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  1. Nine and still enough room for a passenger, a spare wheel and a couple of packed lunches. It was hot so you'd need the window open anyway.
  2. That looks like great fun man. Weather didn't look too bad either. It's always fantastic to see the little Colt out under the sun.
  3. Epic miles. A wheel nearly fell off. Two filter changes. One vegan sausage roll. PC tbc. Sounds like quite a shift lads. The Peugeot looks great though.
  4. Photographs in front of Tynemouth Priory might need its own thread!
  5. She's not happy. Poor thing. This is what happens when you take a Volvo out of Scotland. It's like taking a Trout out the river.
  6. Oh my god it's one of those ones that rev all the way to 14:36!
  7. At least that big bonnet provides a bit of shade to toil under. Good old Volvo. Thinking about the workers.
  8. You didn't wash and thoroughly dry it after every use? I think I might be doing it wrong.
  9. They're rubber coated and seem fine against the paint. I'll try not to stand on mine but now that you've mentioned that standing on it is a possibility, it's bound to somehow occur.
  10. I hope yous remembered to sing the traditional english song when you broached the border. GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN LINGLONG OUR NOBLE QUEEN GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
  11. You can ask, but I won't tell you. *Edit - apologies, on review that sounds like a really shitty thing to say @Flat4. I got a bit from a friend. If you're looking for some I could pass your details on.
  12. It's still amazing and doing all the daily business. I want to lift it and get some real tyres but funds are short at the moment. I want to do some hillclimbing, a track day, some off roading and maybe autotesting too. I would quite like it to be the worst at a lot of motorsports, just to prove that you can enjoy yourself what ever you're driving. Everything is a race car if you're determined enough and don't mind coming last.
  13. Then I stuck some plastic to the front. This is a wind deflector/bonnet gaurd. It stops stone chips, kills moths and adds about 16 mpg. Also really ties the front end together, visually. Seemlesly joining the black of the grille with the paint of the bonnet with great style and panache. Just ignore the bottom gap.
  14. Tynemouth is much nicer. Look at this gorgeous view. There's also a ruin in the background. Boat wankers.
  15. Seen here enjoying the north east coast. Don't ever go to Hendon beach. It's fucking horrible.
  16. There's benefits and drawbacks of running a daft old car on 100% veg oil . One of the benefits is that fuel is 30p a litre. Handy in today's topsy turvy financial climate. One of the drawbacks is that it's difficult to "fill up" by yourself. Meaning you have to rope the missus in to hold the funnel, then the wind gusts the stream splatter of oil across her face and you laugh so much that you can't control the 21 litre container properly and you pour further veg oil all over her arm. This is of course, bad for your health. So I stole @Out Runs great idea and set up a one man pouring operation. I dont have a drill, but I got a C+ at improvising at school. You'll do. Y tho. Whazzed a couple of speed holes in my BIG FUN-EL and bolted some big magnets on. Y Tho. That looks very sticky. Y Tho Stickingit to the radiator showed how good the magnets were. Felt like the plastic funnel was going to snap trying to remove it from the rad. I might need something to pry it away from the body of the car. As it turned out, the bodyline of the car curving away meant that just the bottom of the magnets were touching metal so they held solid but pulled away easily . One man mobile filling station achieved. Holds firm and works an absolute treat. Makes filling up a doddle.
  17. Glad the trophy didn't cost her an arm and a leg, just a sore hand and foot.
  18. You certainly put the proffesional to shame, is all I'm saying. All done in the car park when he said it was impossible!
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