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  1. If I can offload something this week Mark, I'll give you a shout.
  2. Pm me your address and I'll pop down for a look one evening this week.
  3. All tickets now paid for. Neb and I have come to an agreement. I'll be having the bridies for my lunch. Thanks to all participants.
  4. Also No sign of the dosh yet despite being on the forum yesterday... Maybe he has me on ignore?
  5. Please don't book a flight to that airport, I think you'll be disappointed. Either it is a disused wartime air strip, or it only exists on a computer game. That map suggests there's a train or tram in Forfar. Also not true for at least 50 years.
  6. There's a farm strip at Roundyhill. Shite knight and bangernomics have squared up. Cheers lads.
  7. Well done This will be an interesting collection. >500 miles if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Thanks but I'll leave them as is in the hope they will be paid for after the draw. When is the draw?
  9. You've paid so you'll not be paying anymore. Crack on with the link
  10. Thanks to EddieH and ODM for offering to buy the unpaid for tickets. I'm leaving them as allocated and we'll see what happens. If an unpaid ticket wins, things will get interesting.
  11. I think I'll take the hit and hope the tickets are paid for. Losing £42 on a £350 car that I feel I'm practically giving away already isn't a great feeling though.
  12. He was keen, so it seems a shame for him to miss out. Alternatives are to delay until Wednesday, or next Saturday, or hope that he pays up after the draw.
  13. There could be 5 available. £6 each. I'm not exactly sure how L1 worked JB's roffle but if yes oui si hasn't paid by 7pm I'll put his up for sale.
  14. 1. CortinaDave paid 2. Maurice Marina paid 3. Aldo 135 paid 5. Tam paid 6. GeordieInExile paid 8. Tickman paid 9. Shite knight paid 10. Saabnut paid 11. Jim Bell (aldo135) paid 12. 95 quid Peugeot paid 13. Aldo 135 paid 14. Sealtainn paid 16. Ohdearme paid 17. Scaryoldcortina paid 18. Tickman (aldo 135) paid 19. 95 quid Peugeot paid 20. Tam paid 21. Ohdearme paid 22. Eddyramrod paid 23. Bangernomics paid 24. Cheezey paid 25. CortinaDave paid 27. Nebuchenezer paid 28. gm paid 29. Ohdearme paid 30. Aldo 135 paid 31. Tam paid 32. Carlo paid 33. 95 quid Peugeot paid 34. RobT paid 35. gm paid 36. Tickman (L1) paid 37. Saabnut paid 38. CortinaDave paid 39. Pegasus 79 paid 40. Jim bell paid 41. GeordieInExile paid 42. Cheezey paid 43. Ohdearme paid 44. Sealtainn paid 45. Tickman (aldo 135) paid 46. Loserone paid 47. Bangernomics paid 48. Eddyramrod paid 49. Eddyramrod paid 50. Jim Bell (aldo 135) paid 52: New pod paid 53. New pod paid 54. Pegasus 79 paid 55. Supernaut paid 56. Sealtainn paid 57. Foad paid 58. Eddyramrod paid 59. Ohdearme paid 4. Yes oui si paid 7. Yes oui si paid 15. Yes oui si paid 26. Yes oui si paid 51. Yes our si paid
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