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  1. Try pulling the handbrake on at low speeds, if the clonk appears then, it is the rear beam mounts which often go unspotted.
  2. Welder sold. Now selling my 1/2” drive snap on battery impact gun. Its a ctu6850 with 2 good batteries, charger and torch. Asking £200 plus postage.
  3. I got a surprising response from pass out to attend this if I wanted, but I'm not sure I've it in me to plod down all that way on my own, my head has a habit of stopping me enjoying these things, it's a gamble for me.
  4. Its hard to say, it almost looks to have small fins on the back, along with a low roof line.
  5. A heads up, I'm looking to change my impact guns at work, both Snap On NiCad powered, I've been offered £150 for the 1/2” gun, which has a charger, 2 batteries and a matching torch. The 3/8 gun is the smaller nut runner style, more of a labour saver than an impact tool really, it has 3 batteries and a charger and I've been offered £90 on it. If anyone here is interested before I chop them in, please drop me a pm. They are both in good working order but I am looking to get something with a bit more grunt (the 1/2 does over 350nm, its replacement over 1000!)
  6. Away on a jolly this weekend, and upon exiting the car at the b&b, my shitesense tingles and I peep over the fence... What is that nestled with the 2CV?
  7. Think I have a spare clarity head unit in the garage. They are a bit cheap and nasty in use if I'm honest (I have one in my Ax) but it is £25 plus post.
  8. The biggest issue for finding one under a ton today is that if you scrap a car, you'll likely get more than that. I sent a 2006 Astra estate over the bridge yesterday and netted £150, no hassle or arguments, gone. You can get steals, but I think you have to be known as a car person or be prepared to tuck someone up on a car, ie you KNOW it is worth more as scrap, but you just don't tell them. We admitted to the Astra owner what we got for it scrap, in return we got to pick a few bits off of it before it went. Even the 106 with a day's mot set us back £120
  9. The coils are prone to splitting, almost a consumable item on these, along with exhaust flange nuts and heat shields.
  10. Anyone got an owners pack for a 2002 Volvo v70? I only got the service book with mine.
  11. Ah man another car I'd love to try. If only I could get some of the other stuff I have on stock sold.
  12. I wondered why I'd got a notification from this thread! I'm afraid i didn't stay to see the cars get sold as I'd already been there most of the day just to get to things I wanted to bid on!
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