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  1. As soon as I saw the bonnet up I thought " bet it's done the coolant hose" What a pisser. Glad plans are afoot to carry on with the delivery - safe trip!
  2. This is ace work - where did you get the angle? I need some for house based projects and wondered if you had got it locally?
  3. Today I did the first thing I have done on a car since about August. I fitted 2 new wipers to the Saab. I'm calling it a win. I also cleared out the third skoosher so I am able to clean the window with impunity. I used the patented @Jim Bellpin method and have stored said pin in the a pillar trim for later use. Fuel light came on. 26.6mpg.brutal I wouldn't mind the dire fuel economy, except the low pressure turbo is supposed to be the economy one. The ML did 25 mpg round the houses with an extra 700cc, an autobox, permanent 4x4 and an additional 500kg. Exci
  4. Aye, the clamp is at the bottom. The rod is separate so you can tighten it from above the battery
  5. That's no right. Should be a big tall rod with a threaded end and a hex end so you can screw it into the bracket from the top. Shouldn't need to go under the car It's obviously had a bolt and nut put in instead.
  6. Fucking top effort there sirs! I had Oxford PTSD when I saw the picture of the steering wheel from under the car. I think both cars have lucked out here:)
  7. After a significant hiatus it was all go on this today. Firstly there was the obligatory "how long does it take to put a fusebox back in?" Answer, nearly an hour! Why? Well, you need the fusebox in to have lights. And what were the lights needed for? Well... Due to the generosity and help of two fine shiters @davehedgehog31 and @davidfowler2000, this happened: the glorious boosted XUD made short work of towing the golf - Maister Fowler doing a grand helmsmanship as per. The golf now resides in @davehedgehog31's nice warm and
  8. Exactly the same issue on the GSA with 16" wipers Right it off as a "quirk"
  9. I think the original 1 series track and wheelbase was but a bawhair off an E30.. and you can get a 1 series MK1 with a 3.0... That modrin wan can GTF though
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