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  1. Had a trip to Asda. Needed some bits - saw some decent alloy wheel cleaner for £7. However I then thought about when I would get chance to use it - it is passing down here. I put the wheel cleaner back and bought three bottles of lager instead.
  2. Sometime last year some travellers stole a cat in broad daylight near me in Warrington. Outside a shop. A brave member of the public approached them but has a cordless grinder waved in his direction. The police were on them pretty quick to be fair.
  3. I loved my SRi. Even these are expensive in 2022.
  4. Very honest ad. Sadly it sounds like it needs putting out of it's misery.
  5. A an ex work colleague asked me if I would be interested in welding up a ka? No.
  6. The BMW has developed a squeaky aux belt. New one duly purchased. Sadly somebody has been there before me - they have broken part of the tensioner off where you locate your star bit.
  7. I remember Farnworth post office in Widnes - they had a superfast display in the window like the one I have - it was hammered by the sun and yellower than a spicehead's teeth. It was filled with obsolete 1-75. I used to pass by on the bus from school wishing I could have MB55 - the cortina.
  8. Reading this blast from the past
  9. 11.5 v suggests to me that battery is heavily discharged - likewise the cranking voltage. You may find the first cold snap will see it off. At least the alternator appears to be OK.
  10. I used to watch videos on YouTube about ghe northstar's foibles. No expensive rebuilds just a bottle of blue devil poured into the expansion bottle.
  11. Might be worth cleaning the connections on the starter.
  12. Traders will literally sell anything nowadays. At one time they were a bit picky - but not now.
  13. When looking at a project that is a non runner but described as fine when it was running point out that the RMS Titanic was hunky dory when it departed Southampton. Insist on a discount because you have spent money on petrol to view said shite. Insist on full history, spare / master key and warranty on the £350 deathtrap that will never get another ticket.
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