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  1. I had to smack the crap out of the water pump I changed in a z16xe when I did it. Scared the shit out of me doing it but when it went and vomited all the coolant out then fell onto the road it was a relief!
  2. My air con doesn't do anything when it's actually warm, despite being refilled. If you don't know the history I'd pay the money to get it checked and then open your wallet more for whatever needs replacing. Unless your sure it just needs a regas m8 it'll be a gamble
  3. The ex's old 1.6pez Meriva started to throw up a cat code once or twice, based on its 7/8 miles a day it did... I used to clear it and take it to work where I vmaxed it up the hill of the m40 I use and to the office and back to get it steamy hot, seemed to go away and didn't return ever. Chuck some magic potion down it and find some excuse to almost throw away a tank of fuel and get it used up within 150 miles. Ironically her current octavia petrol has the eml on but luckily that's fuck all to do with me now! The only light on my dash is the airbag light because its turned off so the kids can sit in the front (must remember to turn it back on before the test next month, or that could be funny*)
  4. Although have you checked your washer jet works? I had to battle to refit it all and not have the pipe kinked (part of the reason it's not reassembled properly because it kinked every time!)
  5. Same issue I had on my xsara, just with less broken wires! Good luck putting all the rubbers back! I left mine out as I'm sure the wires will snap again, and it'll make the job easier next time!
  6. My L reg zx never had its numberplate read in the car parks in Marlow I used to use... Amazing how often I only stayed for 10 minutes/50p...
  7. Can you undo the engine mount and drop/lift the engine enough to get better access?
  8. Gah thats fab, can it be saved for me? I can't make it this weekend as Eva has a bit of bone floating around in her foot which is causing issues, and I'm under orders to keep her from running about, hence why we weren't there today, and probably won't be tomorrow...
  9. That's how I do it! Always keep the first post of any big thread small and pic free for easy editing of the title too
  10. That happened alot at my mums old house, busy road and indeed it was easier to reverse in otherwise you couldn't see out. I fucking loved it when someone came haring around the corner then stops right behind me, until they get the hint and reverse with me. Judicious use of leaning on the horn usually made them get the hint, and the reversing lights and hazards...
  11. Feck I have read that, or rather the lack of finding an easy how to guide or similar clicks further into place now.... On the 1.9dci with laguna2 wrapped round it is was there infront of you. 2 bolts (then chisel the fucker out) it wasn't bad. Nice preventative maintenance on a Saturday morning type job black hands but no* blood I'll put that right from my mind then, sod that!
  12. Awesome, cheers! May be in touch after payday if that's OK? I'll not begrudge it a rocker cover gasket and a general clean up, I'd like to have the egr valve out and cleaned too but I'll sort the aux belt out first, it'll be more annoying if it let's go
  13. I'm off work today, taking my stepdad for an eye test at rhe hospital, and spent 10 minutes cleaning out the xsara, in an attempt to stop an interior sounding rattle. I also topped the screenwash up and noticed one of my aux belt pulleys looking a bit worse for wear... I've already got a new belt to put on, but have zero idea what pulley I need. Would probably be prudent to change both of them (think one is a tensioner, the other an idler), @Andyrewdo you know off your head what pulleys a 2002 xsara 110 hdi with air con would need? I also noticed what I assume is the rockercover gasket? Its not dripping off the bottom of the engine so hopefully just a simple change and clean up?
  14. On my xsara it's an equal twat, but on mine the drivers one was ok*, but the passenger side I had to move the abs block to get at it... One of my sidelight bulbs is alot dimmer than the other but it passed its mot like it, and I have zero want to go back in there until another one dies so I just turn my main lights on. All the owners clubs say drop the bumper, it might be easier (just)
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