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  1. Ooh, I think I was in there only yesterday! £8 for Models of Yesteryear? Yup, saw you coming... £10 on a Dinky Packard, missing both screen and driver... mmm. Only slightly optimistic. Now, if this Bburago Merc had its grille, then a tenner might be a fair price... ...but £15 for a Renault 5 with no back window leaves me cold again. Lesneys beautifully* displayed... but unpriced. Military stuff, £10 to £25... not really my bag, to be fair. Dodge Royale not too bad, but £25 is steep... VW Beetles at £30, though they c
  2. Right, finally on top of my Tat Spreadsheet, I believe, after Friday's bonanza at the market! PMs should have now been sent out to everyone who requested an update of what's in their personal tat box - and if you haven't received one and wanted one, please let me know! As far as I can tell, all orders that have been paid for have now been sent and received, save for those who have specifically asked me to hold on to their box for further market events/tat disposal sales. If there's anyone who wants a running total of where they are, do let me know - I've a coupla boxes that have
  3. (Apologies for non-delivery of tat statuses last night - I'd forgotten the forum server was down and couldn't get on to see who wanted what!)
  4. Certainly is! Will pop that aside for you. Ah, dude... always happy to source tat for fellow-shiters, though I feel oddly culpable for any wagon de-boarding that's occurred of late... Do we need to sort out some sort of self-exclusion button for tat on here? An escrow service to hold stuff over for a defined period unless certain conditions are met? When the fun stops, stop? I mean, the Friday market's good craic and all, but I'd hate to think of anyone's relationships being put under strain over the head of some grimy no-name Volvos and three-quarters of a Mustang... and I speak
  5. Sure thing - let me know what interests you! No takers yet. Can do - will go through my Tat Accounts tonight, and PM you an update!
  6. Daaah, sorry about that - I can see now that the one you wanted was this... But instead I nabbed this... Ooops. No obligation to take the Corgi one if it's of limited use to you! And I'll see if I can grab the Matchbox version next week. In all the excitement, sometimes it just gets a bit overwhelming... I thought the Greenlights would be way more too - but I can only assume he just paid 50p a piece for everything that ended up on the table... there were about 30 models laid out. Someone lost the shirt off their back, anyway... yow.
  7. Okay then - I was in a bit of a rush and running low on the old folding stuff by 10 o'clock, so I didn't manage to grab everything I could have done... however, these premium Hot Wheels appealed at £1 a throw: At a distance, I half-thought the Impala was a Plymouth Fury - but no, it's a Chevy. Still, I figured someone here might be interested in it, and also the Forza BMW M3 - available for the pound I paid. [***IMPALA & BMW BOTH SOLD!!!***] More mainline is the Matchbox Caprice Classic Patrol Car and Hot Wheels 007 Mustang Mach 1 - I know these were everywhere last year.
  8. So then - today's haul was a bumper one, and this is what arrived back to Casa Datsuncog in sundry bags... Closer look at the carded stuff... And the loose stuff. Crikey. So who's who, and what's what? Well, there's a brace of Metro 6R4 slotcars for @flat4alfa - one complete but scruffy, the other lacking a rear axle but looking a little fresher. Who knew that Britain stopped being great after the Hornby takeover of Scalextric? Lots of lovely carpet gack around the back axle there, but I daresay the future for these is based on some c
  9. But! Best close off the market event, before moving onto what I came home with... Charity Stall still had those darned Buddy L's: ...while the VX220 and Lotus turned out to be a bit fooked, really. Other stuff was, well, toys... Though I reckon there's more than just a touch of Triumph 2000 Mk2 about this Postman Pat police car... Maybe a hint of Hillman Imp at the back, too? Though the rear overhang to the roof is pure Michelotti styling, I think you'll agree. Interesting - but not enough to tempt!
  10. It would need to be... Not even joking.
  11. Shop's been in the same place since 1962 (though I did leave there to work for Halfords, which was in a retail park) - all it sells is nursery stuff these days, and I'm quite sure none of the staff there nowadays even remember the models section - but I bet if I could get access to the old stockrooms on the top floor and attics, I could find some very interesting stuff... thing is, nobody else will go up there though!
  12. No wheels at all on the Hunter, and £5 asked... I've bought better Hunters off him for less! When I worked in the model shop back in my callow youth, we had a whole drawer full of spare Golden Jacks wheels, still carded... Didn't have a clue what they were for, back then, and for all I know they're still there!
  13. I've picked it up... in a bit of a rush to scoot home so can't yet confirm absolute completeness - but at a cursory glance, it does look worth the price of admission! See above - we'll find out in about half an hour! Ghia's rear glass was cracked, annoyingly... Jag is £5, because Jag, presumably... However, I've now spent all my pennies, so heading home to find out just what I've managed to spunk £60 on... ?
  14. £2 ok? (Well, it's in the bag now...) Procured!! Also procured! Will ask him now... Prices are prone to fluctuations, but seems to be based on what he's paid for them. If he's got them for cheaps, then they'll be bargainous... If he's overpaid, then ruinous. I'd like to think no more than £3 for the parts Ghia - will check for bumpers and glazing integrity! Nope, it's a Dinky that's missing its rear hatch!
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