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  1. Today I managed to get the lovely £250 golf cabriolet off the disabled car tax by sorting out the tax at the post office so now for the first time today I can drive it. It also now has an advisory free Mot and even made a completely invisible repair to the roof seam using some fantastic glue called stormsure so can highly recommended the stuff. The jobs next to do is sometime fit the new waterpump as it makes a little rattle on startup and fit the new BBS alloy centre caps and give the roof a going over with some fabsil and it’s also having the tracking sorted on Saturday as it has a slight pull to the left. I can honestly say I’ve never seen one in as good rust free condition so I’m over the moon with my purchase. So I started off with a colour concept in white all those years back and ended up 23 years later with an all black edition lol. But I shouldn’t of sold the White one for a grand back in 2000 as it was absolutely mint and had done about 80000 miles like the one I have now. Australian photos as usual lol
  2. The £250 Cabriolet is looking very smart now and yesterday it went through the mot advisory free and looks the bizzo in the immortal words of Scotch Harry. I’ve just got to sort out getting it off disabled car tax now as I want to use it from the first of the month. Also I got offered a lovely 57 plate 40000 mile CMax from an elderly neighbour for £500 who’s giving up driving as apparently I’m the guy that has all of the cars and luckily I’ve got a strip of land on the side of my bungalow that’s hidden from view for my 1990s dealership lol. I won’t be having it though as it’s worth a a good £2000 and don’t want to be known as the guy that takes advantage lol. Next job is to get the renavo and fabsil out to get the roof looking as good as new again.
  3. Man hasn’t been able to go back to the moon because when the Rover group went bust NASA couldn’t buy anymore Moon Rovers and the Chinese now own the copyright for the vehicle.
  4. My R50 was the last car I tried to sell and it’s absolutely immaculate with 95000 on the clock and I put it up for £700 I think and would of gone down to £600 it also had a clean mot after spending £450 on getting all the advisories done. I put it on Facebook and within two hours I got offered £400 but only if it’s perfect and I had to sell it to the guy as he really wanted a yellow Cooper and when I said No he started with the sob story that he really needed it and would look after it. Then I had an offer of a non running Bora with No MOT as a straight swap and that was enough plus I got a No show. It lasted up on Facebook for no more than a few hours and actually it scraps for £370 so will get it out of hibernation next winter. I might drain the fuel out first as it has a full tank of premium unleaded and put it in the golf.
  5. Yesterday as the weather was nice I thought it would be a good idea to actually try the roof on the £250 Golf cabriolet as I actually didn’t know if it worked. It stinks of fags inside so it needed a good airing but the £5 repair of a replacement dizzy cap had worked a treat and no more misfire. I bought it back in November and the ticket is out now and I have a few days off next month so I will give it a good mop and polish and throw an mot on it as in May it’s going on a road trip down to Cornwall and can’t wait as although it was cheap it’s actually a very good rust free low mileage example. Its my 3rd Golf Cabriolet and most probably my last as after the MK3.5 the cabriolet Golf just got that bit too modern for me.
  6. Thanks for that Barry I would never of guessed what it was in a million years and was looking around the engine for something missing.
  7. I had a couple of hours free today so thought I would make a start on the golf cabriolet which I bought for the princely sum £250 and bought a cheap dizzy cap and rotor plus air and oil filters plus leads and plugs and looking at the old cap it was most definitely time for dizzy cap replacement. I used my trusty Pela but it’s given up sucking oil as I think the seals have gone and it’s so stained I couldn’t quite make out how much I managed to get out and reckoned on roughly 3.5 litres but the car is parked in such a way that I couldn’t get underneath so to get to the sump plug and filter and needed to put oil back in and think I’m about a litre over. Also I found this gasket under the bonnet next to suspension strut so have to find out what it’s for but what do you guys think as I think it sounds okay now as these old geriatric 4 pots never exactly sound brilliant. I’m looking forward to getting the jet wash out and giving it a mop as it’s completely rot free and should come up lovely. 028663CC-229C-492E-892E-FA72012E5186.MOV
  8. For me it’s got to be my 1994 Audi A4 1.6. It was a low mileage stunner I picked up for I think £230 with a fresh ticket and it was cheap because of a scratch on the rear door and the drivers window needed a peg in place to keep it up. It was a free fix to do the window as I changed a clip when I found a new window mechanism in the boot and had some clear lacquer repainted over the scratch which bought it up as good as new. It gave me 5 years of trouble free motoring and if I kept it I’m sure it would still of been running as good as new. Being a very early example it was basically a reshelled Audi 80 and I even bought the last A4 B5 on an X plate and although it had tons of toys you could see it just wasn’t as well screwed together as the earlier examples.
