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  1. Found this pic on page one - is the little bubble car a Biscuter?
  2. Now I can see the wheel in more detail..is it a VW Type 3 fastback? A Facebook friend just suggested that.
  3. Aurelia seems a popular guess but the rear side windows look a bit too big to me for that.
  4. Found this photo on Pissedonheads earlier - this was taken in Fareham, Hampshire in the early 60s. What is the fairly big fastback parked between the Mini and the 100E? My guess is a Tatra or something similarly Eastern European, and a popular guess on PH is a Lancia, but I'm not sure.
  5. This apparently is called a Naza Sutera. I know absolutely nothing about it other than this one got banger raced earlier this year.
  6. Indeed. Same as if they were going to drive without insurance or a licence, they wouldn't drive in a way that says "HELLO COPPERS, PLEASE PULL ME OVER!" In Birmingham, if you see a Golf R or an Audi RS3, it will almost certainly be nicked and being driven by a small-time "gangster" or druggie.
  7. Just how many different models of Toyota are there? One for every nation on Earth?
  8. Pieman

    Bus Shite

    They all know their rights, but never know how to spell them... (I hate children, for many reasons.)
  9. Nothing here either, nor will my phone pick up a signal to text anyone. I could talk to my family, but every time I say anything to them all it does is start a fight.
  10. Does that mean the same has happened to the AX?? (Also, have a few posts disappeared from this thread?)
  11. Cmon AS collective, surely International Rescue can do this! Have some inspiration...
  12. The three cars on this forum I want to own: 1. This Montego. 2. The ZAZ Tavria. 3. @Zelandeth's beige BX.
  13. Hmm, not sure that would work.
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