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  1. Well Covid 19 and Furloughing equals getting the Subaru out of my next door neighbours garage a month earlier than planned. When i put it away i washed it down,added five litres of fresh fuel and put the battery up the shed to keep trickle charged (when i remembered) so i was confident it would wake again ok which it did but as i pulled up on my drive it stalled and refused to idle cleanly. I added more fresh fuel but it made absolutely no difference,it seemed like a blocked idle jet or sticking float and to be honest ever since the engine swap it had been a bit stuttery so today i decided to remove and strip the twin choke Hitachi carb and give it a bit of a seeing to. It was a bit gummed up with a few turds sitting in the float bowl so a wash out with fresh fuel and a blow thru with compressed air would sort things out... Or maybe not. Once back together and bolted back on it was obvious it was still running like a dog and massively overfueling,winding the idle speed up to keep it running allowed me to look down the carbs primary intake where i could see unmetered fuel dripping down its throat so off it came again and back to the operating room (shed no1) to try again. The Hitachi's cork top gasket wasn't in the best of health and there was a break (centre of above image) that was allowing fuel to leak into the intake totally ruining the air/fuel ratio. The only places to get a carb gasket kit for these is from Aussie E'bay or Rock Auto in the U.S so that wasn't going to happen but i did dig out some old cork gasket paper instead. So after much faffing about using the wifes best pink nail scissors and a cheap set of hole punches purchased from Detling Autojumble circa 2005 a passable replacement had been made. And once the base of the carburettor was reunited with its top half normal service was resumed. In Subaru (Brat,Brumby,MV284) circles the Hitachi Carburettor gets a bad wrap with owners swapping it out for a 32/36 Webber unit with claims of releasing extra horses from the engine but i like the little Hitachi underdog so it's staying put.
  2. Yeah i know you're probably right but these cars just look so damn cool. My 900 was surprisingly grotty around all of its suspension mountings and inner arches. A man can but dream .
  3. Just got this old friend out of my neighbour's garage where its been sleeping since October.
  4. I love this car and what you are doing with it,i thought this thread was about a GM car so had been skimming past it. These are great looking,quirky cars that i have always had a hankering to own but prices seemed to have took off and left me behind. Then i saw this for sale for £500. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1212736 I so want this one but just can't at the present accomodate it let alone find time to get it back on the road.
  5. Bing Bang. Bosh. Both rear corners are already made of a thick skim of filler so a bit more won't hurt. It has previously been painted the exact same mica black as my Avensis and Daihatsu and i have a can of that but for now i'll just do it in Poundland black. Edit. My cheap ebay rear lamp turned up and fits ok too. I'm going to leave it as is for now as a homage to the 80's where every car i owned had a splash of primer on it somewhere.
  6. As i am furloughed for at least the next month i thought i could use my free time to do the outstanding jobs on my collection of tat. I still have the £600 Hiace and as expected it has been no bother at all and always starts within a couple of seconds and emits a lovely claggy smell. From this angle it looks quite tidy but the near side paint is still miss matched with a sort of marble effect on the side door. A while back Mrs Spud was doing a xmas fair with it and failed to spot a wooden post that dented the rear corner so today i decided i should have a go at improving it. I thought if i took the rear lamp out i could get to the back of the damage and push the worst of it out but alas it's double skinned so instead i drilled a few holes and using a coarse threaded screw and mole grips managed to pull the panel mostly back into shape. That'll do me Tommy. Tomorrow i'll drag the Mig down from the shed and weld the holes up before skimming some P38 over it.
  7. Yes that jagged bonnet edge is a Vosa/Plod pull all day long even in Essex.
  8. I think my neighbour's run out of toilet roll..
  9. "There's shit in your carburettor". "Who's done that " ?
  10. What no meet up ?? Well that's annoying i was looking forward to this and had dug this little black number out specially,suppose i'd better get changed again.
  11. Hidsons of Rainham were a genuine family run business that have been trading since the 1950's but alas the JCB group bought them out in 2018.. They became Hidsons Citroen (and Vauxhall) after dropping Rover and in the late 90's when i used them had a decent parts department with a trade delivery driver you could set your watch by.
  12. This Standard 10 back in 2010 was my first and probably worst purchase. I sold it on at a loss to a guy from up north who collected it with a Ford Probe towing a rickety caravan chassied car trailer.
  13. My welder's got a puncture.
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