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  1. Frankly I'm put off doing so. Even if the history and techniques of mechanical based tattoos are cool as shit. I'm still learning and I know I don't have a complete understanding also
  2. No, I don't have a shop, but my mentor works at one. Actually yes, I have a blood born pathogens certification, am booking in my practical for first aid, have equivalent of 2nd year of uni in fine art, and a portfolio I've been working on for years including stuff I drew back in 2017. My artist required a proof of these (coached through bbp certificate) and a National 5 or equivalent qualification in English. Tattooing is a hugely oversaturated industry right now and there were multiple other people seeking this artist to be a mentor. Just because it's not conventional, didn't mean I didn't have to put the work in. All those assumptions must have hurt your feelings. Now you know how it feels to assume someone is an addict to get a tattoo that makes them happy. I will not take a step back. Why is my hobby and passion of less value than the other questionable stuff on here, especially when it relates to a vehicle in this case. Why can't I be sensitive when struggles I've experienced and still hurt me are brought up for the sake of taking the piss? YOU take a step back and go back to chiming in on stuff that you know stuff about instead of trolling addicts on the internet. No remorse and further defense only shows you really don't give a shit about being an ableist cunt. You had the whole alphabet to arrange into as many words as you wanted and you chose to call it nonsense - me telling you you're a wanker for making a joke at a disorder that's a legal disability? I don't like you and I'm giving you no more of my time. Hard experience in what? The origins in Tibetan handpoke tattooing? 'Cause that's what this is and that's what I've spent the last entirety of covid and 6 months before learning about to convince the artist I am competent and respectful enough of this culture to learn it's trade so one day I can do hammer tattooing under the -Od family. I won't take a step back, anecdotal evidence is omitted. This is my passion and what I want to put my life into, don't tell me to drop it. I am a member of this forum too, don't omit my experience if you have to prove yours. If I wanted to ask people about tattoo advice, I'd ask artists or forums I'm in regarding tattoo advice, not a forum of shite car appreciators. It'd be nice if someone said "that's a handpoke tattoo and it's not done too bad, I know about this so I'll tell them some problem areas they need to work on," but no, I expected things like, "of all the cars in the world, why this," or a "the only way I can be okay with this is if you get (better car in your opinion) next." Attack my technical application all you like but design is ultimately chosen by the client and I won't have you tell me to back off defending someone I care about and the choices he makes that bring him joy even if it is short term. Yes. Offensive tattoos are awesome, but you've got to be more underhanded and do a range rover in black and grey linework with red splatter on the windows and 3 holes in the glass or just Madeline McCann's recognisable eye with the script or some tapas plates. Maybe Raul Moats hair cut or the weapon he shot himself with or a big brother eye with the dates Jade Goody was alive around the pupil or around the outside. These would be some awesome tattoos that you get to have a cheeky meaning that some people will know but you're also not going to get beaten in the street by some random McCann family obsessor or equivalent. As long as it's not hate speech, there's an artist who'll do it (and even then but pls don't pay racists for racist tattoos etc). I have "ACAB," on me, "FUCK" on me, I got a scorpion tattoo because I saw a meme about them being goth lobsters, I have an eye on my knee so it winks when I wear ripped jeans, a snapped noose because I failed my last suicide attempt, a dinosaur I call the Derposaurus Rex because I drew him in one line, with my eyes closed, with my non dominant drawing hand and thought he looked fucking stupid. I'm getting full nudity on me, a raccoon coming out of a wheelie bin, a furby'a reflection in a mirror with some creepy subtext along the lines of "what have I become," and I'm going to make dumb flash of similar ideas in future because it makes me happy when a tattoo design of mine makes people go "what the fuck, why." I thought it was very Beano, this makes sense and it's a huge complement, ty
  3. What the fuck you lot? Clearly you've never been close to an addict and seen the shit these people suffer with nor been one, take your privilege off this fucking forum you nasty piece of work. Just because you can't rationalise a decision doesn't mean someone must be doing drugs to make that choice. Maybe you should find some drugs that make you less of a grumpy fucking wanker. Sincerely, someone with addiction issues.lockquote widget @Missy Charm "Have kids these days never heard of paper? It's so much more convenient for drawing on than one's own skin..." Could you be any more ignorant? We're in our mid 20s, just because you had no fucking fun in your life. We're not children and maybe you'd get a crumb of respect of you didn't talk like we are. You have no place to judge someone else's body. And you know what's more convenient than carrying around an entire body's worth of your favourite art, memories and stories? Getting them stuck on you forever. Even in the 21st century you're ignorant, not to mention the complete dismissal of the millennia of work, research, history, culture, everything that's gone into tattooing. Never come by my shop unless you want a self portrait of a penis on the back of both hands. Both of you seem to lack something along the lines of comprehension of consent. @reb *wanted l* this tattooed. I *wanted* to tattoo it. That is all you need to worry about, and if you don't like it, maybe don't say anything now that it's done? Just be a decent human being and work on your fucking conscience. if you have no concept of how tattooing works, the only thing you can comment on is whether or not it's aesthetic to you, then your opinion is completely irrelevant, the only one who needs to like it is the one who's wearing it. Kindly, everyone else can sod off. Sorry Dez for fighting ableist and patronising cunts in yer comments, I'd rather give em incentive to block is now rather than later
  4. You're allowed to have different taste but ignorant style or school desk is actually a really cool and common style nowadays and it holds up a lot better than fine line technical or colour realism. The point of it is "design a shit tattoo that'll look exactly the same in 30 years, like shit" and that's fuckin cool
  5. Hate to tell you this, but that tattoo is going to warp constantly, never look right unless it's held in this exact position and the distance between the thin lines is too small for it to blur and age so it'll be a muddy mess in 2-5 years. Also it's facing the wrong way for a forearm tattoo, it should face down towards the hand. This also doesn't work well with the area of the body, the curve of the arm makes it look disproportionate when the stencil could have been spot on, this should be a shoulder onto chest or side of a muscly thigh. Also I did tattoo it properly; I altered the original design so it wasn't a copy whereas tattooing mechanical drawings taken from things like Halfords books is actually a breech of copyright and can get artists in heaps of trouble. You'd need to pay someone to draw it or do it yourself which is expensive until you have a friend doing an online apprenticeship needing practice. Simpler bolder designs always last better.
  6. I'm gonna guess it's one that goes nyoom based on the fact it's coming to you 👀
  7. What the boys number I'm gonna put it on some keys to drop between here and Manchester so he keeps getting phone calls about "GSR Garage Key"
  8. Bit of fuckery happened today. @TheMokriteleft for work and I got a call from him about 5 minutes later. He works 45ish minutes away. So; odd. Despite having less than 100 miles under my belt I got on my bike to go rescue and provide tools. His chain had fucked off the rear sprocket but no damage, just a case of fitting it back on properly. Then I dropped the bike at a junction less than 1 minute from home and this happened: All well and good, two blokes in a Porsche rescued me by wedging it back in with some tissue paper so I could continue my mission. Mokrite was rescued, back on his way, I collected bread from Lidl and then set about fixing it. "Fixing" Aye fuck it it'll do for now.
  9. Sounds easy enough. I'll get on Amazon ?
  10. Question of the day, does my 125cc motorbike fit in the back of a Peugeot Partner? Not quite, but it can be made to fit: Which resulted in: Fookin get in
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