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  1. Picked this up locally from the partner of my wife's friend. It's a Mitsubishi ASX, and I must confess, I had no idea what one of those was when I agreed to go and take a look at it. Clearly it was aimed at the sector of the market occupied by the Qashqai This one comes with free bollard action: Looks reasonably smart from here. The interior is grubby, and the carpet is worn, I will give it a good once over and treat it to some decent floor mats. I've given the scratches a bit of a polish and they are still there unsurprisingly. Boot lid is grufty, apparently a common issue with these. So far I've put 3 tyres on it, stripped all the brakes and fitted new pads all round - typical japanese stuff with sticky sliders and those shitty little shims that are an arsehole to get back in.
  2. Getz back together today, throttle plate housing gasket made up from the side of a top mount carton. Can't talk to it properly with my generic cheapo scanner (this seems to be a known issue) and I couldn't get the old laptop with Delphi on to fire up at all, so I may have to go searching for another copy of the clone software to install on the newer machine. If anyone has any hints for Delphi please pm me.
  3. Tell you the truth I didn't have an issue with it talking to my scanner from what I recall.
  4. A quick update then - The Audi I finally got to grips with, the breather hoses and turbo inlet seal have been changed, the lower bolt securing the inlet flange to the turbo wasn't the tightest and the seal had gone hard, so this should deal with the oily mess. I replaced the seals on the top head of the injector pump and it seems the diesel smell has been cured. Long term I'm afraid it needs to go as my back is too fucked to be getting in and out of it regularly, I had been using the Getz for daily duties but... ...Yeah that decided to have a wobbly the other day too. It disnt feel quite right when going to work, and then it would not rev at all. I managed to limp it the last 5 miles to work, and after it had cooled the problem seemingly went away. It still didn't feel quite right the following morning when I went home, so an investigation of the throttle flap was in the cards. This is a vacuum operated flap that I suspect had stuck partially closed due the the build up of shite. @wuvvum it might be worth checking yours if yoy still have it? I may well blank the EGR too for good measure. I'll have to make a new gasket for the throttle valve before refitting it too, there are plenty of amazon cartons here for that.
  5. Blimey, you do get about the place. Not too far from here but also nearly an hour away, such is life on the island county!
  6. Whereabouts in the country are you now @vulgalour? Hope the studio doesn't take you too long to settle into.
  7. Well after a round of wanting to replace a worn rear shock bush, I ended up putting a complete rear shock along with a new top mount on the car, instead of a tenner's worth of parts, it was over £50. Still it's got a clean MOT now so it was worth it.
  8. Pull the top cover off of the engine when it's warm and listen for a chuffing sound, pound to a pinch of shit, it's got a blowing injector.
  9. Of course being a shiter, I will be stripping the old motor to see if I can see why it doesn't communicate.
  10. So the primary cause was the NS window motor wouldn't communicate with the BSI and therefore the roof control module and the other two window switches. A good, used window regulator got it working and the roof to attempt to open. The secondary cause was that the previous owner had been trying to operate the roof manually which caused the catch release cables to come adrift, those refitted to the boot lid rams had it all going.
  11. Yeah it's been parked up around 18 months so is a but more crusty in some places. Body looks good on it though.
  12. I mean I have completely neglected any more pictures, but it's pretty much all done. Just need to re-bleed the new rear calipers and fit the new wheel centre cap when it arrives. MOT booked for Monday afternoon and then up for sale.
  13. I think it was ebay, but to be honest it struggled a bit on bigger stuff (see my audi thread for that) I suppose it did the job but only just.
  14. Busy day today, to celebrate the success of fixing the roof, the OSF had gone flat. It was a bit cracked anyway so I had 2 Continental part worns fitted up front. Whilst the wheels were off, I serviced rhe front brakes, refitted a missing wing bolt and changed the oil and all the filters. The cabin filter hasn't been changed in years... The rest of.the filters were newer but I wanted to get the car ready for sale so d8d them anyway. I stripped and replaced the rear pads but both handbrake mechanisms are fucked so two new calipers required. @RoverFolkUs wanted to know about the ABS... it seems these do like to tip the sensors over too, sadly in this case it had cracked the sensor body too. You cam see where it has caught the abs ring here. This morning I also bought a cleaners trolley which has been great for getting shit too and from the garage, a steal at £20. I also deployed the chinese sparkle wand to free up the brake pipe unions. Close of play for today...
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