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  1. I've been away for over a week now. You know, nothing major. Just a move over 100 miles across Scotland to a new job. Broadband is now live in the flat, ooof it feels good. First day at the new job today, too. It's normal to end up wandering around a remote fish farm in the hills north of Glasgow on the first day of a job in IT infrastructure, right? Right...?
  2. I'm sitting here using my laptop in a room full of boxes. I move to Stirling tomorrow. Eep.
  3. Somebody got a bargain! Sold for £900, for a tidy 320i manual with under 100k on the clocks!
  4. I was going to ask why you would even bother making such a small car 4WD, then remembered Lancia is part of Fiat. Thus, it's probably a Panda 4x4 underneath. Maybe...? Fascinating wee thing, either way.
  5. If that was for sale maybe 6 months from now, I'd be all over it. The idea of getting something the polar opposite of the Alfa to bimble up and down the M90/A90 to visit family / friends is appealing. I mean, of course, to keep alongside the Alfa, rather than instead of.
  6. Love it. Ensure it's mechanically sound and just smoke around in it as-is. Or in other words; do not paint.
  7. Good old positive discrimination / affirmative action. Sounds like you're having a right fucking war with it though, Parky. Just to make you even more annoyed, I'll be starting a new job doing the same thing as my old job but for 50% more pay in mid-July. I completely fluffed a decent number of the technical questions in the interview, but they gave me the job based on my experience with wi-fi.
  8. I think that is still a distinct possibility if they don't fit the Morris. I'll probably be round his at the weekend if the weather is good (weekend BBQs are almost a tradition during the summer), and we may roll it out of the garage and have a proper look at fitting it. Tickman, or maybe the owner before him, bolted some Rover 200 coupe seats to some Morris seat frames previously, so it looks doable to simply swap them over, as they're still Rover 200 seats. All the important dimensions are very close / the same.
  9. A Rover 200 BRM interior missing its drivers seat, earlier today. The Alfa is already proving itself as a load lugger, too. We took one each, in our respective cars. I should probably include the photos of the other cars in the scrappy! Said BRM: Also a 240 with funky wind deflectors: Then this Celica, which was a crying shame. It looked tidier than what I turned up in, bar the hi-ab damage. Although on closer inspection the sills were fucked.
  10. It's nae a fucking flounce if you keep coming back, reading the thread, and changing the title every 5 minutes!
  11. My parents had a very similar looking one as a farm hack for a few years. 2.5 manual, too. Even with it encrusted in mud and with several years' worth of towing duties under its belt, it was still lovely to drive. Surprisingly sporty handling through that small steering wheel, considering it's jacked up and on balloon tyres. The pedals were just right for a bit of heel-toe action too.
  12. I've met a few of the mods, and they're lovely people in person. I'd even go as far as to call them friends. I don't like to get involved, however. The recent actions of whoever deleted a completely innocuous post from a long-standing and trusted member are frankly unacceptable. It's not just the deletion of the post, it's the complete lack of transparency. Why not send the member who had their post deleted a quick PM at the same time? What broke down in the moderation process? Step back and have a long look at yourselves and your processes before more of us start voting with our feet, please.
  13. I've also had experience of the whole 'making an offer before viewing' types. They're always trying to then haggle further once they arrive. So I may come across badly to some, but I don't accept offers from people who haven't viewed the car. Mainly because, at least in my experience, they always end up haggling more. I will admit, though, the only offers I've had before viewing have been utterly stupid offers to begin with, like 50% or less. So they just get ignored straight off. What is it with all the haggling anyway? I sold some alloy wheels with winter tyres on them a few months back. Had them up for £50, guy comes to view them after much to'ing and fro'ing and asks if I'd take £40. I said yes just to get rid of them, but why even haggle for £10 FFS? I could have just have easily told him to sod off and he would have lost out for the sake of £10, though. Meanwhile I just bought a car blind from the Midlands and drove it home, but that's something I only do on here.
  14. Genesis even do a G70 estate with a big V6 and a manual box! Definitely intriguing.
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