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  1. Attempted to buy another Berlingo with a broken rear torsion bar, dragging it's arse around like a broken dog. With a months mot, high mileage 1.9 boat anchor and rough as arseholes, it was up at £200. I arranged to go, asked if price was negotiable, and went. Had my offer of £150 knocked back, they relented and offered it at £170 less the towbar... ....err, no thanks!
  2. You know, when I had mine a few years ago, I said exactly the same thing!
  3. Bollocks, only just spotted this or I'd have popped around to say hi, I live in the next village along from Stickney!
  4. Chris champion on Datsun owners. He is going to fit a turbo engine and paint it.
  5. I should not have sold my Datsun, I am having real regrets about it and am unlikely to be able to afford another cool 70s estate.
  6. Fuckingfucketyfuckfucks, I can't make it as I'm taking the olds out for the day to Splading. 🥺
  7. A woman once accused me of sexual harassment, ...but I didn't hold it against her!
  8. Gotta feed the need! 😀
  9. We've a freelander 2 diesel due up for sale soon, what is your budget sir?
  10. Cool, drop me a on and we'll get something sorted!
  11. Anyone interested in this selection of light meters etc? Can be boxed and posted.
  12. Collected this today as part of a deal from work, any one here bike lickery enough to be able to value/ id it? Non runner and no keys sadly.
  13. What I have left are in my drawer at work, I will have a count up and let you all know what there is. I'm considering a redesign for the next batch, perhaps something a little more 80s?
  14. I've done a lot to mine, it is at best "OK", if you don't need the 4x4 bit, don't bother as nothing else it does is that good.
  15. Forgot to say; Pete at work will be selling his Honda Legend shortly. It is a big wafty auto barge and is within your budget. Think it is around a 2000/2002?
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