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  1. Looks like a l'il Corgi emergency services dude to me - I'll have to check through my catalogues later. Some sort of gift set character, mebbe?
  2. I've been driving past this imprisoned Mondeo for a fair few years now; finally stopped to take a picture yesterday afternoon. Mmm, yeah... that's not moved in a while. DVLA says the MOT ran out in 2016, which seems about right. Not entirely abandoned, as the house itself looks in reasonable trim, but I think this one's unlikely to see the road again.
  3. Wow, that is a bit special. The liftback shape is nicely enhanced by the Vitesse kit, and I always reckoned the facelift models looked a bit more elegant than the more boxy original 800. And only 33k on the clock? Nicely bought!
  4. Yeah, I have Outlook - it takes the laptop between five and seven minutes to open an email, and then the same to open an attachment within said email. I really ought to just get a new laptop, I think... It was pretty big, as it happens! There's a bit of lens distortion going on, so it's not quite the same size as a laptop keyboard, but it certainly knocks Ginsters into the proverbial cocked hat. Some good eatin' there; it always used to be my usual Friday lunchtime go-to, but thinking back I haven't had one since last February. Nice to see Jeffers open again; a fair few
  5. You utter bar-steward. I can't un-see that now, can I?! Android phone; cheap Acer laptop that's knocking on seven years old and had the USB ports fixed to the main board. A recipe for disaster.
  6. That's got a pretty decent-looking Gerry Anderson vibe going on! Can't wait to see that one finished, it looks ace so far. Corgi castings tended to always be pretty decent, but the wheels did sometimes let them down quite badly...
  7. Nope, they're back now - because I find it a ball-ache typing on a phone, I tend to put the text in first on the laptop and then fill in the pics from my phone. It takes a few minutes to position them, just. The USB ports are ruined on my cheapo laptop, so photographs have to be bluetoothed over, and that takes me yonks. There probably is an easier way to do it - but if I liked things to be easy, would even I do things like Tat Friday?
  8. Now, where were we... all that hot Rocket-action has left me all of a lather. Ah yes - decent pics of the rest of today's takings. So, as shown earlier, the Matchbox Powertrack Corvette, with bonus mank: Now awaiting translocation to Flat4Alfa's place. The Solido Land Rover 110 Defender, in Alpine fire tender mode: It's actually a pretty detailed casting, and a bit of contrasting paint to the grille and lights would probably make it look 1000 times better. One of the doormirrors is missing, annoyingly. But if anyone fanci
  9. Yup, can do all five of those - will pop 'em in the box for you! Sure thing, fella!
  10. Crumbs, it's that there box of Corgi Rockets that I agonized over last year. I was advised that they were £2 each - so with nine in the box, plus the Maxwell bus, a very even £20 was agreed and cash was exchanged... Hnnngh. Okay, so they ain't perfect, but c'mon - £2 each. Mercury Cougar XP7 has a couple of chips, but retains the clip-on spoiler. EDIT: TAKEN!! Volvo P1800S has been touched up a bit, paint-wise, but is still pretty presentable. Cadillac Eldorado is also suffering a little in the paintwork department, but hasn't lost its
  11. So then, let's rewind a little... After slurping back my artisanal hand roasted latte beside the river like the poncey twat I am, I scooted back through the market again, but saw little to tickle me further, sadly. It had just gone ten, and I had an appointment nearby at 11. I'd mentioned last week that I would take a look in the Belfast branch of The Entertainer to see if they had any of the Matchbox Opening Parts models - and then completely and utterly forgot about it, until @Split_Pin's recent expedition reminded me. So I toddled off to Castle Court... And fo
  12. I have good news, and better news. And better still news. Yes, the curious little Maxwell bus was still there on the stall when I screamed through the market like a demented winged fury at 11.35 am, shoving pensioners left and right as only someone can who has an urgent 12 noon deadline for a business-critical document and is still 14 miles away from their desk... (Not actual footage) AND he only charged me £2 for it, which was a double-win. AND there was some new stuff on the stall... No time for pics. No time for thinking. Just a fast exchang
  13. Interesting - I tried a reverse Google Lens search and they brought back a Maxwell Toys item - made in India. Looks like a match to me, especially going by the box illustration, but yes the wheels do suggest Playart! Not one I've ever heard of, mind. Any takers at a fiver for this oddity? Could* be worth much* more than that... (*Unless I buy it, obviously!)
  14. Well, funny you should say that... Coffee and chocolate croissant in hand, I rambled over to the waterfront to stage an impromptu photoshoot of today's rubbish. So the Corvette was indeed picked up - a Matchbox Powertrack item, complete but filthy. The tyres are the usual delightful mix of nicely cracked while also lightly oozing their plasticiser to produce a fragile, high gloss finish - but I guess that's forty year old rubber for you. The body is actually excellent, with no scratching or impact damage. Available for £2, if anyone's interested! EDIT: someone's inter
  15. So then - beyond the Tat Stall, it was kind of a case of same old, same old. The Junkman's stock remained steady; I'm just wondering how long it'll take before I cave and buy the Dinky SD1. Place your bets, people. Paddy's Overpriced Market, shockingly, hasn't sold much either. The Irish Tatware stall retains its Oxfords and Cararama; the Mk1 Capris are quite tempting, it's true... Another stall across the way, run by the same stallholder, had a few more Hot Wheels this week, but not a lot to pull me in. The Charity Stall contained the same
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