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  1. Done a bit more to the Brat. Zintec is a bit thick so i have used a bit of steel from a Mitsubishi Fto door skin to fashion some flexible wheel arch patches. It's not ideal but i will do the job nicely. I had planed to fit the inner (bigger) one first then the outter bit and plug weld the flanges together as it was originally done but it was too much of a faff so i ground some more of the outter arch away and welded the repair panel to its edge instead. Now i can piece together the inner arch to the outter arch in sections instead of trying to do it with one wobbly bit of steel. I still need to cut the rot out of the end of the inner sill / inner arch area but its turned a corner now and it wont need too much filler to make good again.
  2. I have been having a good clear out of the sheds and stuck up my cheap tin signs i got for xmas. I also installed a SOS box i aquired from the side of the A2 near the Bean junction many years ago. It's perfect for hiding my empties in.
  3. Caravan wheel somewhere. Oh the irony. "Yeah i got this rubbing noise.No i'm 100% certain i haven't run anything over".
  4. This is one impressive (i hope) vehicle wrap.
  5. "Fire fighters said it was not uncommon". I follow a couple of Aussie Subaru Brumby groups on facebook so understand it must get lonely in the out back. 😁
  6. Venturing out on a blowy day in this must cause many a brown trouser moment. Perhaps there's a small washing machine / tumble dryer in the back too.
  7. No story behind it it was just papped at the road side. I was talking with a retired Patrol who remembers these back in the day and he recalls they were sods for snapping their throttle cables and shreading the drive belt and he kept a set of points and a condenser in his van stock as condenser failure / pitted points was another common cause for a fail to proceed. Oh and clouting objects and bending the steering arm would restrict their ability to turn left. 😀
  8. Anyone lost a 1/4 drive ratchet ?? Ah bugger...
  9. Transit Connect rear disc. Drilled Fiesta fuel tank. And a Pug parked nearby. "Yeah it was fine then i heard a rubbing noise as i entered the slip road"...
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