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  1. This is so mind bogglingly, indescribably shit I can't even believe it. I've had to come out of retirement to drag it. Just look at the friggin state of that half inch thick 'carbon fibre' grille with two washing machine doors for headlight surrounds. And you're never even gonna know if the friggin suns out with that ridiculous forehead/brow on it. You'll just be rattlin along in the bastard dark all the time, stinking of diesel and (no doubt) chip fat. The door step looks like part of a climbing frame from the garden of a 'Harvester' pub. Just endless delight as every detail looks like a team of 100+ 'Last of the Summer Wine' castoffs have worked day and night to come up with the worst possible idea and execution. Honestly this should be in a museum.
  2. Mark Serne is the guy who bought my French plated Mk1 SXi, the black one
  3. Those Ronda interior shots are interesting. In LHD markets the Ronda had a different dashboard altogether, I guess for the few RHD models they expected to sell they couldn't be bothered tooling up another variant so just used the Malaga saloon dash. https://www.milanuncios.com/seat-de-segunda-mano/seat-ronda-505016544.htm
  4. I thought someone had made the 'goatse' meme into a car
  5. I agree - £2500 was cheap, but £5150 after 12 hours on the bay seems very flakey
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266667137912
  7. This went through the ACA auction today and sold outright for a measly £2500, the same as I sold it for as an 'unfinished project'. How refreshing (for me) to not come out the worst off on one of these old clunkers. It was sold with no reserve - would love to know what happened with the next guy. I'm sure you would put a reserve on if you were just after a 'quick flip'.
  8. Not even 1! The only time I drove it was round the industrial estate where the exhaust maker was. I nearly had it on the road and didn't really want to sell it, but unexpectedly had to choose between keeping this and my green Mazda 929.... so this lost. I was really looking forward to learning to use the column shift too. Ah well.
  9. Looks decent. I sold it last year, maybe October time. I'd had both wings off, repaired them both above the headlamps and behind the front wheels, repaired the tops of the inner wings (the outers are still wearing my mismatched aerosol repairs I see!!!) and the LH scuttle which was quite rotten. I had the fuel tank out and repaired/painted it, repaired & painted the boot floor, new fuel hoses, rebuilt rear calipers, new SS exhaust, couple of new core plugs, rebuilt fuel pump, sorted out most of the electrics. It had a little hole in the RH screen surround and I bought a new screen rubber from Australia but never managed to deal with the hole. I wonder if he's covered it up with the new rubber and chrome trim. I advertised it for £2500 and it went in 48hrs.
  10. I owned this very car 30 years ago, and when I sold it, it looked EXACTLY like it does now! Amazing.
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