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  1. The Civic is also getting some love. I'm going to the west coast for 3 nights on Saturday, then will spend 2 nights up near Thurso, but... once I get to Aberdeenshire next Thursday I'll spend a few days at the parents' farm. They have a big barn I can work in, and I have rear discs, pads, a left rear caliper and a left handbrake cable for the Civic. Plus wire brushes and copper grease.
  2. The tradesman or the judgemental customer? Oh, how dare a tradesman have some self respect and choose a nice vehicle in which to spend their entire day? They don't deserve that! They should be driving around in poverty! Get over yourselves, all of you.
  3. Some bits of BMW have arrived. Two entire front wishbones with all balljoints and bushings already attached to them. Inner and outer track rod ends for both sides, plus ARB drop links too. All Meyle HD in one kit that was cheaper than buying the parts I needed individually. However, first of all it'll be getting dropped off with the local Central Belt Welder tomorrow. Then on Saturday I'm fucking off on holiday for over a week! 🤣
  4. Has it got 35 miles on it, or 39 miles on it? Who fuckin' knows! Because there are no photos of the odometer reading! What a load of horse shit. It irks me when a car ad gets the mileage wrong, but especially when that 4 mile difference is such a significant % of its miles!
  5. In the same way that art is more popular after the artist is dead, royal palaces are more popular after the royal family is dead?
  6. I've just been signed out on my desktop Firefox and it's completely broken. Trying to log in gets "oops, something went wrong!" with error code 25119/1 It won't even display the contact us page properly. It seems Android still works. EDIT: Ignore me, broke my cookie settings. Back in now.
  7. Well, shit. I guess I'm going on holiday in the Civic next week.
  8. Meh, energy companies are all cunts, whether or not you have smart meters. I'm with Octopus and have smart meters. They know exactly how much I'm using, yet keep 'automatically updating' my direct debit to be twice as much. Every few months I have go in and manually reduce it. I've currently got it set somewhere below my actual usage to burn off some of the balance it's built up! Bastards.
  9. Supernaut

    Rozzer Shite

    Well, I suppose it isn't really any of those trim levels. It's got a full-fat EFi 3500 V8 but is otherwise a base model. Proper Police spec.
  10. Supernaut

    Rozzer Shite

    The infamous (at least in the NE of Scotland) Grampian Police Rover SD1. Bought due to Stonehaven getting a dual carriageway bypass, so they needed something quick to chase people down. https://www.gtm.org.uk/exhibitions/gtm-permanent-collection/grampian-police-rover-sd1/
  11. How does the handbrake cable come out, then? I had a look earlier this afternoon and this was the result:
  12. Thanks to an entire afternoon of work the other weekend, assisted by Lacquer Peel, the BMW has a functional handbrake. It's booked in for an MOT next Saturday. Today I turned my attention to the civic. I knew the rear brakes were a bit shite, but I have some rear discs and a left rear caliper in the cupboard. Today I picked up a set of rear pads too. I took the left rear wheel off and realised the caliper currently on the car is a ball of rust. Even better* is that the handbrake does nothing at all on that side, it's seized solid. Explains why it's so crap then. I guess I need to swap the caliper at some point before November then. I can already tell it'll be a battle. The right rear looks in fine condition, but the left looks like it's been in the North Sea for some reason.
  13. That's still less than renting anywhere remotely decent. Perhaps they have so little hope of affording to move out due to salaries falling so far behind the cost of housing and other things that they may as well have some shred of enjoyment in their lives in the form of a nice car.
  14. Dispatched on the 7th, arrived just now. At least they did actually arrive, though. The handbrake shoes for the BMW. I now have all the parts required. The motivation, though? Eh, we'll see about that later.
  15. That's got to be a scam, surely? A bit of an odd choice of car, right enough. Still, though...
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