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  1. Mk3s are great. Don't swerve to avoid deer, just hit the fawny cunts.
  2. And does anyone know wtf the wires with blue connectors poking out each side of the dash are for?
  3. It's had a proper valet quite recently. Nice cabin to be in, other than the dash always blowing cold, but the underdash and screen managing to blow warm. It's going to fail its mot next month, so I'm getting my local guy to go over it next week and see exactly what it needs. It'll be fudged through this one, and then taken to be properly sorted in the summer. Needs a fair bit of bodywork done.
  4. Took a wee detour on my way home last night...
  5. 2 randoms on the tollydolly pls ❤️
  6. Same here. Interesting drive home... VID_20210120_232057.mp4
  7. That's pretty fucking close. Some redrilling and filing along with decent washers and flanged nuts will do the job. I'll sleeve the bottom of the shock where it clamps. 3" drop straight away, with nearly 4" of downward adjustment available.
  8. I forgot the oil cap on three consecutive oil changes on a golf I had. Every time, I found it sat on top of the gearbox 😕
  9. I'm South-West of Whittingham. Good places.
  10. Aye, first civilisation on my commute. Not as weird as Wooler so it gets a lot of love 😂
  11. This was snow free as well... Ten miles later:
  12. Omegas really are handsome old barges. Any video of it with the new exhaust?
  13. Also spotted a Polestar 2 (much nicer in dark colours) and this. I want one.
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