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  1. Bollocks, I was in a big Tesco Extra earlier and I forgot to go and have a look in the toy aisle... yes, I'm also a frustrated participant in the Great W123 Hunt, on the other side of the Irish Sea. If I manage to find a stash I'll grab them all and throw them out on here like sweeties.
  2. Having passed my test in April 1998, I only managed to drive my dad's Sierra estate on local jaunts as far as Belfast (9 miles) since I couldn't scrape enough cash together to insure my 1973 Viva HC. But after quitting my job in the model shop and putting away some of my Halfords wages, I was able to finally tax and insure it in February 1999. I was now fully mobile. A few weeks later, in April, I headed up to Portrush on the North Coast with three other chums, to visit some ex-school friends who were now at the University of Ulster - about 70 miles distant. It was one of those weekends that could have been scripted by a diabolic mashup of John Hughes, Kevin Smith and Danny Boyle, containing as it did vast amounts of beer (and, unwisely, Baileys), unexpected Happy Hardcore clubbing, indiscreet casual sex (not me), heartbreaking revelations (again, not me), and wandering through a derelict Bishop's palace on a clifftop while desperately hungover and trying to find somewhere selling Coco Pops (yes, that one was me). That was also the weekend I came off my R-plates as by then I'd held my full licence for a year - so while I had to crawl up to the North Coast at the legally-mandated 45mph limit, on the way back I was able to peel the hated orange plates off the front and rear glass, cut loose and blast down the M2 at 70mph. Yeehaw. Later that week, after a few pints with some pals, I ventured that since the Portrush trip had gone so well, it would be a cracking idea to drive the Viva from Belfast to the south of France... ...so we did. But that's a whole nuther story...
  3. +1 on the Subaru Forester idea. Seems to fit all your criteria pretty well; mine's been tediously reliable which has been good for me but dull for the folks on here who apparently appreciated my endless cavalcade of piss-taking, exploding Phase 1 Lagunas...
  4. Cheers, dude! And thanks to all who have partaken in Friday's tat clearance event - those are all now set aside for everyone. If there's anything else anyone wants adding, feel free! Parcels will be packed tonight and posted tomorrow, for those who are keenly awaiting some diecast (and plastic) delights. No problem with keeping other boxes open until everyone's happy they've enough to get on with.
  5. Could I be so bold as to grab the Corgi Mack fire engine and the Vanguards P4, please and thank you? Mack fire engine is one I remember so vividly from Corgi catalogues at the time, yet I never had one.
  6. "For more than ten years there's been peace - everyone to his own patch. We've all had it sweet. I've done every single one of you favours in the past - I've put money in all your pockets. I've treated you well, even when you was out of order, right? Well now there's been an eruption. It's like fuckin' Belfast on a bad night. Scratched Whizzwheels and Rolamatics with bent axles everywhere. And believe me, all of you, nobody goes home until I find out who done it, and why."
