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  1. Obviously, with Scots incarcerated, the April weather was exceeding all expectations. I contrived to convince the burd to assist in washing and de-mingifiying the golf.. It got a "wan bucket, wan watering can" approach and came up ok. Then it was onto the interior.. We also discovered the meaning of 'old money' I had a look at the radiator in the car today, and it doesn't look a complex job to remove. It looks like the new radiator is correct too. I have a day off from work tomorrow so hoping to fit the rad...
  2. Indeed I do, have sent it to you (cant be arsed loading it up to the youchoobz)
  3. It's back on the original metering head now - the other one was useful in ruling out a stuck pin
  4. A mere* 10 days after the last post on this thread, some stuff happened .. Firstly, it was time to open up the lab! Hoachin Then, with a little assistance from another VAG member of the fleet, up she fired. After a bit of time to steady the idle, she trundled round onto the hardstanding, so I can start working on it. The burd is supposed to be washing it tomorrow..
  5. Have you checked that the dipstick tube is actually in the block?
  6. This decided it didn't like having the mid pipe attached to the downpipe.. a new centre box appears to be about £40. But no doubt the Backbox will be grumpy too. i'm off work tomorrow so may investigate further if weather permits. The car is currently at the hoose:)
  7. I keep on wanting one of my own again .. Right up til I have to fix the Burds.. It just never stops.. Then you drive it and all is forgiven!
  8. This is grand stuff - proper good actual information about how to sort these things out. Heres hoping for continued success:)
  9. Aye, the fusebox/dead fuel pump relay are chief suspects. Once I get to it, they'll be first priority:)
  10. That's tremendous. The picture with the lights on makes it look like a UK version of Christine
  11. So sorry to hear this - condolences and best wishes to his family. I have fond memories of him taking his shoes off to save weight whilst drag racing at Crail. All round good chap
  12. That's the ML over 100k now Have done over 4 k miles in it since end October 19
  13. Brilliant knowledge, cheers. Sounds like I can pull the fusebox off and give it a right good clean then. Can then get a new fuel relay and see how we go
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