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  1. I don't think the first generation Ibiza was officially sold here but Ibiza came for sale here with the second gen. So I think the one I saw was imported.
  2. Around 14-15 years ago there was a black one of these for sale in Norway and it is the only one I have seen here. Regret not buying it.
  3. That must have been a bad day for the driver. I guess he needed new underwear after that.
  4. Stuff like this really annoys me, it's the same with many old American barges where good 4 doors are scrapped or parted out to save 2 door cars.
  5. A picture from a Norwegian police control in the 1960s has appeared here. A overloaded Morris has been stopped and with several people at the back demonstrated the overloading. I have heard of such stories before but never seen a picture before now. One of the stories I've heard is from the 1950s where a truck that was heavily loaded with building materials went up a steep hill and ended up like in the picture above and several people had to gather and gather on top of the truck to get the front wheels down on the ground so it could drive up the hill. Those were simpler times.
  6. I'm not sure if posting your full name and address is a good idea. At least I know where you live now...
  7. Yes, it was a small mistake on my part, I forgot to count the pedals on that. And I don't like automatic gearboxes, it takes away all the joy of driving and can make the most interesting car boring. But we are all different and we like what we like.
  8. I don't think so, more went out of fashion I think.
  9. So until now the W124 looks like it may have been the last even though they are rare and the Trabant was the last car where it was standard.
  10. Yes, I forgot them, but the last years were probably floor change with the VW engine. 1990 on 2 stroke engine. And 1991 on VW engine.
  11. I did not know that. And now want one. Wonder how many if any 240D or 300D were made with this.
  12. I remembered that some 504 also had it and after seeing pictures online I remembered correctly. I'm trying to find more.
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