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  1. You must have been stood practically next to me when you took that pic!
  2. The phrase "date night" that couples seem to use every time they go out together anywhere that isn't work or shopping. A date is something you go on when you are beginning to get to know a potential love interest, not something you do as a married couple or when you are in a firm relationship with someone. (Disclaimer, I might be inaccurate as I have never been on one.) (Edit: And reading the last few posts of this thread, it may well be a good thing that I haven't!)
  3. Last night, joining a very wet M6 at Knutsford, we are behind a small silver hatchback which pootles down the sliproad at about 35mph, brakes as it joins the motorway, then moves straight into the second lane of four and sits at the same speed despite us and another car flashing our lights repeatedly at it. Cocksucker.
  4. An absolute pleasure to meet you at last sir, and well done on a fine day. A shame the same cannot be said for many of your rival drivers.
  5. We did indeed put it in the programme And I listened in to young Rosie's commentary from Cowdenbeath, she was spot on for a first attempt!
  6. Sorry to quote the pic again, but for me the XJ Coupe is one of the most stunningly beautiful cars ever made. I love them.
  7. Had that last week when coming back from Spain and was collected by family. FOUR QUID to drive in and out of the pick-up area, and then they don't tell you where to pay so cars get abandoned all over the exit lanes.
  8. When did the words "son" and "daughter" get replaced in our language by "little man" and "little princess"? Piss off with your overly soppy simpering bollocks. (No I don't have kids, before you ask, and I never will have any.)
  9. The Northampton meeting will be televised, programme is being finished off by myself and a couple of colleagues later this week F1-centric but hopefully an F2 race will be included.
  10. Every time I see someone do that, I really want to see the vehicle they cut across bash into their rear corner and spin them into the barrier.
  11. Rover 100 1.1 - chose an instructor who had one because I'd got an identical model as my first car.
  12. Of course it's on Dubai plates, nobody from outside the Middle East would want or need to be seen anywhere near something like that.
  13. Going to a motorsport event with some friends and calling at their place on the way back for a cuppa. Except I didn't stay for the cuppa, because the house stank so strongly of cat piss I made an excuse I was late for Sunday dinner and left.
  14. Pieman

    TV cars

    Eunice Huthart was her name - didn't she actually become a Gladiator for one of the last series as she was so good at it? (Sorry for derailing the thread - perhaps we should start a separate Gladiators appreciation thread?)
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