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  1. car full of people stood by a car with a flat tyre ...... not one can change the tyre ... progress ?
  2. guy sat in his SUV with 2 balding front tyres ..... for safety reasons he is wearing a HI VIS jacket ...
  3. I washed my car today ......... and put petrol in it .... its had a birthday !!
  4. Today as I drove north over the Thelwall viaduct .. the 50mph signs were flashing the strong wind sign was on . I could see the blue sky above winter hill in the distance .. the radio mast was visible shining high above the hill ...providing my radio with all the splurge about storm Denis and how to stay indoors , dont travel , blah blah
  5. the ped on the left puts his phone away just as the car goes past him ? , did not even look round then "it" walks right past the crash site without looking ..... come on even the woman in the brown coat has walked back to see what happened and the woobly woman has a mobile in her hand as she is screaming her tits off !
  6. parking at work came to a new level when I blocked in some cars with the mini bus .... and one of the cars was on the pavement ..........so we took pictures , and they complained about US the next day !! so the head saw his arse and now ... all cars are banned from parking in that area , and yellow lines are being installed along with some signs .. now that picture of the offending car .... should I post it ?
  7. nealrly busta rib this morning guy who weights some 20 stone and built like a brick outhouse crept up behind another guy who is some 8 stone fuck all wet . screamed in his ear and threw him around ....... ever seen some one drop their bottle and look a bit concerned !!! I nearly pissed myself
  8. WTF ,,, was posted on FB
  9. I was getting rid of a cot on gumtree quite a while back . got an offer , then could I drop it off , 40 mile round trip !! could I reduce the price ! er no ...... and no ...bye
  10. Today at a pump in the petrol station Some soft sod of a black taxi driver tried Jump starting his taxi. .... It caused some concern !!!!
  11. If the dog farts again my largest ring spanner will live up to its name !
  12. Her indoors only does 1 to 4 . not fifth ... Despite the old Micra being scrap . 5th gear had only done a few miles .....
  13. To win this you have to be of ... The gentle gender ... Have a manual choke .. Flat right foot .....
  14. they also break , the power transistor for the lighting is only riveted to a shite heatsink and it comes loose and over heats , its some sort of darlington pair , but I am sure a more modern PWM setup could be used .
  15. just got a AS calendar in the post .....
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