  9. I did wonder the same myself I did wonder the same myself it’s most definitely neglected and the bills were for a MAF and coil and for an auto electrician to sort out the cutting out issue. Someone has also had the lower steering column cover off as well to look for the problem as that is also missing. I can’t work out for the life of me why no one thought to go for the basics first. I’ve been and splashed out this morning a whole fiver on a dizzy cap so the car is now coming together and will say service parts for this old thing are dirt cheap.
  10. About a couple of months ago I saw a lovely looking Golf Cabriolet avantgarde for sale on Marketplace with lowish miles and in rust free condition for £250 and although I most definitely don’t need it I did what every autoshiter should do and bought it anyway. Well today I had a spare hour and noticed it had started to get a misfire and backfires and realised it needed leads as I got a nasty jolt off one and while at it I thought I better put a set of plugs in it. The previous seller had an a intermittent fault of it cutting out but I can’t replicate the problem but he had thrown some serious wedge at it to find the problem. Well I changed the leads as I went as they’re the originals and in poor shape and the plugs I would say needed changing and it still had a misfire afterwards so it was off with the dizzy cap and doubt that had ever been off as the clips were stuck solid. When I got it off I noticed the spring inside was falling out and quite worn but cleaned it up anyway as I didn’t have an alternative. Also the next jobs are an air and oil filter and oil change as it looks like that hasn’t been done in years either. Its now running beautiful again but need a dizzy cap and the problem I’ve got is mine is an orange cap and the cheap ones I’m finding are black. Its years since I dealt with dizzy caps but what I remember was orange was basically Bosch and Black was Lucas but the black caps are saying it’s the correct part for my motor so just wondered if aftermarket caps just come in any colour.
  11. To be honest it sounds better than it ever has and is nice and quiet. I’m now wondering because it was raining while driving if a sensor had got wet as the under-tray is missing.
  12. I’m hopefully using the V5 for the next couple of months then it will be hibernating again till next October. I want to get the next car on the fleet ready for February. I didn’t need this one but a low mileage rust free top of the range MK3.5 cabriolet with a ticket for £250 was too good to turn down. So two Golfs for £250 seems like a bargain lol. I would sell the V5 but with its little quirks I wouldn’t want to risk flogging it and just hate selling cheap cars as there’s only so many broken PlayStation’s a man can take lol.
  13. Is the front screen misting up. I would take off the front scuttle under the front screen as I imagine it will be caked with compost and leaves and not draining away and also clean out the rubber drain tube. Also maybe related try unbolting the back of the front wheel liners on the car as it will also be full up with compost as well and is a terrible rust trap. I actually did mine yesterday on a MK3 Golf I recently bought and got half a bucket of mud out the back of the front wings. I believe the sunroof drain tubes run down into the back of the front wings so could be blocked down there as they do on a MK4 golf.
  14. The weird thing is it hasn’t happened since so fingers crossed means it’s okay but I do know this old car was seriously neglected for about 7 years so I’m hoping it isn’t a clogged up oil pickup as it needed 3 oil changes in a 1000 miles to get it looking like something that resembled engine oil.
  15. I put a jump pack on the 1997 £150 Ford Ka yesterday as it hadn’t been used since it’s last MOT and my Mrs wants to give it to her son for a birthday present as hopefully he will pass his test in a few weeks. It went straight through the ticket advisory free yesterday and the tester couldn’t believe the condition of it and the old girl has only done 19000 Next thing is to service it and it doesn’t miss a beat but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to risk doing the plugs as I hear that they have a habit of snapping and I imagine these will be the originals but the old girl is most definitely a survivor.
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