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  1. Couple from yesterday: 205 has lived at the same place for years and is in lovely condition. Often seen outside my local church, not sure if it's the vicar's car.
  2. I'm loving your little diaries, keep them coming!
  3. You've just reminded me of when I last took some rubbish to the tip, and included among it were a pile of old, chipped plates. I asked the guy there "Do these go in the rubble skip?" and when he confirmed I said "Right, I'm going to enjoy this" and proceeded to play Frisbee with all the plates watching them very satisfyingly smash to bits in the skip. I think the staff enjoyed watching too!
  4. The front page of the forum just amused me. A straight flush for one user
  5. Buy a big industrial electric fan, stick it on your driveway and blow it back towards them. You can also laugh at them trying to stay upright if you crank the power up to 11.
  6. Sometimes they just fall into you lap - this parked opposite my house earlier.
  7. Oh, and the house pictured above with the Capri and Hilux on the drive now also has a blue Mk4 Escort van outside, but the owner has parked the Hilux in front of it so I couldn't get a shot of it.
  8. Today... Good condition for its age, and only about 35k miles on it. I think this is the same one I included in an earlier post. Morning campers. I have to confess I don't actually know what this is! Rusty Pooloo. The three above were taken outside a Rover specialist garage - there are some more classics inside along with a whole pile of parts and tat. Car park was barriered off so sorry the pics aren't too good as I didn't want to appear to be trespassing. Would have got more shots of this honey, but the owner was sitting in it and I didn't want to piss him off!
  9. People who put "asking for a friend" after every question they ask online. It's not funny, it's not original, and just makes them look like a sarcastic childish dickhead.
  10. Yes they fucking are. If it doesn't involve staring at Love Island or hasn't got a Snapchat filter on it they don't understand it. Today's annoyance: bloke in a Megane estate while I was on my way home tonight. I come off a roundabout onto a road that I know goes from two lanes to one up ahead, there are a couple of lorries in front of me but as I am in no hurry I hang back, rather than act as a "typical German car driver" would (NB: I was not in a German car) and try everything to push in front of them. Megane driver takes umbrage at me hanging back as he clearly does want to try and push in front of the lorries, but with me there as well there won't be enough time/room for him to get past both of them and me as well. So as the road begins to narrow he sits so close behind me he is basically trying to push me out of the way so he can have a go at the lorries at the next roundabout. I just manage to stop myself brake-testing him, and I watch him get more and more annoyed as he sits behind me, which he had to for several miles until we hit a dual carriageway. Impatient prick.
  11. Pieman

    Ford timelord

    Well if nothing else, that might prove that it was definitely the second one that got raced at Swaffham. You can see the indicator hole in this pic. The annoyance now is, in the pics of the car dumped in Trancentral's garden, we can't see the front end - that would prove its identity.
  12. If people's biggest priority in life right now is eating a McDonald's or going to Ikea, they can be redirected to the nearest large body of water and have their fucking empty heads held under it for half an hour. There will probably be a much larger general rant from me tomorrow for many reasons.
  13. Re bird shitting on cars: last year I went to a party at a country hotel somewhere in Leicestershite and I parked too close to the trees. I don't know what kind of birds were living there, but next morning my car was COMPLETELY covered in huge black bird-turds, which I couldn't even pressure-wash away and had to practically chip them off the car with a trowel. Amazingly my paint wasn't damaged.
  14. Should have put this in the "Cars you didn't know existed" thread as well - never heard of a Subaru Sumo before.
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