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  1. First proper drive completed, and to work and back so familiar. The fact the car stops better and with less pedal needed isn't even the best bit, something must have been binding somewhere as I don't loose anywhere as near as much speed as I used to just lifting off the accelerator! Hope that translates into a free mpg bump!
  2. I did the same once. My beautiful 2.0 auto petrol XM would do 26mpg if I drove it like a nun. Which got really fucking boring, and I used to avoid driving about because we just couldn't afford it. Sopd it and got a veg friendly ZX, it lasted forever on fuel in comparison! I guess the choice is easier when the cars are worth (were worth) sub £700...
  3. The 6th Emergency Services! You should get the Bedford cf restored so he can come scoop you up when you need
  4. These modern hyundai fake 4x4's seem quite strong, was walking the boy to school and a tesco van (23 plate reversed into one at speed in the school car park... Big crunch but no visible damage, the tesco bloke phoned it straight in but the receptionist came running out too. Of course the owner could fire it up and the dash be lit up like an Xmas tree
  5. Sorry to hear the woes. I've still not beaten an unofficial (would never admit to the roughly official time) time I set from Marlow to Stokenchurch (8/9 miles) in the xm I had. It was for a similar phone call whilst at work, random pains, crying missus, get here ASAP... There was nothing amiss then either, you'll get used to it... 😂
  6. Replacement T55 bought, especially as I know what it fits now, and if I have need to get back in there it's probably gonna be a fucking urgent need 😂 We went into town earlier, nearly put Eva through the windscreen braking at the usual shove I do at the first roundabout 👌 I can lightly breathe on the pedal and slow down a good amount now, must have been very used to it not doing much before to the point I didn't notice at all
  7. Obv this was the brake fluid pushing back out again and the pistons needed to go back alot 😂 Fired some brake cleaner at it, will do it again tomorrow in the daylight I taught Charlie what down and up means and we got the brakes bled. They didn't need bleeding but I pushed 5/6 pumps through, it was a bit grotty The time is 172k, just an oil change and maybe the rocker gasket if I can be arsed to fit in this year now! (oil change is overdue, but only by a month, and last year it got changed at 12 months/sub 5,000 miles so it's fine 😂. And keep an eye on the turbo issue Brakes felt way sharper pulling to round to my parking spot, and hopefully the small marks on the road will soften over winter...
  8. Oh that's good to know then, and yes one is different! Does it matter what at they go? I swapped them round until they were as good as they would be, and hopefully that'll do it! My mate came round with his medium size impact and a T55 bit and in 6 minutes we went from this to this He went home after this and I carried on with the pads, which went well until I noticed fluid pouring from the engine bay...
  9. All looks much better from this angle now And I gave the wheel bolts a clean off with the wire brush and brake clean They spin in so much nicer now! Currently paused waiting for a replacement T55 to be in my hand (and I'd best buy a new one so I've got it) then I'll finish off this side and do the other. It all certainly wants changing, which is good to see now I'm changing it!
  10. All was going well, and we're going back together! New disc on, retaining screws in and then the caliper bracket. I got the bolts started, and ran them in and gave them a few clicks with my small impact gun. I then went at the bottom bolt with the breaker bar and Arse. A text to a local mate who said he had one and would text me later gave me some relief, and as I'd mildly ugga dugga'd the top one in imminent doom was not going to happen, and I can get to the bolt later so I carried on Much shiny, more thick
  11. All came off nicely and I gave it all a good clean up Sliders were quite grim, and even after cleaning them up one is looser than the other, and the tighter one of the 2 feels quite stiff. But they do slide. Had this tube of goop for years now, it's been very handy!
  12. Then one of the disc retaining screws started to strip. Luckily hammering a larger screwdriver bit into it worked Then I turned the wheel and got the T55 torx bit and the breaker bar out It went with a mighty crack on each bolt but came off nicely otherwise
  13. Work was a bit slow this afternoon. Something catastrophic to a Tuesday deployment happened this morning which doesn't involve me thankfully, but meant all my work dried up for the day. Nice! Time to throw these on! I assumed the position Wheel off And on the passenger side at least, it all looks grim but not horrifying. Took the pads and carrier out and ah, it doesn't look so pretty now...
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