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  1. No it is'nt. The cars on gumtree are generally better.
  2. Identical to the one we had. Cracking car.
  3. Cue dodgy tash and fake leather jacket for the eastern europe Arthur Daley look. More more points and you can beckon people over to peruse your wares in the back of the lada - knock off ladies tights and dodgy whisky.
  4. Destination - the pasture of profit.
  5. I have some boxed sea kings. The submarine is the only one that makes decent money. I picked mine up from a shop in Gran Canaria in 1993. Super kings and speedkings were undesirable until recently, some mint boxed ones make good money.
  6. Phone call from GP this morning - can I come in and see emergency Gp as soon as? I have been having bowel issues that have gotten worse over time - I had provided blood and a stool sample some weeks ago. The stool sample was subjected to a FIT test - blood was present. I now need a colonoscopy. Knackers.
  7. Replaced the reverse light switch on the filthy passat. A bit awkward as it is in the kind of position whereby access from both above and below is limited. Part cost £26 - I now have working reverse lights and parking sensors.
  8. I wonder if some detrius is blocking the gauze filter? I remember reading about somebody who bought a new tank for their VDP EFi SD1 who then had starting / running issues - a piece of coating was loose in the tank and when running would get sucked onto the pick up.
  9. Put my trailer on ebay. Listed the faults. Sold for less than £30. Feedback for winning bidder not good - one of which buyer complained that trailer practically fell apart on way home. I'll be surprised if this goes through.
  10. The M56 between the port and Warrington. The worst stretch of motorway I have used - traffic speeding up and slowing down. For no reason. No police, no breakdowns, no roadworks. No wonder there are so many bumps on that stretch.
  11. "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" when I drive a vectra.
  12. Another to be planted in the pasture of profit.
  13. Looking at the bottom end of the market prices seem to be rising for decent cars - probably supply and demand - not enough good ones to go around but lots of fucked ones.
  14. Mira make a really nice mk 1 fiesta. Regarding the matchbox car transporter - open the gullwing doors and look at the tool racks inside.
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