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  1. Very true - I'm still learning things, making mistakes and generally fucking things up on a regular basis! But on the odd good day when the sun is shining, cool tunes on the radio, no traffic and a jobs going well I still love it. To be honest I think I'm pretty much unemployable now, so I've little choice other than to keep plodding along. You'll hopefully get your mojo back and put in to place the things you've learnt and make more money/enjoy it more if you have another go at it down the road.
  2. I know we do different things, but we are both similar in being paid to transport other peoples goods around the country. I admire your balls (and anybody else that takes the plunge) for having a go and deciding when its best to call it a day. I know you've had some rotten luck with your trucks just lately, which puts a massive downer on carrying on with it all. I've been a self employed courier for 30 odd years, I've called it a day and then gone back to it more than once over the years. If you enjoyed it you'll probably get the itch to do it again - good luck with whatever you decide to do going forwards fellow long distance traveler.
  3. I'm sure I was on about £250 a week in the early 90's, nothing flash just at a heat treatment foundry. I had an uncle who always had a new Ford every 3 years on the 1-2-3 options scheme, it was similar to how current PCP's work. As said uncle passed his test in the 60's with the local corporation bus depot he only had a licence for automatics. I remember him trading in an Escort for an L reg Mondeo. He'd always come round to show my dad (his younger brother) his new cars and take us down the local bypass in it - I remember me and dad being very impressed with this new flash Mondeo! My dad always thought it a waste of money 'renting' a car and never owning it but my uncle was an early adopter of leasing and carried on with Fords until he passed away a couple of years ago. He always said he could never afford to buy them but was happy enough spending each month to rent one.
  4. Biggest engine we got was the 2.3 V6 - 3.0 V6's are South African imports.
  5. It does seem odd having a bench seat, don't think I've seen it on that age before, my K reg had single seats.
  6. Scamming bastards - did they pay for it with a credit or debit card? They may have some comeback with a section 75 claim.
  7. My dream car if when I win the lottery.
  8. I'd agree regarding the path to madness with replacing all the underside bits and bobs - if its structurally sound then a good wire brushing, some Vactan, zinc primer then underseal would be the way I'd go.
  9. Some good work going on with this, I do like a high mileage hero. Interesting (to me anyway) it has the same alternator as my 2009 1.9 tdi Caddy, I just assumed the petrol one would be different. If its any consolation my clutch pulley failed at 187k miles, it was replaced and lasted until last month, 341k miles, before it needed the whole unit replacing.
  10. Really enjoying the updates and the love that you're putting in to this 👍.
  11. I've still got 5 Mann air filters in the garage for my Zafira that was written off over 3 years ago - really must pop them on here one day - they might be useful for someone.....
  12. Try not to end up like me when GSF were clearing a load of Sedona parts out around 10 years ago, I got sick of tripping over my 'well its only a fiver' wishbones, droplinks, discs, pads, tie rods, ball joints, radiator etc. The injectors shit themselves a month later and our lass lost confidence in it and part ex'd it against Galaxy.....
  13. Cracking looking motor, love the P slots, be great to see it up and running.
  14. I've fitted a few things made by X8R over the years, it tends to be well designed and well made stuff - they're a good company for fixing common faults on vehicles, might be worth leaving it in place, it does read up well. https://x8r.co.uk/pcv-valve-delete-kit.html
  15. @grogee like you I had a right faff with my Caddy's DAB signal due to dashcam interference, no matter were I mounted the dashcam or DAB aerial or which way I routed the cables the bloody thing was awful, several ferrite cores marginally improved it, bit the bullet and ordered one of these roof mounted FM/DAB boosted antenna https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363133838825 I needed a couple of extra plugs/adapters to make it fit the back of my stereo but it was a proper game changer mate - no interference and no signal dropping out.
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