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  1. god botherers ... the Romans had the right idea I took the x2 into Liverpool yesterday , unknown to me the bus drivers were striking after 5pm ... and as a result I got charged £1.50 to go 14 miles into Liverpool . and the bus , instead of stopping at the normal place for unloading , waited in the traffic q to get to its stand ....a whole 100 yards down the road ... and everyone got off in a good mood , except for the chap in front of me who was pulling a wheeled case with "Jesus saves " all over it . who stops at the driver and starts to give him an ear bashing over not stopping in the normal place .... talk about turn the other cheek , forgive and all that stuff
  2. the usual Formby "Mexican" stand off ...... I was in no rush ! I was just passing the parked car , when the blue car just drove out of the side road ... and stopped , and I stopped , and so did the white car .... and we waited ,,,,
  3. as well as crusty subframes , duff steering , tappity engine and fooked hatch wiring ?
  4. as always , wife is away at the tin box ! found some out of date Old speckled hen .... politics ..a load of waffle , snake eyes and lost promises
  5. 3 soft bar stewards chasing the clown with a crown who clearly owns the race , but wont see the sense to realise the crown is as much value as the one out of a cracker
  6. a day around the C1 ... a touch up with the quid land rattle can around the underside a new £40 tyre fitted , to match the one already fitted .... so now it has 2 new tyres , 2 good tyres , and a spare with tread ..... at 3000 miles a year , they should ok for a while .....
  7. wrong type of bulb been put back in a holder ..... ie a single filament bulb in a twin filament holder , they are not suppost to fit but .... some one I know did this and caused a similar problem ......
  8. I had that last week , every joint was on fire from toe to head , it was the middle of the night as well , then it just went by morning ...... I sympathise , its not nice .
  9. the local petrol cartel seems to be under cut by a good 5p by a new local'ish Esso garage that is on 99.9% of the commute route for the Liverpool bound traffic .. 123.9p a litre !!!
  10. I had brakes fail to work on a fully loaded 240 , then they were alright 5 mins later ,,, turns out the vac hose to the brake booster gets hot when you are stood in traffic .... and the vacuum makes it collapse ... sealing off the vacuum from the brake booster . quite a hard one to sort out if the first time it happens is when you need the brakes !!! , which in my case was when a BMW cut across me and my car would not slow down !!! and always has me looking at the pipe in engine pictures of old volvos and wondering if it has been changed !
  11. got woke up today ......knocking on the door .. I was way off in slumber land in my afternoon nap , having missed the alarm . got up to be greeted by work mate .. its 10 to 4 the kids are back .. what the kids are up at this time , it a bit early !!! no , the kids are back up ... she was looking at me funny like I had a huge thingy at this time in the morning ? no , its 4pm in the afternoon ... oh shit ! and I will put some clothes on first ..... some how every one knew ,,,,,,,,,,,not that I am the first to do this ...
  12. I had a look at a few to use on a old phone , most seem to work by texting the phone which will return a link .... some trackers work like this which is could be adequate .. looking at the price of the trackers , its cheaper than using a smart phone and easier to hide and just buy a sim card that provides a tenners worth of texts ..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Likorlove-Vehicle-Tracker-Tracking-Motorcycle/dp/B078KTKQ79/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=car+tracker&link_code=qs&qid=1560244812&s=gateway&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-9 17 notes and a sim card !!
  13. Todhills thats a blast from the past , I think my mum and dad used that as a stop on the way back to Tinwald ( when the runway still existed ) it was sort of halfway ..
  14. that reminds me of my brain ...
  15. hiding in a corner near Wilmslow .... J reg Pug
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