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  1. Yup, that Gamma would have been an absolute corker if it'd gone ahead... apparently Corgi also had a Fuego in the works, after the successful partnership with Renault on the R11, but sadly Mettoy hit the rocks before it had reached production. The Van Cleemput book has a short chapter on prototypes that I've been slavering over lately. In other tragic mini-near-misses, the Mk2 Escort with the BSM cone was apparently meant as a 1/35 replacement for the VW Beetle Driving School Car - but for whatever reason we ended up, quite a bit later, with the steering Triumph Acclaim instead. Ah well.
  2. Heh, I think it's a given by now that if I buy anything = useless old tat I've probably overpaid for, whereas if I leave it = sooper-rare valuable collectible... Like that pre-war rubber car I laughed at the other month, but was apparently worth £££ to the right collector. It's just as well I'm only here for the fun of it!
  3. Decent haul, that is... Kenner seem to have done some pretty strange stuff - I'm not at all familiar with their diecast output, but I should have allowed myself to be tempted by this fantasy weirdie early last year.
  4. I probably did get some of them, and quite possibly they're with you! Ah now - the good ol' days of yore when tat boxes overflowed, and you could still buy a Big Mac and a pint (though not in the same establishment) I should do another dunging-out session though, as there's still a shoebox full of tat box items I've no real plans for...
  5. So... where did it all start, the Tat Stall? Last January, as it happens. I was well aware of the Tat Stall, as I've been a loiterer at the St Georges Market for many years. Since it's directly on the route from Belfast's Lanyon Place Railway Station and where I work, it was the easiest thing to just nip in while passing for groceries, light bulbs, vacuum bags and that sort of thing. When MrsDC was working in nearby Lanyon Plaza, we used to meet up for lunch and stuff like that too. I'd glanced at Nostalgic Collectables - the Tat Stall's real name - the odd time in passing, and clocked that it often had a lot of diecast cars and stuff gracing it. But, rather like a recovering alcoholic passing an off-licence, I really didn't want to seriously entertain stopping and browsing. See, I'd got myself into diffs with indiscriminate and excessive diecast hoarding before, and only just managed to ease myself out of it (see the Great Clearout of summer 2018), with a personal policy now in place that I would allow myself 1/43 models that I wished to have as part of a curated collection - but no more broken toys hoovered up based on opportunity. So I would glance, and just pass on by. That particular morning, on a damp and drizzly January, I'd only gone in to pick up a bag of scones for a team meeting, which I successfully procured... And then, on my way out, this happened. Tat Box Ground Zero. Ohhhhhh... And I couldn't help myself. With the limited change in my pocket, I bought these two. And then, in what would become a deeply familiar pattern over time, I went back at lunchtime via a cashpoint, and ended up with all these for a fiver... And so the Tat Odyssey began... More intense reminscincing to follow!
  6. Cor, that 205's very Maxy P! Looks tons better with those rims, for sure. Isn't that one from the recent Tat Box delivery? I'm always very impressed with the ingenuity on here - taking basically broken old toys and making them into something good again. Keep at it! With that in mind, I'm trying to cobble together something of a Friday Tat Market retrospective, since it's anyone's guess when we'll all be free again to rifle through crumpled banana boxes filled with filthy diecast rammel, shoulder-to-shoulder with other tragic old men... I kept several folders worth of the pictures taken at the market, all neatly cropped and size-reduced - but annoyingly they're all stuck on my work PC's hard drive, and far too big to have emailed to myself. But yeah, there have been some highlights for sure... currently delving through the AS archives to see what I can find. Watch this space...
  7. Nice one. This'll make threads waaaaay easier to navigate, thanks!
  8. Risked life and limb to go out and collect this weighty tome earlier: At the point I ordered it a few weeks back, I thought I'd be at work when it arrived so had it delivered to a CollectPoint shop down in the town centre... so after prevaricating for a few days, I ventured out earlier to retrieve it - then rubbed it over with a disinfectant wipe and left it sitting in the sun for a few hours to aid UV decontamination. As you do in these peculiar times. But what a book! Nearly 500 pages covering 54 years of production in mind-bending month by month detail, plus some fascinating inner-sanctum memos and prototypes, all written by Corgi's former chief designer and featuring the models from his own collection. Not all that cheap, but what better way to spend a few weeks of enforced indoorsing?
  9. I'd kinda like to see you work your tailgate-sculpting magic on this one... never seen a Lite Ace in anything other than a garish factory paint job.
  10. Yup - only once. A fella I knew in Bristol who worked at Direct Line had one; they were definitely given out to staff, possibly customers too at one point? Nice curio, box looks in top nick too!
  11. Yup, fear not - there was the Charity Stall MkIV snaffled by Tenmil Socket late last year, and recently dispatched.. ...and there's also the one I picked up at the final Tat Stall the other week. It's safely tucked away for you! (Lincoln and MG 1300 are both still looking for homes, btw.)
  12. Yeah, I would go for blue... (Angry priest optional) I think the lack of opening doors on your Cortina indicates it came as one half of a set; seems Lesney often used pared-down older castings to keep their toys affordable. The all-orange Capri also likely came as a twin pack with a trailer - the mainline Capris came with black bonnets, so again a ha'penny was saved. The 205 does look pretty good as it is!
  13. Might have some force ales coming up too; looks like I'll have some time upcoming to sort the collection out properly for the first time in years... Glad to see everyone received their tat boxes safely! Does my withered black heart good to see such fine folks enjoying these ratty old diecasts. Health to enjoy, y'all!
  14. Sounds about standard, sadly. When I started on the Halfords Cycle Desk years and years back, I replaced a lad who was notorious for having sent about 100 bikes out the door with the brakes adjusted so they closed on the tyres, rather than the rims... He wasn't sacked, he just left for a job at a Vauxhall main dealer... (Not even joking.)
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