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  1. It's not even a Mazda, it's a Smart Forfour.
  2. Most of the gap was waiting for the centre and rear sections of exhaust to arrive from ebay. They seemingly arrived yesterday and got fitted straight away. I think everything else had been done already, and it was just waiting on the exhaust.
  3. I've never seen one in that colour before! The interior is also lovely.
  4. Hey look, the end of a Saab 9000 gearbox. Undo some bolts... Replace the gearbox bush with a powerflex item... Then take a beauty shot. It drives a lot better now. No slop in the drivetrain, and a reassuring vibration on idle. I should probably clarify. It really needed it. I could feel the whole engine and gearbox wobbling around on gearchanges or sharply lifting off the throttle. The powerflex mount was chosen due to its cheapness, availability, and the fact that it can be fitted by hand without the need for a press.
  5. I owned an ungrateful Audi A4 that I hated for 2 years because I felt tied in due to the amount of money I pissed up the wall on it. It was constantly going wrong, and eventually I sold it for a massive loss. Essentially I paid about £1,200 for it in 2014, spent more than its purchase price again on various things then sold it for £900. I was glad to see it go. My biggest regret in that whole Audi A4 saga was selling its predecessor; a Peugeot 306 estate HDi with a stage 1 map. It had comfort, handling, performance and economy, plus it was far more reliable than the Audi ever was!
  6. Maybe @17-Coffees' one is worth more than he thinks! It's in better nick than that!
  7. Well that's just misleading. I prefer the Ozzie version of trayback because there's an actual tray there. Where's the tray on that Disco? Not blaming you, just having a whinge about silly terminology.
  8. Well now I've gone right off that Morris Minor.
  9. Meh. I've just finished bending the tabs again on both front door handles. Let's see how long this lasts!
  10. The Saab's door handles are playing up again. Now the only access to the vehicle from the outside is through the right rear door or through the boot. The left rear door isn't connected to the central locking. The front doors are both doing their thing with the external handles, even though I sorted the driver's door a couple of months back. Perhaps I need to bend that metal tab inside the mechanism even further... I might tackle the front doors again today, now that I know how to do it. This also arrived in the post yesterday: A gearbox mount.
  11. @SiC to the multi-coloured phone! [starts running]
  12. I don't have many 'normal' friends, but some think I'm weird just for my two. I remember telling a mate about the Saab when I bought it and his first question was "Did you get rid of the BMW then?" Err... no! That's not how this works!
  13. It has begun. I'm nervous and I'm not even the one buying this! I think I'm getting roped into helping drive it back north, though. That is if it can drive north. We've had no word from Ceri about any issues with it, just pictures of it on the trailer...
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