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  1. This has now happened. I uploaded a potato to Youtube (or at least, Youtube turned a HD clip into a potato), but the sound is all that matters. The dashcam microphone dulls it slightly, but you get the gist. 1200-1800rpm is the 'sweet spot' for maximum grumble. It still ticks over silently, and cruises at 70mph in the same peaceful way, and even at 50mph in 5th it's still nearly silent, as long as you're on a flat bit of road! But as you can see, when you blip the throttle at 20-30mph like a childish moron it makes a very nice 'browwalllll'. The set up involved deleting the last two backboxes and running stainless steel nearly straight out to new dark chrome tips. £250 all in. I've got the original exhaust, which is in good condition, so the car remains very saleable in the future!
  2. My Saab 9000 was quite Grandad spec. Black, proper three spokes, CSE trim level (it was a hatchback not a saloon, alas) with velour and virtually no blanking plates. Buuuuut it was one of the very few 2.0 16v nasp powered ones sold, with a stonking 135hp. So it was very slow but thirstier than everything from the 2.0 LPT with 150hp to the Aero. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. When my daughter reaches driving age (in, um, 17 years) there will just be soulless SUV electric pods that whiz you automatically to wherever you want to go. Normal cars will be outlawed. If there's no law, I'll probably buy her a Suzuki Baleno or something...those will be worth about 55p by then. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. I personally think the fleet shot there is calendar worthy just for diversity alone! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. In fairness to modern shite, if you watch YouTube videos of people binning it at the Nurburgring like I may do, you'll see how bloody effective they are at ensuring the occupants can hop out afterwards. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. Bloody hell mate...what a bargain! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. Crikey, what a purchase! There's nowt like it when it comes to wafting in near silence, particularly on the right road surface. Suffice to say I'm eyeing up the LS460 and wondering how long it'll be before it's down into the luxoshite budget area. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. Exhaust booked in for October 11th. First we'll try it out with the two rearmost silencers deleted. I suspect that'll be too obnoxious so I'm likely to splash a bit more out on two boxes. This is the sound I'm aiming for... Hopefully it'll be attainable on my pretty meagre budget.
  9. If I hadn't sold on my 3.0 Elite for a 2.0TD Rover 45 I'd have driven to my own wedding in an Omega. Ah well.
  10. If I had a two car driveway I'd have a pre-facelift Omega on it alongside the Lexus. I wouldn't really care what engine, I just want to save one. The pre-facelifts just have a far nicer look to them, and the dashboard/heater set up is far better than the weird system they put into the later models. I really miss the MV6 which is now, thankfully ,with @Brodders. I have actual pangs of sadness sometimes (i.e. when I'm looking over old cases at work and spot it in the background of my site photographs) and I have even dreamt a couple of times I have it again. On a sombre note, I wonder if it's because it was the car I was using when my mum sadly passed away (she passed away less than two weeks after I bought it). I think there's probably some associative memories going on there, but either way, because my mum had a 3.0 CDX Carlton estate when I was a youngster, and because both my parents had use of a pre-facelift Omega estate (2.5 CD) when I was a teenager, I have a serious soft spot for them. Anyway, not to end the post on a 'downer', I'm incredibly excited for the six cylinder Carlton diesel. It would certainly do a much better job than the 2.3 diesel Vauxhall deemed worthy for it.
  11. On the M6 toll around ten minutes ago...crikey. It'll be a 4am return to base. I look forward to catching up in the morning! And if baby decides to go FULL AWAKE MODE at 4.15am again like she did this morning (yay sleep regression/teething/farted herself awake) I may even be able to tune in for the landing.
  12. It's counter intuitive, but the LS400 is shorter than the Jaguar XF by a good few cms. Despite the interior feeling palatial in comparison. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Best of luck. I would go into this myself with expectations low, perhaps anticipating it turning out like the eBay arseholes thread in real life. I hope, however, many pleasant conversations about automotive tat are had.
  14. Update. Whacked it in for the fitting of its shim pads/anti-squeal doowhackies yesterday (total cost just over £100 from Lexus...OUCHIES) and the brakes are sublimely smooth and quiet now. They were smooth before but in my efforts to avoid them squealing I temporarily lost the ability to brake smoothly, like an ass. As the MOT was due at the end of September, I thought I'd go in for a pound and ask them to do that, too. It only went and bloody did a clean pass... 21 years old, 181k, clean pass. That is not just a credit to Lexus but also to its previous owners who have very clearly done it proud ( @sims00 obviously gets a mention). On Monday morning I'll be making the phone call to book in the exhaust works, seeing as I've not had to dip into any of my savings for the MOT.
  15. My V70 chewed through a wheel bearing and, at its worst, convinced me the wheel was about to explode and somersault the car.
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