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  1. Hope they do not return to move the pug and recalibrate your camera ....
  2. I had the corgi mercedes but it was a taxi IIRC.
  3. When you go to a meditiation class and pretend to be asleep because you dont want to drop your guts in front of the class.....
  4. Certain fords not painted body colour in the engine compartment. Unforgivable.
  5. I did the snowflakes on our previous vectra. Never again.
  6. The vectra's leak off pipes arrived 24 hours after ordering from autovaux. They are genuine in PSA packaging. Let's see if they have cured the leak.
  7. Carb cleaner is great for dissolving black death. I used engine compression to loosen the stubborn one on other half's vectra.
  8. Mechanically they are great. I'd protect the underbody though.
  9. I have the rockets one. Minus the cradle.
  10. Why the panic? Loads of meat on that piston.
  11. I bought a 100l compressor to run air tools. But having airlines along the ground is a PITA. I have a cordless ryobi impact gun which is preferable to the air powered snap on item I have. I would like a cordless ratchet though. The compressor is great for blasting dirt away from things - put to good use yesterday when I did the vectra injector. Tools are getting better - I am not sure snap on etc will be able to justify their high prices forever.
  12. Deciddd to have a go at the vectras sick injector. Even with a hot engine it was solid. I had nothing that would shift it ( I had a crow bar ). I slackened the clamp and ran the engine several times. It started to budge. Eventually it came out. I have had easier times pulling posts out of the ground. It looks like I pulled it from somebody's sphincter. Filthy copper washer. All back together. Much disappointment they failed fairly quickly - garage probably lashed it together to get it out of the door.
  13. Susanna Reid interviewing the clown. Describes how a 77 year old gets on a bus to keep warm. The clown takes credit for introducing freedom bus pass. He simply gets worse.
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