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  1. Looks lovely. And bought at the right time considering the price of a gallon.
  2. The other consideration is how much you have to spend. Do you have enough money to buy something significantly better than what you have? My car has a start of £2.5k with no reserve. I cannot find anything similar with that mileage and nine months MOT for the same money. £2.5 K is something leggy that needs money spending in it. Incidentally a similar car has been listed tonight with a low start which has already attracted bids - the fact that it is in the South East will help the sale - car is ULEZ compliant.
  3. I have had my BMW 545 for five years. It has been reliable however I have had to spend - I have not added things up but I reckon I have spent over £2k on repairs - the valve stems seals account for just over a grand. Tax is £395 per year and car does 22mpg around the doors. For a car approaching it's twentieth year it is in superb condition. I have just relisted it on ebay - not had a sniff. I decided it was time to go because better to sell while everything was good. It's N62 engine is a complicated beast - you will be lucky to find anybody willing to work on it. Also, I don't do many miles but seem to be regularly putting fuel in it ( maybe I should just fill it up!). The thought of borrowing for a car - finance - terrifies me. I fancied a mustang or jaguar xfr but with the cost of things generally that will never happen now. So if somebody does buy my car I will more than likely replace it with something diesel.
  4. Sorry about the porsche. Not great. I have just put my e60 back on ebay with no reserve - been on since Wednesday. Not a sniff. Nobody seems to want them anymore so I wouldn't be sinking ££££ into yours.
  5. You are brave - especially when audi buyer is trying to " scrabble".
  6. I recognised the sukhoi's in the background.
  7. Holy shit. After last week this is the automotive equivalent of Leicester winning the league.
  8. They do a yellow one as well.
  9. I have never seen as many spiders as I have this year. I don't mind them but they seem to be spinning webs everywhere - even the doorway to the shit house.
  10. Given that it costs circa £40k to keep somebody in Prison I am surprised government have'nt spun the escape from Wandsworth as great value for the tax payer.
  11. Sounds like the first tester should be working at McDonalds.
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