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  1. Sorry. Usually when somebody posts about a partner complaining about a car, the partner isn't the owner of the same car!
  2. Tell her to buy her own bloody car, then! Jesus wept.
  3. In 2010 I bought my first car. A 1997 Peugeot 306 XLdt with 156k on the clocks, in white. I kept that for 3 and a half years and got it to 179k before it grenaded. I now have another white 90s piece of chod that's older but has 34k less miles, and I bought it over 3 years ago (although only got my name on the v5 earlier this year). I seem to have form.
  4. My BMW is more grandad spec. It's base spec!
  5. I thought that looked familiar. I was sitting at those tables back in July!
  6. Yep. Just don't sell it on here because we all know what's wrong with it now! Actually, knowing folk on here somebody would probably want to buy it and fix it up...
  7. Aha! Think I once had a brief try of this at a scotoshite meet.
  8. I drove 200 fucking miles today after swapping the rocker cover gasket and the radiator yesterday! Imagine how I felt! ...yeah, didn't give a shit. It still works.
  9. I witnessed a doddery beige micra hold up a dump truck earlier. They were utterly oblivious. Luckily the dump truck turned and I got an overtaking opportunity shortly after.
  10. See this. It's blue when you have it on face vents suggesting it mixes in cold air. What setting was numpty here bleeding it on? You guessed it. The other two settings are roasting hot. Fuel, then along deeside and down the A93.
  11. That's you sorted until Guy Fawkes night, but then what are you going to do after that?
  12. Alright. I let it idle with the rad cap off, and every now and then I loosened the bleed screw and watched the level drop, then topped it up. I did this for a good 10 minutes or so and I have toasty warm heaters. They got even warmer when I put the cap back on too.
  13. I guess it's worth a shot. That's actually what I did when I accidentally knocked a coolant hose off a while ago (it wasn't screwed on very well) while replacing the oil filter. Typically, there was only one E46 in the scrap yard with the right radiator but no cap in sight. Still not sure whether to suspect the cap or a stubborn air lock.
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