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  1. They do seem to have very durable clutches. I'm fairly sure mine is on its original clutch/DMF at 170k miles
  2. The 2.1 Turbo diesel Mercedes take more, 11 or 12 litres in a Sprinter. I'm not a great fan of the A-Class, but there's not much wrong with the Renault parts, it's just that you may as well buy a Mégane and save your money. Isn't there a quality difference between the German made and South African made W210s, with the South African ones being much more rust prone?
  3. As far as I know it's the same arrangement as a Mégane 3. Jack the corner up, remove the wheel, support the hub. Then remove the plastic cover off the lower arm and the complete shock. The top of the shock is accessed through the boot. Mark the position of the lower spring seat on the arm then lower the arm and the spring should be removable. Re assembly is the reverse, etc.
  4. I'm not sure you need compressors. Aren't the shocks and springs separate?
  5. That's why I liked Frost - plenty of working class corpses, too.
  6. That's a nicely styled car. Much better than the Zephyr Mk.4 which is the UK equivalent. The front end has a very Italian look.
  7. They are both nice cars, but the Renault is probably better for long-term ownership.
  8. They are great at knocking out their cats. Plus, like most 3 cylinder engines, they sound like a four with one cylinder broken.
  9. May not be Indenor, but a Sofim. I'm a bit rusty on 80s diesels.
  10. Checking out a camper my brother-in-law has been offered very cheaply. 2.5 Indenor And column change.
  11. I wouldn't know about the display, but the picture is what you see when the glove compartment is fully lowered.
  12. Drop the glove compartment out of the way and you should see as above. Cut out the piece of dash surrounded by perforations and you will gain access to the door of the filter compartment. That's the only way to make sure you have one fitted. You may find someone has been there before and done the cutting out for you.
  13. It probably doesn't. When you change the oil you press a reset button and after 6000 miles or whatever the interval is some mechanism on the odometer switches the light on. 90 Series Land Cruisers have one for the timing belt.
  14. Yes, we paid €450 last year and ended up with a dead dog. An x-ray found a large liver tumour, which was game over. What was annoying was the suggestion that we had an additional ultrasound at another €200, just to make sure. Which was €50 more than my wife had paid for a private ultrasound 3 months before.
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