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  1. Yes! I want to see a thread on that.
  2. Small things today. Steering column bracket: Front bumper temporarily fitted to support the starting handle in order to turn over the engine with the oil in it: We also adjusted the bulkhead so that it sits properly upright. I was told this is very important as the door hinges have no adjustment besides the wear in them. This was achieved with the use of a spirit level and this curious threaded rod in the passenger side of the engine bay:
  3. On mobile. Firefox on android. I just tried to write a post tagging another user, once I chose the user to tag I was no longer able to continue writing the post. Any ideas? Edit: ffs the image uploader is also playing silly buggers on mobile too.
  4. Have you tried slamming the boot harder, or are you too scared it'll turn into bran flakes if too much force is applied?
  5. I didnae get a PM. Ah, it seems somebody else got assigned the number I was originally assigned. If they've already paid then leave it be, I guess.
  6. There are 3 permanent interchangeable states with cats. 1 - you're so graceful, my house panther 2 - you're my fuzzy little bundle of cuteness 3 - STOP EATING PLASTIC YOU STUPID FURRY LITTLE BASTARD
  7. Ah, good old 'positive' discrimination. We need more X or Y or people from abroad because it looks good for the diversity figures in the HR department. Yeah, and just ignore whether or not they're actually any good at the job!
  8. Somebody had a bad morning. This was in the car park where I keep the van. It was gutted, all the storage bins ripped open, all the doors flung open.
  9. I keep getting waved out of junctions in the work van. I just sit and wait. I'm in a slow as fuck fully loaded van with a trailer and there's half a mile of empty road behind them but they stop and try to wave me out. Just take your right of way!
  10. GM have a great habit of releasing a tepid car, then gradually improving it to the point it's actually good, then immediately killing it off. The Pontiac Fiero comes to mind. Many people say the final model year cars were actually rather good.
  11. Go on then. I'll have a random. Take it to Edinburgh with you so my collection would be slightly easier?
  12. Oh, just stop it already. Leave the poor newbie's thread alone. I'll be watching this with interest, it sounds ace. Why not use the mx5 engine along with the box? Size?
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