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  1. Similar here after discovering that the rear brakes on the burds Clio are shot again.. Consoling myself with the fact that even broken, the cars here are still cooler than anything else in the street:)
  2. I'm getting flashbacks to my Oxford! Good work!
  3. Good work on this! I'd fire in a new tank if it is affordable. It looks a bitch of a job, so likely best to do it once
  4. I know, but in the spirit of sportsmanship I shall not say.
  5. I washed it last week - Was in my posh claes, so didn't do the bits I would need to climb for😂 Good to meet you! Safe run back
  6. I'd have rolled that as was. But I am a lazy sod, and also not planning to race it
  7. Ace beading and glad the gauges work now!
  8. For once the tools ain't letting him down!
  9. Right, day 2. Craig spent some time gathering up fiddly stuff, then headed back down to the car. One last thing to come off: The gasket was humped on this - it broke off in chunks when being cleaned off, and was dry and brittle. Craig says that when the last two bolts were removed it just fell off - no resistance at all! The engine's nether regions look pretty decent tbh. Now it's able to do daily service, I'll give it an oil change. Then it was time for reconstruction! at this point it was a clutch cable, gearbox oil and driveshafts away from being done. Craig made short work of it - including managing to route the clutch cable correctly without having to pull the wipers off (handily* it clips into the scuttle ) He then went out on a test drive and I waited like an expectant father... Finally! "Test drive complete, all good, 5th gear is great! Clutch is light, biting point good! Leaving in 5!" Now the only thing that stood between me and it - 54miles. About 80 minutes later.. It's fucking unbelievable. Can get 5th, gearstick is no longer flaccid. Bite point is 1/3 up the pedal. He even diagnosed the running/hesitation issue to a failed gasket under the single point injection unit.. part number to follow so I can sort that. So in Summary: Craig is a top bloke, and a hell of a worker. Very pleased both with the work and the price. Would heartily recommend! In addition, he said driving it made him want another MK2 golf - and his Missus seems ok with the idea:) I'm off now to save up for tyres and suspension for it. I must be mental. It cost £51 to buy this car.
  10. I recall said Saab passing my brother and I like we were standing on a snowy M8 at Harthill. Winter tyres and a well placed boot certainly made for swift, safe progress. I think between the toledo and the TDI polo we had approx 120bhp less than the Saab.
  11. Where were we? Ah yes. Parts arrived:) Shiny new LUK clutch - the early 190mm version. Later toledos had a 200mm one. Next up is the release bearing - on the 020 box this is away at the opposite end from the clutch - something Maestro owners will recognise. Time to crack on with refitting? Further investigation suggests otherwise.. We decided replacing the crank seal was sensible as the bugger is already in bits How about we put it back together now? Not quite... Gear linkage time! There was some* slip in the old mechanism.. missing bushes and tired cups saw that was a given. How much? Find out here: Aye "ATS YER GEAR LINKAGE FUCKT" as they say up here. Nevertheless, this was all forseen, and new parts had been procured.  "NOW, surely, for the love of all that is Holy, can this now go back together?" Enter stage left, my Mate Dom. Dom is one of these chaps who is annoyingly mechanically predisposed - to whom mechanical issues ne'r become maladies. He is an ace chap, and happy to share his wisdom. As his day job is working in a firm that rebuilds gearboxes, the pertinence of that knowledge was about to be demonstrated. The end of the input shaft has a small bushing and seal in it. It looks like this. And is located here: Sayeth Dom: (lightly edited for flow) There are 2 seals on the input. The main, and the one that seals on the clutch pin. There is brass bushing behind that, this wears out and allows the pin to move and seep oil too. They are easy to replace. O20 and o2k have the same diddy seal. Input seals have 2 sizes It's worth replacing If its leaking. Or if he has waggle on that clutch push pin. Super easy to do. Trade parts supplies should have some in stock. If you have a local branch. I call the chap doing the work, and he has a look. It's the last clip in the video above. Let's look in a bit more detail: To Quote Dom: "That looks moist and floppy" Where are we now? Well.. First task tomorrow is to try and locate the bush and seal for the input shaft. If that can be found and fitted, then it can go back together! If not.. who knows? Current situation: Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling* update.. Cheers to Craig for all his graft, and for keeping me updated throughout the day!
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