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  1. Beautiful. My dad (a builder) had one as a second car when I was young that he bought from a rich client who wanted rid. It was the 3l 24v in limousine extended wheelbase spec. It was sadly often broken due to electronic ignition issues, drank fuel like a battleship and handled like it too. We went on a driving tour holiday once that included some laps of Brands Hatch. The waft was immense.
  2. Our 14 month old has chickenpox. Scream-crying, grizzling and sleep deprivation. And that's just the wife...
  3. Where are you and what's the ride on mower?
  4. Nope. Police aren't interested anyway.
  5. Bought a new-ish car recently for far too much money, mentally justified as a treat for frontline medic-ing during COVID and safe transport for the baby. Woken at 4am last night by hooting noises in the road outside. Some fuck has run over the bonnet and roof, denting and creasing them in multiple places. There's a high spot in the roof that looks like it will be impossible to repair. Why fucking bother in this cesspit of a country. I'm done.
  6. Replaced the Octavia as a daily about 6 weeks ago (it's for sale, if you hadn't heard). Bought a 2017 BMW 320d to replace it. Serious coin, but it's family transport, we do a lot of mega journeys and I've worked my way up the doctoring scale. Bought from a CarShop warehouse. It was cheap and had the right spec with FSH. Aside from missing trim, a blown fuse and a dead indicator repeater, we've noticed that on long runs (after 45 mins) the steering wheel starts to pulse. Not speed, throttle, steering angle or anything else sensitive. Will sit doing it at idle. Feels like something to do with the 'speed sensitive power steering'. I took it back to CarShop under warranty. Their workshop said "we sent it for a four wheel alignment and now it's fixed".
  7. My Octavia? Just down the road in Pontypool, half your budget and cheap to insure/tax. How long are they in the country?
  8. I know that, but only because it's on the Psych specialty exams post-grad required to be a registrar/ consultant. Koro/ Susto/ Latah etc are probably too niche for the standard med school exams. Shame. On topic, should I place you on the reserve list for a certain for sale mk1 Octavia?
  9. I've been admiring this Renault 5 that lives round the corner from me for a while, and now apparently it's for sale. It's clean as a whistle. One for our resident french lickers? @Six-cylinder?
  10. You rang? Have BLMRA lawnmower racing experience (see my asylum thread), will travel. @Six-cylinder, in all seriousness, I have an incredibly rare but ropey 1970s mower (a Bartrop Greenfield) sat in my garden. It was waiting to be built into the next racer, but could bring it to FoD, and actually make an appearance for once.
  11. Many many times. As a kid when we were away racing with my dad he would either stick an air mattress on the back of the VW LT tipper truck, or in the back of the T3 work van. In my late teens when going to house parties in our rural part of the world I kipped in the back of my Mk3 Golf across the seats. Comfyish flat seats (especially after a bottle of JD), but not big enough for my 6'5" rugby frame. Think I also slept in the passenger seat of my mates 306 D-Turbo once. Most comfy is the current mk1 Octavia. Back seats lie flat and you can fit an airbed across the boot up to the front seats. Crack the sunroof, and me and the wife have kipped in comfort (again racing or at parties).
  12. Granny 4x4 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284603976282
  13. Sad little Renault 5 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175112258838
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