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  1. Trying to clear some room in the garage for the 305. Christ where did all this shit come from?
  2. Yeah, I bet it was pretty rancid, thanks to everyone's efforts making it more habitable! I currently think I have to sell it, as it's not got the "drive of your life" steering I really want, and I can only afford to run one toy car and I like the MGF too much. But fret not, I have three potential plans and no matter which comes to fruition, it will still be on the forum (and one keeps in my street)
  3. Yeah, Henry has always been shit at dog hair 😂 Reckon a nice day out in the sales for it tomorrow, though I'm struggling to get the kids' seats tight enough in the back
  4. Question asked, Miguel is learning English and might be happy to help.
  5. Fookin good car that. Believe it's been sold on but is still running round the island
  6. Cheers again John. Christ this thing is shit 🤣
  7. Will that include the little shack 1/2 a mile west on the A66 that sells hot ribena? Scotch Corner services best* for having non-working rapid chargers when you only have 12 miles of range left.
  8. Eek, learning to drive in an auto? Looks lovely mind
  9. I'd give them a good home too, but not sure they'd fit in the Subaru, and I use the leaf for shorter journeys. If they're still about next week I may pop over in the 305..?
  10. Bloody odd to think this and the shortest 305 were the same year
  11. Wish you'd said before, those locks aren't too tricky to pick
  12. If I didn't know, I'd be looking at that picture for an embarrassingly long time
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