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  1. I have a soft spot for corgi rockets. They are pricey now especially the James Bond ones.
  2. Bren

    BX Meteor

    Since when did old cit prices imitate old ford ones?
  3. Fitted a new liner to my welding torch. Whoever had been there before me had trimmed the old one much too short. Got under the passat to have a look at the exhaust - main box is double skinned and outer skin has rusted through. It is not blowing - yet.
  4. I hope you never have to go to a dealer for parts. You will find out the definition of expensive.
  5. I think most modern cars should be put in clay pits and buried.
  6. Check battery. Failing battery causes all sorts of shenanigans on vectras. Coil springs are a service part on these.
  7. Citroen ax. Metro. Rover SD1. My own car - passed my test in it.
  8. Very sorry about your recent happenings. But not the disco.
  9. Learned to drive in one. Liked it. However we live in a world obsessed with NCAP ratings so something with the structural integrity of fog does'nt appeal to many.
  10. I think the issue is there are no cockroach cars any more - cavaliers, carinas etc just delicate poorly made shite that costs a fortune to fix. Just like what you would buy new.
  11. Car mechanics had a project - diesel in the sump caused an o ring on the oil pick up to perish = lack of oil pressure. The tourer is a handsome beast tho.
  12. I thought the old cdti in the insignia was a world of pain?
  13. You need to be careful. I bought my 545 with an open mind. Next week it is going in for valve stem seals costing roughly 25% of what I paid for the car. Welcome to moderns.
  14. Its a renault. It's only operational for now.
  15. Looks nice. These are great at hiding rot - a solid looking car can have sills with the structural integrity of a ryvita.
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