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  1. Yes but the real competition was the Granada in MK1,2 and 3 guises , the Royale/ Senator and to a very limited extent the Tagora. The 3500 especially in manual form was head and shoulders above the other ‘ Big 4’ fleet suppliers as regards fuel consumption, remember it wasn’t until 82 that Grannies got 5 speeds, the 2.6 Tagora was notorious for its thirst even when first released and the old CIH straight six for all its smoothness was never good on fuel. I remember when cars in this class first started getting OBCs, getting an average in the high teens was a result. I’ve never seen over
  2. More likely the old Oxford Cambridge line , which is supposed to re-opening in a couple of years. The bit from Bletchley to Bedford is still there , one of the stations on it is Milbrook, although Vauxhall might have still been testing at Chaul End in 1965/6, I think Milbrook Test Site was opened a bit later. I could have a look on Vauxpedia but I darent go on there when I’ve got things to do this afternoon!
  3. All those rail truck van things reminded me of this. At least there’s some logic to putting a small commercial on the track, no idea why Vauxhall thought this was a good idea, maybe promoting the pulling power or the cornering as if on rails sensation of the PC.
  4. More Tissier goodness. I remember reading a story, maybe in Car, about one of those newspaper delivery guys, going from Paris to Nice or somewhere. It was in a CX that had done a shitload of kilometres and stunk of fags. It was still the best job I’d ever heard of.
  5. A few years ago there were stories about cars used for transporting diamonds throughout Europe. The reason was something like you could buy diamonds in London one day , take them to Amsterdam ,Paris or Moscow the next day and make a fortune. It came to light when one of the modified cars appeared on eBay with 600,000 miles on it. The seller had a fleet of specially modified Golf R32s, with strong boxes welded to the rear floor pan, armoured glasss and run flats. Don’t know if it’s still a thing or what they use now, Golf Rs would make sense.
  6. When these were new, the company I worked for had loads of R8s, I’d often jump into one and thrash it around , but could never work out from the badge on the back how quick it would be . Even these Gti’s could be a lottery, but there were a couple in this spec badged as Twin Cam that were proper rapid, felt quicker than the 420’s we had because they revved forever. It must have been the pick of the bunch because John Towers’ wife worked for us and she specced a bright red416 GTi Twin Cam with full leather as her company car even though she could have had a 3 Series or 800. Presumably he
  7. I was looking at the Tesla site to see what the starting price for an S is, couldn’t find out. But did discover this , which I’d never heard of; the Plaid. Not 100% sure it’s not one Elon’s little jokes...
  8. Lovely, don’t know how I missed this , I’d agree with previous posters that there’s not much between a 2600 and a carb V8 . I’ve owned ( or driven extensively) all permutations other than an SD and single plenum Vitessse. These days , if I could afford such a thing , a nice VdP auto with cloth would do me preferably with an Efi V8 but otherwise I wouldn’t be fussed between 2.6 or 3.5. I once bought a very basic, unpainted plastic trims, no passenger mirror 2300 for my Mum and it was the smoothest running Rover I’ve ever driven apart from a Honda 2.7 800. Didn’t miss a beat in 3 years ei
  9. If you go to the News pages, it seems they reopened for outside service only on the5th May. If you’ve never been it’s a great venue, with a wildly different vibe depending on the night . Classic nights are very genteel and very well attended . Lots of Chelsea and Knightsbridge Toffs with their Pagodas and Bristols , mingling with Oiks from the sticks in Minis, Cavaliers and W123s. I used to enjoy Ford nights which would descend into some sort of Dystopian Mad Max like Tyre smoke fest with Cossies bouncing off buses and fights with Parcelforce lorry drivers. See YouTube . Even t
  10. I would go so far as to say it’s not a Vitesse, by that stage the Vitesse was effectively a Sterling hatchback, fully loaded with leather , auto , electrics etc. Just checked on Vehicle Smart and it’s an 827, presumably from the factory type reg number , one of those oddballs that somebody threw some random TWR bits , maybe a staff purchase or something. The Vitesse wing was a fleet,free option on all fast backs along with TWR 5 spokes, in late 90.
