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  1. Brilliant. Gets pulled over for some minor faults, doesn't bother fixing them, then photographs it parked on lines for the hat-trick. Rough as fuck.
  2. I'm guessing a smoll car. It's always a smoll car with Doctor. Chodspeed!
  3. Do you have an airgun and a 32mm socket?
  4. Yeah, not as if you're a stranger to things needing epic amounts of welding though!
  5. If you were doing it properly, and to totally mangle several film references (we started with Mad Max), you could go all Gone in 60 Seconds and put a red button on top of the gear stick that says "Go baby go"
  6. That's the best idea. Wire it to a big red button inside the car!
  7. The CV joint for the Saab arrived today. I may look into fitting it tomorrow (plus the engine mount and the screenwash bottle). The expansion cap for the 316i also arrived today. GSF cheapy to go with the GSF radiator in there. The new cap feels a lot more positive when it screws on, and seems to go on nice and tightly. Here's hoping. I also decided to put some pieces of history on the Saab. The plastic trims on it were a bit shite, and had weak clips. The tyre fitters last week made them slightly worse, but they never seemed to sit quite right anyway. I've ha
  8. Would it cause the engine to go pop if you just engaged the supercharger clutch permanently? Maybe with a switched 12v feed with the ignition? I didn't realise these even had a clutch on the supercharger, I thought they were like any other supercharged engine, as in always on.
  9. The 316 lives to fight another year. The garage were a bit worried because it pissed coolant out during the emissions test. I said I knew about it and I'll just take it anyway. Chucked some water in and drove it home, temperature bang on in the middle. It's been pissing out the expansion cap a bit lately. I replaced the radiator last October, with a rad from GSF car parts. It didn't come with a cap, though, so I re-used the old one. The cap just doesn't feel like it's sitting right on the threads, and never seems to seal properly. If I open it when hot it doesn't releas
  10. I remember from my XUD-owning days that there's a bleed nipple on the fuel pump. Put a bit of transparent tubing on there (ideally leading into a container) and pump the primer bulb until you get diesel with no bubbles coming out of the transparent tube. Then tighten up the bleed nipple again. The suggestion earlier in the thread to crack the leak-off pipes off the injectors while the engine is running sounds a bit scary! Also difficult, considering how much an XUD rattles around on idle!
  11. Driving 6 hours to their local, they're just roleplaying as living in the Australian outback.
  12. I think I've cracked it. It's another example of a car you already own, which is apparently leaking all over the place according to your signature.
  13. Yup. I traced a leak on the Saab's exhaust recently... to a weld on the new flexi joint I got a garage to put in, and they charged rather handsomely for it. I mean, come on. FFS. That, plus the garage who did the remedial work for its MOT back in July putting in handbrake cables but not adjusting them up at all (but it still somehow passed). Actually, the MOT site shows it as passing an MOT the day before they said they got the handbrake cables in... I've almost always done as much as I can myself (or on a mate's driveway), and I'll continue doing that!
  14. At what point do you just fit hinged shutters to the windows? Oh, you said doors. I sometimes feel a bit miserable about the weather in Scotland, but I'm thankful I don't have to deal with things like that! Best of luck to you. My grump today is very minor. I need to unblock the passenger side washer jet on the 316 before its MOT on Monday, and last night I discovered the bulb that illuminates the heater controls has blown. Not like replacing that bulb is hard. Two phillips head screws to get to it. Got the rear section of the exhaust replaced yesterday with 17-Coffees' help
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