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  1. Eight bags asked, and yet the addition of a bucket of soapy water and a couple of number plate sticky pads appear to be out of the question...
  2. Sounds like me and fire engines... 😄
  3. Might have been a cost-cutting measure, or it might have been linked to increasing awareness of toy safety standards - it's possible that the 'flip top' grey loading hatches were too easy to break off when tested, so were replaced with the red plugs later in the toy's lifespan. At the last leisure centre model fair I went to? Erm... likely to have been whatever models were current in 2010! Still, if buses are your thing, a fair amount of OOC and EFE stuff turns up regularly at the Friday Market in Belfast - I'm not able to get there as often as I'd like to these days, but they usually sell at a fiver a throw for boxed items, and £2 for loose models.
  4. Can you fix mine, mister? No, in all seriousness, great to see the work's continuing on this one - my teenage years spent obsessing over VolksWorld mag has left a lasting fondness for Beetles, and I've no doubt it'll be cracking once it's done. Nice one!
  5. Went out on Saturday morning for a bit of a mooch-about; had a few errands to run, and ended up back in my hometown to drop off a roll of artificial grass, of all things. I haven't been down the town centre for a few years now, so it was interesting to have a bit of a wander around. The model shop I used to work in all those years ago is still going strong, although it has virtually no toys and models anymore, and basically just carries nursery goods like prams and cots and stuff. However, it did preserve a small corner of the store for model railway stuff, but I was surprised to see that they now have some older models for sale, and a sign saying they buy collections. This was a bit of the stuff they had in the display cases outside - unfortunately suffering a little from UV fading to the boxes. Yes, the dreaded cardboard tags were in situ. Dunno if you can zoom in there, but nothing's particularly cheap - sort of £15 - £35 on the older loose Corgi and Dinky stuff, and £40 - £60 for the older boxed stuff. Definitely pricey, but the vast majority appeared to be pretty minty. Reflections on the glass don't really help, though - sorry. Reproduction and EFE stuff also available, though utter bargains were conspicuous in their absence. But that's retail, kids. They had quite a few discounted EFEs in the window proper, too - if you can see them. They're mostly about the £10 mark, so not mega-cheap unless there's anything rare that can be seen here. Not sure if these are new old stock, rescued from the upstairs stockrooms (where I possibly stacked them in the late 1990s), or if it's been a collection they've bought up to sell on. A fair bit of Oxford Diecast 00 gauge stuff inside, plus some Corgi Collectables stuff too from the late 1990s/ early 2000s - but mostly priced according to current values rather than original RRP (£40 asked for the 'Only Fools and Horses' Reliant van and Capri set). Haven't seen any locally for years! There used to be one each year around Easter in the local leisure centre, which was the highlight of my calendar, pretty much - but the building was demolished about fifteen years ago. I went to one in the new leisure centre c.2010 - but it was being held in a tiny room in a basement, and was only about a quarter of the size it had been previously. There was one guy there selling a few unboxed Gama, and that was the extent of the diecast (all the rest was railway stuff, books and DVDs). There's supposedly a diecast club in Belfast who do monthly swapmeets, but trying to get any information out of the organisers is like pulling teeth. I've turned up for a publicised meet to find the place in darkness, and I've been promised notifications for the next meet - only to later find that one went ahead without anyone letting me know. Most peculiar. BUT - it does stop me having to make difficult decisions...
  6. Some absolute belters there from the toy fair haul, kids... thanks for sharing! I don't think I've been to a toyfair for well over ten years now - and even then, the ones locally were generally more focused on model railways, with comparatively little in the way of diecast (mostly 00 gauge EFE/ OOC/ Oxford Diecast/ Hongwell items). Thinking about it, I'm sure it's been 25 years since I've been at an event featuring vintage diecast like this - and even then, the prices were nowhere near as reasonable! Two quid for a Redwheels Corgi Pontiac Firebird? Fifty pence for a Corgi Electro Rockets Alfa Montreal??? Jiminy Cricket... I'm wondering if maybe with such a crummy year for sales events, some sellers are just trying to convert some stock into ££££s by this point in the year. I'd also be interested whether all the house-moving mania earlier this year has led to a glut of diecast job-lots from people clearing out their attics and sheds, so possibly that's good news for collectors...
  7. All branches across the UK were bucking their parts out too, in exactly the same way. The new owners just ran their eye down the stockfiles and any parts that were shifting less than a certain number of units across the company were deleted, with the products left in-store to be destroyed. There's a huge amount of waste generated from any multi-national - we'd get memos through to withdraw and destroy stock all the time, often just because there was a slightly newer version coming out with different packaging. It was cheaper just to write odds and ends off at store level than arrange for returns, re-stocking and bulk disposal from the Redditch warehouse. We'd be ordered to chop up bike frames and roof bars with a hacksaw before skipping them, because staff taking these written-off products home was strictly verboten. Such a waste.
  8. Nope, not yet - a boxed one showed up on the market stall last year with a £20 tag, and although the (original) box was excellent the model inside was quite chipped, so I didn't bother... Quite looking forward to the next Model Club issue for that reason, though I'm not sure if they're going to ship it with the box flattened - I don't see how they'd get it to fit into their usual mail packaging otherwise.
  9. Back in my Halfords days, a huge amount of old stuff went into the skip whenever the chain was sold off by Boots Group around 2002. My store had only opened in 1998, but we still had shelves behind the parts desk crammed with redundant stock: gasket sets for Mk1 Cavaliers, shims for Maxi brake pads, alternators for Renault 18s, and sump washers for Alfasuds. All things that we never, ever sold since these cars were all but extinct in Northern Ireland. It was a shocking waste, but I recognised that none of it was ever going to sell over the counter in a retail park store. Still felt wrong, mind. It took weeks to remove it all from the stockfile, too. I might* have saved some air filters and other stuff that would fit on my HC Viva, though.
  10. Crikey, are DFS making cars now as well as sofas? I wonder if they'll have a sale...
  11. I think my late model Cortina estate (1981) still used some sort of spring arrangement for the tailgate - I don't remember there being any struts.
  12. I know what you mean, I really liked my Laguna RN for its total black-bumper, base-spec poverty nature, but I never met a single other person who didn't think I was deranged in my enthusiasm for it. "Look, that's where the RT models had a centre console... and where the stereo read-out would have been... and oh, the door cards are completely different. No airbag either, just look at the skinny steering wheel!" At the end of the day, a car's only worth sorting if you've the mojo for it. Much as I'd love to see someone throw a boggo little car like this over in @TripleRich's direction with a blank chequebook, it's unlikely to happen unless someone with a significant roughness of cash is prepared to let their heart rule their head. We're very niche here. But I think you've approached this one sensibly, as a project to help bolster your car skills, and you've made great progress already with getting the welding gear functional. If it's proving a drag, though, I'd not be feeling bad if the 309 Forum bods take it on - the future for this was looking pretty bleak before you stepped in, so a save's a save, even if it ends up wearing GTi badges one day. But see how you get on - you've a few options to take this forward just now, and that's not a bad place to be.
  13. Heh, fret not, my son... I'm sure it'll find good home before long! Penance not required. No market attendance today - with the Forester undriveable and MrsDC needing the Yaris today for work, my usual Friday morning sojourn into Belfast had to be relinquished. But never worry, I'm sure fresh opportunities will arise before long.
  14. That's a cracking job you've done there! I never thought those Majorette 205s could look so good in civvie colours. Nice one.
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