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  1. That looks ace, to be honest. It's exactly what I *should* buy
  2. Still, at least it's not a big torquey engine 👀
  3. I found most of my quotes on the Xantia were four figures except Sheila's Wheels who were £300. I'm 38, married with kids. Mental.
  4. Did you save the veg oil for the trip home?
  5. @scaryoldcortina went to look at a £3500 leaf on Saturday, it had all the dashlights on and was a poor crash repair with bits hanging off everywhere .
  6. Bloody hell, that buys a very nice hot Clio! I keep forgetting how fucked the car market is. Our leaf was 8k and less than four years old.
  7. That's at least as big as the Duster in the back. 😐
  8. Wait, what? Pics please. Ya fucker, I'm going to need to buy a charger.
  9. Rapid charging is all well and good but for the average shitist use case home charging is all that really makes sense. If they had five seats I'd be buying one myself. A LEAF is just a bit too low a range.
  10. Oh my. There's nowt to make you reconsider whether it's a good idea as that. Good luck, we're all counting on you
  11. What I mean is that it looks like it's had a cold / condensation problem which has been hidden with an injected DPC and replacing the plaster up to a level with something non permeable. Which has now fallen off, as is inevitable. It looks like the kind of part of a house it's difficult to keep warm and ventilated.
  12. Shit cement / gypsum skim fallen off?
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