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  1. This article suggests that they will be selling the Duster with Lada badges. And presumably still doing so in 30 years time.
  2. Duster has done about 800miles now. Averaging 52mpg brim to brim. Its even taken me to the pub, and has gone through a number of fords (we do live in Weardale after all). Today's exciting progress was a set of genuine rubber mats.
  3. Isn't that a legal requirement, so that it's not a pair of white lights coming towards you? I thought that one reversing light and one fog light was the law..
  4. I'm told that Dacia are quite good at this. Looking at my Duster, no wheel arch liners is a good example - and it makes it easier to rinse the salty crap off. Apparently they also miss out heat shields off the front brakes, so there's less to go rusty and fall off. Hopefully they have put enough rust proofing on and so on.
  5. That's some grade A level internet trolling right there.
  6. Aye, I once got stung for a small round in Oslo though, so I remember why my Norwegian colleagues got paid more than I did. There's a reason there's so many electric cars about over there!
  7. My neighbour has had three now, he says each one is slightly higher geared and gets better fuel economy. But he still doesn't pull away in first (and nor do I)
  8. And you can't have poverty spec or the cheaper engines
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