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  1. Took another ride out in it today, it's competent, capable and a bit dull. I think ultimately I shall be giving it a good scrub up and setting it of towards pastures new.
  2. Well the dehumidifier has certainly been working its magic, it is less musty inside than when I brought it home, an el cheapo air fresher will help with the rest. The laptop I bought on here last year has been loaded Forscan with a £16 lead from ebay and it talks nicely to the car, only 1 code stored for open circuit of the fuel temperature sensor. Connection cleaned, and a new gland fitted to the plug and the issue is gone. Seats still look a bit moody after the first shampoo, might have to give it a real good scrub.
  3. I know one of them will be going as soon as I have it all sorted out.
  4. Bought a new bigger toolbox for the garage at home to transplant my work kit into. Its bigger so why the fuck can't I get it all in properly? Having looked again, it's got fewer but deeper drawers than the old one. Fucksticks, I might have to have a rethink!
  5. Alternator, auxilary belt and upper engine mount changed successfully.
  6. Seats are a bit grim, but I shall deploy the steam cleaner and wetvac and see where that gets me. I've been sat all afternoon wishing I could just get on with some of the work I need to be getting on with.
  7. Is there really? Hmmm, I wo der what the laws are with recovering such things...
  8. Next up on the list of things to sort is the fuel temperature sensor, which if it is duff entails replacing all of the low fressure fuel lines. That being the case I shall hang the new one off of the wiring first and see if the fault will clear. I also got a new window switch as the one on the car has suffered from sweaty paws in the past. Small and seemingly pointless repairs I know, but tidying the cosmetics goes a long way to making a car look more looked after and less down at heel.
  9. Too fucking right I'm too tight! I went to the local scrappers and they for once had lots of what I needed, including a fiesta in the same colour. So today I changed the boot light for one with a good seal (I applied some grease to it as a secondary barrier) I also snagged a full set of body colour door handles, but wish I'd have got the boot handle too. They are quick and easy to change, under 15 mins to do the set. Looks a bit more modern for it I reckon. The cable is as now I have mopped the boot out and, cleaned and oiled the jack and spare wheel, I have set up a dehumidifier to try and take some of the damp out of the interior. If I get a chance I shall give the seats a deep clean too, but Mrs Ruff's S40 has spat its alternator so that has jumped the queue a bit!
  10. So I recently agreed to by this from a local trader, it was traded in against a newer model with fewer miles. It's a 1.4 TDCi with 95k and a reasonable bit of history. It's pretty straight save for a crease in the bottom of the driver's door. The current snag list is; Faint smell of injector seal leakage Water in the boot (common for the 3rd brake light seal to perish) boot won't open on the central locking interior is a bit grim Oil mist around top of engine (could be related to the injector issue) Thankfully this one has had a new cambelt so I won't be buggering up a water pump gasket over Christmas like the one I bought off of @DaveDorson last year.
  11. @SiC there is a really informative video about VAG tdis with the p0087 fault you described. Definitely worth a look.
  12. If you think that's excessive , I once had to fit a reversing camera and screen to a smart fortwo.
  13. One in; a little winter project... It looks to have been well cared for and is a good spec, needs the injector seals and inlet gaskets doing. Plus a sizable snag list. That being said I think I still want @DavidB's Audi over this.
  14. You haven't found how much the top mounts are yet!
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