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  1. I'm sure the Saab 93 used to be further up the wall than that. You got a great view of the large welded patches on the rear of the sills.
  2. I don't think they are much good for bleeding, they suck air down the threads of the bleed nipple, so you get loads of bubbles in the tube, which makes it really difficult to see what is going on. Great for testing vacuum modules.
  3. In REMH the M stands for maximum (12m). That Alexander bodied one above is an REMH.
  4. Well, you could give us an outline.
  5. There's an RELH for sale ATM, apparently. https://www.usedcoachsales.co.uk/Vehicles/View/5369 Edit:- It must have sold or been an old ad still in the search results, it doesn't seem to be in the vehicles for sale list any more.
  6. I've driven a 2litre Turbo version which was very pleasant. They had one quirk in that one had to be very careful to do up the crank pulley nut to full tightness otherwise the pulley key could fret in its slot in the crankshaft, rendering the crankshaft scrap. The torque setting was gigantic, something like 375lb/ft.
  7. Back around 1980 there was a petrol station in Cardiff that had a scruffy DB6, a Lamborghini Espada, and an immaculate Mach 1 Mustang outside for £2000 each.
  8. It's a shame NBC were so invested in the National. Of course they would be, it being a collaborative project with Leyland, but BL and NBC are a classic case of the dangers of making industries into huge monoliths. It's great as long as good decisions are always made, but when bad ones are made there's no alternative but to plough on with them.
  9. Definitely the Reliance would be better for long distance tours. I believe Northern Ireland wouldn't take the National at first and insisted on further batches of the RE.
  10. It's a practice that's dying out now, but solicitors used to have fireproof deed safes, so as long as you didn't lose the receipt you were fine. And even if you did your ownership was officially registered. They normally didn't charge, but of course they would expect to do the conveyancing of the property if it changed hands. Or prove the will if the owner died. So it was a small quid pro quo for thousands worth of work in the future.
  11. My wife had the cleaning contract for a solicitor's office in West Cork, and there was a huge pile of files leaning against his desk that didn't move for years. When dusting his desk you couldn't help seeing messages asking when he was going to call people back after multiple attempts to contact him over many months. My mother-in-law left the deeds to her property with a West Cork solicitor. He later went into partnership with a lawyer in another town 10 miles away. Then he retired leaving the second man in charge, and holding the deeds. Without any notification. Then the second solicitor closed down the practice and joined another firm in Cork, taking the deeds with him. Again, without any notification. Then he left the firm leaving the deeds in charge of another lawyer who was totally unknown to us. Still no notification. Luckily my own solicitor is good, and tracked them down.
  12. It looks like GWO4D, one of Red and White's Bristol RELH ECW bodied coaches . With a Gardner engine. Probably the best coache for long distance express work ever built in the UK. Fast , comfortable, very durable and very economical. That's one in its natural habitat, Cheltenham Coach Station.
  13. Two show jumpers over there just got convicted of stealing £50k worth of fellow competitors tack. Suspended sentence.
  14. https://www.niemoeller.de/en/w110/w110/B010/19 Sorry, forgot the parts link in the post above.
  15. They look like standard cup seals so should be easily obtainable. Overhauling a wheel cylinder shouldn't take long, even getting the nipples out if they are soaked overnight in diesel.
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