasionally ever since I got the car in 2012) finally decided to call time on life and let go a few hundred yards from home by dropping to three cylinders and and trailing a proper James Bond style smoke screen out the tailpipe. I've picked up a head gasket set (Victor Reinz branded if I remember right), but just haven't had the time nor inclination to deal with it yet. There's also a bit of emotional baggage attached to the car for me, which I think is something which will prevent me ever really being able to properly enjoy it again - simply put, it was travelling in this car that I had the last ever real conversation with my mother before she quite abruptly passed away in a matter of days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. As such, I feel that it's time for me to move on and time for the car to find a new home. I've driven quite a few Classic 900s over the years, and despite a laundry list of little niggles this is one of the nicest driving examples I've ever been behind the wheel of. [] 1989 Saab 900i. [] Normally Aspirated 8v Engine. [] 3-speed automatic (actually works really well with the 8v engine). [] 133K Miles. [] Front tyres have less than 1500 miles on (Cooper branded I believe). [] New battery fitted early last year. [] New full exhaust system fitted over the last couple of years (tailpipe in 2016, the rest of the system followed in 2017). [] Has had welding in the usual places on the driveshaft tunnels in the past. [] Central Locking is somewhat temperamental, requiring the driver's electric window to be poked several times before it will unlock the passenger's door and boot. It's done that since I got the car and I've never managed to get to the bottom of it. [] Driver's electric window doesn't close fully - I reckon this is entirely my own fault as it worked perfectly until I closed the door while winding the window down one day - Think something has jumped out of position. [] Passenger's window sticks. [] Door bottoms could do with some re-constructive surgery, but aren't beyond saving by any means compared to many I've seen. [] Rev counter is intermittent. [] Nearside headlight could do with the reflector reconditioning - it's been an advisory for "poor beam image" since about 2005. [] Philips radio/CD player (with USB/iPod connectivity) with illumination that matches the dash fitted. She's currently parked up in the corner of our yard just off the driveway - under a tree which does a good job of making anything that's parked there for five minutes look like it's been there for years. It's also currently got a whole bunch of junk stored in there which of course will be cleared out prior to any sale! ...Here's a better photo showing what she can look like when cleaned up. As any coolant will immediately exit directly into the sump there currently isn't any in there (the oil has been flushed a couple of times subsequently prior to the car being laid up to try to minimise contamination). The engine will still run sufficiently to get her onto a trailer, but she will need to be trailered away. I'll try to get some better photos when it's not bloody snowing, and give her a quick wash to get rid of the bird muck. £400 or an offer vaguely in that general ballpark. Though I'm more interested in the car going to a good home where she's got the best chance for restoration than the money to be honest. I'm not going to scrap this car, I've too much an attachment to it and consequently have a vested interest in its continued survival. She's an odd combination of spec as well, and autos are getting rare to see now. If nobody wants it as a project as it is, I'll look to get the head sorted when the weather gets better and shift it on in the summer hopefully with a year's ticket.
