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  1. And they're incredibly dull to drive, but so is a K11 so you won't realise you're missing out.
  2. Ah shit, I need to sell some Hondas.
  3. I'm saying nowt. Couple of issues to try to get sorted (an engine mount and a minor* case of ABS system not communicating) and I get get rid of those terrible wheels and get this back into circulation
  4. Never mind facebook, report that to DVSA
  5. You are me, with no familiarity with stats, doing comp sci in 2003
  6. Are you using your own kit? Eek.
  7. Enjoy! Though that looks a bit plain. Hope the first day goes OK, don't expect too much when it's all online.
  8. If you have a really good friend with AutoAid they can ring and describe your location to come and help them* out with their* car. Obviously this is fraudulent.
  9. Got a message to rescue someone who locked their only key in a Kia. On getting there, discovered that have lost literally all the even slightly appropriate rakes and torsion levers for car keys. FFS. Still, at least I had the back up option of some furniture moving airbags and an old wire coat hanger. Open it up a crack Grab the key Drop it on the floor, FFS. Anyway, no deadlocks so just pulled on the lock lever on the drivers door and BAM get hit in the face with a door which was under pressure, quite literally. Sorted.
  10. Downloaded and reuploaded copies of portrait orientation tictok videos of recordings of landscape orientation youtube videos. Just use a fucking link.
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