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  1. I papped this sad trio on a small industrial park at the rear of Ebbsfleet (Northfleet) football ground. Looks like the stretch limo game has taken a severe kicking during lockdown. Also the mot history for the Chrysler is a bit grim as most years ball joint wear and brake efficiency is mentioned. You would have thought if you were running a business carting young 'uns around the vehicles would be spot on or at least get them fixed before presenting them for a Mot.
  2. I found a scrap of steel to patch the wing then promptly cut it too small. But made it fit. I am not a body work person but usually muddle through and was happy enough with the above until i discovered my welding had somehow made the wing pop in and out (area where the scratch is) when i lightly pushed against so i had to set it where it should be and weld a little strap behind it and the inner flange to hold it still. Much filler later and it looked about ready for a bit of primer. Which reacted with the existing paint. I have no idea what the wings
  3. I was out working in the badlands of West Sussex today when i spotted this absolute honey outside a garage in Horsham. I give you a 70's Spitfire that's been mated with what looks like a early 30's Austin 7. If the rad was moved upright/ pulled in tighter to the engine and below the rad was tidied up then i think this would be way too cool for (old) school.
  4. Fuel economy and wet grip tests i'm guessing. The tyre is date stamped 47/2017 so isn't ancient.
  5. I picked up a spare wheel yesterday from a chap in Knockholt for the princely sum of £7.10 (Ebay works shocker). Japanese tyre for a Morris what would Alec Issigonis say. I had a couple of hours free today so have done a bit more filling and sanding of the n/s wing and it's coming on ok but it's a bit floppy and wont stay still so i will get it near enough then do the final fettle once it's bolted back on the car. Both the front wings need a bit of help on their rear edges. It's a pants design as rain water and crap get sprayed into the folded seam of the
  6. Back in the late 90's i used to mot a tidy Fiesta 1.6D van belonging to a local Sparky. The van was well looked after and always walked its mot except for the smoke test which it never passed first go and had to come back a week or so later where it would have then cleaned up its act and gained a pass. Years later i met Colin the Spark in a pub and he owned up to the iffy emissions every year it turned out he had been running it on a mix of heating oil from his houses central heating tank and diesel. When i failed it he would begrudgingly fill the tank with Esso's finest to get
  7. Sorry you are on your own with that one. Where i come from if you had rolled in to the Spar car park on that back in 1984 you would have at best had your sexuality questioned and at worst found your bike on fire and in the bushes.
  8. Ah well yes i have been pondering this. It was my own fault as the post that the front edge of the n/s door hit against and brought me to a sudden halt was this one that the gate is hinged to (a post on a post) and for the sake of four screws i should of removed it,but being a dick i didn't. Getting him back out will be a case of no wings and no doors fitted just to get every mm i can. Or plan B is my next door neighbour to the right who after living here 12 years i have only just started talking to and who's wife had a moggy when they got married that they remember fondly
  9. Boris has finally made it up to the top of the garden,Boggy the Wonder Dog wasn't impressed (to be fair he rarely is). With the narrow wheels on it was going ok until the very last fence post when the front edge of the passenger door hit so i had to back up and go slightly to the right and sacrifice the drivers door against the wall. It was quite rusty anyway but will repair if i can't find a better replacement. Up on the hard standing i have lifted him up on to blocks and axle stands taking care to get him sitting as square as possible. The car's nether regions are
  10. My mate had a MT5 and i had a DT50M (both on Y regs) and the joke was the only thing you could ''burn'' on a MT5 was your right leg. My DT only did 33mph flat out when i got it but changing the 11 tooth front and 46 tooth rear sprokets for a 14 and 39 combo from a Fizzy gave me an instant extra 12 mph although it struggled to pull fifth gear on even the slightest incline. It's funny i can remember the DT and Fizzy sprocket sizes from over 37 years ago but not the date of my wedding anniversary.
  11. Count me in too please. I have a load of pre owned torque wrenches and air inflators to shift.
  12. I was under a mobile tyre van belonging to a certain large high street chain today doing an inspection of its air tanks etc when i noticed a familiar sight from my Rac days. Yes those crazy Rodents are still munching on Renault exhaust sensor wiring...
  13. One half timbered Moggy with skinny wheels. Is now on stands and wearing two of my Weller's. I need around 59.5 inches to squeeze though the narrowest point of the side access,lets see what the tape says... That's more like it. If the rain holds off like the forecast predicts then later in the week Boris should be safely installed up the end of the garden.
  14. I have never known so much poxy rain it's like some clown has moved the dry south east and dumped it in Wales or something. Anyhow news of the latest Bojo lockdown reached me tonight while i was down at my local watching a rather good combo perform hits from the 60's thru to the 80's which has now put me into a mighty miffed mood. "Deuce" really rather good. While i was there i had my pre lockdown xmas dinner.
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