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  1. Good car posting from Bornite, his other posting, hmm...
  2. It wants to Off Road. I had a decent shot of the 240, it drives really well, feels planted and solid even in these conditions and is comfy and quiet at cruising speeds. What a great car. It feels weird to be driving something I saw in pieces and rotten but @juularhas done an amazing job making it safe and solid.
  3. 200k. There are mysterious clunks and an engine oil leak and a broken handbrake cable but it still goes well. It just works, makes good noises and is comfy and relatively cheap to keep on the road.
  4. I like the cars with "MOT expired" that have just failed an MOT test very badly.
  5. It's quite charming in its own way.
  6. I hear there is a nice automatic one for sale.
  7. Driving home for Christmas. What a cracker this thing is on a long trip, plenty of power, heated seats, cruise control and high 40s MPG.
  8. Doesn't stop it being a shitty thing to do and £2k is a lot of money to many people.
  9. Depending on the driving you do I would just pull the fuse for the fan. The fan on mine virtually never comes on.
  10. The one on Talbot Street is mine. 😜
  11. Nice work repairing the sunroof rather than taping it up!
  12. My dad was a tradesman, he had vans like this, so did his friends but they were always on their last legs and ready to burst. A van like this would have been great for my dad or my various non-family "uncles", it's just a tin box with a small diesel engine attached. This thing is sweet because it's not the fucked auction-bought or Scot Ads Escort or 305 vans I remember from that time but something that could be a reliable tool for a long time.
  13. Yes haha yes, registered, taxed and insured. I had a burl in it yesterday and it is very slow and squishy in very good ways.
  14. It is very drum-like and the metal is very thin. I think it would go better with a 1.9, the 1.6 is a bit breathless
  15. haha I saw a picture of a woman on a male-dominated car forum, time to Have Fun With Bad Jokes.
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