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  1. i think it may have sliding rather than winding side windows by the looks of it- overall the vibe of a home brew bitsa from a shed owner with a post war Hudson fixation.
  2. Circa 1971 - Is a cobra now just over twice the price of an xk140? That xk is still about- still the same colour but has lost the rear spats and gained the inevitable chromed wire wheels. Perhaps with a bigger market to draw on and smaller numbers, a genuine Shelby cobra now seems about 700k and an xk140 dhc about £125k.
  3. Sierraman is actually a novelist and poet AICMFP
  4. Whenever I hear people talk of “the market” I immediately picture Quentin Wilson. Need to lay off the car mags.
  5. A triumph loving friend of mine recons whilst stags have appreciated in recent times, the tr models (especially the 4/5 ) have come down a bit lately from what admittedly were dizzying highs
  6. Where to begin? I’ve always liked them, even as a small child. Plus there’s that noise. Mind you the few where I grew up were rotting on driveways , as cast off daily drivers waiting to be scrapped. At university in Leeds there were about 5 that were used by students, including a girl i unsuccessfully tried to chat up, who had a peat brown one. I had a few once I was able to run a car. Always fun, and over time the good and not so good ones informed be of my ideal age and spec, and in particular where they like to dissolve. So I like the 4 doors. I like the later engines, but I also like clap hands wipers and if possible an original old style reg. SO unless it’s a modded one, your looking about 62-64ish. Moon on a stick. Anyway one came up in Cornwall, in basically my ideal spec. It’s a ‘63 and a deluxe - I think- as it has a heater (!) The luxury! Anyway here it is; I bought it off a lovely elderly couple who took a shine to me as their son and I share the same first name… I felt like I was buying a family pet
  7. Collection mission- Take one throwback to the good old days…. And head west into Cornwall to another (much older) one.
  8. HMC

    Criminal Shite

    That’s prisoner FF 8282; the lord archer of Weston super mare.
  9. Rover p6 3500 @Junkman (assuming the brakes are in fine fettle obvs)
  10. Yes that’s correct re clarkson. On I player now is a vast array of top gear episodes including episode 1 of the new format from 2002. The studio looks a bit odd and unresolved, and the first item is clarkson on a booze buying road trip in a Berlingo. He was impressed and at no stage was a piano dropped on a BL product.
  11. Like the corgi porsche 917. Looks to be based on the lethal ‘69 long tail.
  12. So life with the city rover ( cityrover?) has been pleasant and uneventful. I have used it mainly for local trips and it’s fun to dart about in. It’s got quite a high seating position so the glass house extends further down than on most cars, presumably an ncap own goal but light and airy and with good visibility. A storm gathering on the horizon? Metaphor for mg rover etc etc There’s a wierd bit of curiosity value in it as after all the illustrious history before it it was (afaik) the last new model introduced before things became terminal. I’m hardly likely to start a “53 plate city rover survivors “ thread but it is an earlier one from the launch month. <insert Tata Indian takeaway remarks😆> Im unsure how long I’ll keep it but it’s very useful to have around and has plenty of like left in it with just 25k on the clock
  13. It’s been touched on but nausea in a car isn’t just the ride. It’s also arguably a combination of lesser factors also- the seats. performance available+ transmission, driving style of user, road type and the wierd curve ball of interior smell. We had a mk1 Previa as a nearly new car and one of my brothers would generally only become unwell in that car; which he put down to the smell. Anecdotal and possibly incorrect. As it was fairly new it was a subtle but heady combo of adhesives and plastics/ rubbers. On a personal level I find I’m less susceptible if the view out is good/ large glasshouse/ I’m not in the back and I’m not also reading or on my phone browsing the internet. TL:DR maybe my conclusion is that it’s a mixture of factors not limited to the ride, although that’s a biggie. Careful questioning and a bit of experimentation may help to diagnose and help manage, if not solve it.
  14. Is the partially glazed side panels some sort of french legislation or fashion? I can see some visibility benefits; Very common on french c15s also, but seldom seen on uk c15s or extras.
  15. Looks great, the number 31 right and the end of the plate I think is haute Garonne so if it’s spent it’s life there it’s been sun baked in the south of France, presumably with little or not rot.
  16. 1970s rover p6 (leyland tart up model with egg crate grille etc) rover p4 pm me if you have one going spare!
  17. FOTU. But in the wild, about 1998, great spot!
  18. Cheapest 3 all in 2007-2009, all mot’d and with no major faults.in fact without spending anything on them except at the pump the rover I went to Brighton in, and the e34 I took to Germany one winter. 1989 240glt estate 2.3 manual £105 (e bay) 1988 rover 216 VDP efi £100 (roadside ad) 1989 e34 525i £200 (e bay)
  19. 23k. 2004 Land Rover 90 Td5 Xs new. I’ve since learnt the error of my ways; although I still do buy vehicles that were badly assembled- just not new or expensive ones.
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