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  1. My Datsun is up for sale again with a lot of the repair work it needed, done. Good to his word the owner contacted me to tell me, but I really can't afford it 😫
  2. Where it's going, it won't need roads!
  3. Did you get your rear blind clips in the end? Only I found some for you on a car at work if not.
  4. Seriously, fuck whoever plumbed this lot in, that cunt. I've had to pull a wall load of badly fitted tiles down, re-plumb the sink, the lav and now the bath. To cap it all off the new waste has a fancy metal plug that won't fit the fucking plughole. Cunt cunt cuntity cunting cuntfucklet.
  5. This thing is a bastard. The compression joint was leaking from day one, so that shut off the valves, froze the pipe and put new olives on and now both ends of the rad are leaking. FFS!
  6. I wondered where this one had ended up! It's a lovely colour if it gets a good polish up.
  7. Let's have a bit of order here! Snagglepuss Jerzy Woking Ruffgeezer Sent /Received Wingz123 Chaceracer Northern Monkey TheDoctor Dippy rantingYoof brownova Gm Saabnut Taxipaul ohdearme Andy18S NorfolkNWeigh Dozeydustman NewPOD Craig the Princess Dick Longbridge Sims00 Bren Flat4 Tommotech gadgetgricey Inconsistant bangernomics cms206 bigstraight6 paulplom Boggymires Fatharris Drivewaymyway TUL66 Spurious
  8. It is Ex forrestry commission, the colour is forrest green. It is a decent spec being the hdi engine, electric pack etc and the bash plate underneath.
  9. If it isn't putting you to too much trouble, yes please. It's one of the few I've had that fits my massive bonce nicely!
  10. Bollocks, I knew I'd miss something! I also forgot to give you your complimentary Autoshite stickers!
  11. Extracted this yesterday, sadly it isn't mine. Laid up over 40 years and it still rolled out easily!
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