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  1. Scoop it up, nice vinaigrette for a salad, sift the glass out first though! Baking soda is a good way to soak up vinegar and remove the smell and a shit ton of kitchen roll for the oil.
  2. I think its been rebuilt a few time over the years, theres some pics on their site, think it was last rebuilt in 2019. http://www.derbyrollerworld.co.uk/the-boot.html Its classed as a Volkswagen Rollerboot on the MOT check site.
  3. Local roller skating place has had this since the 80's.
  4. Liked for the fact its working - sad for the issues you've got.
  5. The comments section makes for good reading.
  6. Mrs Popsicle has a large collection of Smurfs, thousands of the little buggers, me and the kids can't help ourselves, we keep putting them in compromising positions to see how long it will take her to notice.
  7. Used to see this around Burton way.
  8. Ah well purchased, I am incredibly envious - I love the big old Vauxhalls.
  9. Take it easy when you first use them, it makes the world a strange looking place, things that you no are dead straight start to become curved in your periphery vision. Worth persevering with though, I still automatically look over my specs for close up things after 10 years of the varifocals!
  10. Its a 2-3 miles detour, under 10 minutes, well worth doing to protect your motor.
  11. As the Caddy has gone all twatish VAG on me I've been running around in the Vectra Estate most of this week, so first entry for it hitting a milestone today. We picked this up for £1k, 2.5 years ago with 84k on it. Its hardly put a foot wrong in all that time/miles. Might fuck the caddy off and go back to this old beast, see if I can pass the 369k I put on the Zafira.
  12. Well done, brilliant work around to get it together and running, cap truly doffed sir - Love the little woohoo at the end!
  13. Ouch, big hit to take, but to be fair he looks to be doing a cracking job on it, £40ph is very reasonable for someone with his apparent talent, should keep it solid for a good number of years so well worth it for a keeper.
  14. Thats a cracking road and car combo you've got there. Must be interesting with all the hills and bends to have something amiss with the steering! Its also a far more joyous photo than one I took with my van on that stretch of road last month.
  15. Bit harsh, she looks alright to me.
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