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  1. Glad it's running happy again man. They really are the BEST starters/runners I've ever know. Even on 100% chip fat. What's the craic with the honda? Asking for a fat Geordie friend.
  2. Well bought man. I bet it's a comfortable way to get back down the hill to the lands of its forebears.
  3. Safe travels man. Are we guessing what it is yet? My guess is a European saloon of distinction.
  4. Video of giving it the beans required.
  5. Not enough and YES but ONLY a 290. And only if you want to run on veg oil. Anyone caught putting pump fuel in a 290 runs the risk of being force fed a half pound of blue aquarium gravel by the 290 owners coven.
  6. I bet it feels like a slog man, but fingers crossed that you've got the worst if it done now and it will start returning big fuel savings.
  7. That original video is surprisingly and painfully slow. Fantastic engineering solution man. The rain doesn't stand a chance now.
  8. It's a real shame it's being a pain in the hoop at the moment. They're lovable, livable things when they're running straight.
  9. Hopefully it just wants a simple fiddle and will be grand. Battery, ground, fuse or summat else simple and easy. Fingers crossed.
  10. What a beautiful and magestic sight. AS 290 gang grows.
  11. I hope it's all going well. Forts and Prayers lads. Forts and Prayers. Please deliver this man safely from his journey equipped with a new old car which is horrible, in jizzers name Arm Men. Please allow it to be a bargain with extra money off if the radio won't work in jizzers name Arm Men. Please hold him safely away from the big yellow taxi and the big orange taxi and fortify his balls so that they may be emptied of piss only twice on the voyage homeward in jizzers name Arm Men. By the dim dashboard glow of the farter, the bum and the holy boat. Arm men.
  12. I hope it's a Lancia Dedra with no second gear and a leaky wheel cylinder.
  13. Happy travels chief. Hope she's as fantastic as she looks.
  14. Great to hear that you're enjoying it and that it's getting attention man.
  15. Happy travelling dude. I'm guessing an Alfa Romeo of some description, with clonking suspension.
  16. This requires a real world biscuit test.
  17. A collection of assorted supermarket fake trolley release coins for me.
  18. Ssangyong want YOU to get YOUR vitamins so that your piss is HEALTHY and VIRILE. Coca cola from MCDOLANDS? NO! Tropicana orange coloured juice from the Coca Cola company? Yes!!
  19. Glug glug, Brum Brum, win win. It's collects the veg, it eats the veg. What a vehicle.
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