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  1. Not a terrible starting point for a year, but we started the year by looking to move house and to visit @TontonTdB in Toulon again, so we needed a cruiser. First of all the LEAF went. Off to Scotland where it's being enjoyed with public only charging. Then the 305 went 405 still kicking about though. In came half of this A frigging great car, now swapped for a pink childs bike. Then this Another brilliant car, in great nick. Rapid and economical, and so low it was unusable on the roads around here. Mega shame, probably should ha
  2. They're no 205, but nor are they as unpleasant to drive as a 00s nissan.
  3. I still have a couple of sheets of stickers. "You can all fork off" etc.
  4. If you need someone to take away that'd horrible poo-y silver car there do just let me know, I'll be there in 6 hours
  5. Not sure whether I should be tagging Dan @Hirst (Made Under Licence) or @danthecapriman
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