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  1. I want to know what the free lunch looks like ... I ha e visions of slightly curly sandwiches, slightly out of date crisps and a bottle of panda pop.
  2. Those front seats are the best advert for being in a Throuple ever.
  3. Got to be 5 spokes.. you Def aren't a gangsta bad boy
  4. Och Aye Glad you caught that on the AX. Once the ride is sorted I think it will be a great car.
  5. Boost pipe popped off or split. Dog cock red as well.
  6. What do you keep your cows in? Wing mirror in the boot didn't work, the bottom plastic thread was slightly cracked so wouldn't tighten. Only worked it out after the billionth time digging the screw out behind my bottle storage All the fun of working in car doors £6 delivered from eBay got another passenger mirror Plus side is that it is smooth as silk for adjustment. Lobbed a cheap Bluetooth mechless player I had in the garage in. Not the sexiest thing, but will do. This led to the discovery of mono sound Drivers side is missing a speaker. New pair of cheapies ordered from Amazon so that stereo should be restored. It's a great wee car - took a trip to the big lights of Kirkcaldy which on the b roads meant was a hoot to drive.
  7. Inflation etc no doubt. Thanks for the lead
  8. Forgot about boot full of spares! Will have a look That's a good lead - had a gander and comes in at £60 delivered which is a bit steep for me That is lovely
  9. Been off diving for the last couple of weeks - but day before I picked up the Roffle AX. It has been sitting outside the house for the last couple of weeks - jumped in it to go to the shops and has started straight on the key. The non starting issue seems to have solved itself. As Bucketeer suggested, the 1.5D powerhouse of an engine means you become A Man of Momentum[emoji2400] Still has 3/4 of a tank of fuel after doing 160 miles - which is nice. Jobs to do on it Source and fit replacement gear knob Passenger door mirror replacement The alternator is whining a lot - it needs replacing. Ideally find some diesel front springs and unlower it - the ride at front is quite crashy on bumpy roads. The Saab is coming off the road for the following things Swap out front driveshafts to deal with abs issue Fit all new rear handbrake shoes and mechanism Fit new rear brake calipers Fit new rear brake flexis Fit new rear wheel bearing to passenger side Fit front discs and pads Think a out swapping out the alternator (although looks a shit job) Try to get it diagnosed with Tech2 for the rad fans - they aren't coming on Bit of a service BMW has developed a slow rear puncture which is annoying when tyres are date coded 21. Motorhome needs a service and then a run out. Not been used much this year.
  10. Certainly distinctive - takes a while to learn to drive it. Literally one pedal only, you can use the brakes but the motor regen is enough. I have fallen in love with it already. The thing to remember is that it is a city car really. Yes it can do 75 no problem and motorways are a doodle but really designed for city living. The interior is mega light and airy - would have loved to get one with the sunroof. The back is two only but again due the amount of light doesn't feel claustrophobic. True about the non opening windows but most of the time it is on climate control. Other brilliant bits are the app You can set up the climate control remotely so you go out to a warm car.also remote lock and unlock it. We are paying £360 a month but that is still cheaper than fuel for the Saab estate. In Scotland most of the public fast chargers are free.
  11. As you might have sent elsewhere the SMART has departed Moog towers. This was mainly due to the purchase of this BMW I3 with rex. Absolutely love this car. The acceleration is brisk to say the least. I am commuting one or two days a week with 100 mile road trip which this will do easily. Lobbed in some fitted mats and also 3d printed key holder. The mirror indicators are pretty easy to upgrade so did that next Pre version - clear with orange bulb Pop off the mirror glass Screws undone and pop off the front cover You can see the difference here with the new smoked led ones. Slotted in Cover back on bolted back up I think they look better than the standard ones.
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