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  1. Y'know, it's funny you should say that... ...on Saturday I was moving a substantial amount of old soil, which used to be the weed-choked lawn at the back, into 1-tonne bags for lifting... I fumbled one spadeful, and hit the side of the bag with it. When I was sweeping up after, I found this... Which fits ok onto this... I'm nearly sure it's a Matchbox item, albeit from a set of 1/72 model soldiers and accessories rather than from a diecast. But it makes the Majorette Range Rover look a whole heap better! So yeah, check that pot soil...
  2. Heh, had another look and found it in the box - thanks for the heads-up!
  3. Yeah, the Dinky LR that @Amishtat picked up on my behalf the other week is in need of a pair of wheels - but if this one can be saved in its entirety, then go for it! I'm slowly compiling a list of parts for a Steve Flowers order, so will add rims/tyres. Cheers for the heads-up, though!
  4. Eddymail always comes through... ...and inside, following my lamentations the other week, were these two - beautifully wrapped, I might add. Yup, Spot On Triumph TR3 and Big Healey The Healey is a Ramrod Original (TM), and so will be staying just the way it is. The TR3 is actually in lovely shape, only lightly playworn, so I think it just needs a replacement windscreen and steering wheel to be, well, spot on. These are the first Spot-On models I've ever handled that haven't been substantially compromised - even the market stall examples at £10/£20 all had bent baseplates or other damage. All thanks to @eddyramrod- greatly appreciated!
  5. Just to confuse matters more, the estate version of the Mk 5/Cortina 80 was just a facelift of the Mk4: the '79-on saloon got a whole new glasshouse, but the estate just gained bigger bumpers, side rubbing strips and the Mk5 nose. Glass and doors stayed the same as those on 1976 cars. Ask me how I know...
  6. So I tried not to go utterly daft; while there were quite a few nice models on the stall, I tried to restrain myself. Tried. The Matchbox Dinky Austin A40 van isn't quite the top of my must-have list, but despite a tatty and yellowed box it's in decent enough shape and, frankly, I don't love it enough to have paid much more than a fiver for it anyway. But I'd like to pull in a few more from this range, for a while anyway - so it's staying for now. The colour is great, even if the front number plate is a bit oversized. The Vanguards range is something of a favourite of mine, and although I somehow wound up with two iterations of the big Wolseley Landcrab, I didn't have one of the cooking variants. So this Morris 1800 MkIII is just dandy. Something of a step too far for Issigonis' much-lauded vision, the Landcrab range ended up pushing the minimalist Mini concept to the extreme - resulting in a car with a pointless excess of interior space, and an extremely spartan layout. A bit like sitting on an orange box in an empty living room. It was designed to supersede the finned Farinas, but proved too large and expensive to directly replace them in the range - so BMC found themselves obliged to keep selling their old '50s designs alongside... and with the car never meeting its sales targets, a management decision was reached to use surplus stocks of 1800/2200 doors for both the smaller Maxi project, and the prestige 3 Litre. Could the seeds of BL's 1970s woes have been sown with this car? Some believe so... Despite missing its outer box, I'm very pleased with this one. It'll also be staying, until I can find one in a better colour anyway... And lastly, this - not from the market stall, but a rash eBay purchase from last week, which happened to be on the step when I came back. One of these has been on my search list for years now; they never seem to dip much below £20 unless damaged in some way, and lo and behold, £20 secured this one. Cashing in some Nectar points knocked a few quid off it, too. It's a really nice model of a very odd car, and certainly an unusual choice to build to scale - in both 1/36 and Juniors, too. By the mid-1970s the majority of Corgi's output was for export, so it's maybe understandable that they chose to produce some models that would appeal to the North American market better than Citroen Dyanes and VW Polos. Of course, the AMC Pacer was indeed available in the UK, as shown by the photo on the back of the box. AMCs were briefly marketed in the mid-70s under the Rambler badge, with mild success for the Jeep range but a deafening silence for the rest. Seems the UK somehow failed to comprehend how a 4.2 straight-six (or indeed a 5-litre V8) dropped into a bodyshell bigger than a Mk2 Granada could be marketed as 'compact' and 'economical'... KMW222P, where are you now? Oh. Bean tins for many a long year, t'would appear. Still, dig that opening boot: Pity they didn't make the differently-sized doors open too, since that was one of the Pacer's only genuinely innovative aspects. That, and looking like a demented fishbowl. Still, it's in excellent nick, with only one slightly askew sticker and a peculiar chunk of rear glazing missing, both of which seem to be factory flaws. Could do with a bit of a clean, mind. Only on sale in this plain metallic red for the 1977 catalogue year, these aren't particularly hard to find on internet auction sites - but seemingly remain less common than the white, orange and black Rescue version that ran from 1978-80 (C484) A nice addition to the groaning 1/36 shelf, any road... So there we go, another week in diecast - just have to take each tat day as it comes, hey? Til next week!
