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  1. same here , dam things drop warp pods and vanish when sprayed , before that they bug you by flying past open windows and doors , best thing I put up this year was a door fly screen
  2. it is a free service they offer , BT call protect , enable it on your MyBT page
  3. after getting another run of scam calls last week I engaged the bt call blocker , it has been quiet since .... !
  4. I got a txt off the docs saying I could have a flu jab as I am now a vulnerable person , please ring to book a slot ... yeah right , ring up , so was every other paranoid curtain twitcher , you are number 15 in the q !!! FFS then it said on the news you have to q here , go in here , go out there , dont do this that and the other . if I am that vulnerable why did they not just book a slot and say turn up ? sod it , still waiting for the blood and scan tests to confirm I am ok after the cancer op . I see 3 out of 4 options at the moment are not good , I dont kno
  5. we have too many tin pot generals and yes people to have some app report me and tell me that I may have been at risk . it did make me think about all the mobiles that get pooled into a office drawer at work for safekeeping , by the waiting area as well for visitors , within radio distance of our work area upstairs ... if they had the app on and one proved positive !
  6. Good thing i checked it out , could of been fun ... Not
  7. apparently st Lukes road in Formby will be well parked up in the morning .... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/6058552/handsome-new-vicar-excites-locals/
  8. 2 trips with Waze today . To and from work . Both times it tried to go the ram jammed with standing traffic route .......
  9. why would you mow the grass before a storm ? wont the cuttings blow every where
  10. Yesterday i trashed two padlocks getting them off some spare chain i had ............ Today i found the keys .
  11. change the tyre pressures and see if a change occurs in the speed of happening or cause last time I heard a noise like that it , was the centre bearing on a 240 propshaft have you a bearing supported prop shaft ?
  12. my son orders food in the week delivery is at 7.45am this Saturday morning ,, he is still in bed ..
  13. damm . another toilet roll supply issue , panic buying again !!!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8708905/Wales-toilet-roll-factory-hit-Covid-outbreak-small-number-workers-test-positive.html
  14. but that was one hell of a car crash and a half week end ....
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