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  1. My god. Like mullet's, fingerless gloves and filofaxes it hasn't aged well. That poor engine - worked harder than Julio Iglesias toothbrush. Those seats need to go in the sea. Trying to find povo spec trim is on a par with finding cheap houses and unicorn piss. Many base cars didn't have head restraints - even the L only had hollow square headrests. I'll be amazed if the wheel bearings are'nt noisy. Watching with mucho interest.
  2. SD1 rear brakes. I would rather have broken glass inserted into my arsehole than adjust them. Handbrake? You need it once a year - the MOT.
  3. They havn't been touched. It crossed my mind one may be sticking - this would correlate with the poor economy we have been getting.
  4. I remember this - not for the game but for the tiny dragsters. I also remember a kojak board game - the game was unremarkable but it came with tiny plastic cars that looked like AMC matadors.
  5. I drove the vectra today - my wife's car so I don't use it every day. I noticed the brake pedal was spongy - normally it is very firm. Wife, as usual noticed no difference, cos wife. Pedal goes hard when engine not running. Plenty of fluid in the resevoir but it is dirty. I wonder if the high temps have affected the fluid? It absorbs a fair bit of moisture.
  6. It pinked to fuck and was hard to start.
  7. Reset the SD1's timing. It ran but badly. It would not idle. I attempted to adjust the timing but now it just wont start. This car is sucking the life out of me. I don't think it will ever go back on the road.
  8. In the process of resetting the SD1's ignition timing. Engine needs to be turned over using the crank pulley. Remove under tray. And spoiler. And radiator. And fan shroud. Just to get a socket on the pulley...
  9. Hope you are ok. The bother at the England game. A pity getting pissed and making a twat of yourself can't be exported - the defecit would be wiped out.
  10. V8's do suffer from the module on the side of the dizzy failing but generally the car will just stop.
  11. An ex colleague used to sing " My brothers got some money - he got it from the leeds."
  12. Leaving my parents house my dad enquired if I had a breville? I gave him a puzzled looked and assumed he was going to offer me a vintage sandwich toaster. He said one of the things you put a disc on the end as well as other bits. He meant a dremel.
  13. In that state whoever buys it is going to cause inconvenience. Best avoided methinks.
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