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  1. Work to be completed as and when he could (between jobs), but before the end of April. £500 up front, balance at the end of April. He's now said that he delayed another job and did mine instead so he could get paid earlier ("I really need the cash, mate."). He's fucked himself and will be getting no more work from this end - I'll pay for a trusted person to travel down from Berwick in the future.
  2. He's hinted at the former, but the last lot who tried that went out of business shortly after due to completely unrelated circumstances.
  3. Broke terms of (admittedly verbal) contract and demanded payment early because he's short of cash.
  4. Not one to name and shame - based near Morpeth.
  5. I don't have any credit cards. Called him as soon as I opened it - "Nowt I can do, mate."
  6. Agreed with local builder for some work to be done, price agreed on, that he'd do it as and when he could, and that he'd bill me at the end of April. Bill's come in now, less than I expected but still six weeks before I planned to have the fucking money to hand. Ten day 'pay by' on it as well. FFFFFUUUUUUU...
  7. Just came home to a bill that's basically a month's pay. Great. Gonna have to withdraw, sorry. Will be selling a load of tat as well to try and make ends meet.
  8. ponging tonight when I get near a laptop
  9. Can't even afford to drive it home atm
  10. I fancy a C5 (has to be a diesel estate) at some point - they all seem to be moon mileage and/or scant service history though :/
  11. Yup, MarkBognor from RR, photo taken at RetroRides Gathering at Shelsley Walsh; still the best car show I've ever attended.
  12. One thing I loved about my Metro was the ability to be able to touch any of the windows, or even to reach into the boot if needed from the driver's seat. You don't sit in cars like that, you wear them.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/390466915081664/ Imagine the sheer joy of restoring that over a few years, freeing everything up, sourcing new belts and bolts... And it taking your hand off on startup.
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