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  1. It's a bit of an internal debate in my head as to whether to start a car specific thread on AS. My Mazda thread has become a reflection of costs of running a 25 year old car as a daily but doesn't get much traffic, my Mondeo thread has become a general MK1/2 Mondeo thread (happy about that) and my Invacar thread has become mainly about DVLA admin...but let's give it a go, see what happens. As documented in the news and elsewhere, here it is. Joey spud noticed straight away that it needs to be called Yummy with that number plate. But I expect the original owner was the proverbial little ol
  2. Not sure what the market for these are now as the seem to be priced all over the place, Anyone care to put a value on this pile of old shite I bought it with good intentions but decided to buy the hippo instead so this is now just sitting doing nothing it drives really well with a nice tight gear change, engine starts first time and runs really nice, it has chassis rust (don't they all) mainly back cross member, front driverside outrigger, and rear shock mount area,
  3. I have this Clio I was going to weigh in but I would like to save it, despite having quite a bit of scrap I'd like to put in it. Seems a shame though, it's not a bad little car but I'm not putting any effort into getting it tested then having to deal with penniless mouth breathers so if none of you lot want it for bridge money then I shall be getting bridge money. From the bridge. I can't keep it too long, the French Quarter is already overpopulated. It's done 97,000 and doesn't appear to have any rot. Sweet little engine. Exhaust hanging a bit low and has a slight blow. Body generall
  4. Yesterday I was in hospital having surgery on my ankle so rather than rest like the surgeon said I have arranged to go and collect my new car. I have been awake all night in pain so what could possibly go wrong! Luckily it's only a couple of hours round trip so I reckon I can do it, if I get really tired on the way back the accommodation in my new car is positively palatial and I can rest up on the heated rear seats. Can't wait!
  5. A strange day yesterday where both me and Mrs Cheeze both bought cars. She is getting a 65 plate Civic which she says she will keep for 10 years - hopefully. I got a Jaguar XJ6 4.0 Sovereign for significantly less than the cost of her Civic. I'd been keeping an eye on it on Gumtree the last month and the price had been creeping down and I managed to get it a bit cheaper still. With a bit of googling it appears it went through the Morris Leslie classic auction in August. I paid a bit less than it went through there at. Surprisingly Mrs Cheeze likes it and my Dad loves it
  6. So at least a bunch of you will recognise my much hacked about Invacar (AC Model 70 actually to be technically correct), KPL139P from my blog thread. With the arrival of Dollywobbler's former spares car the decision was made to return that to the road rather than KPL as it was in far better overall condition. So since then she has donated her engine, brakes and gearbox to TPA. It seems a shame to just throw away the leftovers though. Given the repeated comments we've both had from people saying we should stick a silly bike engine or something in it, there se
  7. I also have a handy trailer for sale. Also £100.I'll put some pictures up when I get back home tomorrow.
  8. Moving this over here in case anyone has missed it. Needing this gone within next 2 weeks due to losing parking space. Couple of faults but nothing major. Its mot'd til jan and in good running order. Price drop to £300 as is for quick sale, otherwise i fix the faults and stick it on bumtree for twice that amount! Would make a good winter beater for someone
  9. Right! I'm off to see this in about 1 hour. It's lovely old bloke who's selling it and he seems to have every bit of history from new. The first owner was his best mate. 8000 miles! I suppose it'll have some niggles if I press it into service given it's infrequent use.. My main concern is this however: Why the flip does it appear to be in the red when sitting idling? Duff fan? Has it now overheated or is that just where they sit?
  10. RJC_0193 by srblythe, on Flickr I got this at the start of the year with the intention of fitting a Fiat twin cam to it but I've recently come to the conclusion that I'll probably never get around to doing anything with it. Mot until November 2018 and 17k miles. RJC_1868 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_1861 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_1864 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_1792 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_1793 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_1762 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_1884 by srblythe, on Flickr It's had new brakes all round including calipers, cylinders, drums and lines, new clutch sl
  11. Decided to move these pair on, some detail can be viewed here, http://autoshite.com/topic/31016-swedish-tank-no-2-and-random-shite-disposal-update/?do=findComment&comment=1425812 Estate is now out of Mot but taxed to get you home. Saloon will drive onto a trailer. Condition wise nothing much has changed since my last comments on them. Will be looking at scrap price if anyone wants to take either or both of them on. Will be posting a price after I've run the details through a scrap car site.
  12. Departarting from the norm, I'm being lazy and have actually managed to convince the seller to deliver to my house at no cost. It's only the other side of town but haven't got the time to collect today. 2 hour countdown starts at 9am
  13. This is quite embarrassing and for me extremely disappointing that after whole 2 days of owning Golden Sam I am forced to sell her... I can hardly explain how it came to this but basically there's no convincing my wife. Here's the previous two sale threads: http://autoshite.com/topic/20397-lada-samara-15-sedonafor-sale-%C2%A3350/ http://autoshite.com/topic/16583-i-can-haz-vaz-2108/ The car: Lada Samara 1.5 Sedona or if you wish VAZ 2108 2 or 3 door (however you want to look at it), what looks like some aftermarket kit, steel wheels, 4 Pirelli tires with loads of thread. FWD, no power stee
  14. Hot on the heels of last week’s collectioneering of a Xantia, another collection starts here and now. Well it is probably a collection as long as the car is as described, but I am optimistic. Clues. It’s enormous yet quite cramped. Never had one before and it could be considered blessed, saintly even!
