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  1. man logic I think we need 2 cars , in case no 1 car breaks of which I am a named driver I think we need 2 cars so I can have my own insurance and drive other cars incase no 1 car breaks I think we need 2 cars so the wife wont go ape shit when no 1 car breaks and I cant drive any other car .. No 1 car clutch release bearing has just started sqealing ...
  2. interesting drive up north on the M6 in the "downpour" and the person up front lost their bottle and kept slamming on instead of easing off !!
  3. Thats the Focus gone . the local garage took it off my hands . Cash in hand .. they put it up on the ramps for a "MOT" , nothing that could not be fixed , but with totting up all the jobs the resultant bill was not the way to go !!! certainly had my moneys worth out of it , 400 notes 5 years ago So it may live on helping other cars stay on the road rather then just being dumped in the fragging machine to make bean cans ..
  4. I used to go out to the car to go to work and found I had left the hatchback up all night !!!!
  5. That can be seen in/ near car parks ....
  6. M6 blocked , waiting to go north . Thankfully we can choose to go or abort the trip , looking at the red lines on Google maps there must be lot of hot and bothered people stuck in the resultant jam ..
  7. I think the tinternet is twigging me !!
  8. that could of been a DIY vasectomy !!
  9. Sometimes when I drove the C1 rather smartly round a left handed I got a knocking from the back , fearing a duff tyre or bent rim I had a shufti ....and VID_20220614_181958.mp4 A sideways movement modifier was attached and hopefully all is fine !!
  10. just brimmed the C1 after doing 167 miles of M6 , Liverpool traffic , back roads over the last few days took in 13.02 Litres which I reckon is 57mpg , then went back up north on another trip .. quite a funny trip back , 2 other well loaded up C1 s joined in to do a leap frogging "race" down the M6 !!!
  11. Looks like that could pull the tiles off the shower wall !!! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/aldi-bombarded-complaints-over-offensive-24182628.amp?fr=operanews
  12. Just spent the morning why YouTube did not work on any pc in the house ,but it worked on a hotspot ??? , It all worked yesterday FFS .... BT had helpfully switched on and updated the child protection gizmo on the BB account ..
  13. the joys of finding a phone , I found one years ago in the gutter , charged it , phoned home , and the owner agreed to pick it up . that she did , swiped it out of my hand , got in her car and drove off ...... I seen a few lost phones since then , I wonder if they are still lost ..
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