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  1. clever clogs kids who fiddle with network cables whole building was off the air this morning , no internet or networking maintenance were stuck , other parts of site worked ok so I got an old hub and tried that , the lights blinked and the network came up until I put the last cable in .. some one in the play room had plugged two ports together on a hub with a cable .... despite denying it he got his ears burned ... by me , by staff , teachers etc
  2. today I stopped the deep fried sausages and avoided pot noodles ... and for my "on my tod night "
  3. woman comes up to our little group who are talking ... her car on the way to the centre hit a pothole ..and loads of steam came out of the front of the car . so she continued driving and parked up down the lane ... it was a Suzuki jeep we went out and the coolant was gone ...and the engine block ... you could fry an egg on it , in fact you could smell the heat 10 meters away .. and the help full guy offered his help by pouring his watering can full of cold water into the filler , thats when the water hit the block and the steam shot out of a ruptured pipe .. I exited stage right and buggered off in my car in case the block had cracked ......
  4. the Moose test was introduced to safeguard livestock .....
  5. apparently I have damaged some of the Lifeguards memory cells at work ..... I strutted into the swimming pool area wearing a giant medal around my neck and a half unzipped hoodie ,,,,,,,, she has not been able to unsee the image for 2 weeks so far ....
  6. just got a cheapo pressure washer to play with ..... it was 45 spondolies from Argos minus 10 squids off me Necter card leaving me to lever 35 notes out of my clutch ... its already paid for itself by washing the back garden slabs ,,,,,
  7. sick of looking at utter shite dressed up as decent motors , I actually bough a shed of a Fiesta many years ago ..... and then just put it in the garage to have everything fixed , new rad , brakes , new steering rack etc as a result it went for years and rarely needed anything doing to it until the rot took over .... and then I sold it on ... which was the same with the next car , a rebuilt Micra .....
  8. I have a plan Mr Benn .... instead of spending lots of squids ,,,,,, I have some push bike wire in the garage !!! , and a swear box . mean while in dunce land ..... I took a RF tag back to a school a few weeks back as we no longer needed it ........... little bit out of my way but it could save them a few bob by reusing it ... postman called yesterday with a parcel with 1st class stamps all over it ... the RF tag inside , with a note to contact the school if I wanted to renew my membership ....... sad to think they are teaching our children ...
  9. f in , bas tard in , pile of sh it doo r cab le ha s ju st sn app ed ...... for a ford focus leccy window is it a / new door gubbins b/ new door c/ new car ? presently employing a length of string tied to door handle
  10. the wifeys away ,,, so tonight is Gourmet night ... I have really pushed the boat out this time and also got a film .. " Troll Hunter " . cost me quid in the charity shop so thats the fire on , feet up and that toilet will suffer in the morning !!! jeez I am stuffed , still got 2 cans , the bag of peanuts and the bananas to go ,,,,,, Troll Hunter was great !
  11. people on auto cruise in the middle lane doing 69.999998mph and outside lane doing 69,9999999mph ........taking like 5 miles to overtake .. and the inside lane is empty because its the slow lane .... vrrrrooooooommm !! 70.999999mph ..... bye suckers !
  12. FFS . sons dog just passed on . only had it a month .. It wobbled in from outside and fell "asleep" at his feet ... We are all gutted . it was a good dog .
  13. it amazes me how much neglect a engine can take , I have seen one car that had tar for oil , had been laid up for years , given a mot and then used !!! , you could dip the stick and it would be dry !! same car did some 30k plus on one filter and oil change ....... it got killed in a crash ...
  14. MikeR

    wheelie bright idea

    one always has the option of choosing the cleaner recycling bin
  15. the newer than new wheelie good idea ... the wheelie bin bench ... I was driving home the other day with my head in the clouds when this idea pooped into my skull why not make a bench top to put on a wheelie bin !!! I had a bit of old wood that would do the job , just needed to measure up the stays and refasten them on then I added some edging to help stop items rolling or blowing off , some paint , and the bin lid to keep the rain / prying eyes off sorted !!! now I can pop my tool safely on the bench instead of having it roll off the lid and into a bush ...
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