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  1. Thoughts and prayers for the SHTE van, going in for an MOT test later.
  2. You want that noise crossed with a locomotive and stationary industrial engines.
  3. It looks like an easy belt to do, there is lots of space around the timing end unlike many fwd cars.
  4. It's a good engine. We have its 1.6 litre predecessor in a Renault Express van.
  5. Subsidies for the already well off, cheers aye.
  6. Diesels are finicky buggers about fuel system sealing, just a wee bit of air getting in puts them to pot. Check and replace all the rubber lines too if necessary too.
  7. Did you replace the crush washers?
  8. K. I was talking about provisions for pensioners.
  9. Single make or single model groups are often Quite Odd.
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