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  1. Just found out the South Notts garage at Gotham (pronounced Goat-um, not Goth-um) was closed last Saturday. Real part of my life, as I regularly used to travel on the South Notts number 1 service from Loughborough (where I lived for about 9 years) to Nottingham. It was a real old school bus garage. Indeed when I first started travelling on the 1, there'd often be conductors still, even on the allegedly OMO Atlanteans they used to have on the route. They switched over to Olympians (pulled one out of retirement for the last day), before the company was sold to Nottingham City Transport.
  2. I had exactly the same with an Audi on Thursday on the M1. He was bimbling along sub-70 in lane 3 of 4, I was catching him swiftly at 70 in lane 1. Pulled into lane 2. Pulled into lane 3 behind him. Pulled into lane 4. As soon as I was level, he woke up and sped off. I pulled into lane 3, lane 2, back to lane 1. Of course, he's slowed down again, so attempt the same manoeuvre - exactly the same result. Rinse and repeat. Except this time, I try to pass him on the left in lane 2 (whilst overtaking a truck at 70, I hasten to add). Nope, not having it. Quick glance over - yup, one hand o
  3. Beware the new Euro Car Parts 'pay before click and collect' system. ECP have always allowed you to pay on collection when ordering via the website. However, in the last couple of weeks they have added the option to pay in advance - very 21st century, avoids having to wave cards around in their shops. Excellent. Nope. Manager at my local ECP advised that if two people in different parts of the country happen to use the online ordering and pay at exactly the same time, the ECP system says 'no' when each of you turn up at the shop, and the branch then has to contact Head Office to
  4. This is excellent news. And only 49 miles away to boot. 420 will be in attendance this time, I think
  5. As noted earlier I got the vaccine today, but now have da fear about side effects. Conundrum is, do I dare risk quoting on a job for tomorrow morning, being wary that I may feel totally poo ? I think I'll have to give it a miss, just to be safe. I've decided to give myself the rest of the day off today, so will give some lurve to the van (get funky with the bumper and trim gel to smarten up the plastic tat)
  6. While I was away being 5g-ed the 420 failed its MOT, then passed a few mins later - brake light out. Happy days, my fave car is road legal again.
  7. RSI (abbrev) Repetitive Shite Injury, the malaise encountered by those repeatedly mashing the refresh button on the DVLA website on MoT day
  8. 420 prepped for tomorrow's MoT. Naturally it threw a spanner in the works by going all hinky-electricky on me. Checking the lights but as soon as I flicked the switch, engine cut out and the hazards were all over the place. Turns out my ham-fisted attempt to replace the earth cable (the one I snapped when slamming the bonnet down on it) had not gone to plan. All sorted, washed, tyres pumped up, given an illegal run around in the cul de sac to check brakes okay, fluids checked, lights checked. Good to go. Could well fail on a couple of rolling advisories, but fingers crossed as it's only done 2
  9. This just popped up on Facebook He did seem genuinely quite emotional about it. In fact, they all did - all very contemplative, even McGuinness. Bloody good show that one, no daftness, no cars damaged, pure nostalgia. This week's should be good too - James Bond's motors
  10. I was licking my lips in anticipation of my banquet this evening, a Morrisons Meat Feast Pasta thing (you know 4 minutes microwave blitz and ready to eat). Imagine my disappointment when I slipped the cardboard wrapper off to reveal....a cottage pie. FFS. It was very meh - all mash and no cottage
  11. Another day, another nail, another puncture. Had dropped off a delivery in Long Benton, popped across to the Asda for a piss and a drink, came back, osf flat as a pancake. Arse biscuits...Looks like it picked up the nail in the yard of the delivery location. At least this time it was sunny and I had a friendly trolley collector chatting to me. All sorted and back on the road in 20 minutes. Unlike last time on the M1 when it pissed it down with rain and I had to be recovered. All Michelin Cross Climates r shit m8
  12. Vans for Sale UK Facebook group - the members on there are brutal...
  13. Finally got some time to sort out the alternator on the Streetwise. In my last thrilling* instalment, I had fought the bottom mounting bolt and won, only to be thwarted by one of the two bracket bolts which had rounded to near spherical proportions. Not being able to get this bolt out essentially meant I could not get the old alternator out or, naturally, the replacement in. I left it a few weeks, helped by being crazy busy. Had to take the day off today really (domestic driving regs bollox) so, with the sky blue and the sun warm I set to work. Various techniques were employed all with no
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