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  1. Thanks mate I’m staying over my mother’s and I just can’t get my head around that I’m sorting my Dads funeral out today. The hospital was wonderful and the nurse came up to me and held my hand as I was holding my dads.
  2. I’m just in a state of shock as I pop round most mornings for a cuppa to see my father and we put the world to rights and yesterday morning my father hurt his arm and said he didn’t feel that good and collapsed on the floor. I called an ambulance and he was talking away merrily to the paramedics and 4 hours later I get a phone call from hospital saying that my dad was seriously ill. So I went to the hospital and managed to get in and see him and he looked terrible so stayed with him as long as they would let me till he got moved to a ward. At 5 this morning I get a phone call s
  3. Hoovie has just bought a red E30 and has put a couple of YouTube videos up about why you should buy a BMW from the last century over the newer stuff.
  4. Since losing my job because of the kungflu I’m forever letting the battery go flat these days on my cars even though I keep telling myself I should go outside and leave them running for about 20 minutes or so to get up to temperature. I just put my trusty old Halfords charger on the terminals without removing them off the battery for about a few hours and I think it says on the side of my charger that it’s only made for cars up to 1800cc although the old BMWs are bigger than that. Ive never had a problem charging them that way and I also do the same on my old Mini which is Canbu
  5. I took the yellow peril mini over to a garage last week for its MOT and have left the car with them and it’s quite far away and told the guys I’m not in a hurry for it back so they’re going to fit it in next week and have my lovely BMW compact to use so I wasn’t in a hurry to get it back. I’ve not driven since I popped it over as I been feeling a little rough for the last few days as I came down with Shingles this week so today I thought I would get the BMW compact out of the drive and realised the key for the gate padlock was with the mini lol. Oh well I guess that keeps the milea
  6. I took the £350 Bini in for its MOT today and it only failed on a track rod end and a petrol tank strap so not bad for the 3rd year of ownership.
  7. I had a base spec hellrot 1.6 automatic and it was a great little car although it had only done about 60000 miles but it was a slow little thing and weirdly quite juicy to run. My father loved it so he ended up having it so I swapped it for his A3 Audi and then I got bored with that and got myself another low mileage example in Hellrot red but this time went for a manual Ti and that is a real hoot to drive and still have it 5 years later on which is a record for me. It was quite confusing though as they looked nigh identical so sometimes I wondered why my remote wouldn’t open
  8. That’s great as it’s a real poverty spec example and have never seen one with unpainted plastic bumpers and mirrors before and love that 90s blaupunkt and I’ve never seen on without a sunroof or air con. Heres another auto on EBay at the moment and this is the upmarket Ti Auto with the M44 and seems seriously cheap for a Ti with low mileage. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164496289803
  9. These really are fetching serious money now as this one is scrap compared to your lovely car. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284071531822
  10. I missed out on a gorgeous poverty spec 318 tourer in white on a K plate with 70000 miles on the clock about 9 years back for £500 as the seller could only arrange pick it up when I was away on holiday and have been gutted ever since as now finding a nice example requires a second mortgage. I did find a cheaper alternative though and got myself a nice low mileage 318ti as it shares the E30 rear suspension rather than Z axle and even the interior is very similar rather than the plush interior you find in the normal E36. I know a lot of Ti Compacts have now given up their M42/44
  11. A friend of mine had an early Ka years back and it was non power steering I think it was actually on a P plate and back then it seemed all of the base models were red. This one is a poverty spec car and it drives great and it doesn’t give you any toys and we have another one which is an 04 which is fully loaded. When we first got the 04 car It was bought for an 18th birthday present it was such a great car to drive that my misses wanted one for herself and the nearest thing I can think it reminded me of was my Mk3 XR2i back in the early 90s.
  12. Today I put the misses Ford Ka into hibernation till spring and gave it a wax and put a cover over it. It recently just passed its MOT with no advisory’s and the MOT tester thought he had gone back to 1998 as he hadn’t seen a rust free example before but It has only done 19000 so it’s not surprising I guess and the best £150 I’ve spent on a motor. I was thinking of drilling a couple of holes in the sills and filling them up with old engine oil to stop any rot but hopefully if it’s not going near any salt I think it should be ok. But now it’s upside down I should be able to
  13. If I had one of those parked up on the drive I wouldn’t need a key for it come spring to move it just a dustpan and brush would do. 😀
  14. Mine was picking my beautiful Ti up from the spray shop as I had a small rust bubble on the front wing and a little bit of lacquer peel on the rear bumper so I had a new wing fitted and the rear bumper repainted. The car now looks as good as new. Also while it was away I needed a car to use so got my old R50 out of its 7 month slumber and taxed it so I could pop over and take my mother shopping.
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