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  1. Here you go. Makes a huge difference inside.
  2. Roughly translated (kind of) Bastard diesel fuel shit of the devil self fixing behaviour
  3. Bastard Dieselkraftstoff Schei├če vom teuflischen Selbstfixierverhalten I believe this should cover it.
  4. She is ace! At the window tinting place as we speak.
  5. Got the majority of stuff from my garage to the storage garage today. Tolly was rolled out, left to the side until I had enough space to push her in to her new short term resting place. I just need to empty as much stuff from the house over the next few dys. I am utterly, utterly knackered though.
  6. The clutch is lovely Was so utterly knackered after shifting the Toledo and garages around I had a kip for an hour in the back of the Espace. Lovely Window tinting for privacy and stuffs tomorrow.
  7. Yes, photos, I know already lol+++
  8. Josephine collected from Worthing yesterday. Wow, what a revelation. Lovely light and smooth clutch, heater control works on all 4 settings, handbrake operates properly, no exhaust noise above what is normal, fans operate properly and more... Now fitted with a set of alloys too. All ready for me to live in until the house is sorted. Oh, not quite. Window tinting tomorrow.
  9. Si, when do you want to Clio fettle?
  10. Can store at my place [Maidstone] in garage FOC if you can get it here..........In a couple of months I may be in a position to buy it!

  11. Update. Engine back in with new clutch fitted. 3 oil seals at the front were goosed, hence the underside of the car was drenched in old oil. We now have new ones fitted. Downpipe with holes now removed, new studs fitted, new pipe fitted tomorrow. Voltage regulator fitted. Cambelt due next, then both handbrake cables, steering rack gaiters and heater resistor. Oh, also test a slightly stiff slow speed fan.
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