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  1. When asked at a BP garage struth I don't know how many years ago now a young lad had a polo like this. Asked how he achieved it, he said something to do with metal filings, a rustoleum primer of some sort and it not being allowed to dry properly when initially applied and each time it rains it gets progressively worse....!?
  2. I KNOW this is an IS but this is what theyve done to that Soarer....
  3. I think it has been done with stuff you paint on and it gets progressively worse over time. I.e more and more rusty. I try and understand why they've done what they've done. So far I haven't met anyone who's said oh yeh that looks flippin brilliant. Like you say, each to their own. Thankfully the majority of cars haven't been ruined like that. I mean there are some pretty horrific car wraps out there too. If your ever in Westbourne Park as you come off the A40 there is a gold wrapped mini convertible. The true definition of tacky as has been poorly done
  4. There is a Lexus Soarer parked in a side road in Chiswick that links Chiswick High Road to the A4 just before the Hogarth Roundabout. It is almost orange where it has been painted with that rusty paint whatever it is. WHY IN THE FUCKS NAME WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING to what is already a pretty bloody nice motor. 4.0 v8's they had in them I think and they are getting on for quite rare too now. I dont get it (please someone enlighten me) and fuck me the neighbours would castrate me if I came home in something like that. Sure to devalue every house in the road, probably the next 2 or 3
  5. Is it the 1.1? They are known for blowing hg's.... How badly did it overheat? As above maybe easier to whack new engine in because block warpage.... I can do most things now but I too was a mechanical dunse when I first started.....get on YouTube and just watch everything thats what i do.
  6. ? if that were true I'd not have put nearly 4k miles on the car. ?
  7. Has someone painted those wheels black or are they factory?
  8. That colour does me too! Looks ?
  9. +1 they list that oil (5w30) for my prius. Correct grade is 0w20 Anyway @Lewis Mackland is it running better? Bit quieter?
  10. looks like one of those Tivoli things that fades into the background........(if it were Silver!) But that colour is quite nice.
  11. Probably had the engine out it already
  12. You planning on tracking it or something? ??? Love the colour and the fact you've gone to town with the cleaning. I also do this and it seems we are a dying breed on this forum!
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