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  1. It looks a great lift ! Re pushing the trailer down, I have a finely honed ability for avoiding work - thankfully it paid off. All in all, a grand day 112/10 would move again The mini scotoshite afterwards was good too!
  2. I imagine @Kiltox is kicking himself re that dodge with PodPoint🤣
  3. I was working 2 part time jobs at the time. Did 36 days on, one day off, 37 days on, then 2 weeks driving. Back to work after 1 days rest. I must have been mad?! That was a breeze compared to the 2006 trip🤣
  4. Why, potentially, or my mate does! Will ask
  5. Good effort @beko1987. fyi your hdi has a Siemens injection system. So you need filters for that. the new one you have is for the earlier Bosch system
  6. My mate Big Dave (all 6ft 7 of him) owned a V reg one. In 2005 we took it from Whitburn (about half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh) down to Gibraltar and back on a fairly adventurous route. We did 7000 miles in 2 weeks - it was serviced before we left then when we returned. It was also Mid-October. Places visited: Dunkirk Rouen Le Man's Tours Chatellerhault (twinned with Hamilton, near where I grew up - I know which one I prefer) Bordeaux San-Sebastian (absolutely brilliant place, well worth a visit) Bilbao - we went to the Guggenheim there - stunning building, challenging exhibits Porto - a bit run down like Glasgow in 2005! Lisbon - a much cooler city Seville - one of my favourite places on the trip Gibraltar - it's like a twilight zone as it looks so British. The Clipper was a great Pub. Madrid - saw some of Gaudi's apprenticeship work in the park, became fully committed to the mantra "if the Hazards are on, you're parked" Barcelona - picasso museum was astonishing, weather great, stayed at a hotel near the beach. Andorra Marseille - a really cool place with tremendous architecture Cannes and Nice Turin - reached by using back roads that crisscrossed the French/Italian border several times, before hanging a right, and getting back on main roads. Interesting place, feels properly 'old money'. Chamonix - arrived on 31st October, went out for a beer. Woke up having slept in the Bath. Good times! The tunnel was boring though. The run back to the ferry - from Chamonix to Dunkirk via Lille in one day. A fair whack of driving, but the Ka loved it. Overall, 7000 miles, as many of them sitting at 80mph as possible. All our luggage including a tent, a stolen Motorhead poster swiped from flyposting near the Cathedral in San Sebastian and all the back roads/hills and valleys we could find. 53mpg average, never missed a beat. Would 113/10 recommend as continental cruiser.
  7. At you saying he's bought a big walloper or that New Shepard's next launch will be from the central belt?
  8. Japanese Mercedes ain't it? Doesn't matter the size of engine/insurance/tax etc It's all about 2 criteria: 1. Is it cheap? (Either outright cheap or cheap for year) 2. Will it be reliable and not throw up big issues? That lexus is Bob on. Japanese engineering, legendary straight 6. Sub £1000. Even if insurance is £500 and tax another £300, That's you in an executive express for less than 4 months rental on a new one. And it'll last the year. Effectively 8 months free motoring if you use finest man maths🤣
  9. Good to see this resurrected so folks can get sensible motahs..
  10. To be fair I went several times when working in Blackburn, so it was even further south for me from Glasgow, So get on wi it
  11. 5 years today since I bought this tub.. it's had its ups and downs, but all in, it's not the worst!
  12. 5 years today since I bought this tub.. it's had its ups and downs, but all in, it's not the worst!
  13. Been doing some work in the back garden, and took down the old fence: That's 5 full 6ftx 6ft fence panels and 5 bags of wood and assorted generic garden detritus. Boot closes no bother. Winning!
  14. Cheers to @reb for an enjoyable afternoons tinkering! Having sold him this car a few years back, it was great to see it live again! Thanks to @DodgyBastard for supplying a peach of an engine - we didn't have to bleed it at all - literally just a few pumps of the primer and a glow of the plugs, and it fired right up! Cheers also to @Tickman and @Supernaut for all their graft getting the engine in and wired. today we fitted the passenger drive shaft, 2x new bottom arms and balljoints, filled the gearbox with oil and stuck a clutch cable on it. I also changed out the battery to starter/alternator loom so the bloody battery clamp tightened properly A bit of time was spent trying to get it to crank - we had dash lights, but no attempt to start at all (couldn't hear any load on the Volvo that was providing jump start capabilities) REB was able to read the wiring diagram (I have no clue with them!) And we worked out that we needed to attach a wire from the glow plug relay to the starter, and also swap the correct wire for the exciter on the starter. did that and away we went!
  15. Homologation for touring cars
  16. Only negatives I could find in them in general: Rear visibility is pish out the rear window Not available as an estate
  17. The sky Tonight when we got back to @Supernauts after the Civic collection. my phone camera doesn't do it justice..
  18. As seen on these pages, the old Toledo has being doing sterling work as a collection hack for various scotoshiters.. Last Saturday was collecting @jaypee's Galaxy from up Dundee way then tonight has been a short schlep to Fallin with @Supernaut to collect his Civic. been great to get miles on it and see folks😀
  19. Well bought - great cars and a grand seller! For #1 on the one I had, wiggling the dash light dimmer (it's the trip counter reset I think) brought them back.
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