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  1. my wife wanted to see more of the caravan when ever she wanted .... so i fitted a security camera to view it via her phone ... sorted
  2. My turn today to hit town , just waiting for the x2 bus ..and it's pissin down .....
  3. TSB =The Shut Bank ! Getting to be right pain all this cost cutting ....
  4. Just parted with 100 squid for 2 new tyres .. A shock to the system after all the wheels and tyres I did have .
  5. the rear exhaust hanger on a mk1 focus ... the twist to fit one ,, shite init ... found out today far from home , what the speed bump induced boooiinnngg was the other week , despite a looking over the suspension at the time . old coat hanger brought out of retirement again , thats right under the boot lid on the marks from last time ...
  6. when u have loaded up the car for home , set up the sat nav for home , and under way in the dark in a strange place .... and some one has forgotten something and wants to turn back ....... then after all that , white van man nearly side swiped us off the road !! glad to get home !
  7. Xmas don't start till Dec as far as I am concerned ...
  8. Stood by this pond in the woods , took me a while to realise what was missing , no crisp bags, ciggies, lolly sticks etc .....
  9. it was a surprise to have a dog this year that was ok with the fireworks , he was not bothered one bit , in fact he got quite upset at being inside whilst we were outside that he had to be brought out ( on his lead ) before he did himself some damage . the last dog would of been shaking and wetting himself in his corner but if he was taken out for a walk were he could watch them he could be ok ???? !! , if he was not , I got towed home ... and off to work soon for another week of nonsense , if that cook has not done the supplies right today I might be home by 3pm .... I will be quoting stress on the sicknote !
  10. watched the climate protest walk in Liverpool , the local rag reported hundreds were involved but it was thousands , not just the tree huggers but people from all walks of life .. I suppose that shows the level of support any way I was stood at the crossing point with sweet FA to do and this line of souls was blocking the traffic due to sheer weight of numbers , any way this uber taxi driver was leaning on his horn and then decided to over take the car in front of him at the crossing and tried to push the souls out of the way ..... watch by a unmarked police car on the other side of the crossing !!!!!! the resulting exchange of views by the copper was interesting to listen to .!!!!
  11. been like that before the test , but as I am not employed as a electrical expert my opinion counts for nowt .... I cant even touch a broken light bulb !!!!
  12. That's all the equipment safely tested at work over the hol break ..... !!!!!!!!!
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