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  1. Nice*! Watch those a pillar trims, a colleague had bet early bini back to the dealer loads of times for a leak, and came to me when they quoted her stripping the entire interior out and £££ to try and find it. Used my spidey senses and followed the tidemark across the headlining and it was that whole front corner area I pumped full of tigerseal one lunchtime, and it never leaked again! What was confusing bimmer was it leaking from the rear vanity light in the headlining. Didn't think to them it was running across there and falling out of the first hole it could find, or Yvonn
  2. When you work out how to do a full vehicle reboot at the side of the road, please please PLEASE arduino it and make the command to perform come from this Then film it with the biggest grin on your face
  3. Well that's all the seeds I planted probably dead...
  4. No Jon you hit your head, are you OK? Grand for a 2cv? Bit top end but whatever floats your boat!
  5. Their probably in double digits now...
  6. Maybe the garage was built too short and the driver wasn't paying attention?
  7. I used to park on my mums drive for work and the day the photos were taken I was asked to park elsewhere...
  8. I could only get my petrol xm auto to do 28mpg and this looks way more fun than that! Probably makes an ideal short journey car as I bet it heats itself up quickly with all that engine. You've just got to make it survive until your kid is old enough to need taking places alot
  9. Oh thats cool! It looks small in the petrol station but I bet its massive...
  10. Oooh hello, welcome and chod speed all in one! You've not let that @brownnova lead youastray with silly yank import people carriers have you? Or, heaven forbid, you didn't ask @hairnet did you? Dear God man pull the emergency brake lever now, pay the fine and consider yourself lucky!
  11. A house across the road has the scaffolding up for the same reason, watched it go up yesterday and a bloke went into the roof and cleaned it off with a trowel and brush. All his mates drove off though and left him on his own... I opened the kitchen window a crack incase I heard a scream as he fell but he seemed fine.
  12. That's one thing I really miss on my old laguna 2,the split tailgate) once I got the latch working and unsiezed the wiper arm as it goes through the glass, that was nerve wracking!) Could utterly fill the boot to the brim through it. I remember myself and 2 vac collectors took a trip in mine and I got a good 20 vacuums with tools and some other shit in the boot/folded split bench, to perfection. Then my mate goes to open the boot, popped the wrong latch and it all moved that fatal inch backwards and I had to repack the bastard lot!
  13. Only had duff valves once, less than 24h after new tyres. The valve covers held the air until SWMBO went back the following Monday and they were all changed with apologies. Guess each wheel and tyre has to come off and on, that's the cost
  14. Isn't £500 for a whole car cheaper than the exhaust you need? The one in the fb ad looks like a shed though... You want one with damage or terminal issues somewhere so your not tempted to do another save...
  15. Nice! In Oxfordshire I'm having a morning coffee and rolly in blazing sun, birds singing, no wind its a lovely morning! I know which the kids would find more fun!
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