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  1. I know it’s terrible to do but the prices for scrap these days means that you get at least £300 on a small car so anything around £500 isn’t worth the hassle trying to sell on. I recently went to sell my Mini Cooper and it really is a nice example with a spare set of alloys and run flats and advertised it for £875 Ono and the first person who inquired never turned up the second person offered my a broken bora and the 3rd £500 tops but only if it’s as good as it looks but will look after it so I must sell it too him lol. All this was through Facebook marketplace so after an hour or two I decided I couldn’t handle it anymore so the car will now stay. I had a buyer years ago when I was selling my immaculate £500 50000 mile Audi A4 that started crying in my kitchen and went over the car for two bloody hours and started showing me their bank statements saying I needed to sell it cheaper to them as they were skint and I now have decided life is too short for that hassle.
  2. I sold my immaculate 68000 mile rust free example E36 cabriolet for £1200 last summer now I’m really regretting it and even the interior was like new and every option box had been ticked but I guess you can’t keep them all. But I did keep my mint compact Ti.
  3. The good old Golf self repaired itself today as I stopped off on the way to the garage and turned the engine back on and the abs light turned off and hasn’t come back on since. But I still popped into the garage and there wasn’t much that can be done so on my way I went On the way to the garage I went through some big puddles as it’s been pouring down here so I’m putting it down to it getting a wash underneath lol. I took spurious’s good advice and went for the silicone t piece hose he put up and for some reason all of them are a tenner apart from the one I want as long as I don’t mind red as that one is 99p delivered to my doorstep so I’m deeply grateful for the link. Also on the way over I pressed a button and cruise control activated and it was weird going all Tesla and having a self driving car and that heater auto climate thingy is witchcraft lol.
  4. Vince70

    Austin Maestros

    I can’t believe how solid it looks.
  5. Vince70


    I couldn’t rate the 45/400 highly enough as the example I had really was a reliable car in lovely condition and I let it go for £200 and will say it’s one of those cars I’ve regretted selling since and it’s still on the road doing someone proud when I last looked it up and the old girl was an auto with the Honda lump with relatively low mileage as I think it had 70000 on it at the time. My one had a few battle scars when I bought it on two of the doors but I was lucky enough to pick up two doors in exactly the same colour in mint condition off eBay and once fitted you would never of known that they were off another car as they fitted like a glove . I also as usual seemed to do all the work on it to bring it up to scratch only to sell it on to someone else to reap the awards of Rover wafting and I’ve never sat in seats that were so comfortable.
  6. Thank you very much for all your help. Today I managed to repair the engine cover with a bit of two pack adhesive as someone had by the looks of things broke it previously and lost most of the bolts in the process and I also put in a new set of plugs but was presently surprised that the old ones came out okay and didn’t look that bad. One of the leads looked in a bad way and had a cut right through to the core so I taped it up for now till my next payday as it’s £56 for a set of leads for this old girl. I phoned up my local VW main dealership who were really helpful and are part of the same group as my old BMW and I can get spares relatively cheaply through them for the BM but the dealership couldn’t help when it came to the V5 but gave me the proper part number which was nice of them and gave me a phone number to try as VW don’t keep stock in general pre 2005 these days also VW heritage couldn’t help and was told it’s hard to get early V5 bits. At the moment I’ve put a bit of insulation tape around the lead and the hole in the breather pipe and it’s running okay and will go with spurious’s idea and put a stent in the breather pipe. Also I phoned up the lovely garage I use who are fantastic and they said bring the car in anytime and leave it with us and they will try and get to the bottom of the ABS problem which means I get to drive my lovely E36 or my Z3 so that’s a win in my books.
  7. Yesterday while the weather was nice I decided to give the car another oil and filter change to clean the last of the sludge out and all went well but while I was at it I thought it was best to give the car a set of new plugs. I went to take the engine cover off and found that someone had been there before and the cover was broken with only one loose bolt holding it on so I’ve got to find some bolts for that and when I took the leads off I found one was worn through to the core and the leads on these are not cheap. Also one of the breather hoses has collapsed plus it had a hole in it but when I type the part number PX0 416 487 I can’t find anything online. Also the abs light has now come back on and it’s a fault saying nsf again but the wiring has been repaired and the sensor replaced and you can feel the brake pedal kind of grabs just before the light kicks in.
  8. I’ve booked mine in and was honest as my key fob remote lock doesn’t work otherwise I would of got £888. Im a bit gutted as apart from that the car is actually perfect and even paid out this year to get all the advisories done but I haven’t used the car since it’s had its MOT in December sometime. I’ve got to insure it though for the day and that’s £12 plus throw some tax on it as the nearest Arnold Clark is about 50 miles away and I hope I don’t get money knocked off for fitting smaller wheels and spotlights plus an iPhone compatible stereo also do they haggle or is it quite straight forward. The other half wants it for her daughter and she was going to have it for the cost of the mot this year which came in around £500 but for that I will have to repair the remote locking plus offer a it with lifetime guarantee plus I don’t know even if she will get insurance okay on a Cooper.
  9. Years ago I had a nice little red rust free MK2 escort automatic and picked it up from its MOT and off I went on my journey home. On the way back I stopped for 20 B&H and when I went to close the drivers door the door hinge dropped and I couldn’t get the thing closed so I thought I would use brute force and a steel toecap boot to help it close. I ended up going full Basil Fawlty so a trip was needed for a secondhand door and a grill and a bit of rope was also needed to go around the roof and through the other door to hold it shut. I also had a BMW which decided to drop all its coolant while it was having its mot so the garage got the job of repairing it so I ended up with a big bill for a radiator thermostat and water pump and went on my way and got down the road and it did the same thing again. I ended up buying a new viscous fan clutch for £20 plus some more coolant and all was well.
  10. What a fantastic fleet you’ve got and I’ve had my Pela for years now and never once thought of using it to drain the cooling system. I’ve got to drain the coolant on my MKIV Golf and whenever I’m out on the driveway working I end up with 2 little helpers who pop over the road to see me so have been putting it off and I’m worried that the Antifreeze will poison them so this is the perfect solution.
  11. I went and picked the Golf up from the garage as it had a wiring problem with the ABS and it also needed a sensor plus the front suspension was clonking badly so the bushes need refreshing. The drive back home is about 25 miles and I couldn’t believe how much better the car is to drive as it’s now so smooth and the steering seems so much more precise it actually feels like a completely different car to drive and the journey back I achieved 32mpg.
  12. Our hub nut stumbled across this MK IV on a 06 at the scrapyard in his latest vid.
  13. We didn’t go for it in the end As I thought the shocks were gone as I think it’s been towing the odd Tallboy or Grandslam plus it’s got a few scratches from getting to close to a dam wall.
  14. There’s some real bargains to be had on eBay as this is outstanding value as you can now buy rebadged Avro Lancaster’s for £695. It’s clean as well as it hasn’t suffered any flak or fighter damage but I would get an insurance check just to make sure it’s not a cat S.
  15. I know Daewoo screwed together old 90s Vauxhall’s but I never knew that they started building Avro Lancaster’s and rebadged them as a Kalos.
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