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  1. Ive been watching clips on YouTube and am looking forward to it tbh, I like paddy and Harris. I'll have to grab it on iplayer after it's aired I think but will watch it.
  2. At least he saved on fuel for the return trip
  3. I didn't bother with the hair, but just putting the nozzle near the carpets under the front seats pulled an inch thick layer of dust out and away! Please post some after pics once it's had a proper clean, the outside might be amazing as it is, but the interior will clean up really well I think, apart from the small hole in the drivers seat it looked pretty mint under the grime
  4. Clean inside though! Thanks to the Cheriton Fitzpaine AFC Henry
  5. Yes. As much cider as you can drink, or bring your own beer! Eva's looking forward to it, hope it doesn't bloody rain
  6. Can't you cut it down and superglue it back together?
  7. Do it, it was bloody lovely wasn't it!
  8. It's deffo the front end, and I think deffo the drivers side. Coming out of my parking space I go from gravel to tarmac over a huge bump. Masses of noise from the front end, nothing from the rear. This morning, driving to get petrol the road there is like a ploughed field on the left hand side, which you have to drive through because of cars parked on the other side. Drivers side is buttery smooth because the gas company had it closed for weeks (gr9 fun) and filled their trench in. Still masses of noise from the drivers side, presumably the anti roll bar wobbling about. Tldr I'm gonna lob another set of drop links on when I get some money and see if it fixes it, for the price it seems as cheap as spending time fault finding it.
  9. I've never had a card corrupt on me. Have formatted one by accident once though, and had to re shoot 3 videos which was a pain in the arse. I tend to dump them after each video though, or every session if there's a few. I'm using my phone more and more now though, embracing 4k so don't need my camera or sd card as much.
  10. Trust pilot is a load of shit anyway. Post a thread in the other forum (so it doesn't come up in Google) with what you do and what we need to write about and we'll get on it! I e got a tp account to write a negative review about my energy company, who had it removed...
  11. I've just had to boot it out of a very wet junction in the Zafira as I couldn't be arsed to move the car seat to take Charlie to nursery. After several yards of me keeping my foot down and Charlie laughing the traction control said no more fun and threw its light and the eml up... Its off now, thank fuck after a restart
  12. Amys 1.8sri Zafira does both, sounds like it's going to explode at 80 and anything over 5 miles makes my back hurt. Orl vauxhalls etc
  13. I bought a bottle of @Mrs6C s famous cider back to Allan in it from sf. He drank it last night and looks a bit rough this morning, said he utterly loved it though! Might have to acquire a few more bottles at the FoD next month!
  14. Myself and Mr Ghosty stopped at Gretna on the way to sf18. 8/10 would piss at again
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