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  1. Thanks I’ve just bought a nice new imac for £50 and the code has taken it down to £45 and also I went through Quidco so any cheaper and I think it would of been given away.
  2. That rubbish I bought was supposed to be coming from Austria according to the eBay description but it actually came from China
  3. Just don’t risk buying filters off eBay. I pressed the buy it now for a filter that was supposed to be original quality and when it arrived I got this thing with a hole in the top and the rubber ring on the bottom had been glued lopsided so it went straight in the bin.
  4. I had quite a constructive day today as I serviced the girlfriends A class plus I started my old E36 which has been sitting for a year and it started 1st turn of the key. Also I went to pick up some smaller wheels for the Bini which won on eBay for £35 which have good tyres. So now I have 3 sets of Mini wheels and a Set of E36/Z3 wheels spare and a few odd wheels knocking about. How many spare Wheels does an Autoshiter need. The answer 20 plus lol
  5. It’s the last time I buy anything from GSF as I ordered a set of pads for the rear of the Z3 and when they arrived in the post I received front pads.So when I emailed and phoned them they lied and said I ordered fronts but I had the receipt that categorically said Rear Pads.When that didn’t work I was told that the fronts are the same as the back which they are not so I took photos of the different sizes/specs and part numbers off their own website to then be told to send them back for a refund at my expense with no offer of sending me out the correct parts.
  6. I think it was on the first boat over from America and is very early right hand drive. The only difference with mine and the slightly newer R plate ones is you can’t fit roll over hoops on mine as it won’t have the brackets welded in for retrofitting hoops but luckily I’m quite short lol.
  7. I went to tax the Z3 only to find the mot was out plus I wasn’t happy with the mismatch Chinese tyres it’s had on the rear since I bought it about 5 years ago lol. So a new set of Avon’s have now been fitted on the rears which has transformed the handling and it went through the ticket with advisories on brakes and have ordered a new set of discs and pads for the four corners. The good thing is having a 23 year old BMW is that the parts are dirt cheap as lots of parts are languishing on dusty shelves, so a pair of front disks were £20 and the rear disks £10 courtesy of Amazon (pads £5 per axle via eBay)and that includes delivery.
  8. A scaled down Lotus for a few hundred can’t be a bad thing https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F193057585341
  9. Going by the reg it must of been a Kent car originally so hopefully it shouldn’t of seen much salt or harsh winters . The Saxo and 106 were fantastic little cars.
  10. You forgot to mention no brakes lol. I had a lovely GTi CC edition in white and my father borrowed it for a week and said the thing never had any brakes but I did let him know that all convertible MK1s were like that. I also bought a very cheap Mk2 GTi (£150) which ran like a dream and the plan was to do a rear disk conversion onto the cabriolet but I never got round to doing it but it did donate it’s head and gearbox to keep the cabriolet going. Also mine ran like shite for about 6 months and would just randomly cut out and I spent a fortune trying to trace the problem with garages just throwing parts at it and in the end I found out it was only the fuel hose getting kinked up when going over the bump on my drive.
  11. My favourite was about 10 years ago I bought a buy it now Audi 80 5 pot coupe via eBay which was about an hour up the road which was up for around £700 so I got the cash out and trundled up the A21 to pick it up. There was lots of pictures of it on eBay (except for the passenger side) and it looked a lovely straight car and apparently it had a just a few scratches on the passenger side. When I got to the driveway dealers address I couldn’t see the passenger side as it was parked up close against the wall but when I eventually got him to move it I was greeted to a car that needed a new rear wing plus a door and a front wing and indicator plus door handle and mirror as it looked like a HGV had taken the side out and it was only fit for spares and luckily I hadn’t parted with the cash beforehand via PayPal. Another time I went to look at a 306 at a dealers for a grand and in the pictures it looked lovely in Jewish Racing Gold but the angle the pictures where taken you couldn’t see the front but I was told it was in lovely condition so off I went to Bromley to be greeted by a car that needed a bonnet front bumper radiator and lights. And then there was the the R50 mini I went to buy for my brother which looked lovely in the pre accident pictures lol and was told all that was wrong with it was a very small hairline crack in the front bumper and it ended up having no inner liner around the suspension turret plus needed a new bumper and the rear suspension was damaged and hanging down plus the back had taken a shunt and when I looked at the oil and coolant it didn’t have any and surprising the seller I had been talking to couldn’t turn up so it was being sold by a car wash place.
  12. The NCAP was terrible on the 111 and the airbags didn’t deploy.
  13. A little known fact that I have just made up is when Rover was purchased by BMW they decided to rename the Metro the 111 in honour of the Heinkel 111 medium German bomber and that’s why it didn’t sell well so it’s days were numbered. Now if they had called it the Wellington (after the Vickers Wellington) then Rover and the Metro would still be in production to this day lol. Plus the Germans didn’t win the Battle of Britain due to their aircraft not having Hydrogas although in reality the Spitfire only got Hydrogas while the Hurricane had to make do with Hydrolastic.
  14. Just make sure it’s a silver A class with a good bumper or a yellow mini with working abs lol
  15. I’ve got a bit of spare room on the drive and most cars reach about £130 on car take back
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