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  1. If it hasn't got a 52mm throttle body on it then get one. It's fun.
  2. Yes they have their issues but mine went like a scalded feline when prodded.
  3. ^^ Oh, nice one. It is entirely a white goods vehicle, simple, efficient and perfectly acceptable for most situations.
  4. Utterly fantastic to hear that you got it running mate.
  5. My Triumph Toledo hasn't been standard for years. TR7 engine, sought after OD gearbox, uprated rear axle, uprated suspension from and back, polybushed too. MGF steel wheels, electric rad fan, alloy rad, tacho fitted, painted satin black therefore according to the purists it has the ownership appeal of a rancid butter pat. Bollocks to them.
  6. You have now but it will be a long, long wait
  7. Yes please to September and fish and chips. Could do with some happy.
  8. Like Jersey. First time I ever saw merge in turn signs and people actually adhering to it. R19. Much impressed.
  9. Just back tracking a wee bit to the other day.... Having seen this little 1100 in the vinyl so to speak, I can confirm you how nice it is, it is a totally and utterly inoffensive little car. It is nippy enough, happily squishy to drive and with the couple of piddly little odds and sods sorted will be an utter charmer to own. I reckon SiC is in possession of a good'un. Love the non-standard blue too. I reckon the alternator conversion is a must. All in all, an amazing day was had despite the tarmac melting heat. I really enjoyed popping over and the day was way too short.
  10. Currently a little homeless, if you see the Espace then please wave. 

  11. Here you go. Makes a huge difference inside.
  12. Roughly translated (kind of) Bastard diesel fuel shit of the devil self fixing behaviour
  13. Bastard Dieselkraftstoff Scheiße vom teuflischen Selbstfixierverhalten I believe this should cover it.
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