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  1. My thought is that you do not save money on rubber products as they can ruin your life if they fail.
  2. I got to experience today why I like 80s cars so much. On a trip to the store (40 minutes drive) of the 10-12 cars I saw, 4 of these were from the 80's. 2 W123 Mercedes 1 Audi 80 B4 and an mk2 Fiesta towing a small trailer with firewood. All of these are in daily use and are still reliable and economical enough for people to use them. I think there is something special about cars that can be used for decades and still provide as good service as they did new.
  3. 45 year old Mercedes wich is still a daily driver and one of several of these that are still in use in the area here.
  4. Bought a carburetor from Germany on ebay and got a battery gauge instead. Have contacted the seller and wonder how this goes.
  5. For me it is 1984 when there were still simple carburetor engines and simple cars and some of the best cars produced were new like the W123, Volvo 240/740 and Peugeot 505 to name a few. Rust was still a problem but I can live with that. My 2 school teachers are still driving around in the same Volvo 740 that they have had for over 30 years now. Over 30 years of economical and reliable car ownership and it can probably last another 30 years. That's why I like this era of cars.
  6. We have again received some reports in the media that the Norwegian health service has killed patients. Unfortunately, there have been several of these over the years.
  7. I recently became an Audi owner for the first time and have not noticed any changes yet. But then my Audi is 39 years old and beige. So possible that helps.
  8. I'm pretty boring so the Scirocco or Golf cab is not for me. I mostly looked at the Audi 80 B2 as I have the Passat B2 and Golf 2 and Jetta. Was surprised at how many 80 B2 were for sale on www.mobile.de and even more that the prices were often higher than here in Norway.
  9. The area where I live first tractor. Think it's a Fordson? It was eventually used to run a sawmill, something it did for many years. Do not think it has survived. The owner was a farmer and forest owner who lived from 1895 to 1993. This is not a vehicle related image but include it since this is the same person with one of his timber stacks sometime in the 50's. Everything was chopped, barked and stacked by hand. The only aid was a horse. And the timber was floated down the river in the spring / summer. Really hard work.
  10. I have realized that I have spent much of the evening looking and drooling over ads on 80's vag products for sale. Do not know if this is good or bad.
  11. I have not noticed that and that temperature gauge is worrying. And I now also see the overspray this is also a bit worrying. So I'm starting to get skeptical thinking this may be hiding something. Too bad for is a nice car.
  12. 1981 Opel Kadett with 53,400 miles https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=230564881
  13. Not much happens here now as I'm broke after the Weber carburetor failure. Getting it to fit seems to be very difficult so I have found another possibillty to get a better carburetor on this and it is on its way from Germany. Today I tried to make the new temperature gauge work. First tried to connect it to existing sensor but it did not work. Then I tried the sensor that came with it and it has the right thread but is too long. So I have to get a shorter sensor that will work with the temperature gauge. And there are no other places I can find to put the sensor other than in the picture under the mark in red cirkele. But mine does not have a bolt here as the picture only has a threaded hole so the sensor here will probably not give a correct measurement as it is not in contact with the coolant. Then I have to start looking for a new sensor. This car is also going into inspection similar to uk's MOT on Wednesday next week is nervous about how it goes.
  14. That's good to know. And wondering how they are with education and profession as it is is not very good for me. But do not know if it would ever become something but can dream. Where will your brother settle in Canada?
  15. I have that too. If it had not been for parents, I would probably have moved to Canada if I could have long ago. But do not know how difficult it is to become a permanent citizen there. Becuse some places like the US are difficult.
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