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  1. You've got some nice cameras on the go PhilA. Hope we get to see some of the shots in time.
  2. Clutch mainly and v short covid MOT, was on sale on AS but buyer had to pull out and I didn't have time to Roffle etc so it had to go unfortunately.
  3. If the film is Stateside these are long-standing and established. https://www.dwaynesphoto.com/ . If the film is UK based there are places but you are now looking at £20-30 a film to develop! (example https://www.gaugefilm.co.uk/store/p20/E-6_50ft_8mm_Colour_Reversal_Processing.html ). However you'll need to check the film brand/type as some colour films (inc. Kodachrome) can't be developed anywhere. Kodak stopped their Super 8 developing included in the cost films in the 00's. The loss of Kodachrome (still and cine) is still mourned in the film photography world.
  4. Land Rover number 2 and me 1982, again a Derbyshire camp site. This one was exciting as it was an ex-military ""Lightweight" so us kids believed it had be dropped by parachute out of planes.
  5. Me and Dads 1st Land Rover on a camp site, Fenny Bentley, 1979- under the bonnet was bright yellow as ex-council. Hideous thing that was very unreliable. Used to have paraffin lamps under it in winter so it stood half a chance of starting so dad could get to the dairy to get out on the milk float. One year we got about 2 miles from the North Wales campsite we should have been having our summer hols and the clutch went. Took nearly 24 hours by AA Relay to get home - I remember having endless hours in Stoke waiting for the now dead Landie to be swapped onto the next AAs region wagon to cont
  6. Despite a Perodua being in shot it's Nottingham. Think there'll be more pot holes to report in a week or so.
  7. My street is in a residential area but a major cut through - no drives so cars both sides leaving single file traffic only. We often get face-offs we're people won't give way. Often the drivers get verbal and on occasion violent. The whole road needed re-surfacing years ago but since austerity this happens every winter. That's the sub-base next to vehicles. I guess the yellow circle means the Council will be round to put a crude patch of tarmac in bag down at some point - it won't last long.
  8. I've always liked the look of that early to mid 00's version but don't like the sound of parts availablity - its a pain getting spares for my Perodua Nippa. I think the Alto has a not dissimilar look to the Nippa.
  9. Luckily our machine is only 2.5 years old. WCPGW...
  10. My machine is on that dreaded list too plus can't get on their site. Supposedly not meant to use machine at all! The wife says "that ain't going to happen!". It only took them a year to get to us to *modify the tumble dryer. Won't be buying anything whirlpool/indesit/hoover ever again!
  11. Yay - looks perfect. How did you sort it mister?
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