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  1. It's amazing how so many environmental improvements bear heaviest on the poor and provide great profit opportunities for investors and large companies.
  2. Definitely Paris-Rhone,Ducellier, Motorola, i.e the usual suspects, Also Iskra. I just looked at Autodoc and one is listed there for €80, obvs don't know about dimensions, but definitely a 10 tooth pinion:- Hey, check out ROTOVIS Automotive Electrics Starter in the AUTODOC app https://m.auto-doc.fr/rotovis-automotive-electrics/10228817
  3. Just looked it up, but they used starters from about 5 different makers, so there should be some hope. However https://www.chevronics.co.uk/product/starter-motor-visa-652cc/?v=79cba1185463. The only problem might be if it's on exchange, as your original has departed.
  4. I don't even know who made the 652cc starter motor, although I could find out.(Got 2 Visa manuals upstairs). But parts like that are usually used across a wide variety of cars. There's no need to design a different 10 tooth pinion for every car that needs one that you supply for. I should ask the garage whether they have anything to suggest, as it's their careless attitude that got you into this mess.
  5. I've got a set of pads to fit tomorrow. The man that owns the car set off downhill to go to the shops and found he had no brakes. Some pumping got it to stop and he found that the pad lining had come away from the backplate and disintegrated. The car has been sat round most of the time since March, so maybe that accounts for it. I did a Corolla last month where just one pad had become crumbly and had to be replaced, but that car had only done 1300 miles in 18 months.
  6. Any hospital that signs up to that are not acting very responsibly. Strangely, contrary to what you might assume, Texas gets more power from renewables than any other state, which didn't help, as solar doesn't work very well with snow on top of it. I think the wind farms had problems, too.
  7. Don't Texans have electricity meters then?
  8. What make of car? I often think that the French makers, much as I love their cars, only provide rhd cars under duress. I did a service on a car I've never worked on before last week, a Mitsubishi Outlander phev, of course designed for rhd. It took 2 minutes and now I've done one it would be less than 1. On the other hand it did have the usual Japanese feature of the belly pan being held on with rusty M6 screws straight into captive nuts inside the front cross member.
  9. I'd say as it's less than a year you have comeback against the guy who fitted it.
  10. I'm sure that is happening, but in North America it's mainly made from maize or wheat. Another awkward question.If many millions of cars expire prematurely worldwide, how do the environmental costs of recycling and replacing them compare to the environmental benefits of using E10?
  11. Has anyone explained how using farmland to make fuel is a good idea when the population increases every year and there's so much malnutrition in the world.
  12. It could be that one of the liners has sunk on its seal. I think there's a check that needs to be made for liner protrusion as if they're not sticking out enough the head doesn't exert enough clamping force on the gasket.
  13. They used to in the Senator/Monza predecessor, the Diplomat, with a nice Chevy V8. I used to walk past a house in Cardiff where the owner had 2, along with sundry Commodores.
  14. When I saw it outside a depollution shed my heart sank... Well done.
  15. The Spanish are very bureaucratic about vehicle recovery, so maybe the crane is mandatory. I've been stopped from giving a push start before now.
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