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  1. One of the tyres is the single front tyre which was OK, I think? Beer is from me though, to try to make up for some cobwebs!
  2. Got any pics? Would be a terrible shame if someone stuck them on his ads
  3. Hey @JimH how is my bodged PaS pipe doing on the FRV?
  4. A casual examination of that RAV4 will not be enough. I have seen the pictures of the one Toyota restored. I've also been underneath them before. Fuck. That.
  5. Bit of a tickle on the sill and it'll be a forever car. I don't like the stance, but I like that you're treating it. It's a grand car.
  6. Sorry man, but I'm also pleased I didn't divert that way as I didn't get home till 9 as it was and traffic was awful. Got to be someone over that way!
  7. I am not someone who you want looking at a car for a mechanical inspection, but I am 14 minutes away from Rugby and could spare 20 minutes at around 4.30pm tomorrow if someone looking at it and making sure it exists made your life better
  8. Has he sold you a different one yet?
  9. Ooh, is that £600 a year to tax? Or just old enough?
  10. @Jazoli that Merc looks great. Very much would.
  11. I'd forgotten that you have actually seen your car in the flesh. Good work, it's loads more exciting than the Xantia I replaced my 1/3 of it with.
  12. We've had problems with rabbits and deer this year. And moles. And rats. And a grey squirrel. FFS.
  13. They wouldn't come back on once cleared then though? The other alternative is.. what if the sensors are OK?
  14. Did you spot my Xantia? Should have hollered!
  15. I went over the top to Teesdale this afternoon, but I used the road a couple of miles to the west of the one you did. PXL_20220919_111649177.LS.mp4 Reckon the exo would be OK on this?
  16. You went away for the weekend to a place that is big enough to have a co-op? Why?
  17. How many V8 engined cars run on tyres around this size?
  18. He does have a point, I have no idea about Teslas. Do me a favour and learn about them so I don't have to research. Actually don't. Just buy a Rivian already.
  19. Do you want a skid plate? I have one lying around from my M59 partner which could surely be adapted.
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