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  1. Yup, unfortunately that one's had a worse time of it than the Horizon, which seemed to have just slipped loose of its screw mount. The base of the Commodore's display case has actually broken into pieces, with the screw and part of the base remaining attached to the model - and it's rattled round a bit inside the case. Sadly it seems to have picked up a bit of damage to the matt-black roof, which is annoying but will probably look heaps better with just a dab of black paint where needed. The door mirrors look a bit bent, but are still attached. I can only assume the base of the
  2. Well then, by popular demand... the full spoils of the French Connection: Yowee. Pics are a bit rubbish, but this may give you a flavour for now! That old Jalopy favourite, the Turbot Horizontal, turned up in that shade of gold that nearly all of them seemed to be when I was a kid. Surprisingly there were a few different colourways available in the shop - including a gold over brown special edition - but I'm very happy with this one. This had been knocked loose from its mountings and was rattling round loose in the box, but seems to be none the worse for its ord
  3. Proper pics of the Jumajo haul tomorrow - light's not great for photos, plus MrsDC looked unaccountably unenthused when I started hauling smol cars out all over the rug. Teaser pic til then, though.
  4. Well well well... Apologies for the radio silence, folks - been quite a time of it at work this last while, and things like 'weekends' and 'evenings' just haven't really been happening. But there is some good news, as Royal Mail's malfunctioning online postage service has finally been fixed (it allowed me to buy the postage ok, but not view and print the labels) and today five belated tat parcels finally entered the system. So @Split_Pin, @barrett, @MarvinsMom, @andrew e, @Rover414 - apologies for the delay, and hopefully these should be touching down with you early next
  5. I think the orange ones were assembled in Italy, if memory serves - Polistil were somehow involved, I think they bought the tooling after Dinky went under. The very last were sold in plain cardboard boxes with no windows; in the mid-90s there were still some unsold stock kicking round the model shop that eventually employed me to work on Saturdays. I felt £5 was too steep for them, so I didn't bother. Who's kicking themselves now??
  6. Yup, a 1/24 scrappie would be phenomenal, but would certainly need some space to do it right! Brilliant video, that - and I only discovered last week that Everard Junction and Triplerich of this parish are one and the same person... Mind blown. Still, when you look at the Granada resto thread and then the 00 gauge scrapyard, you can see the same attention to detail throughout. Well worth a look, if you haven't watched it!
  7. Nope! After thirty-odd years and multiple repaints, that one's the only one of my childhood Dinkys I've kept.. I'll be getting the necessary glazing and rear door replacement bits once things reopen, and I have paint selected for it too. There are plans!
  8. Damn, those Dinky Transits are a right old carry-on... second time lucky?
  9. Huh?? All this stunning work on the Granada, and then you built that railway too? I probably shouldn't be too surprised - the attention to detail is equally fastidious, on the real thing and in miniature. Loving the recent changes to the scrapyard scene - MOAR top work!
  10. Crumbs, another blast from the past. I remember having a white Lucky Toys Golf, just the same as your own, only with the bonnet missing in action. What I didn't remember was that I also had that slightly-elongated Corgi-clone caravan, too - which means that, once upon a time, I must have received the complete 'Weekend' set. Pity they're now long gone, they look pretty good! Cheers for the memory-jog.
  11. Getting back to reality, cheers all for the payments received for the most recent batch of mini-tat offloaded - my venerable spreadsheet's hit something of a glitch, so I'll be contacting folks with more detailed orders just to make sure I've got the right stuff packed for you before I hit the post office! (My already old and senile laptop woke up thinking it was 23 September 1603, and for some reason my Tat Master Copy had reverted to a November version of itself). You may also have seen the latest news... Looks like we could be waiting a while for any new Market Tat, kid
  12. In a world where not very much is making sense, an anonymous parcel containing a Days Gone disguised as a haggis is probably the closest to sanity I've managed this week... Well played, sir. Well played.
  13. Just to follow up on this... ...which I'd popped in the fridge on Tuesday, thinking that it while was very kind of shiters unknown to sub me a late Burns Supper, I wasn't quite sure what to do with a bag of room-temperature offal now entering the second week past its use-by... But! What's this? Tamperage? Oh!! It's not a haggis at all, it's our very own diecast equivalent of a sack of chopped lamb's lungs - a Lledo Ddays Ggone!!! I... genuinely did not see that coming. Suddenly, the hammer graphic makes sense... But, as I'm a sentimenta
  14. Not yet; I mean, I do like haggis quite a lot, but even a seasoned yellow-sticker skinflint like myself takes pause at a use-by date of 6th Feb and a 'keep refrigerated' instruction which may or may not have been heeded by Royal Mail... I've a feeling the birds in the garden are gonna love it, though! (Starlings. They'll eat anything.)
  15. Unexpected delivery today. Wasn't expecting any diecast, though the box is the right size... Oh. Most unexpected! So before the Phytosanitary Enforcement Squad come to break down the door, is anyone here gonna fess up??
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