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  1. Electricity free zone .. VID_20221007_135844987.mp4
  2. Flashed by a middle lane moron today . I was coming up to the arse end of a artic and looked back and yes a middle lane hog , fucking ages away , so I moved out equally fucking early to stop them parroting me , and they flashed me , mind you, headlights in the day 1/4 mile away took a lot to notice , traffic was like artic , me and them , motorway was empty !!! F in loons in a fiat 500 of all things ! When they got past , still stayed on the middle lane ....
  3. The one on the left ???? , sun is in the south making the shadow point north .
  4. You can fix that with a strong magnet , quickly place a magnet end of the same polarity by the needle and leave it overnight .,. Recheck in the morning
  5. guy said the bearings were well gone , allowing it to leak !
  6. just helped save a old Polo from a nasty death , seems my diagnosis of "the water pump is fucked" was spot on .... new water pump and cambelt fitted pronto and all nice and quet now !! expecting lots of beer for keeping costs down to just a cambelt kit as opposed to scrap car ..
  7. My wife left me loose in town for a few hours. ... I now have Fuji finepix s4530 ..... To go with my Fuji finepix s4500 ..
  8. I looked at the price of cover last year to go overseas , it was all tears once I ticked the I have had cancer box .... saves me looking at hols and then trying to get cover !
  9. Can see Jupiter and 4 moons with the 8x40 binoculars , but it's NFC with the 10x25s
  10. in some ways I am glad we have a C1 , std key lock and starter , cat is up by the engine , tyres are shite as is the radio , so common its not worth pinching for parts ? its hopefully a park anywhere car ...
  11. One wiper blade ! Not fishing rods , oars or blow up boat ...
  12. Years ago when walking the dog I found the key Yesterday when walking the dog I found the bolt And they fit Co incidence ??? Luck ? , Should I do the lottery now .....
  13. https://www.ourwestlancashire.com/2022/09/motorfest-cancellation-cost-more-and-drew-in-fewer-visitors/ What a surprise .......
  14. Oh look the fridge/freezer in the static flat lined last night due to the cold .... The expert told me it would be ok ... Better check if the tell tale ice cube melted when we get there ....
  15. I think he is putting it on , he is not puking his ring up with pain ....
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