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  1. @Slowsilver has had rear light sealing success with foam rope...
  2. My xm got tested at a big vw commercial dealer that my mate worked at. Usually he nips off to a scrappy lovely saab garage in Loudwater that he was on the books with and moonlighted for, but couldn't get away. All the service people took the utter piss out of the poor thing, not helped by a strut return pipe breaking and pissing lhm everywhere! Still passed (just, pinhole in the exhaust. My mate did give me a whisper that if it didn't pass on its own merit he would have to fail it because of where we were. Couldn't just take it outside (leaving the lremesis during a test) and sit o
  3. I'd love a maestro... Car from my childhood and the seem to survive OK... Would love to have a go one day! A classic that I can drive and afford to fix if it broke under my steer! (that puts me off trying alot of chod at our various forum meet ups...)
  4. Itll stop annoying surface rust on the roof over winter at least! Plus in my recent painting learnings a good coat of clear hides all sorts of evils...
  5. I was warned about it when I drove it, but I'm used to shitty psa check straps anyway!
  6. I did some cleaning tonight. First, using the v11 with the mini turbo head I got a bin full of sand out Then each piece of carpet got a good spray with g101, scrubbed with a stiff brush by hand then extracted with my vax full of plain hot water Rinse and repeat (ha) for it all and it came up quite well! They came up very well! They would have taken a drill brush, their in excellent condition but they didn't need it. No stains to speak of, but decades of grime washed out and they've brightened up no end! Its currently all behind pretty much ev
  7. I guess when their at this age and neglect you've got to service it as part of the recomissioning. Otherwise it could spit some treacle through the oil pump on the ramp and cause all sorts of fun... Would you trust revving it for the emissions pass as is?
  8. It's got to be one of the last cars of its style and age left that you can buy an alright one out of. Being a vag parts bin special has probably helped it. What other late 90s/early 2000s coupe could you buy nowadays that will be ok* as is? Wouldn't want to put a cheap Ford Puma through a test after a winter of fun!
  9. You had a smoll serene crash?
  10. You could literally buy a fucked one, remove headlights and frag the fucked one and still save money. Same as @320touring did with the saab
  11. Thats bound to take the fun off it.
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