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  1. I really fancy a 230k. Something about them... I'd even tolerate an auto.
  2. You'll need to wait for the Covid vaccine. That'll give you 5g.
  3. I had that when I lived in Walker. Poor guy fell down the stairs.
  4. I misread it at first and wondered when a skip company had opened up in Horncliffe.
  5. Did your Mrs manage to get any photos of Uranus?
  6. That's fucking lush. It would only be better if it had velour.
  7. This is an itch that I need to scratch. Fit a Suzuki Cappuccino engine and gearbox, laugh your way to A&E.
  8. The mates rates on it makes it appealing. Ticket until April as well, just that rear quarter gouge and a scuffed bumper makes it a no-go for most buyers.
  9. Having seen what they part out for, I could run it until it pops then make decent profit on the lights, wheels and cat alone. It's an Isuzu lump isn't it?
  10. I've had two Oxford Green e39s on Style 49s
  11. I seem to attract dark metallic green cars 😂
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