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  1. I concur. We can no longer assume the moral high ground.
  2. The row over Greensill Capital and David Cameron. We have become like a banana republic.
  3. Not that well proportioned - it looks like the old casting re hashed. Still nice though.
  4. I took a load of stuff to the tip. Some of it old oil and coolant. While pouring away this stuff I realised how horrible it was - the smell, the texture. I am not one for change - but I am beginning to think the electric revolution is a bit overdue.
  5. Queing at hairdressers/ primark /ikea etc. I am absolutely convinced the average IQ in the UK is in double figures.
  6. Chop shops and cannabis farms make things more tricky sadly.
  7. To be fair that is cheaper than fixing a shit example.
  8. I would give them an inspection - they used to fail on xantias - and ruin the bonnet.
  9. Having replaced the 545's oil I dropped the coolant - well, some of it. Undoing the petcock dropped a few litres - tinterweb said there was a drain on the block but I could'nt find it. Refilled with neat stuff. A nice deep blue unlike the faded blue I had before. Tomrrow it's the tip with the old stuff.
  10. Get it in for it's ticket then sort it properly. At least it's unblocked. There's a reason for changing coolant.
  11. Wait until furlough money stops. The feelgood factor being enjoyed by the government now will disappear faster than a fart with a pair of running spikes.
  12. Do them himself next time. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  13. Once you have picked it up you will never look back
  14. I dropped the oil on the 545 in record time - it was getting dark. 10 L mannol 5/30 and a mahle filter cost me £45. Tomorrow I want to drop the coolant - the petcock has been soaked in oil. Lets see if it unscrews.
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