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  1. Poo count: one Accidental kicks in the spuds from toddler: two
  2. Oik yourself. If it were mine I'd take a slitting disc to the springs.
  3. R50 15" mini pepperpot alloys would be my choice...
  4. 😍 Small flat panel immediately below the stereo - cupholders?
  5. This absolute hero spotted en-route to Retro Rides Weekender at Goodwood three years ago. What you can't quite see is that there's a mounted tow ball on the front as well. He's had this outfit for 50+ years in all likelihood.
  6. So sorry to hear this, I hope you're doing as well as could be expected. He was a goodun, one of the nicest I've met through here
  7. I got a few looks reaching down and rapidly trying to pull the release whilst sat in the driver's seat...
  8. Mk3s are great. Don't swerve to avoid deer, just hit the fawny cunts.
  9. And does anyone know wtf the wires with blue connectors poking out each side of the dash are for?
  10. It's had a proper valet quite recently. Nice cabin to be in, other than the dash always blowing cold, but the underdash and screen managing to blow warm. It's going to fail its mot next month, so I'm getting my local guy to go over it next week and see exactly what it needs. It'll be fudged through this one, and then taken to be properly sorted in the summer. Needs a fair bit of bodywork done.
  11. Took a wee detour on my way home last night...
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