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  1. It sounds great too, quieter than mine at idle. https://youtu.be/IFylJrC-DJQ
  2. I wish it was all mechanical so I could turn up the fuel. But there is minimal electronickery.
  3. No "E" here but it is a price list from 2003.
  4. Tremec T-5 in the 2.9 TD, like many muscle cars and possibly Australian Fords, the source of the auto box.
  5. With enough cranking I think it would have started but @Supernautwas worried about flattening my battery. I think it's a decent enough vehicle that has been a bit neglected. It is interesting to see the differences between an E model and my high faluting SE but this thing has extras like a sunroof and side steps that mine doesn't. The E should have steel wheels like this brown lad which also has that side skirt/side step setup.
  6. Land Rover Discovery MPi
  7. All car makers go through "Project Drive" type cost cutting exercises but they aren't as publicised as MG Rover's efforts in their death throes.
  8. The Maestro was a lot cheaper no?
  9. Yes most old Japanese diesels use a license built Bosch pump.
  10. Plus the cost of a hire car while it's being repaired and all the other middle men costs.
  11. It's a bit shite but it's already a firm favourite, there are some weird details like the tiniest cupholder I've seen on any car but I forgive it.
  12. At my place it's a flat rate for every day regardless if it's a holday or waking night. 🙄 Fuck em. There are rumours that they charge the local authority extra for antisocial hours but don't pass that on to staff.
  13. I'm so glad I'm a sessional worker now. There is no incentive to work the holidays so I'm not.
  14. I don't remember having to remove the inlet manifold to do XUD glow plugs. 😛
  15. What on earth. I'm handing it back for a full refund now.
  16. Folks, it could have been an MG. https://www.aronline.co.uk/concepts-and-prototypes/mg-rexton/
  17. Drum in disc like some German cars and Volvos? The handbrake seems fine on this one.
  18. I've heard they won't just do 100% veg, they'll do 110% veg. 👌
  19. Someone knows their Korean chintz. 🇰🇷👌
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