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  1. Ahhh man that sucks, hopefully the insurance will help see you and Mrs Bub right
  2. Loving the videos. Great style - would definitely watch more
  3. Boot catch fixage time The old one is kaput Got a zx one But constant rain and last night this Meant no chance to fix it. Rain stopped so dodging through puddles I got it mostly fixed. It shuts and locks now but has a bit of play in the boot. Wheel bearing going to be fitted next week. Also got a replacement tach sensor and gearlinkage
  4. DVLA took payment for the pug that sold before Christmas as well - even though changed keeper back in December.
  5. It's just a D but has the same bleed screw.
  6. Topped up coolant But no cigar So in minus 3 go tools out and opened the red screws and massaged the hoses.. a big burp and..
  7. Forgot to mention that Mr Monkey also cured a lhm leak with PTFE - it was coming from the high pressure pump and pissing over gearbox.
  8. And this shall be used as the roffle advert .... If it goes that way
  9. Honestly they aren't that needy - it's the First time either of us have done that kind of clutch plus difficult to get bits off shelf so things have to be ordered. Mr StrangeAngel has really looked after this one. It is pretty mint underneath.
  10. Boot striker ordered. Hoping the coolant light is just air lock. Fingers crossed that is the end of it for now, as otherwise is a bonny thing.
  11. This morning the bar of delight turned up so back to the workshop to finish off the BX. First job was to fix the breather on top of the gearbox Bit of hose and NMonkey engineering created I checked the coolant sensor - this might be an issue All cleaned up and refitted Time to get it back on its wheels Then wheels back on Down on the lift Test run time. Firstly it needed the clutch adjusting more as I couldn't get any gears without switching engine off. Then another issue made itself clear, the rear wheel bearing was rumbling. Back on lift and fiddle with the back showe
  12. Cold and frosty morning saw renewed work on BX New and old On inspecting the clutch tube, Mr Monkey noticed some wear The bearing was a little sloppy. We procured one but when checking against the fitted one it wasn't much difference so left well alone. We then had a bit of diversion trying to out whether the metal pivot went on or through the plastic bushing. A lunch break with a review of BX manuals showed it went through. The metal pivot was a bit oversized. That seemes to be the issue as when it was pushed through it popped off the plastic. Mr Monkey employed some genius by
  13. Ordered a new fork online yesterday at 3:30pm from eBay. Arrived this morning... Now that is service ..although did pay for 48 shipping expecting it to be delivered on Saturday.
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