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  1. Lots of primer on the sides too, noisey exhaust with alloys wearing wide tyres.... Was a top notch conversion tho in it's time. Now that's a proper modification.
  2. A 3 or 4 branch Nottingham builder's merchant had thier last but one batch of delivery waggons (just pre-covid ish) specced with timber and associated ironwork dropsides - newest vehicles have gone to aluminium tho So perhaps not too surprising they've kept and presumably restored these: Snapped today at their West Bridgford yard.
  3. That's a helluva lot of tickets and candy floss to sell. A couple of duff weeks must make all involved a bit edgy.
  4. Good vid and good work you (and Mr Earrings) are doing. Who'd have thought watching a shiter taking a boot to pieces would be so relaxing... I guess working on this car gets a little tiresome when everything takes that long. I can see why you loose your mojo for it occasionally. Fair enough, hope a bit of a break from it gets your motivation back.
  5. Full model name please. Looks great btw.
  6. Just watched it, great stuff
  7. Ooh look at you with your fancy removable dividers! All your storage woes resolved for 12 quid
  8. 2 in stock in Milton Keynes https://www.wilko.com/wilko-plastic-tool-organiser-with-separators-32-section-13in/p/0508434?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6fy1n_T6_wIVmortCh19wgGBEAQYDiABEgLcDvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Loads in my local b&q https://www.diy.com/departments/black-18-compartment-tool-organiser/1518912_BQ.prd?storeId=&&&&&ds_rl=1272379&ds_rl=1272409&ds_rl=1272379&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6fy1n_T6_wIVmortCh19wgGBEAQYCSABEgIH7PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Only other places I can think of are chain or independent "used to be pound shops but now minimum of £1.50 shops". They don't usually have websites that to check what's being sold and if they do they don't show stock levels. Edit: more https://www.diy.com/departments/mac-allister-tandem-b300-black-blue-14-compartment-tool-organiser/1518910_BQ.prd However the days of a quid or so seem long gone
  9. That is looking lovely Mr Viking.
  10. Nothing special about reaching 70k in a 2007 Doblo. I've owned it 12 years doing an average 4k a year, sod all really. However I'd mistakenly thought it had a cam chain. Yep the cambelt went. I had the head rebuilt v locally at W.S. Bates Ltd, Mapperly, Nottm. Proper old school workshop tacked on the side of a house. Highly recommended. No website, just a landline. I've done airport runs, family seaside holidays, hire machine collection, towing clocking up 1,700 miles since it was repaired a month ago. I consider that well and truly fixed. Great to having it running again, it's a very versatile vehicle. Came close to scrapping it, v glad I didn't.
  11. Yesterday I went to south of Norwich and back. No drama, no FTP, zero poo count. A bit tired was about the worst of it. Probably wrong number of wheels and not shite but this followed me the 130 miles home: I'm velly, velly happy. (Honourable mention to biker mate for trailer loan)
  12. That will keep you busy whilst the old taxi is away being welded
  13. There is bridge near me where happy couples attach "love locks". Sometimes it doesn't work out... (Had to screenshot my pic as it would have been in Australian format)
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