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  1. quick update on this Volvo which is now my daily driver!!!! There were a couple of outstanding issues on it before it hit the road... 1) noisy aux belt idler - bought a new one off eBay for £14 and lobbed it on. Easy win. 2) stereo sounding shit on one side. I spent a bit of time fannying about with this till i realised it was not one side but the rear speakers which sounded rubbish. There was some sound but it was really muffled and rubbish. I pulled the stereo out the dash but there wasnt a lot to see, just one round multiplug with all the speaker wires in going to an amplifier under the seat. So, i pulled the seat out. I tried to 'move the fault round' by chopping the amplifier wires and joining them up differently to see if the faulty sound moveed with it. It did, so I decided the amplifier must be duff. I soldered the wires back together properly and ordered a new amp off eBay for £15. With that fitted the stereo was back in the game and sounding GR9! i even hoovered the carpets for all the two-bucket wronguns. Anyway at that point I had done all the issues I could find: timing belt and waterpump noisy aux belt idler broken ABS ring shitty handbrake droney wheelbearing etc. So when @colc came and took the Croma away there was nowt for it but to insure this and go for a drive. I must say this thing is a flipping treat to drive. Mega smooth and super comfy seats. The aircon is ice cold, no lights on the dash and the aux-in adaptor means I can listen to my favourite podcasts and bangin' choonz while I waft round. I am LOVING IT. One minor concern I do have, is that i think that despite changing the expansion bottle it may have a minor coolant leak. I can't find the leak, but I suspect its losing a little. Theres no damp patches in the engine bay, no steam in the exhaust, no water in the oil and no condensation under the oil cap so i dont think its owt terrible and it might even be just me being paranoid as the coolant finds its level after changing the waterpump etc so i jsut have to keep an eye on it I guess. But for 189k it drives amazingly well, it really pulls like a train and I think uses no more juice than the Croma. i feel like a winner driving round in it. Thanks @bramz7 I love it!!!!!
  2. WTAF is that see through bonnet all about. That is seriously one of the shittest mods I have ever seen, (and I used to be on Barry boys loads)
  3. I think thats laying a cable, don't mix up cables and pipes!!!
  4. What does 'laying some serious pipe' into someone mean? I can imagine it in a '90's lad mag' context e.g. "I'd lay some serious pipe into that Philippa Forester/Gail Porter etc" but I suspect that's not the case here.
  5. Blimey what a difference, 10/10
  6. That yellow Clio is fantastic!!!! I'd love it. Bet its ace for zipping about in as well.
  7. Mr_Bo11ox

    My SJ

    Damn this thing looks rough. Good on you for taking it on!!!! Theres one festering on a driveway a mile or so down my road, arches look a bit sad on it mind.
  8. I reckon you've snagged a megabarg there, sounds like you have been lucky with the seller too, he sounds like a fucking right moron
  9. Holy hell, imagine what psychological state you'd need to be in to actually choose to drive this rather than any other car in the entire fucking world https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BANHAM-X99-AUTO-LOW-MILES-20-000-M-O-T-JUNE-2021-BASED-ON-114-SLI-METRO/303617960489
  10. Hey this looks decent https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-ZX-Leader-Estate-1-9-TD-Turbo-Diesel-XUD-Full-12m-MOT/274422089983
  11. check out this beauty, its only got the flippin 4 headed monster in it https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/910352839471980/ £695, looks a barg TBH
  12. I think those are all autos from the factory but a few have been converted with a box from a Legacy or something, the dash display must be a throwback to its days as an auto
  13. Those bushes are a fairly twattish job, but I did buy the proper tool for doing em, if you buy this and want to have a go at it I'll chuck it in the post to you
  14. I wonder where he got those windscreen stickers with 'Preparation' spelt wrong on them?
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