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  1. This is QUALZ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Commer-Dodge-Walk-Thro-coach-built-Vintage-Horse-Box-1972-Diesel-engine/293290611234
  2. I never bother with those doctors gloves any more. I use these things: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/24-PAIRS-PU-COATED-WORK-GLOVES-BLACK-Mechanics-Builders-Construction-DIY-PPE/151981443340?hash=item2362ccc90c:m:mZ2xVyh5RssPpF50K_qAX5A They work out at about 50-60p a pair and last for ages with negligible loss of dexterity. I never pick up the spanners without em nowadays
  3. That Vectra limo is class, what a dismal POS. It looks wonky as hell! Look at the chrome strip beneath the windows!!!! What a shocker. Great find!!
  4. There might be actually, its got some funny 'hill holder' gizmo on it where if you are stopped on a hill with your foot on the brake, when you release the footbrake theres a 5-sec delay before the brakes come off UNLESS it detects you're trying to move forward, in which case it releases them immediately. I do keep meaning to check if I've got a 'hot wheel' but I keep forgetting.... Latest stats just in: economy now at 42.6mpg y0 with 2 x EGR fault resets today Also transferred the key fob innards into a new casing yesterday so no more holey fob buttons.... hasn't fixed the overnight loss of key synchronisation annoyingly, so I'm still 'breaking in' through the passenger door every morning at 6.45 am on my driveway. Also its a repro key casing, not genuine Fiat, and is a rubbish fit in the key slot.... Le sigh
  5. yes I am!!! TBH I'm half wishing I'd just done the timing belt and DMF on the Stilo instead of getting involved with this thing.
  6. Yo Laqqua, I don’t think it will regen ‘naturally’. Even caning it up big long hills in 4th gear I can’t get the DPF temp over about 350 degrees, and I think it needs a lot more than that for a regen to happen.
  7. I don’t fancy gutting the DPF on this thing. My target is to just get it to work as intended by Fiat. If I then conclude its shite (entirely possible) I suppose I will get rid of it and call it a life lesson!!! It drove to work spot on this morning but I am really struggling to coax it beyond 42mpg average. Maybe that’s all I can reasonably expect if it is strangled by a crummy emissions control setup (and also, it weighs over 1.5 tonnes the fat bastard). The MOT history suggests its had very little use in the last few years, so maybe it will clear its lungs out a bit if it travels 100 miles/day for a few weeks which might help. Presumably the cylinder head ports are quite heavily choked up with shid like the manifold was. Also I know the tracking is a bit out since I did the inner TRE joint, it all goes in the mix doesn’t it.
  8. Hey Lanciamatt, that 50/late teens thing, what parameter are you referring to there? Sounds interesting
  9. Thanks man!!! I just want to get it working. Can't say I've fallen in love with this car yet but I'll make my mind up properly when I can drive it without worrying about the EML pinging on!!
  10. Actually I reckon that's about 300ml of diesel burned during the regen, not such a ridiculous amount.
  11. Driving home in this today with the computer on, I noticed on the A5O that the DPF temperature was climbing up beyond the 250ish deg that it gets to in normal use. It went up to 675deg! It's only doing a flippin regeneration innit. Stayed at 650+ for about 10 miles then dropped back to 250. When it finished, the cloggage level had dropped from 92% to 8%. That means the regen function is working spot on and the DPF must be in reasonable health. Flippin WIN. It dropped my average MPG by 0.6 mpg though, that's an average calculated over 200 miles so it must fairly chew through some diesel when it's regenning! It's all in the name of the environment innit. I'm loving this diagnostic computer BTW, be ready for more useless statistics and engine data as I learn more about what's going on.
  12. Hey Bangers, any chance you could 'unquote' my post? Probably sounds a bit petty but quoting it means folk (including me) have to scroll loads through something they’ve already read. Thanks man.
  13. Its one of these innit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TRANSIT-EGR-VALVE-WIRING-REPAIR-KIT-PLUG-2006-2014-MK-7-140-PS-2-2-TDCI/303159274674?hash=item4695b36cb2:g:Y2wAAOSw3vdc4DOi £8.50, I'm defo gonna give this a whirl.
  14. Some good tips here. The valve is a Pierburg job, with a plug like the one shown on page 3 of this thing: https://az25411.vo.msecnd.net/pdf/5/pg_si_0085a_en_web.pdf except that my EGR valve only has 2 pins (pins 1 & 5 on the diagram). The flying lead going to it has 4 wires though for some reason
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