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  1. I dropped in to East Sussex Minors earlier. The workshop and the parts dept are in two different buildings and don't seem to have any ties other than their name and unbeknown to me the parts dept is closed on a Monday. I don't think they get many trade visitors as everything is posted out now days but they still served me and gladly supplied what i needed without any fuss.
  2. It's an old A series engine it probably doesn't matter what cooling system set up you favour. That said they haven't fitted solid fan blades to car engines for about 40 years now.
  3. I have just read what you posted about Minor and Mini stat housings being different which i didn't realise. My housing points up slightly and that's why my original small top hose was a such a poor fit i either need a flat Minor housing or mod the radiator to a short stub but ensure it retains the collar to hold the hose securely. My scruffy ill fitting hose when the car arrived,i guess the 1275cc engine may also be taller than the smaller variants.
  4. My radiator is an early one with extra capacity header tank compared to later cars and its also been modded with a uprated core (so the receipt that came with the car claims) so my thinking is with a mechanical fan running all the time the poor thing would take an age to get up to temperature on the local journeys i have planned for it. With a small electric fan (80w) and incorporating a 95c sensor/switch it should get up to temp quicker and save fuel and wear on the engine. And if i find in really hot weather the fan is running near constantly i can always bolt the fan back on again.
  5. I tried the AX fan on a battery today. Conveniently it has an arrow printed on the blades hub to show its correct rotation and to be fair it seems to create a good blow output when you reverse the polarity compared to running its designed direction. All this is pointless though as it wont fit between the engine and rad either. I remounted the alternator too but i need to purchase the proper lucas plug as currently the wiring is just two baggy crimped on spade terminals. Actually i think a quick rewire of the alternator to battery circuit using thicker cable is required. And i moved the coil from the side of the engine over to the inner wing. There can't be anything worse than repeated heat cycles and vibration for an electrical component. I loosely fitted the radiator and front panel earlier and realised that my rads inlet and the engines stat housing don't line up too well. Previously they were connected with a shoddy bit of flexible hose. Looking at other Minors their rads only have a short stub for a longer hose to attach to. I know an excellent Radiator man so i will get him to alter mine. And i already have the correct hose. I am working down in Hailsham East Sussex tomorrow so plan to pop in to ESM the minor place and collect some bits including a rattle can of Clarendon grey to paint the front panel with. Although i think the current yellow primer and dog dick red combination has a certain charm all of its own.
  6. I did think about this but reasoned if i reversed the fans polarity would it not now blow instead of suck ?
  7. Boris not only has rusty bodywork but also a scabby front plate,timing cover and engine mounting posts too so earlier i wire brushed it all back and applied a couple of coats of zinc rich black paint. He also arrived with a new water pump and various hoses in the boot too so i bunged these on as well. New water pump fixings and a silicon by-pass hose,such decadence. I wanted to change the stat (again in the boot) and although the three fixing nuts came undone the housing was totally stuck solid on the studs. I managed to remove two of the studs just by locking two nuts together and winding them out but the third one needed the housing twisting back and forth to break the corrosion between the stud and the housing first before that too wound out. I call that a bit of a result,alas i haven't got a gasket yet so it has just been loosely assembled. The engine mounts are just starting to crack but are still good enough. I was going to change them as they are only £12 a pair but a chap on a Moggy group reckoned their rubber compound is rock hard and transmit bad vibes through the car. Final quick job was to wash off the worst of the oil and crud from the engine / engine bay. I recently bought five litres of No Nonsense HD degreaser for about a tenner from Screw fix and i used it neat and worked it in with a paint brush before rinsing it off again with a garden sprayer thing. Can't argue with that. I am looking at deleting the twin blade pulley driven fan (couple of extra horse power released maybe ?) and mounting a small electric one instead in front of the rad and behind the grill and with this in mind i saved the fan from our recently scrapped AX but a quick attempt to fit it tonight revealed it is too deep. Maybe it'll fit between the rad and the engine instead otherwise i'll see what's on fleabay. While not as good as using stale petrol this stuff ain't bad and is probably a bit more stupid dog friendly too.
