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  1. The dickhead in the white Volkswagen SUV thing who nearly went flat out into the back of me this evening. I'd been behind a slow-moving car in traffic (car had either an armchair or small sofa bungeed to its roofrack so the driver didn't want to go fast) but as I was in no hurry sat behind it until I needed to turn right at some lights. I went into the turning lane and stopped, when said SUV decided he had had enough of waiting in the traffic and floored it down the outside of the queue to try and use the turning lane to cut ahead of everyone - and didn't notice I was sitting at the lights about to turn right! Luckily the smallest of gaps opened in the queue to my left and he somehow missed me, fuck knows how!
  2. Is it wrong that I think that's an improvement over the standard VW camper?
  3. Spotted on Twitter this evening - a Daewoo Tico apparently.
  4. Didn't have a camera with me unfortunately, but on Saturday I spotted a Mk2 Cavalier - IN BEIGE - at Highley station on the Severn Valley Railway.
  5. There's one still out there!!! (When my cousins were little my uncle had a Tempra station wagon, but since he sold it I have never, ever seen another one in the metal.)
  6. Tell him if he wants something that big and that ugly he can buy a Ssangyong Rodius, the ostentatious prick.
  7. What made me grin on Sunday: commentating at Silverstone on a mixed saloon and GT race for 70s and 80s cars. The field consisted of a horde of Porsches and BMWs, Camaros, Sierra Cosworths, a Skyline, and various other impressive machines, but what made me grin was at the back of the grid were a Peugeot 309 and...an MG Montego!
  8. Pieman

    BMW 320 coupe

    I preferred the Prodrive ones...
  9. Still haven't topped the one I saw on a taxi several years ago - BU5 2 PUB.
  10. That happened to my Focus at the end of last year - was staying at a country hotel somewhere in Leicestershite and parked a bit too close to the trees, next morning it was COMPLETELY coated in huge black bird-turds. It's rare I wash my car but I had to on that occasion to avoid paint damage - brushes wouldn't get the turds off without some serious elbow grease, they practically had to be chipped off the car with a trowel! Fuck knows what kinds of birds were living in those trees!
  11. Good to see LoveF2s getting a mention - run by a good friend of mine who works very hard to promote the sport and is very passionate for it.
  12. Must be crap motorway week. Was working in Kunt today (near Brands Hatch to be precise) and waited to leave to head home to the Midlands until after 8pm so I'd miss the usual Friday traffic. Check my posting time. Thanks to EVERY motorway or other road I tried to drive on being either shut, down to a single lane, or covered in soul-destroying 50mph cameras, I've only just fucking got home. It'd have been easier to leave at rush hour time I think!
  13. Was in Barcelona recently and saw one of these, admittedly a rather battered example. Renault Talisman. According to Wikipedia it is not sold in RHD markets "due to the decline of the traditional saloon market" - what they mean of course is people won't buy it because it's not an Audi.
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