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  1. Nvm Chris posted his pic as I was typing my reply. This isn't more railway that needs a full strip down and overhaul before we can play with it or assembling in the exact identical way it came apart is it? 😟
  2. Is this to collect a failure? Or so Chris can bring 2 cars back at once 😂
  3. Was buying shit on ebay again, and most of the way through checkout when I got distracted. Somehow I now have a PayPal pay in 3 payment taken from my account, but no orders placed on ebay as it took me back to the login screen as Monzo said the payment had gone out, so I closed the tab... This is going to be fun to sort 😡 PayPal account isn't showing anything yet so I'll wait for tomorrow and see what catches up
  4. After a visit to the FoD this weekend the car was full of grass, and not the fun kind Appropriate tools were deployed And over the next hour I went at it The drill brush is amazing even dry, pulls the pile up and the sand out a treat The rust on the front wing is getting quite bad annoyingly, and she's due an oil change and the new fuel filter I've had forever. Plus I'd like to get the wheels off, I've not checked everything for over a year and the brake performance is a bit meh, may be time for new discs and pads and flexi's at the front this year. Plus the indicator still doesn't properly work but that's electrical and I'm scared of it plus it was an advisory last year its probably going to be an advisory this year. It ticked over 164k the other day too 🥳 Good car...
  5. If the rain I've just driven through in Aylesbury is head g the way of the FoD it's going to be a damp afternoon
  6. Looks a handy family barge for a few years though! And Flowers has already tested the fitment for when the kids can learn to get behind the wheel
  7. I've had similar before in a zx where the fuel sender seal had warped. Anything over 3/4 a tank had it all come out the top. Did it once at BP... At least its economical so you won't need to put fuel in it much oh no wait
  8. Awww look how happy he is to be there!
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