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  1. Photos are keeping me entertained while I try to get to grips with newborn. Thanks all! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Ah yes, that's my sleep-addled brain omitting rather important context...specifically that if you were heading south-west on the M5 towards Devon the services would be on the M5 shortly after the M4/Severn Bridge 'junction'. And I must visit this Tebay services one day.
  3. For the Scotoshite convoy, a good half-way house for you between Cannock and the destination is likely to be Gordano Services just after the M4/Severn Bridge... https://goo.gl/maps/cUN3z3y3J8wX5gys8 We stopped there on the way to Coombe Martin a couple of years ago. Very usefully positioned after the tedium of an 80 mile M4 stint.
  4. Moneys sent. BabyYoof born today, so of course this would be really useful* to win tomorrow.
  5. I'm genuinely surprised...I didn't think Volvos of that vintage were known for structural corrosion! They seem superbly galvanised.
  6. BabyYoof is now two days overdue, much to the ongoing irritation of MrsYoof. I better have two randoms then.
  7. I have just taken some screen grabs from that, along with some photos of an OEM exhaust from eBay, so hopefully when I ask for some kind of system that doesn't result in a drone or invasive noise at 70mph but allows it to roar like that one they can show me what that will involve. Many thanks!
  8. Excellent. I can use this to convince my dad to trade in his 3.0d XF (which does fewer miles than that per year) and get an LS600h instead. I'm not even joking. I've had a lot of nice conversations with people about the Lexus, often when I turn up for a site visit, and similar to you, the first remark is 'Ooof, I bet that drinks petrol!' My response now tends to be 'Yeah, it can be thirsty but it's not as bad as you would expect.' If they push me I show them my tank average, which is nearly always 25-26mpg, and this is often a pretty perfect combined mix of urban/motorway/rural driving. They then tend to say their generic petrol saloon/hatchback doesn't do much more than that, and I feel SMUG LIKE A BASTARD. But I wholly agree that MPGs are worth significantly less than the smile that a V8 burble/roar/growl puts on your face. The noise in the Lexus is very muted, but there are serious plans afoot to try and get Mason II sounding similar, if not rortier, to Mason I. I just need to find a photograph of Mason's underside so I can show this to an exhaust fabricator and go 'PLZ COPY'.
  9. A V8 sitting at 70mph and doing 2000rpm will achieve remarkable fuel figures. And if you're stuck in a 50mph roadwork zone they get even happier. Unstressed engine, barely ticking over and yet generating enough power and torque to keep the momentum up...you're never late with a V8 and you are rarely a ball of stress when you arrive, either.
  10. Harhar, this thread will soon have more pez shots than you can shake a rusty crossmember at. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. *reads last couple of pages* *spams the new 'Like' button to death* Well I'm cheered up now for a few weeks...
  12. Have a bump, and I can't help but note that this car harks from an era where even smoller cars were given large plush seats. My 45 2.0TD had an unrefined (yet superb) engine and the trim was clearly fitted by someone who covered the bits and pieces in glue and then threw them vaguely in the car's direction, but I was able to drive it for well over two hours straight without feeling any discomfort whatsoever.
  13. You can get a 2.0 8v in the Omega in super base-spec 'Select' trim. It's probably better to to drive than the 135hp 2.0 16v, as it'll likely have more torque in the mid range.
  14. While I'm not the biggest fan of the colour or font, I've compensated by holding down CTRL and using the roller on the mouse to make everything larger and clearer. I use Firefox and this only affects Autoshite and I do not have to readjust it every time I navigate to a different site. This has 'fixed' the issue as far as I'm concerned. The more I browse, the more I get used to it. The way image linking works now is particularly helpful - great work everyone involved.
  15. Wrench repeatedly at the door to test this. It's literally the only reliable way of telling, if you happen to be anyone working in my office, for example.
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