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  1. Cannae call it a wheelie bin as it's had welding so not mainly plastic on the sills noo😂 Looking well!
  2. Final broadcast as now on M40 north..
  3. An assortment of shite from this morning's cruise. This is a canal mobile blacksmith This was a lovely boat with a really smart sunroom at the front.
  4. I'm a huge fan. The method of transport imposes a relaxing attitude, and canal people (boaters or those running businesses next to the canal) all seems pretty damn chilled re timekeeping. I also like to see bits of the countryside I have only ever seen signs for. On our first trip, we just moored up at the side of Shugborough Hall. Sauntered in and have a lovely wander round the grounds and a most passable scone. I'd only ever seen the sign on the m6
  5. Not quite canalside but prime shite..
  6. Again with the prime boatshite. News from the canal today - power to the village has been cut, so we can't raise the electric lift bridge to get to the water point and the winding hole... Gunna catch a bus to the big city instead..
  7. Some prime Canalshite And some pretty ones as a contrast
  8. Inspired by my current escapades on the Oxford Canal, I thought I'd start a thread to share the floating and non floating detritus on or nearby the floating highways.. This was a 2.5d w201 - at the wharf we collected the boat from The current floating shed The Thames is in flood, so we have only been able to come up as far as Thrupp - as the Lock onto the river is at RED so no chance of getting through safely. For context, we travelled about 7.5miles in 4hrs (lots of moored boats due to the Thames being shut, so lots of tickover running). The same trip by car.. Nevertheless such a slow cruise affords plenty opportunities for shite spotting! More to follow no doubt. I may see what nautical scrap I can share - there are some right belters!
  9. I dinnae gie a fuck 😂
  10. Back behind the tiller again. Oxford Canal for 4 nights with the Goddaughter and her parents. Brilliant times!
  11. As alluded to above, @jaypee had a go at repairing the hose with self amalgamating tape. Cheers! Before Washed Scuffed Taped Will fit it up when back from holiday - also going to see if I can hunt down a spare.
  12. We played hint the leak on this today: Got the bastard It was nice and simple* to get off, and no* coolant lost! Bit of a gangly fucker to look at - but is either likely repairable ( @jaypee is the man with the patience to try) or I have a reference picture so I can try to find a spare.
  13. Got the hand brake cable mechanism stripped down on this today. It got cleaned up, greased and refitted. Now have a balanced handbrake functioning on both wheels. Will get it in for an MOT after I am back my holidays
  14. Great to see a solutions driven approach! Best plan.😀
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