  7. Morning, kids. Bit of an early one today, as I have to run L’il Thunder over to the cultural wasteland of Larne for its MOT re-test at 8:15 (rather out of the way, but it’s the only centre I could manage to book a re-test this side of November, pretty much). I’ve then promised MrsDC a day out at the beach (always a winner in mid-October) and a nice lunch somewhere, to mark starting a few weeks off work. This makes attending the Friday Tat Market in central Belfast something of a logistical difficulty, as you can imagine. In fact, it’s more of an impossibility. But I appreciate that a Friday without the opportunity to snap up some diecast tiny tat just ain’t a Friday for some folks on here, and so – to deliberately misquote a wiser man than I – if Datsuncog (and friends) cannot come to the market, then the market must come to Datsuncog (and friends). So here we are. BOOM! Yes yes yes, it’s your very own private market stall this morning… so gather round, punters, and just maybe you can pick up a bit of a bargain… Okay, so most of these models you’ll have seen before over the preceding months, as part of the various minishite hauls. Others I’ve been trying to flog for some time now with limited success, so there’s a bit of a PRICE CRASH going down today to shift these last few. I faithfully promise that all proceeds will be converted back into small diecast, for further show ‘n’ tell on these oh-so-beige pages. So - the good stuff first, as ever? At the front of the stall, there's these: Siku Range Rover and horsebox, in very nice nick [**SOLD!!**] Also a Corgi Buick Riviera with the magic light-up lights. These have been sitting happily on my shelf for a few months now - but I'm happy to pass them on at the original price of £5 a pop. Then there's these, which are rather more recent arrivals: Yes, the Corgi Duple coach... and Siku Matra Rancho. [**SOLD!!**] Both cracking models in decent nick; neither actually much use to me right now. Up for grabs at £2 for the coach, £3 for the Rancho. Lesney Fiat 1500, still with roof load - think @egg had expressed some prior interest in this, at £2? [**SOLD!!!**] Base Toys Ford D-Series box van can be yours for £3. Speaking of £3, these are now priced to clear at the very same sum each: Minichamps Opel Kapitan (not quite mint, but still nice); and a Solido VW Microbus, a Triumph Spitfire with removable hardtop; and a D-Day GMC 4x4 truck. I'll do these for £3 each and all: tinplate Beetle and Microbus; and retina-fizzing Solido Peugeot J2. Hongwell Cararama International trucks: £1 each. Russki magazine models: also £1 each. More Cararama: £1 each. And then there's this: the big plastic Polish Fiat 127 from the other week. It's in cracking shape and it's enormously appealing - I just don't know what to do with it, though. I paid £10 for it; maybe I was robbed. I'll take £8 if anyone fancies it. But! Aside from the quality gear, I know that a fair few of you are fans of the market tat boxes... well, today we have the tat trays. So what have we here? Matchbox and Majorette, that’s what. And just like the real thing, EVERYTHING ON THIS TRAY IS 50P EACH! So, Majorettes in the front here… Citroen XM in need of tidying from last week; Citroen Visa Chrono (without bootlid) – oh, hang on, that yellow thing’s a Dinky Chevrolet Chevette… oops. Well, you get the idea. Middle row, there’s a very clean Ford panel van in DHL livery, a Range Rover fire tender, and a Peugeot 604 with no bonnet – surely crying out for a Pi-eyed Piper style V8 to be added?? Back row then, there’s an ice cream van of unspecified marque; a Toyota Land Cruiser which could benefit greatly from a sympathetic repaint; and a Ford Cargo skip truck. Heading across into Matchboxland, then… There’s a Ford racer with shonky axles but good glazing; a late Rolamatics Range Rover in police trim with the blue light and black-painted base (and shonky axles); quite a reasonable Isuzu Amigo (Vauxhall Frontera SWB) which I bought recently without realising that I still had my original version from when I was a kid; and a Super GT version of the Lotus Europa. Moving to the row behind… right, I haven’t done a very good job of this, but there’s a Lotus Super Seven (missing its windscreen), a Blue Shark in fairly presentable nick; and a Revvin’ Rebel (Dodge Challenger) with its vinyl-effect roof missing – so ideal convertible conversion? At the back row, we also have the arse end of the middle row, and then we’ve a Ford Transit Supervan II in Road Blasters format [**SOLD!!**]; a Mercury police car with Superfast Laser wheels [**SOLD!!**]; a somewhat knackered Rolamatics Turbo Fury; and a late-era BMC 1800 Pininfarina which is complete and might make for a decent repaint [**SOLD!!**]. Panning across further… well, at the front we’ve got a Renault 11 Turbo in need of a little TLC; a Chevrolet Corvette (from last week) with slightly damaged glazing [**SOLD!!