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  1. When's it for sale? 😁 @Split_Pin ya bugger, poor @320touring thinks I'm after his orrible Merc now 😂
  2. It doesn't work, she always knows the old Peugeot in the back lane or round the corner in the car park is mine. Last time she said nothing until she suggested we used it for a trip out.
  3. I would be seriously tempted to fuck lacquer off and wax the trim. It's not like it will be touched with grubby fingered children eating ham and mustard sandwiches, and it will leave it as real wood, not some shiny monstrosity. Much respect for taking this on, I just couldn't but I'd love to try it.
  4. Work colleague went for a look but reckoned the seller was a boy racer and it will have been ragged. Looking at the expensive aftermarket lights and wheels, I agree. Still would, obviously, but I already have one that colour. Lights will sell for £200 on facebook.
  5. Get some earplugs (good ones designed for gigs or listening, not ear defenders or plugs for sleeping in cities), and get yourself to the Brudenell. Arena gigs are one thing, and a laugh in your teens, but it's not really about listening to music, is it?
  6. This is an important point oft not considered.
  7. I took a mate to a gig last year. He got so drunk on strong IPAs that he heckled abuse enough to make the band stop, and was then an embarrassment for the rest of the evening. He was also such a state when I dropped him home that his Mrs didn't talk to me or my Mrs for a month, and apparently the next two days were a right off.
  8. Good work. Mine was grim and the most expensive car to run I've ever had.
  9. I'm the same, it's a challenging high concentration environment for me, invariably done at a time of high family stress and either with very young babies or elderly relatives in the car, which itself is something unsuitable (n/a Impreza, Ls400 etc.) Something to be wary of @LightBulbFun, you might not have much experience of traffic free open roads when you pass. This sounds like the easiest driving environment ever, but nearly everyone I know who learnt in a city subsequently crashed or had a mental breakdown when they tried covering distance cross country e.g. via Alston, because it's so different.
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