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  1. Stop stealing my ideas 😂 proves I was right though!
  2. If anyone ever said "Last price" or "Best price" to me, I'd say I don't understand what they mean and ask them to explain the term in words a simpleton like me can understand. I bet they wouldn't be able to.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I was flying to Italy (via Paris, thanks to a combination work booking the flights for me and Bologna being a pain in the butt to get to from the UK) - got to BHX really early after all the horror stories re security queues...and there weren't any, I didn't even slow down at security and actually asked one of the staff "Who's pinched all the queues?" Karma then got me for my humour, as the bloody flight was delayed for over two hours!
  4. Solution: get a partner who likes cars as much as you do, like I have. I think she enjoyed the historic meeting at Donington yesterday even more than I did.
  5. Driving home this evening, going across the top of M42 junction 9 - nobody ever gets the lanes right on this roundabout, and sure enough, up ahead of me a Golf decides to turn right and carry on round the roundabout without noticing the Merc in the lane next to it about to take the exit, and twats into the Merc's rear door. I pull in behind them as they stop and put my hazards on, deciding to be a good Samaritan and leave my details as a witness. Golf driving bloke and a younger lad get out of said VAGmobile and the driver proceeds to kick off at the Merc driver and start threatening him. From in my car I shout something like "Pull the cars out of the way onto the roundabout up there and we can talk there without blocking the road" and the Golf occupants get back on board, pull up alongside the Merc while still giving it a load of verbal, a lorry pulls up behind them and hoots at them to move - at which point the Golf fucks off without leaving any details. 😠 I calmed the rather panicky guy in the Merc down a bit and he called the police, and I have left my name and number with them as a witness. It's times like that I wish I had a dashcam.
  6. Yes, the three Pickups were parked there as they were the top three finishers, for post race interviews with the PA commentator and with our livestream pit camera As for the Legends cars, I'm not sure why they are so called, but they are built in the US and are powered by 1250cc Yamaha superbike engines. Given that they are built to 5/8ths scale of 1930s American hot rods and therefore weight about the same as a large suitcase, that makes them bloody quick in a straight line. Their grids are drawn by ballot for the first race, then reversed for race two, and the third race is gridded by the aggregate results of the first two but with everything reversed again, which makes for a ton of overtaking.
  7. Spot on. Getting to and from the paddock, especially the International/Wing paddock, is a joke. This is particularly bad when both layouts are in use at the same time, and you can't cut through the link road in the middle (it goes across Becketts) so you have to do a full lap of the perimeter road to get to the Wing.
  8. It was bloody mental. FIVE-wide into Brooklands at one point with George sending it up the inside - go and watch it back on YT! Sorry the comms weren't perfect, but I got no sleep on Saturday night and especially by race two was completely out of it.
  9. Team will be racing shortly at a damp Silverstone - livestream here with some annoying Brummie bloke commentating.
  10. A few from the last few months... Super clean Beetle ragtop. Horsebollocks. Clean E36 coupe round the corner from my sister's new place. This Cortina has apparently not moved for many years. Late plate for a C15. Couple of big ol' Mercs. Dutton Sierra, I think. ADO16 just caught as it whizzed past me. Mk3 Disastra spotted at the local tip (taken with owner's permission). OMG Honda Insight.
  11. Pieman

    Ford timelord

    You what? Someone from on here has bought it???
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