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  1. 1UU passed me heading North out of Glasgow tonight followed closely by 84AD . 5 minutes later 7AC was heading into Glasgow. Must get a dashcam or summit
  2. Have had a Discovery TD5 as well as this pair, have to say my favourite was the Disco! That being said the Hippo TD4 is fine, quite comfy and fast enough and at £700 with a years MOT it was good enough value. All 4wd is working as it should but I did have to replace all 4 tyres as the old ones were cracked a lot Plan is to get 2 years out of it and then it should be throw away if required.
  3. Keep going and keep safe! Been a long old trip!
  4. Sounds like classic MAF sensor fucked! Disconnect it and see if it improves. Lots of options nowadays. Probably best to look up CJL Tuning on Facebook and get a Mafless tune. Some of these things are running silly horsepower but do seem to implode a bit. Basic tune with a couple of sensible upgrades will cost similar to replacing MAF any way!
  5. Car park in Blairgowrie. Range Rover looked the most reliable and roadworthy
  6. Sat there for 2 months! No lights when it arrived
  7. Distant Galaxy, No tax 6 months and out of MOT for 3. Drivers mirror hanging off.
  8. I collect Rover memorabilia! Mainly pin badges but anything from dealership signs to carrier bags. Also a bit of MG or Land Rover thrown in.
  9. Only "Great" to me probably! Anyone know how to get a 61 plate or newer for £100
  10. Car Tax Check is pretty good for detail. Model, tax cost and insurance etc. https://cartaxcheck.co.uk/
  11. I'll take one or 2 after you've sorted others above cheers.
  12. Don't think it's possible any more. Best bet would be to contact owner number 2 and see if he can shed any light
  13. Tam

    Freelander - opinions

    They are the sort of vehicle that you can't really relax with always something looming on the broken list. Saying that I got this for £750 with clean MOT and 10 months left. Quite like it, the wife likes it which is a bonus! Big comfy and not too sluggish since I unplugged the MAF. Came with 2 sets of wheels both with pretty ropey tyres though. They are matching and loads of tread but aged and not as airtight as they could be. Which is an issue for 4WD system. So new tyres is a big commitment! Not decided yet.
  14. FFS! Would've liked this tae! Being an MG Rover fiddler
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