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  1. Probably had the engine out it already
  2. You planning on tracking it or something? 🤣🤣🤣 Love the colour and the fact you've gone to town with the cleaning. I also do this and it seems we are a dying breed on this forum!
  3. Place in Greenford, West London I use charges me £100 to tint b pillar back although I have the fronts done too - he does for £120. Also has lifetime warranty so if should ever start peeling/bubbles form under the film just take it straight back to him (i have never had one do that). He has done my Passat, My A6, my Prius and I was going to get the Corolla done beforeI came away but ran out of time. Also want to get the truck done. Trying to tint the windows yourself with the film you can buy just isn't worth the hassle vs the cost to get it done properly. I nip off and have a coffee whilst he's doing mine - Adi Tinting
  4. Yeh I think there are negative and positive leads you hook onto the battery terminals.
  5. @paulplom got your pump... Drop me a pm with your address when you get a chance
  6. I'll pick you one up this evening mate 👍
  7. CORRECTION just checked and I am charged 2.95% to pay using debit card so add 45 cents on top of the purchase price. Price would be 15.50 euros plus postage which will be done in UK on my return 👍 If you'd like one please drop me the monies over to kerylkerriee (then the at sign) Gmail.com as family and friends so there are no PayPal fees 👍👍 State your username too pls. I'll grab postage off you when I'm back in the UK. It won't be much, I will shop about for the best price etc etc... Only asking for monies up front because I've only changed up a certain amount into cash euros and need that for tolls etc going back
  8. I asked the girl on the phone a while ago what costs if any would be incurred. She said it was free to use my card in Spain being Santander and Spanish heritage etc but when I asked what exchange rate they use she couldn't answer.....!?
  9. I would bring them back to the UK with me then post to the areas I dont get to. Need to work out what it would be if I paid using my Santander debit card then grab the monies off you by PayPal if possible.... Then I can post for you once back...??
  10. I remember someone started a thread about pumps to suck out oil from the top of the engine..... These are in Lidl in Spain.....
  11. Yes I was thinking about that. Best to do once the engine is warm im thinking. Any idea what size the nut is on them? I think 10mm was too big but 9mm was too small when I offered up the sockets the other day. Didn't go as far as remove them the other day because the new plugs hadn't yet arrived in the post. Cheers,
  12. @Rod/b Oh and it also makes a change to read a thread like the one you found where the OP actually returns to update the thread with what the initial problem was! So many don't so you end up reading all the way through to never know what came!! Thanks mate 👍
  13. So to add my thoughts on this - reading the person who added the response about Ford loading the non-dpf cars up with the same software as dpf cars and sending them into limp mode if the glow plugs don't work could probably be right. Very strange though how they differentiate on other things when very similar but something like this could well be left the same..... Ah well we shall see. Thanks @Rod/b for sifting through posts on the Ford forum to dig that one out! I will update this and let you know how I get on. I feel even if this does rectify the issue I could be on borrowed time until the next dilemma! Thing is its not even worth that much anymore hence why run it into the ground (despite regular oil changes) has crossed my mind.....
  14. No not changed the plugs yet. They haven't turned up in the post yet. That is with all 4 wires going to the glow plugs....even with them plugged in it starts no differently. Cold or hot.
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