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  1. Vince70

    Sao Penza

    I’m a bit gutted as you’ve now broken Autoshite as it is impossible for anyone to top a Sao Penza for maximum shite points and rarity. Even Invacars are common as muck in comparison. That really is a great save you just have to find a low mileage mint saloon (preferably in green so you can match the brochure) now for the full set then borrow the doctors 323 and you could remake the original brochure.
  2. From what I could make out it looked in good nick but I didn’t look round the other side.
  3. Not in my area but I have noticed this sporty Toyota round the back of East Grinstead hospital and it looks abandoned to me and it’s on private land but I’m sure it’s been sitting around for a good couple of years from memory. It looks s nice motor under the green camouflage.
  4. Does that mean I can take back 3 of my Halfords advanced screwdrivers which I broke using as Chisels when trying to remove the drop link on the mini as I’ve always resorted to using Screwdrivers as Chisels when needed lol.
  5. It seems even better value when you think the moulded case costs a tenner on its own. Its such a bargain that I was even contemplating buying a set even though I already have 3 sets and no mechanical skills and how many Halfords ratchets does a man need but I’ve managed to talk myself out of it lol.
  6. Thanks for the code as it’s really appreciated, I’ve now got 3 Halfords sets (two little sets in the boot of the chod motors) and the 150 piece set which I bought about 8 years ago but It did need a new case as the plastic clips broke on that one but the newer case I bought has now been revised with metal clips so I no problems with that one. Last week I bought the impact driver for doing the disks on the mini and because it wasn’t delivered to the store in time Halfords sent me an email with a 10 quid voucher so with your code and my voucher I’ve got a free set of the advanced torx screwdrivers. I wouldn’t mind but I only paid £15 for the impact driver so very happy to get a freebie.
  7. My father and mother had trouble getting into his old BMW and my elderly uncle had the same problem and came to the conclusion that the best car for the job was the previous generation W169 A class Mercedes. My father loves the car and the added bonus is it feels really nicely screwed together and has brilliant visibility and soaks up the potholes quite well. In fact the other month I had to find a similar one for my mothers friend as she liked the car so much. Normal rules apply get the best you can with your money as apart from servicing I wouldn’t want to work on one as everything is very compact under the bonnet. My Dads had his for 3/4 years now and in that time it’s had one oil change and a squeaky wheel bearing replaced and is totally reliable and a grand can get you a nice low mileage car these days if your prepared to shop around as that’s what we paid for this one the other month. So this is the 3rd one Ive helped buy for friends and family but if it’s an auto you want maybe look for something else as I hear the auto box can be trouble so I’ve just stuck to the standard manual cars.
  8. I see this old standard K plate E36 parked up regularly on a drive in the better part of Bexhill and it says one owner old money to me.
  9. You’ve all got it wrong it’s the diesel Maxi coupe prototype and I’m sure someone on here has that very car.
  10. Front end looks a bit TR7 ish but as for the back I’ve no idea.
  11. I think they should make a special Autoshite edition Mini in Beige with the amount of us on here that have them. It should have the later R53 Peugeot lump with a timing chain death rattle and an early R50 midlands gearbox with knackered bearings and no reverse gear. And it won’t have many optional extras as the BC1 won’t work as it’s got soggy carpets and the windows can only be opened with a punch above the speaker grill before operating the switch plus it will have 18 inch run flats for that smooth ride over potholes. But joking aside that looks a seriously nice car especially for the money and what your doing to your car would have to be done on any Mini even if you paid 3 grand for one So once done you know you will have a well sorted car.
  12. My old BMW ti a few months ago outside Broome hill country club which I believe belonged to Lord Kitchener of “your country needs you fame” Then here it is in its more pikey surroundings
  13. Today while the weather was nice I thought it would be a good time to repaint the roof of the car as it looked terrible condition as someone had hand painted it and the only original paint was lacquer peel and rust.The local pound shop were doing tins of black enamel paint and so I bought a couple of cans and a pack of foam rollers and it’s transformed the car for a total cost of £3
  14. I think we both just have to try and look on the bright side as at least we have working engines and gearboxes. I had a quick drive of my brothers R50 one the other day which has the standard suspension and 15 inch 175 non run flat wheels and it was a far nicer car to drive than our big wheeled run flat Mini’s and I find the sports plus suspension bloody crippling going over bumps but I can’t get him to swap motors lol. And going to work again today I got the smell of binding brakes on the back and a shake in the steering when braking so it looks like I’ve got to fit the new pads and disks on the front and sort out the binding rear this weekend which the garage couldn’t do. So when Mini said have a Mini adventure in their advertising I now know what they mean and that is spending every weekend working on the car lol.
  15. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner as I’ve been away from the net today. My car works the other way round as I can’t get the abs light or handbrake light off on my car as my car needs a new abs unit so I bought a secondhand one as supposedly they are plug and play and rule of thumb is get and abs unit from a car the same year. On the first click of the key I have no lights whatsoever and this is what it looks like. Then on the second click it looks like this but all the lights go out after a couple of seconds except the abs and handbrake light but my code reader can’t connect to the Abs unit to find the fault so handbrake and ABS lights on mine are stuck on
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