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  1. It sounds like we must of been working for the same company lol
  2. Saying that your most probably right as we get an annual pay rise so it works out we are on a bit more for the time served. Myself and the other long term temp workers got about £1.50 extra an hour. Also Apparently the workforce needs to be 20% diverse by the end of the year we were told in a quarterly meeting last week. All of us were British and the new recruits are mainly foreign nationals so I guess it gets the quota up for the company as well.
  3. My grump today is I lost my job with 4 other people because we were the longest serving temporary workers at a vacuum pump factory in Eastbourne and was marched off site. I have been at the firm for over a couple of years myself but apparently a new law comes into play in April where agency workers have the same rights and pay as full time employees if you have been with the employer over a year and a half. So new agency staff were brought in a few weeks back to get them up to speed and out the door with us. I feel sorry more for the others as one of them has a young family to support and one of the others has been at the company close to 10 years plus I made some great mates at the company.
  4. For me it had to be the Smart roadster it was a fantastic little car to drive but plagued with problems with water ingress and soggy Sam units plus that horrible semi auto box. The thing was dropped after 3 years due to Mercedes losing a fortune in warranty repairs. It would of been a brilliant car with a jap 3 pot and a manual transmission. The funny thing is mine was perfect and never gave me any trouble but I was in The minority compared with most owners plus the Merc dealers didn’t seem to know how to repair them. The joke was that the Bridgestone tyres would outlast the car.
  5. I think the Autoshite Smart car was a pre production car as it was built in the June and release wasn’t till September 98 and I’ve yet to see another R plate but it was registered in Madrid first and who in their right mind would order a yellow car with a blue interior lol. Also the log book said Daimler if I remember rightly and when sorting out insurance I would just call it a pulse as I couldn’t find any info on the model and that was the nearest spec I could find and at the time I bought it the car didn’t have a model sticker on it like the other smarts I have seen. I will say though it was really well screwed together and on the original engine and ran like a dream and didn’t use oil which is rare for an old suprex. engine.
  6. My E36 went through the mot today and scraped through the emissions after an Italian tuneup by the mechanic. The cheap catalytic converter that I fitted a couple of years back is about as useless as a chocolate teapot apparently and I’m basically running a decat as it has nothing inside it. Also the cheap exhaust is pretty crap quality so before the next mot I’ve got to find a decent cat and stainless steel exhaust on the cheap but have a year to find one scouring Facebook marketplace and eBay now. I can’t wait till the 1st February to tax it now.
  7. I took my BMW 318ti in today and it’s failed on emissions again as it has done for the last four years but normally it scrapes through on a retest but not this time. I’ve tried all the norm such as sensors plugs, leads, maf & cat etc over the years but to no avail. The weird thing is it runs fantastic and is economical and never uses a drop of oil or coolant and I have the same engine in my Z3 and that goes through the emissions no problem each year and both cars have done similar miles of approximately 65000. Its at the garage at the moment and they are good so I’m hoping it’s just the cheap cat I fitted about 3 years ago but it’s only done a couple of thousand miles since it was fitted so it’s back to the mini.
  8. Id say it’s getting harder to find a nice one now for reasonable money but they are about if you don’t mind travelling but even back then I had about a 200 mile journey to get a good example. I think I paid 800 quid for mine but tatty high milers were about £500 back then and I think the drift scene and the compact cup championship has taken quite a few of the remaining examples. It even went in to BMW last year for warranty work for a new steering joint/and airbag so that’s what I call service. I was very lucky finding it as it had every bill from new and the previous owner who was a lovely guy had owned the car since 1998 and I even had to be vetted before taking it away lol. At the time I had an identical looking 316 which was also a beautiful car but my father kept pestering me for it so I thought I go one better and find the hot hatch version and it took about 6 months to find a nice one to replace it with. This is the one it replaced and the only real difference from the outside is my Ti had alloys and front fog lamps.
  9. I got into my lovely mint low mileage Ti Compact today as I needed to move it as I am having some work done on the house and haven’t started it in about 6 months and not used it since the picture was taken April last year. After getting in it and starting it and hearing that lovely burbling noise from the exhaust I knew I should be using it so the insurance was put on through my multi car policy for 4 months for £24 so I’m over the moon with that. Also I booked it in for an MOT tomorrow but the only problem it has each year is emissions issues as it just doesn’t get used enough but it feels like a Rolls-Royce compared to the mini on run flats and I didn’t realise how much poke it had compared to the Mini Cooper. The irony of it was the compact was bought about 5 years ago as a winter car to keep my Z3 and my E36 cabriolet away from salty roads but it’s to good for a winter beater.
  10. Vince70

    Austin Maxi

    My Dad. Had an Auto Maxi 1750 around 1983/84 , I still remember going to pick it up from Kelsey Park Beckenham which he bought out the News Shopper local rag. He also liked the land crab predecessors and it was sold to buy a mint 3000 mile ambassador VP as BL chod was his thing. Its amazing that so many are still on the road as I remember although it was only about 9 years old and looked fresh on top it still needed new sills but then saying that most cars were the same back then and Italian and Jap stuff was the worse for the rust bug. His Maxi was quite a rare colour as it was a grey/lilac colour with a burgundy cloth interior on an N plate and we had quite a few long trips down to Cornwall in it as it was so practical as it was the only car I knew of where the rear seats folded completely flat.
  11. I’ve a few over the years but one that did stand out was when finishing a late shift at 9pm on a snowy evening. At the time back in the early nineties I had a old very rusty red (1986) XR2 and cleaned enough snow off the windows and jiggled the keys in the locks as I thought they had frozen and up the road I went back home. I got a couple of miles up the road and looked around my normally littered car for a pack of B&H and I noticed it was very clean inside and not littered with cigarettes and empty coke cans that I knew something was wrong and I had taken the wrong car. So I took the car straight back to the work carpark and noticed mine had been parked next to the identical but more or less immaculate car compared to my horrible rusty Spanish built example. I did find the owner the following day however and told him and he thanked me for warming the car up for him as he finished an hour later than me and wondered why his car had no snow on it and the heater came through nice and toasty.
  12. I had a lovely couple of owner low mileage one on a A plate a few
  13. I did start off with gloves but they fell apart after a dosing of mr muscle oven cleaner and carb cleaner, After all that work and the engine management light has come back up with the same code although this time the car is running well.
  14. Today I spent the last 4 hours on the other half’s diesel aclass as it had been throwing up P0401 which looking online means EGR valve. So I’ve now cleaned it out and she went up the road and after a few miles the light came back on again. So I had a play under the bonnet again and reset the code for about the 100th time and gave it an Italian tuneup and it seems fine now although she did say the car made a gurgling noice when she turned it off ? I think it’s time for a bath now.
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