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  1. You mean these. Strangely enough, I've had very similar ones in my bathroom for 22 years and they've been perfect, whereas a lot of expensive taps go wrong.
  2. I quite like them, but your replacement vehicle is much superior.
  3. Can't I think B and C? If they spend their entire day in it they aren't going to get much work done, are they?
  4. It doesn't mean they watched the whole thing right through. It went on most of the day, didn't it. I wouldn't be surprised if that many tuned in for an hour.
  5. It's not just the problems with the system, it's the whole "computer says no" attitude that people dealing with the unwell have that gets people furious. There's several on here with chronic conditions, and their experiences in getting treatment or their medication would try the patience of a 21 year old Saint. Incidentally, I worked in a pharmacy for four years in the 80s and never saw any old people being rude. So it seems to be another of the trends that started when everyone became slaves to process and procedure. I deal with a lot of pensioners and get rudeness extremely rarely. So if people are constantly rude to someone I'd say they need to look at their own manners.
  6. Or perhaps they are sick of the bureaucratic inhuman way the medical system works in the UK, and are old, sick and in pain. Let's see if you're a little bundle of joy when you're 80 and full of arthritis.
  7. Especially when companies are always boasting about how much of the power you get is renewable, but still put up the price of every unit in line with the increase in gas prices.
  8. Yes I looked it up after posting. Whoever cast iron welded that old vice knew his stuff.
  9. There's a YouTube film where someone compared a load of vices for the amount of pressure they could exert . The winner was a custom made steel one he'd done himself. Second was a large vice made in the US in about 1930 which had had one side repaired after breaking like the op's. Even with that it beat all the factory made moderns.
  10. Excellent, he'll pay you some money to be an accessory to his crimes.
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