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  1. On a similar subject re flipping- About 4 months ago I nearly bought a wolseley landcrab for 2k. I’ve seen it up more recently for £5k in basically the same condition as was then. Im pretty philosophical about it- Selling is such a ball ache good luck to them. Ultimately I’m in it for the love of cars, I make my money elsewhere; but for some it’s their main income stream.
  2. I used to love seeing capris about, these Lasers plus the “s” models ; I nearly bought one for £500 off (the recently deceased) bob of bobs affordable classics in knowle, in about 2004 Sadly they are just too expensive and a theft target for me to have some fun with them but it’s lovely to read about you resurrecting this one, what a great find!
  3. My bmw 3 convertible is so low (too low for my taste) as to make cat theft less easy. M-sport FTW. Maybe we all need to lower our cars? Uncomfortable ride, but more of a pisser for cat thieving fraternity?
  4. So having been saved from a Bentley disaster by @panhard65 as related above, i ve realised I’ve not introduced my “other” bmw. An e46 330ci convertible. This and the 730d are my only cars. The e46 with the 3 litre 6 was something I’ve wanted to try for a while. This one was cheap as it was previously a cat D. It was also silver with grey interior, a pretty dull boring combo which to be honest isn’t really what I’d go for, but my arm was twisted by the price. Ditto the auto gearbox. To be honest it sort of suits it as a laid back cruiser. Presumably most “sport” ones had a manual box and were more appealing to owners who like to cane it a bit? As acquired it had been attacked with m badges. It actually is an “m - sport” but I’m pretty sure it left the factory without fake carbon wrap on the kidneys and a crooked M……. Anyway that was swiftly binned, and sure enough under the peeling black stuff on the grille is the normal chrome. I also slapped a cheap cheap number I’d squirrelled away on it (1963 derby reg IIRC) to try and add some more class*. These things need all the help they can as to my eyes they do have a bit of an iffy vibe- although as they get older people have tended to move into the newer shape ones.
  5. Wow. LOVE IT. the colour is just epic. Sort of Far Eastern glam. I’ll have to live my Bentley dream through you from now on 😆
  6. 1980s Highway Codes used to have a triumph 2000 on that page IIRC
  7. Toyota theft +100000
  8. Very perceptive re the landcrab thing. Wierdly I can’t Un-see that so when I climb aboard I’m at the wheel of a wolseley six.
  9. Well this sold the day after the ad was listed for close to the asking. I’ve got to give a massive thanks to @panhard65 for saving my bacon with that old Bentley. He sussed out the things needing attention, advised against putting much money into it, did the ad and handled the sale. What a brilliant guy.
  10. Looks like it’s with rostyles and without original reg.
  11. ^ love it, looks to be inspired by the mid 60s triumph entries at Le Mans. Looking at its semi dilapidated state, and the lack of fuel, wonder if this is around 1973?
  12. @Dan_ZTT A Glyn johns biography also comes with it
  13. Sad news for the Bentley. It’s a bit of a heap. An opportunity if you feel brave. Panhard65 is kindly handling the sale if you fancy it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225175407681?hash=item346d800c41:g:hTAAAOSw7s5jLZsU&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoHzdLllDKbs3jHYsfgaR2puvBxebMbI2r04cRCZ515Px4C9jR9JubjdvkIDDI%2BR3Jfs0CjzMXuWGK%2FWgIHppRYWQUA6aBHUsaJbCB3URV9f3dmkkmis%2B2l5%2FnJ9xP7izG1w3ciruNe0wFKH9eGbsc8jISbO%2FB1uOSx0QN%2BbNLiBlR5m4vTnLJE0PU4G7QOvtPurPavPnvpSQgPJxSFA7orc%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8aw7bDtYA
  14. I have to hold my hand up - I was the twat. I had some business in Bristol and offered to make a detour by si’s house to let him look at the tt. On the way up I stopped off at a dealer and did a deal with the dealer for the bmw. As I explained to Si, I had some reservations about the functioning of the DSG- which I shared with the him and the dealer. At the end of the day my comfort level for offering a car here is at a higher bar than when selling to the trade. I guess I don’t like to hear when cars I’ve sold in good faith go wrong for forum members. Apologies again to Si .
  15. Probably- it’s got the look of Poundland- and the grilles are Matt rather than gloss.
  16. I thought the dechromed thing was a Poundland aerosol special but decoding the vin says it was a factory “Shadow line” option.
  17. Also- Shockingly I have looked and looked and nobody has attached a fake m sport/ m power badge to it. I did an initial search expecting to have to remove at least a few.
  18. I can’t believe the rear 3/4 view, it almost looks like the boot isnt closed properly. Dogs breakfast. It does drive and steer really nicely. I didn’t like the look of the dash and controls but it’s very impressive. The centre glovebox has aircon too, perfect for some chilled refreshments.
  19. So with the mulsanne turbo in disgrace I was down to the tt as the only car. Actually it was brilliant but it was not great even for kids in the back. I’m on a self enforced 2 car limit. In the end I used this as an excuse to replace it with a way more “practical” daily. I breifly considered a Maserati qp but a cheap one of those is probably a stylish way to get very poor. Plus there seem to be no specialists for those anywhere remotely near to me. In the end I decided rather than a cheap ish, expensive, pretty car, get a cheap, ugly one instead. Ugly and sinister looking in black with dents. I’m not sure what the design team were into in the late 90s but it must have been good. E65 730d
  20. HMC

    What the hell

    Actually sort of correct- Pininfarina on an Mgb, mid 60s apparnetly
  21. HMC

    What the hell

    Some sort of design study for a BL roadster that got flushed down the toilet because of no money?
  22. The best ever range on my former fleet was a c5 a6 tdi estate that would do the trip to Germany on one tank- about 680 miles. Can’t beat 1000!
  23. Take a patient thickness gauge to the viewing, especially if it’s a sub £1000 banger. Spend at least an hour panel by panel.
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