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  1. Bollox. (Finds hat, goes for a 10 yard walk down the road, finds dog shit, smears it over hat, eats hat). GLWR
  2. I dunno what it is about 45s , Ken, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of love for them generally (BL Bloke and a few others on here excepted). I agree, they are a lovely wafter to tool about in - if I didn't already have the 620, I'd have had this off you in a heartbeat. Maybe worth chucking it up on the Rover 200/400 Owners Club forum (they accept 45s now) ? http://www.rover200.org.uk/forums/viewforum.php?f=13
  3. Would you happen to have a beige keep-fit window winder handle ? I've got one without the round bit at the end.
  4. Forgotten I'd taken this photo - the old and the 'new' : the 420 and a random HHR in a car park in Bulwell - the 45 actually parked next to mine whilst I was shopping for cat food or some other shizzle
  5. If this hasn't sold by the time I'm home from work, I'll eat my dog-shit flavoured hat.
  6. Was tripped up by a couple of shafted ARB drop links at last week's test for the 420, so £20 spent and just under an hour with the car on Sunday got me this : Cheapest outlay evah to get a ticket (ignoring the Streetwise's two straight passes), well chuffed with that. Will need to give consideration to the rear bushes in the next few months, but I may go Powerflex for the whole lot as it does feel a bit 'tired' Despite the ticket, I will need to take the car off the road soon as I want to reunite it with its old identity - as I noted, not a fan of personalised registrations, I like my cars to tell the world how old they are. Still got a few electronic issues to iron out, but I did also replace the temp gauge sender on Sunday, and the dial works as it should now, so one niggle off the list for now. As noted elsewhere, I'm lusting after a little Alfa coupe so quite how that will impact upon the existing fleet remains to be seen. The logical one to offload is the Streetwise but it means a lot to me that car, so not going to happen - every fleet needs a reliable modern* and it's never let me down. 214 will deffo go at some stage, once I get some proper time to give it some care and attention, hopefully over the next few weekends.
  7. Bet it was cheaper than a train ticket too. Good buyage in the circs, top shite-ing
  8. ISWYDT Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  9. My colleague remains blissfully unaware of the peril she may be in. Splashed da cash Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  10. A triple dose of misery random styles please. Still trying to sort out a colleague with a motor and she ain't having the Streetwise Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  11. Amazon are generally very good - I have a meter cupboard right next to the front door and the Flex guys normally just whack it in there and bolt it shut. Had a new courier this week who decides the 'shed' is not a safe place, so crashes round into my back garden and rather kindly leaves it on the wooden bench next to my back door. Fine. As long as it's not raining, mind.
  12. Ah well, simple £20 fix for me to undertake on the 420 this weekend, and 12 months hassle free motoring will be all mine next week
  13. There's a leak somewhere and you need to find it really. They don't call the K the Kettle for nothing - 5.5 litres is the entire capacity of the cooling system so even a tiny drip could be terminal. Usual suspects are water pump or inlet manifold gasket - former impossible to spot if it's just a drip, IMG slightly easier if you are using the pink OAT coolant as there will usually be white-ish staining around the inlet manifold area. Recommend you spend some time researching over on the MG-R forums https://forums.mg-rover.org (especially https://forums.mg-rover.org/how-do-i-answers-common-problems-8/guide-cooling-system-leaks-rover-200-25-400-45-mg-zr-zs-k-series-335685/) or the 200/400 owners club (includes 45 now) http://www.rover200.org.uk/forums/ as MG/Rover owners of K-series engined cars panic ever so slightly* every time there is a need to start topping up coolant frequently. There's also a fair few K-series owners past and present here of course.
  14. clayts450


    No K series in these, it's an anonymous Peugeot lump from about the year 1975. The only reference point is the engine is called a 476 or something. A mass of information. I think the tricky issue is parts availability. For sure it's a Tata Indica in disguise, but as the rugged Indian vehicle never made it here, parts are still hard to find. There is (isn't there always) a Facebook group with a whopping 249 members (including me, oddly) https://www.facebook.com/groups/cityrover/ There is a chap on here who loves his CityRover - post here Also be aware that there is actually a Mark 2 version, even though MG-R had collapsed before they were relaunched. The Longbridge input into 'building' the CityRover was I believe pretty much 'Rover-ising' them (badge here and there), not a lot else. A miserable full stop for the home car manufacturing industry. I'd still have one though, but only as a commutawagon
  15. 420 went for MoT on Friday 10 May - test abandoned, emissions machine broked. To be seen to this week sometime. Gave me a chance to bleed the brakes on Saturday 11 May - no issues at all, every bleed screw behaved, job done in about half an hour. Have got some replacement wheel nuts off the Bay so I can bin off the crappy alloy cap designs and the locking nuts that are on it at present. Love this car more every time I drive it. Once I get the test done, I'm probably gonna take off the NI plate and stick that on retention - hopefully DVLA will give the car back its original reg, L534EOV (thanks Ghosty !) Also to do - find the rattle, sort the iffy electrics, also ordered a temp sender sensor as the gauge is hit and miss (hoping not the stat, but likely not, and even if it is , tis only a 10 minute job on a T-series apparently). 620 got the 'Rover emblem on the boot treatment a la 420' today, £6 real badge off eBay. Looks neat, photo to follow. 214 - finally got the fuel filter off today to pop a new one in : welded in, been struggling with it since I bought the car last Oct ! Also swapped out the throttle pot sensor for a newer one, may solve some of my running woes. Dunno as battery is flat, couldn't be arsed jumping it. Have left a note in front of the dials to remind self to ensure petrol not pissing out of the fuel filter when I fire it up next ! Still need to get a new exhaust on it, may try to do that next weekend.
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