  11. That big plastic tractor unit looks exactly the same as a red one that originally had a Texaco tanker on it , that my Grandad got free from a petrol station in the late sixties. Cant remember what happened to the tanker but I binned the cab about 20 years ago when I was sorting my Dad’s old Dinkys.
  12. 1/18 Solido, ok condition missing 2 hubcaps, everything else there, suspension adjustable ! 1/18 Maisto, good condition except for a couple of paint chips and a missing offside rear light.
  13. OMG Barn find 1/18 and 1/20 models for sale or swaps! Id forgotten I’d put these in the shed because I’ve run out of space in my onl6 cabinet, don’t know if any interest , I’d prefer to swap for 70’s 80’s Corgis or random 1/43 ish French shite . It’s a 1/20 Burago and weighs a ton, for some reason. In very good condition with no bits missing, no chips or scratches- oh, and no box either, I bin them as soon as I get them home.
  14. This has inspired my Old Man to decide he wants to go to the knackers yard in his Land Rover , when the time comes. Unfortunately he only owns SWB ones, A 2008 90 and a 1956 86”, current thinking is to make a platform from spare wheel on bonnet to tailgate on the Series 1, he’s been drawing plans, apparently.... My brothers idea of chucking him up on the roof rack of the 90 wouldn’t be dignified. Hes only 74 and in rude health so will probably outlive the Defender , anyway.
  15. Cant believe I missed this thread and that nobody has referenced Get Shorty , yet. This looks like Wales and I’m sure @Mrsbrownnova is a dead ringer for a young Rene Russo , but is @brownnova more Chilli Palmer or shorty?
  16. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure GR is above GL, at least it was on 405s. The base 405 around that time was the GE. In 88 I was fully invested in company car hierarchy and I know my 1.9 GRi was only bettered by a GTX. The 1.6 GL was on the same list as 1.6 L Cavalier, Sierra, Montegos and the GR was the GL equivalent.
  17. That would explain it not being MOT’d since May 2019.
  18. Not cheap, but an inspiration to buy a lottery ticket. The wheels are an acquired taste but the other, hidden, modification should find universal approval. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-W123-500te-V8-AUTOMATIC-ESTATE-RHD-UK-CAR-ROLLING-THUNDER/174207925445?hash=item288f99fcc5:g:74IAAOSwr05eGePd
  19. As I’m a genius , I’m currently looking for both a dayvan/camper and a convertible just as the weather changes and every other fecker is, even though I’ve known since last autumn that we’d be wanting both , doh! Anyway, I like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Odyssey-FieldDeck-WellHouse-Camper-Van-3-Berth-2-2-Petrol-Automatic-RARE/333908631205?hash=item4dbe815ea5:g:6sUAAOSwOFZeNiS8 Wouldn’t want to actually try and sleep in that little roof box, though.
  20. Never upset a woman that can use a spade and lay slabs , ask Mr Jordache
  21. Are you sure it’s a 2.0, don’t forget there was a 1.8 too.
  22. The raised ride height and big spot lamps are inspiring me to buy this and drive to the Arctic Circle in the winter. I won’t, obvs, but the idea is appealing . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saab-9-3-2-0-i-S-2dr-Convertible-Petrol-Manual/224378181385?hash=item343dfb5709:g:q-YAAOSw8U5gRhiJ
  23. No, nothing like that , you need to watch it for it to make sense.
  24. Just went on iPlayer to check I wasn’t mistaken in thinking I saw a Sapphire, seems it is. Wonder what’s under the cover? Capri? Mustang ? That’s the only glimpse, we get, I’m afraid. The homeowner was a smug looking git, with good reason, it seems.
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