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  1. Another dramatic bike update: It'll be fiiiiine
  2. Bit of fuckery happened today. @TheMokriteleft for work and I got a call from him about 5 minutes later. He works 45ish minutes away. So; odd. Despite having less than 100 miles under my belt I got on my bike to go rescue and provide tools. His chain had fucked off the rear sprocket but no damage, just a case of fitting it back on properly. Then I dropped the bike at a junction less than 1 minute from home and this happened: All well and good, two blokes in a Porsche rescued me by wedging it back in with some tissue paper so I could continue my m
  3. Bike update, lovely Scottish weather and @TheMokrite has a very generous mum who gave me her old (very boujee) bike jackets so I had some summer wear, and now I've done almost 50 miles in 48 hours. Loving every second of it. Here's a picture of Ben and I's bikes together before going for a run around today. Still some niggles to work out but so far, brilliant.
  4. Sounds easy enough. I'll get on Amazon ?
  5. Question of the day, does my 125cc motorbike fit in the back of a Peugeot Partner? Not quite, but it can be made to fit: Which resulted in: Fookin get in
  6. *audience applause* While a shit situation, at least you got to avoid a cardboard BBQ and menial conversation. I know who I'll be taking after in the event I ever have a vehicle you can't just open with a wire hanger ?
  7. Worst case we have steel we can bodge back together but we'll have a look. Hopefully it's not completely buggered anyhoo
  8. In a rather predictable turn of events, I'm too broke to keep the 205 running for its renewal at the end of this month, so am now pushing the Shite-zuki through an MOT so I can have transportation for a quarter of the running costs. Father Tickman has helped put some foot pegs on so it should have no bother going through so fingers crossed for me!
  9. Thank you! Cheers, saw the comments!
  10. Doesn't seem to cut on anyone elses devices, and I have sent it to absolutely every one so no idea there mate ? 3:31 is South Side of Invergowrie, nice road that runs a bit down the side of the Tay!
  11. Sometimes you just need ice cream and to consider the smaller things, you know?
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