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  1. I've just been moderated for a post a week or two back, I think it was one where I was rude about 'lest we forgetters' and I made a comment about their attitude to Brexit. Anyway the post has been reported for being political, then judged too offensive and thus banished to Autoshite Mantua. If theres one thing I absolutely fucking hate it's being treated like a naughty 8 yr old (I'm well into middle age) , so, I'm off. Yes i know I know, 'its not an airport' etc etc but if anyone wants to get in touch about anything in future just ping me on FB, plenty of shiters know me on there e.g. wob
  2. I don't think I would have put up with that nonsense for a fortnight. "Look, are we doing a deal or not? Come on I need to know one way or the other."
  3. I'd love to drive one of these now. I suspect they are probably close to the perfect 'fun but manageable' driving experience. Fairly small, rwd, lively engine, decent rack-and-pinion steering and a slick gearchange, what more could you ask? Avengers failed on their shite sloppy steering and Marinas on their crap suspension, only the Escort got the whole package spot on. I'm no ford fanboi but I can see why whese appeal.
  4. Looks a very nice job to me. No alloy window winders/headlamp peaks/pissing on a BMW logo sticker either. Just a Mini, but better
  5. That 214SEi has sold already!!! Not surprising really
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-214-SEI-1995-Nightfire-Red-Rare/114676794785 On the other hand check out this beauty, 62k, gaskets and belts done, £600 BIN!!!! Now thats a bargain!!!
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1995-Rover-214i-LHD-1-4-petrol-manual/303880903401 An 8v poverty spec R8. Left hand drive. On German plates. And you have to go to friggin cornwall to pick it up!!!!! Looks in good nick mind. I'd love it!!!
  8. That seller has some right scrap, he had a Nissan Cherry Europe on there a few weeks back
  9. Hows this for some late plate madness? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-ROVER-45-CLUB-SALOON-ONLY-67K-MILES-ONE-OF-THE-LAST-ROVERS/114673537707 These looked so miserable by the end eh, this looks like a 90's Hyundai or something
  10. He was driving it up and down to the French alps though!!!!! I'm surprised he got a year out of it TBH
  11. I used to be absolutely mad keen on those Ambassadors. Now I hate them!!! Miserable interiors, asthmatic thrashy engines and a crap gearbox. Still like the wedge shape though and I would like to drive one with regassed spheres and new tyres, I reckon it would be a whole 'new sensation' in ride quality
  12. That is indeed a glorious scene! Fantastic. I wonder what else is buried in the undergrowth!!!
  13. What happened with your brake failure? Did the pedal go to the floor? Or did it feel OK, but just have no effect on stopping the car?
  14. Rover 45, pretty unremarkable right? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/117483936832106/ WRONG!!!! Mega rare Aubergine cloth Personal Line interior!!!!
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