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  1. 10 speed, actually. 5 speed box with a high/low transfer case.
  2. Now that the Rexton is a functional vehicle, it can live in this thread now. Today I have mostly been cleaning it. First, I clogged up the local car wash's vacuum cleaner this morning by attempting to clean just the rear half of it. I quietly (as quietly as you can in an OM662 powered vehicle) skulked away and did my shopping instead. Turns out, pootling about in a battered Rexton in oil-stained clothing while listening to the relaxing tones of some heavy metal means people don't tend to get in your way. I could get used to this. Then, I went over all of the interior surfaces with some various cleaning products and rags. It's not perfect but I feel about 83.7% less likely to catch an infectious disease while using it. I even sprayed all the seats with Febreze! I discovered some potential crime scene evidence in the driver's door pocket: But then I also found a free screwdriver in one of the pockets in the boot: Lastly, I discovered that the gear knob is threaded. Thus, the only logical thing to do was to be a massive child: Yep, that can stay on there. I still need to delve behind the glovebox and see if I can at least manually set the blend door to the windscreen and foot wells, but the wind is picking up. The windows still don't work either. They sound like they're trying to do something going by the clicking every time I try one of the switches. I wonder if the main switch pack in the driver's door has failed into the 'locked' setting? Who knows. Perhaps I'll have another look later today, or another day. Now, I'm going to have a cup of tea. The new thread title is based on the pickled cucumber jar lid I found in the back and which now lives in the centre console, as shown above.
  3. Sssh. We don't talk about that.
  4. Aye, it runs well! The Honda is a 2.2 diesel with 144k and an MOT until November and I'd like fifteen hunner pounds for it. It comes complete with the classic spaceship Civic crashy ride.
  5. Two weeks later. Yes. That's a different parking space. It drove there by itself, via a trip to Halfords with @dome and @Lacquer Peel in the passenger seats. With the new glow plugs in it and the new battery in there too, it fires up with barely two turns of the starter. What was really surprising was that after sitting for a week with the injector lines disconnected and the entire atmosphere leaking into the fuel system, all I did was run the glow plugs and crank it. Two turns, and it barked into life. What a fucking trooper. I have yet to sort the non-functioning (but clicking from the switches) windows, and the heater vents that don't change direction. Still. It's no longer a paperweight, it's a functional vehicle. Does anybody want a spaceship Civic?
  6. Oh, I'm sure it'll be visiting a petrol station soon! We all know just how economical* El Grands are to run.
  7. Today @Lacquer Peel turned up again after I'd made a slow start on taking things apart. Being somewhat taller than me, he leaned into the engine bay and made short work of the intake manifold, then just kept soldiering on and took the glow plugs out. Five very sad glow plugs were removed. We also put a multimeter on the glow plug wiring to confirm 12V is getting to them. It is. The plugs are just deader than a dead thing. Packed up and called it a day. I get the joy of reassembling it tomorrow. I also still need to source my own battery for it anyway...
  8. What's Spiderman doing to your engine hoist?
  9. Taken mere moments before I bump started it in reverse in order to get home. I've owned it nearly a week and still haven't had it running again.
  10. I remember you winning that. I also remember thinking the guy who got the second prize was the real winner, as he ended up with a heavily tuned - but still entirely usable (as in all the interior was still present) - Ibiza instead.
  11. If only it was a normal paint job. If it was an engine capable of running on veg oil it would be hilarious.
  12. I have driven that very car, when it was for sale in Falkirk in late 2021. It had a standard exhaust at that point, but the clutch bite point was somewhere in the head liner. Since then I've seen it in this thread for sale in Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, and now this latest ad in Bootle. Every time it's had less MOT and a higher price tag...
  13. Picked up a pair of facelift Rexton tail light lenses from U Pull It. I looked at them and thought "aye, that'll work" because all the bulbs are in individual holders. No. Most of the bulb holders are identical but the reverse lamp bulb holder would need to be smaller to fit the facelift lens. Why go to the effort of changing just one of the rear bulb holders on a facelift? Gaaaah.
  14. I know some purists would probably be outraged at the reupholstered and over-restored interior, plus those ATS wheels. But, I rather like that.
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