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  1. Having two Galileo thermometer's is just greedy.
  2. Wow, cracking find there - I'm sure you'll have it looking stunning, like the other cars you've breathed new life into in no time at all. Have a gratuitous pic of my old 2.0 laser.
  3. Never knew they did a '2.7 leeter' engine.
  4. Saw a modern blue Bentley coupe the other day, BL06 GER, looks like the internet helped somebody get/appear rich.
  5. If memory serves me right the diesel engine/intake sat a bit higher hence the power bulge in the bonnet.
  6. I'll see how it goes when number 3 child turns 17 in October 23 - then 2.5 years after that I can show the youngest the basics and retire from teaching new drivers - I hate it.
  7. Never heard of that issue before. We always went in the evening or Sunday afternoon when the shops are closed, never had any problems.
  8. I'm proud as punch today, daughter number 2 passed her driving test at the first attempt. Felt so sorry for her when the world went to shit during the lockdowns, but she kept plodding along with it. Currently around a 6 month wait for tests round our way. If you see an 09 plate bronze Suzuki Swift round Derby with a teenage girl grinning from ear to ear, that will probably be her! Only another 13 months to go till son number 1 turns 17 so I can go through it all again. I must know every inch of Asda and B&M's carpark by now 😂.
  9. Spotted trundling down the M1 the other day - 420 GSi Touring.
  10. I'm sure this is on your list already but thought I'd take a pic just in case. Spotted at Morrisons in Derby, looked in really good condition.
  11. This lives round the corner from me, if anyone is daft enough for a viewing, I'll come round and question your sanity! Its been really interesting watching the forest grow over the past year.
  12. Send some of it my way if you find it please, I've not been able to find any for the past month and I've loads to crack on with.
  13. I knew our Vectra was closing in on all the 2's and as Mrs Popsicle mainly uses it I asked her to grab a pic to put on here. So shit loads of panic about driving and remembering to do so resulted in this the other day. I thanked her for going to the trouble as I really didn't fancy a kicking for moaning about the quality of the photo!
  14. I know thats quite a few things but its less than I thought would need doing, fingers crossed it goes well for you and I look forward to the updates!
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