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  1. They were on my radar as they seem to have avoided the used car price madness and would make decent family/dog transport if I needed something cheap but that's actually fucking ridiculous 😂
  2. Just helped a neighbour fill the washer fluid in her mk2 scenic (she has arthritis so can't lift/pour the muckle jug) and FUCKING HELL WHY IS THE ENGINE BAY ABOUT THE SIZE OF A NOTEPAD. Fuck trying to work on that.
  3. It's a clio not a Facel Vega. Weigh it in, it isn't worth any more of your time or effort.
  4. For background, Mrs_oui_si regularly sends me photos of a local volvo 340 that she spots and wants...
  5. I've owned most marks of Fiesta over the years, and I have to say that the mk7 is a cut above all the others. Genuinely a better class of car in every way. If it were written off tomorrow, I'd probably replace it with another with the same engine and spec, or maybe a B-Max. 45mpg around the hills and lanes, nice to drive, great stereo, perfect for when we need to go to a town or city.
  6. Presume this has been a rollback in an attempt to fix the image hosting?
  7. Cars are silly things, not worth taking them seriously. I don't hate the colour, but the poundland glitter and shit paint job can't stay.
  8. Three spokes is best spokes.
  9. Gunmetal wheels always look dirty. Some purples are nice. These are a shite pinky purple with glitter in, and loads of runs and orange peel and bits flaking off. God knows what the previous owner was thinking... They were never going to stay this colour.
  10. They're getting repainted when I have the fitment sorted. I've got a set of 17x8 Antera 145s...
  11. Test fit. Went well, just need to roll the arches a bit.
  12. Amazing work getting this sorted so far @trigger@trigger - offered them a reasonable price and you won't lose money on it. What's it like underneath?
  13. Wallowy but not in a comfortable way, nose-heavy and not as quick as people would have you believe. I wanted one until I drove a few 😕
  14. It goes BWAAAAA. I'm a sucker for a car that goes BWAAAAA. Seriously though, it has a lot of potential, it was just getting a bit tired and baggy. I budgeted a grand for a fun car, I'm still well under that. A few bits left to go and it'll be reet.
  15. Neighbour: "That's undriveable!" Me: "What do you mean?" Neighbour: "It's too low. You can't drive it like that!" Me: "I... Er... I drove it here."
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