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  1. Did you bleed it using the 2L bottle method?
  2. If you were bringing it to me, I'd be telling you to FRO
  3. This has resurfaced on eBay about 30 mes away.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392950634660
  4. I once drove the Dukes Pass from Callander end to Aberfoyle in a 535i manual e34 during winter. Sheet ice all over, new (at the time, she's still here now) Burd in the passenger seat and wheelspin barely above idle in 4th. Was on the last 1/2 mile found down into Aberfoyle when I spied they had put a "road closed" sign on the carriageway in the other direction. There was no sign at the Callander end. Mildly skittery. It's an ace road though - the Burd's Clio 172 is the right size for it and has enough poke for climbing the hills!
  5. I can confirm this wee thing is ABSOLUTELYFUCKINGGLORIOUS to drive! 173/10
  6. Happy days re the ARB bushes.. Got this in response to my "they don't fit this car" message. That's a bit of a pisser as I had to open one up to trial fit.. Went back with this Let's see what occurs. I did provide the reg number so they could check it fitted. Not great
  7. Those seats will come p fine with a wet vac and a scrubbing brush
  8. New ARB bush arrived: I specifically asked the seller to check it would fit my car, provided the reg etc. Does it fit? Does it fuck. Email sent to them. Good news is the bracket fits fine.
  9. Having had a shot of @davehedgehog31's 2.3T full Bhuna, I'm about 100bhp short of having some fun..
  10. Filled the tank on this today: 488.7 miles, 67.13L. that's a bit tight as it's a 70L tank 33.1 mpg. Not too bad. It was also deployed to haul some decking - I cut down the 4.8m lengths to 3m and 1.8m - the 3m fitted straight in with the back seat folded and the front passenger rolled down. Impressive for an estate car.
  11. Had a shot of @dome's Accord today. Pleasantly surprised! An hardly tell it's running, it goes well and all the controls seem precise. Not a bad tub at all;)
  12. No quite on spec that wan. This thread is more about motors that can get you out the shit, not more into it;)
  13. Mine is a petrol m9 Too busy GLF to look behind!
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