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  1. Rx8 boxes will take 350+lb/ft all day long. A friend crews on a mk2 escort that just did an entire season with one behind a fully built c20xe with zero issues. In previous years their fully built Type9 would need to be stripped and serviced two or three times. They'll certainly take a K-series without breaking a sweat. Mx5 box is essentially the same, just with a different bellhousing which is difficult/expensive to get adapters for.
  2. If you're insistent on using the K series, K to Rx8 gearbox adapter plates are cheap and plentiful. Boxes are 5 or 6 speed, sweet shifting and £50-80.
  3. Wind the window up for cruise control.
  4. I just got a set of 17" three spokes that would bolt on... They're going on the daily 307 though.
  5. yes oui si

    Wedding Car

    Yup, on everything. We got an E type for my mate - £250 for the day, £1200 deposit (ouch) but it was great. They smoke the tyres well.
  6. yes oui si

    Wedding Car

    Loads of places do classic hire for weekends. Most have a strict no weddings policy but how the fuck are they going to know?
  7. https://www.maxpeedingrods.co.uk/For-Ford-Mondeo-MK-III-Jaguar-X-Wheel-Bearing-Kit.html
  8. Good episode, nice to see the diagnostic process broken down and a method of elimination used.
  9. Half grand Laguna: https://m.facebook.com/groups/653884311422745?view=permalink&id=1808010682676763 I hear that both the admins on that page are witty, erudite, suave, and have big willies.
  10. Looks like a hell of a lot of car for the money. Re-roffle when done? 😂
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