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  1. This arrived today. I cannot remember the last time I bought one apart from receiving them as christmas gifts. Not my usual cup of tea - I have a matchbox 75 shop display that I need to fill - the tractor shovel is one that I need. I am waiting for another superfast to turn up.
  2. Good work. I have finished all the welding on my SD1 - I spent £180 on bits a few weeks back that I have not had chance to fit.
  3. I changed the vectra's oil and filter a few weeks ago - today air and pollen filter. hoovered air box and cleaned the MAF. The old filter was filthy. New one in. On to the pollen filter. Again minging. It was a crossland item. Dyson used again. New filter in. Job jobbed. I will do the fuel filter tomorrow weather permitting - it is a bit more of a faff.
  4. Did you say you can get wings from down under? If it were mine I get a couple - when the old ones are off you can do proper repair on the inner wings. Want to know what happens when the strut towers go? Ours started with rust on the top of the drivers side wing ( the channel between the bonnet) which holed and then split. One day fatha noticed drivers front tyre was flat. It was down to the wire on the inside - everything had moved so much it had caused the tyre to scrub. At that point it was given to a welder. Mercifully a transit ran into the back of it a few months later - considering the galloping rot it held up well - even the back lights did'nt crack. Transit driver could'nt open his door.
  5. Looks lovely. I was looking at Audi S4's before I bought my 545 - too many tales of woe regarding timing chains completely put me off.
  6. Don't go looking for grot on one of these - you will find it. Ours was a rotten as a month old lettuce at just ten years old. However yours looks pretty good.
  7. I thought some of the fat fuckers had saddle bags until I got closer and realised it was actually their arsecheeks.
  8. Even the model rots like the real thing.
  9. I have the ford d series and the mack but the tanker is esso.
  10. I have just braved my local tip. It was on a par with entering East Germany. I was waiting for somebody to tell me my papers were not in order.
  11. Its a rare car. While the ford lickers would bemoan the lack of injection for me it makes it more interesting. Many moons ago (1990/91) there was one knocking around Warrington - XNC686X rings a bell.
  12. I was led to believe the aerocsr was an aborted " the man with the golden gun" toy.
  13. Bren

    Sea tractor

    They have disco's to transport the hotel guests. Agatha Christie was a regular there. We should have been there in July - if pubs/ restaurants / attractions are still closed there is no point - stuck in a caravan with two kids will be about as desirable as broken glass up yer rectum.
  14. I got married in the states. I remember a cop yelling at my brother for stopping outside the building while I went in for the marriage licence. His attitude was abysmal.
  15. So much as I like lesser models this does not appeal - deffo not as £6k. Slower than a week on remand.
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