  8. As a day job i go around the southern counties testing and repairing garage equipment. The other day at a fast fit with a lot of blue and yellow in their branding a young spotty youth asked if i could check his torque wrenches. I was expecting a couple of cheap Sealey or Teng ones but these beauties appeared. It was a shame he couldn't afford the AA batteries to go inside them...
  9. Although Boris has a 1275 engine he is still running his original baby carb and pea shooter exhaust. The plan is to fit this bigger and better flowing Marina/Ital manifold. I know the engine is an Ivor Serle reconditioned unit and looking down the inlet ports the machined profile doesn't look like any A series i can remember. It also has the later one piece rockers fitted too. Annoyingly lack of use and condensation has left a some rusty spots on things. I am going to email Ivor Serle with the engine number and see if they can tell what the spec the engine has. The Marina/Ital manifold fits fine but its matching twin down pipe needs to be radically altered to swing around 90 degrees to pass through the hole in the chassis leg like the Minor one does. It needs to end up looking like this one. I have noticed that on some of the 1275cc engines the breather canister is mounted on the timing chain cover and so fouls the Minors fan. The recognised mod/bodge seems to be to slice it length ways,throw half of it away and weld it back up again. The chassis legs and front box section are all in good order except for this bit. I'm not sure whats happened here its like a tear/cut but it'll be easy to make it good again.
  10. Work on Boris has slowed to a crawl lately as other stuff has got in the way but i aquired this 1275 badge (mini Cooper?) and thought it would look ok on the boot but not sure now it's on there. The front panel that i didn't want to improve paint wise is really a bit too scruffy around the edges. So i got the filler out and tidied up the previous 60 years worth of dents and scuffs. Looking ahead to painting Boris i want to keep as much of the original finish as i can and just try to blend in my repairs. With this in mind i have had a litre of Clarendon grey cellulose paint mixed up which is well premature as i am only 30% thru the welding but while its Summer and warm i can have a go at painting all four wings and the drivers door. I have spray gun for applying primer but don't possess a top coat spray gun and i only own a 50 litre / 2hp compressor so i have looking at low volume/low pressure (LVLP) guns to suit my amature ability and lowly compressor output but haven't made my mind up yet. Anyone have any thoughts on the pros and cons of low pressure v high pressure equipment ??
  11. Re the reluctance to select reverse back in my RAC days these things often suffered from the selector mechanism on the top of the gearbox seizing up. They were easy enough to free up with lubricant and wiggling them to and fro though. Not saying ity is that but wouldn't be at all suprised if it was.
  12. My son has had two of these the first one was really rotten where the chassis rails pass over axle and fuel tank,it was also rotten where sills met the floor. It was that rust that gets into a seam and just expands the metal untill it crumbles away and wasn't worth the time and effort involved to rebuild it. The V6 manual ones go well enough,rev to 8k and they are still cheap to buy,his current rot free one was £1600. Looking on the jdm forums really silly prices are being asked for anything 90's and slightly fast nowadays.
  13. There ok actually. Remove the o/s driveshaft and bottom arm and with much giggery,pokery the alternator comes out from below.
  14. Nature has slowed me down too. Two weekend's back i noticed these cute guys breaking out of their webby nest thing in the Birch tree right where the Minor sits. But by last weekend they had all shipped out to pastures new so i picked up the dog poo's,cut the grass and settled down to a bit metal bashing / weldage. Next morning i noticed i had come up in scores of red spots on my arms and around my neck which began to itch like fuck for next seven days. Naturally I blamed Boggy the dog for the mystery bug bites but after a bit of googling my bites were actually caused by those cheeky caterpillars (brown tailed moth) and their tiny barbed hairs that float about in the breeze and literally get under your skin causing a rash and an irresistible urge to scratch. I did my weekly poo pick and grass cut routine yesterday after work and today i have come up in little itchy spots on my arms again.
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