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  1. Best way to empty a shite load of shite from a shed without a argument ... Tell that the mice have been all over it ...
  2. on a happy note , I am in the dog house again . got my first covid jab and my 2nd was booked some 11 weeks ago .... today , her indoors splashes lots of sacks of dosh on a new static tin box and is ready to pick up the keys ... except my 2nd covid jab is booked when the deal can be done .... if I go for the jab ..I die if I dont go for the jab ..... I die its my fault
  3. ouch , that might sting a bit , at least the nose picking finger is ok
  4. Double figures on dispatched mice . 10th one has just departed this existance .
  5. Next time I will believe/double check the google sat nav hints it told me about the M6 north bound pile up near Jtn 26 ,here is a new route , which I ignored .... I was south bound , then I saw the q to get off at my junction !!!!!, it was .. interesting but all was not lost , thanks to my memory used the outside lane after the slip road to get to the M58 and overtook hundreds of cars/vans/trucks trying to go south on the M6.
  6. at work we used to have some dick ed throw dogs shite bags onto the car park from the road , then the cars would run over it and spread it every where .. then people would tread in it and spread it around the school ... when I got in at 7am in a morning , a few minutes found it all thrown back over the fence ... it soon stopped ... it also came with the open gates , people would find it alright to nip in and let the dog drop its load and then walk off ,before the staff could get to them its only a training area for blind people !!!
  7. Found the mouse base , better protected than Norad , but only one way in and out .........
  8. Mouse No8 paid a visit to the trap but did not dance on the trap .....
  9. it will be interesting to see how the rear part of the sills and the boot floor between the rear wheels is doing , those bits were going a bit minty on mine !!!
  10. Our tip is like that , sort of arrange the shite in the car to be in order for unloading at each skip , then they change the order of the skips , now i tried using each door for different classes of shite , only for the doors to be in the way , so i bag the shite and in it all goes to the same skip ....
  11. Mouse No7 has departed this planet this week . Wondering if we will make double figures , little nipper and butter is a deadly setup .
  12. if the vac house to the brake servo is old or orig , I would be tempted to check it out or change it , the one on my brick collapsed when it got hot on a hot day in traffic shutting off vac to the brakes , which was interesting when the brakes where needed !!!!
  13. Her next door had a empty washer bottle on her mercs cause she could not get the 2nd latch undone . When i opened the bonnet , she headed straight for the brake resoiviour !!!! , Er no , how about this blue top over here with the washer symbol , good thing the 2nd latch worked ..
  14. Fit bit thingy says 5k more steps to target ... Fuck off , cant it read the weather info .. Plus its not taken into account an oil change and tyre juggling .....
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