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  1. I bought it from a chap in Blackburn. Snagglepuss viewed it for me, and my brother collected it. I ran it a while then roffled it with Tayne winning it. He gifted it to Supernaut, and he did a shed load of work. Then it was won by the Doctor. Swapped with Norfern Monkey for a Galaxy, Then to you..
  2. That's a good auld tub, and I know Supernaut did a power of work to it when he had it, so it should be a grand steer! There will be a next time Cheers, I was pretty damn pleased. Hardest bit will be getting it painted up ok Thanks Aye, it's a wee cracker - glad I bought it sight unseen. Cannae see past it as an automobile.
  3. Yep, I was very pleased. The lil bugger has got under the skin of my brother and I - well love GLF'ing it. Should be even better after new spheres and LHM
  4. Super progress on this today. With it earning it's MOT last week, I have had it as my daily for the last week (and 400km). Daily driving it pointed out a fair few issues and frustrations that needed resolving to allow continuous use. First thing to do was to assemble 3 Citroens (the Merc using Citroen derived tech for its rear suspension) A hearty breakfast was procured and consumed before a schlep to the unit. I had a can of fuel in the boot of the GSA as one of the things to tackle today was replacement of the accelerator pump on the Carb, so I was running the car low on fuel. I made it to the unit without need for the can, thankfully. The 4 screws to the left of the fuel pipe were removed, and the old unit was removed. FPB7 had diagnosed this failing as the likely source of the continual overfilling. At the same time, given it was in the kit, I replaced the tiny fuel filter where the line goes into the Carb, the old one was past its best. Testing thereafter showed no petrol smell, and better starting. The drive home showed better responsiveness, and a generally happier drive:) Back to the other things that needed doing: An Oil change was completed The cross over pipe connecting bolts were adjusted and retightened to stop small leaks Then it was onto the big thing of the day.. Bodywork. Since I have had this car, there have always been a few grot points needing attended to. With the fact the car was either the only working one on fleet, or parked in a hedge whilst others were used, they had never been attended to. Time to do something.. The drivers wing was the worst I didn't know what I'd find .. I chipped of the loose filler ( the whole wing seemed to be coated in it) This wasn't cutting it, time to go full on! This approach was significantly more satisfying - rapid progress was made. They don't kid about when they print "For rapid stock removal" on the flap wheel.. As can be seen, it was pleasingly rot free under the filler. What appeared to have happened was the filler was so thick it cracked, allowing water to infiltrate and start to rust. Swapping to a grinder driven sanding pad, the wing was finished back a bit more for some investigation. Eventually, it was cleaned back enough to see that the wing was in solid shape, despite a few bumps and wobbles. This was dusted down in preparation for a temporary repair before finishing is conducted. The next stage was a liberal application of Vactan. This dried to a most pleasing colour, so I drew inspiration from Dollywobbler, and just fucked 2 coats of lacquer on it until I get the Beige Colorado mixed up:) Heartened by the solidity of this old tub, I let evening dry off before treating it to a good wash and interior clean. I'm well pleased with progress - now to order up a sphere removal tool and get the new spheres and LHM in place.
  5. Good work getting some miles on the thing - sounds like you and it got along ok:)
  6. Dug this out from under a tree after 8 weeks, and slung it in for an MOT .. It only went n passed
  7. Can someone tell HMC that this : Has passed its second MOT with me today - making it 320tourings "BEST BUY"! pity I cant be at shitefest, but have fun!
  8. At least 1 for sale on the bay iirc..
  9. 220 miles up the road no bother - much entertainment had by keeping up with much newer Audis whilst running on chipshop rejects. It covers miles bloody well for a 321k mile tub, and the om603 is a glorious thing on song between 3500-4000 rpm (80-not quite licence losing). I suggest folks give one a try sometime.
  10. Furyeoftae? Am kicking aboot if you want to meet:)
  11. Better not be a Hyundai..
  12. Well the good news is they got her started ok, and had her waiting at the initial drop off point - no driving down from level 13 on the carpark for me. Waiting for departure from our overnight hotel
  13. Anything anywhere as cool as your 'tinas? Or another Applause?
  14. I dun wrote a big diatribe in my thread re my impressions of ownership. Long story short: A quirky lil car, and very competent/reasonably well laid out. Engine (1.4TDI) is shit. Not that frugal and sounds like a dumper truck
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