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  1. I keep spotting this Mondeo around Derby, I've took pics for @egg K reg list. Its always looked very clean and is/was obviously still being used for local supermarket and hospital trips.
  2. Stunning looking car @trigger. First car I owned after passing my test in 1989 was a brown V reg 1500HL Dolomite, yours looks far better than that ever did at 10 years old and yours is pushing 50 years old.
  3. A man claiming to know the owner has added a few more details to the mystery. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-64555453
  4. Mine arrived too! With sweeties that the kids have snaffled. Thanks again for sorting this out.
  5. The last Sprinter I owned. Picked up in the morning after having a new propshaft fitted. 2.5 hours later a head on accident. Can't believe this was eight years ago.
  6. It doesn't say on the back of the numerous ones I have, it just states 'Produced for Halfords'.
  7. Thanks for the heads up chaps. Think I'll empty most of my biscuit tin of bulbs in the bin then.
  8. Are Lucas bulbs all crap these days? Bloody front indicator bulbs lasted about 6 weeks in the Vectra, no big deal normally, but you have to remove the bumper, to remove the headlamp unit to change the bulb as the indicator bulb is against the inner wing. Its not a one off with these bulbs either, brake light out on the Caddy, popped a new one in, the amber indicators looked a bit black with bits falling off so swapped them for the new shiny Lucas amber ones, that one lasted less than a month. Halfords to the rescue, I don't want to be removing Vectra front bumpers again for a while.
  9. Couple more on my travels.
  10. Treated the couriering Caddy to some new boots today. I've had really good mileage out of these Goodyears on other motors (95k miles), so hoping for the same on the Caddy. The previous Hankooks disappointed, only got just under 45k from them, with a rotation half way through. The Michelins before that were part worns when I got them lasted longer(55k), even the mix of Landsail, Marshall and Dynamo? that were on the van when I got it gave over 30k miles.
  11. Nice write up and well done for persevering with it. I owned one of these briefly about 10 years ago, lovely car, but it was so very needy with a never ending snagging list, nothing that ever stopped me using it just constant little niggles. Good luck with this one, seems its found the right owner to get it into a usable reliable car.
  12. You would have a nice west coast to east journey by being Rough & Ready for a Three Way via Lubers for your Dry Wood before Cooter and then Sweet Lips before you finally arrive at Climax!
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