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  1. I also dont want to mark my cards... I'm paying a good few hundred quid less than the going market rate, and I can't afford to pay the current going market rate so I'll be patient and smile sweetly a bit
  2. 100% this! I remember as a lad Dad with 3 phones on the go with a house flooding with water and unable to reach anyone... We went ourselves a few times and my dad barely knows one end of a screwdriver from the other! When my step grandad was still working I'd go out with him for pocket money and we'd be driving to one job then one phone call later (no hands free back then) we'd be flooring it around a roundabout to somewhere else because there's a gas leak. Its a pain with the kids and no hot water and unable to do any washing cos it won't dry but that little radiator is taking the edge
  3. Oh, and re reading it, the boiler (downstairs) makes no noise, even when it was omghgf'ing to 100 degrees and back down twice before throwing the eml on Upstairs is the noisy bits, hang on and I'll take a pic
  4. Could be either, the whole water tank was new the month before we moved in, but that was 8 years ago, and only the tank itself looks new. My friend locally saved me though and dropped this round just now From his shed but it's warm!
  5. Yes it deffo makes a racket until something senses in the boiler and it stops and throws an error. (i don't think it's the boiler at all tbh) I did open the tap under the boiler but heard no water rush in. Half the issue now is the boilers slow to respond to the heating and water controls so I don't want to fuck with it too much as I don't know how to reset it (short of the big switch on the wall or reset button, but that doesn't clear the errors I don't think)
  6. Yea thats what makes the racket, either through low pressure or being fucked, it's that which is coming up on the boiler, the error code for the pcb in there. Might give it a go though, I rent but they must be having trouble (my dad was a lettings agent for years, I've seen the other side) finding someone as the lady called me back and said feel free to Google ideas, so that can be the first one. Not gonna go looking for voltage or anything though, that's a step too far. This is also all identical to the issues my mum and stepdad had when the heating pump went at theirs, the fact t
  7. Its what would stop me driving into a snowman unless I'd made it myself first or poked it with a stick to be sure... Same reason I tell the kids to shut up when the want me to 'splash the puddles' which entails hitting the shitty fucked up verge of wherever B road we are driving at b road speeds with my nice airtight tyre and non knocking suspension... No thanks kids, be quiet!
  8. 25mm plastic. Yep, did so much water over it last night it went soft briefly. Still no dice, somethings wrong with the pump I think the boiler knows. No plumber today and no one is answering the out of hours number. Oh well, will keep ringing it throughout the evening
  9. Still no plumber, got through to the one the lettings agent told me to call and he said a few days just to diagnose... Don't think the agents are having much luck either. I bought a small heater, a mate primed it to ny house tomorrow... Suppose the alright thing is its not much colder outside than in...
  10. Well Ive paid my £354 to Hastings for a year's insurance, but their payment page didn't refresh me to anywhere so I guess I'll just wait for an email? Good job it's not needed until the 19th feb
  11. Handbrake cables not frozen up are they? Had that cause issues in a manual handbrake car, can only imagine the warning lights it would throw up on an auto handbrake,
  12. Yea it cycled a few, with the airing cupboard pump making low pressure type noises, and a the big electrovalve clicking madly. Turned the water and heating off and 'gave it 5 mins'. F25 came up. Ffs. Off at rhe wall, back on again and I turned just the heating on (kids had a shower, that's electric so warm) and the boiler tried to fire and climbed to 99 degrees then back down, did that twice then threw f22. I rebooted it again, left the heating and water turned off and it sat saying 40 degrees which is bullshit, it's cold temp is 28 in this weather. Then it threw f11 and that soft
  13. I was getting noises in the airing cupboard from the heater pump, it didn't sound happy but then it probably wasn't! When it flashed f11 it stopped everything though, and turning the power off and on again didn't solve it. The internal bit of the pipe is glued I think, it had a drip a year or so ago and a man came and fixed it... (ill have a quick go in a sec). Done one kettle over the pipe, might go and do another one though and see
  14. Oooh no hot water or heating! Off then on again. It tried to fire many times and said it reached 98/99 degrees briefly... The heating pump made a racket in the airing cupboard too. Then And no heating. I poured a kettle of water over the condensate pipe (water never usually comes out of it, or I say didn't, it got repiped in 1/2inch straight into the drain last year so I can't tell anyway. Left it a bit and Its like trying to work out what's up with a fucking vauxhall, different fault codes every time you do something. Called the emergency number, no ans
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