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  1. My first Toledo... so 1981/82... mates thought it would be amusing to loosen the wiper arms on the car. Didn't notice until I was approaching a roundabout and the heavens decided to open as fully as anything..... hahaha, oh how I laughed.
  2. Both garage guys have been struck by COVID due to a customer attending and not telling them that he had symptoms and had been tested as COVID positive. What a twat.
  3. Yep, meths, vinyl silk, fine brush and 3 inch roller. I was going to consider Gorilla duct tape from the inside of the tears, then do the paint thing.
  4. I know of an excellent fix for a discoloured headlining if required.
  5. Don't recall touching the gearbox at all when I had her, obv good idea re: lubricant change. Rear axle fluidy stuff too?
  6. Hi folks, sorry, been a bit busy. Driving J as often as possible but she is so frugal, its going to take an age to use up the shitty petrol which causes a little hiccup at times. Just been used for a tip run, so need to clean the inside. Good idea re garage mobile advert, think I will message them.
  7. Yes, its a really good place.
  8. She lives! They stripped the inlet down, made all new gaskets, replaced about 6 knacked pipes and hosrs, replaced the HT leads as they weren't as good as they could have been, also replaced the MAP sensor. Things needing attention/monitoring: both engine mounts are quite tired and they also tested the petrol and found out there was 10% water in there. They daid to just burn the fuel off in there by driving it, then fuel up. The shitty fuel causes a teeny tiny miniscule stutter every now and again but other than a slightly squeaky alternator belt, she drives really, really well. Final bill £
  9. The infamous Scottish bank robber Fab Greggs began to regret almost instantly his choice of getaway wheels.......
  10. Update more. They can't get her to miss a beat. All being well she will be returned on Saturday!!
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