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  1. These are great except for the tendency to drink diesel.
  2. When they went out of production the last new price was about £4000,so to get over £1000 for it now is a pretty good depreciation rate. My brother had a 1983 Comfort in black,TTG727Y ,around 1990.This would be when black was just becoming fashionable on BMWs and the like.I remember him being quite chuffed when he cut someone up and was called a yuppie b****** in return. That car went to Berlin and Prague in 1991 and Budapest in 1992 , although it did start drinking oil after the second trip .The 903cc ohv wasn't as strong as the FIRE,also the early rear suspension was just a straight tubular axle on 2 leaf springs,so the handling was inferior to the later ones with the Uno style axle.
  3. Bring me the finest wines available to humanity!
  4. A Reading Corporation Bristol RE.Pennine body.
  5. Looks like a knobbly knees competition.
  6. Try catcar.info You'll find what you want on there -and a lot more.
  7. These are great.I worked in a garage where they were the staple diet,sales and repairs.I even sold a few on my own account.They are the ultimate car for not coming back under guarantee.I prefer the styling on the facelift model,but these are the really durable ones. Parts are cheap too, except Toyota never did the rubber bushes that go on the rear arms,and the complete arms are pricey.
  8. My next door neighbour had a beige 1979 200 in the early 80s.It looks ok as a colour on a W123, but not so good on anything later.
  9. Are there seat belt mountings in the shell? My brother had an almost identical Pageant Blue 1.3 estate on an S plate.It was totally worn out at 10 years old,and failed it's Mot on 19 separate items.The engine had seized while I was driving the year before and had to be replaced. This one,however,is lovely.
  10. They may contain nuts.They probably don't but if the factory uses nuts in anything there's no way to guarantee that they won't have a tiny bit in,and it's almost impossible to check.As the consequences are so serious,most companies have to put the disclaimer on to protect themselves.
  11. One good thing about Renaults is the way the dash slopes away from you.It gives an airy feel which makes the car nicer to drive
  12. The SS50 only had just over half the power of a FS1e, so they weren't the most exciting. Of course,being strange ,I had to have one of these:- (Not this actual bike)It did an indicated 48mph,ok for 50cc.
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