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  1. AA shafted me this year on the Coupe, citing the 'you got an introductory rate' routine. Did a Money Supermarket on their asses, and off to Tesco I went for half the price. Ker-ching.
  2. Streetwise reached a milestone this morning, pulled over to capture the moment (no rozzers around, don't dob me in please) To celebrate, I'd already bought it a new front grille badge, so fitted it when I got home. The old: 2 mins later
  3. That's a good point. Could do with saving some cash and abandoning the garage
  4. Postscript to this : I need to get her and her old man on here methinks...
  5. Neighbours up the road - always have 80s/90s Fords near their home, never actually stopped to have a natter with them. Then a 414 turned up. Then COVID happened. Anyway, we live five minutes away from each other, and we finally connected today....on Facebook. Lovely to see their first thought on selling was to find out whether I wanted it ! Price is a bit salty, but it is a lovely motor - better condition than the 420 if truth be told
  6. Nigel and Debbie - they're a really lovely couple. I got a replacement hose from them for the Streetwise. Paid a tenner.
  7. Modern crisis after my courier van (Combo D) had a minor disagreement with a fence post yesterday. Managed to mangle the nearside front bumper - Wheel off, liner out, gallons of hot water, BFO hammer: Win
  8. Would recommend Dave and Kayleigh Allkins at MG Rover Mobile Mechanics, although I think they probably have a looooong waiting list http://www.mg-rovermobilemechanics.com/ Very well regarded in MG-R circles
  9. You don't need to do your VAT return (unless you really want to) - concession because of current situation. I'm doing mine at the end of April, however, because I want to claim back the VAT on the van purchase, plus I'll also (hopefully) have been paid my first 17 invoices by 30 April 2020, so can offset the VAT due against the rebate.
  10. I must be bored. Just done my 19/20 tax return. The turnover (cash accounting not traditional) in my new venture was less than a grand, so no need to worry about ins/outs, just popped in my P45 details from my last job, added in the interest on bank accounts, pinged it off to HMRC, 200 quid tax refund due. Lovely. I think next year's will be a bit harder than the 10 minutes it took to do this one !
  11. That was my first thought when FOTU fell. Seems inconceivable that we couldn't do Chumley this year. Suppose a lot depends on the 'second wave'....
  12. Admiral Car Insurance - nice 'stay at home' gesture: 50 quid banked, ker-ching. https://www.admiral.com/stayathome?utm_source=service &utm_medium=email&utm_content=Admiral_Service_Motor_Covid_Stay_Home&utm_campaign=SingleCar
  13. 7/7, even the shitbird in the garage. Batteries on 420/620 need a kick start, mind.
  14. Just checked the status of my fleet. Streetwise - started first time, went shopping, loose heat shield 620 - started first time, but battery is definitely wearing down, FW/REV, handbrake off, left in park Accord - started first time, FW/REV, handbrake off, left in park - alarm has however failed but doors still lockable 820 - started first time, FW/REV, handbrake off, left in first 420 - battery near enough dead, 20 quid off Amazon jump starter, fired up, REV/FW, handbrake left on as still rolls in gear 214 - who cares, in a garage 3 miles away Van - no issues
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