  14. P reg Disco, manual. 5 door jobbie in blue. Inside is reasonable. Engine is good, nice engine and good gearbox but the clutch is slipping and the pedal has jumped to it's death on the floor. Poss clutch are but could be anything. Budget for a new clutch. Doesn't drive, so will need trailering. Bodywise is a bit tatty. It is rusty where the body mounts onto the chassis by the front wheel arches. Back end isn't too bad. Car Take Back have offered £250, so it anyone wants it then £275 or so would get it. MOT till June or July. Location is Enfield EN2. Please pm me if you are interested. Photos tomorrow
  15. Gents, I am selling this on behalf of a very good friend of mine, Mark, who is terminally ill with cancer. Mark bought the ML in 2012 from the first owner. This car has never towed anything, although it comes with a towbar, has never seen any pets or children and is pretty much mint. 2002 270 CDi (5 cylinder) engine 5 speed automatic transmission 140k miles A lot of history, receipts, handbooks, etc all present MoT until May 2019 Taxed to get you home Comes with 1/3 of tank of diesel Good spec with dark grey leather interior, heated and electric front seats, cruise control, a/c, Blue-tooth connection to stereo, side steps, blacked out rear windows, nice alloys with good tyres and the usual electric toys. Everything works. The interior is absolutely mint with no significant wear on the seats and no stains or smells. Carpets, including in the boot are as new and the headlining is unmarked. There is a load-liner in the boot. Externally, only the driver's side wing mirror glass looks like it's pissed itself, otherwise near enough mint with no evidence of any rust, marks or scratches, although the car needs a wash - see photos. The side steps were fitted shortly after Mark bought the ML and from what I recall they weren't cheap. The alloy wheels are mint. The ML starts on the button, all dashboard lights come on and go off promptly. The engine runs smooth and two days ago had the injector seals done, with receipt to prove. Drivetrain, suspension and steering are perfect, with no clonks, rattles or looseness that you get in tired 4x4s. Brakes are good and strong. Front tyres are as new, rears are half-worn. I have all the paperwork here, including a signed V5. Price is (see page 2). Car is with me in Buckinghamshire, 5 mins from M40 J3. Would make a perfect tow car / winter car / family SUV. My wife and I already have a pair of SUVs and I have three toys, which means that I cannot justify buying this car for myself, however if my circumstances were different I would have taken this on the spot. Have some pics: This is the only real negative:
  16. So, I gave up giving up trying to get the CJ to idle properly, and took it to the professionals for this and to get an MOT. As you can see, it didn't end well. A year sat on my driveway clearly hasn't helped: I'm not prepared to spend this sort of money on a car that even I can see I've lost interest in, especially when the Citroen has announced it needs new radius arm bearings. It's a shame, because it's still a nice looking thing, and great fun on the odd day when it's not pissing down. The hood and mechanism are good, and the oft-lost hood bag is present. The interior is nice, at some point the front seats (the original denim material used typically disintegrates) have been professionaly re-trimmed. I fitted a new rear window not long after getting the car - the old one cracked, and you couldn't see through it in any event. The cat was replaced at some point in my stewardship, along with two recent ditchfinders on the front, new coil, new throttle position sensor, HT leads and exhaust sensor. There's a box of bits (ECU, throttle body etc.) with it, as well as a manual, a key and a V5. And a folder full of old bills etc. The battery was shagged and slung not long after the car was laid up, and I've had the DAB radio for the Citroen. If you were to bring a battery it would run and drive, but I wouldn't go far in it because on the way back from the test the already knackered brakes started sounding even worse, pulsing etc. like a pad had fallen out, possibly? Pictures: £200. Car is in HD8. I'm not around much these days, so drop me a PM if you're interested. Cheers.
  17. Roffle Cancelled - Car Sold Stupidly i bought this on a whim and ill be honest, I paid £800 for it. Thinking this was a bargain, i have ended up replacing the turbo and thermostat and then realised that considering i drive up to 200 miles on a weekend for a passtime i wont share (its quite trainspotter-esque) maybe a turbo estate is the worst type of car to have on the drive. It doesnt look like it goes like the clappers but my god - it shifts. 