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  1. The plug wires are new (like less than 2 years old - I bought them after we got the golf) Engine check light? It doesn't have one I know of. Also the ECU has a red label ( picture one page back)
  2. The new blue sensor appeared today. After work, and in between showers, I endeavoured to fit it. Looking at the colours, I dunno if this is correct. Lads... New one tests at 2550 ohms cold Old one tests at 4400 ohms cold Could it be?! Car started ok, held a steady idle, but was still bogging when heavy throttle was applied. I checked the new blue sensor and the value was dropping as expected whilst the car warmed up. The shanner idle appeared again once the car was warmed up . This was resolved by pulling the
  3. I'm sorry, but the title and being so close to Shrove Tuesday has my head constantly playing "It's collection day, Yes it's collection day Yes it's cccccccccc collection day" Damn you!
  4. Only replaced the red one so far. Blue one was my next port of call. Will double check the reading at cold today. Thanks
  5. Today started well: Got the two red sensors (old and new) tested cold Old New That's 2.8 and 2.1 ohms respectively. The blue one showed a "1" I drove it for 25mins or so, then checked again.. Red Blue What this tells me, I am at a loss to know. Then moved on to swapping on a known good set of wheels/tyres to see if that was the cause of "THE NOIZE"... First, the LHS was swapped, and Test driven. No change. And it wouldn't idle. FUCK. Swapped the RHS, test drove, no change Still no
  6. So I can assume the wires are in decent order as there is continuity?
  7. I also found this vac line hiding.. It goes to the back of the inlet hood Thusly. It's not a big line but it goes down to the airbox...
  8. Second stab at the sensor issue today.. I connected the red plug to the blue sensor. And ran the car up to temp. It ran rough (instantly solved with reattaching the blue connector). Needle didn't move. The new red sensor was tested at cold Not much showing there. Lastly, I grounded out both pins on the red plug to check for continuity This is the right one And the left Could the differential reading be an issue?
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