**]; a rather rough Ruff Trek (Holden Kingswood HX) in race support trim; a fairly presentable Monteverdi Hai; that corroded Mercedes W210 estate I picked up for a cheap laff last week; and a rather nice Mercury Commuter police wagon still with its paper stickers intact [**SOLD!!**]. Middle row: a Rolamatics Ford F-series pickup from which the lions have long since escaped; a somewhat better Lotus Super Seven with intact windscreen and only a very few minor chips [**SOLD!!**]; a Mazda RX7; the Ford Escort Mk3 Cabrio from last week; a Dodge Dakota pickup (another duplicate); a Vauxhall Astra GTE in rally trim; and a Dodge Caravan with sliding door intact but has had some touching-up which, although remarkably neatly done (for me), is now discolouring a little. Back row: the previously-mentioned Transit; an intact Red Rider (duplicate) [**SOLD!!**]; a Dodge Challenger (duplicate); a Vantastic with the big engine [**SOLD!!**]; another Ford F-100 but now jacked-up and in Aspen Ski livery; a Renault 5 in rally model [**SOLD!!**]; and a Volvo 480ES (duplicate) [**SOLD!!**]. Also: the trailer from a Matchbox Major Bedford car transporter. All of the above priced at 50p each! Next trays, then… Corgi, and then sundry oddments. Corgi first, methinks. Front row: a Rough Terrain truck (was this based on an actual thing, I wonder?); an early Aston Martin DB6 with plastic-tyred wheels; a Range Rover Vigilant in less-common Coastguard form; and a Willys Jeep in military guise. Moving across, here’s a Growlers Can-Am Racer (it makes a sort-of engine-like noise when you push it, based on the same principle as jamming a playing card in the spokes of your Raleigh Styler) in very nice condition; an Austin Healey Sprite Le Mans in somewhat less nice condition; a Mercury Cougar XR8 in Fire Chief trim (also a bit manky); and a Lotus Europa which is unusually complete with the engine hatch not yet lost. Moving across… a Fiat X/19; a Mercedes C111 concept car in nice condition; that pull-back Kart from last week (intact and working though the driver has lost some of the chrome plating); and a Zetor tractor. Back row: a Mk3 Transit in Pointers livery with the earlier style wheels (BP promo, I think); a Renault Trafic van with what remains of Renault logos, but missing its entire back axle; not one but two Bedford TK Skip Trucks, one of which is kinda borked (hey, if you want the good one I’ll throw in the crap one for nowt); and a Buick Regal police car with the light rattling around the interior… Here’s a Mercedes 500SL in green (early 80s, made in Gt Britain, plastic base but back axle mount seems to have collapsed) next to a white version from the late 80s (made in China, metal base, floppy doors); the Simon & Simon 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air from last week; and two De Tomaso Mangustas which will also be sold on a BOGOF basis. I’ve just realised that I didn’t really snap the Ford F-series camper that’s missing its sleeper cabin; well, it’s a later Whizzwheels era casting with the revised front and isn’t in bad shape, otherwise. Moving back to the tray behind, now… Up top, there's a MIB Hongwell Cararama transporter set. Because I'm sleep-deprived and semi-delirious, I'll do this for the original sticker price. That's right, £2.76. All manner of weird and wonderful stuff on the tray here, starting with a no-name Fiat 500 with a pull-back motor; then what looks like an OO scale plastic Scania truck; an HO scale Ford Transit Mk3 LWB in Revell livery [**SOLD!!**]; and a Herpa Mk2 Transit SWB that's missing a roof light and also some bumper ends [**SOLD!!**]. To the rear, two Welly Toyotas - a Camry and a Corolla saloon, in the same shade of red; a no-name Buick Riviera; a Hot Wheels blackwall era truck with no load; that green Lintoy Porsche from last week that's based on an Ertl casting; a no-name Volvo 740 (with hilarious 'Safety' lettering); and the no-name Renault 17 key car from last week that very likely ripped off the Matchbox casting. Did I mention that these loose models are all 50p each? Did I? Well, they are. Moving across, we have a Playart Scania tractor unit; an unnamed Sierra XR4i; a very shonky Chevrolet Caprice peelermobile. At the back, beside the Renault, we've two unbranded Bedford CF vans by different makers [white one **SOLD!!**]. Hmm. To add to what's been previously mentioned, here's a Hongwell Toyota RAV4; a Welly VW Beetle, and a Maisto/MC Toy Peugeot 205 GTI. And at the back, a Ford Econoline (in custom drag), and an unbranded Dodge Omni with a Michelin Man logo on the bonnet. Phew! So much for the 50p tat trays, then... but that's not all. These 1/43ish oddments are also all available for 50p each. Matchbox, Bburago, Budgie, Dinky and Hot Wheels/Polistil... yours for less than the price of a bag of crisps. So! I'm off out now to see if I can get my year's ticket on the Subaru... can I trust you lot to mind the stall til I get back? Cushty.
