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  1. Just to pick up on this - there was no £1 Matchbox/ Hot Wheels tub there today, but I'll keep a weather eye out for any more C30s that turn up! Absolutely no rush on the wee C4; happy to see if anything else shows up for you to make a parcel worthwhile!
  2. So then, with this week's special requests taken care of as well as I could, and the stall being packed away around me, there wasn't much sense in hanging around too much longer. I hadn't noticed the dusty Matchbox Model A Ford vans before - the brown 'n' beige Bayer Aspirin van was especially nice for Team AS. The van on the left missing its eyes (Citroen? Ford? I'm hopeless with vintage stuff) is a Solido; coalscuttle Renault van on the right with the roof-rails broken off is, of course, a Matchbox Models of Yesteryear. Not much kerb appeal here, it has to be said. The rest of the Rio models seem to have gone, bar this baroque monstrosity - which seems to have fewer and fewer bits with each passing week. Delahaye? Dusenberg? Something big and imposing anyway, but with diminishing cultural relevance, it would seem... Upon leaving the Tat Stall with a cheery farewell, I took another spin past Alan's Emporium, just in case he'd emptied out a box of Spot-On he'd forgotten about earlier. No such luck, but I did eventually give into the temptation I'd been gently suppressing since December... Okay, it's nothing to get massively excited about - but it's actually a pretty solid Matchbox Superkings K-17 container trailer, and one intact container. It would have looked like this originally: Now, as it happens I do have another Superkings container at home (although it's a later one in yellow) plus a later Scammell tractor unit (navy and orange) so I can probably cobble together a vague approximation of a complete K-17 - while looking out for a suitably age-correct container and tractor unit. Since I'm slowly accepting that 60s and 70s MB King Size/ Super Kings are kinda my thing at the minute, it seems unwise to pass up half a unit in reasonable nick - especially for 50p. So there we are... another day slogging at the tat-face, picking those diamonds from the dirt, and hopefully some decent finds for your delectation. Now, I just have to work out a way to get all this through the door later on without arousing suspicion... Happy Friday, kids.
  3. Right then... So where are we? Scooting out just after 12, upon reaching the stall I was aghast to see the packup had already begun, with the buses loaded back in their boxes... Trading had, apparently, been 'really slow' - so Blokey was cutting his losses and going home to put his feet up. Some things were absent from the stall, so he'd had some sales: unfortunately, they mainly comprised things that other people wanted... Tragically - not this week. But I'll add it to my increasingly lengthy mental watch list, just in case it reappears like the Citybus/ Stagecoach bus box set! Oh! You're in luck/ not luck (delete as applicable). Helpfully/ unfortunately it seems in excellent, unmarked condition with the certificate and stuff still taped to the underside - suggesting it's never been out of its box. I dunno if 'low numbers' for numbered limited editions is as much of a thing for diecast collectors as for vinyl record collectors, but this one's pretty low - possibly making it even better/ worse news for you. Broken Jag and Anglia sugar-dispenser were sadly GONE from the stall already. But, as you note, the ice cream van is relatively cheap and easy to come by from a variety of sources... The Jaguar, maybe less so. 😕 Some diggin' in the box turned up both of them. Yup, I've a few others set aside for you - will crank up the spreadsheet later on, and see what's what! However, despite a dearth of Jag action, the DG Renner and no-name Chevy Stepside were still lurking. He charged me £4 for the pair - so whether that equates to £3.50 for the Lledo and 50p for the Chevy, or £3.99 for the Chevy and 1p for the Days Gone, is up to you to ponder... I had another look here, and I was incorrect - the Sprinter ice cream van's priced at £16.99, not £26.99. I think I must have confused it with the IXO/ Whitebox/ Vanguard's stuff, which are all nudging thirty quid... So not overly scalpy, but not really an impressive bargain either. Meh. Sold! Will pop it aside with the others. Phew!
