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  1. Today my mate Mitch wanted me to have a look at a 53 plate Fiat for sale for £750 which was up for sale on Facebook and I went round the address to meet my mate and knocked on the door and we didn’t get a reply. My mate could only contact the seller via Messenger as he didn’t have a number and got told he was in but no one was at the address and the seller walked down the road about 15 minutes later and no car was insight. We asked where the car was and he said he will go and get it and he came back 10 minutes later with the car but forgot he lived down a one way street and we had
  2. I recently bought a similar Alpine head unit as new old stock on Facebook for £30 and it’s a brilliant head unit. I would love a TT and I saw last year a very tidy silver example on Bexhill seafront for sale for £900 with just over 100,000 on the clock and checked out its mot and it looked a goodun but didn’t have the money or room for it and it was a lovely looking early example on a S plate. These are only going one way now in price for a nice example and also 5 years ago I got the money out to buy a beautiful looking black Cabriolet TT 225 with 65000 on the Clock and it was supp
  3. The car’s for Sale in Maidstone but the picture was taken in Sittingbourne. To be honest there’s another picture and it is spares repair so I guess the owner is just looking for anything above scrap price.
  4. I thought it would be a good idea to fit a new dashtop this week to my Dads cheap Bini as it was all that was spoiling an otherwise perfect car and while I had the dash apart I thought I might as well repair the Rev counter. Its came out lovely In the end but I don’t wish to ever do another..
  5. I’m down to 3 at the moment as I’ve just got rid of my Cabriolet E36.. This is my daily compact which was just washed today. Then I’ve made my Bini Cooper my winter car so put some nice spots and smaller wheels on it for the winter months. Plus I have the Z3 for the Summer.
  6. On my Bini I disconnected the ECU and battery etc when I was having problems with the electrics and never had an issue with the alarm apart from my remote blip doesn’t work with the key. But once I’ve unlocked the doors the key has to go in the ignition in so many seconds or the alarm goes off. I have just bought a late 56 reg Mini to go with my early example as my elderly father loves my yellow peril so found him a lovely 7 example on 77000 for £495 and the criteria was it must have a sunroof the same as mine.
  7. I gave the mini a wash and wax today as I had some Poundland wax (turtle-wax) for dark cars sitting in the garage which had been in the shelf for about 5 years. The car came up like new so tomorrow the steamer is coming out and the interior is getting cleaned up and I’ve got some teak oil for the plastics.
  8. I’ve just chucked a bucket of water over the mini 7 to just get rid of the bird crap.and it’s going to look amazing when cleaned as in some light it looks metallic purple and other times it looks pearlescent black. But before I give it a good polish I want to put a fresh MOT on it as it’s only got a month on it so I don’t want to tempt fate lol. My brother has a red Bini and when we got it for him a few years ago it looked amazing and now it’s been pressure washed a few times over the years the lacquer has come off on the roof and bonnet in a few places and I’ve patched it up with
  9. That’s great how much do want for a black pool ball gearknob for a r50 mini
  10. I’ve bought a few over the years and the best in my book are the early examples as in late 06 the R56 came out and has the horrible BMW/Peugeot engine that eats timing chains. The best to get are the post July 04 to 06 examples as they have the earlier Chrysler engine with the later Getrag gearbox and this one is one of the very last being built in September 06 but being I’ve bought it for my father rather than myself I just hope it isn’t a bad one but it needs a pool ball gear knob
  11. My father has been telling me recently that he’s bored with his W169 A class and he’s had the car for a few years and it’s in lovely condition and has only done 40000 so I tried talking him out of selling it but it wasn’t working but I will say he’s a man of taste as he has a soft spot for a Rover 75 but yesterday he was after a C30 Volvo so it was a lottery what he wanted really. I have a lovely early R50 and so does my Brother and I know he likes them and a very late limited edition Mini 7 R50 on a 56 plate came up that was fully loaded and had most importantly had a Sunroof for the bar
  12. Last week I got a couple letters from the DVLA for a couple of cars I don’t use telling me that they’re on SORN which obviously I already know as I have 3 cars and use them each 4 months of the year. I just wondered if anyone else is getting these letters as it must be costing a absolute fortune for every Sorn car in the country especially when the country is basically bankrupt.
  13. That’s got to be the best colour I’ve ever seen on a 75. I really don’t know why manufacturers just give us horrible grey and silver motors these days as surely that really makes a nice looking car stand out. Its like the R50 they made one of the Y reg pre production cars in baby blue and it looks fantastic yet never put it in production.
  14. I replaced the original stereo on my Z3 and my E36 never had a stereo when I bought it so fitted two identical Blaupunkt IPhone compatible stereos that look nice and basic without too many flashing lights and it’s nice to have hands free not that I know how to use it lol. The weird thing with the Z3 was it had some fancy options such as a leather interior and the chrome pack etc but had never had a stereo option fitted from the factory and when I bought it the car it had a very fancy Kenwood Mask stereo from that period so all I can think of is the original owner was into his car hifi
  15. Car throttle bought a £200 diesel A4 and to be honest you wouldn’t of known the mileage was over half a million on it.
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