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  1. I fixed* the issue with the headlamp on the ElGrand... The headlamp plug is loose. I'll get a new H4 Plug and tail, and solder it up.
  2. Stuff I have learned today... This thing has OEM overmats throughout. @Jim Bell would be orgasmic at the sight of them..
  3. Took it to it's spiritual home.. Cheers to @jaypee for the picture
  4. As promised... FILTH (in both senses of the word) From 10ft.. not too bad, bit JDMYO... Enhance Mainly superficial and relatively easily tidied. The other side can't be as bad... Nevermind, onto the back.. FUCK IT, round the front.. JESUS H SHITTING CHRIST! did you not take your guide dog? At least it's dry inside: OH. clean and tidy at least? BASTARD At least the engine bay is tidy and the wiper arm doesn't foul on the bonnet.. THATS IT, ahm away back to bed๐Ÿ˜‚ On the positive side: Drives lovely gearbox ace engine great Should come up well with a clean ELECTRIC CURTAINS!!!1!1!1! TIP RUNZ (try not to get it put into the scrap metal skip...) Double centre swivel seats/captains chairs
  5. That is filth! Ace spec and a bought battery? Great work. Looks like quite the tool for what your family needs are. Hope it's a good ownership experience. I had a nose round @beko1987 's parents one at shitefest and was pleasantly surprised. Loved them road tripping it and charging it at the site too.
  6. As in petrol station or "Gallon and matches once he realizes what he has done"?
  7. GOOD NEWS PEOPLE! it's a dry, bright day here, and I have found my work phone. Hopefully HI-Def pix incoming shortly
  8. "It's 2027. The year, not the time. @Dave_Q has found the sole working charger in Birmingham. The queue stretches to Plymouth. By October he has reached the front of the queue. He taps his bank card to start the charger. It has expired in September. An anguished howl fills the air"
  9. Funnily enough BIG GIRL CAN RUN was Fuuu' Shoe onto the m74๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Best of luck @Dave_Q! Hope it's as successful as mine was yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Here's the only other picture I have at the moment.. I've (and more importantly, "The Burd") have yet to see it in daylight.... Wonder what I have actually bought!?
  12. Deffo not Plymouth. Nothing against the place, just impossible to reach for me today๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. It's good but it's not right. Someone has got the manufacturer correct so far
  14. Parts of that are close...bear in mind I was trying to buy a diesel saloon earlier in the week
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