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  1. Interesting times, after the spark plug change, the last tank was 31.11mpg.. Some progress. I'm starting to think I may have to see if I can get the lambda sensor out though, as it's still rich.
  2. Was entertaining* trying to get any sort of weld on the metal* of the wing. But it is attached, and it is solid. Much better than what was almost there before. My work was rough as arses, and no doubt @GingerNuttz is crying with laughter! However, as @jaypee says, it's now solid and a lot less "pull me" than the silver gaff tape. I do like this big old bus - so dont mind spending some time on it. Will need to buy a grinder for the other side - should make the cutting and welding (plus tidying) much easier.
  3. Nothing much has been happening with this of late .. It's managed a heady 28.8mpg on the last tank, but is still running rich. As it's the only functional car at the moment I have been reticent to do much to it, lest I be blessed with an FTP. It's done Unit duty a few times since we have been allowed out to play Here it it at a VAG only breakfast.. It was also out to play with a 205 owned by a mystery* shiter.. Said 205 was LOVELY! today it was treated to a hoover out, the door shuts cleaning a cursory glance at fluid levels, and the repla
  4. Where's the fun in that ๐Ÿคฃ? Yeah, will do - sensible suggestion!
  5. The rear end... Wheel off: That drum looks damp?! Cylinder is dry, as are shoes and inside of the drum. But you can see gear oil on the hub, and inside of the face on the drum that mates to the hub Another bush check (fnar) Spring hanger bushes: more tired than Jim Davidson's material Shackles? Solid but scabby. The brake line in this side is needing replaced. Further justification for a new set of lines. Ever since I have had the car the diff has leaked, and that oil plus grease from the driveshaft has made
  6. Today we did more morrisings.. First up, time to levitate - the first use of the lift @Tickman supplied. It's ace! The main plan was to have a look at the rear end, but the car had a sticking brake last time we were out. So where to start? Front wheel off May as well have a shifty at the bushes (snigger) none of them look particularly clever. I know I can get bottom bushes for the damper, but have had no success in finding others.. I may investigate either "make your own" or do the classic "polyurethane chopping board" approach. Now o
  7. Apparently, this is called "washing" your car? I fear @jaypee may be a twobucket Wrangun..
  8. As befits such success as an MOT pass, we did the only appropriate thing and had a cuppa in the Merc..
  9. That's not even one of the good roads! Glad you enjoyed it๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. Then I came over all fuckin arty.. Oil bath air cleaner (with all the oil that was in it...) A plan formed... Rust remover wheel archaeology FTW! All shined and Lacquered to avoid flash rusting. I also reshaped the air inlet so now it should be the full 50bhp* I cleaned and painted the other part ( BMW metallic black - it's what I had!) Back together It still starts and runs ok, so we left at that point ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  11. Back over at the unit today.. First up, trying to stop the float bowl from pissing out fuel. Classic symptoms of the float not rising enough to shut off the needle valve Except, this being the Oxford it wasn't.. Float bowl located: Metric ?! Socket deployed to remove the bolt. Needle valve and bowl top moved out the way Turns out the arm pushed by the float was dropping so much that the needle fell down and jammed! A tweak with some pliers And we were back in the game. Time to test it.. Valve open, air
  12. Boom, looking well! Hope MOT procurement is straightforward ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  13. Glad you finally have a refined car! Two mercs is just vulgar๐Ÿคฃ Enjoy!
  14. Being an eld dear, the carb is a touch incontinent.. Anyone able to advise what SU rebuild kit I need for it? Best pic I could find of it..
  15. It's rough as a badgers arse๐Ÿ˜‚ I learned to weld on it, with tremendous help from @Tickman. There are a few bits I'd like to fix and the doors need repairing. But I just want to use it TBH..
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