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  1. F1 Autocentre - I approve. Our local branch is ace. Scott, the MoT tester, loves my old chod, as it makes a change from the usual white goods he tests day in day out....(a view shared by many testers, I should imagine)
  2. I took the day off today (apart from a little local pick up for delivery on Monday to Cov) given the sheer inability of people to drive in inclement weather. Pissing stair rods yesterday, so you can well imagine what the M1, M11, M25 was like. Add OMG SNO KAOS into the mix today and I decided to snuggle up with the cat on the sofa rather than get stuck behind some bimbling cockwomble on the A1 (other snowbound roads are available).
  3. A57 Snake Pass closed. Police also said avoid A628 Woodhead Pass....and then half an hour ago I quite often get jobs over the weekend from Nottingham up to the NW, so guess I'll be going the long way round then.
  4. Spent hours last week inputting all my accounts onto the much-lauded (and free) Wave cloud accounting system. Dead snazzy, but then I realised some of the advertised features didn't work. It got worse. Yesterday, all non-US and Canada customers basically got told to GTF with no notice at all.... Fuck you very much. The alternative (Zoho) is a year's free subscription, but the general consensus amongst Wave users is that it's shit. Does anyone here use Brightbook ? Looks promising.
  5. Being able to drive at 70mph anti-clockwise for pretty much the whole journey around the M25 from the M1 to the M23 today....and then clockwise later on in the day. So long, lockdown, it was a pleasure to be able to drive properly on the M25 again. OMGXMASSHOPPINGKAOS from tomorrow....
  6. Luckily for me the previous owner (giffer) had the driver's side window done so it won't* go again.
  7. Fuck winter. Look at the plummetting MPG in me van:
  8. Has each member of your fleet got an 'idiosyncracy', i.e something you CBA sorting out ? The majority of such 'idiosyncracies' can be erased by 'turning the radio up', I believe. Except the bloody interior door handle on a Rover 620 which requires the owner to remember to glide the driver's side window down when parking, and calmly and unobtrusively open the door from the exterior handle. And then forget to wind the window back up and have to fuck about with turning the ignition key back to ACC to sort out the issue. Nope ? Me neither.
  9. Yes, and it's worked for two years running now [Rover 620]
  10. eSure is the only insurance company in my living memory who actually reduced the annual premium as one would expect come renewal time with the addition of the NCB, rather than unjustifiably increase the premium year on year. Can't fault them - they cover the 420, no issues at all. That's an insurance WIN right there.
  11. I bought one of those cheap Chinese Bluetooth FM transmitters off Amazon and stuck it in the Streetwise. Forgetting the lighter socket is permanent live and isn't switched to the ignition, naturally the car wouldn't start yesterday morning. Swapped out with spare battery. The car always does something unusual when I re-connect the negative terminal. Sometimes it will automagically wind down the drivers side window by 2mm. Today it just gave me a solitary toot of the horn. Elsewhere, the usually reliable 620 tried (but failed) to stuff me in Halfords car park in Ilkeston yesterday by not
  12. Well, another six weeks have passed, must be time for another Combo oil/filter change.....yup, another 10K done...... Getting very efficient at doing this now - the fifth change it's had since I acquired it in February. Oil of choice this time was some Tesco's own brand fully synth which they were knocking out at £6 for two litres a couple of months ago. Combo/Fiat/Alfa etc 1.3 diesel only needs 3.2L. Will be looking at getting one of those BFO vats of the stuff next, as suggested by @320touring
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