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  1. I think it’s a bit smaller, a 140/160J Violet.
  2. That picture could be the Partners or Directors parking for an architects practice or firm of solicitors in 1971.
  3. Talk of FD and FE V8s reminded me of this; Legend has it that it got as far as Earls Court in ‘73 and was removed from the stand the night before Press Day. Fitted with a Holden 4.2 it couldn’t have been that much worse than the 3.3 on petrol. My Dad reckoned our Viscount ( with high efficiency 2 speed Powerglide) only ever broke 15 mpg when the caravan was on the back and I don’t rember the manual Ventora I had being a paragon of economy even compared to a 3.0Zodiac auto.
  4. It’s a Mk2 so couldn’t have been more than a couple of years old, but looking at that video it could have been yesterday, not 34 years- God I’m old!
  5. I was expecting the usual museum suspects when I started scrolling… But I’ve never seen one with so many of my favorite cars in one place . A GS Birotor and an M35, unbelievable, made the SM and Decompatable( SP??) seem commonplace. Then a Majestic Major , Lotus Carlton, Mk4 Zodiac , Fiat2300S Coupe, it’s like someone’s looked inside my head at a lottery shopping list. Plus stuff I didn’t know existed ; RHD Facelift Excellence, stretched Toyota Century plus those Septics. I wonder if the oil under all the Norton’s is set dressing because that’s what legend means we expect?
  6. No shit Sherlock, two cars introduced in 1993 were better than one from 1984. I’m a fully fledged Montego apologist that chose to have a 2.0 Gti estate then a2.0 TD Countryman as company cars in the 90’s, I was fully aware thatMondeos , 405s , Primeras and Xantias were better cars , but as a family car they couldn’t be beaten. I’ve since owned so many , a lot rented out as cabs , that I can’t actually remember how many I’ve had. In the mid 90’s I’d always choose a Montego over a Cavalier or Sierra to buy in auction for resale because there were never any hidden problems, a good clean, wob up the arches and sills, quick rattle can of Hurricane Grey on the bottom half and an easy £2-300 profit in the paper that weekend. It helped that for any given price you could get a 2 year newer one. The people that bought them were always straightforward, sensible types wanting a roomy reliable workhorse, I kept a stock of towbar s and on more than one occasion fitted one on my drive whilst my Mrs was counting the tenners and doing the paperwork, very popular as caravan tugs.
  7. Jan ‘87 By 1990 and Roverisation, there’s no mention of electric windows in the spec list. Although there is on the GS page. Did the Metro start the trend for trim levels that made no sense ? Is a GTa better or worse than an MG ? is a Knightsbridge more expensive than an Advantage etc etc
  8. I hadn’t considered it might be his first Traffic/Fast response/ Area type car , but yes it have been.
  9. About 20 years ago I was tasked with driving the lovely Miss Messenger and newsreader Jan Leeming to their homes after a Ball in The Dorchester. Both were very very drunk and the conversation was quite bawdy as both had just got divorced and we’re having a ‘ dry spell’ Only one of them propositioned me when helping her into the house. Clue, if it had been Melinda, I wouldn’t have run away ! To keep this on topic, £7000 for a feckin Metro that needs welding and an engine rebuild, Id have to be even more spectacularly drunk than they were.
  10. It’s ok they made him a Sergeant and gave him a 3.0 Capri to make amends for that TC.
  11. I don’t know where this was but the only way he would look so happy is if he’d never driven that in anger. Whatever he had as a Traffic car before would have been better. Lotus Cortina ? S-Type Jag ? even a Mk4 Zephyr. When they told him he was getting a new BL Patrol car, I bet he thought Rover 3500 or Range Rover, maybe a Dolomite or even an XJ6 . The Viva Panda Car would be better in a chase.
  12. Oh, I’d definitely cover Liz…. Erm, sorry.
  13. Yesterday I had a call from a Polish number for my e240, usual what’s the lowest you’ll take bollocks. Told him I’m not dropping. He accepts that and hangs up. Five minutes later a very uncertain man on a different English number, asks about the car, obviously no idea what he’s phoning and presumably a mate of the previous caller. Asks if I’d take a lower price, I say yes whatever you like . He says he’ll have to call me back. One minute later the first guy calls back and says he’ll give me £500 - it’s up for £1000. I tell him I would have taken that but I’ve just sold it. My wife says I’m a cunt and it’s as if I don’t want to sell the car- she’s probably right on both counts.
  14. I knew that time studying my Fiat brochure collection when I was 11 was time well spent. Every individual model ( even some trim levels) had their own small square 8 page booklet. The black bumper is the giveaway, that and no overriders , the saloons had much bigger lights post ‘75 , I don’t think the estates had room.
  15. Only if that 128 Panorama iIn the background is a time traveller.
  16. It’s not someone getting a bit carried away describing a Riviera is it? They had a big lift out sunroof that was half of the roof panel.
  17. I made sure to make the last appointment of the day in January for this very reason, bonus that it was pissing down too. The lad in the shed didn’t notice the receipts in service history were for another car and some dated before it was built. I might have reset the EML in the car park and not switched the engine off until I very helpfully parked it up to save him getting wet after he’d checked the mileage. The moral of this story is don’t buy a modern Mercedes E Class off me, the lovely old Mercedes E Class I’m selling in the For Sale section is OK, promise😊
  18. Presumably, a homage to this:
  19. I bought an immaculate B reg Senator 3.0CD from a general ahouse clearance type auction in Bedford, they only had a couple of cars and because it wouldn’t start on the day nobody wanted it. I think I paid £150 . Towed it home and started messing with it, thought I’d had a right result when I discovered the fuse missing from the injection… Knocked like a bastard, obviously. Not to worry I trawled the estates and found a Monza with its strut tops almost pushing through the bonnet , but a good engine. Towed the Senator with the Monza to a mate’s unit and asked him to swap it over. A week later he calls to tell me , he’d done the swap and was halfway through an oil change when his idiot partner needed to move it, fired it up with no oil in and did a couple of donuts in the yard ! Scrap was worthless in those days- £200 down the drain. Whilst on Vauxhall’s, bought a non-runner Cavalier and discovered somebody had cut the petrol pie to nick the fuel, as I’m a genius i sellotaped a Biro into the gap and drove it home. Then proceeded to tart it up and just about made the local auction. It was only as I went to collect my winnings and saw the proud new owner driving off that I remembered the ‘ fix’ . Nothing appeared in the local paper about a family being incinerated or owt. A Carlton estate that had been driven into a skip on the drivers side pillar got a screen and filler shaped up to the rubbers, ended up in that same auction.
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