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  1. I think you brought this to shitefest at the field of dreams? Lovely car. Sorry to hear your news, but also think your power crazed plans are brilliant.
  2. “......... been in storage” anything mechanical is stuck, anything made of rubber has crumbled to bits. Unspecified components may be broken or missing
  3. “Here we have a........ for light refreshment” Under the surface Its fucked ”.........needing recommissioning” Under the surface It’s fucked and bring a trailer.
  4. The crown vic fires up and idles so smoothly sometimes I wonder if it’s stalled (no rev counter doesn’t help) it’s pretty subdued but make a nice But low key noise on part throttle acceleration. Rocking of the car on its springs is available if you blip it when at a standstill and decide to be childish.
  5. I’ve got hold of a used LTI400 taxi meter so I can now drive about and pretend to charge myself for exciting trips to the supermarket. Im going to blame lockdown for my behaviour.
  6. That’s a brilliant solution to the family transport conundrum. Many seats, left field design and the rarer facelift to boot.
  7. Has someone* ever looked at your vehicle situation and asked; WHY? *Partners, friends, members of the general public.
  8. Spice hut is the eqivalent of @Six-cylinder ‘s white room basically.
  9. Yes on the rav4, but that other one is a mini convertible, alas.
  10. I had an mc toys escort too. It was part of a gift set which also had a mk2 Granada and group c racer, 911 etc. I did think there was some sort of link between those castings and corgi or matchbox.
  11. New chod? - a Delorean DMC12?
  12. I was big into my w123/ w124 Mercedes at the time. I’d be pretty happy with a w123 estate and a w124 coupe right now. instead- in roughly chronological order so current fleet- 1991 ford ltd crown vic station wagon 2002 Peugeot 206 hdi 90 dturbo 2005 LTI tx4 silver (in zoom livery)
  13. Down but not out Totally on the button and roadable* but for a puncture, which I’ll sort at the weekend. * copyright USA
  14. I can see the rear subframe mounts in that pic. Have you ever prodded them? Unpleasant memories here of not finding much metal above.
  15. Really like the mentality of just using a car for its intended purpose and giving some heavy duty care and restoration as well. So often it’s all one or the other. Brilliant car, brilliant work.
  16. HMC

    Stolen !!!!

    Strange both now stolen. Perhaps stored together but it sounds as if they were taken on different days?
  17. I love mk2 escorts - always have. I admired them as a 10 year old in 1990 when they were cheap disposable wheels for new drivers. hence this isn’t a dig at mk2 escorts. It’s more frustration as someone who would have several if he could. Why are they so expensive now? Obv it’s an “old ford” but what’s the reason/ reasons? Is it simply motorsport?
  18. I didn’t have much time this weekend for playing with big American barges, but I did figure out the tailgate. It’s got a frameless glass window, pulling the handle latches it to the side. Instead of that Putting the key in with it shut and turning it makes the window Go down electrically; and reaching the inner handle then lets it hinge downwards.
  19. Sorry bit of thread Drift that’s the taxi - the crown vic starts up like a champ.
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