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  1. Precut some vertical slots on the staking bit of the nut to form some preset staking points ,bit like fingers pointing up , then press in the preset stake to the nearest fit ?
  2. my wife has just thrown out tons of shite , I was not allowed to sort out and chuck out ....
  3. MikeR

    Car chases

    Blazing Magnum , still trying to get a copy of the film ....
  4. The Southport festival of speed consists of a fenced off frontage and a empty park .... which is what some 80 year old in his Madge chariot found today after travelling from Leeds , he was not happy .. I also went home , but bought cake on the way which put me in her good books ....
  5. Giving the car /dish washing fluid that makes your hands softer a swerve and replaced it with some supermarket germ killing washing up fluid . Seems my increased use of the stuff since I stopped working by doing more washing up at home has resulted in some excema and soreness , which has now reduced a lot thanks to the change of washing up fluid .....
  6. just glad I stayed away from Southport today , the airshow is not going to plan .. miles Q's of cars on the roads still waiting to get in , the show started at 12. the beach is muddy and not suitable for parking at the last moment , the red arrows have cancelled .. some very pissed off people on FB venting ..
  7. £2.50 on happy days , but the change of staff can't find their arse to scratch it .
  8. I am off up to Southport tonight to sample some back street "pub" , will post some prices later ... if I remember ..
  9. Wow , that's a spider to run away from !!!
  10. the tree backing on to us is as flat as a pancake on our and next doors side of the fence , never said anything as it cushions the noise from the by pass , the screaming brats , the voice of the fish wife , and does not block our sun , the tree along with the other trees does a good job of screening out the houses over the back ...
  11. Nature for a front garden .. Get a new build .
  12. Just seen this on FB , Bloody scammers up to a parking rip , watch the QR code is genuine..
  13. we always had an "expert" hanging around in the care system , in one place the "expert" cost a chap his house and wife , in the next place the expert had been there years and was as thick as shit , but the sun shined out of his arse , we eventually just left him to it , if he was in the room , we were not , if it got bad we all went off sick and left him to it . lots of them "experts" around !!
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