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  1. Triple its value if J. Shand is the name on V5 😄
  2. The radio is still in the blue one in my project/scrap corner if you want it. Not much chance of delivery at moment though 🙄
  3. Oh and pictures only show up as links? Went to edit above post but can't do that either.
  4. Trying replying on my phone as I can't use the desktop version on my computer. I always log on by going to unread content. Usually I scroll down a bit and a button on that bottom says open more or summit. Not there anymore and no amount of clicking on empty space will allow me to go back more than an hour? Tried to reply on computer thread but no reply button to be found? This Autoshite theme but default is worse just white and blue! Is my browser to old or something. Its works Internet.
  5. Met ORG1 today. White Beemer! Interesting! Pity I wasn't following it
  6. Not sure if its foreign or not but 2S doesn't seem to exist?
  7. Tam

    Rover 75 Torch

    Great getting something like that. I know there not really useful but highly desirable to the 75 nuts.
  8. Any info on ZT? You know I run a home for fuckedish and unwanted MG Rover inventory ?
  9. My Mum's Skoda went in on Monday for an early test and as expected failed with one dangerous a broken spring I think. But typically the MOT would've been extended as 31st was actual date due. Maybe just as well as she would've been driving around an extra 6 months on a broken spring.
  10. I think the launch cars will and do already carry a premium. When the 75 gets more classic the 2.5 V6 will be preferred engine. Also the quirky spec of the launch cars with blue interior sets them apart.
  11. As Jamie said look at the headlight adjuster on dash and if no height adjustment it would originally probably had xenon. Also should be adjuster arms on the front and rear suspension for the xenon. But chances are not replaced when new arms fitted. Here's a link to previous owners posts on forum. In 2009 he fixed the xenon lights. https://the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/search.php?searchid=17017113
  12. The headlight washers only blast the lights on every third scoosh or something. It doesn't really look like Xenon but it deffo had them at one point. Would need a better look at lights. They might just need a shine up. Looking again it does look like the lights have been swapped for Halogen.
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