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  1. Another bastard cold. I get rid of one and get another. Always on the cards when your immune system is oppressed. And it's bastard freezing here.
  2. Went back to it a couple of hours later. Started normally with no idiot lights. Bastard modern cars. A mk V cortina beckons.
  3. The BMW has crapped itself. Started it this morning - running like shit and EML on. I have lubed up in preparation.
  4. The glovebox handle for my SD1 arrived today. Still in its original AR packaging. Look at the date on the box
  5. The model is made from thicker metal.
  6. My tddi had a very quiet engine - much quieter than our PD passat. I liked the car very much but it was punted on when it developed a knock from the front suspension. Garages could find no fault but a bit of research showed the strut top bearings would cause the knocking but only genuine items would cure it. Too much work for me.
  7. I have managed to obtain a new old stock glovebox handle for the SD1. It's another part no longer available.
  8. I need some bits for my SD1. Sadly I am seeing "no longer available" for a few bits. Sadly this will be my last SD1 I think.
  9. Scrotes like audi and Vw because of the low number of letters in the name
  10. Bren

    Hairy Pussy

    Have you had a quote for the welding?
  11. To stop giving a fuck. I am surrounded by people who don't, when you are the only one who does it gets a bit lonely.
  12. Apart from shares in HMV or Debenhams I cannot think of a worse investment. If it was a diesel maybe, big V6 petrol? No thanks.
  13. I like corgi juniors but by mid to late 70's they were a bit crap - all plastic bases and flat colours.
  14. Hope the twats got rust in their eyes.
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