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Found 1 result

  1. I thought I would add all my woes together into one thread and then one day perhaps I could share some good news as well. Our winter motoring looked good, no fantastic. 1999 Volvo V70 T5 2001 Volvo V70 XC 1990 Mercedes 200TE 1996 Citroen ZX TD Estate 1988 BMW 735i SE 2004 Range Rover TD6 1995 Audi V6 Convertible 2000 BMW 330 Ci 1999 Citroen Xantia V6 2000 Citroen C15D Van Now Our V70XC is in a garage trying to trace another oil leak. Audi Convertible is in a different garage to have its rear shock absorbers replaced following a bad knocking noise. C15D out on loan but ready to come home. Xantia has airbag light on now. I have just found 735i has a flat battery, I was planning to take it to a BMW meeting tonight and the interior mirror has fallen off. Why now I have owned the car 7 years. The worst is I had taken the ZX out and 13 miles from home the clutch pedal hit the floor. I managed to drive it home staring off in gear and the up changes were not too bad but down changes did not really work. I will have to book that in to be sorted now. In case you wondered about the rest of the fleet My wife does not like her 330Ci used when there is any salt about. The Range Rover is hard to park, expensive to run and makes you look like a posh git. So my wife is using the V70 T5. Me, I using the 200TE.
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