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  1. Dunno what this is - stamped Record - so some vice Saved from my mum chucking it the tip. 1m long ISH Free but pickup from Accrington
  2. All the best internet stuff advertised on the back of that Swedish beast
  3. Just to develop that point... NM had to get his new (very nice) car from auction. I went with him to drive his RR home. Way there it started making squeaking noises under load.... Way back it dropped the contents of the sump through the passenger side turbo! Many faffs resulted in a big white taxi being called The Smart better not want a turbo soon or I am going NA and buying Huggy.
  4. This morning started bright and cheerful - hope was in the air I popped by Halfords to purchase a stud extractor to help the job along It certainly did that by snapping the stud flush. Fucksticks. You can see the bottom stud is bent as well so that will need replacing Next plan was to take the turbo off to get it drilled... That lasted 5 minutes before it was decided to just take the manifold off Coolant out Oil off Manifold off - one bolt was finger tight. That isn't good Ahh. Bugger. It had snapped in the past and someone has ignored it. It has been added to our igno
  5. Fingers and spanners crossed, in my favour is a northern monkey who doesn't give in ... And has big hammers. It has been one of them days. Saab out of action Mx5 still not fixed Motorhome decided to keep chucking up engine management light and go into limp home mode Then SMART decided to start grinding rear brakes.
  6. What a day ... Plan was to remove the old bits then strap on new shiny things to the Saab. Nice turboy engine underneath is a bit of surface corrosion. Plan is to brush back and corrolless sub frames Best bit of replacing stuff is that the choppy chop can come out Exhaust removed and then on to the sub frame bushes. These were properly dead Following a YouTube video we holesawed the rubber bit Before levering the sub frame down and getting the biggish part out. Choppy chop was used cut the inner race - but only after a dash to screwfix for shorter blades after Northern Monke
  7. This morning was like Christmas day .. I got to open presents for myself Jetex exhaust for 9-5 3 inch down pipe Sports cat Uprated drop links Track rod ends Ball joints And some oil filters Going to be lashing them on to the car on Monday. I also got to experience one of motorings pure delight - akin to new sheets in your bed - a new windscreen! Such a delight to have a non chipped or scratches windscreen.
  8. Better to find out now rather than halfway down the motorway
  9. Last week I got a confused.com £20 Halfords voucher. I needed a new jack so used it to get one. Got an email through for a free MOT - Saab is due one so why not try. Bugger Tbf I thought the windscreen wouldn't pass and the exhaust blow was getting worse. Other bits are just wear and tear. Briefly I pondered the multipla on here. But then with@NorthernMonkey advice I splashed out on stainless exhaust.. cause lasts and sounds better. Oh and a new slightly bigger downpipe and performance car. And uprated FPR. That opens up the possibility of a remap in the future. Then an almost 300
  10. Not sure I would like petrol knocking about... Diesel is a wee bit safer
  11. These come with a 10l so can lob cherry in there if you want. I know the urban motorhome chap calculated the benefits of running cherry and it wasn't much, they are pretty efficent. Much more so than a normal diesel exhaust. The exhaust is sealed well and exits out the side of the van. An Aussie on youtube showed the difference in heater versus truck which was quite surprising. The benefit to me is that I can run from the fuel tank so don't need a separate feed in the tank. I have cut the pick up line about 1cm from bottom of the tank filter so the heater will run out before running van
  12. What a little shit this has been Bigger turret arrived and was fitted with heat proof sealant This makes sure no gases go back into the van Tidied up with some black spray Built a little box and mesh screen out of some reduced B Q ends. Should give some ventilation as well as protecting it. Bought a reducer so I can run most of the existing 65mm pipework All fitted then started it up. What the bugger was that Diesel pissing out. Pulled cover out The supplied fuel pipe clamps weren't clamping. Swapped out for 9mm spring clips All sorted. Except it wouldn't start.
  13. Current motorhome comes with a gas fire and fan. The fan has stopped working and I think it is the controller knob - a new one is £70. At that price it got me thinking - gas is a bit of a pain when we want to wild camp. I can sell the old gas fire on eBay for reasonable money - hopefully getting somewhere close to break even A touch more money and I get a diesel heater - which will free up space plus won't be so dependent on gas. Stuck it in basket Went to pay Bargain Came pretty quickly Time to get fire out That's a nice bit of cupboard space. A turret and feed from diesel
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