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  1. Ah but it's a Toyota it's what they do. I never understand why people who need a reliable runabout dick about with anything French or German. My weary old Hiace strolled through another Mot yesterday too without me even bothering to check the lights. Ken looks like a knowledgeable guy too he's using 3M green top cutting compound that's £35 a litre and quality stuff.
  2. I was working at a Paper Mill in Kemsley the other day and spied this parked up in their yard. Looking at its Mot history shows its never been presented for a test.
  3. When i was working for the RAC back in 2018 it was common practice with a long distance recovery of a low value vehicle to offer to responsibly scrap it and put the occupants into a free hire car for the remainder of their journey. The cost of the fuel,wages and the loss of recovery trucks versus a cheap hire car saved us a fair few quid. I can recall a couple of chaps from Stoke whos old Vectra had snapped its cambelt on the M20 on the way to Dover for a ciggy/booze run take me up on this offer. The Vauxhall was weighed in at a nearby breakers yard and i then dropped them off at Enterprise Maidstone to pick up a Fiesta. Suprised they didn't try it with you too.
  4. Pleased this has been saved. As i said on another thread i worked for a Peugeot/Talbot dealer in the late 80's and although these looked a bit odd (having to share the 205's doors and floor pan probably didn't help) they were a decent car and in my opinion much better all round than an 80's Escort.
  5. And they say the Germans don't have a sense of humour. do modern vehicles really need to be this bloated.
  6. I honestly don't know what the future holds,i mean when will petrol get just too stupidly expensive or even banned that all the old stuff from the 20th century become little more than static museum pieces. I follow a facebook group that are electrifying the old stuff using Nissan Leaf running gear and their new found "useability and performance is very impressive. Re Morris Minors a standard one has zero appeal to me and i am in my early fifties so i'm guessing guys and gals much younger than me will also quickly tire of any car with a weezy engine,poor brakes and pants heating and lighting (cute looks can only take you so far) and will soon ditch them for the convenience of a modern ride. Looking at values are Beetles dropping in price? I am into my Jap stuff and early 90's Supra's and Skylines are being advertised for crazy money. Yes i've posted a total ramble (been down the pub) but i really can't see where the "classic car" movement is going to be in ten years time.
  7. These mirrors that Jap imports of a certain age came over here with always interested me and i assumed they were just a bit of added bling but no they actually work really well when backing into tight spaces. I see some later JDM vans also have front fender mirrors too,i asked the guy i bought the Granvia from about these as he had some fitted to an imported minibus he was converting to a camper and he reckoned the mirrors were fitted to the JDM stuff because the Japanese people are much more caring and wouldn't want to damage their own or other peoples property by parking carelessly. I need a bit of paint work doing despite the parking mirror the tail gate has had a bump and the paint on it and much of the roof is mostly deviod of any lacquer. Maybe i will get lucky and find a decent tailgate in the right colour somewhere and as for the roof as its out of sight i have had thoughts about vinyl wrapping it in an inoffensive colour.
  8. The Granvia has been taken for a weekend away by the sister-in-law down to Glastonbury (she is a wannabe hippy). I suggested she slept on the rear seating as Toyota had envisaged but she wanted to use her camp bed so out came the seats,no big deal but a bit of a faff to store. The van didn't come with its original curtains so Mrs Spud spent an absolute age making some from scratch and after a bit of gentle lubrication of the runners they all open and close at the touch of a button. The Hiace wheels with their 65 instead of 70 profile and a slightly lower load rating tyres have improved its ride too.
  9. I do like a scruffy P4. There's some good stuff going down on here lately.
  10. My upper arch and wing mounting flange are sound on mine it's the chassis rail,floor and spring mount that needs work. When i come to fitting my wings back on i am going to use non setting sealant (caravan skylight stuff) either side of the plastic beading to try and stop water sitting in the joint. My side glass seals are also perished and shrunken and let an awful lot of water into the car.
  11. I didn't know Bullseye was back on the telly..
  12. Protecting your Elephant from frost will make it much easier to start in the morning.
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