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  1. Talk to me about this. I have an interview for a role in the police next week.
  2. Hang on, if we're including a breadvan polo, how low can we go? An Impreza? I'd call that just a hatchback. What about a Peugeot Partner?
  3. That's not how I would describe @Inspector Morose😂
  4. A petrol one would be entirely inappropriate. How much is it?
  5. I need to stay out of this thread. Estates are good. I need to get this one back on the road. This boy is nearly six now. These two were good too, but both too low. This one was grand, but complicated But the best estate of all was this. I'd pay quite a lot for a solid, original one of these now. It was amazing. I am currently looking at V70 D5s to replace the Partner..
  6. Theres a few folk who can only do one or the other, think I'll try to keep track and if it's roughly even toss a coin
  7. Anyone game for this again? Maybe first weekend of half term, the 19th of February?
  8. Yeah, it was a bit too stiff for the roads here!
  9. I went to look at @Lacquer Peel's whilst @sdkrc was stuck at the side of the M80, and it's a totally different colour again.
  10. Liked for the last sentence only.
  11. Oh! Is this what I was being buttered up for?
  12. Who's ever seen smiles like this from @Tickman@stereotype?
  13. Glad you got home OK. Best Domino's pizza I've ever eaten.
  14. You lot realise that the whole premise of the thread was to take the piss out of of exactly this kind of wank?
  15. This doesn't really apply. You can still go for jobs and should be applying, but you will need to wait for your redundancy to come through before you start - any employer is going to see that you would be stupid to miss out on the redundancy pay.
  16. Find out what size but that is, and buy one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Y-WRENCH-SCOKET-SET-8MM-10MM-12MM-MOTORCYLE-MECHANIC-GARAGE-WORKSHOP-TOOL-/275031155579?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  17. This video (losing the left channel halfway through) actually hurt my ears Does sound amazing.
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