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  1. Gliderol seems to be a garage door company. So he's collecting a whole garage door in his Citroen C2! Should be amusing.
  2. Wow. I like how it's even missing the N/S foglight blank just like mine.
  3. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/volvo/c30/2007/ This says 5x108. Makes sense as the C30 is a Mk2 Focus in a fancy suit. You can get 16" Mk2 Focus wheels for many cheaps, I've found. I put some on the Mk3 Mondeo I used to have.
  4. I initially thought somebody had bought a Volvo and was commencing a special lockdown collection mission...
  5. Mention of Tampax just made me think of this.
  6. What's going on there? You can't just post that without explaining! I've never seen or heard of such a thing on something as big as a Pontiac before. Is that a brake drum with a wheel rim bolted round the edge, as seen on some smaller European and Russian cars?
  7. Jesus wept. How much do I get for doing the challenge* in a full-size van? *what I do almost every time I drive the thing I actually went out for a drive to the shops earlier. I took the most direct* route, of course. I didn't see any shit driving, but I saw a 17 reg BMW 1 series perched very precariously on top of a drystone dyke. It was situated just after a slight bend which also dips. They must have been going one hell of a speed to end up perched there. It had a police aware sticker slapped across the rear window, but fuck knows how long it'll be there as it's not in anybody's way and some cars take long enough to get recovered without a global pandemic happening, it seems. I'll admit I burst out laughing when I saw it.
  8. I agree. The clapping was somewhat contrived, but I'm not against it as such. I'm more against the way it's almost being treated as an alternative to doing something tangible to help the NHS rather than being complimentary to some practical measures. There was a post on reddit this morning asking what the exchange rate was for NHS claps to the pound, so they knew how many claps they'd need to pay their rent, for example (Yes I know it's somewhat tongue in cheek, but also not entirely so).
  9. Oof. I bet that sounds nice* The 316 is sounding a bit fruity at the moment, as the ECP special back box we put on in 2016 is going a bit grotty again. I've bought another one but I need to work myself up to the fun* of fitting it. I still need to see this fine Toledo in person. I'm developing a bit of a thing for 90s base spec cars!
  10. It's in my signature... (the one that says autoshite conference call) [lazily shrugs, wanders off]
  11. That's just what Vectras look like.
  12. Stop it. Please, for the sake of all our sanity while we're in isolation. I have nothing against invacars, as such. Just stop shoehorning them into conversation so ungracefully at every 'opportunity'.
  13. Ok... what?! You're very VERY near me. I know that van too. It's on Gt Northern Road isn't it? I also recognise the Combo van location, that's one of the lanes off Clifton Road, and the Galaxy is up in Hilton.
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