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  1. Nice one, thanks! Yes, I’m training in the Gosport depot! If I remember correctly it’s Blue Star in Southampton now?
  2. I started my training with First recently, spotted this Volvo Olympian in the bus ‘grave yard’ today reg R241LGH Here’s my pic And a pic of it in service they also had this rather nice bus in the work shop, I couldn’t make out what it was sorry, 50s/60s busses aren’t my forte
  3. Yeah sounds like fun depending on if I can get the day off
  4. Yeah similar to my troubles, I’ll have to check the plug holes for water
  5. So I think the 4000 miles in 2 months hasn’t been too kind on the Getz, it’s started playing up in the wet, running on 3 then back to 4 but back to 3 under hard acceleration , it’s only when it’s cold, when it’s warm it’s fine, it’s annoying because sometimes when I’m running late I haven’t got time to just sit and wait for it to get to temp I was just going to ignore it as I’m getting rid of the car soon but it’s been getting worse and I don’t think it’s going to be worth much in its current state , I’m going to make a trip to the scrap yard next week and grab a coil pack to see if it’s the issue
  6. From @calebaaront’s fleet thread
  7. So just got back from our little weekend away at the FoD I picked up Audrey from Chichester on Friday afternoon mainly to test that the condenser that @calebaaront and I replaced had fixed the backfiring issue which it did thankfully. we set off from Portsmouth at 7.30 am on Saturday With Caleb in his Suzuki Baleno acting as rear gunner, But not before I could steal ‘borrow’ a coil off his Trabi ‘just in case’ we had our first pit stop at Sutton Scotney services on the A34 for breakfast and petrol, both us and the cars fuelled we continued our journey north both cars were running brilliantly and continued to drive brilliantly all the way there nothing bad to report except me realising I had forgotten my charger cable for my portable phone charger after we’d covered over 100 miles. it was really nice to see all the cars together and even nicer to see how Chris had been getting on with my old Peugeot 404, I even managed to have a quick drive around the field for old time sake speaking of drives round a field, Caleb let me have a go in the Baleno, which was also quite fun I noted it had very long gearing but over all a good an car I’m not a big camper as a rule and much prefer hotels but figured I’d give sleeping in the Austin a go as anything is better than a tent imo, here’s the ‘bed’ I made up on the rear bench, pretty comfy as things go but the inability to lay fully stretched out was mildly annoying, still, Audrey had some pretty cool company The trip back was even more uneventful than the journey there handed it without any drama, I’m really proud of the Austin it was just over 260 miles covered and a tank and a quarter of fuel which isn’t too impressive by modern standards but for a 59 Austin that had been sat quite a while I think it was good going!
  8. Just dropped the Austin off and grabbed the Getz, thanks so much @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for putting it on and being so friendly and welcoming and everyone else I spoke to/ socialised with it really helped my anxiety and I had a really nice time !
  9. I’m secretly hoping it’s the maxus because I’ve not seen seen it without cement in the sills yet 😂
  10. i plan to be there early Saturday and camp the night, the Austin is the chosen mode of transport if it starts to play up I’ll be there in the Hyundai
  11. Also try Adrian flux as they offered DOC too they were a bit more expensive though at 500 a year
  12. I’m 22 and have driving other cars through Sterling insurance £340 for the Austin
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