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  1. Now looking on ebay for the bits in Si's picture posting lol.
  2. Actually I quite like the first picture.................
  3. You had one job to do. Just one bloody job!!!
  4. Ok, if by any vague chance I win it I will happily pass it on to another interested shitter for a suitably meagre sum if all are happy with that.
  5. It's located fucking where??? Must check location before entering a roffle lol
  6. New rear wiper arm and blade fitted as there was just the stump of the old one left in place. All I need now is some rain in order to make use of it. Still nice, clean and shiny. Going well. Drives utterly lovely and very willing for a 1.4.
  7. Anywhere that isn't bloody Edmonton or the journey to work.
  8. Set of look-a-like wheel trims ordered from the Bay of E, also steering wheel cover. If I can get a bumper and a rear N/S passenger door in Silver Lightening then that should see the car more or less sorted from the cosmetic perspective.
  9. Errrr, yes but no, but yes but no. Sir, I think you are clearly mistaken. The clean seat and new gaiters show clearly that these are indeed, totally new pictures of a cleaner, happier Astra G.
  10. Annoyingly it didn't. Code not accepted. Found the original info sheet with a different code, that wasn't accepted either. Anyone know exactly what bits I need to fit a non-original stereo?
  11. The Pioneer stereo won't just slide in, needs an antenna adapter and possibly a plug adapter. Radio code obtained, so will see how that goes tomorrow.
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