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  1. Fuck me, I thought I was shit at parking https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/panic-land-rover-driver-crashes-17582248
  2. Brownnova x 1 Fumbler x 1 Craig the Princess x 1 Garythesnail x 2 Billybunter x 1 Datsuncog x 1 BL Bloke x 1 Xtriple x 1 Saabnut x 1 Catsinthewelder x 1 puddlethumper x 1 Six-cylinder x 1 blguy1975 x 1 jamhowe x 2 GM x 1 Stinkwheel x 2 adw1977 x 1 Semi-C x 1 barefoot x 1 Supernaut x 1 sporty-shite x 1 dozeydustman x 1 MorrisItalSLX x 1 Asimo x 1 castros_bro x 2 red5 x1 chaseracer x1 garycox x2 djoptix x 2 I_am_Diesel x1 (Thank you) agw9262 x 1 Clayts450 x1
  3. [adenoids]I think you'll find your so-called traffic warden/parking attendants are now referred to as Civil Enforcement Officers[/adenoids] So just like CEOs in big business, they're cunts an' all.
  4. Deffo up to meeting one of my Autoshite heroes in the Midlands when you're passing through @eddyramrod
  5. Fuck me, that's stupid cheap. I suspect there must be more wrong than just needing a couple of tyres, surely ? Still, that's April or May's sorted, eh ?
  6. Easy fix. Shame it's only a 1.8 or I'd have been sorely tempted.
  7. Plant-based meal my arse.... Oh, right, not that.... Autograph please, famous person.
  8. 200/400 OC are a nice bunch, cheap membership, and loads (I mean loads) of good knowledge and stacks of spares easily unlocked. Always enjoy meeting up with other club members at events. Chair, John Batchelor, is a genuinely nice bloke and makes everyone feel special. Absolutely no snobbery about the condition of your car at all.
  9. Only minor fettling today as still a bit delicate from boys night out on Friday. 620 rear light cluster cracked by some schmuck: 20 quid eBay bargain, old one came out lovely, new* one in, job's a good un (via two bulbs popping and me having to go to Wilko to get some more)\ Also the 420 is back on de road. Whilst the cat is still rattling like a bastard, I fixed the permanent brake lights by swapping out the switch. Job also a good un (no pics). Also worked out why fog lights weren't working. Pressing the heated rear window button rather than the rear fog light button tends to do that.... The 420 had also been struggling to start and was idling poorly. Yup, that happens when the coolant temp sensor is unplugged in the bay by some ham-fisted twat. So, all good in the hood - 5 out of 6 now roadworthy, just the ungrateful bastard off-road.
  10. Electric rear windows tended to be the preserve of the obscure GSi/SEi spec they introduced with the Mk2 25s.
  11. Another two pairs of driving glasses for 14 quid taking my total to six pairs now, courtesy of MSE's latest limited offer at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/glasses-direct/#52422 This means I now have a pair I can put in each car, and the hassles of losing/forgetting/putting wrong ones on/wearing sunglasses in the dark accidentally will* be a thing of the past You do need to have a prescription less than 2 years old available that you can add to your account, and they usually turn up within 7 days from LingLong Exports (Seeing Division) Ltd.
  12. Good call on up-ending the Pektron unit. However, it's the cheap relays within the unit which have a tendency to go pop, causing strange electronic things, such as non functioning or ever-present horns, no rear fog lights, dicey central locking etc etc. Also I would check the wiring loom which feeds down the driver's side of the boot hinge - there's usually some fraying action there which causes interesting weirdness with ensuing hilarity*. CV boots and drop links tend to go for fun on these, and a job I need to do - just ordered some boots from these guys, https://www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk/ delivered in 2 days.
  13. Rev up your engines, it's time for Scotty Kilmer. He's been around for years. TBF, his videos are pretty good for anyone with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever, but he's never provided me with any Hallelujah moments.
  14. I do quite like the look of these little things - 1.4 auto no ticket https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1749761725160444/
  15. Be like dieselnutjob. I think. Only picture https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/462388961099966/
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