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  1. How far did you get? Lots of options near Cowbridge/ Cardiff
  2. @bub2006 to the beige courtesy phone. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203654684143?hash=item2f6ac3ddef:g:oQQAAOSw~85hbDIj
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185108609842?hash=item2b19553b32:g:QDMAAOSwIsthabV7
  4. More from the 'other vehicles'... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144250851803?hash=item21960551db:g:JYAAAOSwpVBhICq4
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133901030066?hash=item1f2d1f92b2:g:d3sAAOSwSwVhZD7c
  6. Started looking for tractors for no sensible reason. Ended up in the "other vehicles" section on eBay. There's some right oddballs... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224648927052?hash=item344e1e974c:g:WtkAAOSwrvRhaeTZ Edit: thinking about it, is this any use to you @dollywobbler? There are apparently a load of Yugo spares...
  7. I see your sensible motor, and raise you a petrol LWB ex-ambulance for half the price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115043386553?hash=item1ac91ec4b9:g:~acAAOSwJXRhZdsE
  8. Give us a wave! If you're going up the valleys on the train you're coming past my office window.
  9. After the locks on the Octavia started doing this last night... Locks.mp4 I went investigating... Ah.
  10. Octavia shat a brake caliper on my way to clinic, in plumes of whitish smoke. The door locks also appear to be playing proper silly buggers, locking/ unlocking completely at random. Is it time for the bridge?
  11. Went to change the wheels over on the mobile skip (Octavia) to a set of winters. Buggering garage have buzzed them up so tight they won't shift. I was bouncing up and down on the tyre lever with no effect.
  12. There were on the set of alloys I had off warning light. An Excelor Performance and Aptany Harmonic
  13. Minimal change here. Having a new baby will do that. Not much time for tinkering. At least most of the house renovations are now finished. Octavia jobs list: Headlining sagging and torn in places from years of carrying lumber - Bodged/fixed Drivers seat bolster has collapsed due to my fat arse - Replaced Many scuffs and parking dings 5p sized rust spot on leading edge of bonnet, similar size piece on tailgate, 10p size piece of bubbling on one wheel arch The rear window washer doesn't work More broken interior trim - Replaced The headlining that I had stuck up with thumbtacks fell down. It got stapled back up. @warninglight let it be known he was breaking an Octavia of the same trim level, so I requested the front seats to replace my collapsed one, a few bits of interior plastic that were broken on mine, and a spare matching set of alloys. A trip up to Manchester provided a convenient handover. The old collapsed and worn out drivers seat: Which was replaced with one in much better nick: One of the alloys had a slight buckle (but was still holding air). £60 to some fellas in a very dodgy backstreet tyre place had it bashed out. Two of the alloys came with snow tyres, so the ditchfinders on the other two will get replaced with all season/snow tyres to serve as a winter beater set. No EML at the moment, and otherwise everything working. I might tackle a bit of the cosmetic rust to keep the old girl. Scirocco jobs list: The wiring needs tidying up (currently the fusebox is cable-tied to the bulkhead) - In progress The rev counter doesn't work - Going to be sorted by the very kind Cobblers of this parish The gear selector mechanism hits the exhaust, making a nice tinkling noise for about 200rpm of the range - Needs custom exhaust when funds allow Rattle-can blow-over respray and general rust tidy-up - winter priority The Mrs has also bought me a pressure washer, so both dailies have been cleaned and waxed ahead of the winter.
  14. As per my lazy spotters post. Odd.
  15. Various odd stuff from mostly Cardiff 6 years ago I lived in a block of flats opposite this Beetle. It hasn't moved in that time. This lives on a properly studenty street. Epic win. These four all seem to live outside the same house and get used on rotation. Need to drop the owner an autoshite sticker.
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