  8. I've sounded off about this before, but the Rancho baffled me as a kid because there seemed to be models of it everywhere but I never saw a real one... and I didn't even know who Matra were. The whole thing felt like a weird alternate reality thing going on... Yes, right enough I should have remembered the Solido version - and I managed to pick up a modern Ixo/Altaya 1/43 Rancho a few years back which I'm still very fond of. Other than the Corgi and Matchbox versions, I've yet to see any of the others on that list!
  9. Sho' thing: will swing by the next time I'm passing and nab it for you! For a car that was a bit of a flop in real life, toymakers sure loved the Rancho... Corgi and Matchbox modelled them in both small and large scale versions, while Siku produced the above small-scale offering. I'm sure a fair few other makers put out a Rancho too (did Majorette?)
  10. So in the spirit of being helpful*… Turns out it's not a promo for an engineering firm at all, it's for a Midlands toy wholesaler or something (which makes slightly more sense, I suppose). Paintwork ok, but the driver side mirror is missing and there's some damage to the glazing where it's been knocked out. The interior is standard K-80 van, with no double beds, TVs or built-in drinks cabinets in evidence. It's been there for quite a few months now: price on it is £6. So if you fancy it... do let me know. If there seem to be other examples circulating with trade liveries, it's possible this was indeed a factory promotional. Also, since I was over there, I couldn't help but have a poke through some of the other loose diecast... Of course I couldn't help myself. Siku's version of the Matra Simca Rancho is one I've been long aware of, but never before seen in the metal. Not as delicate as the Corgi Juniors version, and the large wheels make it look a little more squat than the Matchbox version, but still a nice model all the same - and pretty minty. Opening rear tailgate is a must (though Matchbox bottled it, only adding the lower section as an opening part on their 1-75 example). This shop puts infuriatingly sticky price labels on the base, which are impossible to remove cleanly. And then there's the Corgi Juniors Duple Vista Coach: Casting has a lot of flashing, hence the grille and plastic upper half not fitting all that well. The very wide 'Rockets' wheels seem a deliberate decision, rather than just poor axle design - there are cast-in lugs to keep them pushed out way beyond the body. Why it was cast with the passenger door open is anyone's guess, however... I 'd guess this was to make the rather tall and narrow coach perform acceptably on the Hot-Wheels-style Rockets racetrack that Corgi bet the farm on back in the early '70s. This is a model I'd tend to associate with the Corgi Emergency 999 giftset (though this one doesn't seem to have been on fire - those included in the set usually came with sprayed-on 'smoke damage'), and is another I've only seen in pictures - hence developing grabby-hands. Although there are a few paint chips, this model's in fairly good overall nick - though the heavy wear on the wheels suggests this was a well-used toy, so it must have been pretty carefully looked after by its original owner. Two pounds for a clean and bright toy that's nearly 50 years old? It'd be rude not to. I also noted that the shop had two mint and boxed Matchbox MkIV Cortinas in dark red, and another one in that metallic acid green... £20 each. I'm seriously tempted...
  11. Cor, that's fantastic... I had the Michelin version of the Dodge van when I was a nipper, though to my distress the rear rivets gave way and the base fell off not long after I got it. My uncle worked as a tyre designer for Michelin, so it may have arrived through him. Didn't know the Custom Van version had such a groovetastic interior. Niiiice. Incidentally, there's what looks like a Code 2 promotional K-80 Dodge over in that model shop local to me - white, reasonable nick but no box, with the name of some engineering firm tampo-printed on the side. Looks to be a genuine Matchbox promotional rather than a repaint. Any interest, if it's still there? Can't remember the asking price but I think they want less than a tenner. I'll have to check what interior's in it now...
