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  1. That interior is glorious. Well bought man.
  2. I was scratching my head at this pic. Which part of a car has a radiator, a gearknob and a hub cap in such close proximity?! Oh yes of course, the boot. Fantastic buying of a Volvo. Can't wait for more action.
  3. Jim Bell

    W208 CLK 320

    Prices are what I like most about them! They are well put together and "reassuringly solid". There's loads of folk with stories of money pits and EXPENSIVE PARTS so I guess we are never far from financial catastrophe but I really love my W210. Wouldn't swap it for anything of the similar value.
  4. Jim Bell

    W208 CLK 320

    There's a lot to be said for Mercs of this vintage. They're good cars and it's great to see this one getting some love and attention.
  5. Its living in the dales as above man.
  6. Hopefully it's just a fan relay or something that's gone man and it just needs a water pump and a flush through. Fingers crossed man. Its a lovely looking car.
  7. Two car buys. Looks like it truly was Wages Day.
  8. Does anyone like busses. Incoming mega bus dump.
  9. What a handsome sight. And the cars not bad either..
  10. I used to live behind Brough Park. There was loads of speedway but I never knew they ran cars there in the past!
  11. Hartlepool and Newton Aycliffe stocks? Might be of interest to @Mally
  12. South Shields. Chichester Roundabout
  13. Bit of blue for the dads. Lovely.
  14. It's like the Japanese ML. But better.
  15. Bosch battery and clean seats. Someone clearly cared for this well. It even has rubber mats in the back. Looks like a tidy bus man. You'll definitely win the traffic light Grond Prix if you only race ones driven by absolute losers with loads of sticky kids. Power to weight ftw
  16. That's looks so badass that I've taken up smoking big cigars.
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