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  1. Lifted the car today , apart from a bit of tinworm it seemed ok .... But the back tyres wont do for the winter ..... Suppose i have had my moneys worth out of them ....they came with the car ....
  2. caught yet another mouse ..... must be in the high teens now .. they must breed like rabbits .
  3. I had a 127 , with the 1047 engine , 5 speeds and overkill on the plastic trim , it went well as well , but the tin worm started
  4. Finally got my arse into gear and trimmed the tree poking over the fence , only the top branches thought they were safe but a hook and rope brought them down to the cutter ....
  5. I have parked my Focus up on the drive ... decided that the C1 can do more than its nominal 3K miles a year ....... being a Diddy car , its first run out was to Knotty Ash ....
  6. E thingy's that can do about 20 to 30 mph , be it a bike or scooter .. went out today for a snack , as we are getting a pavement table , a E scooter does some 20mph or so past us on the pavement ... very quiet and very close !! then as we head home , blue lights in the distance , a E bike has had a bad argument with a car on a roundabout , driver is ok , but the rider was being taken away .. now when mopeds came out years ago , with a means of propulsion and pedals , their was an up cry about the teenage death rate on a bike that could do some 40mph or more !! looking at the todays h&S issues with E things , I wonder how long till they are all regulated with laws and safety equipment ...
  7. My last drive that popped was a samsung hdd , bad sectors corrupted data , how ever got a recovery off my back ups which are all hdds , i dont think ssd's are ment for long term storage when powered down , i have heard of a year for data retention... Things could of changed .....
  8. on hol now to the 3rd Sept ...... and the weather looks good ........
  9. Gerbils can make a lot of noise , the ones we had would play all night !!
  10. If I cant move in the morning , it was down to sheer gluttony
  11. Some people lead a charmed life, just seen this on FB ...... How the FKuc do they end up in a scrape like this .... And walk away ...
  12. Blimey a Susuki whizz kid . We had one for a while , fun to drive !
  13. My wife would love a romahome I suppose age and rot has saved me from owning one ....
  14. Same here , i topped out at 17k a year with a 240 !!! M way prices are up around 1.56pl
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