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  1. You seem to have a different default stream. If you look at the address bar on unread content, is it autoshite.com/discover/unread, or /discover/21 or something? Change the number to the word unread and set it as your default stream
  2. You would be amazed who gets done with these.
  3. You need to download images from google and re-host them, as that's not publicly viewable.
  4. The 107 was briefly removed from the from last night, and replaced again an hour later with a new waterpump. MUCH quieter. Sadly the battery was making horrible noises and so has been removed.
  5. That does look like a comfortable place to be
  6. The seat frame might tear up your arse getting in though, if I remember rightly
  7. Must be a three litre senator
  8. You're going to be soooo pleased
  9. Well that's a totally different way of doing it, and that option wasn't there in the last version, but it does do exactly what I need. Thanks! https://autoshite.com/settings/links/
  10. Yes, this is the default setting. You used to be able to configure a stream so that the topic title worked in the same way as the dot, and that's all that stream was configured to do. I use a pretty small scaling on my phone, so clicking on the dot is pretty much impossible.
  11. I have my default stream set as https://autoshite.com/discover/26/ This used to work so that clicking on the topic title opened the first unread post, but it doesn't work anymore. Can't seem to find the option to fix it on my phone either.
  12. So a bit of duct tape and a clutch and it's good to go?
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