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  1. 7/7, even the shitbird in the garage. Batteries on 420/620 need a kick start, mind.
  2. Just checked the status of my fleet. Streetwise - started first time, went shopping, loose heat shield 620 - started first time, but battery is definitely wearing down, FW/REV, handbrake off, left in park Accord - started first time, FW/REV, handbrake off, left in park - alarm has however failed but doors still lockable 820 - started first time, FW/REV, handbrake off, left in first 420 - battery near enough dead, 20 quid off Amazon jump starter, fired up, REV/FW, handbrake left on as still rolls in gear 214 - who cares, in a garage 3 miles away Van - no issues
  3. There's more than one Facebook ?
  4. Could do with the Govt relaxing the SORN rules to extend to cars parked up on the road at the moment - there's hardly any cars moving on our road, and I could realistically come right down to one car, one van. Or even one van. Mind you, I suppose having six cars parked on the road is very much a minority thing.....
  5. Not so much on local roads (more than my job's worth), but deffo on motorways in the van when there's no cameras around. I've had whole stretches of motorway to myself and quite often will waft across all three or four lanes to maintain momentum/dispel boredom. Even with fuck all on the roads, you are guaranteed to stumble across a bimbling MLM with nothing around them for miles.
  6. Now that a lot of the fleet have nice long MoTs I'm wondering whether I should do a treble bonanza rollover roffle so someone can take three of my cars off me in one fell swoop - that'd be fun* wouldn't it ?
  7. Did a good weekly shop at our local Morrison's this evening, at 6.30pm. Hardly anyone in the shop, and loads of stock of pretty much everything (eggs and bog rolls aside). I didn't do any panic buying in the last couple of weeks, so never experienced the queues to get in anywhere - it was all very calm. Thought about giving the 420 a good blast but thought better of it and drove straight home.
  8. Welcome to my world. TBF, I was expecting nowt and the Chancellor duly delivered. Any other 5%-ers out there (and not of the 50K a year and over variety either) ? You could see Jenrick squirming on QT last night, and he inferred anyone in the 5%-below 50K bracket should still send their accounts to HMRC. Nope, that won't work Robert. I've got one month's worth of accounts, and my profit is about 50p thus far.
  9. Yeah, market forces. If I had my own customers I could probably push it up to 1.20 plm, but as a subbie I have to make do with the scraps. 63p plm today, which on a 57 mile job (plus the 18 miles to pick up) equates to the square root of fuck all. And that was quite a high offer from me too !
  10. I have five. Do I win five pounds ? To the OP - if it goes ahead you just rock up on the day. Helps if you're in an owners club as you can join their section.
  11. I've had that happen twice to me this week where I've accidentally seen the actual end user price. I'm quite philosophical about it - as long as they don't take the piss too much and pay the going trade rates (round about 65 to 70p per loaded mile) I'm happy. I'm becoming a hard negotiator. One company wanted me to go to Leominster for 57p a mile. Uh-uh, not on my watch. Made a counter offer which they reluctantly accepted. Companies do have overheads (staff, premises etc) so I don't begrudge them making money out of the deal, but not at my expense.
  12. Did a delivery into that there London yesterday. The shippers blind-sided me at pick up (was there to take a tiny wee box to Soho) and said 'can you pick up some shelving from the loading bay and take it onto Ilford after Soho'. Nae bother, says I, stick a few more quid on the job. Into Soho from Notts was a breeze - the new 20 limit in the CC/ULEZ area makes it a very pleasant drive, if truth be told. Anyway, dropped off at Soho, rung shipper to confirm ETA for Ilford. Advised them 'Easter'. Two fucking hours to do 9 miles. Two HOURS. Tipped at Ilford. Drove 126 miles home. Two HOURS 15 minutes. Fuck London.
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