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  1. I never knew an Audi 80 quattro existed. Big miles on this one spotted while working down near Lymington.
  2. This is ace i've noticed the current trend seems to be for VW's and Aldi's to be painted in flat Grey colours perhaps ''rich poo brown'' will make a return to our roads too ? I was an Apprentice at (the long gone Vauxhall dealer) G.Wells and sons in Strood when the Nova was launched and i can recall an old boy in the cleaning bay buying one of the first,a poverty spec one litre two door saloon in white with a green interior. A Nova 1.2 or 1.3 with a five speed gearbox would still be a very capable car today,alas in the 90's i failed a fair few of them on life ending galloping rust wh
  3. I have been tinkering with my sister in laws Polish caravan today (her 50th birdthday present from the family). The little kitchen window had some nasty deep scratches like it had brushed down a brick wall so i thought it's like a headlight only bigger i must be able to improve it. So i went as it with a 320 grit pad on a DA sander to get the gouging off followed by 600 grit paper and soapy water. The final effort involved my cheap Argos polisher (very good for £40) and 3M's most excellent green top cutting compound it's not cheap at £34 a litre but way nicer t
  4. If you don't want to get stuck in T.Wells traffic or want a second opinion/quote might i recommend this chap. https://www.yell.com/biz/radicool-services-rochester-9330977/ He is shares a scruffy ex Dairy yard in Higham with a Stonemason and the last time i visited a few down at heel Mk2 Cortinas too. I have known/used him for about thirty years (he fitted an uprated three row core to my Scimitar radiatior in 48 hours),even ''hold out yer hand'' Mike Brewer has featured this guys handywork on WD in the past (TR6 fuel tank patching).
  5. I was working at a certain fast fit emporium earlier and this guy snuck into the back of my van.
  6. A while back over on the caravan tat thread i posted about a tiny Freedom all fibreglass van we bought for my sister in laws 50th. Well cop a look at its FSO mud flaps.
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