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  1. Clear the cookies on the laptop - the site will be boring up the price as they know you have already quoted
  2. Basically, no one cares about the saloons;) V90 is a handsome bastard, as is the 159 sportwagon. It's all about the estates chaps, all about the estates. Although if forced to buy a saloon.. An xfR please
  3. Great news:) nice when cars of this age can give dependable service for little effort. Keep on keeping on with it!
  4. Fair point - carbs back on please and a video of it without exhaust:)
  5. It did a job for me, but it was just so half arsed in its execution it annoyed me.
  6. Excellent work - manifold looks suitably fruity... Hopefully it sounds sublime when you give it the berries:)
  7. Enjoy the misery. I doubled back when walking the other day, just so I could give "the finger" to one that was parked up.
  8. 320touring

    TV cars

    So much this. Dual is EPIC
  9. It's just the posh headlamps on a 172. This was the one I drove to Glasgow from Birmingham with the buggered gearbox. Easily the fastest one I have owned, and. Bit fruity sounding too. Most excellent
  10. So to today. I started with high hopes This is the Volvo unit. Despite different part numbers, it has all the ports in the right place and takes the bolts from the golf one no bother. I got the bolts all swapped over and fitted the unit to the car You can see how the Volvo bolts look considerably less crusty than the golf ones With it all fitted and tightened up (including injector 4 in a test bottle) ... We got... Nothing. There was no fuel in the test bottle, and I could only hear the pumps running intermittently. Time to turn my attention to the fuel pump relay. Logic being that the metering head needs to be able to provide 75psi to the injectors to get them to open. The lack of any fuel in the test bottle suggests we are not getting sufficient fuel pressure at the metering head. This could be either due to the fuel relay being intermittent, or the main pump not providing pressure. Tucked up in the passenger footwell, the relay is easy* to reach. Initial inspection showed signs of rusting - never good After some gentle persuasion with a screwdriver, the relay was out Time to order a new one then. As a final hurrah, it also decided that it'd like to make some horrible noises when the starter tried to engage.. I think the battery may just be getting tired. So, where are we? I'm of the suspicion that: 1. Still have a starter/ignition switch issue 2. The metering head(s) are seeing insufficient fuel pressure to operate. Next step will be seeing about a new relay (possibly even a new fuseboard) and testing that. I'll likely pull the starter too. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Yesterday, I went to SVM scrapbits for to procure a part. Unbeknownst to me, until RML2345 pointed it out, the venerable 740 uses a very similar fuel distribution system. CMS had one on a known working car that was 'aff Tae the bin', so I stripped off the needed part. The bolt in the second picture was most recalcitrant, and required the application of the "Bus Destination Pole of Justice" Ably modelled by CMS206 That concluded Fridays efforts. Saturday update to come.
  12. Oooft, well in, that wan goes like fuck!
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