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  1. Final subframe mounting gubbins arrived this morning. Giant whoohoo!
  2. Dunno mate, There is still the issue of sorting the engine painting, servicing it, cleaning up the brake calipers/discs, brake pipework, master cylinders, draining and cleaning the tank, replacing all the hoses/ fuel lines, painting the rad, doing the upper bodywork, fitting the headlight mounts, cleaning all the electrical contacts/earths, fixing the front seats, scraping all the shit off the underside and rustkilling and painting it all, cleaning and painting the exhaust. Also other bits which I haven't been able to recall. Hoping that the new engine and gearbox won't need a shorter/longer propshaft. Clean up the wheels, new tyres or fitting MGF steelies as per usual. The list goes on.
  3. The Tacuma continues to be lovely. TPS arrival soon'ish.
  4. Knotted wire wheel brandished at the Toledo this afternoon with much successes. Most of the bodywork that is hidden by the subframe has been taken down to bare metal. There are some pin holes but nothing horrible. Progress!
  5. The marvellous Mick Dolphin has come up trumps again. Two retainers heading my way, so now no obstacle in the way for the subframe sorting thankfully.
  6. The smaller cup washer type thingies also arrived. I didn't realise they made them out of platinum.
  7. I bodged a carb linkage on a Toledo that snapped on the A406 on the way to a meet at The Ace. I used some thick electrical wire wound round the two ends, it worked a treat and stayed there for quite a while.
  8. Bloody hell. The bushes, nuts, bolts, plain washers and a gear box mount all turned up today. Just awaiting the cup washers. Then the bigger upper retainer things. Better crack on with the body work then.
  9. Am at work, talking with colleagues, so distracted. I was thirsty so took hold of my diluted apple cordial. Except it wasn't. I unscrewed a cap, put a bottle to my lips and took the hugest gulp of ever. Sadly it was neat double strength apple cordial. Think apple flavoured battery acid. I am now burping apples. I need to drink about 4 pints of water to dilute the cordial appropriately in what is left of my stomach. My throat hurts. As does my stomach.
  10. TRS ordered from eBay - £12.99 :)
  11. Also ordered front ARB polybushes and a steering column bush as the one on the car just crumbled.
  12. Just noticed that the O/S rear fog light has a bit of water sloshing around in it. I'll take it off, drain it and see what the issue is. Still works mind.
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