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  1. The twin headlight setup is a tad more pleasing to look at but the rectangular lights give a better light spread in use.
  2. That was nice. They can be tuned quite easily with some Spitfire bits. I won't be doing that. Probably.
  3. House is worth around 380 to 400K. Main stumbling block to moving somewhere nice, isolated, with a bit of space and not London would be Mrs PBK. Would likely struggle with something like a small holding but anywhere* would be better than fucking Edmonton.
  4. Even she wouldn't want it. Well if you do and she doesn't....... pm me
  5. Yeah, they be goosed and are scheduled for binning. I have a few sets in the garage thankfully
  6. Its stepless and quite okay to deal with if you are used to a more conventional auto.
  7. Oh well, thanks to the folk who participated in the roffle, your interest was hugely appreciated. Sadly it doesn't seem to be something that folks want, is it the CVT? Is it just Rover 45? Who knows. There was only a small amount of roffle interest, no interest in outright purchase either. Shame really as it really is a lovely, lovely car to sit in, drive and enjoy but that's how it goes. Thanks anyway
  8. You should make them look exactly the same. Take it in turns to ride them with the same number plate on both, then you can have just one insurance policy, one MOT and one bit of road tax, thus sticking 2 fingers up to the System and the Man.
  9. Wot Stanky and Lankytim said. Negotiate with bin people, go round to body shop get quote, get friendly local mechanic to check out the steering/suspension. Buy back and get it repaired yourself.
  10. Yesterday was spent giving the car a bit more of a 'once over'. The O/S bit of the engine bay was liberally sprayed with Verso and scrubbed. Stubborn oily bits were cleaned with Plusgas on a bit of cloth. Nuts, bolt heads and hose clips were scrubbed to get rid of accumulated shite, as were the master cylinders for the clutch and brakes (the outer bits anyway). The N/S front grille was taken off cleaning took place around the headlight and bits of bodywork. Very little to report really, a couple of diddy holes, about the size of half a small finger nail at worst. The headlights are sealed beam units and have fogged up. They might clear with use but I have spare halogen ones to go on. Sidelight/indicator units - screws loosened without issue, so yay for that. Have tested sections of the paint for response to cleaning up. Some improvement, need to try other things. All the window seals are coming up well though. Day off today so no car stuff actioned. Need to do a bit more on the 4 door tomorrow.
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