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  1. Was it just me that checked the reg number displayed on this heap and was mildly amused to find that it belonged to a gold (beige?) 1500 Maxi that has been missing in action since 1984.
  2. This area is very popular with affluent commuters. Sevenoaks station has a massive car park and the line gets you to London Bridge in about 25 mins.
  3. No i searched for classic sportscar services kent and found him. He specialises in triumph,mg and mx5 now and is mobile. https://www.facebook.com/RoadsterServices
  4. Yes I remember his place from my RAC days working that area. I don't know if you have found it yet but Classic sports car services is still going but he has moved to Midhurst Sussex and is on Facebook.
  5. Stone Street is a very exclusive sort after area between Borough Green and Sevenoaks consisting of large houses with long gated driveways cut into the woodland so i'm sure the Mr Carpenter had suitably deep pockets. There used to be a restoration place called Classic sportscar services in nearby Otford. That colour makes it special too. This is the sort of 'old tat' I used to come across in Stone Street.
  6. Yes I can mostly relate to that view too. There's a lot of weak (I'm being polite) content washing around the place nowadays.Having a 20,000+ post count doesn't necessarily mean your content or viewpoint is thererfore better than that from a new guy who posts infrequently (quality not quantity anyone?). The front page used to be rammed with projects and progress reports. The effort you put into chasing down long obsolete parts for this old Austin is impressive.So too are all the images you take time to post up not forgetting your knowledgeable write ups too. I feel there is just a tiny dark corner of Autoshite left now for the lovers of genuine old tat. Then again I may be totally wrong and i haven't been hanging around wearing my rose tinted specs in vain hoping the place would return to better times after all.
  7. There's a lot of good guys that have drifted away or now post very infrequently who were doing some heroic stuff to some seriously wrecked machinery. It certainly makes me look at a lot of the content on autoshite a wonder if after ten years I fit in anymore.
  8. I got a bit more done yesterday in-between grass cutting,dog walking and quaffing beer/watching football this stiffener panel seemed like the next bit to add. Usually i get my Minor panels from Andy Eggleton down near Bristol and have always been happy with their quality and fit but his emporium was shut for a week recently so I got this step from ESM in Sussex and disapointingly its a bit off in terms of length and crispness of the pressing which annoyingly slows you down when everything else relies on it being the right shape. Going by my somewhat vague measurements I needed the step to move out and up a few mm before I added the stiffener and tacked it all into the remains of front arch panel so my faithful Toyota jack and lump of wood came to my aid. It don't look much but i am happy the front and rear are tied together again. My new inverter welder has been in action too and I am getting used to it compared to my old Sealey mig. It is a nice bit of kit and very controlable i can weld very thin steel with far less fear of burning holes where as the Sealey you would blow a hole and then have to to 'tippy-toe' around welding up the damage. But it is a welder that can't be rushed it seems (to me anyway) that to get the best results I have to slow down the speed at which I work where as the 150a Sealey was a bit more of a 'bish-bosh sorted' machine. It is growing on me though and does a very clean job of creating plug welds. Here's something to do when it's raining next I need to disect this as I need to reuse this bit of B post.
  9. I have been using this primer and i am happy with it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203849124092 It seems to stick well to unpainted,slightly roughed up steel and hardens up nicely obviously there's much better stuff out there but it was affordable and so within my modest Boris budget. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202510024635?var=502546790081 This stuff i think is excellent but i only use on special occasions.
  10. Registered as a '77 Spitfire last seen in Horsham Sussex in 2021.
  11. My problem is i can only work on the car outside and my mojo always dips when the clocks change too. That said i have a house move planned for next year and so it'll need to be mobile and i have just handed my notice in so i will have far more free time now as long as i can motivate myself to go out side in the cold. And i am also a bit weird in that i get much more pleasure from fixing stuff than having a perfect example stashed away. I reckon there's about 2/3rds of the welding now completed,the n/s front suspension and brake need refurbing along with new axle seals,cylinders and shoes on the rear end.A bit of tinkering with the clutch/brake pedal assembly is needed too. Then it's fit up the wings and lights etc,i am still unsure what rear lamps to use i think i will go with Beetle 1200 units with all red US spec lens. Being 63 years old it doesn't need to visit the mot man to go straight out onto the road again which seems wrong but hay ho. Interior and paint work can wait till whenever really so yeah i would hope to get it on the road even if it's as running project next Summer.
  12. I just watched a couple of vids on YouTube,read the instructions on the can and went for it. On the Rad i cleaned all the old paint off then laid down three thick coats leaving ten mins between each layer (the more coats you apply the better the wrikle will develop,it looks like the paint is on too thick and will run/sag but it doesn't) then left it another ten mins and fired up a 2000w heat gun and gently warmed up the surface (held about 20cms away). After five mins or so the paint surface begins to wrinkle so I move the heat to an area that has yet to react and get that area started too. Once the whole surface had wrinkled I left it well alone for a day to fully harden.
  13. Right that's enough fannying about,its stopped raining so it's time to annoy my neighbours and fire up the angle grinder. If the inner step section is ok then it makes it easier to align the new panels up but on this car both sides had been plated along their entire length with a section of angled steel so it really had to go,so I took a few photos and measurements and cut it out along with half of the centre cross member and a fair bit of flakey floor. There's a fair bit of fabricating on the front arch ahead. After much trimming and tweaking that's the step tacked in where I think it should be so happy days.
  14. I have now renewed the quarter light and window runner seals. And as I had some wrinkle finish paint left over from doing the Honda cam cover I tried it on the scruffy radiator,it went on ok but I'm not sure tbh. Then I started picking at the loose paint in the engine bay and now I'm going to have to paint here too.
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