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  1. Those wheels look great, that’s one cool looking wee bus!
  2. Absolutely brilliant photos, and what a great idea to have model cars of your childhood memories!
  3. Spotted this while out for a wander today, apologies for the crap photo, but the idea of somebody finishing their shift and coming home to wave spanners at this bad boy cheered me up immensely
  4. Have you ever crashed into a static caravan with your dad’s 4 year old Nissan Cherry? Have you and your mate ever made yourselves sick when trying to siphon petrol out of his fucked UNO to put into your less fucked Montego? Have you and your dad ever changed the engine in his fucked Hillman Imp in the street, and then blow the cylinder head on said engine on the test drive?
  5. Takes me right back to my high school days as my old headmaster had a 2 litre seemingly for the entire time I was there. I thought it looked impossibly luxurious, mind you anything would look luxurious compared to my dad’s decrepit Hillman Imp with 5 of us crammed into it.
  6. Round about 1991 my boss at the time’s Saab 9000 was stolen and written off, his insurance company supplied him with a courtesy car, a maroon Yugo Sana, it arrived sporting its space saver spare wheel on the rear near side. It remained pleasingly lopsided for the entire 2 months he had it...
  7. From timrussia air conditioning.Complication GLI Love a bit of air conditioning complication !
  8. I was 20 in 1980, and as a young gentleman about town, I had the ultimate in fanny magnets, namely a 1973 Marina Coupe 1.3 ,resplendent in British Racing Green and rust and the same colour interior as the rather more splendid example in the photo. As an apprentice Telephone Engineer on block release at Motherwell Tech, it was witness to much hilarity, bad driving and all the carry on associated with CB radio back then. it had a rusty petrol tank which leaked out more petrol than the car used, until my dad and I fixed with something called "petro patch" I think? Needless to say, I absolutely loved it!
  9. Wow, just WOW! That interior is sheer porn.
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