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  1. When you find a tailgate seal, buy two please. Then sell me the second one for profit. Mine leaks too.
  2. A+ engine so should be good for a few miles. I've still got mine in a shed somewhere.
  3. It's hellish news. Met Richard a few times. Typical droll Scotsman and top bloke.
  4. They put traction control on the disco 2 but the diff lock was still there, hiding. I don't think the traction control needs to be disconnected though.
  5. Yes, that is the place where the fuel filter lives! I had to change mine when I had a TD5 disco after it started leaking, probably due to that daft location. Have a good look at the chassis rails beside the tank. They all rot there. Google the 3 amigos to find out more about your dash lights.
  6. Just joshing, although it does work 9 times out if 10. Double hex socket, often an imperial on a metric nut, or vice versa, belted on with a hammer. For that time it doesn't work, I've got a set similar to yours but in a red box. The Irwin set I've borrowed in the past didn't have such a good range of sizes. If even that doesn't work, I split the nut.
  7. Just hammer a smaller socket on it
  8. If I can offload something this week Mark, I'll give you a shout.
  9. Pm me your address and I'll pop down for a look one evening this week.
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