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    Famous Five

    I think the code is in the handbook (although might have been different car).
  2. That's a great idea Did you pull off the return to get the old fluid out?
  3. Smart tinkering today I do like the fact that the front comes off so easily First up was something to avoid the previous suspension battles The top mounts are quite exposed, but for not many pennies you can get covers for them to keep all the muck out Next was to fix the washers. They kept being empty but when I tried to put water in, it wouldn't fill. With the front off it obvious that the filler hose is too low and you must unclip it to fill it. Fixing cost - Free The indicator bulbs had lost their orangey I lobbed a set of smoked led ones on to avoid having to change them again Not totally sold on them but hey ho. One of the rears of a front fog light had snapped so time to swap that out Jobs a good un To celebrates the brakes went a little odd on the way back. Suddenly got loads of travel, will have to have an investigate
  4. My cap is truly doffed to Northern Monkey for fixing the suspension today. I think he described it as the worst suspension job he has ever done. The top nut for these is a bit under the scuttle panel so you can't get an impact wrench on it. Up on the ramp Double check it's fucked Yes still fucked An expert in action Then hit first wall. The top nut wouldn't come undone. We tried the special tool but that was no good. The piston would just spin. In the end out came the grinder This enabled a pair of stilsons with a scaffold tube to hold it still before I had the pleasure of almost bending a massive breaker bar to get the nut off. It was insanely tight. Finally it cracked off. You can see the difference in old and new Then the fun began trying to compress the springs. The spring compressors kept slipping round causing Mr Monkey to almost ban me from bringing anything motor vehicle shaped near him. The final go before reaching for the matches, got the spring compressed. Then it was sitting straight on the bottom spring perch so the expert banged it against some brickwork to fix it. All back together and it is like a new car! I haven't told Mr Monkey that I want to change the rear shocks at some point
  5. Top bolt is utterly shagged. There is a special tool to remove the shock because of this (common issue) . Obviously I havent bought this but got the cheaper laser tool to try
  6. A little bit deflated by the camper shenanigans I thought I would cheer myself up by fitting shocks to the SMART. Missus Puss is the main driver and has been complaining how shit the ride it. I took it out last week and it was awful crashing everywhere. Assuming the shocks were past their best a front pair were ordered and duly arrived. Ripped the face off the smart Noting it has had a little love tap before now Took photos to try and remember where bolts go I needed to get at these I have soaked them in plusgas to give them a fighting chance of coming undone I thought I would just check the state of the springs... Oh bugger. Both have broken. No doubt that the shit handling is down to no front suspension. It means the bottom hub is rubbing on the brake discs as well Brilliant. It is now going to be parked in the naughty corner till the end of the month when I get paid.
  7. Course not It was a gamble that hasn't come off . Oh well. If someone needed a cheap place to sleep on land it would be ideal.
  8. Today gets even better. We got the van on the ramp to see how many plates would be needed to sort the rusty bits. The answer is a a whole new van! It is a bit of a horror show really. The van has been undersealed which has held the rust in. Bear in mind that is just the showing rust ... Once the underseal is removed I can imagine it will be much much worse. Its a shame as I was hoping it was a gamble that would come off. Going to stick it on eBay at 99p no reserve and see if I can get some money back. If anyone fancied a welding challenge then drop me a line!
  9. The answer is,.. drum roll...... None! Erm .. how do you delete posts ?? I am just taking the van over to have a look at much welding is needed. Go round a corner...... Ping......hmmm that didn't sound normal Ohhhh Self lowering van! Luckily it was at the top of drivers side and it has reseated. Will add that to the shopping list.
  10. I tried mouth to hose resuscitation but just ended up with a soapy tongue.
  11. Cracked on with making a bit less mingy today Got the Vax out and gave interior a good wash. Now they have dried they still have stains but didn't want to be too rough on the old upholstery Stuck some gravel In water tank and gave it another swirl round then flush The little grey things have gone A downside of this design is that it can never be empty - it doesn't have a sump and the plastic washer makes the drain slightly higher than the rest meaning it will always retain some water. Not massively sold on keeping it. Half tempted to swap in a portable water tank with inlet. It will free up under bed storage, you can ensure it is empty and as long as it has a feed to the sink it should work. Jet wash time ... It took most of the black paint off the bumpers which is is good Then onto the main body The top roof light has got a small hole in it which has been repaired and now needs fixing again It managed to kill my karcher, as water started pissing out the front. Thursday morning it should be going on the ramp so we can see the worst of the horrors and see if it can be saved.
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