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  1. This is my sons LS430 with comedy exhaust system. It does sound very nice but the tail pipes are too long and he can't now close the garage door (told him to cut the tail pipes to a sensible length or drill four big holes in his garage door). Impressive car though it has everything even air suspension and double glazing.
  2. Am i right in recalling the dealer selling this little Austin was fishing for £4000 for it ? There is some top work going on here in my opinion. Not wishing to sound creepy or condescending in any way,shape or form but your skills have come on massively over the period you've been posting here.
  3. Need to deliver a 6' x 2' green house and can't be arsed to dismantle it ? A bit of old decking,my best B+Q blue string and the trusty Toyota and it's job jobbed.
  4. I bought mine very cheap as it was down on compression on the middle two cylinders and was struggling to pass the mot emissions test,i (wrongly) assumed it was valves or head gasket but once i pulled it apart everything looked fine and once back together it was still down on compression. Mine needed reringing and the glazed cylinder bores honed slightly to get it happy again which was easy enough to do with the engine in situ. They are only 115bhp but Vauxhall designed the new power unit as a low end torque (LET) engine meaning that a bit like a deisel max torque is produced quite low down in the rev range so reving the nads off them was pretty pointless. Looking on the DVLA site my old one only lasted till 1998.
  5. I had the exact twin of this Cavalier in the mid 90's (A535NJN) and it was very long legged and was an excellent,quiet motorway car. When they did the face lift in '85 the gearbox ratio's were changed and they became much more revvy but i much preferred the earlier gearbox.
  6. So after two months on furlough i went back to work this week calibrating tools and doing gas safety inspections at certain well known fast fit tyre depots around the south east. I was getting quite disappointed at the lack of mullered tools until my last appointment in Tunbridge Wells yesterday gave this double whammy. I mean what are you doing to actually snap a torque wrench rated at 300Nm. This one was more obvious,this is what happens when you leave a six month old Norbar 330 on a wheel fixing and reverse out the tyre bay / you can't get better etc etc... It sure is good to be back out in my old Sprinter.
  7. In old money that's 170 psi you can't cry at that and they're all close together too for extra win.
  8. Skut has more or less written exactly what i was going to post. I repaired these back in the 90's and would agree that if a perished/leaky driveshaft inner boot gets ignored the gearbox will quickly trash itself. The FIRE engine has an appetite for head gaskets to the extent that i would change it on a new purchase just for added peace of mind and then keep the antifreeze spot on there after. The rear brake shoes have the horrible friction disc self adjusting design that Fiat obviously thought was great (read crap) and so satisfactory rear foot and hand brake readings were always a struggle come MOT time. Personally i wouldn't buy one with the old 903cc push rod engine as they wore out quickly and suffered with worn valve gear and timing chains along with black death/sludge inside them at low mileages. I bought a white F reg Panda (5 speed/FIRE) off a customer after she kept ignoring the oil leak on the road where it parked (driveshaft gaiters) and killed the bearings in the gearbox,the car was ten years old at the time and a new gearbox was too much for her and so i bought it for £100 and she replaced it with a Suzuki Santana SJ410. Back in the late 90's there were loads of Pandas in the scrap yards but most were the push rod engined four speeds and it took me a while to find a five speed gearbox that didn't show obvious signs of oil leakage and neglect. I replaced the gearbox and fitted new gaiters and the Panda was back on the road although it did have a tiny bit of gearbox noise,it also needed a bit of welding to the inner rear arches where the seat belts attatched but other than that it was a good little car. I am 100% not a Fiat fan but yes the early Panda had something pure about it,and of course an ash tray that could be shared around its occupants and slid along the dash as required.
  9. A lack of fresh cutting discs lead to me being a dick and taking the guard off my old B+D grinder so i could cut a rotty bit out of the floor,of course no nuns or kittens were harmed but... The wiring loom to (i think) the fuel pump relay took a direct hit. Meanwhile up the shed i have been tidying up my 15 inch wheels. These were off of a 20 year old Mazda B2200/Ford Ranger and were a standard jap 6×140 bolt pattern that i redrilled to 4x140 to suit the odd sized Subaru hubs. A local place blasted and powder coated them for me only for rust to start showing through at the hub and outter rim joint almost straight away so they did them again but still couldn't rectify the problem. My Bodge/cure has been to run a bead of good quality bathroom silicon sealant around the join which has lasted for years and i only refreshed it again for something to do. I need some new tyres the current 195/50x15 winter tyres are now perished but did match the rolling circumference of the original 155/70x13's but look a bit chavvy for a man of my advancing years so i have decided to go up to a 60 profile to fill the arches more and drop the revs per mph a little bit. Finally i spent out £15 on a new set of anodised wheel nuts,these have 21mm heads as the original 19mm ones looked a bit lost on the bigger wheel.
  10. Why not put white walls on the nearside and normal tyres on the offside ? To be honest it's your car do it just how you want it.
  11. Well this is a bit of a mile stone for me,the near side of the Subaru is welded up and solid. As i have said previously i should of replaced the full sills and rebuilt the rear arches before i painted it back in 2013. So instead of replacing the fence today as i promised Mrs Spud i span the truck around and started on the drivers side... I found these homemade ramps in the brambles behind the shed when i moved here back in 2008 and they are actually quite good and with the truck being two or four wheel drive it's just a case of pulling a lever to select all four wheels and straight up the ramp she goes without them shooting off into next doors garden. This hole in the rear of the floor was a suprise as the nearside floor was perfect. The whole length of the inner sill was fine apart from this bit,i am 99% certain this rot was caused by a leaking windscreen seal that let rainwater pass down the A post and collect here unable to drain away. This inner arch doesn't look too bad... Ah fuck sticks... The rear lower quarter is a bit better than the n/s though. I cut away some of the outter sill (note previous patch repairs made from a spare red bonnet had held up ok) to have a look inside. Well to be fair it's no worse than the other side was. So in summary if someone claims they have a rot free 90's Japanese vehicle you have my permission to give them a swift,sharp kick in the Nads.
  12. And after eight years i have finally put a light switch in the shed.
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