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  1. Hello! Good work on getting the coupé, something I should have done long ago
  2. Plug it back in lying it next to the open door so you can just use the motor?
  3. an "S"? aye, the volvo is going. Either that or there's about to be a very popular raffle.
  4. I reckon @LightBulbFun has an alert which triggers when ever anyone writes the word light or bulb in a post
  5. We need to dig that out, when you're working a few less hours!
  6. Definitely a soldering iron, clean then warm the contact surfaces, then push them hard together whilst scribbling side to side over the top surface perpendicular to the crack. Do the underside first so you can add in some extra material if you have it. Milk bottle top or a ball point pen.
  7. Would like to see what it looks like from lower down, but that might work out alright!
  8. Sorry, not meaning to be a twat
  9. But you could fix that there, legitimately take it to a place of repair (which might be the street outside your house), fix the rest and then take it back for a retest. I mean, I wouldn't, I'd just leave it there and grumble to myself.
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