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  1. Absolute bargain. Can't believe this hasn't already gone
  2. This: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Y-Reg-Hyundai-Accent-1/143031087960?hash=item214d513358:g:81kAAOSw5-hb~msY:rk:1:pf:0 33K. Got to have a few years trouble free motoring in it
  3. Are they dry liner screws holding the pods on?! Fucking brilliant!
  4. I've had an eye on these too but the sport version. I think the 1.3 version may suffer from weak gearboxes and parts availability might be sketchy-someone more knowledgeable might be able to dispel this though
  5. Drench the dizzy with WD40 from all angles and where the HT leads leave it before you go to too much effort removing plugs etc- The ones I have had would just turn over without a hint of firing as if the ecu/immobiliser was duff. Few squirts and it was golden...until the next time it happened....Rinse and repeat!
  6. Hi Ken, As mentioned the dizzy can cause issues. It usually manifests itself in damp weather. Give the dizzy a liberal spraying with WD40 and it should spring to life and should be fine for a good few weeks before needing doing again. I've had two previous K11s that have done it-I think the dizzy gets hairline cracks in it with age. Always keep a tin in the boot!
  7. After a drivers side mirror glass with backing plate for a K11 micra. Some knobber knocked mine off this morning and the only ones I can find online are the stick on types which is no good as my backing plate has gone awol. Ta
  8. Depends on how you intended to use it. Short commutes or city work it would be fine and pretty economical to boot. I wouldn't advise using it for fast A road work or motorway slogging though that's for sure!
  9. Think they're a GN250 from ancient times with a retro-esq paint job and seat-other than that identical. Nice enough little bikes.
  10. Is one of those yours? Blue one a TS1?
  11. Thanks Mr Rebel- The goalposts seems forever changing these days with bike licence catagories. Chris, is it not worth having a look at the belt/variator? Might be a cheap fix? For such a small commute I'd be going for a bit of a lash up to save pennies, but if you can afford to, those Kisbee things look like you'd get a few years of cheap motoring-you'd only need to put petrol in it 4 or 5 times a year!
  12. I'm slightly out of the loop as far as CBT regulations go (and I'm half cut) but are you restricted to 50cc without a CBT?
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