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  1. I had planned to come and visit you whilst out there this Summer..... fingers crossed
  2. Dont know about you but I flippin need a haircut!!!!
  3. @Flat4 I will pick these up today for you if you can bash over the contact details, Cheers,
  4. Yes can collect on Tuesday for you...would advise sending them the cash direct because....area.... You can send the monies over to me if you want and I can pay them when I collect. Also I didnt let you know but I dropped Schaeffts toyota up to Scaryokdcortinas last Sat and your tyre changer is in the boot.
  5. Doc I think your off your rocker but it looks like something out of death race.... I would have to say something to you if you were my neighbour.
  6. What did you take those photos with.....they are suspiciously high quality! 👌
  7. Hopefully the closest I'll get to Corona.... Still no real help for self employed though 😢😢😢😢😢 Earnings have more than halved in London 😢😢😢 ubering
  8. Won some 17" wheels on Ebay yesterday for the price it would cost me to replace 2x 15" tyres. I needed 4x tyres in an ideal world and the 17s had 7mm of tread. Shot to Brighton and back by 10.30am this morning. Half an hour later had them fitted.... Not too sure what to make of them. They arent quite my cup of tea I dont think but it was a financial decision not an aesthetically motivated one. Also bought a replacement passenger door.....more on that when it turns up
  9. Come over to mine this weekend doc - I've got to flush the coolant on the prius and on the corolla too with this mannol coolant @Kiltox wrote about (it turned up today) Could we knock out the jobs on the clio? I have all the tools here/ramps etc. I'll service it too for you if you want.....I offer this because it actually improves my mental health and is a great release for me! Just dont turn up looking like this....
  10. I shall say this.....take it as you wish.... Genuinely I have only ever offered help by way of offering to buy you a car, you pay me back etc and the odd bit of advice because I saw similarities to a 17 year old me chopping and changing and buying BMW wheel trims from an e36 for my Nissan Almera 🤭😂😂😂😂😂 and I dont want to see someone else experience the same hardships - if you respond to that point by saying what hardships? It is only that in previous threads you have referenced only having £90 or £100 to last you the month a week or so into the month (I cant quite remember the exact figure). This isnt supposed to sound patronising or belittling in anyway. Anyway, I've noticed this thread always seems to go off the rails every couple of months by way of meltdown. Take some time away from the forum, I do every once in a while. Go and watch dads army or find some way of relaxing. I find turning spanners on a car or detailing it helps me. As my mum always used to say when I used to leave food on my plate there are plenty of people in the world less fortunate than you James. Think yourself lucky you have food to eat, a roof over your head and a car to get about.
  11. Multimeter on the fuses to see if you have a battery drain 👍 Cv joint clicking on full lock? Squeaky tensioner when on full lock from power steering pulley?
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