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  1. Where did you take it?
  2. Should be old enough to be pre-MUX too, get it bought
  3. Two pairs. Rarely have to change the inner one. I should have worn some from my 20 boxes yesterday, when I ended up with gloss paint all over my hands
  4. Would probably be fun with an AUQ in too, but then you'd want it to go around corners too, no?
  5. loserone

    Pride & Joy

    And let me have a go, I need* to convince myself that it's not acceptable to put kids in one. *The reason I sold mine for £120 with 12 months test
  6. There was one on eBay last week, @Jim Bell did you win it?
  7. loserone

    Pride & Joy

    They're brilliant. In the US they put b6 and b8 (the 1.6 and 1.8 engines from the MX5) in them, giving a starting point of 135bhp. Great steering, nimble, light, good visibility.
  8. As you can see, this was a case of "I wonder how long it will keep running", rather than a restoration (my MX5 was much better, as has the work on @gm's MX5 recently!). I believe it's still running, being used as a farm hack. One day I'll have the bottle to upload the video review I made, but I keep bursting out into laughter because of the uncanny pace a manual 2.0 petrol picasso can achieve on twisty County Durham roads.
  9. Unreasonable (ly cheap) to the point of making me feel guilty, but I give him lots of work to do..
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