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  1. This is absolutely awful. All this just to replace an alternator.
  2. I think he is among those we have in Norway who call themselves rednecks. And they are very fond of this flag, toy guns, country music, and American cars. There has been a TV series in Norway about these and it hurts to watch, they are so stupid that one would not think it is possible.
  3. I think you may be right about this.
  4. I think there is something with the picture? But am not sure. Mine in the picture below is pre facelift and looks longer.
  5. I posted a bit here earlier about old Norwegian taxis, there were several Chevrolet Fleetmaster there as these were very common taxis here. Here is a 1947 model in 1968 now in private use.
  6. I found this below where it is clear that is a gasket there. Is the second joint also like that? Because if this is the right part diagram, you need 2 gaskets. And think these are part numbers that are in the picture.
  7. I am not familiar with the exhaust on these but I would assume that the joint at the top of the picture must have a gasket simlar to picture below?
  8. I walk a lot in the woods but in winter this is difficult and impossible with all the snow. So I finally bought myself snowshoes and was on my first trip with these today and it's amazing. For those of you who do not know, snowshoes are something that attaches to the shoes and allows you to walk on top of the snow. So one does not sink into the snow.
  9. A common way to disguise that one loves something is to pretend to hate it. So I agree.
  10. Out of curiosity I took a look and on gumtree this is for sale for 2,450 https://www.gumtree.com/p/trucks/ldv-convoy-recovery-truck-car-transporter-1999-2496-cc-/1423741563
  11. I also want to buy one. But 3.5 ton versions are rare here in Norway and if they show up at a fair price, they will be sold quickly. Payload I do not see as a problem with these as the ones I have seen have a payload between 1.2 to 1.5 tons and that is enough for my use. Trailer is also an option but then I still have to buy a bigger car and trailer and I also have to extend the driver's license, which is so much trouble here that I do not want to do it.
  12. This is very rude, feel sorry for this grandfather he sounds like a great and nice guy, too bad these traits were not inherited by his granddaughter.
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