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  1. I like it a lot, what's the story with that then, Stu?
  2. Spent the afternoon scouring wiring diagrams to try and work out why the V70 emitted a small amount of magic smoke from the heater vents when I last used it. The interior stinks of electrical mega-death and Fuse 24 had burst. I replaced that at the time and couldn't find any issues once I'd got it replaced, all very strange. The wiring diagrams offered little in the way of clues, only that F24 covers the Seat heater module (unlikely culprit as it is under the seats), the DIM (instrument cluster, previously repaired but passed the "sniff" test OK, the CCM (climate module, again smelt
  3. We had one of the same era in this week and it had broken the wires to the n/s/f sensor. I think the loom had actually rotted out.
  4. We have a pretty tidy one of these at work with no engine if you need parts or indeed anyone wants a relatively complete project? It was a pd130 but the engine was nicked for Jon's T5.
  5. Everything is fucking broken and it's pissing me off.
  6. We have had to cut chassis rails open to replace broken captive nuts before, weld in a fresh nut and weld the hole back up.
  7. Oh that one! It was just having a wee nap. Snuffsy was the name. 😇
  8. That's Max from the cartoon "Sam and Max". I'd make another one if I had a decent copy of corel and the patience to make another multi layer sticker. Edit; I'm assuming you are referring to the one that appeared on the original Trev;
  9. MOT passed, seat belt button replaced, heading on to FB and eBay this week hoping to find a new home.
  10. Cleared out the C220 ready for it to find its new home, I'll give it a quick lights and levels check at work tomorrow before floating it on ebay.
  11. Can do if I get a chance between now and Friday.
  12. We've a tidy ish 3dr golf mk4 going to scrap at the end of the week, it's missing its engine but all there bar that if you need anything.
  13. Getting a few notifications about this lately, has someone linked to it elsewhere?
  14. Whilst the Fiesta got it's Mot after work on Thursday, I spent a bit of time making this little lady watertight; The elderly owner lived close to the garage and had an 'incident' last year whereby the RH mirror got hit against a passing tractor and as a result smashed the side window. We ordered the parts in but by the time they arrived from Hyundai, she had decided to stop driving. This weekend the boss will be having a look underneath to see if it will pass another mot, and then it will be up for sale/ roffle to find it a new home.
  15. I hope you like welding. If your able to, lift the load bay floor up and see what the tin work above the back axle is like.
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