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  1. It's hellish news. Met Richard a few times. Typical droll Scotsman and top bloke.
  2. They put traction control on the disco 2 but the diff lock was still there, hiding. I don't think the traction control needs to be disconnected though.
  3. Yes, that is the place where the fuel filter lives! I had to change mine when I had a TD5 disco after it started leaking, probably due to that daft location. Have a good look at the chassis rails beside the tank. They all rot there. Google the 3 amigos to find out more about your dash lights.
  4. Just joshing, although it does work 9 times out if 10. Double hex socket, often an imperial on a metric nut, or vice versa, belted on with a hammer. For that time it doesn't work, I've got a set similar to yours but in a red box. The Irwin set I've borrowed in the past didn't have such a good range of sizes. If even that doesn't work, I split the nut.
  5. Just hammer a smaller socket on it
  6. If I can offload something this week Mark, I'll give you a shout.
  7. Pm me your address and I'll pop down for a look one evening this week.
  8. All tickets now paid for. Neb and I have come to an agreement. I'll be having the bridies for my lunch. Thanks to all participants.
  9. Also No sign of the dosh yet despite being on the forum yesterday... Maybe he has me on ignore?
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