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  1. I keep looking at Boris and his "problem area's" and can't quite work out where to start i need the door pillar to be rot free and in the right place before i cut the floors and sill panels away but to secure the pillar ideally the sill needs to be sorted first. In the end i've started cutting away at the inner wing by the hinge panel which has revealed rot and holes in the toe board,floor and inner,inner wing. I wanted to leave the hinge panel in situ so i could test hang the door off it but it wasn't realistically ever going to happen so i carefully measured where it sat and
  2. I've bought a pair of Hella H4 flat lamps to replace the old sealed beams partly to improve seeing where i'm going but mainly because they are non standard and will slightly alter the look of the car. I have also purchased even more new bits of tin in readiness to make a start on the o/s.
  3. I owned three back to back in the mid 80's. TBY88M a Daytona yellow 1100 estate equiped with drum brakes all round and no servo,this was my first car after i had passed my test in a Y reg Starlet and smelt of cats pee inside but that didn't matter as it soon died when a poo coloured Triumph Aclaim took the side out of it down a narrow lane not wide enough for two. FKL717L was a black and silver 1300 two door with 13" Cortina steel wheels and a Mexico six clock dash pod fitted,this one had already been in an accident before i bought it and the badly stoved in n/s rear quarter was crud
  4. Well I've had the contents of my sheds out this weekend and i appear to no longer have them sorry.
  5. Ok i will dig them out tomorrow and report back.
  6. I cant help with discs but i have a pair of front calipers up the shed that were fine when removed circa 2012. If you want i will check them and see if there still ok ?
  7. That is the utter dogs.. These are so underrated,much rather have one on these than a Cortina any day.
  8. It's like an old Hound that has spent their life out on the rough city streets has won the lottery,moved to a warm new home and met a posh new play mate. It's an honest little car that just needs using and tinkering with.
  9. It was thawing fast yesterday in north Kent but overnight we had another couple of inches fall. My father in law lives just down the road from and took this from his door step a 6 am. Going by the tracks in the fresh snow he had a visitor in the night.
  10. The YRV left Kent today (on the back of a LDV,what else) for a new life down on the English Riviera. I now have a much needed parking space back but i am going to miss the little fella.
  11. Thanks for the offer,if i get stuck i may well take you up on that.
  12. My worst car by far was a S reg Astra 2.0DTI estate in dark met green with 17''black/gold alloys. I was actually looking to buy a late 1.7 isuzu turbo old shape one but saw this one for the same money as the older model and from day one i knew i had been a fool. It was slow,thirsty,dripped oil,drank oil and the fucker had an annoying habit of dropping into a severe limp mode at the most inconvenient moments which meant your had to switch off and restart again to get some power back. I tried everything to sort it out,i even went to a Vauxhall Diesel specialist who gave up on it t
  13. Ha Ha i lied yet more filler was needed but it is getting there. I was reading on a moggy site that the doors sizing was a bit "hit or miss" when these were built and on the production line it was normal practice to have a selection of doors available and the best fitting ones for that car would be used. I don't think this door is the one that Boris started life with as there is that washed out pale blue colour the later car were painted showing on its inner frame so i may well need to do some extra adjustments once the car is solid again and back on the floor. As long as it doe
  14. This drivers door repair is turning into a filler fest. I detest trying to get bodywork good enough to paint,i get there eventually but this door is driving me nuts. Once again it's my own fault as the repair panel and the door skin have done their own thing and left me with mega distortion where they join,in hindsight it would have made far more sense to just use what i needed of the repair panel to cover my damage to keep the welding localised and the base of the door. Filler,filler and more filler with added primer coat reacting with the (oil bas
  15. I recently aquired some bits of rubber that allow Lucas rear lights to be mounted on to curved surfaces (moggy rear wings) without them pointing skyward. You can buy these new for £30 a pair which is nearly as much as a bottle of welding gas so these scruffy degrading ones for £20 seemed like a better deal and i can sell on the worst two later. I have been looking for a drivers rear wing and had little joy,in desperation and after a few beers i nearly clicked on a glass fibre one on Ebay but slept on it only to find the next day it had sold. Then skimming through the many Minor
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