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  1. Did you mean a Rover 618i or Rover 620Di?
  2. 600l of veg oil but felt fine with it, strong and stable Expert.
  3. It has no place anywhere. I am the luddite, burn down the servers.
  4. Been a while since I've seen the EDGE network on a phone.
  5. Asked an eBay seller about their car recently, there was no info specific to the car in the ad at all.
  6. Overdrive. 34.6 mpg is great from a 1960s car at high speeds.
  7. I had a P10 Primera diesel Circuit edition complete with wee chequered flag decals. 74bhp.
  8. Bit of green-washing to sell your shit car.
  9. Any Turkish Cortinas? I remember seeing them as well as Doğans when I visited Northern Cyprus, all RHD just for that market. Didn't know the Fiero PCD is 5x100. Hope all goes well with your treatment.
  10. Do you have anything that would fit the Polo?
  11. If you use Total Car Check and input the reg you can check the insurance group for almost any car, this Panda is 1E, the lowest rating. Was impressed with this jaundiced boxy lad on the test drive and drive on big roads to its secret short term storage location, nippy at low speeds, cushy suspension and lots of visibility. Happy at an indicated 90 but does feel flat at high speeds. I could be a Panda convert. 🐼👍
  12. YouTube Music Vanced, most of the features of the paid version but for free.
  13. I might have dreamt it but I vaguely remember stories about rally drivers abusing 1960s Saabs intentionally to bend the rear beam axle as they preferred the handling with a bent axle.
  14. Even though it's a fair bit warmer here now I am still finding chunks of semi solid soya oil.
  15. If they use a lot they usually have a contract with the company that sells them the new oil but some of these contracts are ripping them off. I got my collection because the owner of the pubs thought they were being overcharged for their new oil, it has worked out cheaper for them to buy oil at a cash and carry and give the used oil away to me. It's direct injection which isn't ideal but if you avoid harsh cold starts on a strong oil mix and excessive idling while keeping an eye on the engine oil level they are good on veg.
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