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  1. This Where are you located? I know Northern Monkey has one you can borrow
  2. On way back from the lakes I noticed the campervan was chucking out loads of smoke under load, as soon as you lift off it disappears. Checking the oil, it has gone from full to almost empty in less than 400 miles. One of the benefits of buying a van through a dealer is that it comes with a 3 month warranty - so will be dropping it back on saturday for their tame mechanic to have a look at it. I suspect it might be piston rings which may be a decent sized bill for them.
  3. A slightly early escape from work meant I headed north with less traffic so covering the ground in just over 2hrs 20. The turbo charged pug is certainly an enjoyable car, nice seats although a clicky CV joint and a touch of suspension knock meant that full bore into corners was refrained from. Met up with Mr J Bell esq and clan. Some dog stroking and tea with pleasant chat was had. Then into the blue/green pug to head home. First thoughts are that it needs a turbo, but once on motorway you really don't notice it. Happily sits at 70mph on motorway even up hills. Headlights are some o
  4. This morning, I strutted out with the Fatboy slim song - weapon of choice ringing in my head. Behold a french fancy .... Couple of flicks of the glow plugs led to the close being woken to the sound of an xud. Driving to work - left me grinning like a champ. Looking forward to piloting it north this evening. Next to some modernz
  5. Been off up to the lakes in the new* camper. Certainly was an enjoyable jaunt away. Although taking two doggies meant it was a bit of a challenge. Also managed to fit in a couple of dips in the lake - 10degree in there! Whilst I was away, I got notification I was a winner of a smoll blu Ka. A flurry of PMs means that tonight with Northern Monkey help I collected a smoll grey Ka..... Tbc
  6. Oh yes... Also had these in. Being 1989 model it is in pretty good nick. Drives well enough. I may have been looking at how to fit airbags as they aren't expensive
  7. Today I picked up my new steed. Northern Monkey provided a wafty lift over Taking the decision that foreign diving holidays are unlikely in near future we have splashed out to pick up this Talbot Autosleeper. It's been well looked after with a huge history file. They put a new MOT on it, with a service and habitation check over. It's got an earthing issue with the rear lights, as the indicators won't work when brake is pushed. MIss Moog is over the moon with it. Plan is to make sure it it all works and start getting away at the weekends. We have purchased scuba tanks so are lik
  8. Testing .. 1.2.3....is this still on .. . Cant believe it is late September already. After having the pleasure of a hairnet encounter (is that the right phrase) at the weekend I decided I need to update this a bit. Current roll call is Saab 9-5 Aero Estate - Ex Northen Monkey, Ex ohdear etc. Provides sterling work with power and comfort. Had some issues when I first got it with cutting out but then it was fine. On way back from Scotland it chucked itself into limp home mode. Codes were for throttle body, so replaced that making no difference. After a good googl
  9. I will need to have a look at what wheels I have got. Definitely got a set of mini steels and 14inch daisy wheels. If you want suspension then talk to Mr Monkey - we have got bucket loads between us. You are more than welcome to my gearbox as I just keep tripping over it. If you wanted to arrange a time I am sure Moog and Monkeys fitting services might be available.
  10. Ahhh it will all be fine* I have just remembered I was going to find that spreadsheet. Whoever is the owner of the big green bastard drop me a PM and I will get it sent.
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