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  1. Try Philip at bullwinkles garage, there used to be an Xm in the yard there. 01507 578252
  2. I'd look for a Volvo V50 petrol, not huge but a decently proportioned, modern estate with relatively few frills.
  3. I started on the service items on the little fiesta I collected a week ago, since I have been unsuccessful so far in finding anyone who is willing to admit servicing it, save for the 2 stamps in the book (one in 2009 and one in 2013), I have decided that it'll want a full service. The air filter didn't look too bad, and was not a ford item so it has at least had some attention more recently, indeed the air box would have been off when the injector seals failed in 2018. Dave mentioned a hesitation issue in his advert, and the first port of call with the 1.4 and 1.6 Tdci/Hdi engi
  4. Nah, he's off his hinges, that bloke.
  5. I'm can recall replacing quite a few coolant temp sensors on the later model Cits, so it might have been running rich due to the sensor misreading. Do take the wiper arms and scuttle trim off and remove the scuttle drain bungs as they will be full of shite that ultimately leads to water ingress into the cabin.
  6. Another vacuum cleaner in the garage, another counting field mouse living in the dust bag. Furry little shite.
  7. After an early(ish) sortie to Peterborough this morning and a meeting with @DaveDorson of this parish I'm now the proud owner of a Fiesta. A quick load up and a natter and then it was an about turn and head back to the flatlands I call home. I stopped briefly at some services to check and refit the straps before taking a gentle ride home, with the Volvo clocking up its 319,900th mile en-route. Sadly the picture I took after loading has disappeared, so here it is as it arrived at mine; It has been laid up since March according to Dave and will need a thorough
  8. I did used to keep an up to date spreadsheet of all sales, been a bit lax of late mind. When I next get paid I'll put an order in and update the thread here.
  9. It's this one, which is a two colour backed in white, internal cling sticker (as I know some of you will want to use them on more than one car!)
  10. Uhm, say how many you want and I'll keep adding them to the list I guess?
  11. Hi all, Sorry I'd had my eye well and truly off the ball of late, what I have decided is that I will be getting another batch of the original style knocked up (as in my signature), but I may have to revise the price as the cost of postage has gone up considerably since I started doing them, either that or making a minimum order of 2. If anyone interested could stick their names on the list below with a quantity and I shall get the wheels in motion for another batch. @groovylee @ETCHY @Cookiesouwest @Unclefester @j-j @billy_bunter
  12. Spotted a cheap C220 auto nearby which I thought idea to run for a while after my impending op, contacted the seller, no reply. Messaged again asking for his phone number, he replies saying he'll send it later. No reply. Car now sold. FFS
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