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  1. It looks a great lift ! Re pushing the trailer down, I have a finely honed ability for avoiding work - thankfully it paid off. All in all, a grand day 112/10 would move again The mini scotoshite afterwards was good too!
  2. I imagine @Kiltox is kicking himself re that dodge with PodPoint🤣
  3. I was working 2 part time jobs at the time. Did 36 days on, one day off, 37 days on, then 2 weeks driving. Back to work after 1 days rest. I must have been mad?! That was a breeze compared to the 2006 trip🤣
  4. Why, potentially, or my mate does! Will ask
  5. Good effort @beko1987. fyi your hdi has a Siemens injection system. So you need filters for that. the new one you have is for the earlier Bosch system
  6. My mate Big Dave (all 6ft 7 of him) owned a V reg one. In 2005 we took it from Whitburn (about half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh) down to Gibraltar and back on a fairly adventurous route. We did 7000 miles in 2 weeks - it was serviced before we left then when we returned. It was also Mid-October. Places visited: Dunkirk Rouen Le Man's Tours Chatellerhault (twinned with Hamilton, near where I grew up - I know which one I prefer) Bordeaux San-Sebastian (absolutely brilliant place, well worth a visit) Bilbao - we went to the Guggenheim there - stunning building, challenging exhibits Porto - a bit run down like Glasgow in 2005! Lisbon - a much cooler city Seville - one of my favourite places on the trip Gibraltar - it's like a twilight zone as it looks so British. The Clipper was a great Pub. Madrid - saw some of Gaudi's apprenticeship work in the park, became fully committed to the mantra "if the Hazards are on, you're parked" Barcelona - picasso museum was astonishing, weather great, stayed at a hotel near the beach. Andorra Marseille - a really cool place with tremendous architecture Cannes and Nice Turin - reached by using back roads that crisscrossed the French/Italian border several times, before hanging a right, and getting back on main roads. Interesting place, feels properly 'old money'. Chamonix - arrived on 31st October, went out for a beer. Woke up having slept in the Bath. Good times! The tunnel was boring though. The run back to the ferry - from Chamonix to Dunkirk via Lille in one day. A fair whack of driving, but the Ka loved it. Overall, 7000 miles, as many of them sitting at 80mph as possible. All our luggage including a tent, a stolen Motorhead poster swiped from flyposting near the Cathedral in San Sebastian and all the back roads/hills and valleys we could find. 53mpg average, never missed a beat. Would 113/10 recommend as continental cruiser.
  7. At you saying he's bought a big walloper or that New Shepard's next launch will be from the central belt?
  8. Japanese Mercedes ain't it? Doesn't matter the size of engine/insurance/tax etc It's all about 2 criteria: 1. Is it cheap? (Either outright cheap or cheap for year) 2. Will it be reliable and not throw up big issues? That lexus is Bob on. Japanese engineering, legendary straight 6. Sub £1000. Even if insurance is £500 and tax another £300, That's you in an executive express for less than 4 months rental on a new one. And it'll last the year. Effectively 8 months free motoring if you use finest man maths🤣
  9. Good to see this resurrected so folks can get sensible motahs..
  10. To be fair I went several times when working in Blackburn, so it was even further south for me from Glasgow, So get on wi it
  11. 5 years today since I bought this tub.. it's had its ups and downs, but all in, it's not the worst!
  12. 5 years today since I bought this tub.. it's had its ups and downs, but all in, it's not the worst!
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