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  1. Which will ftp before the 30 year old one...
  2. A boy can dream! Id be happy to save up enough for a decent shit personally, much more achievable
  3. But if you are renting, explain how you intend to save the deposit. This, it's impossible, I have £24 before food and fuel a month left, yea course I can save £20k for a deposit on a shit box
  4. I remember the sadness of my amended insurance quote when I passed, that was £200ish a month. I lived at home back then so could afford to pay it, it dropped right down on year 2
  5. In terms of this project that probably means as much to you as me fitting a new wiper blade because now winters here it became very quickly apparent my old one was fucked... Good to see it driving though, I guess with a car like this 1/4 of the work is setting it up once its moving. Bet the first proper big boy drive you do has every tool needed for almost anything that could go wrong in the boot. ..
  6. That's almost exactly the scenario that greeted me with the 406 5 days before the mot was due. Head swiftly ruled me on that one, much saluting for giving it a go!
  7. All I could suggest is emptying a can of brake cleaner through it... I've only ever had one non working cd player issue in my life, and that was a stuck disc that came out with disassembly
  8. I gave up on looking to replace the factory nav on the initiale I had, though mine was missing major components, so it was £2/300 for the whole matched set. I used the blank screen to stick a suction mount for my phone...
  9. Every day! Gearbox whine/general noise is getting more audible, still not looked at the light low speed squeaking coming from one front wheel (it's not brakes, it's there when I brake) and it could do with an oil change. Meh, still drives. Mot is soon so I'm inclined to not to much to it and see how it does. I'd like new lower ball joints and rear axle bushes too but I'm not fitting them for it to fail on hidden rust or similar
  10. Looks like it'll work, thanks! Passed it onto the old boy, will let you know! You won't chop my current zx up for spares like you did with the old one will you?
  11. Anyone know Warwick well enough to know of anywhere I can park my car on a Tuesday evening, and return at about midnight and it not be set on fire? Got a concert with my dad in Birmingham on the 22nd... Meeting halfway, need somewhere to dump my car!
  12. My 1997 zx rolled over 65000 miles the other day... I've gone from a very high milage (zx TD died on 296k) to a car that is barely run in...
  13. My blue laguna had a banging and occasionally flaring gearbox. It also had a hilarious habit of not moving the car backwards when in reverse and the car needed to reverse uphill... it had 130k on, I didn't touch the fluid as by that mileage without a change who knows what I would stir up. Gearbox still worked perfectly fine 7 months later when I scrapped the bastard for mostly a pretty poorly engine
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