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  1. Being an eld dear, the carb is a touch incontinent.. Anyone able to advise what SU rebuild kit I need for it? Best pic I could find of it..
  2. It's rough as a badgers arse😂 I learned to weld on it, with tremendous help from @Tickman. There are a few bits I'd like to fix and the doors need repairing. But I just want to use it TBH..
  3. With being allowed to escape my home LA now, it made sense to go and play with the Oxford instead of fixing any of the other cars.. We arrived and set to work: I fitted the battery from the Toledo - it has 670cca And had just had a 40mile drive to charge it. The oil was good in the engine, it had some coolant and so the ignition was turned on. The SU pump fired to life and we got it running. Not drove itself from its resting place - showing small* levels of leakage.. Engine oil on the left, gearbox oil in the middle, diff oil at the rear plus all the watery
  4. It's fucking tremendous @jaypee has put a power of work into it - it's much much nicer than when I had it.
  5. I met socially distanced with brutha_touring @jaypee today. Rolls n skwerr and rolls n bacon were consumed before the days graft.. We fitted the new fuel pump. Here we see the new fuel pump wrapped up in the foam insulated, laughing mightily at the old Bosch pump.. hark at the refurbished* (vactan and a quick skoosh of paint) cradle, including new bobbin mounts. This was all cobbled together and re-fitted. Initial starting was poor due to a tired battery (despite it being charged yesterday). Adding a second battery soon had it fired. Initial
  6. Sorry @Lord Sterling & @twosmoke300 I called dibs ages ago😂 it is a nice big bus!
  7. Holy fuck @juular mate.. Top bombing, ace work. More power to your elbow/welding torch as appropriate
  8. I had them in my basked and paid - spit into two transactions.. Something about the pump seller using a new payment method? Showing paid now:) And aye, it slides easy;)
  9. Fuel pump and bobbins ordered the fuel pump had a 20% discount so I got it for £38.94.. Hopefully they will arrive before Easter so I can roll away the stone..
  10. Having looked again, the pumps may not be here til the 6th April☹️
  11. A scant* month and a bit later, some actual effort was made to find out what fuel pump was fitted. First things first, the golf was pushed til the passengers side was close to the garage wall My arse looks good in those troos 🤣 Then it was time to hunt the quarry.. Tucked up next to the fuel tank and the rear axle.. all the connections looked original. Young @Skizzer Audi fuel pump swap video for his Audi was most useful in informing the approach taken.. The cage holding the pump has a couple of rubber bobbins that isolate it from the car body to reduce vibr
  12. @cms206 alerted me to a post on a Facebook group yesterday... Here's a story in 3 pictures... SUPER INTERNET CELEBRITY!!!!
  13. @cms206 alerted me to a post on a Facebook group yesterday... Here's a story in 3 pictures... Huzzah!
  14. Old cars and cold nights do not good bedfellows make. Mainly as the cold befuddles the brain of the owner. Glad the resolution was simple, though arduous to effect. There's a reason NONE of the 6.5 cars in fleet here have their interior lights set to anything but off
  15. Fuck sake, this place really is slipping.. The correct answer is... "It's inflation" FFS😁
  16. Good to see this getting some love! I know it's not seen huge use recently, but I enjoy your brand of "two bucket bangernomics" where you improve the cars and keep them nice despite having to be thrifty. Whereas I'm just tight😂
  17. They seem to come up quite often with moon miles as ex taxis - usually sub £2k here. My mate (ex Saab owner) bought one that had come off a schools contract from a local private hire. Relatively low mileage, 6 years old. She loves it - built a wee camper pod for it, and uses it as a van for her husband's brewery.
  18. I don't think my mate gets the same MPGS as me - he uses it for a relatively short commute, mainly on town roads, from cold. He has however said that his old Galaxy 2.3 petrol auto used to do a 75L tank every 2 weeks on the commute, whereas this does a 65L tank every 4 weeks. So it's saving him money. The HDI 90 is still not as good as the VW ALH/PD for MPG (awaits @loserone@davehedgehog31 and @Lacquer Peel to come and murder me😂). but it drives well with a decent wodge of torque. I reckon a switch to the Bosch fuel system and a remap would make it even better.
  19. Last picture of it before handover Was good to meet @Split_Pin for a socially distanced coffee.
  20. @blackboilersuit take a bow! Back on the road😀👍
  21. Glad you are taking care of my future automobile😀
  22. Having discovered that the timing belt on the Toledo was thinner than Coldplay's writing talent, I undertook to resolve the issue. In the back of my mind, I had seen a timing belt kit somewhere.. but where? Ah yes, in the back of the Golf. Many thanks @Skizzer! Back at base, it was time to tear into the job. First things first, get the water pump and PS belt off. No issues once I sussed out the tensioner. the alternator belt came off ok too - although it didn't look the healthiest.. Next up, rocker cover and top belt cover off, plus spark
  23. Unbelievable work and progress on this! Thanks a million @blackboilersuit😀
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