  4. So then - what didn't get plucked from my grasp today? Well - this, for starters. I believe @Noel Tidybeard had expressed some interest in this one, way back in early December? No idea where this has been in the intervening two months - but it was back again today. Interesting wee set, anyway - apparently from 1999. Not bad value for £5, anyway! Let me know if you still fancy it, dude - otherwise, I'm sure it'll find a home on here without too much bother. Also, this: Oo-er. Matchbox Convoy Ultra Mack CH600. This seems to have been an effort by late Tyco-era Matchbox to bling up mainline trucks with extra detailing and more realistic trailers than those provided in the standard Convoy range. They were also packaged on a plastic plinth, to underline that they were models, not toys. Unfortunately, this has lost its plinth and seems to have been played with a bit - there are some chips to the paintwork. Detailing is good, though - top and bottom. I've seen these listed in the big Charlie Mack book, but never in real life And there's more. Yup, it's the old Lesney-era Peterbilt, similarly improved for the Ultras line. Sadly, also knocked - the bumper was always a notorious weak spot on these. But, shonkiness aside, these are quite appealing rigs. At £2.50 each, they probably weren't the worst value... if anyone fancies either or both, do sing out! And lastly - you might have spotted this on Alan's 50p tray: I sure did. But - tragedy! The tailgate's gone AWOL. Shame, as it's otherwise very tidy. However, despite being incomplete I thought maybe someone here may want it as a restoration or custom basis? For 50p, like. **EDIT: NOW SPOKEN FOR!!** Ah now. Overall, this lot set me back £10.50, which I don't think is too bad in these dark times. Heading back over shortly, clutching my wee list, so - more to come, with any luck!
  5. Heh, it's the 1/43 version of the Sprinter ice cream van on the stall I think - with a fairly steep £26.99 price tag...
  6. Having made a few purchases (more to come on those), I made my way off, slightly forlornly. Alan's Emporium had the 50p Tat Tray reinstated for this week, with a few newcomers: Corgi Juniors fire launch was reasonable enough, but didn't quite float my boat (sorry). Superfast fantasy Fire Chief car was also quite good, but I already have a decent example in my toybox. Wandering over to the General Tat stall ('Mulligan's Irish Gifts') revealed not that much new: There's always something interesting here - Greenlights, Vanguards, Oxford Diecast, IXO - but none of it's particularly cheap. I guess the fella who runs it makes more from the religious statuary than he does from shonky old Fords. Still, those Matchbox Working Rigs are looking more and more appealing every week... And there were a few more Chinese-market Matchbox on offer too - VW Type 181 and 'Sonora Shredder' haven't been seen here before. I also took a wander over to the Charity Stall, but other than a set of Japanese ceremonial swords and a plush Mr. Tayto (ROI version), there wasn't much beside the second-hand biros and past-date dog food... Ah well. Coffee and a scone soothed my burning-with-injustice brow, and I toddled off into the brightening morning certainly not thinking of bringing fiery vengeance down upon mine enemies...
  7. Sure thing - will have a look in an hour's time or so!
  8. After this agonising contretemps, I gathered 'my' pile to my bosom lest more be yoinked from it, and headed behind the stall for a quick look at the dreck left off the main stall display for now. Most of this we've seen before - there's a load of Days Gone and MoYs, less-than-pristine white metal models, some damaged Norev stuff (the Daimler Dart and Morgan from previous weeks), wheel-less Franklin Mint stuff... This large-scale Majorette motorbike trailer caught my eye, following discussions upthread a few weeks back: No bikes, though. Weird little cartoon 2CV and Beetle are by Kinsmart: Welly coach was big, and not too bashed, though shedding tyres: Dregs of the bus box didn't really provide much extra excitement: As spotted by @quicksilver a few weeks back, the white metal transport canteen trailer was still kicking round the tub, losing paint and doors as it does so: Sadly there was no sign of the accompanying Bedford O series tractor unit in there - otherwise I might have gone for it. I wasn't sure if this was maybe a late-70s Dinky last gasp Hong Kong model, but with absolutely no markings visible on the underside, probably not: So I left it.
