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  1. Euro car parts came today and delivered the correct stuff, huzzah! Just waiting on the oil now before I start the big job, and I have the kids next week so it'll be a while now but I got parked on the road earlier after shopping so I might fit the droplinks tomorrow and have a general mooch about the car.
  2. Sound alike way less arse and ear ache to keep the status quo then! Mine keeps wanting me to have them more, but I'm still working half days and filling the other half with projects!
  3. I had mine last night, their going back in a minute. They can't see their grandparents either, their only going between the ex's and mine, which I think is worth it. I've got them all next week and we can't go anywhere... Might fill the fridge with beer now so it's very cold...
  4. Checked my cambelt was correct earlier, seems to be! Still awaiting the oil, filter, thermostat and something else
  5. You can still see your kids if their under 18, they can travel between 2 places. I've got mine next week. Was planning on driving up to dad's but thays well out the window now... Hoping tesco do playsand...
  6. Been there last year and it still hurts. It gets slightly easier though. You can be fun daddy now, leave all the other shit to the ex...
  7. Its done a vauxhall! A quick repair will snap again, I ended up chopping the entire loom back to inside the car and ran new wires. Can't tell you how long that will last as the car got scraped 5 months after...
  8. Vauxhall do this too. The factory radio stopped working when it first happened, I just pulled the wire for the rear broken speaker, which was by Charlie anyway, and he was a baby at the time so it wasn't a massive deal. I then fitted a new headunit and when the other door went it threw up a wiring error which at least was helpful! (rear door looms snapping)
  9. It fell off the back of a wagon with 6x ton bags on the back. I'd dropped right back too after having a warning shot. I've even got the reg plate, but ive no proof, the truck was un-liveried etc. If I had a dashcam then maybe (plus he went to the m40 when I just wanted to go home). Seemed a lost cause
  10. Wait until you move onto culvert clearing, it's mesmorising!
  11. Infact talking of the windscreen, some bloke from Auto Windscreens just called, could they nudge my appointment from the 15th April to the 21st as they've got 2 other jobs in Thame that day. I didn't have a problem with it so it's now on the 21st or something (doesn't bother me, I'll be here anyway!). I just chose the earliest date the website would allow.
  12. Yea the windscreen was perfectly passable, until this happened Wednesday afternoon... This is where the massive rock bounced off the bonnet 100% an unwanted bill but not much I can do about it! The screen is scratched to shit though so it'll be nice when it's done, but I wouldn't have done it otherwise
  13. Haven't touched it! Only been in the boot about 4 times since I bought it...
  14. Yea I think it's a bargain for what I'll get and the jobs that can be done. Take the windscreen out and it drops the cost alot! If this lockdown carries on I'll not need to change the oil again for another 12 months! @Kiltox well I'll give it a go, otherwise it'll be back to swearing at vice grips and such!
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