  7. Ooh, had missed that... but fear not, there's enough Polo Porsches for everyone!
  8. Wet Friday is wet again, unsurprisingly... and some minor machinations were required to enable a flying visit to St G's this morning. In its new format, the market doesn't open until 10am - which is damned inconvenient as it used to be open from 6.30, and I tended to drop in around 8 or so on my way from the station. Meanwhile, my WFH "core working hours" start at 10am... So, under the guise of 'charging the battery in the Yaris', and keeping a weather eye on work emails via the BlackBerry, I hastily piled up to Belfast to see what was to be seen... Well, kinda the same stuff as last week, it turned out. Still some Corgi Classics commercials available for a tenner; nice, but the '50s stuff doesn't do it for me. Ergomatic brewery dray box still contains the incorrect earlier Foden... Older Thorneycroft and Renault trucks not really my bag, but that Jag XK120 still tugged at me a little... Corgi FX4 cab is more like the one I bought for my little brother all those years ago, but I think his had 'radio cab' stickers, not 'computer cab'. I thought his had a black interior, but on seeing this I believe it was actually red like this one. Sliding partition glazing is indeed deleted on these newer models. Bbuago Citroen Traction was quite nice though; Matchbox Superkings Massey Ferguson may be of interest to some of the tractor guys here? And there was, as promised, a tat box... sort of. These have all definitely appeared on previous weeks, earlier in the year. Mostly bigger stuff, and mostly around a fiver a throw... Dinky Land Rover fire tender and AEC were quite decent. Huskys also quite nice - smaller Jag MkX missing a bumper corner; Guy Tanker missing the rear tank moulding. There was also a Ford Pickup missing the camper body, found later. Stingray and Porsche Carrera possible rolling restos; plastic motorised bus had no maker's marks. Majorette Dodge with freaky paintwork was in good fettle and seemingly complete; Adams Probe slightly more worse for wear. More farm fun, for someone - no name International, and no name (but possibly Dinky?) Massey Ferguson. Jaguar XJ12 peelermobile by Matchbox Superkings was ok; Corgi Turbos Opel Manta suffering roof damage. Due to time pressures, I didn't have the luxury of going away, posting up the pics and then coming back - and with the market shutting again at 2, it kinda limits my ability to procure stuff to order. But! If there's anything you see that you like, I can make enquiries next week, all being well... And no, I didn't leave empty-handed...
  9. Cheers, but I'll probably leave this one as-is; it's about the same state as mine before it got assaulted with the paint pen, and it'll display well enough! Yup, I do indeed - a coupla other Corgis are still here for you. Will pop that in with the others, no worries! Yeah, I'm stoked at how nice it is - and the box too. My only other 1980s Mettoy boxes are all pretty knackered, so it's lovely to have one that looks so fresh. One of my very early diecast memories is seeing all the identical black and yellow Corgi boxes stacked on the shelves at Stewarts, with different cars and vans inside... so these have a particular nostalgic tug, it's true. Thanks again, it'll be treasured! Well, y'know, it might be...
  10. A jolly nice package rocked up yesterday, courtesy of @dickvandiesel... Does anyone know if Porsches ever raced with Polo Mint sponsorship? Just curious. One of these is available, if anyone wishes to add it to their current or future tat box for nowt. Matchbox Renner isn't bad nick overall - sticker is decent, and despite an a-post crack it looks better than the one I ruined with a paint pen, when old enough to know better... Still a really, really weird choice of car to model. Somewhat down-at-heel Hot Wheels MX5 may become a custom one day (one day). In the meantime, here it is with my childhood blackwalls version, which is still in surprisingly good nick. Oddly, the lettering has been flipped on the base - the logo has swapped from the top to the bottom, even though the lettering's otherwise the same. I feel more charitably disposed towards Corgi Cameos since learning that they were expressly designed as pocket-money toys to encourage kids to develop an eye for classic vehicles. They were never meant to be all that accurate. That still doesn't excuse those shysters advertising them as bona fide solid gold investments in the Sunday supplements to daft old bats, mind... But here's the star of the show... Yup, a very minty C425 Austin FX4 Taxi, in a nicely preserved early '80s box... Shape is pretty much bob-on. Now, I believe I have one of these elsewhere - or at least my brother does, since I bought it for him while on a school trip to London. But it was a 90s casting with black base and black interior, and nowhere as nice as this one. I remembered the fold-down jump seats once I saw them again here... ...but I don't ever remember the sliding partition on the all-black version. Maybe only the Mettoy era models had it? As a tiny detail which delights through its faithfulness to the real thing, this just can't be beat. I spent much longer than I'd care to admit just sliding this back and forth. Great stuff, and all thanks to DVD for great packaging and speedy delivery! A+++++++, wud bye tat from agen.
