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  1. The Hundred of Hoo school had kids attend from from nearby Cliffe,Cooling,Alhallows,Stoke and isle of Grain and they were all carried in on M+D buses in the 80's I had a green bus pass for the number 8 bus from Cliffe. ASD coaches cover the contract now days.
  2. I have had a look at the boot floor and rotted rear quarters too I have a panel that will take care of the worst of it. The tank came out easily enough and and I used a wire wheel and a scraper to clean it up before rust treating and double coating with black zinc rich paint. I have also bunged a rad on him and run the engine up from a fuel can for a good 30 mins just to get the oil around everywhere and see how the different carb and exhaust perform.
  3. Randomness post My plan is to have this car safe and rust free with updated mechanical bits but keeping its appearance sort of scruffy and lived in. But my rear plate was just a bit too tired so I gave it a quick make over. I have rubbed back the paint so that the primer coat is blotching through in places so the plate still looks its age but is tidier than before and while the sun was out I clayed and cut back the paint on the boot and it has come up really well.
  4. I found this image on a local transport group and it caught my eye as it just down the road from me in Church Street Hoo. It's 1963 and a motorbike and sidecar has just crashed through the front window of the shop on the left and the shop owner is seen standing talking to the bus driver. Fast forward nearly fifty years and the two shops on the left have recently been converted to houses and opposite out of shot is a brilliant coffee shop/bar that I often frequent. And i used to ride on that same bus when Maidstone and District Bus Company had the contract to run us Oiks from the nearby villages to the Comprehensive School at Hoo in the early eighties although by then it had been painted a pale green and cream colour.
  5. One I've not seen before and a local car too going by the Kent plate. Outside Monkey Bizz on Medway City Estate.
  6. If I owned this I would drive the wheels off it everyday.
  7. Can't afford a Moggy Ute then step this way.
  8. LHD Fiesta papped in Brentwood.
  9. Anyone remember those Big Rig games at the Fun Fair or Amusement Arcades back in the 90's where you had a steering wheel and controls and you had to hitch up and take you load around course before unhitching again ? My son has just aquired this old one and is going to uprate it with a modern motor and controller to use as a drink and food delivery wagon at a R.C track he helps run. R.C drifting and banger racing seems to be a really big thing with the yoof at the moment.
  10. The centre cross member where the torsion bars mount is scrap but the centre of the cross member is fine so it only needs the outter repair panels adding. After measuring twice and cutting multiple times i have tacked the o/s one on. There is a jacking point (long tubey thing ) that goes on the end of the cross member that just seems to collect mud and rot out for fun so I am going to forget about it for now. The o/s of Boris is finally coming together now he still needs some seams fully welding up and it's looks a bit patchwork quilty but it's solid and rot free now.
  11. The new exhaust has been cut to length and loosely mounted under the car and once I make up some hangers i think it'll do the job nicely. I was looking for decent original cast iron manifold clamps but ended up using a pair of 50mm clamps from a Berlingo rear box instead and applied a good dose of assembly paste in the joint so hopefully the fecker won't blow. The quarter repair panel has been trimmed and fiddled with so that it lines up fairly well with the door and the loosely fitted rear wing.
  12. They say that this covid malarkey can give you a bit of brain fog. Well I was welding away under the car when the the torch started coughing and farting about so unsure if it was me or a poor earth I slid out from the underside and tried striking a weld up on the handle of the earth clamp. This produced a good pool of weld so it was a crap connection and then without thinking I grabbed the clamp and gave it a good wiggle...
  13. DIY Electric Vehicles UK on that there Facebook.
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