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  1. Spray the foam black before fitting the mats incase a perspective buyer has the audacity to lift them up 😂
  2. Sounds like you sorted the undertray though? Not a total loss
  3. This has been a few streets from my house for years, we walk pask to to and from the park! All tyres are as flat as the bonnet
  4. Yey the vax worked! How did you find it? Did it leak much? I found another 2 packs of bags for it too if you wanted them? Can tuck them in the barn at the FoD for you when next there
  5. Using the oil they've just taken out of your car to do it? 😂🛢️
  6. I still class my 6 speed manual 1.9dci early basic lag 2 as one of the better cars I've had. Was just bloody nice to get up the road in! Then they go all French...
  7. Just the bloody esso is open in Thame. Obviously I walked into town first, realised nothing was open so walked a mile to esso, deciding a walk would do me good rather than save 5 minutes and walk home to the car. Get there and their bloody cashing up. Still open, but can I wait 5 minutes... 9 minutes later and with now a huge queue behind me I finally get served, 30g of gv yellow please... "only got gv original" Ffs fine thanks. Beep £20.45 😡 I paid with 2 £20s just to piss the guy off rather than blip my phone and stomped the walk home a sweaty horrible mess!
  8. If it uses the USB protocol with a fancy plug hack an early 2000s webcam onto the boot lid?
  9. Scrolling through Facebook and a familiar numberplate flicked by Then I realise your numbers are different after finding a plate shot. But there is/was another KxxxHAR somewhere!
  10. You can't even do that! The hole end goes into the dash! So you'd have to unclip it/take it off all the time! On my Paris it had handsfree everything so the card could stay in my wallet. I smashed one over 8 months of my fat arse sitting on it although it still worked electrically! 2nd laguna wasn't handsfree so the card went into my pocket. Killed one by putting it through the washing machine 😂
  11. I've got someone coming round on Saturday at lunchtime (and I want him to come as he's collecting 9 vacuums I've had for him since pre covid and I want the space back!) so we might make a day of it Sunday if that's OK?
  12. I've had part worns from asm before, they were really good. The ex cracked an alloy on her zafira, and it was cheaper and easier to just buy 4 vectra alloys with bloody good tyres on than find a matching Penta alloy!
  13. I've had a very good run tbh! Xantia - failed on emissions, the lovely @Arthur Foxhake de tuned it for me and it passed! Blue Laguna - failed on the rear handbrake, where the electric motor only moved the cable a specific amount, over 160k miles. Fixed with a big hammer and wd40 to un seize the lever arm without fully stripping the calipers 406 would have failed and needed front suspension work, rear brakes, horn fixing, tyres and a seat belt replacing so it went bye bye before it ran out of test so I don't have to count that 😂 The Xsara failed on a rear sidelight last month too but he said he took it out and put it back in and it re passed (probably getting his pass/fail ratio healthy and that's fine by me) I've been very lucky I think having had nothing but middle aged French crap the last decade!
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