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  1. Didn't realise they were worth that much. There is also a modern Citroen on the other drive that hasn't moved for a few years. Think it's just an old lady/man paid to have a bit of a garden tidy. Hope she/he doesn't get loads of idiots at her door now it's visible. However it was visible a couple of years ago before the brambles took over.
  2. This was completely covered in brambles last week.
  3. 50 yds from me. MOT expired 2011. Don't understand the plate mind.
  4. Just makes me smile. It's round the corner from my mum's. A Rover 75 next to it with a missing rear bumper.
  5. I was forever locking the keys in my 323. Eventually discovered 5p piece opened the hatchback.
  6. Yep got the buttons now ta. Thanks for the new style site too.
  7. Result! Well chuffed. Garage just phoned. One of the HT lead cores had melted. They've made up an "old fashioned" replacement and emissions are perfect plus replaced fog bulb aligned head lamp - all for not much money.
  8. Cheers will mention O2 sensor to garage. I drove it for 30 mins pre test at speed plus stuck in traffic (rad fan kicked in) so should have been hot enough. Although the original ineffective cat is still on a second "sports" cat has been welded in further down exhaust system. Apparently Hydrocarbons should be less than 0.2 - currently above 2.0!
  9. Nippa has failed. Emissions again. Last year it had all new HT leads, distributor cap etc plus 2nd cat welded in. The emissions are massively over limits. It's running really lumpy when cold and when warm it's running extremely rich. Garage fella is a bit flummoxed (partly as parts are a pain to get or not obtainable). I thought might be a temperature sensor but garage reckons not. He's keeping the Nippa for a few days to have a think what it might be. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. Didn't bother using the oil suction thingy. Just changed the oil by drain plug plus new oil filter. The Nippa only holds 2.1 litres of oil.
  11. Perfect cold start - was fuel starvation. Well chuffed coz it's not often I manage to fix anything car wise.
  12. Nippa has been running really lumpy from cold start and also affecting acceleration when warmed. No obvious loose connections and HT leads, distributor cap & arm, spark plugs etc changed 10 months ago. Wondered if could be one of temperature sensors? Only engine service item it's not had whilst I've had it in 2 1/2 years is a fuel filter. Purchased from Euros on "sale" and running tons better. Can actually make it accelerate, novelty! Should be cold enough in the morning to see if it's cured start up bother.
  13. My Doblo - car version - has no problems. Never tried to take out rear seats mind.
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