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  1. What is am nhs dentist? Haven't been able to register with one at all since Oct 2020...
  2. I will have am S one day. My mate put together an S group on fb. John B.
  3. Mate sold his minter S a couple of years ago. It hasn't turned a wheel since....
  4. So essentially a full restoration job.... joy...
  5. Got some model stuff that needs to find a new home/homes. These are made kit models of planes, a couple of motorbikes and a JPS race car. Sizes vary from 1/76 to 'bigger', a pound coin gives an idea of scale. If it all goes in one hit, then great but splitting is ok. They have been built to a nice standard but am unsure of make. Location is Merseyside. Prices.... whatever really but not going to be OTT. A good home is vital.
  6. Fuck me, bloody police controller wants blood type and fucking dna sample info too.
  7. Road rage guy, what an utter tosser.
  8. Oh totes agree. Wuv's Jaag is ace but the possoble fix costs scare me, prob unrealistically. Old Mercs rock too.
  9. Some Jaags for sale on here ASAP to offset the very impressive Teutonic invasion lol.
  10. I took one on a virtually full day test ride when they first came out. Good fun.
  11. 29th May. Fuck that. Phone him, firmly but politely say..... you've had it since 29th May, I need it back, fully sorted on xx date as I need to use it from then. Phone him 2 days before hand reiterate your original statement.
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