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  1. I decided to go ahead a fit a new door window seal today on the compact and managed to snap the end off on the new seal putting it on and the seal is £40 a pop. I know I could just stick the end down with a bit of glue but it will bug me so I will end up getting a new seal lol.
  2. I wish I needed a car as this low mileage example would be sitting on my drive right now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174717749986
  3. It seems to get up to the 90 halfway mark then I can see the temperature gauge drop down to the quarter mark in about a minute then when I turn the engine off and back on again it’s sitting at 90 again.
  4. Today it went for its first long drive in years and got 29.7 according to the computer and didn’t think that was bad for a 2.3 auto but I was doing a steady 50/60 mph and tried not using kick down if I could help it. I did have one problem though and that was the temperature gauge fluctuates between quarter and a half and wondered if it’s got a dodgy thermostat or temp sensor.
  5. I think it is Dragon Green thanks for putting the car up the right way
  6. I actually thought I might as well start using the V5 today and although I prefer driving my old Compact I would say the build quality is way ahead of the BMW as although neglected it feels a more expensive car although a bit boring to drive but it makes up for that with the lovely 5 pot burble. I cleaned behind the arch liners yesterday and although it was full completely of mud I couldn’t find any rot which surprised me so while it was apart I gave it a coat of waxoyl. I also put a new set of centre caps on the old girl and gave it a polish and removed the interior door handles as
  7. I know it well as in my younger days I would drink in the Tigers Head opposite the Church plus the Bull and the Crown and went to school at Coopers back in the early to mid 80s I also worked in Catford
  8. Back in about 1996 I had a very tidy looking Red Astra MK1 GTE which I got through a friend of a friend but it only came with a logbook and a single MOT that looked like it had been through a washing machine and when taxing it the first post office refused as the MOT certificate was in such bad condition. I drove it around for about 8 months and fitted a better stereo to cover up the rattles and was in the car with my Brother (who’s not a car person in the slightest) going off to work and doing about a ton down the long duel carriageway as you do and my brother was saying the car mak
  9. Not much to report on the golf at the moment but I went all high tech and splashed out £4 on a Sat Nav for it as I can never get on using my phone as it always ends up in the footwell of the car if I need it for directions. Also i fitted a new aerial base today as the old one was looking tired and the seal had gone and the aerial was snapped off anyway. Its a cheap Chinese copy which I paid about £3 for as I went for the shorter aerial as I wanted the boy racer look and it works a treat also the longer aerial and base was another quid lol.
  10. It’s got a fantastic mot history which is a bonus and it had an advisory a few years back on the exhaust and a slight misting on a couple of shocks but most of its history is advisory free.
  11. Normally you find on the new Beetle damaged sills as my old ones we’re knackered and I used a slide hammer on them and a skim of filler and some Poundland black and Lacquer and they came up like new. This one though has straight sills which is a miracle especially for a London car which has most probably bounced up a few kerbs.
  12. I wasn’t sure as it’s quite new being an 04 1700 cc and I did tell she wanted and old Volkswagen 1.9 or an old Peugeot/Citroen diesel 1.9. Thats what started the search for a new car and why she ended up with a 1.4 petrol Cabriolet lol.
  13. I quite like driving them myself as I had a very early RHD new beetle about 8 years ago and the only real downside I found was it didn’t have a temperature gauge and you needed binoculars to see out the windscreen as you were so far away but apart from that it was a great motor. It did have one annoying fault though and that was a horrible rattle coming from behind the door card and when I took it off to investigate some had put a couple of hot wheels cars in the door lol. It was also Australian spec lol.
  14. No it was bloody cold but the seller went through how to put the roof up and down so we should be able to work it out once the weather is better.
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