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  1. They are supposed to have some negative camber at the back. Just not this much.
  2. Unless the car is £500 or less, they just need to buy a cheaper one that they can actually afford. Nothing would make me beg like the man who wanted the Doblo.
  3. Yes,that's why being sent a valuation showing it was worth less than a thousand in the UK was so stupid. In Spain it would have been worth double the asking price.
  4. Jay Hi, is this still available? Is the price negotiable? would you deliver to north cork for fuel costs + return trip? Thanks mon 1:20 pm It's available but it's not insured so I can't deliver it, sorry. mon 1:32 pm Jay I am interested in the car but I have a few concerns. The first is the price, I have attached a screenshot of the parker price guide, yeah, I know cars are more expensive in ireland than the uk but the difference is very big, could I please ask you to reconsider the price somewhat. next is the numbers on the engine what this written by the mechanic during service (251k202k ?) and then there's the block of wood on the battery? has this vehicle ever been fixed/modified/repaired by non-professional? The location issue is for me to sort out but I live in Doneraile (north of mallow) and getting there will be hard and probably cost me 100 euros at least as I do not have a car and have to pay someone to take me. we are a young family with very limited resources and so we need to make every penny count. please bear this in mind if you do decide to lower the price. This is not looking for sympathy, its just the reality for us and our financial situation, if its too much then we just can't buy it. hope you understand. sincerely jonathan today 9:27 pm It sold 2 hours ago for €1700 today 9:30 pm This was my old 2008 work car, a Fiat Doblo MPV, up for sale for €1900. The attachment from Parker's was absent, but what their valuation has to do with a similar car in another country I don't know. And Doneraile is 1¼ hours drive, so basically more than half a day to deliver with 2 buses on the way back. 3 people responded to the ad. One was Jay above, one wanted to part ex a Seat Ibiza and the actual buyers, a Spanish couple, actually turned up with cash and bought it.
  5. That takes me back to Grangetown or Splott c.1974.
  6. I don't know about main dealers, but when Renault decided to be pacesetters in electronic automatic gearbox control it was often very difficult to get those transmissions fixed. One car was so long waiting for repair that the owner went down to the garage and shot the garage man, fortunately not fatally. I can't remember if they'd had the car one year or two.
  7. It's not about suspicion. A lot of criminals become such because they are totally selfish and don't care about anyone outside their close associates. So they don't think what they're doing is wrong.
  8. 4½ hours is a long time at that age. The days before mobile phones seem a very long time ago. Actually, your friend's mum was wrong. If you drive at 130mph you do get there quicker than most people.
  9. Drain covers weigh in nicely. Solid 100% metal. Hope the damage isn't too serious.
  10. TBF they do last a long time, but I often feel it's because they rarely go over 45mph. At least from my observation in Ireland. The car of choice for those with grey hair
  11. That has always been the failing of Japanese make cars. It's hard to get parts, and they are incredibly expensive. It may be something to do with the Japanese system of encouraging the scrapping of cars at 6 or 8 years old by having a roadworthiness test that costs a lot of money in compulsory part replacement. Even parts that fail commonly cost loads. Corolla E12 door check straps are well over €100 as are a set of caliper sliders for one caliper.
  12. You can send them to me in Ireland if you want.
  13. This is why everyone needs an estate:-
  14. We ran one for 5 years and the only actual ftp was when the dmf disintegrated about a mile from home. The egr stuck a couple of times (1.6hdi) but the car remained mobile at reduced power.
  15. The Galaxy has been an overpriced disaster from the start and this kind of corruption has been a feature throughout the aircraft's life. https://truthout.org/articles/weapons-that-will-never-die-we-need-to-stop-the-expensive-reincarnations-part-ii/
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