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  1. I'm pretty sure you could get the later ones with a K series... 1.8vvc Bolonez, anyone?
  2. Just caught up with this thread. As others have said, heroic work done @Rust Collector! Really sorry to read of the pregnancy scare, we had similar and it felt like the world fell away. Hope things go much smoother for all of you.
  3. Normal at home, brave in public. The real experience is the cold, naked and damp one when it hits mid-shower, and you have to shuffle out and across to the loo.
  4. Do a reverse Covin and fit a CVH from a mk2 Fiesta.
  5. Absolutely shit run of events Hopefully things pick up
  6. Good luck with it. These are oddly appealing... An auto saloon or estate would be ideal.
  7. Ride quality is overrated tbh... Glad you're back @HMC
  8. yes oui si


    Tens of thousands of items on a trailer, that's minute fractions of a penny per item. Empty shelves is absolutely the supermarket's fault.
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