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  1. While i had a couple of hours i did a bit more reassembly of the drivers door. Luckily Boris came with a full set of new window rubbers including the quarter light ones. These with the aid of a bit of liquid soap fitted very nicely. I fitted the frame to the door and everything still opens and shuts ok but the frame is quite close to the top edge of the B post,maybe i can tweak it better when the car is back on its wheels. One thing that i have noticed is the door skin repair panel i slaved over fitting is a bit pants in the squareness department.
  2. I have revisited the wide wheel idea again. I used a vauxhall wheel first time but it was going to need four 2.5mm shims adding to take the slack out which i'm sure would lead to much cussing getting it all perfectly aligned. Step forward a Focus 5.5j wheel that once carefully dissected was offered up to the Morris centre. That's much better,it's now a nice snug fit. I am going to enlarge the rivet holes somewhat so i can use them to puddle weld the two parts together and also add a couple of strong weld runs on the edge of the Moggy centre and the F
  3. My Sprinter went in for its first service yesterday (37500 miles) which is basically an oil and filter change,also while it was in they replaced the front pads and fitted the spare wheel to the rear. Driving back to the dealer to collect it i guessed the bill would be about Β£375 tops. "Shit the bed" how much !! That'll upset the boss man. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Here's my old one in its original pastile de turquoise paint and was when new What Car magazine's long term test/fleet mule. Great looking car it had a 3.0 essex engine and autobox in it when i obtained it that over time got swapped back to 2.0 vauxhall and four speeder. Another one i regret selling.
  5. Nothing exiting for me,my drive it day consisted of swapping the Subaru and Polish caravan around on the front. I can get to finish the repairs on the o/s rear now and as an added bonus see out of the kitchen window again. The little fibreglass caravan is also fully stripped out ready to be refitted.
  6. Spotted at a kwik fit in Essex today. Pedal powered trike/hamster used as a promotional tool for KF back in the day.
  7. Essex (where else obvs). The story goes it had been parked up in some bushes in Normandy for many years hence lhd and some distressed paint on the roof and bonnet. Capri LS wheels for added attitude.
  8. Nice job you must be pleased with that,you have way more patience than me. I would have been kicking the dog and drinking excessively long ago.
  9. This was my old one made by Hobart in America back in the late nineties and i remember it was over Β£140 back then. It's solar powered with a built in battery but the battery has just about died and it was slow to darken and fogetting to clear again unless i looked up at the sky. I tried a cheap Chinese replacement lens that looked the same but was pants. The new SIP one is also solar powered but has two easily replaceable batteries,bigger viewing area and it has four light sensors whereas my old Hobart only had the one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SIP-Meteor-2300-Automatic-W
  10. My Sealey welder is nearly twenty years old and has started to complain. Rather than just change the nylon liner again i went in big and purchased a complete torch assembly for Β£28 instead. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/14AK-MB15-MIG-WELDING-TORCH-REPLACEMENT-GAS-GASLESS-FIXED-WIRE-3M-CABLE-w-TIPS/282801135461?var=582116662555 This one is three metres long instead of the old ones two and the liner is much more robust being made of steel. Now i can lay a tidy weld again without it "coughing and snotting' everywhere. My mask is even older than my welder and hasn
  11. Despite my gammy eye i did a bit more Boris fettling today. With the door still fitted i welded the hinge panel in place. Followed by the hinge closing panel. I am just quickly coating everything in a thick layer of zinc rich paint as i go and will seam seal everything prior to top coating much later. The sill and stiffener panel was loosely tacked in next using the door as an aid to where exactly it went. Then there are two panels that bridge between the sill to the floor pans to form a full box section and also join up with the spr
  12. Those seats are rather nice. I would genuinely take those front seats indoors and use them for viewing my TV until such a time that they were needed back in the car. I am guessing the seat belts are a later addition,my '59 Minor hasn't got any or any fixings for them ?
  13. Alas this wasn't my first Rodeo and i am a bit embarrassed to admit i have been careless/stupid way too many times over the years. I have a solar powered welding mask but for some reason it no longer seems very reliable when used outside so i thought i had got a bit of a 'flash' as my eyes were stinging and watering that evening and sleeping was a big problem but after five days the left eye wasn't improving so it was more than just Arc Eye. But the excellent NHS and Maidstone Hospital quickly sorted me out but i have been left with a badly scratched eye ball that doesn't need me try
  14. Boris's engine is an Ivor Serle 1275cc Midget unit but he is still running his 1098cc carburettor and exhaust so i have been on the look out something better... And this combo turned up on a face book group the other day. This vision of loveliness is a 1300 Ital manifold and matching down pipe. The down pipe will need a serious talking to with a cutting disc and the welder to alter it to follow the route of the Minor's system through chassis leg but it'll be worth it. Then i think 45mm pipework and a cherry bomb silencer (or two) will see it right. I still need t
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