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  1. Probably best to take them off and have them repaired or refurbished or copied by Speedy Cables.They are on the net.That might cost a bit but probably not more than genuine Lexus parts
  2. Not quite that bad,but lots of people were only earning £10-12 thousand pa then for a 40 hour week.
  3. A friend of mine bought a 1984 944 around the turn of the millennium in Galway.At the time the only Porsche dealership in the Irish Republic was Belgard in Dublin,so he waited until he visited the UK,then dropped it off at the dealership in Bournemouth,telling them to make sure everything was in good shape mechanically.When he went back the bill was £5000.So they are a car that can eat money.
  4. It looks like a Mk.3 Cortina to me.
  5. Oh , for the days when BMW styling was conservative but snappy.
  6. Why are your insurance even involved in making decisions about this?If the other party's insurers are admitting liability then they have to put you back where you would have been if you hadn't been crashed into,which would include any early redemption penalties if the car was written off. Have you talked to the finance company about this?,because it's their car,not yours,and as the owners they may be on your side in getting the best possible job done.
  7. The seat latch cover seems to come off with a couple of screws.Why not remove that and see how the seat cover attaches.Sometimes a strip sewn to the seat cloth pushes into a channel on the metal part and the stretch of the material over the foam holds it all in place.
  8. Re:- Heavy steering-it might be worth cleaning out the filters in the LHM tank,or even doing a fluid change.
  9. It's done almost no mileage in the past 5 years.Any problems might be down to lack of use,which may make them hard to spot.
  10. You were lucky,I did similar to my hair once,I don't have the right shaped head for a crew cut.
  11. I'm in Berlin at the moment. Simson Schwalbe near the hotel. A nice fintail 200 off the Kurfurstendamm.Also a musical 2CV between the Brandenburg Gate and the Siegessaule.
  12. I can understand someone needing to be paid to go to Merthyr Tydfil,but surely no-one needs to be paid to leave the place.(Shudders Slightly)
  13. Always on Android mobile.I very rarely use my pc to view this site now.
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