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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PEUGEOT-106-205-305-306-309-405-ENGINE-MOUNTING-MOUNT-BEARING-8431921-/184958291344?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Like this
  2. 205 got a new engine mount tonight which has improved it more than I expected. I didn't get a picture, so instead here's one of @Jimbob McGregor's Puh for Panda with the Maisie Mountain Mountain Moon in the background
  3. Unless it's a Luton transit with a peeled back roof and no second gear
  4. It's the answer to the question nobody asked. Can you fit eight 215/65r16 tyres, half on wheels, in the back of a 205. yes. Yes you can.
  5. A fair whack of progress last night. I ran the CR-V up to the garage so that the wheels could be removed and run up to have a set of Continental all season tyres fitted. Shortly afterwards, Mrs L1 went off to get some cash to pay the windowcleaner. And couldn't get back.. A quick whack on the starter solenoid got it going again but it's not running right. BUMHATS. Once the kids were in bed, I head back to the garage after murdering a couple of cocks. Somehow this place seems to be filled with my cars. Jimbob cracked on with the 205 whilst I faffed around under the CR-V. Firstly the EML is on and it's throwing a code for the lambda sensor. Let's have a look. Ah, this might be the issue: signal-2021-09-13-205117.mp4 Moving on. What else is there: That should be OK to sort out. What else? Oh. That's better* Bit more? This isn't too healthy Betterer Now, what about the 205? Jimbob had nicely wired in a relay to allow a fresh wire to carry power to the starter motor. Time to check it. Hmm, that's quiet. Relay is fucked! signal-2021-09-13-222503.mp4 Insert a nice new yellow Siemens one Stuck a new handbrake cable in too, then time to head home: What a transformation! Starter kicks in strongly, an air leak above the carb sorted means it's pulling well and the handbrake is back to rights. HUZZAH!
  6. Seven percent? You'll barely notice it. Given the commitment and length of time you've been there, I'd be arguing for 50-60%. That's at least what you're looking for to move, no?
  7. For god's sake just buy the T5
  8. It's outside my house right now
  9. I used to work for Aker Solutions, this seems very much like them! https://fb.watch/7VrOLf_xHY/
  10. Bonus points for identifying the FOEM spotter's vehicle
  11. Well, this has been working brilliantly for everyone who isn't my wife squeezing in the middle in the back. The 205 has had a bit of a splutter when the coil failed on the way home from TWIXFEST and recently the wiring for the starter is playing up so it's not engaging the starter when hot. A new live feed from the battery with a relay to operate it is inevitable, as yesterday Mrs_L1 stalled and couldn't get it restarted so got the bus home instead, leaving the car to be SPOTTED by a local FOEMER Thankfully @Jimbob McGregor needed a ride home from the MOT station so he used it for that, and it was fine. However, confidence is a bit lost as a car for her to run around in with three kids. Thankfully @Tickman reminded @320touring that he was supposed to be selling a car on behalf of his family, so I made his job as easy as possible. With many, many thanks to @Lacquer Peel for taking the time to drive a big car with black leather in the hot sun for three hours.
  12. Does @autofive still have his? I seem to recall it having a leaky water pump made of unobtainium, so he was running it on a total loss basis for two years or something.
  13. We went last week - start at Low Way farm, there's a nice cafe and you can save paying to walk over the bridge. If you get lost over the hill to the north, shout
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