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  1. I have a cunning plan... Morrisons do a More card that gives you points for every litre of fuel bought ... So 1000L of LPG to get a fiver... Should have £10 worth of vouchers by next week🤣 For info, LPG is currently £0.899/L at Morrisons, so that £5 voucher needs a spend of £899. Currently that looks to be about 4400 miles in the Jaaaag. BARGAIN. (Mild sarcasm) If I went to Asda for the LPG, at their price of £0.797/L it would cost me £797, so a £93 saving if the £5 Morrisons voucher is taken into consideration.. Looking at it on a cost per mile basis, Morrisons for 4400miles is £899, or £0.20 a mile. Asda is 4400 miles for £797, or £0.18 a mile Enough to cover an oil service and a set of spark plugs every 5k.
  2. Saw this again today. Still looks as good a buy after a sleep. My folly looks on...
  3. you'll never guess how big an Xmas tree I managed to fit in the Abarth...
  4. Every time I forget about these wagons, you bump the thread. Then I want to own one. Sorry to hear of current (top pun*!) Maladies, but at least it means my desire to own one is sated for a while Hope it's an easy fix!
  5. Exactly. Or as it's called by those in the know "A trade in" 🤣
  6. In the past two days, I've done 950 miles to collect two cars. Spent two days in the company of top shiters @jaypee and @Lacquer Peel, and had an absolute blast! Two highlights happened on the same road. Last night, the sunset on the a66 was absolutely glorious, and this evening, I was pretending to be going at warp speed in the snow. In short, go have fun doing a drive, enjoy mates company and BUY ALL THE CARS🤣
  7. That's @jaypee on the final leg home. What do I think of it? It's absolutely grand! Comfortable, quick enough, spacious and has pretty good ergonomics for the front passenger/driver. It seems a pretty damn good buy. I'd happily have one.
  8. Passing Toddhills Rest Stop as those photocopiers won't sell themselves! *THE TONER MUST GET THROUGH!!!*
  9. Just landed at Southwaite NB and grabbed a coffee, not far to go now.
  10. Deal done. We are now thrusting middle management execs A fond farewell waved to the galaxy
  11. We have arrived and are doing a peruse.. Anyone know what this means? It reads "Welcome to John O'Gaunts" Potential Management material? Time to take this bad boy for a test drive..
  12. M1 in all its glory. Making good time, not far from the destination now
  13. Now on the sunny* A66, and making decent time. ETA circa 1-115
  14. We passed a hitherto unknown car today... Badge on the back read SKOD In England now, sure there should be a third lane on the right...
  15. Sorry, all I have had is a cup of tea.. Hope so - although now that's added pressure 🤣 I know that feeling only too well! It might be cold but it sure is pretty!
  16. The initial plan this week was to combine two collection threads into one trip. This was especially prudent as both vehicles were within about 30 miles of each other... As it happens, both sellers could not do the same day, so we had to split it into two This is part 2. After digging the 595 out for the good lady to use It was time to get on the road with @jaypee We are currently on the m74 south, with that big yellow or causing issues again .
  17. Supposed to be doing another collection mission today, Walked outside to be greeted by this sight. Started up fine and defrosted lovely. It only got as far as #1 before breaking traction at idle on LPG... so now the collection is coming to me.
  18. This one makes a nice whine under load. Like a grown up Mini Cooper S. Only booted it on LPG and was quick. Can't wait til I have a decent day and at least 1/3 tank of unleaded.
  19. To be fair, your Expert is a hottie too, especially since you did the thermostat 🤣
  20. Fucking hell @maxxo. Tip top effort. Well played!
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