  9. He may well do - will head back over after 12 and see what's what!
  10. Then came something of a disaster. (Relatively speaking.) Just in front of the Atlas Jaaaag is a jolly little Austin Ruby, by Oxford. My photo's rubbish, but it's the same as this one here: A few years back, I picked up a boxed Oxford Austin 7 from the stall and despite not being much of a fan of pre-war motoring, I still quite like it. So this looked like an equally appealing companion piece. It had a few small marks on it, and the doormirrors were snapped off, but looked like it might clean up nicely. So I set it over at the very far corner of the stall, along with some other bits and pieces I'd picked up, behind some tweed jackets hanging up there - and continued snapping pics, as I tend to do. Suddenly, I was aware of a presence at my elbow. T'was The Nemesis. Unusually, he hadn't already been raiding the stall when I came rollicking through the doors just after 8. Which I thought was something of a win for me. But no! He quickly scooped up the Ruby from 'my' pile. Market Blokey remarked that he was in late in this morning, and he muttered something about bad traffic on the Albertbridge Road. Meanwhile, I was kinda frozen in horror. I'd thought everything of mine was set far out of the way enough to indicate it was no longer part of the general stall wares - but clearly not. I thought about saying something good-humoured enough but firm, maybe along the lines of "aye, it's nice that wee one, isn't it? I've just set it over there in my pile." But I didn't. Partly because I wasn't 100% sure I really wanted it; partly because I didn't want to create any awkwardness or bad feeling. I mean, he's not a bad cove, really. He's offered me stuff from his pile before. I didn't want to make it awkward for future Fridays (and Lord knows I'm awkward enough at the best of times). I also thought he might put it down again, and then I could nab it. But no - he poked round the stall for a while, made some small-talk with Market Blokey about football, then paid £2 for it and left. The audacity. I guess maybe the real winner here is my latent streak of animosity, which is now a mile wide.
  11. All boxed stuff on the side table is priced at £5...
  12. Up top, things were mostly stuff that we've seen before: Plenty of boxless Lledo and Models of Yesteryear; plus those damaged Rio pre-war models: Gold-plate Corvette was interesting; no maker's mark anywhere that I could see, though. New Ray 1/32 motorbikes and scooters, for those who may be interested: Plus this larger scale Lambretta, seemingly made by an outfit called Xonex: And quite a few smol (1/100?) locomotives from around the world: The red car seems to be a closed-bodied Jaguar SS100 by Atlas - it's not in tremendous nick, with a missing headlight and a broken bumper, but shouldn't be more than a few quid if you're interested? Oxford Thames Walls ice cream van is rather nice - could enquire if I'm back over at lunchtime! Have you a maximum price point in mind for either/ both?
  13. Well, more swings and roundabouts today, kids - which I suppose is pretty much how it goes most weeks. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. First up: BUSES. I know I say it every week, but crikey - for someone who sets up stalls on a bi-weekly basis, you'd think he'd be a bit better at it by now. Or maybe he just chucks it out like that cos it gives me something to do. Once tidied a little, here's what we have this week: Mostly older stuff - though the Dart at the top left is a Code 3 repaint. More Atlas mystery coaches, too. Not so very much this week... I can't now remember if the Western National/ Badgerline Mercedes Hopper is the same as the one I picked up for @Cookiesouwest last year? MoYs and Days Gone. Roll up, roll up. Royal Wedding noncemobile packaging has taken a battering. Certainly a smidge unappealing, for all manner of reasons... Although, this Renault van does have some appeal - maybe we should be re-evaluating some of these 1950s era DGs? I really liked these at the time - the Morris LD150 profiled yesteday was a really nicely done model (though once I procured a City Models version in 1/43, it's fair to say the Lledo example fell out of favour a bit). Hard to know what to do with all the Ford Model T vans, though - this looks like a very early Oxford Diecast product. Unfortunately the Herpa Setra coach wasn't there this week - though that doesn't mean it won't resurface at some point in the future...
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