  15. It's the green one. If you're proper horny for it then PM me, but anyone with cash can buy a car any time. Meh. Would roffle, but CBA with the admin. Therefore, funtime! Another KruJoe-spec 99p start AUCTION... (GBP (Pounds Sterling) bids only, no licked Twixes (John_F, I'm talking to you), bid increments 50 pence or more, that's up to you. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid. Other T&C's may apply if I haven't thought of them yet.) It's a risk, but I'll take it. I've thought of a number as a reserve, roughly bridge price plus today's £50 MOT fee, so a
  16. 1991 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Automatic MOT July 2019 Selling as I need a more economical car for child ferrying - doing 240 miles per weekend. Solid bodywork, apart from a bodged repair to the front wing. Plenty of 'giffer scrapes' and faded / mismatched paint. Alloys repainted black, as weren't the tidiest. Wouldn't take much to restore to original spec. Mileage is 67,000 approx Used regularly as is my only car. All electric windows, doors, mirrors, sunroof. Interior in good condition. Fuel economy is ok for the age and gearbox, I'm getting 35-40 mpg Issues / Potential Issues:- Autochoke a bit
  17. I have acquired a vehicle. This is when I was trying to fix it so I could drive home. The car was offered FOC to the Rover 800 Owners' Club. They weren't really in a position to take it on directly, so it ended up being pointed my way. It's an 820 base model - SU carburettor-fed 2-litre O-Series! BAe was the first owner, for eight weeks, then it was sold to the father of the chap I bought it off, who sadly passed away last year. It has covered 105k, has a fair bit of rust in a few places, but is pretty tidy and looks bloody fantastic. It has a few weeks of MOT, del
  18. OK, let's try this again; the sensible hybrid is on the way. Late-1995 'Inca' 3-door 1.8 n/a 90000 miles MOT 19.6.2019, but will have new ticket before moving on 'Patinated' yet very solid; character dent in front wing; never welded, boot floor perfect Sunroof sealed, replacement provided Great fun on the twisties but good on big roads too; would drive this anywhere Tarty but comfy pleather CTi front seats (originals here too) Grips well in mud with a large SCTSH on the bonnet (SF16!) Previously polished by Outlaw Bob Colour-coded H
  19. I thought i'd start a new thread for the Sharan i bought off Krujoe last week. I apologise that it's relatively modern for on here even though in most of the 'normal' population a 13 year old car is nearly ready for the scrapyard! I'd like to get it reliable as the few journeys in it have left me very impressed. It's very relaxing to drive with the tiptronic auto and very comfortable. It does feel a bit bus like but in a good way. I'm already planning some trips out with the family and grand parents to try and take full advantage it. I thought i'd list my plan of attack here although i
  20. Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar. My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage. It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key. It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid a
  21. Brief background to this: I swapped my Jaguar for this car 2 and a half weeks ago as I was desperate to scratch my v8 itch, a client who works in my office bought it last September as a winter hack from his father in law. He was always complimentary towards the jag, I've always fancied a V8, so when he told me he was selling it I asked if he fancied a swapz and he was up for it! Unfortunately it's came at the wrong time for me, as my hours at work have halved recently and I really need something with economies as I'm applying for jobs with a commute longer than my current 8 miles a day. A pe
  22. Short version of a long thread Bought Nov 17 with a blown engine Put new engine in that was worse than the old one Put another 70,000 mile engine in out of a 330D that I saw running this time It's got loads of history inc recon gearbox and suspension done Drives ok , no warning lights on , 2 keys, one needs a battery , 12 months mot, everything works inc AC Needs the blower direction box sorting , it's on your feet, could be 5 minutes , could be 30 mi utes then theres a whoosh as something frees off and it's all working normally I had a Google and it's something to do with vents, the
  23. Just in case someone on here is looking for a project. Its not a big project. This one has been my love/hate car and part of my still wants to get it back on the road. Currently at hate/hate and with the way things are with family commitments it will not get fixed for months. Non Runner - Fueling issues (mechanicalk pump is not getting fuel to carb. Suspect auxiliary shaft) and background wiring issue with starter and carb thermostats circuits. More details if you talk to me so phone conversations welcomed.... Pm for more details/phone number. Live just North of Bristol. Money - Offe
  24. This green beastie is up for sale, virtually a years MOT, belts done by our very own Bobthebeard, so nothing to worry about there. V6 2.5, manual, drove happily from up North to down South and didn't miss a beat. I will be popping over to the barn today and will get some photos as we all know that this thread is useless without pictures, right? Colour is Le Mans green as far as I can remember, I will also try and get the colour code too. Mileage: yes, it has mileage, something else to obtain. It's had a couple of owners on this here forum, one was Chompysnake, someone else
  25. 1994 Disco 300tdi for sale, Black, 5dr, Manual gearbox. ES model. MOT expired Feb 8th, Of course, being an old Disco it needs welding. Being totally honest, it needs the rear crossmember done, likely both front inner wings, Sills tidied up, probably door posts, rear arches to c pillar etc, usual Disco places. Great project for someone who can weld themselves, i don't have anywhere to do it and thanks to the ridiculous rates of Units, likely never will. Labour costs to pay somewhere to do it make it uneconomical for me to have done. Mechanically, it's good. Engine excellent, (Has had EGR blan
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