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  1. I replaced the original stereo on my Z3 and my E36 never had a stereo when I bought it so fitted two identical Blaupunkt IPhone compatible stereos that look nice and basic without too many flashing lights and it’s nice to have hands free not that I know how to use it lol. The weird thing with the Z3 was it had some fancy options such as a leather interior and the chrome pack etc but had never had a stereo option fitted from the factory and when I bought it the car it had a very fancy Kenwood Mask stereo from that period so all I can think of is the original owner was into his car hifi and wanted something upmarket fitted when he bought the car new. I could never get the hang of the Kenwood mask as it had so many buttons but looked the business and the revolving front screen looked great so it now resides in my loft. I also took the Original cassette player and boot changer out the Bini and fitted a beautiful iPhone compatible Alpine Hands free stereo which I bought off Facebook for £35 but try and keep my all my old radios and store them in the loft In case I ever sell the cars and someone wants an original stereo. The main problems I have with changing stereos though is once you’ve changed them for modern stuff you find the old speakers aren’t up to scratch so you normally end up changing those as well and that’s where the money comes into the equation as you need to either buy factory fit upgrades or adapters if your like me and don’t like cutting holes into trim.
  2. Car throttle bought a £200 diesel A4 and to be honest you wouldn’t of known the mileage was over half a million on it.
  3. Bruce England has just bought the same car.. I love his YouTube videos as he’s really into proper autoshite and he needs more subscriptions so I thought I better give him the heads up.
  4. I might not have it 100% but Endura is basically the Kent engine think of it as an A series in a mini compared to the A+ in a Metro. I found my first bit of rust yesterday on the pillar but it’s not bad and have gone over if with a mini wire wheel and treated it to some Krust hence why the rust has gone black. I don’t think I will respray it as I already have a touch up paint in a similar colour from my hellrot E36 but might file it down flat then put half a pea size amount of filler over the top just to smooth it in. It been caused by the windscreen drain being blocked up but it could of been a lot worse and have taken the windscreen scuttle panel off to clean it out and it will be getting a coat of waxoyl in that part of the scuttle area afterwards.
  5. Today Mr Steve of this parish very kindly sent me a free Haynes Manual for my Ka and it even has a red car on the cover.
  6. Thanks Steve for the Haynes manual mate it arrived today and will be getting used this weekend.

    1. MrSteve


      Brilliant- hope you have dry weather! Thanks for the £5 too.

  7. Vince70

    Mk1 mx-5

    I’m not sure about the power but my ex had an entry level MK 2 and a half and that was a 1.8. It must of been one of the very last built as it was on an 05 plate but what surprised me was I thought it would get some toys being a runout model but the only feature it had was a factory fitted cassette deck which wasn’t really much good by then as everyone had gone to CDs Lovely car to drive though but it was jinxed as it just kept getting hit when parked up and by the time it was sold a few years later every panel had been repaired and painted. She traded it in for an R56 mini which was a mistake.
  8. Here’s the other one we have which has been great and this one has had some abuse as it’s been driven into things and had countless wheels damaged plus is going to be a learner car for the third time. It was absolutely immaculate when we first got it and still never misses a beat all I’ve done to it was fit a coil pack which was about £12. Its still never had a rust advisory but I coated the underside with loads of waxoyl.
  9. Also the logbook came back today and it’s only had two owners and going by the condition I would say it was well cared for by the first owner then the second owner was most probably a younger driver who had it for about a year and neglected it but nothing that can’t be put right with just a little time. Ive already been given an original radio to stick back in it and my other half has decided she wants it for herself when her diesel merc decides to die as there’s only two cars she likes driving and that’s a Ka and the other is the first generation A class.
  10. Today I decided to give the car a bit of a clean and oil the plastic bumpers plus I got the trusty hair dryer out and removed a sticker off the hatch and it’s come up lovely. I also had a good look underneath and the sills and floor pans are still like new and it’s getting a coat of waxoyl this weekend but I’m wondering if I should drill a hole each side on top of the sill in the door opening and filling it with wayoyl as well as it kept my Ford Anglia 105e rust free and basically it’s the same car lol. I did find one bit of rust though and that was around the plastic panel underneath the screen on the bottom of the screen pillar and it looks like it was done when it had a new screen fitted sometime but it’s only small and a small touch up stick and a bit of krust should sort it out.
  11. Sorry for the thread hijack but I just wondered whatever happened to the Purple 1300 that was being welded up on Autoshite.
  12. Lovely looking 400 I sold my one a few years back and it was a big mistake on my part as it ran like clockwork and was immaculate after I changed two of the doors and polished It up. Mine had the Honda lump though as it was an auto and I bought it off an old girl for £250 then spent about £400 on it only to sell it with a years mot for £200 somehow I don’t think I would make a car dealer and it looks like it’s still giving sterling service.
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