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  1. This has sat since mid November. Not turned a wheel. I went to it today and wiped the mould off the steering wheel. Key in, it fired immediately. Then it was into service barge mode - The Bargain Berlingo and my Godson's Civic both got done tonight:-)
  2. Congratulations! Well doneπŸ˜ƒ
  3. The Ex @Supernaut@dome Mason sounded odd with its straight pipe setup...
  4. Be careful removing the bolts - use penetrating fluid - I've seen them snap off, and that's just a world of pain. Also be careful if you need to remove the thermostat housing - they get brittle with age (especially the plastic ones). The fan but is a left hand thread too. When bleeding it, a 2L bottle with the bottom cut off is your best friend. Pop it in the top of the radiator and fill it right to the top so you get a higher head of water to push the air out. Hopefully not teaching you to suck eggs - this is just stuff I wish I knew when I had to do the job on an E36 the first time 😁
  5. It's not the convenience, it's the knead to learn a skill you are after...
  6. Can I just say: SQUEAK SQUEAK That's the sound of the bastardin front suspension
  7. Jesus man, you're nearly tight enough to be Scottish!🀣
  8. Safe trip! I guess Morris minor or mgb
  9. Interesting - I just saw them on a couple of videos so looked at pricing. What seems odd? I am no electrician 😁
  10. Interesting choice if first car - hope the project goes well! Have you heard of this battery tech? Silicon Dioxide. They seem to be a mid point between Lead Acid batteries and Lithium, both in terms of cost and performance. I've never used them - only seen it mentioned on YouTube.. https://azimuthsolar.ca/product/12v-39ah-sio2-battery/
  11. Got Fallen Sinceras on the Toledo, great grip and were Β£50 a corner fitted for 175/70/13s
  12. "It could be worse, you could be dating the cunt on the right" 🀣
  13. @Jon good effort - did it the correct way. Pity it did not solve it. Does the car lose fluid if you press the brake when running? It sounds much like @Tickman says - that there is fluid seeping past a seal somewhere. Key suspects would be master cyl or servo. if you need a hand getting parts let me know.
  14. Hello @Jon We recently had success after replacing a both rear calipers on the burd's 172 by doing the following (as researched by @jaypee) Engine off bleed the car in the following order: Right rear Left front Left rear Right front This bleeds both the brake circuits independently and should get all the air out. For each corner, the process was: Pump pedal a few times Hold down Open bleed nipple. Close bleed nipple. Repeat as required. Other potential issue especially if it's a phase 1 square headlight 172 is that the servo may be rotten. If you discover that is the case, let me know and I can likely source one here
  15. Holy fuck, that is fantastic!😍😍😍 Tremendous purchase, hope you enjoy it!
  16. Glad you are feeling a bit better. The smart car looks fun - I don't think I've ever had a shot of one as yet, so I'll add it to the list... Top effort on the rest of the fleet too - it's nice when you work on them and make progress - think it looks a cracking wee fleet - is the ST fun ?
  17. Yep, but on a 7 year old car that was not cheap it's a bit of a pisser..
  18. I think any of the a- class Clio based Turds they are currently rolling out would be worse than a 210. 210 is ok if you get a good one, not so much if you get a bad one. Much like any car. That said, their early reputation was not brilliant - I remember a manager of mine buying an s300TD at 6 years old From a dealer in Birmingham- needed the front strut towers welded at the first MOT in his hands.
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