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  1. Sorry i have just seen this. I can collect and hang on to them (my jabs are up to date and i can sort of speak their lingo) if they're still needed / available.
  2. My son drives a Cresta as his daily,alas it's a turbo'd Toyota one. His partner runs a baggy manual V6 FTO. Can't think who they get this Jap love from.
  3. The only two cars i took pictures of at a recent car show in Faversham.
  4. If you sack your driver make sure you get his truck back first...
  5. Spotted this at a prestige merc dealer on Dubai plates. After a quick google it's a G63 AMG 6x6 of which only 130 were made and cost £370k back in 2016.
  6. My new job involves servicing and repairs on compressed air systems along with a bit of tool calibration and yesterday i came across my first one of these. Known as an Excalibur because of its blingy handle it can measure from 650 to 1500 Nm and is priced at a very modest £500. Trying to get it to click at 1500 Nm when car wheel bolts are around 120Nm had me pushing down on it with both feet nearly off the ground.
  7. Decided to do a quick oil and filter swap on my old Avensis yesterday evening but i couldn't undo the shit bustin' tight filter housing. So a rumage around the shed resulted in me finding a length of rusty 6mm plate and a Subaru hub nut which was roughly fashioned into a redneck style removal tool. It still needed a long breaker bar on the end of it to shift the bugger.
  8. Spotted in the arse end of north Essex yesterday and i reckon double hard as nails.
  9. Spotted in Brixton looking as hard as nails.
  10. After quitting the Rac last year i now have a new job that involves working on mobile compressed air systems and also doing a bit of calibration of hand tools. I was presented with this nearly new Norbar 330nm torque wrench today. The guy claimed it was accidentally run over by a small truck... But when i looked at the twisted drive it was fairly obvious some animal had been using it as a breaker bar. That'll be about a £100 out of their pocket.
  11. Only eight more payments and it's finally mine 😂
  12. I rescued this 3.2 tonne trolley jack from the scrap metal bin of a well know tyre retailer the other day. It had apparently jammed and wouldn't lower so it was junked. Once it was up the shed it became clear that it just needed a new pin fitting to the u/j at the base of the handle. I call that a fecking result a £150 2018 quick lift jack for absolutely nothing...
  13. Wouldn't have any of this crap with a steel rim.
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