17psi will spin the tyres up in second. Its the car that i wish i had about ten years ago. Anyway. the difficult bit. I bought it off a 'good mate' on the cheap (he paid £1200 for it about three months before me) and as such i feel like a total bellend trying to make any profit on it off gumtree or facebook. And can you actually IMAGINE the dross this thing will dredge up. So. 10 months MOT 85k ish 1.8t 20vt AUQ K03s from a mk1 Leon Cupra. Small front mount Registered as a 1.6. Coilovers GTI brakes GTI bumper GTI interior The good bits: It shifts, but it also just bimbles along really nicely off boost. No rattles or creaks or groans, and its generally in good condition. I just had to put the turbo on it off the Lupo so im now also turbo less on that and need to get it finished. Just had a thermostat yesterday. New air filter for teh boost y0. Scans clear on Vagcom. The bad bits: The front door locks are a bit 'loose' in the handles. It has a bodged side exit exhaust. Drivers wing is a slightly different shade of silver. Battery is a bit crap so turns over a bit slowly. Someone has installed uprated clocks on it and as such they show 160k. MOT history shows its more around the 85k mark. Put a tartan blanket on the back seats, maybe a roof rack, and go and upset people round your way. Will meet at train stations and airports etc. Car is located at G84 Helensburgh. Really unlikely, but swaps for almost anything diesel in the same ballpark. 1 puddlethumper 2 minimad 3 4 Billy Bunter 5 6 kiltox 7 8 flat4 9 shite knight 10 11 dave_q 12 13 bramz7 14 jimbob_mcgregor 15 supernaut 16 sofarsogood 17 bangernomics 18 19 Cort16 20 21 puddlethumper 22 Rave 23 24 cheezey 25 26 Spartacus 27 Spartacus 28 The Moog 29 30 mercedade 31 32 yes oui si 33 split_pin 34 35 dickleybridge 36 37 hpi_matrix 38 39 minimad 40 41 kiltox 42 rainagain 43 44 harmoniccheeeseburger 45 46 Jim Bell 47 gadgetgricey 48 49 sporty_shite 50 Aston Martin 51 52 yes oui si 53 54 Matts_rusty_bus 55 56 jazoli 57 58 Cobblers 59 Cobblers £13 a ticket gives you £767 - if it sells at Roffle ill throw £50 to the forum / charity of choice. Sell for £750.
  18. As briefly mentioned in News 24, Brother Fumbler has gone and bought a P38 Range Rover, and so, the Camry has come up for sale, and he wanted me to put an ad on here for him because I believe it should enter the fold of the Shiters because unnecessary barge with lazy engine and gearbox. A vendre is a 2002 Toyota Camry V6. As standard with this Camry is a 3 speed autobox with overdrive, and a DOHC 1MZFE V6 ~186 horsepower engine. Petrol dinosaur powered. The good: Car has a clean, unmarked cream leather interior and all electronics for engine and so forth work faultlessly Contains working 6 CD multichanger (access in boot) Stereo sound system working flawlessly Original, clean, radio package Automatic lights and wipers. Wiper blades good and all lights working well. Paint is a lovely metallic burgundy, might need a little TLC with claybar and wax for that xtra shine but it is sound with no laquer peel. New Dunlop tyres fitted all round. Spare only used once and is still in great shape with no cracking. New Yuasa battery New brake pads and belts Climate control is excellent, air conditioning is ice cold. A perfect, low stress motorway cruiser. It is silent, the ride is good, the engine note is also quite nice as well. Cruise control works perfectly with no general faults to report on the car. Present odometer reading says ~83 000 miles. Clear on all records and has been driven by a competant and safe driver. The needed: The car's MoT expires on 29th March 2019, only advisory left unmitigated is the pitted brake disks, however they aren't seriously weakened. As of 21st February, MoT is being considered to be done regardless of sale. More details to follow in following days. Service history is partial, there is no record up until 2009. Car will need a service, with oil changes in the transmission and engine. To my knowledge the ATF hasn't been changed since the original owner bought it in 2002. The car does have moisture ingress due to bad rear window, boot and probably door seals. In recent weather both the inside and outside have iced over. Rear passenger door trim strip has fallen off and has been re-stuck on with the correct pads which are, however, 1 mm thicker than the originals so it does stick out a bit. Paint underneath, however, is fine. The keyfob key is knackered and so has been taped up quite vigorously. It still works and has had a new battery when it last fell apart. New key has been cut. I believe it has also been programmed. The advisory notice: Rear passenger side sill has an unsealed, rusted stonechip which was there from when brother bought the car. The patch hasn't grown or gone elsewhere since then and a competant welding man also said that it was a small matter and the rust hasn't spread elsewhere. Pictures can be provided on request. It was designed for America and so has a recirculator fitted to meet their emission standards. Nothing needs to be done persay, but I think it's worthy of noting down in case someone wants to squeeze some more power out of it. Ignore it looking like it hangs low, they all look like that. Now for some lovely pictures (they are when the car arrived on the driveway, but they are still representative of what the car looks like today): If you are interested send me a PM and I'll work from there. Again, I am not selling the car, Brother_Fumbler is, but I'm floating an ad on here on his request because Autoshite. Many thanks in your viewings of this page. This is also my first thread, woohoo. It is £1800, negotiation can and will happen! Sorry, price is now fixed and unlikely to change. Vehicle located in Uckfield for rough distance calculations and stuff. Yes it was freee for a limited time of 5 minutes, sorry.
