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  1. Wow. Fair play to you - this has been a ton more work than anticipated, but it's looking really strong underneath now. Here's hoping once the structural work's done, the mechanical side won't want to fight you too much!
  2. Ask to use the bakery's shower before going home OR Bring the bread into the shower with you, wrapped in plastic bags? This is getting a bit like one of those logic riddles involving foxes, chickens, farmers and boats...
  3. TAX AN MOT EXEMPT M9, INNIT? I'm also quite surprised it's still there. Not displeased, but certainly surprised.
  4. Another piece of roadside chod from over the summer, which I was too lazy to post, let alone spot... Looks like this in lowslung crispy T3 pickup is spending its twilight years as a mobile advertising board in Stroud. Vegetation sprouting is seldom a sign of a loved classic... With old VW prices still up in the stratosphere, surely there'll be a happy ending for this old thing?
  5. There could be something in that - I had a conversation with a fella years ago who ran a fleet of Transits as part of his commercial signage business. He always optioned alloys on his new vans, as he reckoned the lads treated them so much better than if they were running standard steels. He said the wheels paid for themselves almost immediately, by not having to deal with scuffs and minor prangs.
  6. Didn't know that about the steering wheel variation - and reassuring to know that its spontaneous detachment is a bit of a known thing... Yup, this is the first Corgi Model Club release that overlaps with one of my own long-termers. The steering wheel has been rattling round the inside for as long as I've owned it (~30 years), and going by the hole in the dash this would be a left-hooker version, like the repro. Interesting to compare the two side by side - I dunno if my original's just faded a bit, but the paintwork looks a lot more orangey than the reproduction's pillar-box red. This was another car boot sale find from the mid-1990s, I believe - at one point I did have a selection of mismatched tyres on it, but I must have borrowed them for another project. I really, really like this casting - and the diorama box insert and plastic rhino figurine really make it. I think I saw the model and its packaging depicted in some book on diecast collecting, and I've coveted one ever since. Course, an original is well outside my meagre budget, so I'm well pleased to have the repro for a fairly reasonable £25. And yes - the VW roundel is a new addition to the base, probably insisted on by the licensing wonks. Lettering is slightly different too, but overall it's a pretty faithful recreation. I'm just kinda worried everything else will feel like an anticlimax now...
  7. Ok, enough teasing: I've been REALLY looking forward to receiving this one from Corgi Model Club. I was practically twitching trying to get it out of the box. Oh yes. Oh, very yes. This is tremendous. Rhinestones and rhinos. What a combination. So yes, a remanufactured version of the Corgi #256 VW 1200 in East African Safari trim. And it's just lovely. Whereas Dinky had a no-frills Beetle in their line-up from 1956, rather incredibly Corgi didn't model one until this came along in December 1965. But it was worth the wait - featuring an opening bonnet and boot, plus steerable wheels, delicately cast bumpers and rally decals. It all looks really good, including the unpainted base. Quite a bit of info printed on the back of the box insert, too: And Blue DTC's own blurb too: Verdict: an absolute belter. Truly bowled over to have this in the collection.
  8. Sure thing - the Volvo cost me £1.49 out of HB, so just looking to cover the purchase price plus post (£2.85 for 2nd class small parcel). Nope, not at present - but our local Tesco's been dry of diecast for weeks, so there's BOUND to be a delivery coming soon. I'll keep an eye out for those too - obviously a parcel with more than one diecast in it makes more sense! Sure let me know if/ when you want me to post it, no rush!
  9. Heh, nope - sadly not. With the new house and rather constrained finances, there'll be no splurges on euro-diecast for the foreseeable, if ever again... This is my one semi-illicit concession to model collecting these days, other than the occasional Hot Wheels or Matchbox which may slip into the shopping basket. The aim of the game is to get to the parcels box out the front before MrsDC does...
  10. This is one of my favourite threads on the forum. Delighted to see a lovely car like this getting a sympathetic and thorough refresh. And it's not just the photos and the work being done - the way you write, and express yourself, is a joy to read. I assumed you were fluent in speaking and writing English; I've never had the slightest trouble understanding what you write (and I've learned a lot, on the technical stuff!) Keep going, it's just awesome - and thanks for sharing this with us.
  11. That's all that the Poundlands round here have had for yonks - nothing in the way of Hot Wheels mainlines or specials, either new or older. They used to be really good for that. Home Bargains can be decent, if there's any of those near you - it's where I found the drift 240 a few weeks ago (which is still available, if anyone fancies it). Poundstretcher recently had a load of Matchbox releases from 2019 or thereabouts in cardboard boxes, but I haven't been back there for a while to see if there's any more...
  12. Anyone for some Midweek Matchbox? My long-term MB39 Toyota Supra, in its final 1985 release version. I do kinda like this one, even if by this stage the corporate cost-cutting was starting to show - with plastic rather than metal bases, and slightly less crisp castings than might have been found on 1970s releases. The opening boot with twin spoilers and the Supra badge is a nice touch, though. And, although plastic, there's some good detail picked out on the base. This is a model that was probably in development at the point of Lesney's bankruptcy, hence the UK number plate on the front (RWF161Y), but was only issued under Universal's ownership as a Macau-made toy, and only then for three catalogue years (1983/ 84/ 85). Mine was bought as NOS from a fairly scummy newsagent in 1991 - it was loose in a beaten-up Matchbox display spinner in the shop window. I'd only noticed it because we had to walk between the school and the leisure centre for games lessons, and I saw it on the way past. It's now long closed, but Google Streetview still shows it operating in 2008: The spinner was badly yellowed from UV exposure and only about a third full - and of the two dozen or so Matchbox toys therein, most were stuff that didn't interest me much, like tractors, boats, locomotives, and aircraft. It was one of these ones, with a cracked lid on top: But there were three road cars in there... and, after a few weeks of ogling them through the dusty window, I plucked up enough courage to go in and buy them. The guy in the shop was singularly uninterested, and initially seemed very reluctant to even come out from behind the cluttered counter to fetch them from the window display (such as it was). When he eventually did so, with fairly bad grace, he snorted and laughed when I asked him if he also had the boxes for them (I was pretty sure they were stored in the middle of the spinner). And then he charged me a pound each for them, which was rather more than I'd have paid for a new boxed Matchbox from Woolworths. But I paid up anyway; nearly a month's pocket money. I think what surprises me most, in hindsight, was that I knew these were old, not the normal Matchbox toys I knew from my dog-eared catalogues and scouring toyshop shelves, and that I really wanted them. But the Supra could only have been six years old, maximum; the R5 eight (last issued in this livery in 1983) and the Golf nine (1982 issue). Would I be able to even identify a 2016 issue Matchbox these days? I dunno. But maybe not surprisingly, my classmates were thoroughly unimpressed as buying toy cars at the age of 11 was seen as about the uncoolest thing anyone could do, when I could have been buying something worth bragging about like an Ugly Kid Joe cassette, a copy of Speedball 2 for the Commodore 64, or a stonewashed denim jacket. Oh well. I still reckon I got the best of the deal, even if a few mishaps have occurred in the intervening thirty-odd years, leading to some paint damage. I dunno why the axles are so rusty on this one, either. I'm pretty sure I'd long since stopped bringing my good models to the beach by this point. Ah well. Memories, hey?
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