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  1. Zooming in on the relevant picture the part number exactly matches mine. But I haz the hesitations. Because French...
  2. Mmm it's the right size and shape, but from a LHD car... Will it have the same bulb layout etc? My dad found one listed from a breakers and sent me the quote. I've just phoned up and asked if it has the bulb holder, waiting for a call back. If the LHD bulb setup is the same then it's the best price yet!
  3. No I didn't know that, that's very handy. Got slightly different results than making it choose parts that fit my car (with my specs plumbed in). Still no match though. I'd almost like to see if the hatch bulb holders use the same metal contacts as I could cut a bulbs worth out, fit and solder back to the original traces. Cba to buy one to find out though!
  4. Ah that's why it was fairly fresh! Bloody clean under there isn't it! I'm wondering if it needs a poke with a lexia now. Luckily, again @Wingz123 sent me an excited message a few weeks ago saying he had a hooky lexia/pp2000 if needed. Sounds like it could be a next step But it's mega non urgent, need to get it through its mot first. Driving to work this morning though with just the 2 wheels I swapped the vibration at 60 has gone!
  5. Pass... What do you need a photo of to find out?
  6. I'd have to take yours for a drive but I imagine yours will feel like a boat compared to mine, but probably ride about the same, same gearbox clutch and engine if its a 110 too I'd imagine
  7. Yes, it just adds to the hatred I have for them tbh! (was just reading your thread actually! Mines waaaay cleaner underneath and their probably made by the same metal/procedure/preps/paints etc)
  8. Yes I feel its going to be a hard hunt, an example of why they probably get scrapped! I do have a fairly brutal plan B formed and in motion incase various people come up short on local yards (mr @Wingz123 has already offered his services when he next passes a yard)
  9. The picasso bulb holder is mega different sadly. I've been trying to find pictures of the saloon bulb holder as if all the metal traces (which are thick metal) were the same to hold the bulbs I could extract one, fit to my bulb holder and solder the connections. But I'd want to see a pic first, and none of the ebay listings show the back of the bulb holder, and I dont want to throw money at shit
  10. There's even grease on the carrier bolt! I'd almost trust the spare it looks so clean. Doing the soldering I had All Vauxhalls R Shit in my head as I had to do the Zafira's door loom twice! Almost got the Vax out and shampooed the seats it was so sunny, but I'm glad I didn't as that rear bulb holder needed to be found
  11. Marvellous! I bet a fistful of wire wool and a can of brake cleaner and an afternoon will see half those electrical gremlins fixed. The rest, fresh wire, solder, some nice crimps and heatshrink. Please carry on polishing the grille... Let it be proud!
  12. Yea I'll set a spreadsheet up and see how CHEAP I can get with various when the time comes. Bsi reset didn't make the central locking work. Did it twice in the end, 2nd time with the key dismantled so I could be sure a button wasn't sticking down, but nothing. Fob battery has 2.7v so isn't dead and I took it as a sign to stop. I'd never lock it anyway, I don't buy cars I have to lock, and all 5 doors lock on the key (a vast improvement to the previous 4) so it was job done, I'm all packed away and showered and need to unhook my laptop as I'm in the office tomorrow. Can drive there in my nice clean (on the inside) car
  13. Centre vent didn't work. Most of me was sure I fucked it when cleaning it not long after buying it, as I had the vents out and dismantled to clean And yup, main flappage arm was detached. Popped it in, squirted a bit of silicone at it and now it blows air at my face like a champ, I can turn it off AND it turns back on again. Performing the dreaded BSI reset now. Cleaned a fuck load of corrosion off the battery terminals too so if nothing else, it'll be a worthwhile endeavor
  14. Henry came out to play! Again no pics, I've not cleaned it since I did it at my dad's! Did notice the boot floor carpet not sitting 100% though So had the trim off And vacuumed all the sand out, laid the carpet down properly and adjusted the side carpet as this peice of trim clamps it down too and Boom! Was halfway doing the rear drivers side when the motor in Henry started to splutter. I only fitted new carbons a month ago and it all seemed OK so I need to look at that, but pulled out the Moulinex E59 someone on here gave me a while ago and finished the job! Ran the v11 and it's mini turbo head over the velour too and sand poured out! I've left it with all the windows open atm as there's one more job I want to do. Currently having a cup of tea and starting to feel less light headed, it's got very hot and sunny here all of a sudden
  15. IN a rare fit of enthusiasm I did some work on the car this morning! Started by swapping wheels, 2 tyres are a bit fucked, so I went to put the 2 good ones on the front, and the others on the back. Could also check the brakes, and their fine for now, but could do with changing all round. Enough meat on the pads for me to not be worried yet. I also copped a glance at the spare for the first time Wheel swapping occured Etc. Then I had the spare down and fuck me it's the original to the car... I mean it's lovely, but I REALLY do not like it... 18 years old and never been used. I would swap for another steel that fits if anyone wants an original 2002 Michelin vintage retro OMGUNUSED tyre for reasons... Doesn't need to have a good tyre on it either as I want to replace this at the nearest opportunity Toolkit is new and unused too Anyway, onto the passenger side and BASTARD Shame really as I wanted it on the front to replace this But I've left it on the back where at least it'll be less horrible if it goes down on the back. It's shown no sign of going down ever, and look to have been there a while (I checked all the pressures the other week after 3 months of the car just sitting, all still fine!) But sods law if I stick it on the front ill turn the wheel over it and rip it sideways and byebye air With that job abandoned I started poking at the tailgate wiring And the 3rd wire I tugged came away in my fingers. With a fresh blade in old stanley I sliced the rubber boot clean off and found more Some probing confirmed this to be the cause, everything had continuity up to this point Fab, a lead was run, and every split wire chopped and re-soldered and heatshrunk. The boot latch wire has been apart before, so I chopped that repair right out and let a new bit of (old ford puma) wiring in And with no other images, went and found ALLLLL the boot trim that @Talbot kindly didnt refit when he trouble-shot it, and fitted it all back in, not a thing was missing! Oh, and the boot now opens perfectly from the outside! I also cut a hole in the boot lid carpet panel to allow manual access in the future a bit more easily. It still doesn't work on the key but I need to do a BSI reset, which I may pluck up the arse to do this afternoon. However the actual main big thing of the above is the rear washer hose is not kinked now the loom is tucked in correctly, so that's another fail for inop rear wash/wipe ticked off! (I'd have bodged it another way mind with new longer hose if needed...) I then turned to the non working rear drivers sidelight. And the corrosion fairies have been here The bulb glass was not connected to the metal base, pliers got it all off in the end And yea, it all crumbled away a bit more when I tried to clean it up And my bodge did not work. But a good day none the less. I think I'm at the stage now where I: Get 2 new tyres fitted Ebay/facebookgroup/used tail light cluster/bulb holder and fit that and hoof it in for an MOT. Barring emissions, or hidden rot or similar it's as ready as it will ever be! I just need to be a bit more confident of a pass this time, because as soon as it fails, it hasn't got a test. Need to find a friendly garage who would be willing to turn a blind eye to me taking it away on a fail too (but that's a problem for another day) Then if it passes do the other 3 tyres, front tracking as that tyre shoulder is trying to tell me something I'm sure and maybe discs and pads all round which wont be desperately expensive, it'll only get Eicher ECP special stuff!
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