  11. Well, if it's Siku night... The couple that I couldn't bring myself to sell with the others a few years back - VW Transporter crew cab, VW Passat wagon and Audi 80. A Passat was the first Siku I ever owned - picked up from the toy stall at some school fete or Scout jumble sale. Unfortunately the front rivet failed and the base came away from the shell, then the axles and wheels went missing... and eventually it put in a star turn at the toy scrapyard. I may still have one or two bits left, but the one above is my second Passat, this time bought along with the VW and Audi at an autojumble c. 1990. It's maybe a smidge over-wheeled too, though not as bad as the Granada - and even though it has no rear seats, it's still a lovely toy. I'm very attached to it. The Audi is a cracker too, with opening doors and finished in a lovely deep metallic green. The crew cab was (and is) simply delightful - detailed, well proportioned and nicely weighty. I didn't see Siku for sale in a toy shop until we went to Bath while on holiday c.1991, when I picked up a gorgeous VW T4 panel van, plain-painted in turquoise with no decals. This pleased me, as I knew Matchbox or Hot Wheels couldn't have helped but plaster some lairy signwriting on the side: this was so simple, yet obviously different from other toys. The T4 lived on my railway layout for many years, quite happily, and I don't now know why I sold it. The plastic base was a minor disappointment though - it never felt as solid as the three above did. The Matra Rancho and the Range Rover with horse trailer were picked up last year, but more because I knew that folks on here would appreciate them. I enjoyed my time with them, for sure.
  12. Oh yes. Used to have dozens of them, mostly obtained from Poundland and the like back in the mid-2000s. Mostly sold on now, but I kept a few back. Mostly Oxford stuff and a few stray EFE commercials in the other display case, but a few of the 'classic' Cararama mixed in too - Lotus Elan, VW Transporter, BMW Isetta, VW Beetle (and caravan) and Mk1 Capri. For the money, really good renderings of everyday cars, vans and trucks.
  13. That Commer's absolutely flippin' lovely, well scored Jon! One of those is deffo on my wants list, even if the driver does look a bit freaky. Yeah, blister packs pose a horrible conundrum... I'm an opener, but still feel guilty about it (though I've yet to try the acetone trick to dissolve glue while keeping the card backing undamaged - should give that a go on the Hot Wheels stuff upstairs). I can understand your mixed-blessing feeling about the staple fastening: not quite as decribed - but still cheap - better in some ways cos it's now removable - and worse in others, as it's not untouched. As there's clearly been cutting done, I think it's been an owner decision rather than a shop repair; but as it's in great shape maybe it offers the best of both worlds, if the price was right. Enjoy your 'new' van (with the usual Corgi casting issues)!
  14. If you're talking about stuff that might shift on eBay or whatnot, then the Dinky Supertoys Coles Crane Truck (orange/yellow, bottom right) and the Dinky Supertoys Foden Tanker (blue/red, above the fire station) should be of interest if they're reasonably undamaged... I'm guessing this is a lot at your local auction rooms? But the Lesney Matchbox MF1 fire station is a rarity, as others have pointed out! Despite the crack in the roof, buildings can fetch surprising amounts of coin. Doors unlikely to still be there, though. The green car under the crane truck looks to be a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, in about 1/24 scale - Maisto, maybe? Probably not worth more then a coupla quid, but might display well if the windscreen's still intact. If it were me buying this with a view to resell, I'd probably bid up to £35 on this, mebbe £40 - would be interested to see what's lurking under the (worthless) Reader's Digest Days Gone 'classic trucks' box set, as there's clearly some 70s Matchbox in there...
  15. Looking heaps better already - good going!
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