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  1. My curiosity was actually going on both cylinders! , but I genuinely couldn’t figure out what you were going to use the lid for. Looking forward to seeing the end result though!
  2. privatewire


    About 10 years ago, 2 young sisters opened a beauty salon in our town. They both drove these, motorised tits.
  3. Aye, his car is a Scenic as well, as you’ve probably noticed. It rattles like a bag of spanners when the light is on, but disappears above 60. He’s taking it on a 180 mile round trip tomorrow, which he claims will be “nae bother”
  4. This has appeared on my youngest brother’s car, being a serial Renault molester he is much more relaxed about it than I’d be…..
  5. Those wheels look great, what are they?
  6. Man alive, that looks great! Definitely frisbee the spoiler though!
  7. Man, that’s an impressive array of switch blanks, the original owner knew how to live!
  8. I’ve had a Daihatsu YRV from a body shop in Bridge of Weir, a Suzuki Splash from another body shop in Ayr. ( Both cars dreadful) The best courtesy vehicle was a Peugeot Partner I got from BT Fleet, when they discovered that our new Vauxhall Combis could randomly burst into flames, because the Pug had no ladder rack, it meant I didn’t have to climb a pole for about 6 weeks!
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