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  1. Yes it is time for the quarterly haircut for sure 😳
  2. Autoshite calendar shot 2043 when it's worth about Β£400 and not Β£11k πŸ‘
  3. A van swung out in front of me and it did stop... Took a pretty big shove though πŸ˜‚ Driving back in the Xsara I nearly put my face into the steering wheel pulling off mums drive
  4. Was sporting a slight trouser tent as I slid into it to look for the engine cover release which turned out was nowhere near where I was looking anyway πŸ˜‚
  5. It's certainly different! I was proud of myself finding the heater and fan controls whilst on the move! I guess after a few miles it all falls nicely to hand. Stalks are in a very friendly position though, just a light flick of a finger
  6. Phoenix had to stay in all day today as I went out, although not to the office But I got to drive the lancia trevi Which bar some less than fab brakes (although they improved as we went) was brilliant! Goes along the road really nicely, although it's a bit stumbly under load but that should be easily solved with a service and fuel that didn't come out the back of the c15 van... Equally after it's header tank replacement it came up to temp fine, the heaters were warm and all seemed well. Coolant went very dark so could do with a flush once it's all a bit more trustworthy but that's no biggie. Also drove one of the CitroΓ«n gs's which was also amazingly brilliant but IDK, the trevi made me smile more (helped Chris move some cars and check the antifreeze in some others etc) Have a pic of an empty hole
  7. If it'll get you home it'll be alot less fucking about having a look on your own drive in the warm* and comfort*
  8. So it is! Hadn't clocked that, don't actually know where its called, just where to go to get to my dad's πŸ˜‚ Good to have confirmation from a local that I'm doing it correctly πŸ‘
  9. Theres a roundabout like that on the edge of Milton Keynes coming in from Aylesbury. I've traversed it the correct way and I lncorrect way many times now and decided the correct way was better but with a huge chance of a kiss from the left... They've re painted the road marking now which helps, at least you can sit on the inside on the horn and be correct, although the lane across is easier... 8/10 I am at the front of the queue at the lights and just take off and straight-line it and job jobbed... Coming from the a4146 and off to Brickhill Road. I failed my first driving test on an evil double roundabout in Wycombe too... Got beeped at because i was in the correct lane. Nowadays I've learnt the lanes mean nothing and you just set eyes on your exit and grit your teeth... (or go nowhere near that bit of Wycombe...) Bottom of Desborough hill iirc
  10. https://www.xda-developers.com/best-icon-packs/ Start here! Also don't forget you can still set other images for the lockscreen and/or homescreen. I've got my Samsung lock screen cycling through a different photo of food every time it turns the screen on
  11. Course you can! Welcome to the world of icon packs, background changes and new fonts πŸ‘Œ You can even go as far as building your own custom ui launcher and home screen, pixel by pixel! Or, download the free nova launcher and go wild! (but it will cripple oneui if you like it... I can't use it on my flip as it stops alot of the flip stuff working but my note 10 lite looked like a cartoon without it)
  12. Coupled with a body that doesn't rust makes them compelling. Must cost buttons to DIY keep running too?
  13. The green zx td I had on just shy of 300k was hanging tbh... Engine was strong but body and suspension were just end of life.
  14. Now now I'm sure the skoda is lovely β€οΈπŸ˜πŸŽ‚
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