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  1. The Clio exhaust hanger really needs the Backbox off and the car in the air so I can build things to bolt too. Have it bodged so it doesn't rattle. Engine sounds much happier after an oil change and shiny new purflux filter. No a bad day skiddling on corrs, but it's cold damp and dark now, so game over for today
  2. Started on the boot lock whilst the Clio's oil was draining. First up was snapping all the clips that hold the boot trim on:) great fun! To be fair, some did come out undamaged. Then it was off with the bootlock This latch isn't supposed to be almost through the back of the lock.. I managed to lubricate the lock mechanism so I could get the latch to the open position. Then started refitting it. I managed to break the plastic rod that screws onto the metal rod that comes down from the handle. So it is shut but the handle does nothing. I'm happy it's secure now, so that's a win. Will need to see if there is a way to get the door open from inside - If I can figure that out, I can then get a new lock.
  3. That's what you are supposed to do for me with your fleet:)
  4. Time to drag this up from the pits.. It went into the garage when the MOT ran out in March 2019, and I had not seen it again until today: Henlo fren.. The battery was reconnected, and it fires up first turn of the key I'm now trying to work out whether to sell it, or get it back on the road.. Such a handsome basturt!
  5. What has been happening with this tub, I hear no one ask? Well... The exhaust repair continues to function well and transports chips to the Backbox with no issues. That's the good news. The bad news is the boot lock has jammed and the tailgate will not shut. I borrowed some "ratchet straps spec*" ribbon off my mum to tie the boot down. Tomorrow shall be investigating the lock to see if I can secure it properly. A second hand lock is not expensive at the worst
  6. All you need to know about Carntyne (where said Cadillac is being sold from) can be gleaned from this ditty by Billy Connolly Song starts at 1.10 For clarification "went to join the parish" means that they signed onto the dole.
  7. MK1 Seat Toledo. It was a Skoda Octavia 15 years too early.
  8. Lol wish I had put in Soya now for the real "is it sized"?
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