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  1. The Lada reminds me of the Daf 44 that I had. Utilitarian yet comfy and hard wearing. I knocked the heater on switch accidentally, the resulting screech made me bloody jump.
  2. The rear seats got a basic wipe over and have come up just fine.
  3. Chhers Sir, I will be reaching out when safe to do so, thank you. So, photos. Too wet to do anything outside of the car, so...... inside.
  4. Thanks for that, much appreciated. Any idea where I can get door locks from as the ones on the car are not really functional.
  5. Well it was the closest I will ever get to the Fiat of a similar shape. Yeah, its no 4 x4 but hey, its ok. The walls will be a job for when, if ever, it stops raining.
  6. Not a tin of custard but it will hopefully suffice. She tutns over but doesnt start. May be low on pez.
  7. I am grateful, the Lada is grateful.
  8. See, the Lada has landed and the local property vales have just gone down by 15%. Yay, the neighbours will love* it. Proper decent cover ordered to keep it dry'ish for now.
  9. This little Russki beastie should be here shortly. Luckily I remembered this about 10 minutes ago.
  10. My mate and former neighbour booked into a hospice a couple of days ago. Message to say that he passed away at midnight. So sad but he is ok now, no pain, no struggling to breathe.
  11. Nice to see that the journey has cleaned those leaves and things off the boot lid lol.
  12. Hmm, can of rice pudding instead on Tuesday as that is when it will turn up.
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