  12. The BMC Pininfarina looks like it's missing an A-post and the roof's borked, plus appears to have been treated to one of my quality* repaints before being packed in salt. The Rolamatics Ford has typically shonky axles and is missing its rear cover (and the lion). I used to feel a lot more precious about Lesneys until I heard that in their heyday the London factory was knocking out six million models a week. Now, I don't know if that's entirely accurate but they did make a frankly mindboggling amount of tiny toys which were shipped all round the world. There's still plenty of good 'uns left without worrying about modifying or salvaging scrap ones like these. Fill yer boots.
  13. Datsuncog

    TV cars

    The vehicles from The Dukes of Hazzard and The A-Team were certainly influential, though the tv car which probably made the most lasting impact on me was this one: Yup, it's Jeff Randall's white 1968 Vauxhall Victor 2000SL from ITC's Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), For those who don't recall the series, it involved Mike Pratt playing the perpetually down-at-heel private detective Jeff Randall, still solving cases around London with some help from the ghost of his recently-killed partner, Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope). The single series was filmed between May 1968 and July 1969, and then broadcast on ITV regional networks between September 1969 and March 1970 (though only LWT broadcast all 26 episodes at the time, with Ulster Television dropping it from the schedules after episode eight). It was also sold to US networks, as per ITC's business model, where it was retitled My Partner The Ghost. The show continued to live on as repeats in the 1970s, before returning to BBC2 in 1994 (which is where I first encountered it). I was so impressed by its sleek styling and those quad lights; for quite a while the Victor FD (or, better yet, the VX4/90 version) battled it out with the MkIV Cortina as 'car I most wanted to own'. I still think that side profile is a high water mark of British saloon car design. I made a point of watching each episode, not because I was particularly interested in the proto-Rentaghost detective hokum, but to see the Vauxhall blatting about late-60s London. All these years on, it's still an itch I'd quite like to scratch... The Victor was one of six press cars loaned to ITC by Vauxhall for a number of series they were working on at the time. RXD996F was a real registration but one worn by several different white Victors during filming - continuity buffs can while away a happy day with the DVD box set, watching the interior switch from black to red and back again. Impressively, although the car was less than a year old during most of the filming, it spends most of the time looking deeply scruffy, which was probably not what Vauxhall's press office was hoping for. Exactly how the potless Randall was running a nearly-new FD series Vauxhall was never explained, either. The real RXD996F was apparently last seen in a Welsh scrapyard in 1976, having very likely succumbed to terminal rot and/or ignominious resale value, like so many others. I understand the FD series had such a reputation for terrible rust by the mid-70s that you could hardly have given one away, with dealers typically refusing to take them as part-exchange. The series also regularly featured an Austin Mini Superdeluxe in Tartan Red which had belonged to Marty Hopkirk, but was now driven by his widow Jean - who worked as Randall's secretary. Jeff Randall also drove it quite regularly, presumably when the Victor was in for yet more warranty repairs. Or when he needed to arrive incognito at yet another spooky mansion. Rather more happily, this Mini is believed to have survived, having been profiled in the June 1993 issue of MiniWorld magazine and still showing as taxed on the DVLA website. Another ITC production, Department S - featuring Peter Wyngarde as the irrepressible Jason King - used the consecutive numberplate for a Ventora that showed up in a few episodes. Apparently the Victor from R&H(D) also popped up here and there in various other ITC series too. The 2000s remake of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, did not feature a Victor FD - thus I didn't bother my arse watching it.
  14. Holy moley... those Cortinas/ Taunuses are beyond amazing. Oh, for a time machine and a return Lakerair ticket to Palma de Mallorca...
  15. Aw man, that's fantastic! There's something particularly emotional about finding something you thought you might have lost (or otherwise disposed of). So glad the unique Matchbox Mini Rose is still with you - that's a fantastic handpaint on such a small model.
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