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  1. It runs beautifully https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfH1exFDZ90/
  2. Heroic. Looking forward to seeing the veg munching camper in a field near me.
  3. @dollywobbler woz ere https://youtu.be/FH8G_1OCkd0
  4. It'll be sipping the veg away with the sunroof open eh?
  5. Yes, but have you bought it yet? I would love to try a diesel 19.
  6. Was six degrees warmer there than here yesterday, and that's not unusual
  7. (we went to the park in Shadforth with some Ukrainians and their hosts. Somehow my middle child managed to crash and bend an electric wheelchair so I have a bit of fixing to do today)
  8. Have a nice trip! I went past your new car yesterday and there was no sign of it being on fire.
  9. They've arrived, they feel like heavy duty quality stuff. Not used them yet but expect they will perform admirably.
  10. Kill it with fire, the hateful thing. I am not sure why I hated this one so much, it should have been marvellous
  11. I have Lexia you're welcome to borrow the cable for (or use here with my laptop)
  12. Buy more leaves. Maybe.
  13. Tractor battery is dead, kids left the ignition on again. I left my jump leads in Belgentier, so I've just bought these: https://www.durite.co.uk/itm/Booster-Cables/Set-of-Two-Extra-Heavy-Duty-Slave-Leads-300A-25m/020420 If they're shit I'm blaming @cobblers
  14. And to demonstrate slagginess, the first picture is of my old Toledo I bought from Trigger who bought it from Mr Lobster. I swapped it with Jim Bell. John also had my old Kia Pride, which I bought from DodgyTom
  15. Sure it's the car? JohnK has had quite a few cars..
  16. I love that C10 so much I'm looking at radio controlled ones because I'll never be able to afford a real one. It's a million times better than what it replaced.
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