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  1. And now it's gone. I asked around at work. Apparently the local council knew who the owner was and they had a persuasive word.
  2. My 1st thought the Merc had to be worth a few quid, and it is according to CTB - £384. 2nd thought get the scrappy in for easy* money. Certainly not worth losing my job for though. God knows how long it will take work to legally remove it. MOT expired December.
  3. In works car park, moss growing round it too. The sticker on the rear "you are parked in an authorised place" having no effect. I guess this is empty...
  4. BBQ was going well, all enjoying food etc... alcohol had been consumed. I can't even prise it off. It's done 4 years but all I can think of is getting the grinder out.
  5. We've moved house, only half a mile away, but new chod spotting potential aplenty. I'm easily pleased A high rise roof rack and a kwality sun roof repair.
  6. I've just signed up for one of their unlimited SIMs to use in a 4g router. As we are all on Smarty for phones I get an extra 10% off signing up via the "group plan". They often have a sale on. I missed the unlimited SIM on sale at £16 a few weeks ago - I would have got 10% off on that price too. If you need to check coverage etc Smarty use Three as their network.
  7. That's really good! There are even some local FM stations I'd not come across that I should be to listen to while knocking about in a car.
  8. 12 tubes of grease, whadda giveaway. Take any amount between 1 and 12. Free for collection from Nottingham. Would post all for cost of postage. Update 29/3. Now collected. Ta!
  9. Puts waiting for a V5 into perspective. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/23/minister-faces-fury-over-mass-covid-outbreak-at-top-government-agency
  10. I work with a woman who used to live in a cottage next to Rufford Ford. They used to get idiots getting stuck in it and banging on their door at all hours (3am etc) asking for help. Most of the time the people who got stuck had driven round the "Flood" and "Road Closed" signs as well. One one of the main reasons she moved house. The route to avoid the Ford only adds a max 5 mins. However it has fun moments in summer when the water is 2 inch deep as the country park next to it has a viewing platform of the Ford. Those who gun it and make a massive splash get the biggest cheer form the watching kids😃
  11. You've got some nice cameras on the go PhilA. Hope we get to see some of the shots in time.
  12. Clutch mainly and v short covid MOT, was on sale on AS but buyer had to pull out and I didn't have time to Roffle etc so it had to go unfortunately.
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