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  1. Brilliant. I was just thinking today it had been a while since you were on here Here's my dad's old maestro, E510GCN
  2. Is @dugong still over that way?
  3. Cheers for coming along everyone, I feel much better now the 205 has it's old coil back on and is running really smoothly again. Quite pleased with the turnout , only regret now is that I didn't get a chance to try @Jim Bell's Merc or @Lacquer Peel's awesome 850. edit: or get much chance to speak to @Split_Pin who vanished much earlier than I expected!
  4. Eeees a wizard signal-2021-07-25-102427.mp4
  5. That'll be Karen. (And Jim Bell's twixes) Karen mentioned she hadn't managed to keep track of all the orders, so just in case anyone forget to pay give me a shout and I'll settle up with her when I go to try to get the 205 going again in a bit. Bizzarely it just stopped dead and wouldn't restart for more than five seconds. Which is great* as it's our only working car.
  6. Wuss. @Tickmanleft home at 0430 and won't be home for hours yet
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