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  1. I haven't scanned it for fault codes, but no engine light. When I was last using it. I had noticed a drop in fuel economy and a bit of smoke on start/ cold idle. It's also getting a bit harder to start from cold, which when I bought it was down to one of the injectors leaking off too much and dumping the fuel pressure. We ended up going on holiday in it with a spare battery in the boot and a can of hairspray on hand to help get it going each day, Katy's Berlingo having been written off the week before!
  2. Yes, most leak off test kits come equipped for up to 6 cylinders. In this case we have connected to 5 cylinders and I would be expecting to see one injector with a higher level in the bottle than the others to show it is dumping fuel down the return. Yes the grey wonder wagon may still find itself heading this way, we shall see what the tide brings!
  3. Definitely a shiter's weekend. Out of the house early-ish to collect a second hand shed, which put up a bit of a fight to get dismantled, loaded up and dragged home behind my father-in-law's aging C5 Estate. Then, buoyed by the fact the shed seemed to be better than I'd expected, I got on with my list of automotive alements... The S40 gets a front brake service and the discs de-scaling. The Kuga finally gets the new discs and pads it's been waiting on to cure the steering shake when braking, it's also treated to a quick wipe over with Demon Clean Pink Gloss
  4. If I'm being brutally honest, it's strong money for one with a damaged bumper and that potentially has no history. If you know it has volvo history and you want good money, do the legwork and it'll help no end.
  5. It's not a saloon is it? Dave at work's mk1 had the passenger rear quarterlight fall out recently and we are yet to find a replacement as it's specific to the saloon model.
  6. Yeah I think it'll benefit from some more fuel in the tank, I might grab a can of fresh diesel as the nearest place to get red is a fair way out of my way.
  7. Still no real joy, there's a thud through the exhaust but no real sign of life.
  8. Had a go at starting this big metal slag today... With the decompression lever open, it turns quite freely, and is a lot tighter with it shut which is positive. It doesn't appear to draw any fuel from the overhead tank, but that may e as the level in it is low. I can't see anywhere on it to set it to a starting position as mentioned in the manual, so I might have to clean it up some more tomorrow before I give it another go.
  9. Thanks, I managed to refer back to an older diagram to get those. The latest version I have handily didn't have the codes/descriptions intact. I think I'd read the diagram the wrong way, the relay should have been supplying a fuse that powered those but isn't. Back to the drawing board.
  10. Still looking at wiring diagrams for the van, seems I'm missing a live somewhere... Edit; full diagram attached for anyone who fancies having a look, item 1304 seems to be missing a live, the one responsible for turning the ECU on with the ignition. Thanks. pugexpert.pdf
  11. And what the fuck are these supposed to be?
  12. Portrait of a life by shite... I only borrowed it having put a fresh bit of sill and a spring on it on Tuesday, and it's still here having failed to proceed when I actually had use for the sodding thing.
  13. Thanks for all the pics! I still have a LOT of spares, so please don't be shy in asking!
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