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  1. It seems pretty damned solid. There's a rotten saloon with a OM606 only 10 miles from here.
  2. If @pogweasel doesn't win this one after his track record of success I will be bitterly disappointed
  3. I imagine they get a tonne of abuse to be fair
  4. Never mind that, looks like the 124 may be being weighed in. Exhaust gases leaving via the cooling system.. with no history and unknown how long the HG may have been dodged for, its probably not worth spending the time and money on.
  5. Thanks man, future me really appreciates that.
  6. Any especially keen interested parties in the SEX DEN S124 please feel free to reach out to save me typing up a for sale thread.
  7. Interesting times Looks like I'm ev shopping again!
  8. Really like Seppo and he has great taste
  9. Maybe it's different now they're an old car, not a modern daily.
  10. My first car was T911AJR. Brokers thought my dad said P911AJR. Was a pretty reasonable £3k, my dad didn't spot the car was different and called me up to say don't buy the Daewoo Lanos.
  11. What's the engine? Wonder how much something like that would be to buy. @Jimbob McGregor would love* me for that.
  12. one of our neighbours has a disco likely that. She's a farmer and must do 40-50k a year. Never seems to have any trouble with it.
  13. No longer permitted an opinion. Will remove it.
  14. That's tonight's listening sorted
  15. What's this actually worth? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/971349260552585/ Test expired December, flat battery, decade old cambelt. £125 scrap.
  16. I got some proper hacky looks before Christmas, picking up the kids from school in the Clio when the starter was a bit sticky and having to single handedly bump start it in the dark and snow. I thought I did pretty well doing it smoothly though!
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