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  1. Also some unexpected items in the bagging area this afternoon... Well blow me down. Most unexpected. And inside... Some ace Matchbox models that still haven't made it across the Irish Sea through normal retail channels, plus a very groovy Corgi Juniors MCI A8 Greyhound bus. Plus a bonus cassette tape. Most groovy. Cheers for that, @flat4alfa!
  2. I'm also on a voluntary buying ban from eBay... at least until I've cleared a bit of space, and converted the unwanted market tat into a usable PayPal balance. Goes without saying, if there's anything I have listed that anyone here fancies, let me know... pretty much everything has been already offered out here for less with no takers, but if you've had a change of heart, hit me up and I'll see what I can do. The untaken stuff from the October clearance will soon be listed on eBay as job lots, so we really are in the Last Chance Saloon here...
  3. Meh. It's really not great; plenty of damaged bits and those naff wheels. I shouldn't have bought it - just got a little carried away with the ol' tat stall magic. Took a substantial haircut on that Plymouth, and the Rolls Silver Wraith and all. Broke even on the French Dinky 2CV, just about. Made some of the losses back on the Bond Juniors stuff, to defray a small portion of last month's Corgi splurging. I'm really not a fan of eBay selling, but hey - what else can y'do when tat's gotta go?
  4. Thanks so much for that - safely received! Will get your choice selection packed and away in the coming week for you, no bother. Good stuff - will get a bit of a spreadsheet session going tomorrow, and I'll hit you up with a total! Duly noted!
  5. Good stuff! The Citroen that rescues other Citroens has been moved across forthwith... ...but who rescues the Citroen that rescues other Citroens, when it inevitably breaks down...? 🤔 (Actually, that's terribly unfair - the only Citroen I owned was 100% reliable and needed nothing spent on it in my ownership. The Renaults, on the other hand...)
  6. They've both been bagsied upthread, I'm afraid - but duplicates can and do show up again, so I'll bear that in mind... Sure thing, dude! Will set those aside for you.
  7. Okay then, so what followed me home today? Well, this lot. So that's the two coaches requested by @NorthernMonkey: ...and the Scotobus for @Split_Pin Those are safely set aside for you, gents! Sorry about that Eddy - the Cedric was certainly appealing, but I decided to leave it today. Typical!! I did nab the Vitesse Berlingo though - if you fancy it, a fiver takes it! **EDIT: SALE AGREED!!** The Vanguards... not worth a fiver, I'd say. All were missing wing mirrors, some their wipers and most were paint damaged. I've been after
  8. Now heading on, kids - my choice of footwear today was a poor one,and my feet are soaked and friz... ...but more diecast fun still to come, fear not!
  9. Now scooped on your behalf... (And the Aberdeen Firstbus for @Split_Pin)
  10. Which mixer is it? There's a blue, red and yellow Superkings GMC mixer... ...and a Superkings Leyland Roadrunner missing its mirrors... Plus a ropey Lone Star fantasy mixer over at the charity stall... Or is there another one I'm not seeing? Will see if I can nab the bus for you now, though!
  11. £20 each! Cos he's seen them on eBay, he knows what they're wurf...
  12. Weather: sub-optimal. Outlook: bleak. Nemesis: already clutching a bulging diecast carrier bag. Motivation: And yet... Tatday is Tatday. So here we are, for what's looking increasingly likely to be the last time this year, sadly. Go get 'em, tiger. A quick scuffle through the boxes revealed that the buses that were there last week, weren't there now. Yup, it seems that Nutts Corner Market is (was) back on, and some lad bought the whole lot on Sunday. Bugger. But, there were some new OOC and other similar vehicles..
  13. Hmmm, that's interesting to see the base of the more modern Mystery Machine, compared to an original van. Looks much more like the Corgitronics version - I wonder if the original detailed base moulds were lost, and the Radio Van was all they had to modify? But - the Mystery Machine does feature door handles and door shut lines, unlike the other panel vans, both solid roof and window roof types. EDIT: what's the other side like? Does it have a sliding door picked out, like the ambulance version - or just as smooth? More Corgi arrivals at Casa Datsuncog, too...
  14. I had a bit of snappy snap earlier this afternoon with some Corgi, but only getting a chance to post it on up now... So yup, as stated there's four primary casting variations of the Chevrolet Van: - the 'Custom Van', with four roof windows and oval-window rear doors, which appeared in 1977 in many Vanner custom-style guises plus full mobile bordello cardboard interior (eg Rough Rider) and also as Superhero vans (Superman, Spiderman, erm, Charlie's Angels) - plus the same casting presented as a more sober Coca-Cola delivery van. Which then turned into... - the 'GM Van' whic
  15. Nah, jumbo parsnips round here. Aubergines are seen as a bit suspiciously cosmopolitan. Any other guesses about what's going on beneath the blanket, do drop us a postcard at the usual address.
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