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  1. I could help (Mercedes Sprinter truck) I have moved vehicles for quite a number of members on here, some the length and breadth of the country...)
  2. Wingz123

    Coolant woes

    Where did you have this done? Name and shame the twats
  3. Looks like a Morgan? - guessing from the shape...
  4. My friend at school (his dad) had an xj220
  5. Halfords basic stuff for me has always snapped Halfords advanced on the other hand has been great. Had one incident with a half inch ratchet where the mechanism inside snapped and I took it down and they replaced it there and then for me easy as that. Remember - Halfords Advanced = Lifetime guarantee
  6. How much Bhp can the autobox's in these handle? Seen a few with 300+ Bhp in auto geyser.....!? Is it just an auto out of a vectra? I am aware there is a low pressure turbo version and high pressure turbo version (hot).... and obviously I know 300bhp has been mapped....
  7. Absolute fact that these are better than the Meganes of today..... I don't think you'd find anyone who'd disagree
  8. I suspect you have checked the usuals but.... Appreciate the mileage is a little on the high side but in my experience when I have been in the shit and needed a dead reliable steed the PD130 VAG engines have never let me down....This ones not a million miles away in Aylesbury - knock him down to £600. Aside from the one below, I would strongly suggest lapping up a B5.5 PD130. £700 quid would probably get you highline too with leathers in an EBay auction.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/02-2002-Volkswagen-Passat-1-9-TDi-130-BHP-SE-5-Door-Estate-Manual-Diesel/223472657312?hash=item34080223a0:g:rfEAAOSwptxcp4OS This might also be quite a good candidate. Not overly expensive now and still quite classy in my opinion. Wear their age quite well - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-V40-T4-turbo-200bhp/264300484263?hash=item3d898956a7:g:xYQAAOSw~2BcxHUC
  9. Haha I think it was by HooHing/D-Link building! I was heading towards Finchley....car looked alright!!
  10. Sorry to hear of this and I know this doesn't help much but I suspect this was nicked for the body. Engines too on these are ££££'s
  11. Were you on the north circular in this with the roof down the other day in the direction of Hangar Lane? Saw one - guy was wearing shades....
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