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  1. My Mum's Skoda went in on Monday for an early test and as expected failed with one dangerous a broken spring I think. But typically the MOT would've been extended as 31st was actual date due. Maybe just as well as she would've been driving around an extra 6 months on a broken spring.
  2. Tam

    Rover 75 launch car

    I think the launch cars will and do already carry a premium. When the 75 gets more classic the 2.5 V6 will be preferred engine. Also the quirky spec of the launch cars with blue interior sets them apart.
  3. As Jamie said look at the headlight adjuster on dash and if no height adjustment it would originally probably had xenon. Also should be adjuster arms on the front and rear suspension for the xenon. But chances are not replaced when new arms fitted. Here's a link to previous owners posts on forum. In 2009 he fixed the xenon lights. https://the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/search.php?searchid=17017113
  4. The headlight washers only blast the lights on every third scoosh or something. It doesn't really look like Xenon but it deffo had them at one point. Would need a better look at lights. They might just need a shine up. Looking again it does look like the lights have been swapped for Halogen.
  5. Wouldn't really bother with Rover Ron (synergy2) box. They do give a bit improvement especially if the MAF is knacked! Strange having xenon headlights on a Club Se? Probably worth over £100 on there own applying standard bangernomics type maths. Noticed on the owners forum the guy was on their for over 10 years and only made 25 posts. Not a lot of problems then. Seemed to have an issue with headlights back in 2009 and not much else 😉
  6. DMGRS are a good source of parts. Also they have some good helpful info bits. Especially when it comes to getting correct gasket if the HGF should occur 😳
  7. Hopefully that means they are quite accessible then. I'm usually pretty ham fisted with wheel arch liners 😳
  8. Old news from Friday! Small collection as I'm a shit shiter and not into public transport in any way. Agreed to buy an ex. raffle car a week or so go and had been procrastinating about the journey to get it. Mate was heading up to me on Friday to collect a car trailer then down to Glagow to drop me off. After that he was heading to Wigan overnight, next morning to Salisbury then across to Kent to pick up a non running Morris Minor, back to Wigan overnight and back to Glasgow (Better Shiter!) Any way thanks to Andy CMS206 and Jamie Bangernomics for patience and general helpfulness. Great to meet Andy as he is proper Shiter and part of the Scottish contingent I hadn't met yet. First stop at an actual airport to pick up trailer. Bloody Ford invading! Boot Full Let it in eventually. Still a handsome motor the Mk2 in my opinion. I owned an 1800 back in 2001 and always liked them. Only fault is it tramlines a bit with the low profile tyres on it. Also the windscreen scooshers were bereft of any scoosh on the front but I found a clue to that and likely just a pipe or something
  9. As a self confessed Rover licker. This is a thing of dreams for me!! Wins the year for me
  10. Tam

    The grumpy thread

    Went to see it on Friday. Really enjoyed it despite some dodgy reviews. A lot of it just seemed like bits of the old films done in a more modern way! My grump £46 for 3 people. Our local Odeon has been done up and all Luxe with electric recliners also to be fair I paid an extra £2 per head for the Isense screen. So super dooper 4k screen (couldnae say I noticed) but the Dolby Atmos sound was great! Seemed like all the speakers drowned out all the paper rustling sounds and whispering Twats. Heard a bit of coughing but nowt else with around a 100 people in there, was a first to be actually relaxed watching film. OH and your right what the FUCK are those big trays of Nachos and dip, hotdogs all about. Looked like bloody 3 course meal some people were carrying in! Fuck knows how much they were spending
  11. 1UU passed me heading North out of Glasgow tonight followed closely by 84AD . 5 minutes later 7AC was heading into Glasgow. Must get a dashcam or summit
  12. Have had a Discovery TD5 as well as this pair, have to say my favourite was the Disco! That being said the Hippo TD4 is fine, quite comfy and fast enough and at £700 with a years MOT it was good enough value. All 4wd is working as it should but I did have to replace all 4 tyres as the old ones were cracked a lot Plan is to get 2 years out of it and then it should be throw away if required.
  13. Keep going and keep safe! Been a long old trip!
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