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  1. How to circulate oil in an as yet non-running engine, teuchtar style. Start with a horrible old chair, and trim the legs. Arc weld a bracket onto it and place it roughly in the vehicle. Secure* it using large G-clamps. Check comfort and visibility from your new drivers seat. Attach a tow hitch to the front bumper. Attach a draw bar to a tractor. Drag the whole lot outside and admire. Then select 4th gear - high range - and fire up the tractor. VID_20200713_154852606.mp4 We were able to conclude that oil was indeed circulating. This is because, in true Land Rover style, it's already leaking. It's from the banjo bolt at the top of the engine at the back, providing the oil feed for the rockers.
  2. Another mixed bag today. I fitted some boot struts out of a 54 reg Honda Civic, purchased for £5 from the local self-serve scrap yard. The boot now pops when released, and holds itself up nicely. VID_20200713_114128934.mp4 However. I attempted to drain the oil. It's a 13mm sump plug, and even after I hammered on a 6-sided socket and turned it gently while applying pressure, this happened: Does anybody in NE Scotland have a Pela pump? I also adjusted the aux belt tensioner but the belt is still squeaking now and then. Not sure if it's the belt or a tensioner that's doing the squeaking.
  3. I forgot to add; I plugged the driver's side headlight wiper back in yesterday, and it didn't do anything. Not at first, anyway. When I was driving home from mr Coffees' house I heard a rather worrying buzzing noise. I stopped to check and it was coming from... the driver's side headlight. Unplugged the headlight wiper and it stopped. It seems the motor for that wiper just goes mental when plugged in. The wiper didn't move at all though!
  4. High praise, coming from somebody with such a fleet in their signature!
  5. A Zetec S! Nice! When I was learning to drive I got to learn in a Xsara Picasso HDi, then was let loose in a SIII Land Rover once I had my licence.
  6. Next you'll tell me you have an electric aerial assembly too... I was going to ask about the odometer on this, actually. Seeing as it's a non-airbag wheel it looks straightforward enough to take off and get to the instruments. Does the odometer on these fail due to a weak plastic gear, in a similar way to 90s Volvos I've heard so much about?
  7. I've blipped the throttle by hand and watched a rather concerning amount of movement occur in that exact bush! Do I go for Powerflex Heritage? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-Saab-9000-85-98-Powerflex-Heritage-Upper-Engine-Mount-Kit-PFF66-125H/124055764854?hash=item1ce24cbf76:g:kk4AAOSwtFteJul4 Or Powerflex Yellow? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saab-9000-85-98-Powerflex-Upper-Engine-Mounting-Kit-PFF66-125/140920093838?hash=item20cf7dfc8e:g:MSUAAMXQTghRJhuS Hmmm.
  8. CLEAN. While cleaning it out I found an old style £1 coin and this: It definitely needs an engine mount. Much juddering occurs when pulling away if you don't get juuuust the right amount of revs. It is a hilarious old boat to drive, though. I was down some small back roads today and when people see a shonky old Saab coming towards them they just swerve the fuck out of the way! It's also far more nimble than a car so big has any right to be. I can corner at frankly unreasonable speeds and it sits totally flat while simultaneously absorbing bumps like they aren't there. I assume it has soft springs but really beefy anti roll bars?
  9. I opened the sunroof earlier. Mistakes were made. It wouldn't close again. No noise from the motor, nothing. I sat in a car park browsing Saab forums on my phone. I checked the fuse for it, which also controls the rear windows. The rear windows still work. Apparently the switch can lose conductivity. It basically needs taken out and cleaned. However, Saab thought of everything. You simply unclip a plastic panel next to the dome lights and there's a handle you can insert and manually crank the sunroof closed!
  10. Aye, I thought about taking the door card off and operating the lock that way until the actuator arrives.
  11. After sleeping on it, I have a dream... Wait, sorry. Anyway. I shall dig another radio out of the loft so I can have a 3.5mm port, then I'll clean the interior. Do I bother bodging the left rear door locked or just wait for the central locking actuator that Vantman kindly put in the post yesterday? Hmmm The weekend will hopefully contain an oil change and cleaning the outside. If I feel really ambitious I might even change the coolant...
  12. I'd never heard of the Land Master before. There's good reason for that, they're bloody rare! Single figures! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_Master The Wiki article even has a video of the prototype.
  13. FINALLY. It drives nicely. At 70mph I could hear the windscreen wiper motor, it's that quiet. The headlining needs some attention, mind. I also found out why the radio doesn't work, but the CD player is fine (it had the best of the Kinks in it). Also, the odometer doesn't work. Speedometer is fine, but no mileage is being added. Fuck knows what its true mileage is then! It's stuck at 111669. It also hunts a bit at idle, but that's probably down to the 3+ year old fuel still in it... It tracks straight and true and makes no worrying noises, but the whole car just feels dirty and gross. It needs a really good clean inside and out. All the foot wells and the boot are full of wood bark chippings, for example.
  14. Fuckin' winner! Looks solid enough to take a V6, aye?
  15. I also have low blood pressure. I've even blacked out a couple of times from it. Not in the past few years now though. Still get the odd dizzy spells.
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