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  1. Thank you for perservering with not just the work on the car but also the write up and photos of your efforts. The writing is much appreciated especially as this is not easy for you. Keep up both the car repairs and write ups. It's a great car and a great thread.
  2. Really well done. That sounds lovely. Your perseverance has certainly paid off.
  3. I took a chance and bought this kit and I hope it fits. Hope so too.
  4. No problem - hope you get the Merc up and running without too much difficulty, it's a beautiful thing.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lift-pump-repair-kit-for-Bosch-FP-K22-pumps/324478216496 This has loads more parts than the one you showed...
  6. Didn't think an Ambitious Roof Box thread would gain much traction so this will have to do here... At a car park in Mablethorpe.
  7. That's Muker, Swaledale. Last there Aug 2020. Unsurprisingly little changed from the pic - cars excepted of course.
  8. Stick it all back together and see what happen. Didn't you say it was a running 70yr old tractor when ya dad bought it?
  9. I don't think so but not 100% sure. The overload on mine has never come on (I don't know if it's even meant too) even when the controller is showing that the battery is at max charging volt. I've used this controller with a 20w solar panel on 3 batteries (ranging from 40-110ah) over the last 10 months and none of them have gone bang so the controller seems to do its job.
  10. I've got one brand of these and basically they are all the same. The 3 buttons let you set the float charging voltage of your battery, what voltage it will disconnect and reconnect charging and also to show that any base/overload is working (for base/overload I've got 9 x T5 bulbs in holders wired in series & parallel). There is some sort of timer function which I've ignored. Anyway these are the instructions, it takes a bit of fiddling to understand if you want to change settings but these solar charge controllers should work fine without changing any of the settings. If the download doesn't work here is a direct link https://www.solorder.se/image/data/uploads/KLD1210.pdf KLD1210.pdf
  11. Does anyone have an idea on current lead and brass prices? The I've got a little of both with the brass a right old mixture of pipe fittings/taps, screws and old light fittings stripped down. As dry bright wire is that much I've got 3 or so reels of domestic cable I might as well strip too.
  12. Yep no DPF, my 57 plate one (same colour as yours too) thankfully doesn't have one. As for the trip computer it's fairly comedy - only way to get a real mpg figure is manually (you know - brim, drive, brim then maths). For a giggle set the trip to "live mpg" and truly believe you are doing 99.9 mpg. The only real issue I've had with mine was it went into limp mode when the egr valve stuck but even that was my fault as I was driving it too gently and the egr was always in recirculate mode. Every week or 2 I now get the turbo up to the limiter and give the egr a good clear out. I've had mine 11 years now and I still love it, the load space is phenomenal. I've had all sorts in it to the detriment of the interior. Overall it's a brilliant vehicle. Enjoy yours!
  13. @EML Thought those colours looked familiar... Mansfield buses pre-privatistion. The number 7 route went past my childhood home thus highly likely I was on this very bus at some point. Thanks @EML. The destination, Oak Tree Lane is a large late 70's built Council estate - under half a mile from my old front door.
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