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  1. I went up this the other day in my Sprinter and even with a car on the back she sits between 70-75....👍 Knocking past lorries like they were stood still
  2. What's access like Ken?
  3. Was it seller or DVLA error....?
  4. Better beading shots....
  5. I can be mate yes drop me a PM. 👍 I have a silver xantia estate too parts car!
  6. Have some beading shots....
  7. And a massive thanks to @purplebargekenfor helping get the Citroen back to its former glory. It was as Ken said pretty filthy having driven right across Spain. The windows were powdery as a lot of gritting in Northern Spain. It looks absolutely fantastic and I think it is safe to say, Ken and I both share a passion for detailing. We both find it very therapeutic. Here we have a couple of before pictures...do bear in mind pictures are taken on a Samsung S9 and not one of your 10megapixel fandangoes...so it maybe a little hard to pick up the difference all this work has made to this french chod... @bramz7 would have done a better job 😂😂😂☝️ This is Iron-Out by Auto Finesse (you can buy this stuff from Halfords now!) It creates a 'bleeding' effect which is the chemical reacting with tiny metal fillings stuck to the paintwork impossible to remove during your average car wash... Ken hard at work. Today he taught me ALOT! thank you Ken! As you can hopefully see the paintwork is a lot brighter and silky smooth to the touch! Next job on the list is to tidy up the steel wheels and swap the trims over from the Xantia estate, treat all black trim, wheels off and decrease and detar the wheel arches and protect, then it's on to the interior and fit the leather interior from the estate I have.
  8. Bring it here for a service when your ready 👍
  9. I'm afraid I invested purely to save it and to bring it into the fold. I have no desire for a Visa (have owned a C15 before) and already have 2x Xantias!
  10. Wingz123

    Hairy Pussy

    Do you plan on giving it a haircut....?
  11. I did but it's in even worse condition than yours...... there has to be about a fist size of lacquer left on it!......better still the nutter selling it wants £110.....!?
  12. @TheDoctor I have found you the holy grail of bonnets for your AX...... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F312918872614
  13. This is peanuts compared with going private. Checkup alone is £35
  14. I watched a video the other day on YouTube on one of these detailing channels where the guy used a DA and a polishing pad at a low speed to bring the black back on the dividing sections between the glass. I forget who it was otherwise I'd paste the link in. The window surrounds.....you could get wet and dry and go for chrome look if you really wanted to lol!
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