  19. A friend has a white T reg Ducato van coming up for sale . He's owned it a good number of years , just for towing a racing car to meetings ...which it does with ease . Or it did, but he's now given up motor racing due to retirement and sold the car .. It has massive grunt , but i don't think it's a turbo . We towed a 911 on a big Brian James trailer back from Dorset, and even on a gradient it held 70 in 5th .. Always garaged, and well maintained , it's VERY clean inside and out (.maybe a few Fox terrier hairs on the seats !! ) .The back is ply lined . Not all perfect though ... 2nd and 3rd syncros are shot , and have been since he bought it , probably 10 years ago . Pretty common fault I believe. Brand new mot though , no advisories as of last week . Reg is T204 DRP if you want to look . 90k Only pic i have of it at the moment !!
  20. £300.00p (euros and Swiss francs accepted) Was in daily use for commuting etc. but now surpluss to requirements due to job change. Will honestly put a few pic here, has a few dents and scratches, working radio and tow hitch. Silver and near GU2 7XH Guildford. Tow ball and bolts in boot as nurse had bike rack in it's place, dent front O/S wing (but missed the head lamp) nurse was stressed trying to park. Sunroof opens and closes. Better pics with less dents below from previous custodian. Can deliver anywhere in UK + Euroland (inc Swiss parts) and North Africa for fuel n fairy cost und rtn fare.
  21. This was mentioned as for sale on my main Jag thread, but the for sale bit is buried and it's not so obvious that the car is indeed for sale, hence I'm doing a separate thread here for clarity. So what we have here is a 1995 Jaguar XJR6 4.0 Supercharged, which I named ELA when I ended up with two of these magnificent things by accident, so names were assigned to each. The colour is flamenco red and the interior cream leather with the all important black wood trim. 110 500 miles. MOT till 21/12/2019. New front brake discs and pads, new rear subframe bushes (big job), welding to O/S and N/S inner sill/floor, which was done properly by a pro. Lots of service history (lots of stamps and huge pile of receipts), not written off or anything like that (I have done a car history check) full book pack, two keys, original Jag mats (genuine Jag shag pile lambswool rugs optional if you are feeling crazy!), at least one working remote fob. The wheels have been refurbished at some point and they have had the diamond cutting redone, not just someone painting them. They look brilliant. Runs really well, links to videos below. Consumes fuel like a burning oil-rig, but that is quite normal. Expect 18-20 Mpg. Performance is ballistic, 326 bhp 512 N⋅m torque. It will bite if you provoke it so you have to be a little sensible especially on slippery roundabouts. Has a working CD multi-changer, electric seats, and functioning electric folding mirrors, which is a nice novelty. Downsides are the usual clock having faded segments, pinned headlining, one front wing is going around the bottom edge (replacement in correct colour available). Overall it's very solid (I have had a very good poke underneath and the MOT in December was thorough) but rough around the edges. The odd dent here, the odd spot of lacquer peel (not much, a few small coin size pieces), Priced exactly in the middle of the market, much better than the broken ones at around £2000, but much cheaper than the white backdrop brigade. The price is £2800 to shitter, on the open market you will see it at £3000. This is not to be confused at all with the very similar looking V8 XJR X308. The XJR6 (X306) is a much more old school, thumping, wide-shouldered character, produced in small numbers, which to me at least has it's own charm. The V8 is smoother and easier to handle. The supercharged 6 takes more driving and the tech behind it is somewhat more simplistic and durable in many ways. It's a 4 speed auto (GM 400 series) and the engine is basically the 4.0 AJ16 with a Eaton M90 blower plonked on the side for a laugh. As a package the car is rather brilliant. Smooth, lovely to sit in, very fast, people like you for having one. I'm cheered up every time I drive it and not many cars do that. It is the original blower Jag. Drivetrian wise these things are very, very hardy and will last with basic servicing. I'm not starting a debate on whether one is better than the other. I think it is fair to say one may appeal more to some than the other, but the main point is that they are different. Location, spitting distance of York. Link to original thread here so you can get to know ELA a bit better: http://autoshite.com/topic/34003-jaguar-xjr6-double-madness-one-now-for-sale-bonus-fixed-turquoise-car/page-3 Videos: Photos:
  22. I purchased this a few months ago on here from fellow shitter. It's perfectly well suited to any use and been 100% reliable after minor and that is minor tinkering. Mrs 95 has expressed her wish for another freelander, and as I wish to keep my balls intact best I agree. 2.0 HDI. 136bhp. Auto, currently on 99k decent history, good mot history MOT Oct next year. Never had a towbar. Everything works with execption of Heated rear screen works 75% of the time. Shows washer fLuid low when cleaning screen Recent service. Oil and all filters. Eyols topped up. Available. Weekends. Suffolk Weekdays. Newark Random. Hawick(up north somewhere) as theres a freelander there Take 950 to cover costs.
  23. Set of 4 with centre caps. Some scratches but nothing major. Two have ok tyres,two not so ok. £50 collect from alfreton.
  24. It’s sadly time for me to depart with the beloved base spec beast. A number of factors have decided this. But my loss is your gain! Potentially. The basics: 1995 BMW 316i, White with unpainted bumpers and base interior. MOT till September. Mileage is 119k. It runs fine but could do with a service. There is a ton of paperwork from 1998 till 2016, then he rest is here on the thread for the car! The bad: There’s lacquer peel, a lot of lacquer peel on the rear of the roof and on the boot lid. The drivers window, the window has come off the regulator. The windows switch has been unplugged as well to avoid accidental use. A lot of trim is sagging/not in place. The park brake is poor, as in park in gear if on a big hill poor. Rear suspension is a little boaty, Stone chips, small dents and scratches as well as the N/S fog lamp blank missing, but they add to the charm. Although I've been using the car for the past few months, I've washed it at work every week and once a month taken it over a pit and had a check. There is the surface rust around the O/S/R arches, and I did a quality* fix of the N/S/R arches last year. (Looks better than it did, but if you look enough you can easily see). The Sill's were painted black, but paint is coming off. Link to thread: http://autoshite.com/topic/25167-so-what-does-%C2%A3191-get-you-bavarian-misery-wagon/ Price: £5.50 a ticket. I’m located just North of Aberdeen. Bad bits photos: HAPPY ROFFLE PEOPLE 1. ohdearme 2. 3. 4. reb 5. 6 7. bramz7 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. brownnova 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21 ohdearme 22. 23. 24. Cheezey 25. 26. 27. 28. Flat4 29. 30. 31. Supernaut - PAID 32. 33 34. bramz7 35. 36. 37. 38. Flat4 39. 40. 41. 42. reb 43. 44. djoptix 45. 46. 47. brownnova 48. 49 50. 51. bramz7 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. Cheezey 58. 59.
  25. Just taken this in part exchange against my wifes Fiesta today. It helped seal the deal and to be honest I just need it gone. its a 2002 1.0 Tempest (no idea what that gives it but it does have a factory sliding roof - which does work) central locking but keep kit windows and manual mirrors. Mot to Nov 2019 Mileage is 83700. Tyres all good, clean interior but slight hole on drivers bolster. Cant see any welding been done and not been flagged as a rusty shed on MOT history but is starting to go round the arches (nowt serious and easily caught if it bothers you) Few minor scrapes on the bumpers and a dodgy paint blend on the o/s/r 1/4 Its never gone win any prizes - but as a an honest car it ticks all those boxes. Previous owner had it since 2012. Need it gone - £450ono Car located near Wakefield just off jct 40 M1
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