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  1. Good to hear an update, I was beginning to loose the faith with the general content; this makes me feel the love again.
  2. I’ve had far too many to count. I’ve probably had 15 s124 estates thinking simply of a specific model, so it’s fair to say I’m a fan, although I turned down a 2001 £500 v70 today. Purely on scarcity terms, this gumtree find (£200) in 2015 was probably my rarest shooting brake.
  3. It was ordered new by a high up military person (whilst in Germany) and it followed him wherever he went- the uk, Europe and his last job before he retired was the effective resident head of state in jersey. When he came back in 2011 it was given an 11 plate. Possibly a mix up generated by the potentially unique position it held as the personal transport of the effective head of state. When if first came back to the uk just after purchase first time round it was on an x plate IIRC.
  4. Maxus!!! Inventive use of rope. What’s it holding on/ down?
  5. Got another parking ticket! My excuse/ not an excuse was that my wrist watch needed winding. I’m sure I’d give them a good laugh at the enforcement place it if I tried that one!
  6. Well the jag continues to be low key and amusing, and the rover p4 remains with a local garage being tended to between jobs. What a heap of shit. Hopefully it will repay me by being a nice little runabout once it stops and goes properly. Meanwhile the minor found a new home for a healthy profit. I’ll take that as it can help pay for the p4 rehab bill.
  7. Cambridge 1975- items not on the Issigonis shopping list; 1) a hatchback 2) rustproofing @RobT
  8. Southampton 1991. SRI 130?
  9. Cambridge 1975 @Spottedlaurel
  10. Chod central- Peckham 1982
  11. This whole “Seeing me out” mentality is only relevant to me if it means that it will see the month out. That’s how forward thinking I am in cars, and in life.
  12. I had some sort of ocd episode on this thread in winter 2019, I was absolutely glued to the sainsbury archive website searching out shite spots. It was very addictive! Thanks to @trigger for highlighting it, that became my answer to what to do on long winter evenings with only a cat for company 🤣
  13. Was overnight in a sort of boutique hotel with a guest having particular taste in motors too…. Looked to be in daily driver sort of condition, and still with its original plates, or very good replicas…. The eagle eyed will see I also got a parking ticket on my travels, but not at the hotel. A cliche beside an old ruin, but which is which?
  14. No it didn’t, someone had this on retention and I made a lowball offer on it. I’m currently looking for a cheap early 60s london issue reg for the p4 which was stripped of its originally issued reg in 1989, whilst it was residing in Lincolnshire oddly enough. Probably an illogical thing to do but that’s life sometimes.
  15. You have clearly understood my relationship with this car 😂
  16. Ongoing use of the s type r as the main car. Fun, quite discrete and practical (photo taken during pizza collection, earlier )
  17. I would imagine no more than 2,000 miles. I work 5 doors from where I live and had no life aside from dropping the kids to school, for 2021 at least.
  18. I feel your pain with the cabin leak . My old one had a combo of blocked drains and the pollen filter seal wasn’t sealing anymore. That underfelt padding took what felt like a month to dry out. having flashbacks here 😂
  19. Nice acquisition! I’ve always liked the CEO number plate on this one; presumably the first owner was a powerfully built one.
  20. On I player right now appears to be every episode of post 2002 top gear. I’ve been dipping into them; episode 1 series 1 is interesting to see how the “studio” evolved and how they got into their stride gradually with trips and challenges.
  21. I started with these…. ended with these…. And had various in between.
  22. There was an element of risk with this supercharged s type as it was - for one of these- cheap. And had limited service history. Nevertheless, I failed to be put off and it’s now my daily. I don’t cover big miles so the fuel economy isn’t really an issue. These Devon B roads are fun despite or perhaps because of the limited grip that’s available at times if too Much of the 400bhp is released at once. Still if I should need assistance, I do have a Motorola car phone to summon it from.
  23. HMC

    1968 MG Midget

    Plus you also need to have an arrow pointing at a circle highlighting something or other. Or so it seems. Plus a shot of you gurning at the camera, looking deeply in shock.
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