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  1. Glad you are doing many positive things to LBT but I do find it difficult to follow the thread sometimes as I have so much connection and history with the car. Saddens me a tad in all honesty. Hey ho. I think I said that I bought her in the mid 2000's for £96 on eBay - 2nd chance offer. Bought her from a young guy who was a teacher who was being mildly derided for driving such an old car.
  2. Spotted the spanner yonks ago. Left it there, just in case lol.
  3. Ace car. Oddly I have never, ever, ever had a Focus. I have no idea why. How very strange.
  4. Mate just sent me the 2022/2023 VED rates. Not good reading...
  5. Not too bad. Would probably replace both of those seals Si.
  6. Could someone please pm me with a contact number for ruffgeezer please. Ta muchly
  7. Just had a quick look on ebay in my break and found one, whoohoo.
  8. Oh, meant to add. On of the centre caps from the alloy wheel lunched itself on the M6. Does anyone know the model of Renner that they were fitted too as I need to trawl the internet for a replacement. I am thinking Megane but could be very wrong. Photos earlier in the thread. Ta
  9. Hi folks, sorry I haven't been around much just many things to sort out, a certain person wanting to make ludicrous mountains out of an insignificant molehill with regards to meaningless banter comments on this thread and just overall 'stuff' of life and so on. Anyway.......... the Espace is a much happier French Fancy now, the crap, water laden petrol has been used up, fuel stabiliser really helped. The alternator belt needed adjustment and that removed 99.9% of soul withering screechy noises. The belt is somewhat glazed and will be replaced. Otherwise, the Espace just keeps on plodding having done a 400 mile journey a couple of weeks back with no hint of hassle.
  10. My first Toledo... so 1981/82... mates thought it would be amusing to loosen the wiper arms on the car. Didn't notice until I was approaching a roundabout and the heavens decided to open as fully as anything..... hahaha, oh how I laughed.
  11. Both garage guys have been struck by COVID due to a customer attending and not telling them that he had symptoms and had been tested as COVID positive. What a twat.
  12. Yep, meths, vinyl silk, fine brush and 3 inch roller. I was going to consider Gorilla duct tape from the inside of the tears, then do the paint thing.
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