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  1. Ffs I'm posting far too much in here lately! Just slipped whilst stretching a fresh dyson clutch belt onto the lifter tool and punched myself hard in the forehead. Its stopped bleeding now, hurts like fuck but I don't feel sick Was going to go shopping but fuck that, think ill just go to bed! Sounds safer
  2. I re-melted the solder to the LED power board on mine and the backlight started working again. https://frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42510
  3. Something clutch/release bearing related is making a racket in the zx... Started yesterday, I played with it on the way home and it goes if I dip the clutch, even at speed Orsum!
  4. I remember my dad brimmed my xm up on an m6 services once... £130odd of petrol! It never had that again in my ownership... only got 400 miles to it too!
  5. It's the French car way! Just upgrade the speakers, it fixes everything
  6. I cut them up long ago now, so I'm fine with them being frozen! The annoying thing is a year or so ago I was debt free (through ignoring them for 8 years until it went away) but now I'm right back in. Not horrific (sub £6k) but it's becoming a bit of a pain! It's even more of a pain now I'm surviving on my own wage! I did say I'll lob the few hundred quid a month from youtube at it but it just never happens. I get my yearly bonus in march too, but that will be a few hundred quid at most and I do fancy a new car/it'll get spent on the zx as its getting a bit tired now. General depression doesn't help. Am going to go and register at the doctors tomorrow (they fucked up when Amy moved her and the kids to the new address and they took me her and eva off and left 4 year old Charlie here... I'm fully expecting I'll explode if they try to ask why it happened as it was their fault). Buying weed every month which sort of helped isn't fab either and needs knocking on the head, I've not had any for a week and all the thoughts and feelings are right back and un-supressed, so actual legal medication is needed I imagine (which will probably cost more in prescriptions than illegal means, because earning £25k a year means of course I can afford it, now let the pregnant mother whose husband earns £90k a year get her free creams and lotions...)
  7. Tbh they could take everything i own and take what it gets off the debts, bar my pc (but someone else bought that and has all the receipts for that so ownership could be proven there if needed) and it wouldn't be the end of the world, all my shit was either free or sub £50 anyway ZX could be signed over too, although I imagine any bailiff worth his salt would just laugh and throw me the key back Its nowhere near that stage yet mind, but I pay every month and nowt happens to the balance. I'll increase the payments when I can and see what happens. Or do this stepchange thing, one proper look at my finances would immediately raise concerns anyway so I imagine I'll be alright there. Its part of the reason I fix vacuums, nice hard fairly untraceable cash that's usually gone the day after I get it
  8. Stuff paid for Feb, will rethink another day. Cannock excitement is taking over now so a bit of happiness is here
  9. Will print the £5 off voucher tomorrow for extra skinflint-Ness. Worst case I can transfer the money to my non broken barclays debit card for chip and pin glory outside in the car park before trying again
  10. Yes, I found that last time But road king is booked and is £6 cheaper and alot closer. Now for the usual ore cannock decision of do I leave Marlow with the car packed at 4pm Friday and get out of the car at cannock or come home and leave at 6/7 and get there for 9? Money moved to a pot for breakfast, deathburgers and fuel, bed booked, excite starting!
  11. Aye it looks suitable enough, especially as I don't need to have breakfast there! Will get that reserved then (did they take contactless do you remember or do they still trade in goats up north?)
  12. So, anyone else staying at the beautiful looking RoadKing before I book it? Premier inn is too expensive, the travelodge M6 southbound was a twat to find last time and still many minutes away from breakfast...
  13. Oh I'm paying every month, but the minimum as I can't afford any more. Having £37.40 a month left of my wages is getting tiring, and the youtube money goes straight into the zx or behind the till at Aldi. Has a smoll pay rise at work though so it might increase to maybe £45 a month, woo! (just having a bad day today, everyone's excited about payday and I couldn't be less fussed as I don't see any of it anyhow). Using YouTube money this month for the hotel for cannock though, fuck everything else!
  14. I bury my head, it's easier. Any bailiffs come round the entire contents of my house won't cover anything, neither will my car. They won't see the value of the vacuums either. Is it true that if it can be proven things aren't yours they can't touch it?
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