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  1. Well that's any sort of relaxing out of the window, 2 hours and she still hasn't come back into herself. We've given up and gone to bed.
  2. Another evening stolen by youngest's meltdown. Currently an hour in with frayed tempers. She is a totally different person when her mood is like this and very hard to cope with.
  3. They're a bastard when the hole is a bit corroded, I usually end up with a slightly undersized pin.
  4. If indeed it is so equipped. A lot of the PSA stuff had a top mount inter cooler.
  5. Sorry, I thought I'd replied earlier with a shit pic, but I hadn't. This is far clearer than my effort. Crank sensor hole is lower and further forward in this example.
  6. Hang fire, I'll try and get a picture of my 1.6 tu if i can.
  7. That would be ace. Thank you! With the benefit of more time I can sort a plan for getting them from you, the new car is on wolfraces and huge spacers which I'm really not a fan of.
  8. How has nobody mentioned the Chrysler Neon yet? Fucktacular.
  9. Anyone near Leicester able to snag a set of Citroen C5 alloys for me please? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233473662782 Ending v soon on eBay but I haven't time to collect before my new job starts. @Bucketeer @snagglepuss and @jumpingjehovahs have all mentioned Leicester recently, am I too late in asking?
  10. Get your chequebooks out chaps; https://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-77441986.html
  11. BSI - Body Systems Interface I had one of those xsaras once too, the automotive equivalent of local radio, a little outdated and a bit on the tedious side.
  12. Pretty much, yeah. When I came up with the original design, it was just a funny place name I remembered passing on my frequent journeys from home to Lincolnshire.
  13. I think the .com might be a bit too prominent on this version though.
  14. What does anyone think to the new design? I can change the colours easy enough. I will probably order a batch of each, just interested in your thoughts!
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