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  1. I had the misfortune to go into Morrisons in Widnes - I only wanted a bottle of spirits. The total opposite of Aldi - customers emptying their trolleys at speeds that would suggest they had been lobotomised before entering. Disinterested staff. The bottle went back on the shelf.
  2. The maxus could only have been a mistake. Driving one for those distances would be like entering the ninth circle of hell.
  3. Together energy. We fucked them off last month and went back to octopus because they were shite. We paid them but they still want £32 that we paid weeks ago. They now want " documentary proof". Well you can have it. And get in the fucking sea.
  4. My brother had the green galanite racing car.
  5. The definition of excitement was getting a super kings or speed kings for christmas - pressing the cheapo wrapping paper against the header card so you could see the writing through the paper. I have no idea hos many I had - I still have some boxed ones but not many - some are expensive now.
  6. I have lost power to some of my kitchen sockets. Nothing tripped - one double gang still works but not others. I have a front door that we cannot use because the latch is knackered. Sick of bastard houses.
  7. Much want for the cortina
  8. I bought a clay bar kit and tackled the BMW. It had not been polished since I had some paintwork done 12 months ago. I gave the wheels a clean and dressed the tyres. The car is now 17 years old - thoughts of a change come and go as I am mindful if it developed engine problems no one would touch it - it seems many places no longer want to do anything more taxing than a service. In its favour are its excellent condition and low mileage - it's just gone over 97k It is still a capable mile muncher with plenty of oomph - I would have to spend at least three times what it would sell for to get something else as capable.
  9. An unfaired bike makes more sense - you WILL drop your first bike - everybody does - you will not have to worry about broken plastic. It will also encourage maintainence and regular checks - you will not be arsing around with plastic panels. Sitting on a bike is not as good as a test ride - if your wrists and arse are numb after 20 minutes you need to look elsewhere. I had a GSXR750 - it was like being impaled on railings - it was so bad that long rides were avoided. No good buying something that you don't want to use. And I echo every other comment already made. As you were.......
  10. Just watched cassetteboy's latest video on youtube. It's the only time our clown of a PM sounds coherent.
  11. Love them both. The senator was the high watermark for GM.
  12. I bought a can of spray for the vectra's headlights - they look more like a dockers teeth and are a fetching shade of yellow. However as I masked them up I have decided that they are too far gone - most of it is on the inside.
  13. New rear pads for the busa - Had my monies worth out of these. Fitted the new ones with the caliper in situ - having had a caliper bolt snap on me on my previous gixer that took an afternoons drilling and tapping to rectify I had the fear. New EBC ones fitted.
  14. Range rover classics were ram raiders favourites. All the everlast/ adidas/ puma would then be put in the boot of a sapphire cosworth. At the turn of the century criminality in Manchester liked turbo'd saabs.
  15. I just started the SD1. It hasn't run for about three weeks. It started straight away - I may have to leave the timing at 6 BTDC as any more advance leaves the starter struggling to turn it over.
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