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  1. Contact details to request a booking form or other details (for non-FBers) now added to first post.
  2. I hope it's OK to post this on here. For the first time ever, the Friends of Hednesford Park's Summer Festival is going to include a Transport Show, and members of this parish are cordially invited to attend. The venue is Hednesford Park, Victoria Street, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 1BT, and the date of the event is Saturday 14th August 2021. Already a number of road and race vehicles of all shapes, sizes and ages are booked in to attend,. If you wish to display your vehicle, there is a charge of just £3 to cover the cost of trophies for the best cars. Further details of how t
  3. Last month, in the grumpy thread, I wrote this. As expected I heard nothing, and as my current licence was up on June 19th I began to resign myself to the fact I may have to stop driving by midsummer (an anxious overthinking mind does that to you). Last weekend, I got home from working away to find a shiny new licence waiting for me having arrived on Saturday morning. (Oh, and the Post Office code thingy I mentioned above? I did the application at 1pm on Monday 12th. The email from Post Office arrived at 7.30pm...on Tuesday 13th. It appears the PO can now make an email take
  4. Just spilled some milk on the fairly deep-pile carpet in my bedroom 😡 Soaked some of it up with a couple of cloths, then used some Dr Bergmann carpet cleaner (the bottle with a brush attachment mounted on top) which proved to be shite. I reckon I'm gonna have to replace the fucking carpet.
  5. I work almost every weekend (working in motorsport means there's not really a way round it) but if I have a free Sunday I'd be up for it.
  6. Or maybe it's a ghost car, and this is the only time it was caught by a camera. Maybe it's still haunting the streets of London to this day, taunting any attempt to make its phantom driver pay congestion charges by vanishing as it passes the cameras.
  7. Campervan shite spotted lurking in a sidestreet in Berwick upon Tweed yesterday.
  8. First that beige ZAZ thing, now this....Autoshite has plumbed new heights in the last few days!
  9. If I remember correctly, didn't a tanker lorry belt you in the front wheel at a crossroads?
  10. Merc at my local shops - just after I took this he proceeded to wheelspin all the way down a busy car park. 🙄
  11. Much as I dislike the meerkat ads and think they have been on TV for way too many years, if you can get this car into an advert with them I will buy you a crate of your favourite beer and personally deliver it.
  12. This is, I think, the car that defines Autoshite more than any other. Following.
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