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  1. Just remove the small moving part inside,replace it on the pump and see if it runs then.You can use the manual lever to switch off.
  2. Have you made sure the pump solenoid hasn't stuck shut?
  3. What marketing genius picked a name which is "grovel" spelled backwards?
  4. Peugeot 204,304 and original 305 also had gearbox in sump.
  5. The Kangoo is the car everyone needs,not the one they want.And they are comfortable and even ok on long journeys.
  6. Lots of 11 plate Combos are worn out.
  7. Cars in Spain have to deal with these temperatures for six months of the year,with quite a number of days over 40 without expiring,so a few days around 30 degrees will just cull some badly maintained vehicles from UK roads.
  8. Try the Autodoc app,put 41727 into the search box.It's €162 on the app. Also,try eBay.de item no.153496859741
  9. P0011 is a code for cam timing over advanced on engines with vvt,not a cam sensor failure.I would have a look at the state of the chain and guides before buying a load of expensive electrical parts.
  10. The rubber boots are fairly cheap.Care needs to be taken when getting the clips out to release the strut end from the suspension arm,as it is quite easy to snap them.It's a good idea to soak them in penetrating oil first, although one of yours looks like it is soaked in LHM anyway.
  11. Get the Autodoc app,save the details of the car and then check what's available.Usually each application has details of the differences between parts.
  12. That coating you chipped off the pads is there to stop squeal.
  13. In 2007 I was paid by a friend to drive this actual car from TRGB ,from whom he had bought it,to his house in West Cork.With his permission,I toured around Wales in it for a weekend before diving it over.A few weeks later he also let me borrow it for a weekend in Kerry. He kept it for 18 months then sold it back to TRGB for the same price he bought it for,£7000.It's worth £18-20000 now. It was most enjoyable to drive.
  14. That might be true,but several companies were restoring basket cases a long time before 1997.Panels were available for rebuilding a shell from almost nothing.I seem to remember one firm were making virtually new shells.
  15. I have got a tight ball joint out by taking off the boot and then cutting horizontally around the circumference of the ball joint with a cutting disc on a 4½" grinder.The pin then can come out and the remaining part can be knocked around with a chisel to unscrew it from the hub.The heat of cutting it helps it loosen.
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