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  1. Somethingvabout 80's vauxhalls - robust and nice to drive. I loved my mk 2 cav. I have even joined the mk 2 cav forum.
  2. I did something today I vowed never to do. I made a purchase from a BMW main stealer. Coolant overflow pipe for the 545. The original had failed due to brittleness. It cost £45 - not too unreasonable - I actually walked out of a BMW dealer with my ringpiece intact. Here's where the original failed. Due to one end being fitted with a crimped clip I had to remove the panel over the radiator. Here is the new one in place. I used one of those fuel type clips as I did'nt have a small jubilee clip. It seems to be leak free now - however I will have to watch as much of the c
  3. Guilty at not really giving the 545 much tlc I fitted a new expansion tank as the float was missing when I bought the car. Hos has it repaid me? By leaking at a joint on the return pipe. When I have attempted to fix the leak the plastic pipe along the top of the rad has broken. 17 years of sky high temperatures have made it as brittle as a cadbury twirl. Obviously the new cap is holding the pressure much better than the new one. I new pipe was £45 from the stealer. No such thing as a cheap e60.
  4. I remember a boy on my street having this in the 70's. The rear is much more square than the actual car.
  5. Another xmas pressie. I remember me and my brother getting told off by my late aunt for spotting it in her house before it could be wrapped.
  6. I had a bit of a sort out - my tat is jammed together. I thought I would sort the matchbox from the rest. Sometimes you forget what you have hoarded - Skybusters. As a mere tot I had more of a thing for these than superfast or juniors. Days of thunder. The poster offer expired in 1991.
  7. Link? Used it in the audi that I had. Their engine flush is ok too.
  8. The caper cart. Christmas 1977.
  9. My eldest has his eye on mine. No doubt to be converted into papa johns vouchers when I am gone.
  10. I have looked at the list. As much use as tits on a boar.
  11. The mercury was the only laser I ever bought - from WH Smith in Warrington. I remember this because after purchase I legged it to the odeon to watch the living daylights.
  12. I remember when these were fairly common. For a while they seemed to be the car of choice for uninsured n'er do wells.
  13. Whenever I see a boxed pallet loader I am back to the 70's. There is something about super kings packaging.
  14. Britain today. I think large swathes of mainland europe will be glad to see the back of us.
  15. Here's mine. I have the boxes but they are tatty. Picked up for not much from a toy fair.
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